Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: ‘Mary Beckman PhD is an awesome lady’ drawing

Mary  Mary Beckman, PhD is #10 of 11 kids, one of the most brilliant molecular biologists in the world.  But she really needs your help, folks…


But, when it comes to climate science, she, like so many in the public sector government science world, can’t answer a simple puzzle:

If you take an air sample in any of our national labs’ offices, LifeCareCenter, Mt Rushmore area and find out there are 2500 air molecules in the sample:

How many are carbon dioxide?

The five different molecule amounts you can guess follow (yes they add up to 2500):

1950  523    23   3   1

So, for the prize, match up the amounts to the various gases.  To be included in the drawing on Christmas Day 2020 for $20 in the form of ten $2 bills, you must

get just two out of the five right.  But, one must include the right amount for CO2.   Any adult or junior scientist who guesses ALL of them correctly, gets two chances in the drawing.

Carbon dioxide




The Rest (trace gases)

Scientific data and assumptions:

It shouldn’t be that difficult a task.  You have access to the interweb, Instascam and FAcialBook and can consult a bro or phone a friend. 

Some facts to help:

  1. We are told by the Supreme Court that CO2 is pollution. 
  2. For decades now, young student scientists have been indoctrinated with carbon dioxide being responsible for the planet burning up.
  3. That polar bears are dying, especially polar moms and her cub. 
  4. Rising seas.  The seas, according to the ObamaNation chief scientist (Dr Barry O) standing on the Exit glacier in Alaska, would rise higher than Denali.
  5. Androgenic Climate change deniers are terrible people and don’t know science.  They should contract Plague of Xi and die.
  6. That global warming is now androgenic carbon dioxide which…
  7. …then became androgenic carbon dioxide and then androgenic climate change.  Who could EVER deny climate changes?
  8. That we must levy a carbon tax on California gasoline to protect the Golden State from being destroyed.  current gas tax rate is 66.6% + CapNTrade tax.  That high for a critical family budget busting commodity?
  9. That the world ends in 12 years by Dr. A. Ocasional Cortex unless we reduce CO2 to zero, stop using fossil fuels and no more jets above
  10. That the Algorean Heresy IS scientific law.
  11. Hint: the concentrations in the atmosphere are to the right, something even a Chief Justice and Supreme Courtiers can read>>>>


Contestants, go for it!  You can comment below or email your answer to this author at Please type Carbon Dioxide Contest in the subject line. We will video the drawing and include it in the update to this post with the winners ($20 top and 3 $2 secondary prizes

Next, we will attack the most dangerous chemical on earth, dihydrogen monoxide, currently a menace in 3rd world countries.

As my kids say, homeschooling grandpa Len is a full time job.

Good luck





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