Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: the 66.6% Gas Tax King Newsom Siphons off our tanks

Do we really pay a 66.6% gas tax RATE on essential gasoline?  Yup.

July 1, 2020 is coming with ANOTHER repressive gas tax increase around 4 cents! And we STILL do not have the truth in blending gouge, the REAL ACTUAL tax AMOUNT.  It is at least a 60% gas sales tax rate, and I can easily prove it.  So can you despite Taxifornia’s one party royal rule.

What’s it like to buy a critical legal product like gasoline in the monarchy run Taxifornia? Pretty miserable when you look inside, trying to find the facts amid the hidden taxes King Newsom the Red and his lackey court jester AG Xavier Little Cow Becerra’s biased possibly fraudulent gas tax repeal wording on past ballots.

EVERY gas station needs this truth in spending sign

Meanwhile, though the “hospital overwhelm flattened curve” goal post was achieved two weeks after ClampDown California March 21st, our royal family headed by King Newsom the Red continues to illegally suppress free enterprise, interstate commerce and kill private sector surfs, serfs and plebes for no more reason but naked power abuse. Public sector continues to draw their $$ with little or no impact.

But, the real Calif and national economies, the Private sector (read NOT teachers or trial lawyer unions)  family businesses are dying or dead, life savings gone and jobs marginal. 40 million gone, some for good, and more TAX?

Talk about critical Mass (empty Catholic and other churches): Jen and my beautiful wife, Mary the MaskmaKeer, can’t even get their nails done while protesters swap sweat on the streets. Not to mention the looters and firebugs violate the 6 foot rule before firebombing private Constitutionally protected property nationwide.

On the ides of June, the amazing Jennifer Horn (Welcome back millenium vox Brian) mentioned 50 cents gas tax on AM870; but when you dig deeper, you find, it is closer to $1+ per gallon. 

Per wiki, as of 2019, California has a basic gas tax of $61.20 cents (not including local sales tax or cap&trade hidden taxes); add to that the 18.4 cent Federal tax, you get 79.2 cents PER GALLON.  What’s the mystery? The diabolic secret taxes.

Surcharges AND the cap & trade carbon fraud tax for non existent global warming.  The Prostitician’s favorite climate change oppression tool, subject for another time.

SoCal News Group’s Kevin Smith reports more mystery in an article from 2019: it couldn’t be more timely now that Newsom the Red (Red for the red light on the Big 4 network ABCNNBCBS cameras he’s in love with) wants another 4 cents July 1.  Haven’t you destroyed enuf of my native state yet, Newsom the Red.

Look at a real reporter (not ABCNNBCBS millionaire talking headless wonder) Kevin’s analysis: $1 per gallon TAX.  I know it is closer to $1.25 per gallon but let’s use two ESSENTIAL consumer products:  the Covid hoarded toilet paper and gasoline.

The Truth will freak you a little, but it is time we know how much we are being screwed.

Yes, I know toilet paper is a renewable resource from trees and gas a dreaded fossil fuel, but this oppressive tax is evillll!


Today I paid $2.50 per gallon at one of the lowest OC fossil fuel sites: Sam’s Gas Station.   

Think a moment: the $2.50 gallon price includes both the retail cost of exploring, finding, pumping, refining, delivering etc AND hidden wholesale carbon tax built in AND the ultimate insult amount, what King Newsom and Igor Xavier TAX us mercilessly. 

Gas is just as essential as toilet paper, but we are raped by the Dem owned state’s political machine.  All of us, but the poor and strapped families, the hard working private sector business owners and people on fixed incomes, take the biggest hit.  What does King Newsom pay for gas for his car and security (read police) detail?  Zip nothing.  We do.

Pollution free NatGas is also oppressed by the primitive Luddite anarchists

Let me simplify:  After getting gas, if I walked into, masked of course, the Sam’s super store and bought $2.50 worth of toilet paper on one giant roll, the TAX would be 8.8% on 250 cents:  Cost of product WITHOUT tax: $2.50.  22 cents tax.  Total would be $2.72 cents.

But Taxifornia’s gas tax treatment of hapless citizens is stalinesque at best: as i paid $2.50 for each gallon, at least $1 CAME OFF THE TOP of each gallon as the liquid power fuel filled the tank. 100 cents!

Len, you are nuts, it can’t be that high??! 60+% gas tax RATE?  That’s worse than what Guido charges for his loan shark customers before cutting off a finger for non payment.

Math made easy: 250 cents total for a gallon.  Subtract 100 cents leaves 150 cents per gallon for the producers and maybe 7 cents to explore more.  You know: run a business outside of the CaliFate of Chazistan.

  What does King Newsom do with his 100 cents? That too is a mystery.  Squander, dump into general fund, help support public sector bloated pensions, you name it.  Maybe a little for pot holes, zero for wise planned water holes called reservoirs to help stop wild fires.  We ELECTED these people.

Let’s end the suspense: 22 cents for $2.50 worth of toilet paper, essential if you don’t Bidette.  Ask any mom if toilet paper is a critical commodity for her 11 kids.

But so is gas: divide 150 cents production cost into 100 cents and you get the ACTUAL GAS TAX RATE: today, at minimum, you have an actual 66.6% Rate.  Appropriate, that the devil is in the details.  66.6% for one of the most important commodities in a struggling family’s business.

Toilet paper tax rate: 8.8%   Gasoline tax rate: 66.6%  Both essential. The fossil fuel at Guido style loan shark levels.

Speaking of devils, King Newsom, you limited the incredibly beautiful Christ Cathedral to an artificial 4.4% capacity to worship Jesus as the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi) on the 223rd flag day sun June 14th.

4.4% due to your hate for religious freedom under the guise of the Plague of Xi. It is obvious you share the bias of your Queen Aunt Pelosi’s naked love of the satanic temples where black kids are enslaved, sacrificed and sold in parts at PBarrenhood.  PP is more important to Gavel Granny than PPP or PPE

Newsom the Red: your naked power grab, ie petty tyrannical wielding of your royal scepter and sword showcased in the Blessed Sacramento castle, MUST end.  Before Moorlach takes your royal throne and returns it to the People Nov 2022.

TABLE THE GAS TAX HIKE, Newsom the Red. And Igor Xavier the Mean.  You have done enough destruction of the once great Golden California

This will be revised to include the hidden on purpose other taxes.  The tax rate could be higher than 78%!  It’s harder to extract the hidden carbon tax than the oil from California earth.  You can understand why in former Prez candidate Kamala’s favorite campaign mantra:

“I prefer hacked out black babies extracted from mother wombs instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth. When we sell the black babies in heart, hair & liver parts, at least we aren’t polluting the California air as with the devilish fossil fuels. And there’s more dollar$ for our planned barrenhoodlums to give us back in campaign $$”   A perfect match as Joe’s VP, just endorsed by PP for 2020

66.6%.  Who’d a thunk we would ever pay this much.

Leave your comments below. the article

‘Mystery surcharge’ and gas taxes boost California gasoline prices by about $1.26 per gallon




How do you compute a consumer tax?  


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