Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: GIGO Data

Some of you may never have heard of GIGO.  No, it’s not the talking reptile selling insurance though he is probably related.

It stems from the early days of mini-computers prior to the PCs and smart phone era. Translating the anagram you get: Garbage IN Garbage OUT.  The point was we are only as good as the integrity of the assumptions in science and the veracity of the data.  This is a troubling problem in the Plague of Xi.  All along the data was wildly inconsistent and corrupt; worse, is the things done on purpose, ignorantly or accidentally, contributed to a poor data pool and resultant conclusions.

If we matched the progress of computer development to the real world, incredibly more blessings would accrue.  Before I opened my real estate firm, which i still feed my kids with today, I bought computer devices, called peripherals for MAI Basic Four in Irvine. Peripherals were monitors, tape drives, disk packs, input output devices NOT built into the computer but hanging on the “periphery”: thus the name, peripherals.  I know, kids, I’m a bit of a computer dinosaur.  But, I have kept up: your smart phone is a sophisticated computer more complex than a room sized machine 50 years ago.

Fascinating at MAI Basic Four, I negotiated for the first hard disc drives built INTO computers from Priam: it was 33 megabytes and in Dec 1980, I paid $2445.

My boss was pleased at the price we got at the time!  But, the cost of computer memory keeps going down.  If we paid what I paid in 1980 for the same amount of memory today, the bill would be a bit steep: $73,350,000 for a terabyte that you can get on a thumb drive in your pocket. If the same 14″ wide (CD) discs, you would need 30,000!   Sadly, this phenomenal success  in computer engineering doesn’t infect other parts of our world. Health science integrity for example in the Plague of Xi era.  Not to mention climate science.

In some ways, as the Plague developed in the US, we ignored the data along the way; in others, human error contributed to both immense life savings as well as thousands more dead than necessary. 

The basic scientific method, something I have taught in decades of homeschooling and coop science fairs at our home hosting 30 other families in similar pursuit, has been all but ignored.  In favor of politics, stolen power and agendas.  You would be surprised who is responsible for the most mayhem

Actually, we’ve been robbed with this scientific deceit. 

First hotspot: 43% deaths in .6% of their residents: elder care, nursing homes et al.

Best data to warn us about 43% of the incoming US Covideaths was actually the first “epicenter” (NOT NYCity.) 

It was in Kirkwood, WA, the Life Care Center, where eventually 37 (as of April2) at least of 125 elderly died when the nursing home had a family visitor or staffer bring the first super spreading Covid into the home. 

If we analyzed this, three things jump out at you: it effects the old more than the young. If you are sick with other health issues, you are more vulnerable.  And CLOSE CONFINES helps increase the “viral load” in people.  

As to saving thousands of American lives.  Whether you hate him or love him, Trump BANNED Sino-Covid Air flights on January 31st, when talking heads, Dr Fauci and other “experts” said Trump’s an idiot to shut down China flights. 

He followed his gut and saved thousands of lives, because at that time so little was known of the Covid19 disease’s genome, symptoms and patterns of transmission.  Plus, unlike FDR who quarantined due to ancestry and slanted eyes, Trump put 62,000 returning Americans into 14 day quarantine to make sure they couldn’t pass the Xi Plague on American soil.  Again, called racist, xenophobic, orange.  You name it.

The governors?  Depends on who you are talking about.  Florida death statistic is 2346 (on May 29);at least, he didn’t toss the old to the lions.

Gov DeSantis examined the data with his health department from multiple sources including Italy with thousands of Chinese cheap labor imported to North Italy.

The fact the FIRST epicenter on US soil, a concentrated epidemic, was a nursing home. 

He acted swiftly and the numbers bear out his “success” in curbing the spread: the whole state of Florida has 8% of the deaths of the CITY of NY…with TWICE the population.

Not to mention, Florida has more elderly than most states.  DeSantis valued his elderly kept alive. Cuomo couldn’t lose losing elderly with the 10%city death tax.

  Here’s is a link to a NYTimes article; funny, the same paper has said little about their governor Andrew upstate from their NYC buildings. Like they missed the whole exterminated Jew think in WWII.

Why do i mention Gov Cuomo in this GIGO data piece? He demanded NYC nursing homes allow INFECTED Covid patients to be housed in nursing homes, despite epicenter #1 and ravaged elder housing. Seven governors followed suit which is insane UNLESS you want your elderly to die earlier.

.  In Cuomo’s case, he sent 4500 Covid positives into the 593 nursing homes in NYC. 6500 New Yorkers conservatively died in elder care facilities.

This memo dated March 25th, was exec ordered in NY by Cuomo long after we knew so much more about the virus. What complicates things for Cuomo is the millions nursing home execs paid into Cuomo’s campaign coffins.  err coffers.  Speaking of coffins, nursing home execs were immunized from liability quid pro quo.

And, King Newsom the Red I like to call him, ignores the same common sense and wants to house infected with vulnerable old?  Has Newsom’s silver spoon leached into his brain?  His LAPubHealth Dr Barbara reported 40% of deaths in elder care facilities in LA County.   What animates King Newsom, those Orange Countians packed shoulder to shoulder when he was pranked by a fake photo of beach sand density.

It’s Keystone Kops all over the place.  Our prostiticians miss the forest for the trees and worse, like leemings, keep chirping “its the science”, “Follow the science”.   They couldn’t spell SCIENCE even if pointed out to them in a dictionary.  Everything is litmus tested first for political opportunity.  Did you know the exec order wasn’t rescinded until May 10th; by that time, with 4500 viral “bullets” sent into the homes, the damage was irreparably done.

Newsom is more of a silver spooned candidate for Prez2024; though, with the data he should know better. What was Cuomo’s excuse, with almost empty and free hospitals built for NYC, the Javitz Center’s 3000 beds?  Or a FREE staffed Navy ship; even Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse field hospital that the NYC council despised because he was a man of faith.  There IS a Great Reveal with this plague, what some call “The Great Exposure”.  Our true natures are hard to hide always.  Bright lights make the rats scurry and peoples’ motives are being laid bare. 

Conjecture: Did Cuomo salivate over the additional  Fed bucks from the  Treasury, you and me, paid out for Covid deaths in his state’s hospitals.  Recall, Cuomo tantrums got the president and Franklin Graham to build many hospitals( and staffed for free).  Cuomo would get zero for a Covid death logged at these free facilities.  Yes, he got the death tax money for the accelerated dead elderly, but not the $13000-$39000 Covid checked spot on the death certs.  Yup the profit motive, to help the out of control public pension deficit.

Corrupted data? Did you know the same Washington health department was caught reporting gunshot deaths as Covid because they contracted the virus in the hospital as they died from lead poison pumped into their bodies: At least 5.   Their killers must have shouted “Covid” as they pegged them with bullets.

What else are coroners hiding? James O’Keefe &  Project Veritas went under cover in NY and found out some bizarre things, where if a patient heard or saw “Covid” on TV, they called the death Covid19.  This is scientific fraud and further GIGOs the data.  

The lure of “free” Fed dollars for desperate hospitals that were required to give up their lifeline, elective and necessary surgeries, for the presumption hospital beds would be out the door and doubled up, is too tempting.

The reality is thousands of hospital workers were laid off because of unwise “federal” or gubernatorial/state control of health facilities decisions; some hospitals may never recover.

EVEN THOUGH, most quickly it became obvious that NYC and nursing homes were 1) the extraordinary epicenters of a two type/front US epidemic NOT a universal pandemic and 2) you need to mitigate wisely those two “areas”. 

But NOT make it a “one size fits all” solution. Too late.

As usual, local decisions, local control are the best.  Same reason, federal rights and rules, just as governor and state legislator’s power, must be carefully meted out.  7 governors pushed infected patients INTO vulnerable nursing home residents.   Look to DeSantis of Florida (he PROTECTED the elderly as if they deserved to live), Abbott of Texas and a few others.

As it turns out, we didn’t need to have 40 million jobs killed off and push for these real unintended consequences of increased suicides, abuse, depression, family bankruptcies, lost life savings and killed small businesses.

Sadly, power IS an elixir that too many fall prey to.  This Great Reveal plague has brought the very best out in those helping others selflessly; as well as the very worst, especially in so many governors who play a god and ignore their legislative oversighted restraint.  Lord Acton IS right.  Dan Bongino listed 7 egregious abuses:

1) Texas hairstylist jailed for remaining open and refusing to apologize to the government

2) Man dragged off a bus in Philly for not wearing a mask

3) Mom arrested For letting her kids play on a playground

4) Police hassling lady because she let her children go next door

5) Going to the gym was treated as a crime: In New Jersey

6) Protesting is a non-essential activity

7) Police taking license plate numbers in a church parking lot

For the rest of the stories, go to:

Think bad models and data caused this?  Power in the wrong hands is dangerous.

Think this is wrong?  Riddle me this: we knew early in 2020 that nursing homes are decimated with the virus.  And NYC, #3 in the WORLD for deaths, is an anomaly NOT a model for shutting down a $23 trillion economy humming at its best over 50 years. 

I call them the pseudo-scientific “misery loves company” necromantic crowd. 

No decent scientist or statistician would use NYC as an assumption OR model for action.  If anything, a model for spanking a 3 year old mayor in a 5 year old’s Andrew state of confusion.

NYC as the model for action makes as much sense as thinking Hiroshima’s atom bomb drop should cause us to shut down nuclear power generation.  It is a “non sequiter”. 

NYC’s leadership were dismal failures despite billions of infused hospitals and PPE.  Instead of learning from the sardine can compressed population’s mistakes, they panicked and ignored the DATA. 

The nursing home in Washington has $600,000 in fines. Cuomo is still making public Soros tangled web of evilappearances.  A tragic black man dies at the knee of a bad cop and the protest to looting to arson crowd shows up from across the country.  Soros’ 20 riot teams for 20 US cities campaign.  Any thing to beat Trump?  His evil and $$$ go far; look at a partial list of his evil empire.

AND Look at what models said:  2,000,000 Americans would die; 500K in the UK.   Oh, my.  Lock everyone inside for a year!  Can’t have 2 million dead. 

Did the modeler face any punishment for prompting a $23 trillion shutdown?  Of course not, they did if “for science”.  Scientists & Prostiticians RARELY pay for their mistakes.

Like don’t walk on dry sand only wet sand.  Problem is, King Newsom, you need to WALK ACROSS dry hot Covid killing sand to get to the water that you said “Don’t go into!”  Can’t blame Pelosi’s Nephew the King: salt water would wash the virus off the swimmer.  Idiota!

  AS it turns out, and we can still mitigate better and open the darn economy 99.9%, that the hot spots are highly concentrated sardine can with closed confines issue.  NOT EVERY American will get it.  Only two REAL epicenters: Elder care, like nursing homes, good for 43% of the dead.  And the Rotting Apple, long in need of repair, with 52% of the US deaths. 21,000+ so far.  

Think about that: 52% of US deaths in ONE city.  Over 21,000

Charlie Kirk pegged it in a tweet:   trusting the Democrat party of slavery doesn’t always work out.  They have a different attitude about human life going back to 1854
Republican Support: 100%   Democrat Support: 23%

15th Amendment- RIGHT TO VOTE FOR ALL

Republican Support: 100%  Democrat Support: 0%


Republican Support: 94%    Democrat Support: 0%..

———–next look at the death rate for Covid. Two states.

Income tax—0%
China Virus cases—50,100
Virus deaths—2,200+

New York:

Income tax—8%
China Virus cases—366,350
Virus deaths—29,000+

It’s almost as if Democrats’ policies don’t work?  Look to NYC for starters.

It is natural for facts to keep changing as more is discovered; data changes sometimes hourly.  The reason for the lockdown, ie house arrest, of 340 million American citizens, was to “flatten the curve”. 

The reason to flatten the curve was to make sure we had adequate hospital beds and ventilators.  And where $10 billion worth of PPE and  hospitals were built and staffed for free, NYC, they were abandoned by the smart prostiticians like Hurricuomo Andrew and Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm. 

Too busy in front of the cameras to do what DeSantis type governors did: fixed the problem, found the solutions, saved untold lives.

A few decades ago, we didn’t warehouse our elderly: we kept them in our homes, to live out their lives and we as families enjoyed their wisdom.  Yes, the old can be difficult at times.  Uh, were you EVER a 2 year old, holy terror?  Mom didn’t warehouse you!  Today, nursing homes are the places alone elderly go to die.  With Covid and the Cuomos, die QUICKLY and PREmaturely.

WE need in a matter of 3 weeks where a key problem area was: old people, especially with health issues, were easy targets for the virus.  We had the data, we did epic fail.

Once it became obvious, this wasn’t a virus that magically attached to every person from 3 to 103, though it was person to person contact.  Originally masks were said to be verboten, possibly to counter a run on PPE when medical professionals and service staff needed them.   Now they are required. 

Next they must be colored blue; in reality, doctors wear masks to protect the surgical patient from infection and to protect the nurses & doctors from the germs that inhabit hospitals like permanent residents.  The inmates are running the insane asylum south of Albany

Once, we were told, to turn your home and surfaces into a class 100 clean room; then, the CDC said it wasn’t transmitted that easily like surface to air viral missiles.

From March 25 all the way up to May 10th, Cuomo’s nursing home death sentence for the uninfected elderly was in effect.  Only an idiot more in love with his persona than his responsibilities could be this stupid.  Of course, the millions the nursing home execs dumped into Hurricuomo Andrew’s vote coffins were quid pro quo ed with exec immunity for the executives.  Someone’s gotta pay for the 3500 dead resultant from 4500 infected elderly dumped into NH while 4 hospitals and the Navy ship laid empty, maybe 10% filled with patients.  Not another thin dime for this miscreant.

The roller coaster of truth that lead to this once in a millennium economic hydrogen bomb has a long list of guilty parties.  I know.  Blame Trump.  Sorry TDS sufferer, he save thousands by locking out the viral transport jets and grounding 62,000 returning Americans for 2 weeks.  Looking for answers: look to the long list of petty tyrants not ready for prime time governance.   And yes, too many have D’s following their names.

Sadly, too many are deceiving the very many for different, sometimes nefarious, motives.  Again, the data was there but ignored…or worst, lied about and changed.


More coming to the story…






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