Bishop Vann shutting down the Holy Ghost? No way!

UPDATE May 22nd:  Thank you California bishops for opening the OCounty churches for public worship on June 14th the feast of Corpus Christi and flag day!

Here’s a historical treat: you can look over the buy & sell orders from planned parenthood and UTexas Galveston. Abortionist “Doctor” Theiler is a double “agent”, both she kills the little girls and then sells them to herself at the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston.  Unbelievable!

Bishops!  Your favorite pro life president just said our churches are just as important as liquor stores, strip joints and abortion kill mills.  He executively said so!  In California, now the state run religion, former Catholic Pelosi’s planned parenthood’s church of satan has competition. Jesus’ Church.

I do admit: I have prayed often outside the state church on Tustin at 22 freeway.  Huh?  Not what you are thinking!

Asking God stop their satanist surgeons from shoving sharp currette knives up mom’s vaginas, slicing out little girls like a sloppy Aztec priest and carefully scalpelling out the heart, liver and hair for resale.  Negotiated over salad and wine by Dr Nucola and Gatter, getting Daleiden a million dollar bill from the evil Judge Orrick in the Septic City.  But our churches are closed.   Soon to be opened, not on Pentecost, but on the second month of Fatima, June 13 and Corpus Christi Sunday.

Appropriately, it is Flag Day.

Bishops: you MUST know All this is true.  Your excellencies, I consulted with a Houston lawyer after the FOIA release got more of David (Daleiden’s) excellent video work.  I pointed out when planned parenthood writes FOB Destination on a purchase order, it proves they lie:  They charge FOR the parts and shipping, like Amazon Prime, is Free ON Board for the customer, the destination.  This helped with now Senator Marshburn’s Infant Lives subcommitte in the House.  Keeping our worship buildings locked makes no sense unless you bow to the Modulator, His Royal Highness King Newsom the Red.

One of you bishops allow the Catholic fraud Pelosi to donate or extort money for planned parenthoodlums then receive Jesus on her tongue or in her botoxed hands.

For your pre Pentecost edification, in Houston, where a great family I know lives, and the Holy Ghost church shut again temporarily, Dr Theiler worked planned parent’s altar of girl sacrifice in the morning. Then she bought her handiwork at the UTexas med branch at Galveston in the afternoon.  Proof needed to get serious about opening NON satan churches? Look at this invoice: $25 for each part and $150 on another.  Consents is satan’s surgeons code words for “hearts”  or livers or other USDA choice girl meat.


Bishop Vann, I want to thank you for being our shepherd, especially at this Plague of Xi.  Question: have you every played the game “Risk” as a teen or young adult? It’s a question I heard asked by fellow Catholic Hugh Hewitt early this morning of Facebook founder Zuckerberg and senators alike. 

Some of us are risk averse, fearing like good agoraphobics stepping out the front door into the ‘marketplace’ for any reason. Content to hide at home.  Fearful of anything that moves; more fearful of what they cannot see.  Somewhat like those 7 days between Ascension Sunday and Pentecost.

Others are risk takers, sometimes smart, sometimes not, but willing to risk doing something for a greater good.  The game Risk played for hours is something somewhat indicative of one’s mindset. But wisdom and God’s plan for our lives must not be ignored.

I love you as my bishop, Bishop Vann and wish you the best as you wade through the turbulent waters of the Plague of Xi.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has shaken the world but more, it has brought out the best and too often the worst in people.  Tremendous and heroic work from the health care givers; simple but lifesaving, the teens who help the abandoned and alone elderly in their neighborhoods.   So many great stories of charitable works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal, honoring our Great commissioning as Catholics.

Compounding the clouded picture is alternate therapies’ stake holders giving false information about a 65 year old medicine,  tried and true (you were a medical technologist prior to priesthood) Hydrochloroquine; terribly unscientific data about deaths, recoveries (never mentioned it seems) and co-morbidities.  Lots of confusion in the states about what to do and what not.

The shifting sands of truth about this dual epidemic; nursing homes seeing 40% of the deaths.  NYC 52% of the deaths in the US.  Yes, it is a PAN because it crossed China’s borders via numerous Sino-Covid Transport Air flights to Italy, Spain, NYC, US etc. to spread the misery before any one other than the mass murdering Xi Jinglepingle knew what was happening.

Bishop Vann, you recently retweeted the Houston church tweet about it’s recent shutting down the Holy Ghost Catholic Church of Houston, where my #1 daughter Amanda lives with her transplanted husband Brian (Brian former OC youth minister works in the diocesan office in Houston/Galveston). 

Houston.  Same town where abortionist Dr Theiler kills the kids whole at PPGulf Coast in the morning and then buys her own handiwork at UTexas Medical Branch Galveston in the afternoon in hearts and parts. I’m sure you’ve seen the purchase orders if you follow the Daleiden trials.   But I digress though Briscoe Cain and David Daleiden are missionaries of truth in a world of “Catholic in name only” Pelosis who prefer the Calif State Religion (satan’s church, PParenthood sect) continuing to perform ritual little human sacrifices for Moloch’s greater good.

Honestly, I first thought it was 3 parishioners tested positive until I dug deep and discovered it was three Redemptorists, amazing priests who caught the Covid, now in quarantine. 

Asymptomatic meaning no one knew until they were tested. No priests; no Mass.  Even today, there is no proven case where an asymptomatic “carrier” passes it on to another…still conjecture.

  So much we don’t know but good news, we are gaining on, and I believe, we have beaten down our hegemonic Xi’s hope for world domination.  Problem today is the well meaning petty tyrants with governor nametags.   Banning people from killing the virus in salt water, hot sands, sunshine, vitamin D and onshore breezes is well, stupid.  Like Newport Beach locked down by nanny King Newsom the Red.

My first question was to be “did they take the parishioners temp by infrared as they walked in?”  I could lend them my remote thermometer I bought for my daughter Briana and Gavin Hager (he has a brother in priest training at the abbey) upcoming June 12th wedding.

Did they contact trace to make sure the 3 who contracted happened at the Holy Ghost mass they attended? 

Was adequate physical separation (social distancing is the province of dads with their daughters’ suitors on first courtship/date) aided along? 

Like in the OC, Houston has plenty of wise adults who can implement grandma’s directives over infectious diseases with suitable enhancements.  The story is as old as salvation history AD: No priests, no Mass.

Today’s clarion call for more vocations ANSWERED, so needed.  OF COURSE, we must protect our priests from the disease with innovative means.  It would look odd compared to the Last Supper, but each Jesus host in a small Sparkletts size paper throwaway cup?  Elbow bumps for the Sign of Peace? Six foot xx’s in the pews.  We CAN do this people!

Not every diocese is like Orange, where the good unintended consequence of the Vietnam war was so many Vietnamese moms committing to God, like modern Hannahs, their “Samuels” to be priests if they survive the waters of the South China Sea.  Staying alive after escaping the Communist Vietcong supported by the ChiComs, led to New Covenant 1Samuel1:27 “returning young men to God” on American shores; Little Saigon.

Having started at St. Callistus in 1980, just 5 years after the fall, I met so many awesome refugee families.   This is a story about Orange County rarely repeated but impacting us for generations.  Bishop Vann, you know of what i write; Covid doesnt hold a candle to the hell these families experienced, from the same godless Asian source.

We are blessed to have a very low .0026% mortality rate for Xi’s virus.  NYC should reopen in 2035 per CoocooCuomo and Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm.

Then I noticed in the CBSHouston feed, the priests had to self isolate leaving no one to say Mass.  Ironically, the faithfully leftist Jesuit Fr Martin almost gleefully tweeted out: HOLY GHOST IS SHUT DOWN AGAIN.  What is with that guy?

Bishop Vann, this is your diocese; I’ve only been here 62 years. It is a great diocese; you are an excellent bishop.  Your music/religious mask that Mary the MaskmaKeer made for you typifies two of your loves: the priesthood and the piano.  We are not that unalike, your excellency, with my first guitar use at Mass in 1968.

Technically, I am a practiced infectious disease specialist, not because my #11 sister Mary has a PhD in molecular biology.  No, because with 11 kids, it took 5 months once to cycle thru the flu. 

Being a homeschooling Catholic family for 30 years, this was just part of our lifestyle.  But, I will always be an exhorter, an encourager, whose mantra for decades, whether at WYD Rome/Kolon/Toronto was “It’s a great day to be ALIVE” and the BKind  4Give  B4Given movement.  Doesn’t sound like it, but being a positive realist is important in these zany days.

By now, you might have heard I am campaigning for THIS Pentecost to NOT be like the first back in 33AD: Doors LOCKED shut because we need not fear the virus and we can do what’s necessary to be safe. I realize the chances are two, slim and none, but it is my responsibility to try.

founder of the church of satan. Only church open in Calif.

I originally wondered if you tweeted the Houston story to help fuel the fear fires that it was too soon to reopen;  not edify the Holy Spirit flames. But, Bishop Vann, that is not you.

If I walked in a bishop’s shoes today, I know there is a chorus of Job’s counselors dogging ALL our bishops, not to mention the demonic community, who prefer Catholicism being, like Latin, a dead religion.  Certainly Margaret Sanger hated Catholics almost as much as black “useless eaters.”

  I stand apart from those necromancers who love death.  Sadly, Models can be soooo deceiving though.

Minnesota bishops are standing up for their sheep.  Here’s the link.  They are opening on May 26th no matter who their petty tyrant says.

Another important issue

Just as I stand apart from my beloved Pope Francis on his dogged belief man is controlling the climate, even though there is only ONE life giving CO2 molecules per 2500; believing this 1:2500 Algorean heresy melts the earths and raises the water level 21,000 feet is pseudo science.  Ever hear of photosynthesis; most school kids these days have no clue.

False prophets of climate change have been outed: the sun is cooling down. Huh?

Evidence is spotty at worst as the sunspots have disappeared in recent years.  We begin this decade with the once every couple century solar cool down (which causes global cool down 93 million miles away) called the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum in recent centuries. Maybe it will be named the Valentina Minimum.  Or the Algorean Pound Sand Minimum

Who knows.


Here is the most recent article on the coming massive decrease in radiated heat from the star of the solar system:

Easy read, and Google will help with the science.

Bishop Vann, you are a man of science who can help spread the dimming but necessary news as the globe goes cold with minimum sunspots/heat sending activity; as the Church of Charity and helping others, we need to help the 3rd world learn how to deal with much shorter growing seasons and less arable land. It is in our commission of hope.  A new slant to Laudate Si, possibly?  Most important, you can rein in the interfaith environmental SJWarrior committees to stop believing a lie, EVEN if it is politically incorrect.  Jesus was certain politically incorrect; not a bad mentor.

No, I’m no Paul Ehrlich on the cover of Time. Believe it or not, he’s still around making mischief.. But I have tracked this sad scam phenomena known as the Algorean Theorem for decades. You might ask: What has this to do with the Plague? 

Global cooling in Time


Good data is critical, as is Preparation.

So-called “models” spread unnecessary fear and lead to wasteful wealth confiscation, including church donations….

Whether 2 million Covid deaths coming to America or the “earth is melting and will be destroyed by 1980 1990 2011 2030 is the goal post moving strategy of Regressive People America Hating Leftists like AOC and lime Green movement.  Better called the Bowel Movement of the loonies.  I am a conservationist who recycles everything on our little Beckman “ranch”, but pollution is NOT CO2.  Pollution can be mitigated without destroying families, lives, businesses.  Even churches.

We spend trillion$ on the Plague of Xi, as well as billion$ on the misguided  Algorean Heresy that androgenic climate heating up is real; climate has always changed.  It is not puny man’s ability to alter the atmosphere and i can/will prove it to help my Church be the leaders not the followers. 

Bishop Vann, you might think i am a wacky fanatic or disgruntled ex-employee, though I am neither.  We are blessed, I am positive.  You are skeptical as you should be. 

But the world needs to abandon its fixation with Marxist ‘control the production’ excuses for shutting down super low methane natural gas essential to build up 3rd world economies. As well as better sort out the truth about this Xi gift to the West he hates so.

Especially with the sun energy component diminishing this decade.  We have been warned, by Dr Valentina and other solar physicists.  And that cute Algorean like the early Church disinformation Collyridianism or Adoptionism heresies, keeps moving the goal posts: from global warming to manmade global warming morphing to androgenic CO2 and to the unassailable truth filled climate changes.  Like sun shines and wind blows and lies repeated become cultural truth.  Of course the climate changes.  But puny man is not the God who created a 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

So many unintended consequences. So little time until Pentecost 2020. Thousands of Confirmation teens are not confirmandi, another victim of the Plague of Xi. This will be remedied, but…

But my bishop, I don’t think you need an excuse to lock down the Church in OC; you were sharing with us that it is difficult to know when to RE-exercise the right to exercise the Catholic faith in public in the OC.   That is your responsibility to figure out with good counsel.  YOU have it in your power to lead the culture back to sanity, not follow with our collective Catholic tails between our legs.

Look at the truth:  Only 88 (though precious lives) Orange Countians out of 3 million died from the Covid scare over 6 months.  A mortality rate less than walking in a crosswalk: .0029%. 


A man of vision would realize, done safely, the 3000 Churches opening on Pentecost should include Catholic worship centers we call parishes. 

Not just the NON Catholic and NON Christian.  We Catholics stand up for the poor illegal alien. For the needy, the elderly.  For the bullied Christians in the Middle and Far East, including the pastor finally released (hat tip Jay Sekulow at ACLJ) by India, where they hate Christianity these days.  It is fashionable.

But our churches remain empty sarcophagi, with multiple dead faithful in cold storage, like the first souls of the Resurrection before Pentecost AD33, waiting for their celebrations of life to be scheduled after the GREAT lock down of 2020.

I don’t hate anyone  My next door neighbor is a practicing hindu whose temple is locked, too  As is a great Muslim couple with three adorable kids Islamic Center of Irvine 4 doors down.  King Newsom is an equal opportunity first amendment and CalConstitution Art 1 sec 4 violator of the worst kind: promoting one over another. the church of satan demonicized 

3000 IS an ironic number for another reason.

  In AD33, 10 days after that first Ascension Thursday, the doors of the upper room opened wide and St Peter I, spoke with the Holy Ghost’s mighty inspiration.  3000 became Catholics that day.  3000 NON Catholic churches will open again on Pentecost, the day we should be celebrating our 1987th birthday, give or take a year, INSIDE that beautiful building you love, pictured above with the clouds of heaven overlooking worship.  And that covid death number, 46K, dwarfs to the 10.8 MILLION dead from the most persistent virus, RoWad73 still plaguing the world.

SARS-Cov-2 the virus, Covid19 the disease is #11 on the list.  In the OC, the mortality rate is .0026% with all 80+ deaths tragedies.  But, next year, will we track the deaths of cold, flu, pneumonia, etc as reasons to again: CLOSE COMPLETELY THE DOORS TO CHRIST.  Yes, good things have happened in our Domestic Churches.  But common, safe, secure worship is not one of them.  You look good live streaming Bishop Vann (and all you other bishops and priests reading this), but the Holy Spirit inspires us to LIFE stream, among the preventable risks, and be the Living Sacrifice for the Kingdom.   Bishop Vann, we are better than this.  We can be more compliant to the hygiene shamers in all our 60+ parishes, than the local Home Depot, Staters or weed shops.

The time is now.  You are the boss, the ordinary, for this diocese that I grew up in, raised 11 kids, served 40 years on staff and volunteer in.  But, it is time. 

Pentecost, ACTS 2:41 aside, deserves to be known as the day YOU and your apostolic successors: REOPENED WIDE the DOORS of CHRIST. 

Will we huddle in our Jerusalem and OC homes, like Joe’s Upper Room in the City of Peace, watching PenteLive Streaming after the latest episode of the Mentalist or Lord of the Rings?

Will the beautiful Christ Cathedral be a tourist trap, great spot for selfies or maybe will 10,660 windows allow the sun to shine down on today’s Pentecost descendants receiving Spiritual Communion via fully consecrated unleavened bread?

Questions only the ordinary of Orange can answer.  As usual, I will pray for you Bishop Vann. 

Dwell on this: the ONLY church allowed open, though there are Constitutional prescriptions in the DC & Blessed Sacramento archives, even going back to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed March 16, 1848 (which began “in the name of Almighty God”) for the “free EXERCISE of one’s religion.”  Something until March 21st was operative in this state.

This i know.  My #8 daughter Brian has planned for years to marry Gavin Hager.  This dad of 11 is the first born of eleven as well.  Both Briana and Gavin have 10+ siblings, 15 with inlaws, 30 nieces and nephews, 10 attendents, the abbott, 75 pews at St Norberts.  I will submit a plan but right now they have canceled their honeymoon and postponed their reception to October.

They will, even if the Diocese, Dr Faschisti, ex Catholic high priestess of the planned parenthoodlum’ satanist’s orthodox church Pelosi, says only the bride and groom, two witnesses and the abbott can stand in a building holding 400, they will be married at St Norberts on June 12, 2020.   They have good priorities, valuing the sacrament over the superficialities.

Even if it is only 5 found acceptable to stand in the empty Friday afternoon church building.

They are actual Catholics, not like the numerous pseudo Catholics surrounding His Royalness, with the Modulator voice, at  the Blessed Sacramento castle, so the celebration of the marriage, the blessed sacrament of matrimony, “of the mother”, takes place.

Like you, great bishop, this young couple believe in Jesus, His mother, the Church and are faithful: Gavin has been part of the music in the locked up St Thomas More (someone who knew the adulterous fake Catholic Henry VIII a few centuries ago) live stream Masses these last weeks that feel like centuries. 

Briana the same at St Noberts when not LOCKED OUT.

10 people.  10 humans.   According to the Church’s California acting Cardinal, King Newsom the Red, who nailed his Augsburg confession document as chief Covid scientist to the doors of EVERY church in Alta California.  Closed until further notice by the governing authorities of the state of Taxifornia.  Maybe, if you behave yourselves, you plebes and OC surfs, we might let 10 of you in at a time.  Though there are 20 cars most days at the church of satan.  If you misbehave, we will shut you down again, like that Holy Ghost church in Houston.

We’ve started to pare down the list.  Jesus, of course, is #1 but King Newsom wouldn’t know God from his Ice Queen Aunt Nancy, so we can sneak Him in. 

After all He is the reason for the season of life, weddings, funerals and the bloodless sacrifice of the Mass.  Amanda & Brian and their three will stay in Houston and not celebrate in the People’s Republic of Newsom.  Even the home of the 1st epicenter, Washington is allowing 50 people at a July Catholic wedding.

Fear not, as your excellent blog quotes: “Do not be afraid: Open Wide the Doors for Christ” from the 100th birthday man’s Oct 22, 1978 installation. PStJPtheGreat.

All this will be summarized in the required plan submittal.

The infrared temp sensor is owned and ready.  Sanitizing crews lined up; 400 gloves. Masks at the ready for those who don’t bring them.  All 10 of them.  As it is, Mary the Maskmakeer has made and donated 250 to Catholic charity needs like nurses, hospitals, even our beloved bishops.  Parking lot spaces limited to every other one to maintain 6 feet differentials between the 90 inch wide vehicle spots.  Does this sound insane?  I’m not a petty tyrant so not sure what will please our totalitarian Blessed Sacramento royals.  We flattened the curve, your excellency, in fact, your diocese has a flat line FOR a curve. What exactly is the purpose of Constitutional rights if the Church we are born into, that we obediently follow, doesn’t exercise them for fear of violating the royals for 501c3 reasons, or not upsetting the behemoth, letting the King obsessed with red light cameras rolling for his prez2024

Illinois, your homeland, isn’t much better .  But, We not the King are the government.  And there is legal and extent precedent: King Newsom the Red is kindly allowing the Aztec remake Moloch church of satan planned parenthood, at the 4 corners of Tustin AVe, the 22 freeway, and where heaven meets hell’s worst, to kill those that the Covid19 disease spares: the Next Generation of Catholics, resident in mothers’ wombs, ready to live.   As the shepherd, YOUR sheep need to know you know this:  many people, unwarranted, are scared to death because of the hyper generalizations and fraudulent “models”.  Jobs, livelihoods, homes…things that the shutdown is destroying will NOT come back unless a wise adult speaks up.  Silver spooned King Newsom is not that man.  YOU are, Bishop Vann; your rudderless people need to hear from you with encouraging words, not more Johns Hopkins CV website fear mongering data.

As the bishop of Orange,  you can ECHO the words of the great Polish pope:


Meanwhile, there is real impact of deserted holy buildings while the sheep are restless for their bold shepherds to act righteously and courageously.  And this last is the most important.  Who runs the Church of the first Pentecost?  I can’t answer that question. 

Only the ordinary can, the one i love and pray for, who is the first name at the RCBO website. The Most Reverend Kevin W. Vann, JCD, DD

God bless your every work.  Enjoy your Pentecost.  I will be watching one of your priests at one of the churches somewhere in the Orange County area with most of my 11 7 days after Ascension Sunday.  After all, living symbols and technology, not Jesus, apparently is the saving grace in a totalitarian state.

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