Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Pentecost AD2020 RE-Open

My Beloved Bishops! Thank you for reopening Orange County on Corpus Christi & Flag Day June 14th

AND Your president has spoken: YOU are essential again.

The Sheep are restless. Pentecost AD2020 ReOpen? Why not?

Looks like 3000 other churches are getting ready to come May31st?! June 14th is better than zip

Amid the Plague of Xi , now even King Newsom the Red is feeling the pressure of 3000 churches demanding he treat their faith as “essential” as if he is a god and king; the silver spoon is tarnished and he’s getting nervous. 

He is more concerned (about his prez2024 run) about how he looks on camera.  He has his aunt’s fave church, pparenthoodlum church of satan WIDE open doing ritual little human sacrifices for $150 per baby heart.  But not MY Church, my beloved Catholic church.

How would the 100th birthday boy, Pope St John Paul the Great look at our cowardice?  Not locked IN the upper room like in Joe’s Upper Room in East Jerusalem.  Locked OUT from going inside these beautiful edifices.

   Heard in heaven: “Happy birthday pontiff!  Oh, by the way, the Vatican is open on your birthday but the American church is closed, and Blessed Sacramento demands we stay shuttered, locked on OUR birthday this Pentecost.  Yes, we were locked on Pentecost once before.

AND…When was the last time the Church was locked up on Pentecost?

Christ Cathedral buildings having a discussion

I’ll save you the time to look it up. 

50 days after the Shroud of Turin was created with billions of joules of light energy and the Rock rolled open, the Apostles and other adherents of Christ Crucified were huddled in the upper room, door locked tight, out of unfounded fear & dread.  It wasn’t the designer Plague of Xi, the godless tyrant who hates the West.  At that time, they feared the locals.  The followers of the Son who recently went to heaven.

1987 years or so, later, we are approaching May 31st: Pentecost, in the year of the Lord 2020.  Okay, secularists, for you if we must, 2020 ‘in the ‘common era’ .  Never mind BC (Before Christ) and AD (in the year of the Lord ___) most accurate

joseph of arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea

We all know Jesus is the Center of History, in fact History IS His Story; as it is, that upper room of Joseph of Arimathea was the ONLY Catholic Church at that time.  They were “sheltered in place” with appropriate social distancing from the people of Jerusalem.

In California, King Newsom the Red is still interfering in the state and federal Constitutional protections regarding the “free exercise” of religion. Ironically, he is discriminating for the state religion over all others.  Karol Wotyla had to get trained for the priesthood in secret during WWII; Poland was ransacked by Hilter; people were transported to Auschwitz-Berkinau for a cyanide shower.  We can’t even get into our buildings.

 Frankly, we can’t completely blame King Newsom; although the Church has been the womb of many scientific advances over time, especially by ordained priests.  Ask Bishop Barron of the City of the Angels.  King Newsom the Red is like a reed, swayed to and fro with the latest experts. Always fixed on the Red LED on the ABCNNBCBS news cameras. And smelling the political winds. Which are now telling the faith insurrection is coming May 31st.

What was King Gavin’s biased action to date?  He has kept open the church of satan to continue their ritual human sacrifice for salable parts; not the Levayan sect, founded in San Francisco,  but the planned parenthoodlum sect founded in NY by Margaret Sanger and running rampant with unjust judges like Orrick of Septic City, once known as St. Francis of Assisi’s city by the bay.  You know the case: lady killers negotiating over salad & wine for strategies on auctioning off little hearts, livers & hair follicles.

My beloved Bishops, you may know of this bizarre connection.   One of your parishioners! Converted to Catholicism, former satanist high wizard Josh King practiced the former Catholic Queen Aunt Pelosi supported black arts at planned parenthood kill mills for 146 abortions. Without a medical license,though they are worthless in the hands of satanist surgeons shoving knives up mother’s private parts.

Routinely, after he assisted at the little girls or boys removal, he would toss each of their remains to his coven of hungry witches for consumption (documented) as part of their diabolic cannibalism.  I guess when you can’t steal the Eucharist because the doors are locked, you go after God’s next best: His beloved little ones. Holy Ones, do you think it’s time to ReOpen the buildings, as satan’s temple demons run rampant across America?

Holy ones, you may have guessed I am a bit focused on stopping the slaughter of innocents, old and young, having 11 kiddoes and involved in saving lives for 4 decades.

As any decent Catholic is.  David Daleiden, a living saint, for example, is more important and precious than even a $57 million worship center at Chapman & Lewis in Garden Grove.  Though I love Christ Cathedral, someday it too will be gone.  But souls, even Pelosi and Newsom, last forever and need redeeming.

For the record, I am NOT ordained; as a dad of 11, 62 years in Orange County, we have Catholic homeschooled our offsptings for 30+ years. 

12 college degrees so far for the kids (only one Thomas Aquinas College, Archbishop Gomez’ first speaking engagement when first arrived in LA) and uninterrupted home schooling though inconvenienced by Xi’s Plague, Covid19 the disease.  SARS-CoV-2, the virus. 

Not that important that I have been involved in Church ministries for 4 decades, in many lay and staff roles.  Still run real estate ads in three bulletins to help the cause. 

As to transitioning to forced home based education, as our Catholic schools and the public ed empire have, if you have questions for your parish based Catholic schools, how to deal with distance “teaching”, email, text or call. 

We are all in this storm together, although in many different boats.

Time to Re-Open the Churches and the states.  How about Pentecost 2020. At least in the Diocese of Orange.


1)The Plague of Xi is under control.  Your parishioners are adults, smart and capable. We can physically separate.  Wash with soap.  Wear masks as needed (my wife, Mary the MaskmaKeer, has made 250 donated to various Church orgs, nurses and even our excellent and beloved bishops in the OC. 

AS more comes out about how defective the data collection, understanding and origins implications, we easily can now agree, via hindsight, it should never have been a 50 state plug pulling.  Reported deaths just went DOWN (no Resurrections involved) in Colorado. 80 total in Bishop Vann, Freyer and Thomas’ domain TOTAL.  Irony, Jon Dunn in the OPEN church on Tustin at the 22, kill 80 little girls and boys most days.  More on Saturdays, with vasectomies on occasional Sundays after dawn.

For comparison, though it seems no one but Covid elderly deaths matter,  480,000 die annually from smoking, 300K from obesity, 1.3 million from car crashes, 500,000 from cancers, 51,000 per month from heart failure.  None of these have locked down the Doors of Christ.  Why Covid?  One size fits all is a onesy for a 1 year old: NOT good policy to destroy a country’s economy to ramp up suicides and despair.  Oops, left out 240,000 a year from medical malpractice.

The “patient”, the humming American economy with millions of interactive actions per second, was healthy in 98% of the country before March.

The  most robust US economy ever.  But, we will, with God’s help, work toward a new Renaissance from this latest Chinese virus, the Dark Age of Xi. 

Although, not sure, with the governors’ help UNLESS we press them, in areas less affected, to end this unconstitutional deprivation of rights under color of royal authority. 

Sadly, NYC will be the Rotting Apple for years, with Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm and his sidekick Andrew, supposedly a Catholic, Cuomo, who sees dead elderly an unavoidable consequence of purposeful mixing of infected with the vulnerable elderly.

Only kings and dictators can pull this off for this long.  Elected state executives, drunk with power, they do silly and treat us like 2 year olds but the facts coming out are much less than two million dead Americans.  The goal posts keep moving and football hasn’t even started yet.

Most of these governors have never worked in the private sector, signed the front of paychecks for workers, or have a clue what to do.  Bishops, you can subject yourself to “authorities” all you want, but God graced each of His ordained with brains.  Governance by the people is different than godless CCP & Plague of Xi’s Xi.

We the families losing jobs, life savings, missing needed but considered elective surgeries, and tending toward opiates and alcohol, even suicide, because Americans were not designed to be oppressed by Stalinist Alinsky style rulers. 

As Bishops, you know this to be true IF you consult with your parishioners.

Maybe I can help.  My aka as the Virus Hunter has me chasing facts and truths, sometimes at the same time.

The numbers speak for themselves and they are disturbing more for the unintended consequences of reactive, not common sense leadership actions.

Arresting a dad playing with his daughter in an empty park is more an example of tyrannical petty tyrants, then sound “public health” policy.

Contact tracing for a disease where not ONE confirmed transmission from an asymptomatic recovered has been proven.   These graphics come from the more reliable Johns Hopkins Corona Research Site:

In US, there are really just two epicenters:  #1, is New York City. Early on, the only hotspot was in Washington, the Kirkwood “Life Care Center” nursing home. It topped out at 75 dead of 150 when the vulnerable elderly were infected by a staffer or family member early on. 

Sadly, instead of basic scientific processes, politics took over and clouded the obvious: the disease affected the elderly quickly.  And sardine can, tightly closed confines helps the super spreader spread.  LIke NYC.

As of noon today, NYC is #3 in the world in Covid deaths and 38% of TOTAL US fatalities. 27,000 dead so far in this graphic.  Orange County has had 80 deaths over 6 months.  Think back to the onesy: OC and NYC are NOT the same.  In fact, NYC is not the same as ANY other state, country or city.

  OC’s Mortality rate of .0024% for 3 million residents.  You tell me if we should destroy OC for King Gavin the Red’s political aspirations.

Holy ones, do you realize the combined NYC/NJ metro area had more deaths than EVERY OTHER country. North of 38,000.  Sardine can syndrome.  NOT 98% of America.

NYC is the MOST constricted city in the country.  And #1…well, except the Hidden Kingdom, Xi dynasty. China. I don’t blame the Wuhanians Xi used to incubate and infect the world.  I blame Xi who wanted to share his misery as he continues his hegemonic conquests.

Xi has lied more than Adam Schiff since late October 2019, when the CCP shut down the streets around the WuHan Institute of Virology after an “occurrence”.  It could be 500,000 even rumored 5 million Chinese died due to abrupt cell phone usage ceasing. We may never know. This we do know:

   Sino-Covid Airlines, or Plague Air, self-incubated Wuhanians and transported them to Italy, Spain, US etc.  If you follow the stats.

Francis Xavier tried and accomplished much in China and the Asian theater.  But, when you are Xi Jinglepingle, a godless mass murdering hegemonic despot, it was easy to put 2+2 together and like Rahm Emanuel says it: “never let a crisis go to waste”.

Xi Jinglepingle’s dad was Mao’s propaganda disinformationist. He hates the West; and the godless Plague doesn’t ask your religion before going after you. 

Even though NYC is #1 in the world, any 10th grade stats classmate can tell you it is NOT a template for a US pandemic.  Not even close.  And being over half the deaths…

The other epicenter is nursing homes. Most today agree that since grandmas no longer live with families, nursing homes too often are where abandoned elderly often go to die. 

But not with accelerated delivery to heaven, with the Cuomo mixer push, sending Covid positives in to kill off half the residents in uninfected elder facilities with the worlds largest Javitts Center and floating Navy hospitals more than 3/4 empty.   NYC was a disaster; it is a different COUNTRY, more like Venezuela.

AS usual, follow the money: more bucks for Covid on the death certs.  Look up Project Veritas; Cuomo has blood stains on his clueless brainless power mad hands. 

Which is happening in LA county is identical to the first epicenter, Kirkwood WA “Life Care Center” where 75 of 150 died. 45% of deaths per Dr Barbara in nursing homes. 

You’d think the health pros would figure this out. By now.  The only thing Pandemic about this Panicdemic is the two epicenters and letting bureauRats take over.

I call it sardine can syndrome.  Mayor Warren Wilhelm cut the number of subway cars in half to save money, making them MORE packed and easy for the Xi Plague to proliferate and infect. You can’t make this stupidity up!  Unless you do NOT value life at both ends.

The results, as they say, are history.  Over packed subways, buses and 100 story elevators.  Meanwhile no herd immunity for the younger, as we closed the schools and locked them up with mom and dad.  Great times, yes for building faith and family, but…..  Even Murphy’s Law took a raincheck with the cancelled St Paddy NYC parade this year.

2) The Catholic elder care homes in our bishops’ purview can be protected.  You may have changed up the game already to protect the vulnerable. 

If not, call Gov DeSantis (translates “Of the Saints”) for details. It’s bad enuf California’s state religion, planned parenthood, kills off the very young; we in the Church need protect ALL life, including the frail old.

DeSantis targeted the Florida elderly for life with simple but effective protocols. Quarantining the sick helps keep them alive.

Tyranny is how we terrorize the majority with unnecessary paralysis of the healthy.

This whole Plague of Xi from WuHan has been handled bureaucratically, not using wisdom and science.  Some successes, but we now know there were shortcomings.  Xi is the main culprit and he is smiling at how easily he got his way.

Cuomo demanded, like all good toddlers, everything he could scream and get for free.

His president built four hospitals, secured respirators, vents PPE, pretty much everything he had done zero prep for.  He’s still complaining today.  The unintended consequences, like a tsunami following an epic quake, are hospitals like Provident, St Joseph’s of Orange etc are laying off health care folks because the King Gavin demanded no elective surgeries based on the insanely flawed NYC model.  And the 2 million model for US deaths.  Off a bit.

3) Continuing the artificial shutdown is killing the Church’s treasury.  This should get your attention and I am willing to help.People get Netflix for free; same with Livestreamed Masses.  Why pay for our local parishes if they are closed?  I don’t subscribe to this idea, plus I do pay for real estate ads in 3 Orange County parishes, but church revenues are half what they normally are.

Christ Cathedral at night. Empty. Locked up for how long??

4)  33 million jobs gone so far.  Every day the country is shutdown, costs roughly $580 billion (daily!) in lost economic activity.

You might say, ‘but the Church is above the fray’, there is separation of Church and State.  Really? Separation of church and state is Jefferson’s letter not a founding document notwithstanding. If we don’t act soon. 

For example, wiill Archbishop Gomez will have to consider which of the 350 parishes, or Bishop Vann might be forced to shutter some of the 65 parishes.  Or shut down the renovation of the new cathedral.  Hard choices already will only get worse IF the Church doesn’t set the example for the seculars.  satan is happy; time for us to get real.

Christ Cathedral’s was a $57 million bargain but locked up, little in the way of coin coming in; some parishes have mystery benefactors but we are bleeding red.

Spare me this Plague of Xi was an act of God.  If it was, He is in control and it is His will.  I doubt it; it may be a god, but not one I and you worship.

5) Catholics are NOT known for tithing like their protestant brethren; the sooner we reopen the better,

  Misnomer is the public sector creates wealth: it absorbs it.  Private sector produces.  The wasteful governors of mainly blue states: they will NOT stop their extortion for more billions to cover public sector pensions and wasteful spending UNLESS the bishops weigh in for “your people’s sake”.   I don’t mean to bag on the party of slavery, but the only wooden plank that matters is the one guaranteeing a mother’s right to kill her kid at will.  Or in Virginia’s Gov Ralph “WrecKid” Northam, kill the kid AFTER she’s out.

Melania Trump and Mary, Jesus’ mom. What a blessing

Michigan’s Witless, Cuomo, King Gavin the Red of Calif. are destroying families, jobs, small businesses daily, 33 million jobs are gone no matter how well Trump got the economy humming (ok if you hate the most prolife president married to an excellent Catholic Melania, scream now…then keep reading)  BISHOPS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, THE RESPONSIBILITY AND POWER TO SET THE EXAMPLE.  Doors locked up for decades is FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real.  

6) There are NO universal vaccines.  Didn’t know this? Flu changes yearly, SARS vacc development was stopped when it disappear, the politically protected HIV is a therapy not cure.  Point is, don’t get snowed, holy ones.  If we wait 18 months for the vaccine to do a Grand ReOpening, there will be little left to open for.  This is an imperial edict, unconstitutional, violation of canon law AND state/federal guidelines

But cast out all fear!  Good news are upon us. Therapies are happening, including one in Archbishop Gomez’s front yard.  Dr Daniel Wallace has 2000 Lupus patients, and has used a regimen of Hydroxychloroquine+Azithromycin and zinc on his patients for years with no side effects.  It works well early on (and as a prophylactic) before the virus morphs to auto immune, which is treated separately.  It costs 69 cent a dose, attractive to a Church that champions health care for the poor, which soon will be all of us with the Demonrat Guvnor’s dalliance.   Resvetc costs $1000 a dose.  Which will Big Pharma support?  Don’t forget convalescent plasma and the hundreds of therapies underway.  And Project Warp Speed to find a vaccine.

7 Liars figure and figures lie.  Models have no place in solid science, especially those based on baseless conjecture.  The US death models started at 2 million and now, taking out NYC, the US had more traffic deaths than Covid fatalities. 

PLUS, the Co-morbidity game: hospitals are playing, they get more $$ if the patient died from Covid, even if he did not die from Covid. Project Veritas keeps finding evidence of this fraud.  IE sandbagging death certs before the body bag or coffin. 

Bishops, as a Church, we too easily divorce science from faith; well maybe not a blind Jesuit physicist name Fr Spitzer.  Don’t rely on the ignorant to set your timetable. Like ST AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  here getting an atmospheric refill from Dementia Joe.

As a scientist, I have battled another fake modeling effort for God’s greatest gift to humanity that FEEDS the WORLD. 

You know it as Photosynthesis, where a trace gas, water and sun energy are mixed; aerobic respiration, the equalizing formula, uses the food.  Point is carbon dioxide, via the Algorean Heresy, is NOT an evil monster melting the earth.  It numbers ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 of the majority (nitrogen, oxygen & argon)  1:2500. 

Yet your cute interfaith environmental justice groupings are heretical to truth and banning fracked low polluting inexpensive natural gas, essential to the poor raising themselves up in the 3rd world. AOC is crazy; if she gets her way, the 6000 products from fossil fuel oil will go away, too. 

Just today, I saw the article in the NYPost about something i have been ranting about, that we ignore: the Maunder Minimum, where sun spots and solar activity is minimizing this decade.  Dr Valentira Sharpova, the solar physicist known for her work, should be smiling today

Here’s the link; after you ok starting the Grand REopening like the first Pentecost, give it a quick read.  I’d be happy to address your next interfaith enviro confab with your pet climate change ambassador.  I do love Pope Francis but on this i stand apart.  The globe is moving to a serious cooling season and all this Algorean heresy, the androgenic global warming is destroying God’s planet earth in the middle of His 553 sextillion mile wide universe,is a fraud.  What a terrible waste.  We MUST get about teaching the less fortunate how to farm in less arable conditions NOW.

This is NO idle comment; planetary cooling is MUCH more dangerous than warming.  We have the fossilized energy sources in the ground, if only we could repurpose the indoctrinated climate change ambassadors like Jerry Brown and other Catholics to LEARN the truth. 

As the sun’s energy lessens this decade, we will NEED, not unreliable solar or wind, but gobs of low polluting methane and 6000 products petroleum, both of which are NOT evil.  Looking for evil? REgressive leftist Marxists are. 

And 3rd world countries will be hit the most the earliest as growing seasons shorten, arable land shrinks and people starve to death more than due to the Plague of Xi. 

Bishops, you ARE the shepherds.  Global cooling, Dalton Minimum details in this short article:

But I digress.



 Priests Faithful Laypeople, Jews, Muslims, Atheists & Satanists. AND Governors: This message is for you as well.

Gavin & Briana get their marriage license at the Honda Center


Thank you, from this tired, long time Catholic.  I am just tired of my shepherds being herded and not taking the lead. You ARE the Apostles incarnate

Yes, I am selfishly biased: these two faithful Catholic kids, my #8 Briana is marrying Gavin Hager on June 12th. 

Do the numbers: I have 11 kids.  The current illogical, idiotic rules of King Gavin the Red (light camera obssessed) is a max of 10 in a church that handles 400. Petty tyrants do what they do because no one pushes back.  New guidelines: only one person per acre or on a city street?

   So, maybe Steve and I, the fathers of the future newlyweds, can sit in our cars at St. Norberts for the duration. We both have a lot of kids and there will be a next one someday.  At least the wives, Regina and Mary, can watch the sacrament of marriage happen at Mass.  Didn’t Bishop Barron just promo his latest on the Sacraments.  Where exactly are they to occur?  On Zoom, or GoToMeeting?

If you need the free exercise of religious liberties citations, happy to provide them.  King George, like King Henry VIII, are long dead. The Modulator (Aunt Pelosi’s nephew Newsom voice changed when the plague hit the Golden state.  It modulates as if he is running for president in 2024.  IF we still have a viable country)

Dad of 11. Faithful Catholic.  Ticked off at the ruling elite in Blessed Sacramento in the Blessed Sacramento castle on the Blessed Sacramento River; in the most blessed country on earth. Bishops, you know it.  I know it.  We ARE better than this.

But, bishops, pope, priests and faithful, i will pray we come to our senses.  Open Wide the DOORS of Christ.  I can’t speak for Him, but i can’t see Him not wishing worship would commence for the wandering and restless sheep.  After all, you ARE the shepherds. And OC is NOT NYC; nor is Wyoming or Texas, etc.

Len Beckman 714 267 1413

Holy ones and faithful, priests and rabbis, what say you?  Appreciate a comment or two.

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