The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: The Miracle Wedding at Cana

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, 103rd anniversary of Mary’s first visit to Portugal       (Updated 5/14)

Governor Newsom:

May I call you King Gavin the Red or your call sign The Modulator?

Honestly, I don’t ask for much.

My German dad and Polish mom bore me in the 1950s, and ten others.  All of us Native Californian American Catholics, blessed to receive 12 years times 11 kids worth of Catholic education at St. Anthony Claret.

It’s been my privilege to spend 62 years in the Diocese of Orange, starting before it became such and through Bishop Johnson and other excellent prelates. 

King Gavin the Red, it was my honor to start in the 60s in music ministry, then 30+ years on staff as youth minister, DRE, DFF, RCIA and other roles at Sts Callistus, Anthony Claret and Holy Family Cathedral.  We still volunteer at St Norbert’s, the place my daughter Briana marries a most excellent son of the Hager clan, Gavin.  King Gavin, you must know that name: Gavin.

  We have ads in three parish bulletins for our real estate business to help as well keep our parishes afloat.  I have provided my curriculum vitae in brief, to show I am not trying, like many guests of the state’s penal system, to catch Covid by breathing in a cup at Alcatraz or other fine correctional facility.

My longtime themes include “It IS a great day to be alive!” and BKind 4Give B4Given.

Over the years, Donna bore 11 great kids as we took the road less traveled: King Gavin, have you heard of ACTUAL home based education, better known as homeschooling?

Both petitioners for unlocking the Church’s doors, which have been unlocked since Jerusalem Pentecost 33 or 34 ad, were homeschooled.

Of course, locked church doors are common, past & present, in totalitarian states like China, East Germany and Russia.  King Gavin the Red, you probably studied about those petty tyrants who don’t believe in the freedom to practice one’s religion.

We are in our fourth decade as Catholic home educators, raising them to be contributing members of the Church and the community. Briana, #8 of the kiddoes, graduated summa cum laude from Cal state University at Fullerton.  Gavin, as well from that fine institution

Although Donna got an early call to heaven, surrounded by miracles, we carry on, evidence that homeschooling is an excellent choice, wherever adults and parents are allowed to choose their children’s educational paths. 12 college degrees so far. If you King Gavin the Red, were not the indentured servant of the public teachers unions and institutionalized education realm, you could be a proponent of actual home based education, not this forced halfway house bound process leaving a bitter taste in whole families.  After all, King Gavin, mothers’ choice is a keystone of your aunt Nancy’s world.

My ‘lege, please allow me to plead the case of love and hope, of the ancient faith you grew up with and your aunt still claims to be a part of. 

Also, as a compensating factor as we make these desperate pleas, we have saved your California Dept of Ed about $2 million in unused ed dollars though spent a tidy sum on property and other taxes. A drop in the $3 trillion your auntie, the well known Ice Queen Aunt Pelosi, is seeking to rob from Peter to pay her Pauls, an allusion to the two well known apostles circa 33 Anno Domini (Latin for “In the year of the Lord”).

Actual, not forced homeschooling for 30+ years, is an excellent family choice, and as we continue to save the state boatloads of $$$, please spend on your other acute & responsible projects. The Beckman and Hager families promise not to get our portion of the teachers pension, though both could show a hefty tax payments history.

All of my 11 have been involved in Church ministry; my oldest Amanda married Brian, a youth minister at Fr Jerome’s SVDP parish before getting called to Texas to serve in the Houston/Galveston diocese. A short bonafides. 

Why so much detail?  To remind the king and his Blessed Sacramento court on the Blessed Sacramento River, we are flesh and blood Native Americans, with hopes & dreams, families who want to work to feed ourselves, have extra wealth to help those who can’t, some to put away for the next Plague of Xi excuse to lock down the private sector…while the public sector continues to draw their royal tax paid salaries.

My pleas for my bishop and the California state king.

O mighty King Gavin the Red, patriarch of four princes/princesses, holder of all power in the land of Alta California, that benefited from the treaty of Guadalupe Hildago on February 2, 1848, and the duly ratified California constitution:

Please give my Bishop Vann permission to open wide the doors of Christ on Pentecost, the weekend of May 30th-31st. 

I realize you and your local regent, the mayor of Newport Beach, have not seen eye to eye about the health benefits of open sandy spaces, onshore wind to dilute any viral load floating over from Wuhan, sunlight, high heat and UVa on SARS-Cov-2 virus;  it’s not easy assuming the role that King Nebuchadnezzar, the head of Gold in Daniel’s interpretation, was the best at, of all time.  You might recall that Mr Schwarzenegger, that Austrian actor who was the 38th, was known as The Governator.  Should you be elected president on November 5, 2024, you might make Mr. Schifty (Eve’s Adam) your first Proctologist General, expert in looking up every asset he can with his kiddie kolonoscope for marketable obstructions. 

He is known as The Fabricator, because he lies deeper than a green shag rug drenched in the selflessly shed blood of patriots, and can’t spell Truth, let alone speak it.

  O great King Gavin the Red, your call sign is The Modulator: many notice how your voice takes a serious modulated roller coaster ride as you make the latest edict on the Plague of Xi.

But, O Royal One, our beautiful little part of your kingdom, Orange County, has only lost 76 precious elderly to the Plague of Xi averaging less than one loss every other day since ground zero. 

This Sino-Viral bioweapon project may have started late October when the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s surrounding streets were tamped down. Or the usual quoted, Dec 1st, 165 days ago.  Either way, 76 is blessedly low. Don’t wait for a virtue signal from your aunt or Cuomo: they are clueless about the real devastation your inaction is causing.

EVERY California life is precious, unique and never repeated.  One life to live corresponds to one life to give.  76 is too many, but in 2017, we had 261 car accident deaths. Happy to supply stats: spending 6 trillion to save the elderly, something we knew when the very first epicentered hot spot occurred in Kirkwood, Washington, when 150 vulnerable NON covid19ers was infected by a family member or staffer.  After that, 75 of 150 died BEFORE NYC got past Cuomo’s eat, drink and be merry because we are New Yorkers and have the best health care system.  Or your auntie Pelosi wandering Septic City’s ChinaTown for the Looney New year. Where was Faschi or Birx?  Any 10th grade stat student could figure out what Gov DeSantis did: you protect directly the elderly with updated protocols, upgraded shielding, masks, do passive medicating like the health care people have with HCQ+Z, etc.  YOU DON’T DUMP THE INFECTED CONTAGIOUS COVID19 POSITIVES into the overflowing nursing homes.  NOR cut the available subway cars in half, packing density doubling…

To justify giving the Peter’s Keys of the Kingdom back to my Bishop to unlock the doors on Pentecost, do you realize this “One Size Fits All” approach to risk and panic is a petty tyrant’s candy store? Look at the actual mortality rate of OC:

As of 3am this May 13th for the OC was .0023%, significantly less than traffic accidents, not to mention the flu. Which is rarely mentioned, especially since figures lie and liars figure: we can’t trust the stats, what with co-morbidty reasons for death are ignored: the hospitals, though laying off nurses etc because the silly banning of most elective ops, get a lot more money if Covid19 appears on the death certs.  Truth and diagnosis is optional.

I believe you believe, King Gavin the Red, every life is precious though your aunt Pelosi is a bit suspect on her feelings about life. Every vote counts and harvested ballots count more. 

 As the virus hunter, i have been helping to stem the panic, misinformation, and useful disinformation about the Covid19 disease.  Tracking daily, and my lovely wife, Mary the MaskMaKeer, has made over 250 cloth masks donated to California nurses and others to “do our part” in this NYC pandemic, that is NOT an epidemic in the OC. 

Or even California.  261 traffic deaths is an epidemic for 3,100,000+ residents. 

O Great & Mighty King Gavin the Red, you are actively trying to accomplish much. 

But, since your March 21st required door jammed shut of all Religious Institutions in the state, except with one notable exception, we have had to settle for 40 days of probation and testing through Lent.

Plus Palm/Passion Sunday, Passover, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday and so many other Catholic celebrations you might remember growing up with beloved Ice Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi.  All electronically, live streaming but the doors of our worship centers closed.  Soon we will celebrate Ascension Thursday on Sunday, May 24th and then the day of days, Pentecost starting at sundown May 30th.

Imagine if the country had a real statesman leading, against your aunt’s pandering wave, from a blue state?   Your presidential fortunes would rise. 

Of course, as Gavin the Red, you are known for your love of the little red signal light on Bone church kostnice sedlecthe front of the Big Four ABCNNBCBS live video cameras but we adults believe we can be careful, do the things mom taught us, like wash with soap, isolate when sick and worship together. 

Ever seen photos of the Czech’s City of Silver’s bone church? Officially known as the Sedlec Ossuary, the Bone Church is a Roman Catholic chapel located in Kutná Hora, a few miles outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. The chapel contains over 40,000 bones displayed in various piles and arrangements throughout the small chapel. Sedlec Ossuary has a long history, beginning in the 13th century when the Abbot of the Sedlec Monastery (Abbot Henry) brought a handful of earth back from a journey to the Grave of the Lord in Jerusalem. He scattered this “holy soil” across the Sedlec cemetery, securing its place as one of the most desired burial sites where over 30,000 skeletons were buried.  Including many from the black death of 1420.  It originated in Asia (as did the Plague of Xi).  If was the second plague pandemic recorded, after the Plague of Justinian (542–546).[10] The plague created religious, social, and economic upheavals, with profound effects on the course of European history.  King Gavin the Red, just as the Plague of Xi is doing since late 2019.

Every hundred years, it seems, we experience a terrible disease on the 20’scovid every 100 yrs

Not to mention, the Bubonic/Black plague of 1420

Yes, we are an unusual group, we Catholics, because we respect the human body and do not appreciate when it is desecrated by evil. 

In fact, the Sedlec Ossuary continues as an active Catholic worship center today.  Last October,”Sedlec will be banning photographs of its macabre displays. Chapel director Radka Krejci told the Czech news agency CTK that people are taking inappropriate photos and desecrating the sanctity of the human remains on display.”  King Gavin the Red, time to read the Mene writing on the wall.

It IS time to reopen OUR state IF you want to run for president some day. 

We are NOT designed to be a socialist or even progressive (whatever loony thing a progressive is) society; millions of individual transactions in a free market capitalist Federated Republic has worked for 244 years, King Gavin.

Look up the book of Daniel; not Dr Daniel Wallace, the Cedar Sinai expert on Hydroxychloroquine therapy with his 2000 Lupus patients who in 30 years has had ZERO serious side effects, no dead patients, and success. 

No, the bible’s prophetic dream interpreting Daniel in King Neb’s court.

You are, like all kings since King Neb of Babylon, are a lesser king.  You mean well, but destroying the Golden state by totalitarian tyranny will NOT get you into the Oval Office but as a visitor. In fact, legally, you stand on sandy beachy grounds.

works of mercyUnder all three operative founding documents of California, we have been guaranteed the freedom to worship.  King Gavin the Red.  It IS time to release the captives, as your aunt Pelosi misinterpreted scripture recently.   King Gavin, I don’t mean to be a noig, but the High priestess Pelosi was clueless, just as in her support of the well known California state religion.  #6 corporal work of Catholic mercy is to VISIT the imprisoned, as specified in Matthew 25:35.  NOT release the unrehabilitated murderers and rapists to murder and rape again.  Another epic fail of this manufactured Covid19 extension.

We the citizens of a great state, 40 million citizens, legal residents and illegal aliens, need to be released from captivity. 1 in 5 is out of a job; many are turning to booze and drugs, much like what is supplied to the mentally ill homeless after they are given four star hotel rooms for free.  The MOST depressed, seeing no hope, are committing suicide your excellent royalness.  It’s bad enough, a UHaul truck heading to Nevada or Texas costs thousands because as the Elon Musk Teslas head east with their jobs and residents, Taxifornia loses.  Is this extortion of the executive branch worth the co-morbid suicidal deaths?  Gavin the Red, just as you use the scientifically fraudulent androgenic CO2 models to gouge us with a 70% gas sales tax RATE, further draining families, the 2 million model was toro caca from the get go.  We’ve been fleeced enough, my ‘lege.

Just as this Plague of Xi was mismanaged, incarcerating the whole country, instead of pulling a Gov DeSantis and protecting the Xi’s Plague most vulnerable, in the nursing homes etc.  is unprecedented since another lesser King, King George III of England, fleeced the Colonials via tea taxes.  You might remember a movement called the Tea Party?  Well, as the Renaissance of America gets underway, you will see more.  Question is, do you want to be a hero, and save a few of the daily millions losing their fortunes, jobs and too many their very lives, due primarily to the petty tyrants like Queen Witless, Clueless Cuomo, Mayor Warren Wilhelm and so may more Regressive Leftist buffoons.

You are much better than this, but your silver spoon is tarnishing more each day.

Proposal: Open wide the doors of the state’s OTHER churches May 30-31st, the Feast of Pentecost.  Let me explain:

Pente, Greek for 50, ie Pentecost is the 7th Sunday after Easter, due this year on May 31st.  In our faith tradition, the date 10 days past the Ascension is known as the Church’s official birthday,  In the Israel that you love, they still look back to their Pentecost, the Festival of First Fruits.  Ironically, we are approaching that time in 2020 with doors locked tighter than an AOC’s take on reality.

V22 of Exodus 34: 22 “Celebrate the Festival of Weeks (7×7=49 days plus one)  with the firstfruits of the wheat harvest”  In Deuteronomy’s reflections on Pentecost, King Gavin the Red, these words may touch your heart as you rule the people with justice and wisdom like King Solomon did years ago:  

“19 Do not pervert justice or show partiality. Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the innocent. 
20 Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the LORD your God is giving you.”
Finally, the Pentecost of the faith tradition you grew up in, is outlined in the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles:
When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 
2 Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. 
3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. 
4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.
King Gavin the Red, please see the Mene Mene Tekel, known as “the writing on the wall. “
As you strong arm the national treasury for another trillion, note the daily cost.  You, though you consult your aunt on everything, have your future in your hands… and the destruction of millions more than the 1 in 5 out of work already. 
We surfs need to work to feed our families outside the Blessed Sacramento castle…you tax us relentlessly and can live off our dead carcasses for years.
Due to the slow walk reopening,  in case you don’t know just happened, 50% of billions of dollar$$ in ad buys by the majors are being cancelled as of May 1st.  There is no hope for the 3rd quarter since people are watching Netflix and Amazon Prime but not buying commodities.  This is extremely detrimental for your friends in Hollywood and your presidential aspirations’ moneybags in what is left of NYC. 

On average, $8.5 billion daily Californian economy loss is not chump change.  Is it worth it?

We can blame the initial godless destructive Plague of Xi on Xi; but it has been mitigated in the OC and many other areas of your regal domain. 
Maybe LA needs to stay locked down though Garcetti and Dr Gloom want it shuttered for another 3 months.  Your city of birth, known today as the Septic City, what with the compassionate placement of mentally challenged homeless in four star hotels, fed booze, weed and drugs, to help keep that local epidemic not spreading throughout the City of St Francis of Assisi.  Yes, less poop on the sidewalks outside businesses, but then leftist cities don’t mind keeping business shut down forever.  Except presidential candidates for 2024.

covid quarantine and tyrannyKing Gavin the Red, you must know you are funded by the private sector and the public sector creates nothing.  Hopefully, the billion dollar Chinese masks buy won’t derail your campaign completely.  Just work on your modulated voice; it is so noticeable like a new pimple in the middle of your forehead.  Free advice.

The current GDP stats indicated each day you keep our state closed, it costs our state economy: $8,571,038,000 (8.5 billion dollars in lost economic activity).  The thousands of churches, including the Catholic, are also losing much in the way of donations. 

Misery really doesn’t love company.  Few are ignorant this is all about money, getting as much as you can from the public treasury to replace malfeasance and wastrel spending.  Any responsible scientist realizes, at least in OC, it is foolish to continue to use totalitarian power to interfere in the free exercise of religion, especially since it appears a bias toward the state favored religion.  As well as free exercise of the right of assembly, as well as work a job so the Franchise Tax Board and IRS via the 16th amendment get more tax dollars to shore up a dying nation.

More data: Note that you are NOT Governor Cuomo, except in your campaign for one trillion more dollars to bail out the out of control public pensions in this great western state. Resulting from waste, fraud, abuse and crony political payoffs to the unions.

Look at today’s stats from the Johns Hopkins trusy CV site.

In case, you have been busy with other affairs, the Plague of Xi is particularly dangerous in mainly TWO epicenters, both involving close confines over extended periods of time, due to exposure to higher viral load.


Epicenter #1  52% of the Covid US deaths are IN New York City. NOT CA

1) The country of New York City, for example, is a sardine can of clearly unwise urban planners with packed subway cars (doubled with Mayor Wilhelm cutting them in half to save transit dollars) that double as homeless enclaves;  buses and 100 floor elevators runs.

NYC just passed Spain and France, making it  #3 in deaths WORLDWIDE as a country. 

NYC is NOT America nor California: stop comparing my state to the Rotting Apple. 

Cuomo makes a great whining toddler, but despite the polls, has failed his state miserably.  Don’t follow in his footsteps, Gavin the Red

Multiple factors, many failures of governance, has made this irrelevant to stopping the re-opening California.  Your highest city mortality is 1500+ in LA; less than 5% of the sad NYC tally and more people to boot.


Oh highest of all regal Californians, let me save you from a terrible mistake Gov Cuomo made on March 25th:  If you value keeping the seasoned citizens alive at elder care facilities, like nursing homes, assisted living and more, PLEASE do not infect them by shipping SARS-Cov-2 positive patients among them. 

Of course, as the ruler, if you desire to kill off the useless eating old people like Pelosi’s hero, Margaret Sanger, knock yourself out and  commence to follow Cuomo’s sad lead.

Part of the problem is how we treat the wise old folks. A generation ago, grandma lived within the family, not institutionalized like cattle in institutions.  As it is, nursing homes are where the abandoned old go to die.

  Yes, I understand, the only open church in the state, our state religion, values life as much as your idea to help get the 85 year olds off the earth by infecting them, does.

My final plea is for adults in leadership, both at the state level and Diocese of Orange, to help my #8 Briana still marry another Gavin, from the Hager clan, on June 12th.  This year.

Briana grew up waaay too fast

My totally selfish, unashamedly self serving hope is my baby girl can be married as planned.

King Gavin the Red, you told us originally it was reopen once we knew the hospital beds would not be 150% occupied; as it is, in NYC, the four gifted hospitals were never filled. 

You’ve been busy: did you know your hospitals are emptying out of WORKERS as well as more empty beds.  There IS NO crisis, my ‘lege.

In the OC, Hoag just laid off 300 nurses and health carers, due directly from your directive not to do elective surgeries except at the state church, which your aunt loves dearly. 

Personally I have prayed there often but the planned parenthood on Tustin at 22 in Orange, the church of satan (non Laveyan ) is the OFFICIAL state religion since it has NOT closed or repurposed by removing the killing tables and add Covid beds..

King Gavin: you must realize that planned parenthood continues to perform elective surgery on children, apparently since Covid does notmarie antoinette kill the very young, just the very old. 

Is there something self-destructive about the levels of botox your aunt has ingested?  She still claims to be a Catholic behind her locked gates while eating Ben&Jerry from her $24,000 freezers.  Do you realize just how ridiculous your aunt is seen with her “Let them eat ice cream” Lina Lamont moment?  Marie Antoinette has an 80 year old clone.

But Gavin the Red, you have the controls.  Your continued  over reaction to the Xi Plague continues to cascade into more destruction of the economy.  As it is, 40% of the 33 million lost jobs may never return. California is not a boy toy, but once was a $3 trillion economy.  YOU yes YOU will be outside looking in if you don’t take your jackboot off California’s productive neck.  When you tell Tesla to go pound sand (not on a beach of course) you look stupider than Alexandria Occasional Cortex Using AOC telling Bezos to take his 30,000 Covid proof jobs and go to hell.

Oh great King, we know you want to be King and president in 2024, but at what cost? Our home state, destroyed?  The goal posts keep moving but if you honor Pentecost, a better chance my Bishop Vann can give us permission to marry on June 12th with more than 10 people. Your lege, I have ELEVEN kids…simple math says 10 people leaves little room for just the 10 siblings on Briana’s side and on Gavin’s similar numbers.

I realize it is our fault we have more than the 10 human maximum: we have had these kids, honoring God by having more than 2.1 children, and not imported them from other countries.  It is our hope they help to replace the population killed off by viruses and eugenics freaks hell bent on adding to the 2.2 BILLION kids killed worldwide in the last five decades.  Like your pathetic Pelosian marriage to hell’s worst evil empire.

Miracles do happen; many are even associated with this Plague of Xi’s Covid nightmare. 

You might remember that first miracle of Jesus happened at a three day wedding celebration in Cana; no physical distancing prevented its happening and the 180 gallons or so of wine, bested even the best Napa vintage.  Mom Mary got her way and the rest is as Paul Harvey might say, salvation history.  His Story.  The best wine was saved for last. 

As it is, this plan summary is written on the 103rd anniversary of the first Marian appearance at Fatima, Portugal.  And 30 days to Briana and Gavin the Great’s wedding day.  You coming? You were invited officially.  You, too, could be Gavin the Great, IF you break free of the chains of regressive anti-American fake green socialism.

The Wedding Plan and Preparations:

Though the doors were tightly locked up, I was able to take some photos of St Norbert’s for your edification.

  1.  WE will space the 75 pews according to the public health recommended one wavelength at 185 Hertz, over 6 feet.  Leaving a pew vacant between and keeping family groups at least 6 feet apart will aid the physical separation requirements of Dr. Fasci, the Orange County Public Health and state organizations.  As of this moment, we have not been able to secure a surveillance drone to guarantee this separation, but the ushers will be equipped with megaphones should anyone drift within the 6 ft perimeters.  The ushers will have full body transparent plastic if necessary.
  2. We have ordered a thermal forehead thermometer to instantaneously search for one symptom of the SARS-Cov-2 virus; it will be here by Pentecost.
  3. Each participant will be given a mask in case they forget theirs: we have 250 surgical masks and my wife, Mary the MaskMaKeer, has been sewing cloth reversibly according to the CDC guidelines and we will supply as necessary.  Those utilized at the reception will have a feeding slot for ease of consumption.
  4. A specially designed facial mask, made from the bride’s custom wedding dress will be provided for the bride.  This should aid protection for both the bride and groom, since they will be placed in parallel for most of the Mass.
  5.  The parking lot has adequate parking places for use to do auto immune distancing protocols.  Each parking space is 90 inches wide, so leaving every other one vacant will prevent any automobile contracting the Covid disease, as well as driver and occupants.
  6. Face shields will be provided the priest and abbott.
  7. The respective attendants will be separated by the two primary genders, male and female and put on each side of the marrying couple; apparently, men lack the chromosomal makeup (the XX vs XY) as females to reduce the risk of contraction. However, we will not discriminate against any of the other 158 identified gender ideologies, since all Catholic Masses typically are open to all per Code of Canon Law.  King Newsom, you could consult your former Catholic Aunt Nancy on this, but we are reviewing the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo, the state and federal constitutions as well as the Code of Canon Law for precedent and infractions.  The current Code dates from 1983, and it contains 1752 canons and binding on the Latin Church.  Feel free to email your questions below.
  8.  The rings will be sanitized with soap and water.  AS you know, regal one, hand sanitizers is the means of last resort since the chemicals seep into the skin upon application.  Of course, the priest will be washing his hands at the altar, though with your permission, sir, we will dispense with soap just at that time.
  9. The 6 rule will be honored for the first marital kiss; the couple has been certified, according to the Guttmacher/SEICUS guide for interpersonal relations to be chaste virgins but we do admit to the Blessed Sacramento royal court they have kissed previously.   A small opening in the bride and groom face shields will allow for a 6 second kiss prior to the rotation and exiting the church. Mouth sanitizers for lip hygiene will be provided if required by the state bureaucracy overseeing the grand reopening protocols.
  10. At the reception, additional safeguards are being implemented for the guests
  11. The bouquet tossing event has been planned as well: a grid of 6 foot blue taped (blue state, blue tape) boxes, much like cow chip bingo, will be allotted only one unmarried female.  To protect against any EEOC, OSHA and other discriminatory practices, the custom face shield created by the famous Mary the MaskMaKeer will be expandable and cover the bride’s eyes.
  12. Refreshing your memory, King Newsom, the preamble to the Treaty goes like this: “In the name of Almighty God (which we cite as existent and overseeing the wedding) and Article I: “There shall be a firm and universal peace between the US and the Mexican republic” to honor that peace, we will feature the Macarena, with the hand motions useful for circulating air and a sign of solidarity with the reality there is only ONE human race but amazing array of cultures, countries and motivations.  If you are able to attend with your lovely Jennifer and four children (per our scheduling request to your office) we would hope you join us for this dance and possibly the Chicken dance as well.
  13.  Additional preparations will be forwarded to the office of surf enforcement  for review.

Please advise at your earliest convenience if we have your permission.  If you need me to grovel, since you are so much higher in intelligence than any of us adults outside the Blessed Sacramento moat, I would be happy to.  This would be similar to that hero Lt Gen Flynn having to do whatever he could to protect his innocent son

King Gavin the Red, let this 68 year old dad of 11 give you some unsolicited advice: a true statesman works FOR the people, not AGAINST their best interests.

And ALWAYS think critically, beyond your nose, and the red signal light. ALL human actions, whether prince or pauper has both intended and unintended consequences. Wise formed conscience filled adults understand this and think things through before taking action.

Suicides.  It is reported unintended side effects may include 150,000 despairing suicides. 

People want to work; it’s built into our American nature.  It has become obvious to serious adults, the Covid scare is over, as long as people do MOM’s bidding: wash with soap, use hand sanitizers when soap is not available (NOT MENTIONED: the wash as soon as you can, since chemical residue remains), sanitize surfaces, isolate when sick and quarantine when exposed.  Masks when near people; 6 feet of physical separation for safety reasons.

King Gavin, so much exists already to help patients: #1 is evident from the first epicenter hotspot, the Kirkwood WA nursing home, Life Care Center where 75 of 150 died when a worker or visitor brought the virus.  DO NOT MIX SICK COVIDIANS WITH VULNERABLE ELDERLY IN ELDER CARE INSTITUTIONS unless you want to catch up to Mayor Warren Wilhelm of NYC.

American and Israeli ingenuity (and other researchers) has led quickly to convalescent plasma, globulin, immune based therapies, antibody treatments.  Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc+ Zpack are very successful but their inexpensive 69 cents per dose is not attractive to Big Pharma and Dr Fasci when the Unproven Resvetc. costs $1000 a dose. 

Research has shown the virus early on turns into an auto immune problem in the second week and can be dealt with IF that researcher and clinician can be heard above the ABCNNBCBS lemmings shouting “me, me, me” at these circus pressers in the WHouse.

 King Gavin, you have plenty of beds and vents too.  Universal vaccines do not exist: the flu shots, HIV therapies, SARS 1, do not have universal vaccines but excellent therapies are underway.  Your royalness, unless your true motive is to play politics with people’s lives, don’t reopen until 2024 just in time for your presidential run.

In case, you need citations from the Constitution for precedent to justify the re-opening of the Church Jesus founded on Pentecost:

Article I  “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Currently, King Gavin, you are in violation of this clause.  You have instructed my bishop to lock down over 60 parishes in Orange County.  Based on 76 deaths over 5 months.

  NYC is NOT California nor the USA. We are not a sardine can with half the Subway cars running to save city money that increased the superspread.  Not to mention, the March 25 foolish helping Xi’s Wuhanian virus plan succeed by mixing the infected with the vulnerabl.

The mortality rate for the Big Apple, the sardine can city is 1100+/per million, vs 25 per million in the county where i am pleading my daughter’s case.  Also, 40% of deaths happen in close confinement over time, nursing homes; 52% of the US deaths are NYC.  All evidence it is long past time, with proper protections, to open California.  Yes, the Plague of Xi panned the oceans, but when you discard the statistically irrelevant (but use the data to formulate plans). this is LESS virulent than the flu.  ESPECIALLY NOTING THE COVID NUMBERS ARE SIGNIFICANTLY INFLATED.  Death certs do not have a Co-Morbidity box; any patient who passed a Covid Freeway sign on the way to the hospital becomes a Covid case.  Even the beach handling is counterintuitive to the systemology of the vector.

In the California Constitution, Article I, section I: “All people by nature are free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying  and defending life and liberty…and property.  In section 4, “Free exercise and enjoyment of religion without discrimination or preference are guaranteed…” and “The Legislature shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

King Gavin the Red, this point is troubling.  Maybe a little history will help.

Your aunt Nancy continues to demand the public treasury support the California state religion by extracting Covid relief dollars for her friends at the satanic temple of planned parenthood..  The only religion you have kept open by royal decree despite many calls to close it down. 

I do honor the Ice Queen Aunt Pelosi by praying at her favorite place of worship often.

Usually, at the Southern California temple of Moloch at the Tustin at 22fwy worship center, as mentioned above, but as the governor, you have no right to discriminate against all faiths but the one your high priestess aunt favors. 

For clarification, I pray AT the sidewalk while the kids are butchered inside.

Should you scoff at the comparison, high wizard Jon Dunn runs the Planned Parenthood Headquarters for Orange and San Bernardino counties.

His priestess’ use ritual knives called currettes to slice out the living baby from the vulnerable mother.  Of course, as a silver spooned life long Democrat with killing in the planks, you don’t give a damn. 

Unlike the Aztecs which cut out the heart while alive, the satanist priestesses quickly slice out the heart, liver and hair follicles which are sent to customers.  IN the OC, DaVinci Biolabs was a customer of PPHQ and Jon Dunn, until the DA shut them down for selling baby parts. Why have you continued these barbaric elective surgeries, at this sect of the church of satan?  To please auntie Nancy?  King Gavin, where do you hang your big boy pants?  Hospitals, nonsensically were shut down at the state’s hospitals, and many have furloughed workers accordingly because you shut down their income sources: elective necessary surgeries.  In my real estate career, I handled the property disposition for the $100 million Cedar Sinai nonessential surgery mediCal fraud.

Like these surgeries involving 77 victims and 27 perpetrators, the Pelosi Planned Parenthood Palaces spew death and misery via unnecessary and sometimes elective kid kill mill kills.   

King Gavid, i am NOT God.  But someday your 80 year old aunt will stand before either God or something else.  As you will.  Like King Belshazzar, King Neb’s son, the words Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin may line your walls with Jesus holding you accountable for the millions of dead precious 63 million NOT killed by Covid19 but by your campaign donors.  Eternity, my friend, is a long spell.  Think about just how long tonight as you rest in bed next to your beautiful wife.  I wish you a long life but God controls the Alpha and Omega, unless the child is brutally raped with sharp, curved knives and her poor dead body is drawn and quartered, snuffed out for the sick Nancy Pelosi delusions.

 This ruse must end.  


OPEN WIDE THE DOORS OF CHRIST, THE CHURCHES THAT WORSHIP GOD.  Pentecost, a beautiful day to reignite and repopulate the dusty pews

You already have KEPT OPEN the doors to satan’s lair, the state’s dominant party’s only preferred church: planned parenthood


My cell number is 714 267 1413   My email is  I mean your aunt, nor you any insult.  Sometimes you need to hear the truth outside of the swamp in DC, your aunt’s gated estate near the poop piles of Septic City…or the Blessed Sacramento castle on the Blessed Sacramento River’s banks.


~~dad of 11 down on both knees with a  desperate plea for your royalness’ grace and gracious OK. Realtor by profession  AKA the Virus Hunter





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