Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles MOMs are ESSENTIAL


I am soo tired of this line: ESSENTIAL jobs only. ESSENTIAL people only. What total regressive leftist disinformation>>zounds of Stalin and Marx.

Everyone is essential just as jobs, from the septic system pumper to teachers to the CEOs, certainly are. God didn’t create just semi-essential humans.

beckman family

A 2011 wedding photo

Jobs produce income that feed families that fuel the most blessed nation on earth.  But there is only one that is the MOST essential: a mother.
Yet, EVERY MOM is ESSENTIAL not just on Mom’s Day May 10th 

From all eternity, God had in His Mind what He would create. He did NOT consult with Harvard or Yale or the National Gender Ideological Institute of Technology

God started with the angels; some great, some good, some not very good at all. 

Next, a 553 sextillion miles wide universe, what with all the billions of galaxies, stars and planets He made.  Not for Himself, since God was self-satisfied, omniscient, omnipotent, Latin rooted words for all powerful and all knowing.  He made it for us humans.

Moms, did you know God saved the best for last?

Think about it: billions of stars, planets, trillions it seems of insects, and plants, animals, rocks, trees and more.  Thousands of species in three kingdoms, the animal, vegetable and mineral.

But God only created ONE MOM!  His last act of general creation was NOT a thousand “first couples” but one woman who became the first mom. We all, no matter what country, color, culture, cute or whatever, have the exact same first parents.  Even those not Bible believing, like Dr Louis Leakey, think the first couple came from Mesopotamian area.

Sad truth:  Eve and her lifemate had NO belly buttons; take that, Lamarckians! 

Scientifically, there is only one human genome; not 12, though with genetic differentiation, countless variants.

One man; but the one woman who makes a man a dad and herself a mother. Yes, that awesome design, sex is involved, but in the end, mom delivers.  Dad gets his hand squeezed at “transition” amid increasing ‘centimeters’, but mom does the heavy lifting. 

‘Moms’ was the method God designed to populate this zany world; whether one, two or eight per pregnancy.  Nine billion didn’t happen over night, but we all came from a mom. Well…

This isn’t some religious mumbo jumbo; it’s reality.  After God formed Adam from the dirt, His last and most complex, more intricate creation was both woman and mother. 

Yeah, God snagged a rib from the man, but His majestic design was ALL woman. 

NO OTHER creature can do what a mom does.  She takes a single cell, and in about 280 days yields another sentient, thinking human being, vulnerable and innocent, ready to take on the world. Her nature is nurture and other than the planned parenthood covens in the church of satan, she protects her growing child with her very life.

But a mom is much more than a baby incubator.

She has feelings, she’s smart, beautiful, in need of care, needs a break, you get the picture.

I know a mom of 13; goes by the name Lora Lee. Another awesome couple, bracketed 8 boys w/ “bookend” awesome daughters.

Blessed to know tons of moms who work sooo hard for their kids and their man. 

Sometimes, thanks to FDR & terminal stupid ideas, the importance and existence of a dad/husband in the home, was devalued (creating single moms), forcing a mom to be both dad and herself.  God graces us with what we need if only we ask Him and others for the help we can all give.


I was married to a great mom, who bore 11 kids before her early release to the heavens 49 days short of 49.  Donna, like so many mothers, sacrificed in ways no one understands…until they become a mother.  Diaper changes, rug rats, curtain climbers, purse pullers…all the scientific names of children we come to know and love.  Momhood is NOT easy, but incredible rewards IF we see what is most important.

Real estate is my essential job, serving those who need my services and I love it; with it, I feed my family. So many parents are climbing the walls of these homes during this covid craziness.  I hear a few want to sell their kids NOT the home, but I’m not in that business.  As it is, we are all in the same storm, as the politicians say incessantly.  What they don’t tell you, we are all in different boats.  33 million job losses can be rebounded IF our fearless talk talk talk leaders at the state level “ALLOW” us to be free citizens again.

Yet, one of my clients, yes a mom of 5, Lisa actually called her new place the “quarantine” home.  She is an excellent mom and wrote this:

“Hey! Just want to thank you for selling us our “quarantine dream house”.  I know it was all part of God’s plan for us to be right here, right now!”  

I responded: “Great to hear that…I think?!? More room to survive lockdown?”

Lisa came back with: “Just lots to do.  Especially in the yard…kids are busy having fun…”

What Lisa was saying, you can hear it from her heart, how she loves her 5 and her hubby Jeremey, how the kids can roam but be safe, be kids. I wish people could afford bigger lots in California.  Time will tell.

Mothers adapt as they must, whether in a small apartment, condo or like this five kiddo family, with a large backyard to be family and kids.

We must, like in this epidemic in some areas called a pandemic, adapt and make the most of each situation. Give moms a break, help the elderly, wash with soap etc 

Moms are good at that. 

I grew up in a family of 11, and mom Irene would make the meals stretch, PB&J was our steak, dad worked two jobs but we thrived. Thanksgiving was seven minutes long, two servings and all the fork marks large families can get.

Funny thing, about victimhood: no one thinks they are poor until they are made ashamed about being so. There is no shame in having less.   Yes there is dirt poor and filty rich, but being content, working hard, thriving in the midst of adversity are hallmarks of our blessed nation.  EVERYone can have opportunity IF they seek it.

Dr Ben Carson’s mom worked multiple jobs and they were not rich. 

But he didn’t respond to poor because there was no sign that says “we are poor so whine and complain”. Mom was smart, she made sure the TV wasn’t the reason for being and his education was important.  Before HUD secretary, he would separate conjoined twins at the head, as the foremost pediatric neurosurgeon in the world. 

Moms do this: set the table for opportunity but it is us offspring, us kids, responsible to make the best and the most of who we are.


Our culture doesn’t value mothers as it should, and the misdirection is robbing so many moms of the accolades about the importance of what they do. 

Moms love being out in the workplace, sometimes, until they realize 80% of their take home pays the daycare center on the way to the job: it’s expensive in Taxifornia, but we make and must live by our choices.

Here is the First Lady with the Second Eve

Some choose to marry a future POTUS, like Melania did; she is a devoted Catholic, influencing her hubby which too many people don’t realize is what moms do.  DJT is a better man, solidly prolife, changed by circumstances and a beautiful First Lady. How we treat him says more about us than the first couple of the US

 Moms bring out the best in their husbands AND our kids.

Moms know how to be domestic engineers, amazing accountants who can budget & squeeze the last month out of the family’s money, chauffeurs, culinary chefs, etc that if charted should be $1000 an hour or so.  Some moms must work for income in and out of the home, by choice or need.

 Yet their best wage is the kiss from the 5 year old or the Focus on the Family’s Dr Dobson teen’s response six years later:

“The 13 year old girl goes to her mom and says ‘mom, you don’t know anything about what is important to teens, important for the real world’ and stomps off.

  At 19, she explains ‘Mom, I am so impressed how much you have learned the last 6 years!”

A mom’s pay envelope often doesn’t arrive for decades. Or sadly, not on earth. The Wisdom-about-fear-and-worryinginvincible teen testing parents’ patience, the 2 year old who thinks oatmeal is best tossed, etc. We dads need to be strong, and challenge love where fear may reside.  God’s Love casts out ALL fear.   We hubbies need to love our wives unconditionally and vice versa: three keys are tough but necessary:

BKind  4Give   B4Given

These three many a marriage can save. The BEST gift we give our children is to love their mother.  Unconditionally.  Kind of divorce insurance.

No child should have to divorce one of their parents, which is inevitable when the D word happens.  No one but the divorce lawyers win, especially the kids, when adults no longer want to follow their vows.  Abuse has no place in a family, but sometimes sadly it creeps in with financial pressures, etc. 

Moms, know that you are loved.  AND what you instill in your kids lasts a lifetime.  Though, they don’t always listen, their hearts hear perfectly

One consolation of rebellious kids is the scripture; Proverbs 22:6

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ”

We all endure hopelessness at times and question our abilities, but note how St Monica prayed diligently for 30 years for her playboy son Augustine.  God heard her prayers and St Augustine became a doctor of the Catholic Church.

My privilege is being a homeschooling dad, not the life disrupting forced schooling at home with remote teachers remotely telling parents what remotely they must do for the teachers’ remote students.  No, up close and personal.  ACTUAL homeschooling is a mother’s choice, with her husband; it is NOT a crime. It starts in the home, but believe me, there is a lot of adventure, coops with other like-minded parents, so much more.

Institutions are great if you need them, like the mentally ill or the kids of parents who can’t homeschool past age 5, but not always optimum.   

Donna at her last Mass in July 2010

Kids NEED their moms and moms and dads need their kids.  They are not just another appointment, thing to do, project to finish: they ARE the reason God made only one of each to start this earthly experiment.

  This isn’t a commercial for homeschooling but it is a lifestyle, every parent should consider.  We have for 30 years.  But, moms are the cornerstone of this school choice option; although dads are essential as well.  It is a couple’s or family decision; often grandparents are involved too.  This isn’t Wally Cleaver days anymore.  What is important, character qualities, well formed minds, good critical thinking skills don’t happen by accident.  They are purposefully installed in our children.

But MOM, your job is the #1 ESSENTIAL job in America, actually the world: raising the next generation that will carry on when we are gone.  Those formative years few remember until an introspective moment in their 20s or older, they realize how much mom means to them and what they sacrificed for their betterment.

No matter what school option is chosen, Moms should not be going it alone.  It takes two to tangle, two in a good marriage, to raise great kids.  Kids ARE resilient, but the busy dad who invented the term “quality time” either couldn’t or chose not to spend “quantity time”.  I know from heaven Donna was bagging on me to eventually discover someone who would be a blessing to the kids and keep me sane.  This happened years later; her name is Mary.  Currently I call her the MaskmaKeer like the muskateers, making face coverings for nurses and needy, fam and friends.  She IS a blessing, never married before, a woman of faith who adopted 12 kids including this writer.  Married in a Marian church, Nativity on an anniversary date of Mary’s Immaculate Conception and birth.

God’s plans, moms, are far above ours. 

Speaking of Mary:

If God the Father has a favorite mom, it’s the mother of His Son, Mary of Nazareth.  Mary, the second Eve, is such a great role model.  She knew joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, suffering.  Her adventure began when she said YES! to the angel’s question.  She teaches moms today, visiting at various places around the world over the centuries,exhorting us to listen to her Son. 

Just as we must, both dads and moms, listen with two ears to our kids and dispense wisdom, discipline with temperance, using the one mouth.

God knows He is the Best Designer.  Marriage, like so much in life, works incredibly well if we weren’t soooo human.  But, always remember: 

That Maryson, Jesus, called the imperfect like Simon Peter, because He trusted we can fail, but also succeed and thrive over time.

Yes, Mary said YES!…Just as you ESSENTIAL moms said YES! to that Neanderthal on his knees, nervously offering you a ring for life. Women AND mothers are the most powerful, have the two letter closer, NO, in her quiver of tools and box of arrows.  Your Yes began your adventure.

Like this Mary pictured here: why in her sane right mind would she say “Yes!” to this Neanderthal with 11 kids.  She is a successful backstage theatre worker and union president, working amiably with all comers at the LA Opera, sometimes Ahmanson or Segerstrom  and all this writer was supposed to do was find her a parish or adult Catholic group to meet people and learn more about her faith.  Her YES got her her group, not all adults, the best 11 kids on God’s green earth. 

Not to mention the best grandkids, 10 or 14 or whatever the number is this week (Ava is the most recent).  The song still rings through, with a little edit: “Love the ones you are with because you are stuck with each other.”

And Beckman kids, when you read this, love your mom Donna in heaven as you love your stepmom, Mary…and GrandMAry for the Buena Park, Vista, Ohio and Texas next generation.

Yes, it isn’t always easy but God sees your heart; He knows the joys and the pains of parenthood in ways we cannot understand. So essential mom, never give up.  And when that burnt toast and half cooked eggs your 10 year old brings to your mother’s day morning, smile and thank him or her.

Happy Mother’s Day, essential ones.  You are a blessing and you are loved. Either soon to be out (pregnant women ARE moms), kid out one day, one year a mother or kids raised and gone, well done good and faithful servants.  IF you have a covid lonely locked in elderly widow in your ‘hood, reach out to her. 

NO MOTHER SHOULD BE ALONE ON MOM’S DAY UNLESS THAT IS HER CHOICE. Bring her flowers, let her know if she needs anything, she will appreciate you as if…you are her kid. 

God Bless and until next time 




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