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Welcome Coop Families April 8 2021


Welcome to this free site, sharing ideas and projects for families to do, whether in public institutionalized and private schools, or doing home based education (homeschooling and/or hybrid coops etc)  Life is tooo short not to make the best of it for all!  School choice is a parent’s universal right.

We choose flooring types, car colors, how much ice cream to eat and our life mates…why not schooling? After all, EVERYONE homeschools their kids from birth on, until they choose a different path.  ~Grandpa Len 

We’d like to welcome the 55 million new homeschooling families thanks to the Plague of Xi: please don’t panic! Let us help.. These quick projects are excellent ways of expanding the teaching and learning you and your family engage in.  If you have been homeschooling your kids for 30 years, as we have with our 11, or just two weeks or a year into it, this I will tell you from experience:

It is the BEST decision you’ve ever made.  Or will make.  Bar none.  “Parents are the primary educators of their children”  WE have been for millennia.

Sun forest project:

Materials:  Giant/Mammoth Sunflower seeds, post holer or shovel and some space. 

Part of the yard that gets sun!  Be creative in your designs but keep it simple. A horseshoe so your girls can have a small private “secret” garden. Square?  Homeschooling is NOT a crime: it is a mom’s and hubby’s choice.  A lifestyle to maximize your time with your kids and give them the best education possible.  Point is, even if you use public, you must teach supplementary.  That’s the joy.  These “projects” are designed NOT to burden busy parents but have opportunities with your kidlings.  Disneyland is entertainment; kids will remember dad and mom time like this.

Purpose: a sun forest is a series of giant sunflowers in whatever configuration you want.  Ideas include doing a horseshoe, leaving room inside for the kids to have a picnic table or secret garden blanket on the ground.  We have pictures of one developing at the Beckman “Ranch” in 2020.  The middle area grass will be mowed and a small picnic table in the middle for the grandkids.

Life lessons to be learned include having the kids learn how to dig and plant a fast growing, seed bearing flower.  They will notice once the heads start to form that God designed some plants to be geotropic and in the case of sunflowers, phototropic: they ‘follow the sun’ during the day.   Did you know this? The way the sunflower was first designed, it gets maximum sun to the head.  Don’t tell the kids outright: let them discover this, maybe by taking picture three or four times the same day with them in it. Have them “research” ‘phototropic’ on the net if they are old enough

Of course, not much sun at night.  If you have never seen this phenomena, it will impress even the adults.  Main thing is for the kids to keep them watered: using a watering can works well, so the farming homeschooled munchkins experience DOING life.

Mammoths can get to 9-11 feet tall.  Impressive to a 6 or 7 year old.  The bigger the circle or horseshoe, more of their friends can enjoy the sun forest.

Suggestions:  take pictures with your kids standing with the plants, watering, weeding.  A fun thing is to take approximately the same spot every other day and make a flip chart motion picture short.  It’s not that hard to do it with any cell phone.  Great for the memories.  Blink and your 5 year old is getting married, like my Briana is doing did with a great young man, Gavin (no, not the California King Newsom) this last June 12th. 

This is the untold beauty of homeschooling: as a lifestyle, you don’t have to get the ‘grets.  Grets and regrets because you had hired hands do 180 days from 8am-6pm.  Half the year.  Half their LIVES!  They are YOUR kids not the state of Taxifornian disarray.

Once the heads are full of seeds and hang over (NO, not the kids, the sunflowers!), let them hang until the seeds are ripe.  Suggest you cut the heads off near the curved base, string a string or fishing line through a hole and hang upside down in the patio, garage, outside to dry.  Harvest the seeds and save some for next season.  

Warning: if you start your seeds in small trays, don’t keep them there much past a couple inches.  Their roots grow super fast and are better in the ground. 4″ pots are good or those 72 starter trays. 

Whatever you do, they love water and sun energy.  2 of the 3 ingredients in photosynthesis; interestingly.  You know, that demonized CO2 (other ingredient) God uses to FEED the WORLD with.  Which Algore and AOC say is melting the planet…

The third (carbon dioxide) is actually bullied a lot by ignorant Algoreans.  This decades old heresy is about what WE call  carbon dioxide and together with the other two, God FEEDS the WORLD.  How can this critical for living, trace atmospheric gas be demonic?  ALWAYS watch what agenda driven people (especially the very sad Regressive Leftist gloomy doomies come up with.  The misery merchants).   Big question is how much CO2 IS there in the atmosphere.  Another time.

Let’s say I take an air sample in a beautiful Yorba Linda home with a lady and 3 young lasses.  Oh yeah, a hubby dad too!  I count the air molecules out and there is 2500 total.

It’s the same anywhere in America, BTW!   Your challenge, realizing we are told the world ends in 12, that current pro test President Obama claims the waters will rise to the 21,000 foot level, that we are soon burning up due to CO2 is:

How many of the 2500 air molecules are Carbon Dioxide molecules?

Write answer here:  ___  ____  ____  _____

What to do when the sunflower heads are big, full & hanging?

Include the kids, too!  Cut them off at the “neck”, hang them if you can

photosynthesis & respiration meme

Hints for the 2500 air sample quiz

for a week, then take off the sunflower seeds to roast; save some for the next “crop”.  They grow fast!

The stalks can be used for different things too.  They are lightweight; you will have to dig out the base/roots.

Scope&sequence for this project 

Learning areas for “credit” (if you are keeping dailies for your home based education):  biology, horticulture, light processes, gardening.

Science facts:

Phototropism.  From the Biodictionary site, our life lesson follows…

Phototropism is the ability of a plant, or other photosynthesizing organism, to grow directionally in response to a light source.

Plants and other autotrophs need to manufacture their own food; they usually do this through photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, organisms convert water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and light into sugars, which are used for energy and growth. (author’s note: God designed it this way, not as the Marxist’s tool for Alinksky desolation)

Plants are sessile, meaning they cannot move around to acquire what they need, so in order to maximize the amount of light that they receive through the leaves, they use phototropism.

Positive phototropism is the response of a plant toward a light source, while negative phototropism (also called “aphototropism”) causes growth in the opposite direction. Plant roots usually use negative phototropism although additionally they use “gravitropism”, which is the response to gravitational pull.  Again, a process God designed in long ago for His 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  Is that a real number?  LOOK IT UP!  553,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  Yup it’s real.

How Does Phototropism Work?

The plants first sense the light using photoreceptors. Photoreceptors are special molecules consisting of a protein and a pigment that absorbs light called a chromophore. When light is absorbed by the chromophore, the protein changes shape, initiating a signaling pathway. Plants use signaling pathways to initiate processes such as gene expression, hormone production and growth. The specific photoreceptors which are responsible for detecting light during phototropism are called phototropins.

Plants contain a hormone called auxin, which coordinates many growth and behavioral processes throughout their life cycles. It is this auxin, which is responsible for the curvature of the stems, allowing plants to grow in a certain direction.

When the phototropins are activated by a light source, auxins are redistributed up the coleoptile and toward the side of the stem where the phototropins are less active – the shaded side.

The auxin activates proton pumps, which lowers the pH of the cells, making them more acidic. This acidification activates enzymes called expansins, which cause the cell walls to become more flexible by breaking the hydrogen bonds. When cell walls are less rigid, the cell walls are able to grow larger and faster than usual.

The larger size of the cells on the shaded size causes an asymmetry of cell size within the stem, and thus, the stem bends toward the light.

Phototropism diagram
Phototropism diagram

Alternate discussion with your kids/grandkids is Gravitropism (also known as geotropism).  It is a “coordinated process of differential growth by a plant or fungus in response to gravity pulling on it. Gravity can be either “artificial gravity” or natural gravity. It is a general feature of all higher and many lower plants as well as other organisms.”


Hey all, get going!  You are burning precious daylight and when the sun globally warms you locally, Carpe Diem: seize the day. 

It IS a great day to be ALIVE!  God’s handiwork SCREAMS it, not just in spring.

Pictured below is the beginnings of the 2020 attempt while under house arrest err sheltering in place.  But, we real estate guys are essential (shhh don’t tell our Calif King Newsom: EVERY JOB and EVERY PERSON IS ESSENTIAL) and I’m ready to help you. 

Questions 714 267 1413     Email:   

 If this is helpful, the information is free to share.  Enjoy your kids: you only have them for a season or two. 

They may not grow as fast as these mammoth sunflowers are (this is two weeks so far…), but you blink and they want your keys for the car.

Blink twice and they pick you up with their first child.  This is why it is SOOOO important to make the best of EVERY day.  Tomorrow never comes; yesterday is a distinct mem.  But the present is where God wants us to give our very best.  I happen to know a bunch of great families, many homeschooling, others taking different paths to raise their kiddoes.ALL are blessed with an opportunity each day to start over.




Example: putting a small table as they grow gives the kids perspective.  Make it their area to do school work or have a picnic.  Put objects, like hula hoops or other objects with holes in the middle over the seedlings so when they reach 11 feet another object lesson

sun forest wi table eg

Hat tip to the Chino Grand Ave Park Coop and other excellent homeschooling voluntary associations.  We NEVER stop learning, even on that first day in eternity above.

WE welcome your suggestions, feedback, success and failures (neo-homeschoolers or brick & mortar families: in case you haven’t heard it yet, but failures can be just important as successes in science, and the scientific method.   Great project if you need one for a science fair project or just the joy in watching your little ones have a good time learning.

flog with railroadThis is our patriotic display at the Beckman “Ranch”; some of you have been to the Anaheim location.  American flag at 25 feet; California, Ohio and Texas state flags for the states of this blessed land some of our married kids relocated to.  Oh well. I will practice California real estate as long as God keeps me on earth!

Up front is the Vatican flag as well showing where Jesus’ earthly seat is for the Catholics here before heaven.

As a life long learner, this I guarantee: I don’t know all the answers. As my sibs Cathy, Sam, Mary and Joe are quick to point out.

That’s why it’s obvious that those who follow this dad of 11 who feeds his kids practicing real estate, that we all are:

Homeschooling Grandpa Len

More projects coming; check out other projects you can do with your spouse or kids.  EVERYONE is life long learner, whether they know it or not.

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