The Virus Hunter Covid Chronicles Churches Shutdown but 1

5/6 Update:  Arizona sees fit to open the churches because they are ESSENTIAL.  Anyone seen the King Newsom?  5/8 Kentucky churches unshackled.  Covid is the excuse to keep California churches locked shut EXCEPT for one.  And the high wizard Jon Dunn of the California state satanic church is that one.  what ever happened to freedom of religion?

Fascinating how my Catholic Church, going back to the 1st century A.D, Lingua Latinam for “in the year of the Lord’ (CE is how our public institutionalized children are told His Story unfolded in the Current Era) has withstood storms and more, yet we have been shutout from our worship centers due to a virus, actually the Plague of Xi.

Well, all but the State sponsored church and religion favored by the Dem leadership, from Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi, her neph the King Newsom, NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier (former Catholic) and others.  You will recognize that state church in a moment.

When this was written on Good Shepherd Sunday, sadly they STILL are closed in California.   Why oh why must our fine bishops continue to shutter the doors that in 2000 were celebrated as “Open Wide the Doors TO Christ?”  At least with the Domestic Churches (our homes) receiving electronic church in our living rooms for the moment, we are making the best of tough times. 

Pastor Tim Thompson from Murrieta just spoke on Jennifer Horn & Don Dix’s AM870 The Answer about his arrest in Sacramento protesting unseemly closure.  He is proof we can fight for our equal protection under the law, and more specifically right to freely exercise our faith.   But, King Newsom, consultant to the devil, is unrelenting.

In California, only one church and religion IS protected! Unconstitutional! The Calstate satanic church; services at planned parenthood near you

where’s the Mayflower and Governor Bradford when you need ’em.  This country was founded on the need to be protected from religious oppression.  Leftist ideology is bad enough, but why does California have its own state religion, like King Henry VIII’s state church created because he liked to pull a Bill Clinton and marry wrong.

Is Tim like St Thomas More, telling the truth in spite of danger?  Where ARE our bishops?

I have a daughter Briana, #8 of 11 kids, working for years to be married on June 12th to an amazing Catholic young man, Gavin (no relation to the governor), and so much is dependant of our royal leadership, still dates uncertain.  Obviously, with his wet finger to the wind, weeks for OC beaches is now DAYS. But our churches, the true sanctuaries of truth?

King Newsom, please realize, no matter which religion you are biased toward, God’s ways are much higher than thine, and that of your Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi

God sees your/our hearts and judges HIS way. Even the conflicted heart of His former servant, Xavier, your court jester. Not human ways and understandings.

Great king, so many of your surfs, your subjects are facing bankruptcy because of your slow walk. 

Quick flashback:

An Orange bankruptcy irony: the builder of the Crystal, now Christ Cathedral, pioneered a drive in church at the old Orange Drive in, then televised church services the world over.  Wishing the best to Mr and Mrs Schuller for gifting a majestic 10,000 glass panes to their future church that fateful 11/17/11 Thursday in Fed Bankruptcy court.

On that date, I was in the courtroom that morning, still the youth director for the now proto cathedral, Holy Family. I recall before the verdict, whispering in Bishop Brown’s ear “I am praying for him and a successful verdict”. 

OCRegister : “…in a bankruptcy case that is turning into a bidding war for the iconic Crystal Cathedral, Chapman University has raised its offer to $59 million, topping a $57.5 million offer made Monday by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.”  God’s ways… You may or may not know, the Schullers converted to Catholicism prior to their deaths. Imagine that: they took a lesser offer to fulfill their dreams to keep their lifelong work a religious site…for a Church they loved and a God they loved even more.  In human terms, this was a dumb choice.

For King Newsom’s edification, neither the Reformed nor the Catholic Church are the state religions of California.  He has chosen another…oddly.

The Plague of Xi is not the first one the Church has existed through.  I was privileged to visit the Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora (picture here by Marcin Szala) in Europe as part of a WYD experience in 2005. 

Sometimes called a bone church, there are thousands of skulls arranged in this respectful Catholic chapel, remnants of the plague.  Look closely at the picture.

Today, we have elderly stacked in Uhaul trucks in NYC.  Back 6 centuries, the grieving families were similarly overwhelmed with death.  They would respectfully bring their dead relatives to the monasteries of Europe. 

Like the Jews and other faiths, there was a deep honoring of the remains of the faithful: the monks would clean the skulls and bury the bodies.  They did not have as advanced an understanding of bacterial and epidemiological issues, but this they did know: Faith in a God was very important, something it seems is missing in a large cross section of America. 

If you think this practice is macabre, dump Netfliz and Halloween 5 thru 20.  It is better to know that EACH child of God are beings put on earth in organic casings, bodies, for His purpose.  Not to be bought and sold like slaves.  the being that King Newsom serves was not happy when the angels had company coming.

That plague those middle ages years called ‘black death’ is not completely unlike the Plague of Xi. From the site: “The Black Death was a devastating global epidemic of bubonic plague that struck Europe and Asia in the mid-1300s. The plague arrived in Europe in October 1347, when 12 ships from the Black Sea docked at the Sicilian port of Messina.” We will look deeper in a later chapter of the Covid Chronicles.

One hopes our bishops will re-open the doors of Christ, dust off the pews and return to public worship. Soon.  But it isn’t only selfishly that we ask.

My next door neighbor, Amin and i were talking; he was tending his roses, which he uses for his Hindu temple. Also, a great family with little kids is of Muslim faith is two doors down from us.

  I offered Amin some of our petals, since our few rose bushes were overflowing.  He reminded me his temple, too, was closed due to Covid.  Face palm.  

This got me thinking, on Good Shepherd weekend, it wasn’t just the Catholic and Protestant churches dark, void of life, at this time.  Hindu, Muslim, synagogues were also lightless, doors locked.

It seems, under King Newsom the Red, ALL churches are locked shut, though no palatial guards stationed outside them.  Well, all but one.

California is the pioneer in many things; we have our very own state religion.  In fact, the state religion is the official state religion for many, who worship its existence, donate to its 501c3 protected funds, and practice many of the rituals that other faiths do: the church of satan. It is the choice of the elites, the powerful

Come on, Beckman, California doesn’t have a state religion, you are nuts.  Maybe I am a bit eccentric, but only one church has not shut down.

I visit it to pray from time to time. In the OC. It was founded in the 1930s by a forward thinking Margaret Sanger.  King Newsom the Red, Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi, their court jester, Xavier “little cow” Becerra and others avidly support it, and battle any one with a different view of God.  You can see it at its Orange parish, near the Tustin Ave onramp to the 22 freeway  PLANNED PARENTHOOD rituallistically facing north and east.  Plenty of parking, you can do drive through pharmacy pick up or use its ESSENTIAL services at the Wholly Sacrifice of the Mass number of volunteer sacrificial lambs.  It must be a church, since i and so many, including priests, bishops & people like Rita Ray, Ray Hernandez and David Daleiden, have prayed on its sidewalk.

Queen Aunt Pelosi, as we battled Covid and trillions were pumped into the US economy, demanded her favorite religion and church, receive millions because it is, in her eyes, the ONLY religion. Her favorite nephew, King Newsom, has decreed it remains ESSENTIAL and its ELECTIVE surgical procedures are health care and ESSENTIAL to the survival of the USA.  Meanwhile Hoag and other hospitals are laying off nurses and more, for the oddest of reasons.

Think this author off his keister? PP is very busy, not just on Sundays when PPHQ does ritual vasectomies for the male gender, doing elective deemed ESSENTIAL services on ANY day. 

Think Len’s off his rocker?  Well, the Taxifornia state religion is Pelosi sponsored and King Newsom the Red led planned parenthood. Their rituals include satanist priests who like Aztecs cut the living hearts out of living girls. In Aztec times, just as Planned Parenthood does, the hearts of living beings are extracted.

Wiki: “Heart-extraction was viewed as a means of liberating the Istli and reuniting it with the Sun: the victim’s transformed heart flies Sun-ward on a trail of blood.”

Contrarily, today, not as primitive as To Jon Dunn and other high priests of the Sanger religion, the heart is sliced out and then sold to bloodlusting companies

Riddle me this: why does King Newsom honor his Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi by keeping just the state sponsored religion open?

aztec temple ritual

It’s trained priests are the demon doctors of death, who make the Aztecs priests of old look like boy scouts teaching first aid for a cut. 

Aztec theology is summarized in: “Life is because of the gods; with their sacrifice, they gave us life. … They produce our sustenance … which nourishes life”  Primitive?

Pelosi and the Democrat diocese of America believes “Lifeless girls stay undead inside the mother until magic life dust is sprinkled on her as she descends the birth canal in the hospital.  Until then, the baby is the property of another human, the mother, and open to bearing her daughter or selling her child’s heart, ritually removed, to DaVinci or other biomed facilities.  There is gold in them thar mamas and Sanger’s satanist soldiers will march on to the kettle drums of hell.

Unlike the Catholic Church which honors Jesus as its founder, PP ordains women as well as men with minimal training, to perform its ritual sacrifices. 

PP has seven sacraments, as it emulates the 2000 year old Church. Holy orders occurs at most medical schools, where their male and female priests are taught how to ritualistically use its altar implements of currettes (sharp curved knives) that slice up the Wholly Child and forceps (like a platen) it receives the Wholly Child and places it on PP’s special killing tables. Catholics at Mass see Ciborium as the means to transfer the Precious Lord to the faithful; PP satanists see Petri dishes and UPS (United Partsell Service) the means to transfer the Precious Liver & heart to their customers.

This is their main sacrament, the ritual removal of living humans for consumption at a later time.  The Wholly Body of Child.

For years, their High Priests like Gatters and Nucola, would carefully slice out the heart from the Wholly Body of Child and put it in a separate consecrated vessel. This is what the faithful David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt, Troy Newman and others are guilty per the state church’s legal Code of Condom Law, executed by Judge Orrick


  The Aztecs School of Medicine, until Hernan Cortes arrived in the 16th century, would extract the beating heart from their involuntary victims, eat it or sent it to and burned the body in a simple ritual. 

planned-parenthood-the-genius-killers-iiSimilarly, the church of satan PP chapters are much more humane.




They kill the Wholly Child before they carefully remove her parts. Showing much more respect for the virginal sacrifices than those primitive Aztec priests using dirty knives.  Generally, outside of the local bishop of Philadelphia, Kermit “the Frog” Gosnell, the altar vessels are cleaned.  Ever hear of Covid?

  Next comes the liver and other useful child parts. 


aztec sacrificial knife

Aztec ritual knife.  PP uses a curved knife called a “Currette” for sacrificing girls

Odd one in particular are the hair follicles.  Most of the volunteer virginal ritual sacrificed do not have strands of protein called hair.  But the hair follicles also fetch a good price when sold post mortem.  In Orange County, we had Hillary’s buddies, the Isiah (good OT name) brothers who ran DaVinci BioMedical until shut down by DA Ruckaukas.  They bought parts for their thriving business from high priest Jon Dunn’s PPHQ Church on the Avenue.

Why hair follicles?  Some of the PP church of satan’s most devoted parishioners are child rapists, who certainly appreciate King Newsom keeping their local parishes open at these trying times. 

Child rapists prefer fresh meat, whether as part of human trafficking circles (or is it rings?) or just religious freelance young women abusers.  Since these fine men prefer not using condoms (readily available at the PP church religious goods stores), often their 13 year old victims would get pregnant. With the institutionalized public girls less available due to closed schools, it is important to remove the evidence of their indiscretions so they can continue to rape them with impunity. King Newsom doesn’t care, but the girls parents may, if they could find out.  

In the PP church of satan prayer book, these rapists are revered, because they help the PP collection basket stay full.  Especially with Covid protecting them from closing in good graces with Queen Mother Aunt P.  PP trains it’s special missionaries, usually young ignorant millennial ladies, who believe the lie that the PP church of satan is all about women’s rights, choice and good feelings, protecting the fairer sex from the patriarchal male. Feminists cheer, smurking scum males smurk.  Women REALLY believe this stuff.

Ask any smiling lecherous Sugar Daddy offering his services in UCI’s student newspaper, he will tell you he does it to help young women get an education. Of course, the occasional, once a day, sex acts repayment is the price of higher education these days.  PP has special plaques on their pews for these repeat customers.

PP’s main mission field is America.  Those missionary advocates, after semenal training, appear in the public institutionalized classrooms helping to recruit future PP faith adverants. Oddly, tho the children are on loan from parents for education, not temple virgins turned into B&D practitioners, tTeachers welcome these Sanger proponents to help explain how sex works and the 13 year olds are fascinated how stupid their parents are. 

These enlightened PP missionaries spread the great news that god is dead, girls, YOUR bodies are yours to use and abuse, and no one’s business but yours that you screw the QB in the locker room or at home as a latchkey afternooner.

I suspect some of these pedophilac rapist serial groomers are somewhat unemployed with stay at home orders closing brick and mortar schools and mom and dad are home making the afternoon sex trade on hold.  Homeschoolers exempt of course, since the teens are not subject to public sexual indoctrination and practice.

Parents have a tendency NOT to like 25 year old horny males going down on their 13 year old princesses.  What the pubescent girls & boys don’t know, the healthy lives sex ed is more than bananas and private parts. 

Teaching consensual use of bodies and sado-masochism is not just observational science.  It is training to replace “virgin” with “sexually active” in real life.  As a few public school parents were shocked to learn when they were discussing homeschooling their children the summer of 2019 at a hastily called forum in HBeach.

  Having Catholic homeschooled my 11 for 30 years, I had some good answers for them.  One dad of 8 had just pulled all his school aged kids out of HBeach elementary & high when he discovered how bad he and his wife had been played and lied to.

Forgot, the hair follicles: they are transplanted into balding males desperate for virility in their next fresh meat hunt.

Guttmacher, like Gutenberg, printed the first details of this anti-God religion.  And the PP church of satan has great teen websites to keep their gospel spreading faster than the Plague of Xi on ChinaCovid Airlines flights.  Why it is the ONLY religion allowed to practice while the rest are shut down is not that big a mystery.  PP’s high priestesses include names like Hillary, Dianne, AOC, Kamala, Barbara, Nancy P as well as DOCTORS Gatter (the Lamborghini fan) and Nucola who are cheering this weekend.  As is the former catholic father of three daughters, part of the pp church of satan’s legal beagles defending their faith from all comers.

The pp church of satan has long arms; another jurist and pp donor, did not recuse himself and presided over the $1.85 million judgement against a good Catholic, David Daleiden; Troy Newman and Sandra Merritt. 

One of PP’s fine advocates and satan worshipers, Judge Orrick certified the 15 count verdict against these Christian heretics (opposing the state religion) who dared to expose, in their death priests OWN words, what the hidden secrets of the church of satan’s purposes truly are.  High points include that Catholic apostate Xavier, dad of 3 girls, piling on with count 15, carrying on for his priestess predecessor Kamala’s fine work.  She (zounds of Roger and Mrs. Stone’s treatment), as AG, took 11 of her armed goons to Mr. Daleiden’s small apartment in that county King Newsom hates so well, Orange.  Inside the apartment, the 11 buttbumped grabbing thumb drives and computers, which today have not been returned.

Odd thing, it’s all OUT there.  Nucola over salad and wine, preaching we can negotiate for better baby parts pricing.  Virgin Mary Gatter musing about getting her Lamborghini Diablo from the spoils of her child killing.  The crime of the Allen Funt revisited Four is not the theft of property; in California, under $950 that’s a hand slap misdemeanor.  No, it was RECORDING THE TRUTH ABOUT JUST HOW DEMONIC THIS ONE WHOLLY CHILD STATE RELIGION truly is.  Move over secular humanism, which the Supreme Court called a legitimate religion.  We now have King Henry VIII’s progency: state sponsored church of satan, PP chapters.

Newsom never moved when it was suggested PP do the generous and humane thing: dumping the altar killing tables and staff up for Covid beds and treatments.  In NYC, while covid positive patients were inadvertent killing virus conduits to the vulnerable elderly, Comfort sat empty, Javitts half full and ALL 41 abortion clinics busy killing the very young.  Bishop Cuomo of the church of satan at the ready with the excuses.

“Len, you are an idiot comparing PP to satan’s church!!”   Hmm, really.   Hotel California aztec color human sacrificemay be about Anton Levay’s official state church of satan.  But, listen to former satanist Zack King about how they would celebrate their Wholly Body of Child mass rituals at PP and other abortion clinics.  Assisting like altar boys, he would take the extracted “living being” (disguised as foetus) and toss it to his coven of witches in the room for consumption.  This obviously, is a splinter variant off the main church.

Satanist ritual sacrifice Mr Zack King’s way is tooo wasteful. Who is Zack King?  He was a former high wizard who converted to Catholicism, due in part to a Miraculous Medal a customer gave him at his jewelry store.  It changed him.

“During his years in the cult, Zack assisted in 146 abortions. He also broke up churches from the inside. He rose from the ranks and became a high wizard, performing magic tricks for dignitaries.
“I was a high wizard now, doing all the sins I could possibly do…”

The rest of Zach’s story is long, but a short summary follows.

Again, Len must be doing a 420.  Nope, never smoke pop.  Got sick in college with the flu and my first whiff gagged me and i never felt the need.  No, this stuff is real.  Calif. has NO business elevating PP to the state sponsored religion and using the Covid crisis to lock down other faiths and promoting human ritual sacrifice.  Even if false Catholic Pelosi gives and gets money from them.

What the PP bigwigs discovered, instead of the hungry women eating the dead kid whole, you can make more money selling her in parts.  Check the FOIA stories.  TexasUMed paid $150 for baby hearts.  YaleUMed paid $715 for each black calvaria (English: head) delivered in good to excellent condition.  Like rating coins, more $$ for higher gradings.

King Newsom, it’s time to open up the other religions in the state.  Yes, your Queen Aunt can worship at the altar of Margaret Sanger.  That is the botoxed 80 year olds right, despite her misquoting scripture about “releasing mass murderers” instead of visiting and praying for prisoners.

Believe what you want, but the ONE, WHOLLY, satan church of planned parenthood is evil.  demonic.  hell smiles as you preside, King Newsom the Red.  I am praying for you, as we watch a live stream Mass in a minute from Orange County, at Thomas More CATHOLIC church.

For the record, only 55 precious souls, generally the very old with health conditions, have died in Orange County, King Newsom, from the Plague of Xi.  However, NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier’s church of satan, planned parenthood, kills 55 precious children, the very young, before lunch. Most weekdays.  That, my king, is a true tragedy of infinite proportions.


King Newsom, I AM praying for you, for wisdom for your decisions and for your soul, for eternity.  I honestly have zero animosity toward you, your aunt and your court jester.

All of you at one time have been Catholic. in case you were sheltered in place and the internet was not available to live stream, the Good Shepherd is the center of history.  It is NOT CE but BC & AD: it is His Story.  And in today’s liturgy, In the Good Shepherd gospel today we read:

“I am the gate…”  Not your golden calf god, satan or similar. planned parenthood or even your power position,  temporary until you run for president or die.  Same for auntie and the court jester.

“All  who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them”  Like your surfs in Orange County beach communities.

“I, Jesus, am the Gate. Whoever enters through Me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture.  A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have Life and have it more abundantly”

King Newsome, I pray that Nancy and Xavier will repent of their evil ways.

That Nancy will realize she is not a goddess and doesn’t own America and its citizens. That Xavier will become a real dad and mentor to his three girls, not worship in the church of satan any more.  The door to his catholic church will open soon.   Septic City will also open St Mary’s for the ICY Cream Queen herself.

Your state religion & planned parenthoodlum parishes are the “thief ( who comes) only to steal and slaughter and destroy…”  They steal the life blood living temporarily inside mom wombs; they slaughter, like Judas for 30 pieces of silver, and destroy both the child’s future and the mom’s bodies, physically, morally, socially and most importantly, spiritually.

Great king, power HAS turned you to the dark side.  The power of a small LED, red in color, on video recording devices that fill your heart with false hopes of leading a nation.  Sadly, as in Balshazzar’s time, Daniel had to be the bearer of bad news.

But you can save your soul.  NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier might listen to you and you can reconcile with your first love, God in His Son, Jesus.  Your aunt is 80 years and botox is NOT a preservative. It is botulism.  She does not have that long to live, maybe 15 years if the constitution of Queen Elizabeth; she needs your raison d’ etat, your reason for living to be following Christ…not satan.  Zack King physically helped remove large babies from mothers during satanist pseudo Mass rituals.  You do it remotely.  Dr Nucola, among many high priestess of the Dark religion, does it directly.  But, King Newsome, recall the words of your youth:

Mene, Mene, Upsharin.  The writing is on the wall, as you relent, not for statesmanship reasons, but for prostiticianal gain, to allow the masses to eat more than cake and ice cream.  To be free of totalitarian oppression you can’t blame on Trump or the plague of Xi’s incubating godless, mass murdering leader Xi.

The state religion, with its own personal virus, the RoWad73 discovered in Texas by Susan Cano in 1973, will not last. 

After reading this, you will reconsider for a moment.  “Tonight as you fall asleep, kiss your wive good night, dwell on just how long ETERNITY is.  It never ends.  This will haunt you.  Because it is in your royal hands to change the direction and destiny of not only yourself, wife and kids. But that of your infected aunt and 34 million.”  We all lose our way at times but the Catholic church doors will reopen soon for your return.

Your reign and your state religion will end someday, as will the lives of all you hold dear.  Will you be in heaven?  Or just a continuation of the hell you serve on earth worshiping at the church it’s leader loves? Sacrament of Wholly Child Bodies owned by Christ but stolen by thieves who have only temp power to destroy.

King Newsom, let my daughter go free of your clutches.  Let my baby girl, Briana after much preparation,  be married to the Gavin she loves on June 12th.  Though ironic, it is not fair, the only church open through this evil plague is yours, the state of hell’s active, practiced killing of the innocent and further enslavement of the moms who allow their children to become YOUR child sacrifices.  For 30 pieces of silver. to the Dr “high priestess”  Regan Thielers, who abort a girl at PP Gulf Coast, then sell and ship (FOB Destination) sell the remains to herself at her other job, the University of Texas Med Branch near Galveston for compartmentalization of organs.  Buying the handiwork with Texas tax $$.  What a sham scam. King Newsom, proof is FOIA the asking.

Mind reading Daniel of old, explained to your fellow King Belshazzar, the son of the greatest earthly king of all time, Nebuchadnessar, the writing on the wall:

“Now this is the inscription that was written out: ‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.’ “This is the interpretation of the message: ‘MENE’—God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it. “ ‘TEKEL’—you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient. ‘PERES’—your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians.

The state religion, the church of satan will not prevail against the Church of Jesus.  Gov Newsom, you were taught this as a child but have drifted away. 

As Daniel explained to your predecessor Gavin:  “Your gods are not real. but you have exalted yourself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of His house before you, and you and your nobles, your wives and your concubines have been drinking wine from them; and you have praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which do not see, hear or understand.

But the God in whose hand are your life-breath and all your ways, you have not glorified.“Then the hand was sent from Him and this inscription was written out.

King Newsom, I am just trying to keep you, your court jester and your aunt, all of you gifted to have heard the Truth in their infancy:  alive for eternity.  You have stolen the “vessels of God’s house”, which are the children you do NOT rule, the babies within the wombs of mothers and defiled them.  Ripped them from their homes. Allowed them to be hacked up after extraction and sold like the less precious symbols of earthly kingdoms down through the ages: gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood & stone.  Worse, your aunt Nancy is so drunk with power, you fears no man nor Constitution.  She tears up documents in full view destined for the national archives; she mocks God by financing the church of satan, her mind either dull from wine, or worse oppressed by REAL demonic entities filling her with delusions of grandeur.  Her fate might be worse than yours, when she meets God in His splendor and majesty.  But time is on your side, at least for now.

My Bishop Vann, or LA’s Barron or Gomez, have the training to give you hope. They would certainly take the time to reacquaint you with the Truth.  1800 years ago, similar to the defiled vessels of the Jerusalem temple of God, Valerian the emperor, like yourself a ruler of many, did not like the Catholic church.

King Newsom, you might take to heart what God believes is valuable, more than your party founded in 1854 as the Party of Slavery, or what your aunt tells you to believe:

“Emperor Valerian heard of the riches of the church and sent for St. Lawrence, and said to him, “You Christians often complain that we treat you with cruelty, but no tortures are here thought of; I only inquire mildly after what concerns you.  I am informed that your priests offer in gold, that the sacred blood is received in silver cups, and that in your nocturnal sacrifices you have wax tapers fixed in golden candlesticks.  Bring out these treasures; the emperor has need of them for the maintenance of his forces.”

St. Lawrence replied, without showing any concern, “The Church is indeed rich; nor hath the emperor any treasure equal to what it possesses.  I will show you a valuable part; but allow me a little time to set everything in order, and to make an inventory.”  Then Lawrence went all over the city and gathered the poor who were supported by the Church.  On the third day he gathered a large number of them, and placed them in rows, the decrepit, the blind, the lame, the maimed, the lepers, orphans, widows and maidens; then he went to the prefect and invited him to come and see the treasure of the Church.

The prefect saw all of this, and with threatening looks asked Lawrence what all this meant, and where the treasures were which he had promised to show him.  Lawrence replied, “What are you displeased at?  These are the treasure of the Church.”

The Prefect’s anger was doubled, and a rage he shouted, “You mock me!  The ensigns of the Roman power, are not to be insulted!  I know you desire to die, but you will not die immediately, but by inches!”  Then he had a gridiron made ready, and glowing coals put under it, that the martyr might be slowly burnt.  Lawrence was stripped and bound upon this iron bed over the slow fire, which roasted his flesh by little and little.  His face appeared to the Christians to be surrounded with a beautiful light, and his suffering body to give off a sweet smell.  Having suffered a long time, he turned to the judge and said with a cheerful smile, “Let my body be turned; one side is broiled enough.”  When the executioner had turned him he said,  “It is cooked enough, you may eat.”  Then having prayed for the conversion of the city of Rome that the faith of Christ might spread there and throughout the world, St. Lawrence gave up the spirit.

I promise, royally, I will pray for your heart to turn from stone back to flesh and blood.  You can ignore or even hate me and those I serve, and our God, but do not MOCK Him.


Let My people go…back to work, to try and salvage jobs, businesses, homes and private sector lives.  Your time as totalitarian tyrant of Taxifornia, at least in this phase is done.  Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.

Jesus had a millstone and rope for anyone who destroys His little ones.  I fear for you, have hope and prayers that you will reconsider, repent and return.  Life is too short and eternity, unendingly too long, NOT to follow the Good Shepherd. Even as King of Taxiforna.

Give my regards to your aunt in Septic City, formerly the great city of St. Francis d’ Assisi.  Have a Ben&Jerry Rocky Road on me.

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