The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles My daughter’s wedding

Virus Hunter’s note: no word from the Sacramento palace as of 5/8… it is discriminating to allow one church, the state sponsored church to remain open and close the other 99.999%

You want to know why i despise the uncertainty of a failed San Francisco mayor promoted Peter Principle style into Brown’s old haunt, the governor’s mansion?
My daughter, Bri.  I don’t hate Queen Pelosi’s petty nephew; prostiticians aren’t worth the acid indigestion and angst that accompanies hate.  Like Trump Derangement Syndrome where there is clinical Desktop Psychological Reference hate.  Silent coup, a down but not out innocent 3 star general Flynn exonerated, and more.

“King Newsom, do I have your blessing for my daughter Briana to get married on June 12th in the safe Orange County area?”  


I promise we won’t go to Septic City on the bay or the city called “Our Lady Queen of the Angeles (LA).  We will stay put in Anaheim.  I know you hate Newport Beach’s fine people, but we can hold off on the beach until May 15th,  2030 if we can have the wedding.  Christmas, Lent, even Easter has come and gone. We haven’t been inside a Catholic Church for weeks, maybe months.  My simple mind can’t grasp that since we have 11 kids and take precautions to not get the overblown virus.

Easter meme

Easter would have been great to be at Easter Sunrise. Even that was cancelled. Will Mother’s Day have open Church day?

Pretty please, with Ben & Jerry’s pelosi special ice cream toppings. We will abide by the Pelosi State Tactics Hungtington Beach vehicle pictured here.  We know it’s not easy being King in a free society.  Heck, England hasn’t had one in a while, though Elizabeth is doing well.

I know we aren’t the only life changing celebration being screwed up by slow walking reopening orders.  This isn’t North Korea? No, my daughter has prepared for years for this special day on June 12th. She has 10 siblings, 11 nieces and nephews, joining an incredibly awesome family of her future spouse. Her wedding to an exceedingly honorable man whose first name is the same as King Newsom the Red’s: Gavin, should be a joyful, peaceful part of life.

If you think I am pissed off; I am.  I have been a CITIZEN for 68 years, a native of California and resident in the non-sanctuary county of Orange for 62. Longer than when you got your silver spoon for the Four First Fams.

I can forgive a lot.  Have all my adult life for transgressions.  After asking for forgiveness when i have wronged another.  BKind 4Give  B4Given has been a motto this Virus Hunter has preached for years in alter ego of real estate and ministering to youth.  But, enough is enough.  Trump isn’t going to give in to your aunt’s extortion.  We have a surplus and might have a state IF you get down off your high horse near the stables of your castle’s moat.

But Pelosi, who is pulling her nephew’s onesy suspenders, is long overdue to retire.  The botox at 80 is having deranging effects, undeniably.  Pretty boy was Septic City’s mayor and look what has happened.  Now, he is beating up on the safest large county in America, Orange County, with 66 deaths over 161 days. King Newsom, that is 2.4 OC deaths per day.  A mortality rate of .0022%, means few are succumbing to the Plague of Xi in your favorite SoCal county.  Despite laying off 300 workers at Hoag and other hospitals BECAUSE of heavy handed onesy size fits all governance, we have ample beds if more get sick.  You are even invited to Newport Beach to meet your local regent, the mayor.

In NY, twice traditional Jewish funerals have been broken up because adults are standing less than the prescribe one wavelength at 185 Hertz.  6 feet.  If adults voluntarily associate, then are forced to stand 6 feet apart to bury their beloved 6 feet down, there has to be a solution.  Cuomo, Public health commissioner x, three times named DiBlasio, have overseen the most epic failure of unaccountable, leftist bureaucracy in US history.  This is why, like the planes that hit the buildings in 2001, and the plague that hit the city-state of NyCity in 2019, more damage happened after the initial strike.  Human mistakes compounded.  Pelosi, Cuomo, DiBlasio, King Newsom the Red are slow walking the quote “re-opening” to extort more trillions.  Ransom is a dangerous game with very unsettled populace across america.  Especially in blue states with totalitarian Demonrat governors & mayors playing fast and looser with the truth.

What do I want?  I want my baby girl Briana to get married to a great young man who is NOT besmirching the name Gavin. On June 12th, 2020

Tell me, King Newsom, why can’t we do this?  You, not the virus, have held us hostage under house arrest for far longer than is necessary.  Stop listening to your 80 year old aunt Pelosi, and man up. Grow a couple.  Time to hang up your suspendered onsy and “Let God’s people go…back to work!!”

King Newsom, you get paid for doing nothing.  Your continued auditions with red light cameras a blazin’ at your every precious word, is not what a statesman does.  You want to be president.  I honestly don’t care.  I have a real estate business to run to feed my family.  I pay taxes, tons of them, and a chunk goes to your sorry ass’ salary.  You are not ready for prime time; you lack the wisdom to be a good leader, though you did do some good in response to the Plague of Xi.  Then why give China PLA and Politburo another billion of our tax $$?

After Xi unleashed the Plague of Xi you gave China a billion dollars for 250 million N95 masks?  Are you opening your own Home Depot franchise on the Capitol lawn.  A lawn i have marched over repeatedly trying to convince 120 legislators and different governors that keeping vulnerable, innocent little ones alive is a good thing.

Let my daughter wed.  Please.  Our bishops put up with your unwieldy, one size kills all approach, destroying the economy one California business at a time, bankrupting one California at a time.  For what?   It is not a state constitutional right unless you donate to your aunt Pelosi from planned parenthood. They ARE the state religion, from the pit of hell.  You and they just don’t like the competition, like in the time of Baal to see which offering God would honor.  Planned parenthood is the ONLY church (of satan) you did NOT shut down.  It’s just the Catholics, the Protestants, the Muslims, the Jewish synagogues.  At least you didn’t browbeat Jews like your NY counterparts Cuomo & DiBlastoff.

No better, your sidekick NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier Becerra, euphemistically called Attorney General, ruined our gas tax repeal by lying. Even with $10 a barrel oil prices, you gouge for the other epic failed model (the virus one was 2 million covid deaths), the debunked fraudulent androgenic climate change. 

Maybe not in Septic City or SacraDEMento, but CO2 is our friend, sir; the science you know is fiction and the Pelosi State Tactics you use are bullying the vulnerable.  Shutting down the livelihoods of working middle class citizens, always with some extra coin for illegals to bolster your voting rolls.  King, we SEE this. 

Your aunt talked smack recently like she has a clue about the Scriptures.  We are told to VISIT the prisoners, NOT release them so we have to REVISIT them when they have murdered and raped yet again.  Yes, we are told to forgive 70 times 7, but it is difficult if the career rapists you release, supposedly to protect the virus in them, rape again.  Or if I get killed when a home invasion robber you release is ratcheting up his resume.  What governor school did you go to?

You may have heard:  Former Catholic Xavier just celebrated 15 verdicts slammed against an honorable man named David Daleiden, plus Sandra Merritt, Troy Newman and others. 

The judge Orrick (rhymes with the human turned monsters of auks in the LOTR middle kingdom) did not recuse himself though their is exculpatory (heard that word?) evidence he rented space to a Septic City planned parenthood facility. 

Justice is NOT equally applied in your SacraDEMento offices.   What was David’s sin?  He took candid camera interviews of meetings he attended, many over salad and wine, where female abortionists discussed how to negotiate for the most body parts payback.  “Dr” Mary Gatters yearned to convert baby hearts, livers and hair parts into auto parts.  A Lamborghini Diablo.  Diablo, appropropriate name for the Democrat Party of Slavery’s continued harvesting of blacks FOR the harvest..  King Newsom, you and your aunt & party just shifted the plantation west to Sacramento.

is anything sacred with you, King Newsom?  Other than that damn pinpoint red light on whatever ABCNNBCBS live feed camera you are standing in front of?  Where’s your dictionary. 

Quarantine is when you limit the movement of sick people.  Not lock down all of Orange County when sunlight, humidity, heat and onshore winds ALL are detrimental to the Plague of Xi. Unlike NYC, we have done our homework in the OC. I know doctors and nurses who know what to do.  A whole county full of sentient humans able to distinguish between soaps to wash, disinfectants to wipe.  How to physically separate to prevent spread.  Which one of your gender ideologist wordsmiths came up with “social distancing”? It’s physical separation, sir.  Social distancing is what dads demand of Neanderthal pimple faced boys calling on their daughters for a date. Many of these Neanderthals learning the 50 positions of consensual sex by the 6th grade in public indoctrination centers not doing learning distancing.  Wonder why we are vigilant? The only religion not quarantined now is your aunt’s fave donors, Jon Dunn in the OC, where kids are chattel, parts sold to TexMed for $150 (hearts) and to YaleMed for $715 (complete black heads)

And You claim you know science.  Really?

Then why do you practice tyranny so effortlessly?  You can read the blue state blue: Tyranny is when you limit the movement of healthy people.  the elderly should have been protected better. Don’t you read?  The first hotspot was north of you at Kirkwood WA Life Care Center where 75 out of 150 elderly died.  In NYC, they used Covid19 positive patients as a catalyst to kill them faster.  Cuomo demanded nursing homes take Coviders.

I am a scientist, 30 years homeschooling my beloved 11.  By the way, #8 wants to get married on June 12th if your worshipfulness removes the Iron Mask from 840 miles of coastline. 

And the safest county in America in the Plague of Xi firmament is OC.  You hate us with a passion; too many Republicans and critically thinking non indoctrinated citizens (citizens is a good thing).  You moan about Trump, at least until he was spoon feeding you things…you will get back to normal soon.  But you didn’t even call Newport Beach mayor before you singled out your most successful in handling the pandemic county.   Science IS real.  IF you look for truth not political fakery.

Science lesson #3  Look at the models and photos you worship on your altar of absolute power.  I take an air sample in your royal chambers: we find we have 2500 molecules of nitrogen, oxygen and radon and #4 CO2.  You won’t believe me, but you are destroying middle class family’s, increasing their energy bills precisely when fracked natural gas and oil (where we get 6000 products including PPE, vents & more) with oppressive gouging methods for ONE molecule of beneficial CO2.  You haven’t a clue, like your aunt, about atmospheric physics and the coming Maunder Minimum.  But the ratio is teeny: 1:2500 for which you take a staggering 77.5% gas tax RATE.  Since you got a C in math, i won’t bore you.  But you steal 77.5% of our gas money.  Do the numbers or call me and I will explain.  Simply put, your air sample has 2499 Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon air molecules.  Just ONE CO2.  As to man made that ratio drops to 12 CO2 molecules per ONE MILLION.  Algore be damned.

Science lesson #2   those USDA parts you get from satanist surgeons at planned parenthood (US Dept of Abortion) are actually human beings, not cows, pigs or chicks.  Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA different from moms.  And unless you think moms have four arms, four hands and four legs, those squirming appendages inside her womb are NOT hers.  So, even tho your state owned doctors think they are removing 7 pounds of choice meat for the BBQ, they are NOT. Do you remember Kamala; she once ran for the role you are seeking in 2024: President of these United States. 

King Newsom the Red, you mentioned you trust science.  We took a photo of Baby Rose of Houston and saw a sticking similarity to other born women.  Scientifically, we noted the morphology of her facial features oddly matching those of Kamala proving both or NEITHER are human.  You want to tell Xavier’s predecessor she is not of human origin?  She’s a Senator you know.  Good luck.  So the woman’s choice then is to follow the science and at least admit they are killing a child not a choice.  I can still hear Kamala’s presidential motto:

“I prefer hacked up black babies extracted from mother wombs to extracting frack black gold from mother earth”  I am Kamala and I approve of this message.”

King!  Imagine if, on March 21st, before you house arrested all of us, you demanded PP repurpose their “medical” killing rooms for Covid beds and put the killing tables in storage.  Even OC could have stayed open.  We are diverse counties with able leadership at the local level.  Is your power so intoxicating you don’t even call a beach mayor to discuss your next move.  You didn’t close ALL beaches; just the one you got photo punked. In a county of responsible adults who can rub their tummies and pat their heads simultaneously.

Look in the mirror tonight after you read this and meditate:

The 45 dead Orange Countians are precious but happened via SARS-Cov-2 over 5 months.  Your buddies at PP HQ Tustin at 22fwy & friends, kill 45 babies before lunch.  Most days.  63 million dead, not for Covid, but RoWad73 over 47 years.  The high achievement of the Dem Party of Slavery.

That virus is 100% preventable, and curable: it’s called RoWad73 and the disease is demonic. But your ICY Cream Queen Auntie gets too much payola from the substandard doctors at PP.

Science lesson #3: It’s safe in Orange County, and most counties across this fruited plain, to move about the cabin again.  Yes, do the safety things grandma and Dr Fauci, Dr Barb tell us to do.  But as the truth has ecked out: time is NOW to reopen WHILE we still have a state and country.  Stop thinking Orange Countians, in fact, most Californians are NOT epic failures like Cuomo and DeB.

We don’t need you King Newsom to play Hilterian SS games on us.  And if you really want to be a true scientist, realize ONE CO2 molecule does not destroy the world.  CO2 mixed with water and sun energy (the place where virus killing UV comes from) FEEDS the WORLD.  King Newsom can’t run for president WITHOUT carbon dioxide.  It’s called PHOTOSYNTHESIS and taught in some but not all 4th grade classes.  The picture are the twin life affirming processes of photosynthesis & aerobic respiration.  Biologic science most of Auntie’s fave donors never took in med school learning to chop up living human beings, resold after the slaughter.  I have copies of the purchase orders and invoices if you gave a damn to see them.


So, i plead with your royal court.  Down on one knee:  please give me permission to have my daughter married in the OC.   With reception at a safe distanced place nerby well under the max.  We will put Xs 6 feet apart, taped on the floor and move the tables apart.  Possibly hire one of the barking distance shaming drones to have your Big Brother Eye in the Sky make sure no one hugs.  Or hugs too long.  I will wear a mask as I put her veil over the top, if that will help, your royalness

We have masks, too.  i could send you one but you never seem to wear them in front of the camera.  Of course, “do as I say, not as I do” right out of Alinsky’s Rules book.

Thank you for considering.  After saving your purse $2 million over 30 years not taking elementary and high school ed; behaving myself for 68 years in OUR state, is it too much to ask.

Sign me: One pissed off father of 11 because i live in the Pelosi Tactical State of Taxifornia.  Best regards if you even see this.

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