The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles ESSENTIAL not Guv’s call

Tired of hearing only the ESSENTIAL workers are allowed to escape house arrest during the occupation of the Plague of Xi?

There are all kinds of custom masks, built to one’s personal needs. Like Joe’s

Even in the mass murderer’s wildest demented xenophiliac dreams, his ChinaCovid Air flights did more damage to America and the West, than hypersonics shot at the White House, Sacramento capital building, even NYC.

Who cue cards these bureaurats?  In simple terms, we are NOT the gulag archipelago.  This is not China or Siberia.  We American citizens who can read and write ARE the government.  We don’t have to take this BS, the prostitician’s oath of “Do as I say, not as I do!”

King Newsom the Red, Adam “Schitty” Schiff & Icy Cream Queen Auntie of Destroyed Hearts Pelosi: take notes:

EVERY job is essential.

The problem with our current ruling class is they NEVER signed the front of a paycheck; they live off the golden calf of taxpayer generosity.  How can anyone justify paying Alexandria Ocasion Cortez $177,000. She’s a one woman wrecking ball to 30,000 jobs in her NY district that are well insulated from the Plague of Xi’s pandemomium. These are not statesmen or women: they are unisex “Prostiticians.”

  They are on systemic, sometimes lifelong government welfare.  Their checks are direct deposited and they wander the Septic City, formerly San Francisco or former Californian Adam & Eve’s Maryland mansion neighborhood with EBT (Every Bureaurat Tyrant) debit cards swiping away for products and services.

They have already swiped more than their share of lives and fortunes:  We HIRE these people but they build deep moats around their power corrupt castles of elitism.  Many of you reading this are in the other 49 states. America is NOT Septic City, LA and/or NYC.  It is 340 million, just recently at full employment, until Xi sent his fully incubated WuHan viroBots on planes to infect the world.

Then the Regressives went to bat.  Dr Fauci tried and with Bill Gates is still trying to globalize the Beast of Rev with microcapsule laden “vaccines” supposedly to protect us from six feet away.  What bull caca.  We are sentient adults; we can separate fact from fiction.  No petty bureaurat has the right to fraudelently prevent us from feeding our families:  it’s over, there is enough beds even in NYC.  People ARE essential, but now too many are sheep huddled in the corner of King Newsom’s courtyard.  Like NYC is NOT USA, Newsom is NOT California.  Neither is Pelosi.


We are all in this “storm” but not in the same boat.  30 million lost a job. 3 million didn’t pay their mortgages.  All in 30 days of unconstitutional eminent domain.  There is a takings clause. 

  Millions of interactive transactions between people occurred before this fumbled Plague of Xi response.  Time to give our hired hands a break.  Like RECALL Gruesome Newsom, for example.

Wilson was recalled by the Regressive Leftists under Queen Pelosi’s failed leadership.  Seen her home Septic City?   Wilson was just following the state’s voters requests

King Newsom & Queen Botox: every private sector job is ESSENTIAL.  I can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the guys pictured here are much more essential than the silver spooned man-child occupying the Taxifornia guv mansion.  If I called desperately to 1-800-King tyrant, would Pelosi’s nephew rush down to the OC he despises with his silver spoon to scoop out the essentials of life for my family?  No way in heaven or hell.  There’s no red light affixed to an ABCNNBCBS camera to flick on, so Pretty Boy can do his modulated drone about stay off the beaches, you stupid surfs in Newport Beach.   Leaving a message:  “Guv Newsom, please help.  Your house arrest has filled our tanks to the brim and we need ESSENTIAL workers who can pump cess to come by”.  

Newsom: “This is your tyrannical tyke totalitarian of Taxifornia, how can I help the Beckmans?

Virus Hunter dad of 11: “This forced gulag SIP sucks, your royalness.  We haven’t left the home since March 21st and forgot to turn over the engine on the family fossil fuel vehicle.  Can you send help?”

Newsom:  “What county are you in, indolent surf?”

Virus Hunter: “O great bureaurat supreme, the county of Orange. We have had 45 deaths out of 3 million and we have been submissive. Can you come please. The Newport Beach mayor never got the call for your worshipfulness.”

Newsom: Orange?  No way, have you seen the doctored images showing people enjoying themselves on the sand. Our ace regressive provocateur fake newsie got down on his tummy to get the Shot heard ’round the world.  Heheheheh you know how camera angles can help our green new world.  Algore still chuckles over the studio shot of polar mama and baby bear. No way”

Virus Hunter: Please O please, your wellgroomedness!  The Newport Beach mayor assures us they are on this.  After all, all that sun, heat and humidity kills Xi’s viroBots, and on shore winds disperse.   Come to think of it, you sound so much like the Icy Queen herself”

Newsom:  “Heheheheh.  You worthless plebe procreating like we need more kids Virus Hunter, this is the Queen Aunt.  I take the calls while my nephew King Newsom the Red is in his weekly bath playing with Chinese yellow rubber duckies.  I already laid out his onesy.  I have Ben & Jerry’s to consume from my $24,000 freezer.  Did I say $24,000?  I was going to say “Let them eat cake” but for you, overpopulating boob, “Let them eat shit”

Virus Hunter: “Please, Queen Auntie P, your language.  Your fave campaign donors take care of that. Recall I said 45 have died since Dec 1 from Covid19.  Your buddy Jon Dunn down here at Planned Parenthood Tustin at the 22 kills 45 very young kids before lunch.  Most days.  So you ARE the devil running the twin kingdoms of Northern and Southern Taxifornia, locking us in using the very old will die ruse, while you systematically kill the very young.  I think it’s time to hit the beach…”

Pelosi as Nephew Newsom:  “You idiot, you must watch FOX. Go pound sand”

Virus Hunter: “Thank you,  you botoxed 80 years young wicked witch of the West.  We will!  Into the cars, kids, the wicked witch just gave us permission!”

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