The Virus Hunter Covid Chronicles “FREEEEEDOM!!”

“Quarantine is when you limit the movement of sick people.  Tyranny is when you limit the movement of healthy people”  Hat tip Troy

Are we mice or men?  Are we wimps or women?

If you’ve never seen “Braveheart”, Mel Gibson plays the role of William Wallace and his dealings with King Edward I of England. 

Without spoiling the plot, there is a time in the film when Gibson screams “Freeeeedom”.    A long and deep, guttural sound of exasperation, not that much different nor important than when 56 signers gave their lives, fortunes and hopes for their new country. 244 years ago.

The Plague of Xi is a mystery wrapped in a magic box of misdirection in the middle kingdom.  The virus, SARS-Cov-2 originated in the world’s most totalitarian country, led by a disciple of Mao with designs on returning China to its dynastic heights. Hegemony is a terrible demon in the mind of a xenophiliac.  And Xi Jinglepingle is just that man.

Debate still rages whether the PLA’s Major General Chen Wei, top bioterrorist expert, had the virus ‘escape’ purposefully or accidentally.  Maybe a staffer did get a bite from a bat and transferred it to the Wuhan general population.  The main evil is a mass murdering Mao clone became a viral propagator.  Locking down the Wuhan 11 million, Xi stopped travel in and out of Wuhan WITHIN China.  But, Wuhan flights were allowed to continue to the outside world.

China owns manufacturing businesses in Italy that Chinese labor went back and forth to; Xi’s Politburo values the “Made in Italy” on its goods.  Spain was another typical destination for Wuhanians and the infected made the most of their travels to the West.  Same story with the US, what with Chinese human Petri dishes spreading the super spreading Covid19 disease in the most dense American city, bar none,  New York City.

Any idea where the top death tallies come from.  You can’t believe China’s fake numbers and lies.  Rumor has it 40 million (or is it 5 million) cell phones went out of use during this pandemic in China.  Coincidence or dead people?  We might never know.

Freedom is more than a 7 letter world.  Any 4th grader reading the Declaration for the first time will hear “Life, Liberty & Property”.  Well, “property”, she will read as “pursuit of happiness”.  Freedom is NEVER free and must be vigilantly fought for. 

Freedom has been fought over the American centuries: in the 18th,  for very independence from England, like William Wallace did to his death. In the 19th, over blacks being chattel, considered property and unable to pursue their own independent happiness. This last one cost 600,000 American lives. Despite such loss, the enslavers never give up. They founded the party of slavery in 1854; it morphed to secession for the Civil War, segregation after General Lee’s surrender

May 1st begins our 6th month since this virus arrived on the scene in WuHan, China. Spread into Wuhanians, Incubated then transferred to the world.  You may know that
America was founded primarily to escape religious persecution; yet our Churches remain padlocked, though today we can live stream and receive Spiritual Communion.  I heard the distant tolling of “Give me liberty or give me…”  Meanwhile our globalist vaccine fan, Bill Gates, is happy to play the Beast (not the Disney version) with a covid vaccination, even though no universal vaccine exists for respiratory viruses (HIV, SARS, pneumonia, Covid) due in part to a virus’ ability to mutate so well.

The six worse countries, China, Italy, Spain, France, UK and New York City-nation, are NOT America.

Think about it: NYC has had more tragic Xi Plague deaths than ALL the world’s countries but five.  More deaths than 41 USA states COMBINED.  30-35% of the US deaths.   The virus succeeds in confined, sardine can locations.  The epicenter of disease transferance was NYC subway cars and buses, 100 story tall elevators, and most critically, NURSING homes.  40% of deaths IN nursing homes, where the abandoned elderly go to die.  Sad commentary on the state of disarray.  From those two epicenters, over 50% of the deaths from the Plague of Xi, have occurred.

We should have quarantined the vulnerable, not the healthycovid quarantine and tyranny

I don’t know who convinced us to quarantine the healthy, but we knew quickly that nursing homes, where abandoned elderly go to die, was the most vulnerable. And the social justice urban planners, who preach super density housing because they hate the car, be damned.  This sardine can NYC may have cost us a country.  But Americans are resilient, we love freedom.  Or at least we used to.

King Newsom the Red, often called the Modulator, has turned out to be a teeny totalitarian tyrant in Taxifornia.  He relied on a photo taken with a special lens to justify his idiotic laser focused edict on Orange County.  In his speeches, Pelosi’s petty pet, still in his onesies when the Red light of the camera is blazing bright (why he is called the Red) talks down Republican rich Newport Beach.

He sent ten CHP cruisers to Huntington Beach.  Jen & Don interviewed NBeach councilmen Eric and proved what i suspected. Newsom, suffering TDS himself, relied on framed photos to spit up on himself the most politically suicidal thing possible: be the Northern Kingdom ruler and single out Orange County, as if he was King Edward I taking advantage of Wallace’s love, and could be god.   Tucker interviewed the common sense Newport Beach mayor and he said Newsom NEVER called him.  The picture was a lie, the police were prepared.  And Newsom, ripe with power and lusting for presidency, doesn’t give a damn.  He’s the king.

Pretty boy is NOT God.  He is a mere regressive leftist hack born into a San Francisco Demonrat family with a tarnished silver spoon and diapers still in his bedroom. He, like all the bureaurats are still collecting a paycheck, while they have their thumbs on the necks of the private sector.  ALLLLL jobs are ESSENTIAL.  Every one.  Who died and gave this bastard child the right to pick and choose who stays in business and who goes bankrupt.  He lied about the science and hot sun, humidity and onshore winds are great dissipation means to reduce risk of any of that murderous Plague of Xi’s evil work.

This is serious.  There was no martial law declaration; governor executive “orders” are not Constitutional amendments.  Brian Whitman, before he took May off, has referred to the King as Gruesome Newsom.  It could get traction if he does not apologize.  Or grow up.  Both distinct impossiblities with his aunt eating Ben&Jerry behind the Oz curtain.

Are we mice or men? Or we wimps or specially created beautiful women?  The Plague of Xi is both a terror to the elderly, already vulnerable and a target for the enthusiastic euthanasiaists. Cuomo, whether out of desperation, ignorance or basic political stupidity, put NY elderly TOGETHER in the two most dangerous epicenters: NYC and NYC nursing homes.  Instant death for 40% of the country’s death, at 1.2 million dead starting in the Kirkwood, WA Life Care Center nursing facility where 75 of 150 succumbing to the Plague of Xi.

Jesus gave His life, that we might live forever.  William Wallace gave his head for “FREEEEEDOM” from a tyrannical, Newsomesque King Edward I.  As Levin called him, Obama was the “most corrupt president in US history”.  We are surrounded with corruption.  But more importantly, as Ben Franklin put it when asked what kind of governance do we have?

A republic, if you can keep it.  The resolution desk in the Oval Office was a gift, as was the bust of Winston Churchill that Obama bagged and sent back across the water.

Are we willing, like the 56 who fought for our founding as the greatest nation on God’s green earth, and the 600,000 died to prove blacks are more than 3/5 but wholly humans NOT to be enslaved for ANY purpose.  Are we willing to fight for “life, liberty and property?”  Property being the most important wording to be excised erroneously to appease the slave states, forerunners of the Democrat party in 1854, which is running roughshod over America even today as the Party of Schitty & Pee.  Time to be William Wallace?  Ben Franklin or Jefferson or Madison?  You tell me.  Better, tell red light obsessed King Newsom we ARE adults; informed, engaged.  We do not need a failed San Franciscan prostitician to move on to his next failure, like a teeny locust, to screw up the South.  Why don’t you clean up the San Francisco roads of the excrement and leave Orange County, with 45 deaths over 5 months, alone.  If keeping humans alive is your REAL motive, why don’t you use your magic exec order and demand planned parenthood turn their killing tables into covid treatment and beds.  As it is, the fully operational Death Star on Tustin at the 22 fwy, kills 45 very young humans BEFORE lunch.  Day in day out.  The RoWad73 virus is the MOST virulent virus on earth.  63 million American babies are dead.  2.2 BILLION are aborted as well.  One wonders why Bill Gates is so hell bent on controlling population worldwide.  Isn’t 2.2 BILLION an ample reduction of human kind?  Freedom is never free.  It must be fought for and paid for in blood.

His words on his imperial cruising action:  “We are all impatient,” the governor said during his daily briefing, which was held simultaneously in Sacramento. “We have to be really deliberative on how we reopen this economy.”

No, King Newsom; your aunt Pelosi is pulling your onesy suspenders, bouncing you like a puppet to her botox demented ways.

Newsom noted the state just passed the grim marks of 50,000 confirmed infections and 2,000 deaths but that hospitalization statistics are heading in a better direction and that has him hopeful.

King, you are NOT a doctor; as it is, you line up five epidemiologists and you get five different answers.  Point is, we were tooled with the 2 million death estimate; once the epicenters were located, it became even more obvious (hospitals LAYING off workers) the power hungry want to keep their totalitarian fangs on our families’ necks, sucking the lifeblood out of a great countryl

Mene, Mene etc  The writing IS on the wall: it’s time for your presidential run to end.

RECALL the bastard son of the 4 First Families of San Francisco.

RECALL GRUESOME NEWSOM, King Newsom the Red of Taxifornia

People of the Declaration, Men of Chivalry, Women of Valor, what WILL it take?

The Virus Hunter, sword of truth at his side and quiver of arrows of hope at the ready.  It IS a great day to be alive.    AND free.





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