The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles Homeschooling Sucks

OK, it really doesn’t! but now that I have your attention…though many may think so after the abrupt March 2020 shutdown, it is a choice a lifestyle worth pursuing.  Unless you are Lizzie Lighthead of Harvard Lawless.

  WE’ve done it for 30+ years.  “Distance learning” is the Dewey disguised misdirection when the BLM (the Marxist group that promotes abortion, anysexuality, and anarchy) led UTLA (United Teachers LA) and Cal Pub Ed, Inc. want to keep control of $70 billion tax $$.

Instead of letting the parents make school choices and spend their kids’ ed $$ the best for their family: not union thugs.  Follow the $$ should be $$$ should follow the student NOT the teachers’ union thugs.  Teachers, in the majority, are awesome hard working self sacrificing.  It’s their blind dates, choice of who represents them needs a lot of work.

Todd Herman, filling in for Rush, had an excellent call in mom talk about her Calif. professor daughter’s run in with the blue state bizarros on July 24th, 2020.

Jennifer Horn brought it up on AM870 this last July 8th.. and now nationwide, teachers in tradition schools refusing to return in the fall.

In fact, proving this isn’t going away, Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ mentioned there is remedy for public school parents NOT getting the aid and service from their local school board and they got hundreds of calls for help from 30 states.  More on that another time.

You can’t 100% blame teachers.  They don’t get paid as much as their union bosses and the bloated administrators loaded up.  Plus, it’s riskier, in their minds, than firefighting.  Maybe Homeschooling is an answer to consider. Public ed teachers should offer to tutor smaller groups of students ONCE Calif tax$$ are decoupled from districts and unions?  School choice and portability: ed tax $$ should follow the student, with parents using the $18,000 per kid not monopolized by Calif Ed and UTLA/LAUSD.  What say you? Use the comments section below

A recent conference poster for SCCHE…you are NOT alone!

Who in their right mind would home school their kids?  Ironically, there are millions of people doing it….2 to be exact, give or take 50 million.  But 2 million families love doing it.  Barak Lurie, author and excellent attorney, spoke highly of it as a choice on May 27th, Jennifer cited polls that parental eyes (I call it the American Renaissance) are opening to the reality, we can do this: turn distance learning (another cute euphemism schools were forced into on a day’s notice) into local education. 

It has been said: “Homeschooling is a choice, not a crime…it’s a lifestyle well worth evaluating and considering”  But is it?

People and families with names like these moms & dads: Lora Lee, Gus, Lisa & Jeremey, Karla, Pete and Denise, Robyn, Maura, Cynthia “sneaky” L, Melinda and Eddie, Mary the Maskmakeer (who made Jennifer Horn’s mask and others for nurses, etc), Leah, Karla, Josie, Lucy,Leah, Priscilla & Jason, Analiese,Wendy, Christine, Jasmin, Melanie. Ginny & Nikky from Holy Family, a private school who support homeschooling as an alternative. 

The famous Michelle Malkin (homeschooled out of need) and even Einstein’s mom.  etcetera, etcetera, as the King and I say it.  Heard Todd E Herman, the mighty Rushbo guest hosts thinks it is a good alternative.  But not Lizzie the Lightheaded.  Lizzie is having a bad hair day and rankled about, oh say, four million parents in one leftist tower rant.  It’s not every day a supposedly learned but tenured Harvard Law Prof. calls millions of parents “child abusers!”

lizzie the lightheaded modified covid homeschooling

Lizzie the LightHeaded thinks 2 million homeschooling parents are Jeffrey Dahmers.  Wow. Harvard’s best?

In 2020, the unprecedented happened:  kids were tossed out of their familiar brick and mortar buildings, from NYC to Hawaii, since late March.  Driving their parents nuts, for good reason.  No one expected millions of parents to have to put up with their kids for those 180 free days, 8a-6p, while they are “sheltered-in-place” in school buildings.   Kids were born to be seen and not herded at home.

Worse part, since the virus got here, millions of parents are up in the morning and notice one, two, five set of eyes staring at them and it’s 8am; they are wondering who the heck these small people are.

Meanwhile, the California Ed Inc establishment “keeps building!” as the Winchester widow used to shout from drive in movie screens, which are having a resurgence in popularity since you can physically separate by car.

This social distancing thing is what we dads of daughters demand from the CroMagnon Neanderthals that come calling to date our precious ones.  About six feet or maybe a plexiglass wall between front seats.  I’d call it physical separation, as if distance from another helps keep one or both free of disease.   Shoot, mom taught this for centuries.

Around the block from my family is a spanking new two story K-6 going up for an August 2020 release amid uncertainty when our state’s royalty, King “The Modulator” Newsom will release his subjects to “walk about the cabin” again. We could ask the puppeteer, our beloved Queen Auntie Pelosi, but she’s busy tearing up national archive documents and eating Ben&Jerry’s.  Somehow, Thurmon and the Cal Ed Inc. union missed the memo: there’s a new model in town.   As her nephew thinks Hollywood every time the red light goes on.

The irony, let’s just say, is palpable.  Even the mighty El Rusho weighed in on homeschooling April 24th about the “Risks of Homeschooling.” article  Prompted by Harvard’s Elizabeth Bartholet missive; let’s affectionately call her “Lizzie the Lightheaded”.   Two of my fave solid radio personalities, April 29th, Jennifer Horn and Don Dix, said homeschooling is something people are considering.

Spoken millions across the fruited plain during the Plague of Xi:  “Who are you?”  “What ARE you doing in my house?”

“Mom, I’m your 8 year old son.”   “Dad, I’m your 13 year old daughter”   But it’s 9am and a weekday in the school year, in April!! And NOT that Spring Break thing which forces us to feed you lunch.  Why aren’t you at school?   Are you an alien who has snatched my kid’s body?  This Martian Law, alien to us freedom loving Americans, shows Totalitarian of Tiny Tyrants needs to end.

This Covid thing is really changing lives and a revolutionary realignment is underway.  IF we survive at all, what with 30 million newly unemployed and 3 million late mortgages this April. 

Our esteemed King of Taxifornia, The Modulator, is keeping his powerful Oz curtain tight about when we are allowed to drive our cars, talk to people outside our homes.  Bets are out Newsom is just trying to please his aunt, the Ice Cream Queen of Hearts, Gavel Granny Pelosi.  Her motto is “Never let a good mind think for herself”.   Or a “good president NOT be impeached”.  Funny, Pelosi demanded money for the elective open heart surgeries performed at Sanger’s PParenthood.  While hospitals were shut out.  You know the kind: separate mom from baby then separate baby from her parts and hearts, openly sold to med labs worldwide.

What happened when Newsom modulated “Californian’s must STAY HOME March 21st due to the Plague of Xi” is kids were forced to roam their bedrooms and kitchens with no where to go. 

For the record, this is NOT homeschooling, locking up institutionalized learning centers. Should I say, lock out? Forcing teachers to remotely teach.  As an Orange Countian, our excellent Erin Barisano, the Catholic schools counterpart of Thurmond the Great,  is working wonders under dire circumstances on two days notice.  Maybe a week.

homeschooling growthKids were told to stay  home, parents forced to take scope and sequence distanced learning lesson plans on their screens. Clueless what to do and overwhelmed. 

More to the story:  Actual homeschooling families just kept on doing what they had been doing all year, with a few minor changes.  Not easy, mind you, but changes, nonetheless.

Trust me; i know a couple of families who are totally nuts enough to do it, this home based education stuff.   And irony is they LOVE doing it their way.  Imagine, seeing your own kids like 24/7 and ON WEEKDAYS, TOO!  And taking responsibility directly for their education.

It’s risky, it’s unnatural!  As it is, 56.6 million kids were in K-12th in 2019; that far right invisible bar on the graph above would go through the top of your computer screen.  Current data, for 2020 would push 60 million kids enjoying the blessings and benefits of home based hybrid coop education.  Well, at least, for those first few days.  Then, reality set in…

The Dewey model, like climate change & the early hyperpendamic 2 million US dead CoviDead model, is defunct. Not real.  Total fraud.  We’ve been HAD!

Thank God, the Plague of Xi moderated to the 100k range, in the US with mainly unnecessary deaths.  As it is, the CDC tracks an “excess deaths model” as well.

  In America, EVERY life is precious to most folks. ALL a tragedy, is the tally. 

In fact, stats do help: if you take out two epidemiological epicenters, NYC & Nursing Homes, and the death toll is cut in half…maybe more. 

Worldwide, 300K is the best guess.  Another model bites the dust; they figured 2 millon CoviDead USA, so worldwide it must have been 100 million.  As usual, an unelected, unaccountable model is stripped of its fashionable clothes. 

The true mortality, with millions more tested showing millions more have had it and stayed alive, is less than .2 %.  Similar to the flu, with a direct side effect, once we figured it out, the flu is way down because we are doing what mom told us to: wash with soap, disinfect surfaces, don’t lick doorknobs, isolate when sick. 

Spring has sprung, with Mile Square Park sporting golfers, joggers and the occasional mask. WHILE The Modular and his Queen Aunt work the political points shenanigans still about the Grand RE-opening.  Ever hear of the Great Awakening?  NO?  Must not be homeschooled.   Ironically, the iron fist of pretty boy The Modulator protects the California coastline from terrorist beach going families, 100 yards apart.

  It’s just too many educrats have vested interest in THEIR livelihood more than the kids. Don’t get me wrong, there are GREAT teachers out there, i am related to two named Joe & Jillian, but the model IS changing.  You can smell the fear brick&mortar school district boards and Thurmond’s autocratic army knowing parents have MORE time with their kids.

How dare these parents believe the kids they ransomed from the birth hospitals ARE theirs:  the establishment education bureaucracy’s munchkins.

  Lizzie the Lightheaded and her cohorts think parents surrender both their rights and their “children” to the state after age 2.  After all, you need professional villagers to raise children. But NOTHING could be further from the truth: too many parents have abdicated their rights, role and responsibility for an empty dream.  And I will give some anecdotal and scientific proof at the end.

The saddest thing in life is “lost opportunities”.  Rarely is there a “do over” like the mom released from prison after 25 years for a half ounce of hemp.  I hate marijuana, but come on world.  Non homeschooling parents are just six feet from the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to give their kids the best of whom they are: try REAL homeschooling.

And sadly, instead of embracing this historic opportunity to really evaluate what we do with our children, the majority of new homeschooling parents are chomping at the bit for the day those brick & mortar edifices reopen.  Point being, they are not lifelong learning home schooling families.  One of the saddest missed opps of the Covid19 era.  Sad indeed.

You have got to be totally nuts to homeschool your kids!  Odd, the ACTUAL homeschoolers LOVE it.

The California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Troy Thurmond certainly has his hands full, in this crisis of change.  He loves to tell the private schools and homeschooling families how to educate their kids. Now, he must be preoccupied with keeping his K-12 in his fold, because each is worth $100 a day to his business model. Almost $100 million per year of kid related ed dollars. With the amount of hard earned tax $$ bequeathed to Cal Ed Inc., you could give a tutor four students each for life and have enough money left over for Cuomo’s public pensions disaster in bankrupt New York state.  Oh, and Newsom’s deficit as well.  Nope, it’s “for the children teachers’ unions.

No one in Cal Ed Inc. wants to match $$ to results. NOT a one, and certainly not that east coast smart woman, Lizzie the Lightheaded.   Can’t really blame them; it’s a matter of self-preservation.

Quick read on results is not promising for Lizzie’s conjecture: 

Meanwhile, the largest SD in the state, LAUSD, graduates 78% of their kids, with average 35% math and English proficiency.  Getting only $720,000 per 40 kid classroom PER YEAR.  So, Mr. Thurmond, how do you explain the results with more money than a Saudi prince or Bloomberg?  I know, it’s not your fault.  It’s the parents, the kids, the dog, TV, gameboys, a virus, NOT ENOUGH MONEY $$$$$    It NEVER is the defunct model, corralling 40 like aged kids for 6 hours a day 180 days a year.  Meanwhile parochial schools succeed on much less.  Homeschools even less than that.  Statistically, it can be proven the best results comes inverse proportional to the MOST money invested.

With the enemy’s orchestrated 2019-2020 Covid Plague of Xi, trust me, next year, Mr T will demand twice as much money so class sizes get down to 10 per room.  7 feet apart, masks at the ready. 

With Calif Public Ed, it’s ALWAYS about more money. 

Never to be measured with actual adult results.  You could hire the world’s best tutors for that amount of coin; and all the home schooling moms, especially and dads fit those tutorial rolls WITHOUT the massive salaries Big Ed Inc. pulls in.  Plus armies of administrators to administrate other administrators as the bloated bureaucracy bloats more.  Sounds like Suzy sells sea shells at the seashore (freeway sign BEACHES ARE CLOSED because the virus is killed by sunlight) or Moses supposes that roses has noses.  But it is real: precious few dollars dribbles down to the plebes and their classroom of kiddoes.   My sister in law is routinely buying supplies for her well endowed district.

The Catholic parochials do a lot better with 5% of that amount, especially since parents are investing in their kids with THEIR money not FREE tax dollars.  Nothing, nada in life is free.  The only free lunches are school cafeterias.  Statistically, it used to be homeschoolers in waiting were private Catholic & other schools. Today, it is probably from the public sector.  Thus the left assault, lie Lizzie the Lightheaded’s anti anti anti homeschooling article is that dusty old rag, the Harvard Review.  Whenever, a peaceful revolution threatens Big Ed Inc., they circle the wagons and load up their 50 caliber pens and laptops for the kill.

Think about this: parents are stressed enough, what with aforementioned 30 million jobs lost and 3 million late mortgage payments in April; this forced recession could match the 1930s if we wait for the Tiny Tyrants governing us to throw the “Grand Reopening” lever

Power is the ultimate corrupter when misused or worshiped.  We now know, at least the critical thinkers see, this unconstitutional slow walk reopen is past due. 

We were ignorant, stunned and confused in Dec thru March, even with thousands of lives saved with travel bans from infected areas from someone Lizzie hates, President Trump.  Not to mention, the inaugural Quarantining of US citizens flying back from Wuhan and other spots protected many more~ or prevented beneficial herd immunity. We will never know. As to US citizen quarantining, this one was inaugural, since FDR did it to Japanese Americans, with a bit of fear but mainly because physiologically, they had slanted eyes.  Sad era in our history, this FDR; even sadder, the unnecessary extension of totalitarianism across the fruited plain.

It’s time to cut the ‘ALL Americans are racist’ dog doo doo; FDR and LBJ were, but the Chinese people did NOT unleash Covid; Mao’s able clone, Xi Jinglepingle did.  They were the witless misused carriers.

Back to parental stress in the Age of Panic Pandemics: those parents now telecommuting and working have to balance everything!

You have kids doing six different classes from three diff teachers,  times that by 2, 4 ,6 kids.  Before March 21st, kids are gone by 8am and not back most days until 6pm.  A civilized way to raise our children?   Mom delivers them, the state takes over at 3 or 5 years old.  AS you read this, The Modulator Newsom is working on Labor & Delivery chuted straight into a classroom nearby.  Oops, forgot about SARS-Cov-2.   The Game Changer.  As usual, you do an incomplete incompetent job with 6 millions, take on more.

But, Thank God we have someone who totally knows the risks of homeschooling.  Really smart because she teaches at Harvard.  Elizabeth Bartholet, whom I affectionately have been calling Lizzie. From the edificed Harvard inside the hallowed halls via Harvard Magazine:

“Elizabeth Bartholet, Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, sees risks for children—and society—in homeschooling, and recommends a presumptive ban on the practice. Homeschooling, she says, not only violates children’s right to a “meaningful education” and their right to be protected from potential child abuse, but may keep them from contributing positively to a democratic society.” 

 Yes, Lizzie the Lightheaded just announced a ban on 2 million kids and their parents. In plain ivory tower ivy league sight and sound.  Worse, Lizzie just accused two million parents of abusing their kids.  In public, without reservation.  You homeschool, you are killing your kids.  What total CRAP! Lizzie spreads, like a super virus, that Dahmers is teaching kids rocket science just before he lops off their heads.

Lizzie must sit next to the Village People’s main soloist, Hillary, as they attend all those anti-parent UN Child meetings, in Manhattan when the streets are not so abandoned in that city-state of NYC.  No wonder she is a selective child abuse detective.  Parents are morons, evil child abusers, closets locked with offspring inside eating gruel.  But her valued Left and planned parenthood would NEVER abuse a child, even for parts.

Lizzie, in case you read this, I know a few of those so-called ‘deranged’ home schooling parents and they would be incensed to be accused, sight and sound unseen nor heard, of flagrant child abuse. Talk about prejudice, bias and frankly, stupid ignorance.  You need to retire gracefully or be summarily fired for slanderous libel or libelous slander. Pick.

Odd, how that strategy and theme pervades the left leaning educationalists as if they read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals”.  Accuse your “enemy” of what you are doing; make sure it is diabolical: like accusing the parents of 2 million American homes, they abuse their children.  Problem with this, is it is patently false. Meanwhile, in Lizzie’s domain, apparently because of educational geniuses leading every classroom, there’s “zero” child abuse in the Dewey modeled halls of K-12 America?  Give me a break. You have more “easy believism’ ” faith in your models and colleagues than Joel Osteen on one of his many jets.

“We have an essentially unregulated regime in the area of homeschooling,”   What poppycock!

Lizzie, please, you can’t mean that.  Regimes are best applied to fine folks like Xi Jinglepingle, his mentor Mao, despots like Castro, and Hugo Chavez, Marx (Lizzie’s hero), Stalin, Lenin and revolutionaries like Barry Soetoro and Medeved.  You know, the kinds of leaders Harvard embraces with the DC/NYC metro mob left.   Oops, you missed his biography: Barry changed his name to Barack.

The ultimate NYC pseudonymologist is two times changer, Warren Wilhelm.  In 1983, Mayor X became Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm.  Still restless, he changed yet again to Bill de Blasio in 2001.  I can’t point a finger much since I became Len after Leonard in college.

But what is Comrade Mayor #109 Bill trying to hide? His ancestry?  Was it for an Italian flair in NYC mayorland?  The Left disguises more than its name: it’s the motives that destroy.  They are ALWAYS consumed with red light optics instead of foundational results.

Of course, Texas skateboarder, table dancer and Dem prez candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke also became “Beto” in the Lone Star state to sound a bit more Hispanan. Stamp collectors, remember Spain as Hispana. Though Latinas and Latinos despise being called Hispanics in the main.  Since race is what thrills your ivy on ivory tower, Lizzie here are 2013 stats on those you accuse of being ‘child abusing’ homeschoolers:

“NCES said that among children who were homeschooled, 68 percent are white, 15 percent are Hispanic, 8 percent are black, and 4 percent are Asian or Pacific Islander.Sep 3, 2013″   Lizzie, does that rock your world?

Lizzie should feel better, since we touched on the divisional diversity, as the left foments; they wouldn’t know a blessed, patriotic America if it hit them while burning fossil fuel over flyover land.  She is concerned so about white supremacist by the millions protesting at her left tower’s base.  Oh, the tangled web we weave.

Lizzie the LightHeaded claims homeschoolers hate science.  My experience, is just the opposite. 

They don’t, like sheep, buy into every theory tossed around as if it was scientific law. Take, the human genome.  Centuries of sound science, my science, says there is only one set of first parents, with the same deoxyribonucleic acid building block templates and the incredibly complex human genome.   We don’t have dozens of first couples, one black, one Chinese, one liberal, another conservative.  One first man.  One first woman.

Any decent anthropological biologist can see this.  Dr Louis Leakey for example thought our first parents came from Mesopotamia.  Yes, we have Daytona and the Indianapolis Speeday.  But the ONE race that matters, is the HUMAN one.   ONE race with different awesome cultures, languages and dreams. 

The rotating Globe is on many a person’s desk and Globalism sucks because it turns we serfs into the robots of the Lizzie the Lightheaded Society.   Why can’t Harvard’s renowned see the beauty in male and female, and the richness of different cultures, countries, and being black, white, Chinese, Polish…what’d I forget?  Oh yeah, American. 

No, our handlers, mainly REgressive self identified Democrats, hate this country, and love indoctrinating the mindless sheep with their social justice warrior ways.  Instead of letting us thrive, succeed, feed our families, grow wealth then do private charity. They Bully, dominate, lie (Adam Schiff the Proctologist General, lies deeper than a blood soaked rug), cheat, steal, engage in plain sight in a silent coup, and proclaim THEIR justice.  Evil.  To this day, Adam’s lies, like his fake fabrication of Trump’s Ukraine phone call, was different universes away from the actual transcripts.  Schitty just didn’t expect POTUS to release the wording.  To this day, Lizzie, the most transparent party of slavery hasn’t demanded Schitty release the other transcripts of the fraudulent Eric CIAmarella whistleblow, even tho 42 of 52 have been released by the DOJ.  The 10 unvetted possibly have the goods on ComeyBrennanMcCabeCollinObamaHillary.  WE will see soon.

The candidate opposing Adam “Schitty” Schiff in the Nov 3 general, Eric Early battles this on the left coast: “

“I am presently leading an important fight against the Santa Barbara Unified School District to help rid that district of the outrageous indoctrination going on up there that far left school board members and their Superintendent are forcing upon the student population, in most instances without parental knowledge. I have received calls from parents all over the nation who have told me about similar things happening in their public schools. Once in Congress, I plan to take this fight to school districts here and around the nation. School again must be a place where our children can learn to think critically – and not be told how they should and must think – and to get a solid education that will be a basis for a sound future. Our public schools must not be breeding grounds where our kids are taught hatred for our great country and the history of our nation.”

But, Lizzie the Lightheaded, sporting more prejudiced loose fitting baggage than a KKK rally, thinks parents are idiots.  The ones, you know, that think critically, passionately, directing their lives, not needing the Lightheaded Lizzies.

Ouch, she goes right to the jugular, with these regime accusations.  They use the bizarre exceptions, like the white stupid supremacist Turpin family parents, formerly of Texas, squatting in the Inland Empire, as if EVERY homeschooling home is engaged in child abuse.  Does Lizzie, in her minds teeny eye, envision portable racks to emulate the Inquisition. 

Guillotine, like in France, reserved as an intimidation factor to keep the government owned children at bay.  Ever occur to the Harvardian Law professor, homeschool parents actually love their little gifts from God; yes, it takes effort, like all good things in life, to do home based education while so many neighbors (outside Plague of Xi times) are mani-pedeing or bowling or at the beach.  OR working in a job.

Ms Bartholet knows…it all.  By the way, as she attacks from the top floor of the Twin Ivory Towers of arrogance and $30 billion opulence, has the esteemed Lizzie ever examined the work product of her beloved public education?   Doubtful

Exhibit One.  Let’s help Lizzie get a quick look at the real world of public education, infiltrated not only by Ivory Tower of Left leaning social justice warriors, but also perverted hypersexualized soldiers of Margaret Sanger.  Read the quotes in the picture:   Maggie is the racist, poor hater, black despising planned parenthood founder.   Lizzie, you ever read about the lady whose picture adorns your home altar? 

Sanger preferred “exterminating the Negro population” using useful idiots like “three or four colored ministers” with names like Al SharpTongue and Jessie “abortion is genocide” Jackson.  Yes, Jessie considered the holocaust of killing black kids genocide in 1977.  Funny thing, Jessie went 180 and is cool with his colored folk black kids dying 9 times as often as non Blacks at NYC’s 41 abortion mills.   Not even counting, black on black crime makes Covid look like a sniffle in Emanuel’s Chicago.  Point is, Sanger’s progeny, the idea that Mother’s CHOICE applies to killing her baby NOT choosing what education path she takes for those born and beyond Gov “WrecKid” Ralph Northam’s talons.

Ever really listened to Boston U econ graduate and bartender Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, uh, SPEAK?  Green New Deal, where all fossil fuels are deep sixed, no jets and one guesses the 6000 products that come from oil like PPE and ventilators no longer needed.

Almost like a national shutdown for a more contagious, severe flu engineered by a communist atheist Maoist thug.  Don’t you just love the truthful title: The Plague of Xi?  No Pharoah is he: he incubated and shipped the virus in organic containers via ChinaCovid Air flights.

But AOCD’s latest is a doozy: NO ONE should go back to work after the Plague of Xi. WE just drained my grandkids of 6 trillion more dollars. But, she wants to boycott work like she girlcotted Amazon for fun.  This lady, if not so nonsensical, is a danger to herself and the country.

Worse, this NY Representative is paid $177,000 and was taught in an East Coast college  just down the Ivy League street, not too far from Harvard.  The fact she turned down 30,000 recession proof jobs from Amazon for her district should get her removal. Fat chance: the Lizzie Ed Effect is so many are mind-numbed leftist robots.  Talk about Lizzie’s poster child.

Has Lizzie the Lightheaded heard of Greg Salcido, LA county teacher?  Quoting from a manuscript I’ve had the pleasure of reading regarding blatant public student abuse by teachers:

“Speaking of being mean, Greg Salcido crossed the line into indoctrination territory, ie brain washing with views alien to the parents.  Often, in the middle of class.  Calling a father’s brother a dumb doodoo should be ample grounds for dismissal; add in, calling the Marines useful idiots is just as bad.  Plus, he insulted & humiliated the young student wearing the khaki garb and violated the legal principle of “deprivation of rights under the color of authority”. The children’s right to information not Gestapo propaganda”  End quote.

Lizzie, the point is, you really need to take the forest out of both of your wise beautiful but aging eyes before hunting for homeschooler optical splinters. 

Mr. Salcido, despite the best efforts of Cal Ed Inc. was summarily fired. But not without a fight by the ed establishment and his union.  Tenure doesn’t just protect great teachers, who are in the main.  It fast tracks, Peter Principle style, the egregious incompetents. Even the child abusers who are NOT homeschooling parents; ie 99.99999% coming from public non home based ed sources.

The stats by Elizabeth the Smart:  “RAPIDLY INCREASING number of American families are opting out of sending their children to school, choosing instead to educate them at home. Homeschooled kids now account for roughly 3 percent to 4 percent of school-age children in the United States, a number equivalent to those attending charter schools, and larger than the number currently in parochial schools.”     It would be great if Lizzie had even ONE true fact at her disposal.  Someone check her research assistants for brain waves, please.

Backhanded ding at charter schools, as well?  They too, strive for excellence.  But, not being owned by the Ed establishment is a black mark.

How many homeschoolers are there? Over 2 million and counting, with no signs of abatement. Homeschoolers aren’t opting out of anything, they ARE in school.  They just never dumped their kids into the vat of public education.

The quickly coined motto “distance learning” need not apply.  Unless you are counting the few feet from bedrooms to other parts of the house.  WHEN they are home. Most of my 11 kids remember being on the go much of many days with activities, outings to museums, etc.   We call it “home based education” because the hub of the school, the scope and sequence and curriculum choices, technology and other resources are self funded AND excellent.  Thousands of choices.  I wonder if Lizzie ever heard of the 
Great Homeschooling Conventions in six states every year (well, Xi’ Plague changed things a bit)  Much sharing of resources, ideas and students, like any good school, better called UNIversitas, not Leftist Indoctrination, is phenomenal.  WE LOVE EDUCATION.  We all claim to be life long learners.  And practice it.  Look what I am doing now, for Lizzie! She was deprived of the truth from an early age.

It’s table top, the kitchen kind or other rooms in the house, dedicated to scholastic achievement, one kid, sometimes ten, at a time. 

American parents want the best for their families and do not suffer easily the tainted public product any more. Public ed, like planned parenthood’s babies, ARE products.

Lizzie, ever see the stats on how many public school teachers have THEIR kids in the public school system.  Should be an eye opener for you. 

Pub ed teachers are NOT stupid; they see the “defining deviancy down” and can’t control society as it degenerates.  How else do you explain the non homeschool math of 16 crimes does not a felony make in Broward County, FLorida?  Nor discipline in Florida?

Purpose is obvious: costs money to care for kids the way you should so instead of working double time to help them, you let them perp crimes on Miss Demeanor and NEVER suspend or expel until #17.  Ironically, the number of dead teenage Floridians in the sad wake of Mr. Cruz.

Especially with remote control teaching thanks to the Plague of Xi.  Actually our RESPONSE to the Plague that Xi Mao II wrought on the world is the larger culprit. 

The governors sucked in the toxic fumes of totalitarianism. What else do you call a cop chasing a beach jogger on an empty public beach with intense virus killing sunlight, trying to give the speedy one a ticket?  I love our police; i have police family, friends and real estate clients who protect and serve. 

No, this officer was TOLD by a mayor or a Ice Creamery botox suffering Pelosi or her neph Newsom to take down ANYONE outside their home.  ANYONE.

  Sensible justice: the jogger left the Virus Cop in the dusty sand. Point is, power saturates the leftist minds so much, while everyone else knows it’s time, they still think the WHOLE country needs to be destroyed before house arrests end.  NEWS at 11: ONLY two real epicenters of the epidemic are NYC (a country unto itself) and Nursing or Skilled Nursing homes.  Comrade Cuomo does a twofer, like Tonya Reaves was for PPMichigan Ave in the Windy City: he dictates Covid positive patients be dumped in nursing homes, because he freaked.  It was like killing two birds with one stoned SARS-Cov-2 killer.

He should be shamed enough to resign.  Neva gonna happen.

Exhibit Two  Arrogance was Greg Salcido’s middle name in his  La Puente classroom.  “Calling a father’s brother a dumb shit doodoo should be ample grounds for dismissal; add in, calling the Marines useful idiots is just as bad.  This so called public ed teacher arrogantly called those that defend our shores stupid.

Plus, he insulted & humiliated the Marine uncle’s young nephew wearing the legal garb and violated the legal principle of “deprivation of rights under the color of authority”.

The children’s right to information not Gestapo “propaganda”  Like i mentioned, he was fired.  Lizzie, look into it for your next diatribe.  I know, you are protected from intellectual honesty: no retraction coming.

Yes, there is proof. Since Dewey first infiltrated American education, most of these public student child abuses went unanswered….. BEFORE cell phones with candid cameras. 

Like when David Daleiden video recorded Dr. “Lamborghini” Mary Gatter and Dr Nucola with some of Lizzie’s friends at planned parenthood, discussing how much to charge for certain parts.  Over salad and wine. 

No wonder schools ban cells in class: it’s to protect the world from finding out the truth.  No other kid, like in college, will speak up because totalitarianism is easily caught when a pupil or 19 year old wants more than a D grade for having different viewpoints learned at home.  The LEFT despises OTHER viewpoints and acts accordingly.

Let’s see, that 4% of students, home educated kids, Lizzie stays awake nights worrying about, graduate closer to 99.99% with a proficiency level in English & Math in the 90s  Colleges, other than Harvard who prefer unskilled sheep they can shear and mold, clamor for their admittance. 

Why do colleges without $30 billion endowments want homeschooled graduates?  Homeschooled progeny can read and write, think, reason and lack the indoctrination, the  so-called Lizzie Effect.  So many colleges must require remedial reading and Math training the summer before freshmen classes begin.   And, AFTER 14 years of elementary and secondary institutionalized conditioning, the kids need MORE.  This is a major frustration for college admissions departments.  And a sad, sick commentary on the Lizzie Industry of mediocrity and job security.

Well, in the old days, months ago, before “distance remote teacher learning” hastily came to be so college profs, and high school public ed faculty lounges can still get paid. 

Lizzie, for your rewrite should you still have a job, please note these 50 million temporary homeschoolers are pseudo homeschooling.   You have to WANT to homeschool to be ACTUAL homeschooling.  Please, no arrogance here, just the truth.  Parental servitude forced on millions is not the joy and blessings of home education.  I really hope millions of them for 2020-2021 switch over to the better way, but doubtful.  Prager, not loved by the left but bullied and shut out often from public discourse by the Big Four tech companies, said it well: “More people are defying the police state tactics, the totalitarian rules…”


Lizzie, you must know.  The left has occupied, better than a 60s sit in, the minds of millions of K-16; if they hadn’t, I believe, this Plague of Xi would NOT have been so mishandled.  Pat yourself on the back.

Sadly, the forced are only doing it under duress and objecting each and every day. It is causing animosity between parents and kids in too many homes, primarily because the parents are worried they may not have a business, job or home in the near future. Maybe a few million will do the cost~benefit analysis, and realize home schooling WORKS.  But, don’t be a debbie downer and include them in your stats using fake data.  


Late March, in a fit of hospitality,  I welcomed all 6 million California kids and parents to this new and awesome realm of actually taking control of your children’s most productive first 18 years.  It is a valuable choice, NOT a crime as Lizzie the Lightheaded claims. 

Odd thing, a bit of social commentary not from a hack like Dr Wiede, a newly in’doctorate’d phd sociologist: there are problems amid this plague of Xi: more domestic issues because Americans aren’t used to being hostages of a totalitarian governing regime ( a word Lizzie loves) demanding we not walk on beaches, leave the home, except for ESSENTIAL work. 

Like killing kids at PP kill mills on Tustin at the 22 in Orange, part of Orange county with 38 covid deaths in 5 months that has shut us down.  Yet, we are a gulag of bureaucratic required unconstitutionality.  Lizzie, I will send you a copy of the Founding Documents; maybe you can look up Mark Levin, a real lawyer and constitutional conservative.  He’s down in Virginia.

In fact, Harvard, when open, is just miles from the DC holding cell for the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution of these here United States.  Take a look for the first time.

My Lightheaded friend, I would be woefully negligent without a quick bit on the Declaration’s call for protecting “life, liberty and property”:

” (A) number of times throughout history, tyranny has stimulated breakthrough thinking about liberty. This was certainly the case in England with the mid-17th-century era of repression, rebellion, and civil war. There was a tremendous outpouring of political pamphlets and tracts. By far the most influential writings emerged from the pen of scholar John Locke.”  from WikiP

“Locke expressed the radical view that government is morally obliged to serve people, namely by protecting life, liberty, and property. He explained the principle of checks and balances to limit government power. He favored representative government and a rule of law. He denounced TYRANNY. He insisted that when government violates individual rights, people may legitimately rebel.

These views were most fully developed in Locke’s famous Second Treatise Concerning Civil Government, and they were so radical that he never dared sign his name to it. He acknowledged authorship only in his will. Locke’s writings did much to inspire the libertarian ideals of the American Revolution. This, in turn, set an example which inspired people throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Thomas Jefferson ranked Locke, along with Locke’s compatriot Algernon Sidney, as the most important thinkers on liberty. Locke helped inspire Thomas Paine’s radical ideas about revolution. Locke fired up George Mason. From Locke, James Madison drew his most fundamental principles of liberty and government. Locke’s writings were part of Benjamin Franklin’s self-education, and John Adams believed that both girls and boys should learn about Locke. The French philosopher Voltaire called Locke “the man of the greatest wisdom. What he has not seen clearly, I despair of ever seeing.”

Lizzie, you might respond: “Len you are an idiot.  I am a smart lawyer and work at the most prestigious American university.  We have $30 billion to spend. I know the Declaration calls out “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” not property. 

My humble response is a simple one.  Lizzie, you consider children owned by your government which ironically fits in well with the party of slavery founded in 1854.

  But, in the dialogue leading up to the final Declaration with everyone’s John Hancock, “Property” had to be written as “pursuit of happiness”(a noble undertaking) because the slave owners in slave states were concerned their ownership of human beings, the Negro as Margaret Sanger refers to them, would be impacted. 

Lizzie, do you really believe you are free?  But, without LIFE being an inalienable, God given, right, you have no chance at #2: LIBERTY.   Unless you ARE alive and have the freedom to transact, to interact, to move about the cabin without a Tiny Tyrant Newsom or Pelosi, you can’t keep private property that you earn, you acquire, you use to help others with. 

America, as Reagan said, is a “shining light on a hill”. Most nations have limited, if at all, free movement and property ownership.  Look no further than the country where the Plague of Xi originated.   

Private Property, like Harvard’s endowmented $30 billion bank account, as the new country’s citizens, were endowed to work for.  If you can’t own anything, you are subservient to more than the Man: as it is, if Lizzie Lightheaded Loony Left had their way, everyone is subservient to the state of totalitarian tyrants and the DC corrupt entrenched swampland of ideologues. 

Lizzie,  the Washington Compost and NY Slimes, both were bailed out by nasty capitalist billionaires;  if not, both of these advocates of nutsville would be gone.  They don’t have reporters they have Democrat and leftist advocates.  Much like your Harvard would not exist, without protected ‘life, liberty and private property’.  Intellectual or otherwise.

End of Lizzie lesson on American governance.  Back to her insults.

Fast forward to today: One response from an exasperated new homeschooling parent:    A first graders mom, a busy archaeologist finally said “we are done” when her 6 year old munchkin was getting 2 hours of homework on top of lesson plans. 

Lizzie, I just don’t think the timing nor the content of your hate piece is coincidental. The Green watermelon New Deal, which is pretend green on the outside, while masticated red communism socialism on the inside, is underway.  You Regressives have no shame. But shaming IS your gaming.   The system.

You can’t just squeeze your doctrinaire new theory of “distance learning” into the realm of successful home based education. 

Nor, will your public educated sheep tolerate all your BS disguised as enlightenment. 

The Left is a GENIUS at controlling the narrative, of inventive ameliorative terms to deceive the populace.   Blob of tissue, instead of baby.  A woman’s right to choose… without the words “…to kill her kid” after the ellipse.  Oh sorry, an ellipse, Lizzie are three dots.  The list is long as the self-declared “scientific” genders on the open market these days.  There is a whole new category of science: Regressive Left Science Fiction.

Except for too many homeschooling parents who can actually read and write, your public ed sheep have no choice, so they can get better than an ‘F’, to listening to blatant falsehoods.. Homeschoolers use their 100 billion dendrites to THINK

  This is why you wrote and timed this hydrogen bomb drop on 2 million permanent, and 58 MM temporary, home based educated students’ parents.  As your disciple Rahm puts it “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  EVER.

But Lizzie wasn’t done. In a paper published recently in the Arizona Law Review, she notes that parents choose homeschooling for an array of reasons. Some find local schools lacking or want to protect their child from bullying. (this author’s note: both good things) Others do it to give their children the flexibility to pursue sports or other activities at a high level. But surveys of homeschoolers show that a majority of such families (by some estimates, up to 90 percent) are driven by conservative Christian beliefs, and seek to remove their children from mainstream culture.

Really?  Is there moss growing on the left side of the ivory tower?  Are you and your ilk this dense?  Also, why don’t you publish your independent survey of all two million home based educators.  NOT including the novice homeschoolers forced to stay home against their will in the freest land on God’s green earth.

How DARE those child abusing parents have different views, outside of-atheist, betraying, regressive leftist Alinskyesque principles and beliefs. …they can’t have the TRUTH.  The Truth is dangerous to regressive leftists.


No WAY!  Say it isn’t so.  Parents who have faith, DIVERGENT religious beliefs, prefer their children being taught in private, charter or home based education? 

And not have their values subjugated, their beliefs Chinese droned OUT OF the minds and hearts of their children.  THAT is the ultimate child abuse (beyond killing kids for parts and satanist surgical doctor’s bloated salaries).

What, Lizzie, you don’t like we parents objecting to 6th grade Johnny learning the essentials of “rimming” or “fisting”. 

Warning to real parents reading these next three paragraphs: rated xxx, but necessary.  Btw, it’s the same stuff our enlightened public ed kids get every day.

In case  Lizzie you don’t get out much and are forced to live like Rapunzel in your ivory tower, rimming is licking the anus of a male ( yes, it can apply to the other gender, female for equality of the sexes). 

FISTING?  fisting is a guy practicing Proctological Experimentation (PE) shoving his clenched fist inside another man’s unsanitary bowel tract.  Hmm.  Lizzie, for the readers who never see what their kids are dished in Healthy Lives courses spooned by planned parenthood volunteers INSIDE concrete classrooms, I tried to be civil.  The left and Pelosi’s self-anointed Proctologist General is the afore-mentioned Schiff, because he is looking for ANY bowel obstruction of Congress he can pin on an effective executive who saved thousands of lives on Jan 31st. 

Well, other than Comrade Cuomo & Kaiser Wilhelm DiBlasio’s city-nation-state of New York City, where Lizzie’s model utopia has lost more human lives than ALL but six worldwide countries.  Plus, Cuomo even contributed to the co-morbidity stats by sending infected patients INTO NYC nursing homes and infecting them.  Lizzie, know what a nursing home is?  In modern parlance, they are where abandoned elderly go to die these days.  Gov DeSantis, where many of the NYC snowbirds head, went into ballistic gear to protect Florida’s elderly while Cuomo helped depopulate New York’s sardine cans of the old.  

Cuomo/Mayor Wilhelm: did it occur to you once, even fleetingly, that you had 41 killing table centers (abortion mills) which could have become truly ESSENTIAL repurposed with Covid Beds.  But, of course, having TDS and left dementia, it never came up.

So, America, including neoHome educating families, just maybe there IS a good reason to take charge of the kids you are in charge of and not pawn them off at age 3? 

Lizzie, once you clean up the educational cesspool, come back  in a few centuries and attack yet again actual homeschoolers.  Like Thurmond, Lizzie the Lightheaded has a lot of educational work ahead.  Including the dunce cap near the chalkboards in her classroom.

‘Bartholet notes that some of these parents are “extreme religious ideologues” who question science and promote female subservience and white supremacy.” ‘ 

Huh? Has Lizzie ever descended from her ivory tower (with a mask on of course) and TALKED to real domicilic pedagogues?  That would involve honest, unbiased research. Fat chance.

air-composition-pie-chart2Home based educational parents?  Scientific inquiry is not owned by the Left.  We question pseudo scientific sophistication and fraudulent models like a trace gas essential to FEEDING the WORLD is evil.   This is science that homeschoolers learn in 4th grade: photosynthesis and aerobic respiration.  Water, carbon dioxide and sunlight combine to FEED the WORLD and MAKE the FOOD.  both sides of the equation that leftists wouldn’t know how to conjugate. Speaking of how stupid homeschoolers are and Harvard’s atmospheric physicists claim to be.  Do this little experiment.  Then google “Maunder Minimum”

Lizzie: We take an air sample of your classroom air.  Counting, we find there are 2500 molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 and others.

For the $50 prize (don’t cheat!), how many of the 2500 air molecules are those leftist hated CO2, that gives AOC acid indigestion and Marx a “thrill up his Blitzer leg”.

Of 2500, How many, Lizzie?  Ask your furloughed research assistant who let you down for this crappy article.   

Write answer here _______________

The truth should surprise you, IF you can handle it.

Science, by its inherent nature, IS questioning and passionately despising photosynthesis & respiration meme‘consensus’ as if it’s a basketball game of 3 on 3 or deciding on pizza ingredients.

  No female need be subservient anymore unless you live in the dark ages.  White supremacy is NOT an American institution nor prevalent, but fetal supremacy by baby killing ESSENTIAL (what a crock) workers at 575 planned parenthood “Out of the mom’s body” experiences IS all too hateful of life.  The LIBERTY to LIVE and not be owned by the party of 1854, the party of slavery.  EVERY job is essential to someone: usually the family that likes to eat and not join the ObamaVille homeless encampments across America.

What mainstream culture is Lizzie talking about? That is so beneficial to America.  The academy has a lot of soul-searching to do, IF they have a soul anymore.

Exhibit THREE…child abuse is an acquired taste. 

Lizzie Lesson #3. You love to accuse, Lizzie.  How about a bit of balance. Take one of your advocates of higher level learning, Mr. Mark Burndt, an excellent and conscientious LAUSD elementary teacher.  He taught a combination young kids sex education and baking class to his pupils. Combining the best of Margaret Sanger and Julia Childs. We just don’t know how many times he practiced his ESSENTIAL craft on OUR kids.

40 kids that parents lent him to teach daily.  That expected sound education so they could grow to maturity and make solid contributions to society Lightheaded One promotes.

Dr. Mark generously spread his semen on his special  cookies and had his blindfolded students do a blind taste test. 

This scumbag only cost us Taxifornia taxpayer$ $140 million in settlements.  Of course, it’s always the occasional priests and scout masters dragged into the media spots, who abuse homosexually, young skulls full of mush ready for the taking?

What crazy dreams Lizzie must have.  But, the hidden public school internal HR files, like the secret $$ laundered sexual abuse Congress files, are filled with incident after incident.  Many solved by being paid but absent from classrooms.  You get the picture, Lizzie.  Of course, you will stay Tangled in the overgrown ivy vines outside your 13th floor window.

Maybe this is what Lizzie means about not discriminating another.  A discriminating taste for Slick Willie blow? Hoping the salty taste of sperm will improve 4th graders learning acuity? 

I’m not being crass, Lizzie the Lightheaded should read what passes for sexual indoctrination curriculum this year.  A group was formed in California for Responsible Parenting because the descent into pole dancing was so egregious.  So much so, that before the Plague of Xi, many school families pulled their kids out when the lies were exposed. Parents were told it was just mild information; until a few parents got hold of the pornographic material subbing in as healthy training.  Lizzie, in her Lightheaded heart of hearts, really believes ALL parents are misfits unable to handle their children’s future.

Before Lizzie, you get offended, note as a youth director over the years, it has been a constant descent further into the cesspool of Regressive dementia. 

I have seen it over three decades of working with other parents’ great kids.  Of course, Mr. Burndt may have been doing educational research for the Guttmachers, SIECUS and the master baiting segment of a master debate on semen use with other miscreant bakers playing with our NextGen’s lives.   You are playing with these kids forever lives, while destroying their earthly days.  Lizzie, honestly, you are a reprobate.

And, I am absolutely sure, your coffee clatch or cocktail club probably never hear the truth.  Last year:

“The California Board of Education Wednesday approved new statewide guidance for health education, including recommendations for teaching sex education that align with the California Healthy Youth Act, the state’s comprehensive sex ed law.

Board members unanimously approved the framework after nearly 200 speakers offered their opinions, including scores who’ve been mobilized by conservative religious groups to protest the sex ed guidance. They focused primarily on books they deem too explicit and aspects of the framework that address the sexual health of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender students and those questioning their sexual identities.”

Reading between the lines, it is a combination of porn, S&M, bestiality but NO child abusing parent is allowed to know the contents.  Lizzie, you are a retrograde despot of dismay.  The Loony Left is NOT happy unless kids are practicing sex by 12.  Or as the left’s Man Boy Love Association puts it for male to male non socially distanced sex, “Before eight or it’s too late”  As in 8 years old.  Funny, Lot even offered his two daughters to the mob.

Lizzie, you would object if your were forced to teach a balanced treatise on conservative principles in your concrete and on-line teleclass rooms.  Boy would you!

But, what part of sane education, believes 10 year olds practicing safe sex on each other or memorizing the 158 new gender ideologies (male and female are scientific but unknown to Lizziecrats) listed by Harvard’s Department of Gender Ideological Self Determinism, is fruitful or necessary. 

Wait, it’s probably 161 today; another 24 hours have passed and just another day to self-identify so other morphing. 

Lizzie, do you have access to the complete Harvard list; I’d like to see it from Harvard’s English department of the corresponding new pronouns.  This nonsense has gone on for way too long; we need a realignment of priorities.  And parents are taking their children’s lives BACK into their own hands.  You have the power and money, lots of both, but enough is enough.  In California, a lot of new applications in to raise their own kids their way, in home based education or charter hybrids.

How much is the Harvard Dept. of Gender ideological Self Determination director paid these days?  It was easy decades ago, when she only had M & F, male and female. Probably a $1000 for each new one she discovers.  You can buy a lot of toilet paper and masks with $161,000 annual salary.  Indexed to more make believe self identified mutations of sanity.

  Lizzie, are you a dominatrix? Are ALL men supposed to be subservient because of the Patriarchal, patristric centuries of male dragging their girls by their long hair with club in hand?  What throwbacks you are.  I know quite a few men who love their wives, respect them and their daughters, would die for any or all of them if necessary.  Yes, many are homeschoolers and Catholic, but people of all faiths are not excluded from protecting and loving womanhood.

Where science meets faith, and you examine the data, I believe woman is special, to be cherished, the last and most complex created being in the known universe.  Yes, be cherished not enslaved. Not oppressed, but also not turned into a pink baton carrying bully assaulting all males for the sins of Attila the Hun or Epstein. Even Slick Willie.  Homeschool families really aren’t into bondage and S&M; your ilk wants kids taught this retrograde crap.  There are trillions of plants, planets, animals and stars in this 553 sextillion mile wide universe, but NOTHING is more incredibly complex than a woman.  God (oops, used that anachronistic word) only made one of each: known as Adam and Eve, but if it thrills your Lightheadedness, call them Bill & Hillary.  Or Barack and Michelle.  I honestly don’t care.  Science does not distinguish names, but some historical books do.

Speaking of actual abuse, your ilk, Lizzie, prefer women in stirrups with death doctors shoving their assault currettes up their wide open vaginas private parts on a search and seizure mission for baby hearts, livers and hair follicles to sell to your sister school, YaleMed lab for a profit.  Whew! That’s a mouthful.

Sounds pretty sick?  You should see it from the child’s perspective, ready to descend the birth canal, preferably intact.  And some female “doctor” kills you just before first light.

Ever hear of Tonya Reaves?  Probably not; your nose is stuck so far up your law journals alex ocasio cortezyou wouldn’t believe she lost one kid to abortion, the next kid to the undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy and then her life.  ALL in one day.  Not one of those three will ever dream, get an education, meet Lizzie.  Just part of our Regressive demented viewpoint on life and America.  You can thank Planned Parenthood Chicago for this threeper.  No, not a man, a woman and cow marriage, but three dead for one $300 abortion tab.

Lizzie, my friend, you are a seminal idiot.  I have nothing but respect for womanhood, but you take the cake, flouting your sixteen word moniker and spewing nonsense.

Truly, read these comments as if you are a seasoned adult.  The responses at your articles’ end tells the story. People in the real world think you are an unabashed, clueless nut. 

Of course, you can escape to your soft, safe zone and complain to your excellent colleagues about the unwashed below on the other side of a sizeable moat around the tower’s brick and mortar base.  Even this unwashed author.  But, I am happy to continue this dialogue.  The craziest thing is you are paid $212,000 to shovel this manure.

harvardPlease understand, I have no animus against you or Harvard.  Snake oil hypocrite Al Gore the exception, but Natalie Portman, even Barry Obama graduated from your hallowed halls.  But, maybe Harvard too, has become too clannish, not looking outside the confines of 19th century buildings to see there is a whole new world out there.  The models are being remodeled, despite the “caged animal” cries of the educational establishment.

You asked:  “The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18? I think that’s dangerous,” Bartholet says. 

Lizzie, “dangerous” are devious leftists who think they are soooo smart and are as clueless as a crossword missing the verbiage.  Have you applied to Bernieland, Russia, to see if they have room for another autocrat member of the self proclaimed edutocracy?

You want us parents to pop out the kids (MOMS the heroes do that), do the diaper stage then pass them on to the illiterati, illiterate loons who couldn’t raise a glass let alone a child. 

I should send you the script I have given to homeschooling multi munchkin moms standing in checkout lines with a kid on her shoe, one tugging her skirt and another pulling her purse.

Meanwhile, A Dink couple with a Prius in the parking lot and a pair of Shitzoos on their shoulders out loud call her trailer trash by stating:  “Doesn’t she know there is a population problem?”  Of course, never lifting a finger to help as the scanner scans.

The modified script response is simple:  “Mr and Mrs Nosey Know it All!  Thank you for your concern.  There IS a population problem with 40 countries worldwide NOT replacing their culture, and one generation away from total extinction lacking births.  With the Plague of Xi, it is more acute, since planned parenthoodlums still kill the very young as the ChiCom Zoo flu takes out NYC and the Nursing Homes.

When your Shitzoos are dead and gone, in urns on your mantle, my seven kids will be paying your social security, Medicare (if it exists still) while one of you outlasts the other, and you die a miserable lonely death in Comrade Cuomo’s Nursing Homes.  You know, the place where abandoned, childless elderly go to die.  Ty for your concern.”   Of course, the mom is smiling the whole time.  Revenge is…

Needless to say, the Dual Income No Kids couple always catch flies with the truth forcing their jaw down below their belt.

  The simple answer to your bizarre, basically tone deaf question on danger, is YES! The rule of law is important; the code of Canon Law states that “Parents are the primary educators of their children.”   They are gifts, Lizzie, not robots.  They are to be molded with joy, not septic nonsense sold as curriculum. Or that nutty “It takes a village” pap to raise a child.  Maybe, Chelsea the results of Slick & Hillary’s business arrangement marriage and having sex one time, needed an army of aristocratic adminstrator wet nurses to get her to five.  One for one; good odds on the parents passion for each other.

Lizzie, you may have missed this in your research, but ALL parents homeschool from birth until they lend their offspring to adults who act as “guardians ad litem”, ie surrogates that the parents “hire” at preschool, kindergarten. 

The parents are NOT transferring their responsibilities to raise them as well as possible.  They are lending your proteges in academia their beloved offspring to be educated.  NOT indoctrinated with every pet wacky theory.  Look at Nik Cruz, who killed more students on Valentine’s Day, doubled up on hit list of fellow Floridian Al Capone.  Sadly, Nik, is the RESULT of the out of control public educational system and Obama’s ed secretary’s bizarre understanding of human nature.  You are a tenant farmer of education, not a landowner, Lizzie.  Like the two babies and two mommies of Solomon lore, you don’t really care about the kids welfare.  Parents do, and will fight to the death to protect them.  

“I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority.” 

Lizzie, cut the leftist throw up crap; you mean parents and that are too stupid to raise their own.  Who is acting more irresponsibly using their abilities and power:

The planned parenthood doctors you love, like Cecile the Lyin’ Hearted former PP chief, who KILL THE 7 POUND LIVING HUMAN CHILDREN AND CHOP THEM INTO RESALE PARTS.

…OR the parents who bear the children, change their diapers, and raise them from embryo to zygote to fetus to born blog of living tissue that morphs to rugrat, curtain climber and that mysterious entity: teenagehood.   Come on, Lizzie!  Easy multiple choice.  You can’t raise a village of children when they are knifed to death at or near birth.  You just can’t be that stupid to pick A

Maybe you really mean, like the aforementioned Obama’ educational genius who moved from Chicago to Florida just years before Nik Cruz showed up.  His “16 crimes does not a felon make” policies helped Nik Cruz to notoriety.  Or could it be Hillary’s hubby buddy Epstein who found out it’s easy to be suicided once you qualify for the Clinton Foundation list, now over 105 dead folks. 

Lizzie, we need honesty, not apparatchiks for pushing Regressivism.  Researchers of integrity, not hired hit women.  What you call Progressivism was born in Hades, not the hallowed halls of America.

Have you seen what your favorite prostiticians DO with America? Obama, China Biden, Pelosi, Newsom, Cuomo…the list is long. Even amid the pandemic, the Demonrats do evil.

Unlike you, Lizzie, I know hundreds of home based educated children and families.  They work hard with their children, who on the whole perform well above their counterparts locked in concrete for 6-8 hours a day.  With a half hour off for lunch.  But, during the Covid crises, the concrete 40 x 40 square cells were locked up.

Institutionalizing mentally ill might work.  But, institutionalizing kids is a terrible tragedy.  Yes, there are some good even great teachers in B&M schools, but the paradigm of institutionalization like cattle is an outdated model of failure that needs significant rework and remodeling. I truly wish Mr. Thurmond could see this.

Lizzie, look at your curriculum vitae: you have 16, yes 16 words in your title.  Of course, you have been schooled and probably do excellent on other subject matter, but please withdraw this from your body of work.  It’s not even safe to line canary cages with.

“She concedes that in some situations, homeschooling may be justified and effective…”  Well, thank you, your royal highness, Lizzie the EnLightened Lightheaded One.

“From the beginning of compulsory education in this country, we have thought of the government as having some right to educate children so that they become active, productive participants in the larger society,” she says.  You never took American history, Ms. Lightheaded.  Governance springs from foundational documents that decree WE, the PEOPLE are the government.  You are a hired hand who should be fired for incompetence; it’s like you plagiarize “truth” worse than Joe Biden, whose dementia is sad AND real.  Where is HIS family taking him off the national stage for his safety?  But, you HAVE no such excuse.  Just like the classic poster child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.   She is scary.

Lizzie, I admit, you are a great proponent for nationalized governmental hold on education. Like the DMV.  But ever since the Dept of Education was formed, the results speak for themselves.  Again, check the best data in the firmament, LA Unified.  The model just doesn’t work anymore.  UNLESS you prefer ungraduated students and semen laden baked goods.

As usual, Lizzie the dutiful soldier you teach to the test, in this case, it’s government’s role to form the factory workers so there are enough automatons to load ASiCs on circuit boards.  This isn’t the early days of integrated circuits anymore, Ms. Lizzie!  A strong AMerica is one in which kids are thinkers and excited about life.

“This involves in part giving children the knowledge to eventually get jobs and support themselves. “But it’s also important that children grow up exposed to community values, social values, democratic values, ideas about nondiscrimination and tolerance of other people’s viewpoints,” she says, noting that European countries such as Germany ban homeschooling entirely and that countries such as France require home visits and annual tests.   

Yes, trades instruction is a good thing and college isn’t for everyone, especially Harvard who prefer blank canvas brains to inculcate. 

But, a well formed mind, melded with a well formed conscience, with a thirst to be a life long learner, is the rudiments of a successful student AND a thriving America.  We WILL get past this sordid tale of socialism run amok to tame a bug.  It will not be easy, just as the preferred model of home based education takes effort, but it is in the American psyche that you hate, for us to succeed. Yes, be great.  Again.

Why are these words, a Great America, leaving such a bitter taste in the Lizzie world of intelligensia?  Don’t you belie the need for aspirations, fighting for dreams, building lives, wealth to help others.  A good world to help other countries not as blesses as we are?  Living babies, Life, Libertas and owning property?  Socialism fails everytime unless you are Moscovite Bernie, who acquires a new home everytime he is shafted by the DNC.

Germany and France can do whatever they want.  Unlike the current US, they are almost sovereign nations.

France’s homeschool strategy is just what a Riverside politician named Medina pushed, demanding forced access to homeschooling homes, using the excuse we need annual fire safety visits.  What a total croc!

It always gets back to parents are idiots; if they set the agenda for their kids training and education, they must be burning them with hot irons.  What a twisted view of millions of actual homeschooling homes.  I happen to know quite a few Catholic home schoolers as well.

Let me get this straight, Lizzie.  the homeschoolers are, well, home much of the day.  Wouldn’t it be logical to do visits to homes where no one is around in our abandoned neighborhoods for weeks on end? 

Are we so stupid we can’t smell smoke, make sure the fire extinguisher is locked and loaded?  the range gas is off?  Mr. Medina obviously was after MORE control of those who dare NOT to be part of the educational collective, ruled by the Ivy covered elites.  Like Lizzie the Lightheaded. The Borg of Boards of Public Education.

Lizzie, worry not.  The majority of children and parents will remain under your heavy handed control, even when shown the opportunity for a great life.  Some might take up home based education and will look back in 30 years and be glad they did.  The majority, sadly, will not.

Medina, embarrassed withdrew his nutty proposal.  Like the Sacramento souffle of Eggman inc.  In fact, a SacraDEMento hearing on Eggman’s demented bill was packed with homeschool families, with testimony, old and young, of well informed, intelligent dialogue.  The bill died.  But i digress. 

Lizzie, Dewey is dead.  Institutionalized public education is on life support thought it has more funds than all the little red schoolhouses in history.  The unions are too strong, more money means more administrators to super the administrators and families way too dependent on two incomes to object, for public education, no matter the results.  Teachers, despite the $720,000 her classroom receives in pennies, still buys and brings pens and paper.  Where IS all that outlandish money going to?  Certainly NOT the results.  Mediocrity is its own enemy.

There is no motivation for improvement.  And about these values you spout about, that you want to inculcate into our young.

They are not consistent with those that go back to the founders of this most blessed land on earth.  I am tolerant of your viewpoints, even though obviously, you are at best ill-informed, and at worst a partisan educational hack whose mind is closed tighter than Slick Willie’s door when Monica donned her blue dress “in his majesty POTUS’ service”.

But what passes for this emergency “home schooling” is NOT homeschooling. 

Rhonda McDaniels is a great leader, but she is experiencing home schooling burnout 30 days into a shutdown no one expected.  I just listened as she was interviewed and every thing mentioned about home schooling was how soon it would end. Even our Orange County Catholic educational head, Eric Barisano, quickly  jumps up and down, claiming the kids at home receiving remote lessons are not homeschooled at home.   In a sordid way, I thank Erin for her honesty. I have a little experience and exposure to home based educational models.

“This is not homeschooling,” Erin said. “It’s a little bit of a dance but teachers are still teaching. Parents are facilitating, and we are grateful, but teachers are still teaching.”

Personally, I commend Erin for her effort to make good lemonade from the lemons of this ongoing unconstitutional deprivation of freedoms in the guise of a manageable disease, but her dance is just that: a dance to justify trends that are well underway, things we in the homeschool movement have been doing for a long time.  Using technology and universes of curriculum at home and with like minded Catholic families.  If you ask the right Bishop, and I believe we have four of them in the Diocese of Orange, Catholic home based education is considered an acceptable choice for parents.  I believe my four, including Bishop Kevin, Tim, Tom and emeritus Bishop Brown, would say yes.  I’ll check and get back to you.

Chew on that.  Erin wants parents to know they don’t have to be responsible for their offspring; we will take care of things.  Erin is finding out something is missing, and distance amid crises is a roadblock for those not accustomed to homeschooling.  I love our parish based schools; but for the survival of the Church, we need the grand reopening soon.  Very soon.  What with UVa and sunlight killing off the microscopic soldiers of the Plague of Xi.

As to Lizzie’s cohorts, we really need to and can get back to the real world.  The kids be damned.  Same with millions of others thrust into this hybrid life with the teachers reaching INTO the home.  Not LIVING the homeschooling lifestyle.  Forced to accept a combination of overloaded methodologies. 

Like the exceptions Lizzie loves do not prove the rule, crises do not always bring out the best in people.  We have learned a lot with this Plague of Xi.  Mature adults are able to take constructive criticism and be open to learning the lessons that life affords.

Homeschoolers are not perfect, standing on pedestals of excessive arrogance: we look outside the concrete box.  We work together with others in innovative coop situations. There are incredible amounts of curricula, with Zoom and GotoMeeting, we adapted quicker than the exasperated public educational establishment to the crisis. Because we were already doing much of it.

Homeschool parents plan, decide as a couple for their family to take a different path.   I will repeat ad nauseum, moms are more than capable with their education levels, as are dads, to take on this adventure.   Since you hate patriarchies like all good Regressive Leftists, Lizzie, the heavy lifting is the mom most usually.  Grandparents, dads, other hybrid arrangements are adapted as necessary.

The rewards are legendary though unheralded by free press that no longer is free OR the press.  They are advocates of a bankrupt social order anyone with a keen and open mind can see.  There are boatloads of materials, curriculum, aids to accomplish. But always remember:

Homeschooling IS a choice, not a crime.  It is a LIFESTYLE for those who practice it, who love it. NO one is forced to take the less traveled path.

It’s hard work, not easy, tough at times.  But our kids are worth it.  Yes, even homeschoolers face burnout at times, but we don’t get to take paid leave. It is for the benefit of a nation in severe crises.  NOT the kind Mr Emanuel loves to state: “Never let a crisis go to waste”. 

Unfortunately, this Mao clone’s engineered pandemic will help your sad cause, Lizzie, because it is leaving a terribly bitter taste in parents mouth about having their kids after 9am weekdays. 

An unacceptable unintended consequence.  That is why I invested this time to write this for your edification, to show you that the forced homeschooling families are NOT embracing it.  So please stay out of the way until the virus passes and you will have your claws back on the majority of American families.  Salivate away.

Lizzie, as it is, your Dept of Ed’s charges are giving a BAD NAME to homeschooling. 

Parents that were forced into this Plague of Xi shutdown mainly hate it.  Lizzie, you might have been successful in persuading many parents NOT to take this higher and better and more difficult route for their family.  Congrats, you win!  Now, leave us the heck alone.

You may have heard about Caesar before you rejected Christianity in your college years, about giving to Caesar and God different things. 

Why don’t you help perfect the well-financed public educational system with 6 million in California or 40 million K-12 that the parents have released to your kind of model? 

Improve on the LAUSD’s grad rate and effective proficiency rates AS IF IT MATTERS and the kids matter, more than getting more money for the unions.  You are acting like the glutton with 7 courses already, looking for more.  Public education, as 17 kid killer Nik Cruz proved, is saturated with experimental ed theories that go against basic human nature.  Note, NO homeschool school has had a mass shooting.

But telling Florida kids, you can have 4 misdemeanors per high school year, totalling 16, without discipline is the recipe for typical REgressive disaster.  And you are partly to blame Lizzie; at least, being a part of defective social engineering that dulls the minds of the next generation while killing their souls. 

Check recent American history (outside of the ABCNNBCBS cabal of Dem advocates wearing PRESS clothing):  Nik killed 17 living souls (none had been aborted) of vibrant high schoolers, while useless adults, a true epic fail,  looked on.

Noteworthy as it is, the Valentine’s Day Massacre (Lizzie, i don’t expect you to know history at harvard) was named for 11 ordered killed when Al Capone WAS living in Florida.  TY superintendent of Florida Education, as usual, unaccountable.

In Taxifornia, we allocate 40% of the general budget and it ONLY goes to public conduits. Nothing for the hard working parents whose property tax $$ are surrendered to the Modulator Newsom’s FTD for CDE (Cal Dept of Education) exclusive use.

None to home schooled and private parochial education.  And, God forbid, anytime a charter school shows success, the Ed lobby swarms like locusts, bullying and lying about the results. Never let a good deed go unpunished is a Lizzie line.

Lizzie, your buddies are INTOLERANT of others’ success while you live with your failures.  I really hope you can  help Thurmond the Super and his massive anachronistic ed architecture; but please, leave your sad, slimy, misguided hands off the parents who work hard to give their children the very best.   They won’t get rich home educating, and it is much more than that, anyways.

I mean you no ill, but they don’t NEED you.  They aren’t asking ANYTHING from you and your ilk.  Leave them alone, you big bad bully. 

Yes Lizzie, read the comments to your article.  You ARE a bully that doesn’t realize how much of a miscreant you appear to be. I am sure you are a fine woman, smart but like the emperor’s clothiers, most just let him think running around in one’s underwear as the subjects hail you is ok.  Maybe, I am the only kid asking “Where are the Emperor’s New Clothes?”  Take it Lizzie as honest constructive criticism: you could do so much good for the public ed behemoth Goliath and leave us little Davids to educate the way educations was meant to be.

Here is your best line among many good also rans: 

“Elizabeth Bartholet, Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, sees risks for children—and society—in homeschooling, and recommends a presumptive ban on the practice.

How presumptive of you, Lizzie.

Regressives fascinate me, Lizzie. they live in front of the mirror, admiring the legend before them.  I can just hear you, saying i hate you and half the country.  Lizzie, believe it or not, I do not HATE anyone.  Hate is something perfected on the left; I can’t because hate only injures the hater not the hated.  We are all, male and female, with limited time on this mortal coil.  Even less if you are in Cuomoland living at a nursing home where he sent numerous Covid Positive patients in the great Pandemic Plague of Xi.  But, Lizzie, I worry about you.  How DID you get to this level of poor scholarship, of incredible bias about a whole class of successful Americans making YOUR job easier.

The Regressive Left, of whom Lizzie is a charter school member, are hell bent on destroying EVERYONE, especially those who successfully educate the next generation, because we can’t have competition, success, high achievers since we might hurt the widdle feelings of the snowflakes.   It must be the mediocre status quo.  Not the millennial, but the C average generation.

You’ve heard what a snowflake is? 18-20 yr old college students wandering with tears on the Hollywood 101.  The date?  11-9-16, the day Trump was supposed to lose to the Alinsky apostle, Hillary.  Dr Weide, CalStateLA sociology prof with a new doctorate from SUNY had been prohibiting diverse thought and speakers.  What a piece of work he must be, leading those poor pampered safe spacers.  I did not see him in the picture of crowds of Hillary fans holding up 18 wheelers walking the 8 laner as if it was their safe campus playground.

Bartholet maintains that parents should have “very significant rights to raise their children with the beliefs and religious convictions that the parents hold.” But requiring children to attend schools outside the home for six or seven hours a day, she argues, does not unduly limit parents’ influence on a child’s views and ideas.

Tell us, Lizzie, you are not this thick. One hour on Sunday learning about faith and historical Christianity, will not counterman the toxic pap your colleagues like to indoctrinate the students for 30 hours a week over 16 years with.

Full disclosure, I know a little about what you demean, what you blow off as a fast track to child abuse. 

Lizzie the Great, you mentioned the Home School Legal Defense Association or HSLDA.  Fact is, without the HSLDA, your regressive ilk will act like toddlers to find any way to insult, interfere and hurt effective education because you are an automaton focused on the Borg of Education. 7 of 9.  Will they intercede ie help the mediocrity of public ed?  Never, because that involves effort and not just postering like Acosta with a mike in the Rose Garden.  Look it up.  All 50 states need HSLDA, some very little and some a whole lot.  Just like the Plague of Xi, these viral locusts who hate good and love the bullying leftist herd, desire destroying EVERY successful educational endeavor.

To lefty oversight them worse than a beach walker in April as the Virus Cops chase them over the sand.  With Lizzie and her binocs on the penthouse ivory tower roof watching the whole time.

Lizzie, you end your article with: “I think an overwhelming majority of legislators and American people, if they looked at the situation, would conclude that something ought to be done.” 

Please don’t get a heart attack over whom you call the Jeffrey Dahmers of Curriculum, the ACTUAL homeschoolers of America.  But you ARE right: something SHOULD BE done. ABOUT the dismal state of institutionalized education.

As to home based CHOSEN education, something is being done. 4% of the school age children are getting the best education of their lives. More parents, with the healthy light on their lives and seeing what their kids are being taught, will OPT OUT and into taking charge of their children for once.

Of course, tragedies happen but they are extremely rare.  The Texas to Riverside Turpin family,  marched their kids at night and slept during the day. Crazy parents. Talk about a major NON homeschooling situation.  In fact, there has NEVER been a shooting, like Nik Cruz’s 17 dead in a home based school.  None.

Lizzie, you pointed to the memoir Educated, by Tara Westover, the daughter of Idaho survivalists who never sent their children to school. Although Westover learned to read, she writes that she received no other formal education at home.  You really love those isolated exceptions to prove that you rule, not prove the rule.

Another tragedy but I could list hundreds of terrible tragedies in the public ed system, suppressed of course  by a compliant ABCNNBCBS who are advocates, not news reporters for the 1854 Party of Slavery, the Democrats.  You didn’t know that?  Maybe you skipped American history in high school.  God only knows what you learned at Harvard.  

Why do you, Lizzie, straight away go to child abuse, survivalists or white supremacists, bearing lies and false witness against families that don’t beat down your ivory tower door beyond the Intolerance Moat of Indifference.  It IS an isolated case, though you have no clue..   Libel and slander should be charged against you, but they won’t be. We are too busy doing our calling justice.

“That’s what can happen under the system in effect in most of the nation.”  You are right, Lizzie, under the entrenched system that needs major revisions.  Not homeschoolers.

Public education is heavily subsidized and insulated from improvement. So what, 22% don’t graduate. And, hey they can at least add 2+2.   I worked at McDonalds in the 60s, with pencil and order pad not computerized registers and smart boards.  I am not sure how many of today’s public students could do the same.  Of course, I was paid $1.45 with a 7 cents an hour incentive to work the whole year.  Incentives, challenges, opportunity really does work on students; kids love to aspire.  Not be Ridlined into passive compliance.

When Lizzie did you first accept mediocrity so easily?  Just as you are tenured and insulated from seeking the truth and using the knowledge you gain for good.  Tenure is the bastion of the non competitive, the “just get by” crowd.  Those of us who must work for a living don’t have that luxury. If we don’t seek excellence, no job. And nothing to do with Xi’s Plague.

Lizzie, lay off the successful home educated.  If you are worried about child abuse, why don’t you look into real child destruction, the 63 million kids who have died via the RoWad73 virus, ALL curable.  I can’t absolve those that murder children for profit, but I can absolve you of knowing what you know about educational choice.

NOT a single one of them will attend Harvard or even first grade.  The science you fear resourceful homeschoolers never get, shows that those kids were thumbsucking, squirming, very much alive before your proteges at hell’s kitchen planned parenthood applied the guillotine.

For example, your bizarre Governor “WrecKid” Ralph Northam thinks its cool to decide AFTER THE CHILD is on his table, whether to bash her brains with a baseball bat–or just cut her up, extracting the heart first, then the liver, and of course the hair follicles.  And HE claims to be a pediatrician. WrecKid is right, like the movie millions have watched in this Interregnum time of self reflection under house arrest and Martial Law.

I am sure you know Kamala Harris the former prez candidate; one of her mantras is interesting: “I prefer extracting black babies from mother wombs instead of extracting fracked black gold from mother earth.  I am Kamala and approve this world view.”

Blacks, Lizzie you might remember, back when your party was started,  harvested corn, cotton, tobacco. 

Today, blacks ARE the harvest, the highest proportion of aborted children in America. The disease that you love while moaning about female subservience is abortion.  I wish I could really help you, but you are locked in the Harvard Cocoon of Silence and Intolerance to the Truth. The Harvard science department, like most medical schools, can’t tell a living baby from a pile of dung.  What do you and they think?  The kid is dead or not human until there is some magic life dust sprinkled in the mother’s birth canal on the way out?  Lizzie, can you really compartmentalize reality, truth and lies so effortlessly?

Lizzie, Regressive Leftists are the most punitive and provincial people I know. And, please forgive me for sandbagging you a little.  I didn’t want this to be about my family, but…

For the record, my family, which includes me, is  in our 31st year of home based education. We are pioneers, going back to the early days of HSLDA and CHEA; we have had numerous science fairs and coops with other homeschooling families.  Kids’ theater work and opportunities, music, physical ed you can’t do at B&M Eisenhower Hi, like Yosemite, etc. as PART of the adventure of learning about this great country and world.

Lizzie, I don’t expect you to change; you have too much baggage, just like i do. But, let me help you with a little selfie.

  We have 11 kids and 12 college degrees so far, in varied fields such as computer science, sculpture, English (summa cum laude), masters in Math, communication, animal health vet tech, MBA and more. My kids foster kids, live excellent lives, struggle at times and may do what Lizzie fears the most: be the NEXTGen of home based educators.  Learn about it. You will be amazed.  Just don’t expect 

By paying our own way, though we contribute heavily to the general Taxifornia fund via taxes, we have saved my native state of profligacy and waste,  about $2 million in unused ed dollars. 

Yes, it hurts to see this waste and the drivel that comes from the Lizzies of “higher education”, but honestly, you don’t give a damn what i think or anyone else thinks. Closed minds are a terrible thing.  You don’t even realize you are NOT free, imprisoned in a tower of intolerants, rigid lies that you can’t escape from…you feed each other the aforementioned drivel as if it is truth.  And you feed ON the minds of our young.

Other details will have to wait for a book I am writing.  Suffice it to say, I would hope you might have seen the error of some of your ways. 

I am humbly telling you, I don’t have all the answers either.  Our world has changed dramatically in the last 7 decades and not just the last months of the Plague of Xi’s insanity.

If I were your English professor, I would scrawl an “incomplete” on your Risks of Homeschooling piece, requiring you to do actual research.

  You are not one of the lemming talking heads of ABCNNBCBS; you are a smart woman, yes one of the most special and uniquely created beings, the last of general creation in our 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  Please trust, Lizzie, I am not patronizing you.  Because I know patriarchy is one of the heaviest chips on your shoulders.

Women, just don’t realize their wealth.  You can do something no man ever could: take a single cell and nurture into a 35 trillion celled being, sometimes called Choice that will be delivered in an amazing world of wonder ready for 80 years of adventure.  Unless interrupted by a satanist surgeon of death at your local kill mill.  For some reason, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention at Harvard, Yale or most bastions of the left, the word CHOICE, is abortion.  NOT education. 

Educational choice is the sunlight for the virus of mediocrity in the world of educational decay.  Lizzie, in your heart of hearts, you know this to be true.  You choose your brand of wine, color of your clothes, type of car.  But you don’t want parents to be able to choose how to raise and educate their own flesh and blood.

Lizzie, your mom once said this and I repeat: “you are much better than this”. Her love for you is dauntless.

If you asked why do we homeschool, my answer comes from a dad, not a professor with 16 words in her title: “Because we love them and wanted to give them the very best.”

Just like millions of self professed homeschooling families who have chosen this less traveled path.  We mean you no harm, Lizzie.  Please stop being an ignoramus and focus your talents on helping those that need you.  The broken indoctrination system under the Dept of Education, in the states from Maine to Hawaii.   We know we are a much misunderstood lot: called survivalists. Aberrations. Lizzie’s favorite: Deplorable child abusers. Wait, Deplorable is the lady who is suffering subcortical dementia unknown to the world, Hillary.

This last I know you will hate: I will pray for you.  For the hope that the Lingua Latinam word “educare” really settles in your heart.  You must “draw forth” from your students, not indoctrinate them with leftist politically correct BS drivel that has less to do with the truth than even your article tried to convey.  Tired of drivel?  Propaganda is substituted then.

God bless you, whatever you think God is.  And thank you for not mentioning “socialization”.   God knows I love it and have so much fun when people ask that question first.  Note, it isn’t easy homeschooling especially when extended families who think you are crazy not to institutionalize their nieces and nephews with the Lizzies of the world.   Many, many homeschooled families have 4, 6, 8, even 11 or 13 children.  WE have BUILT IN socialization.

Some outside family members, out of spite, jealousy or even hate, turn their siblings in with false reports to CPS, because they dislike homeschooling, typically out of ignorance. 

I know a hero mom of 13 who had a social worker drop in unannounced; she left 15 minutes later after verifying the report was blatantly false.  You oddly mentioned HSLDA in passing in your article; I have spent $100 a year for two decades with this fine organization; Legal Defense is critical because there are so many ignorant busy bodies (not all named Lizzie), who don’t mind their own biz first, interrupting home based education in EVERY state.  Like you Lizzie!  Imagine, if in one of your law classes, a SJW or truant officer interrupts you constantly just responding to false reports.  Or worse, requires you to teach the truth, constitutional conservative theories, along with your leftist pap…you’d scream to high heaven.  Or that other much warmer place.

Lizzie, you didn’t mention it, but thought it.  To ease your mind, my kids like most HomeSchool kids,  have plenty of socialization over a lifetime. Field trips to museums, outings etc are not all we do.   Not knowing if you are a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) or have a quiver full, the question comes from the same ‘well’ as your “homeschoolers abuse their kids daily” does.  Do you realize: 

Kids are not “socialized” by a room of twenty five (25) 13 year olds or 40  7 year olds for 180 days a year. 

Yes, they learn from each other, but be honest, what they pick up, what you call socialization, includes keying cars, dropping M80s in the teacher’s wastebasket, getting the cheerleader in the locker room to do sex ed homework on campus.

Character qualities and maturation come through adult interaction, not just their peers.  Though peers are often public school peeps that most homeschoolers have plenty of after conventional schools let out (HS homes often become magnet zones), in their families and the interaction of coop classes we work together weekly.  Is it too much to ask, that we be left alone for a few decades while we prepare the children for the next phase.

At least, I didn’t have to do what I have had to do for three decades, ask you to spell the word “socialization” before I explain the facts.  Every time I have asked that question responding to their question, I get a momentary deer in the headlights look.  Then, laughingly, i explain. 

Lizzie, I wish you loved educating our young, instead of controlling their parents AND the parents’ offspring.  Education is much more than lockstepping hordes of college kids on campuses, or spelling simple words like antidisestablishmentarianism.  And home schoolers aren’t locked in but avail themselves of a vast universe of educational possibilities…because they can.

Lizzie, my apologies if I seemed a bit curt.  It gets so tiring to deal with attacks over these homeschooling is a choice risks of homeschooling harvarddecades from Stockton politicians like Eggman and Riverside Medinas who may mean well, but just responding to the demands of their ed union donors to squash success. 

Look at the picture that was joined with your article. You have kids running gleefully around the imprisoned young girl, of course, not boy looking through the bars with sadness.  Ironically, like with the virus, the homeschool family is NOT locked into concrete for 180 days a year from 8am to 4 maybe 6pm.  What was missing was the Child Protective Services officer banging on the front door.

Our homes are anything but prisons.  Messy, kitchen tables strewn with books, laptops and iPads, projects and more.  But not correctional facilities, like run amok ed theoried Florida schools under a Chicago ed “expert” from the ObamaNation.  Yes, we teach our children right from wrong, how to distinguish the fake from the real.  How to accept the rule of law, instead of serial shoplifting up to $950 worth of stuff daily like happens in the shadow of Ice Cream Queen of Hearts, Auntie Pelosi’s mansion in the city of St Francis of Assisi.

So many people just don’t UNDERSTAND the privilege and joy, as well as the amazing rewards involved in thinking your kids are precious and worthy of your TIME.  People basically, understand Lizzie, don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  The phrase ‘Quality time’ was coined by someone who believes spending 10 minutes per day with your kids is more than enough,  is optimum.  Trust me It isn’t.  And sadly, Lizzie, you will ignore this “gift”.  The left always does, sticking to its biased presuppositions as the “Know it all” party.


katy and the python or boa your guess march 2013

Here are some homeschoolers at a science fair holding a 10 foot snake

 John and Tess, Tom & Jamie, 

To me, the modern home school movement is made up of precious pioneers working to change the world one son or daughter at a time. i can call most of them friends.   

Homeschooling is a choice, not a crime.  It is a lifestyle, that after three decades I can tell you well worth the effort.

Lizzie, just two more names: Donna bore the 11 kids mentioned above before going home to heaven, with miracles you would never understand, prematurely at 48. She had two years of college and the reason our 11 blessings ARE blessings was instilled before she went home to eternity awesome.  And Mary is a miracle too, adopting 12 including this author, for better or best, when she said “Yes” to that patronizing patrician patriarchy question men still ask.  Sadly, that you hate.  And the Regressive Left despises. 

‘Progressive” is a brand of sauce and insurance agency, NOT a politically astute view of the world.  Regressive is what the Left desperately panhandles, regressing to deviancy year after year.  To the right is my youngest of 11 helping to hold a 10 foot snake.  They don’t get to do that much in classes of brick much.  Although there are a few snakes in the Lizzie educational realm.  But WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.  I hate NO ONE; even someone like Lizzie who libels and slanders, a whole class of parents, who demands EVERYONE be in the same village of dumbed down sheep munching on the same grass of mediocrity.  Homeschool families are NOT child abuse dens.  NOR do they have frequent shootings by misguided, mentally defective felons.  Yes, former Chicago superintendent of education transplanted to Florida, Nik Cruz IS a felon. He may have not done his Valentines Day Massacre IF he had been properly handled throughout his education career.  AND Regressive Lefty showboater Sheriff Israel was flipping burgers somewhere else.  Lizzie, stick to what you know.  AND should you want to be a real effective author on educational choice, do research, interviews and sort out fact from fiction.

Lizzie, if only you took the forest out of your eyes, the chips off your shoulders, you could look past the splinter in the typically homeschooling mom’s (moms usually are the heavy lifters in this doing historic and heroic work) and see the true heroes in America who suffer your real abuse for the betterment of their children and our society. 

And believe you me, homeschooling moms ARE the heroes quietly making our country a better place to live.

….. you get the drift.  Wish you the best.

Below is what Cal Ed Super Thurmond does to those he has no right to oversight over. that’s a mouthful.

Sign me, Homeschooling Dad of 11 and the Virus Hunter while necessary during the Plague of Xi.

PPS  A big issue is the this Indoctrination thing that passes for honest education…especially during and since the ObamaNation infiltrated with their bizarre administrators, like the one from Chicago who reshaped Nik Cruz’s district.  He killed 17 because the adults were brainless.  Out of respect, I have not named him. You can certainly dig the name out IF you know how to research.  Just google “Obama’s chicago ed secretary).  The truth is out there, Lizzie.  Seek it.

Almost forgot, out of that 2500 Ivory Tower or Harvard classroom air sample, how many are carbon dioxide molecules?  If you answer this correctly, a whole new world of science, biology, anthropology and political truth will open your eyes.  I hope you know I care about you, because as an elderly woman, you have a lifetime of achievements to be honored for.  

Just don’t screw with my peeps: we in the homeschooling community, unlike the Regressive Left, have been abused by YOUR kind ad nauseum.  I have two decades of cancelled HSLDA checks to prove it.


The answer to the 4th grade science question above.  One.  Yes, your loony left is destroying the world, AOC suffering AOCD over ONE molecule of CO2 per 2500.  Kind of makes you think, Lizzie it is time to retire.  If not, be fired.  Enjoy the day.  4Give  B4Given   Help a vulnerable elderly neighbor as your Daily Good Turn bit of charitable love.  Please send me an invite to your retirement party this fall.  I will send a gift.  You have nothing in the Harvard Twin Towers, what with $30 billion on account and the 9 million you shamelessly took in before giving it back.  Twin Towers of opulence and arrogance.

My worldview is we have an incredibly blessed America; yes our foibles are many, but the people generally are generous and the best in the world.  God not Algore created His universe from zip.  Any first year philosophy freshman can explain First Causes to you. CO2 is NOT evil, just as misnamed “fossil” fuels is a Marxist methodology to control the means of production and do 100 times more damage than a mismanaged Plague of Xi shutdown.  We WILL get thru this, with our without AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Schitty etc help.  But CO2 combines with water and sun energy and God, not US, FEEDS THE WORLD.

Ask a Harvard chemistry or biology professor, if they aren’t haranging her or his students with watermelon green neoDeals, 160 invented genders, patriarchy sucks, revised historical slavery diatribes, etc.

Or like a flight attendant on Xi’s ChinaCovid Air flights, directing your muddled brain students where the exits for the safe rooms for privileged silver spooned snowflakes in Spring are located. 

I have invested waaay too much time in trying to help, but Lizzie, let me tell you the truth.  God loves you.  He HAS a plan STILL for you.  He didn’t need your advice on His beloved homeschool educators but has a place reserved for you for your eternity IF you are willing to do basic research.  You ARE loved.  Stay safe. Wash with soap & water. Do NOT lick Harvard doorknobs. Quarantine if you have the symptoms.  Stay at least one wavelength at 185 Hertz away from another Harvardian for your and their safety.  Make sure the mask you wear is cleaned with soap and water. We have come full circle. Enjoy life again and please smile: you have an excellent one.  Oh by the way, if your respectful, smart, critically thinking previously homeschools students thank you, please thank their parents for choosing the less traveled path.  Just don’t terrorize their home grown, good character qualities and truthful values.  God bless.

Virus Hunter, real estate guy, dad of 11. 

Len is an author, optimistic realist, 30 year homeschooling the family’s 11 awesome kids and stands by his matra “It’s a great day to be alive”.  As well as the Mt Rushmore  of carved out, simple life suggestions:  BKind     4Give  B4Given   Help1Some1-2day…and more if you can!  The antidote to all things leftist, like simulated racism, socialism, ismisms. Alinsky too!

And the laser light shiner on the 1854 founded party of slavery, secession, segregation, Semitic hate, and separation of baby from mom, and baby heart from newly aborted PBarrenhood.

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