The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: FATHERHOOD IS an essential job

Where did all of these come from?

Fatherhood IS an essential job, even when the fathers in the fatherhood aren’t seen as that important in the Post Millennial patriarchal social media saturated world we live in. And yes EVERY job under the Plague of Xi is critical for someone

Happy daday dads! Actually, happy dad year and family life!  We NEED you.  Even national talk show host, Jennifer Horn, loves her dad and considers him essential.  

Do you know a good father?  Most of you reading this actually came through a mother who had a man she married who turned her INTO that mother with you inside.  That’s a mouthful…

But many in our enlightened society believes men in general and dads in particular are expendable he should just go boil the water, learn laMaze and get out of the way once the kidling crowns on the way out of the birth canal.

Some have or had an excellent relationship with their dad, the more endearing term for father.  Father God sees all, after all: some have had disastrous times with papa.  Father’s Day or any day is good to celebrate him; if he did you wrong, which only you know, good time to push the ten pound chip off your tired shoulder and forgive him.  Yes, he probably doesn’t deserve it, but forgiveness and being forgiven is the most healing thing one can do at times.  Or maybe he does, and the misunderstanding happened both ways.  Having that reconciliation, having your dad back before he or you go six feet down.

If he treated you like an angel or saint, then get him that tie; or make him a handmade something or other, because he has enuf stuff to stuff a heShed.

Even though God designed woman incredibly complex and created her last, Father God did have a role in mind for dad.

In the post WWII 50s, it was sole provider while mom had the kids at home, got them to school, cooked the meals, etc.  In the 60s, fathers in too many homes became less relevant due to LBJ’s poverty war.   Haight Asbury’s long hair hipsters came on the scene, who became today’s radical left Harvard tenured professors of indoctrinating poison.  Ever hear of the Ivy League’s finest, the Prophet Alexandria (Ocasio Cortez)? who thinks our world’s over in 12 because of the terrorist substance carbon dioxide?  Indoctrination indeed… Yes, there are good professors.

I knew one, Thomas Aquinas College parental alumnus Professor Steven Atchley, whom I’d like to dedicate this Fatherhood piece to…this was his first father’s day in heaven. And the first the Atchley offsping are fatherless on earth.

I didn’t know him that well, except at occasional homeschool related gatherings, but he is the consummate father who put his beautiful wife Patrice and their kids before HIS needs. 

Irony is, as a professor, he taught many international students at two private universities, including a healthy amount from mainland China & yes, some from that busling metropolis of Wuhan. Therein lies this claim:

Like in this krazy covid confused times, my guess is he was California covid death #2 or #3, (he passed Feb 16th) before King Newsom went royal on us March 21st. 17 days after Trump shut down Wuhanian viral transfers on Sino-Covid Spreadit Air flights Jan 31st.  Misdiagnosed flu, co morbidity heart attack, exhibiting symptoms now readily known about the Plague of Xi.  You know the drill. 

I know his family would prefer to have their uncle the priest NOT celebrating a final Mass, have him tossing jokes, celebrating the afterglow of another wedding this past month.  But, God had other plans.  Best to the Atchley family

Dear Leonard, TAC Alumni Dad

Please pray for the repose of the soul of TAC father Stephen Atchley, who died of complications from a heart attack on February 16. Please also pray for the consolation of his family, including his wife, Patrice (Ford ’81), and their eight children: Liam (’14), Clare (’12), Angelique (Cotugno ’14), Gabrielle, Juliet (’18), Sophia, Dominique (’22), and Lisette. A 9:30 a.m. Rosary and 10:00 am Funeral Mass are scheduled for Saturday, February 22 at San Segundo d’Asti Church in Ontario, California.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

Robert Bagdazian
Robert Bagdazian
Thomas Aquinas College Parents’ Association

So if your dad, like Bilbo Baggins, is off on a new adventure beyond earth, think and pray for him.

Fathers called dads are blessed.  Not just the amazing homeschooling dads, the dads of all shapes and sizes worldwide, but all fathers.

  Yes, we dads screw up, do stupid at times.  But then, if YOU the reader are perfect, enjoy your geography: you must be in heaven or well…hell o number nine.  Perfection is what we work towards, but not in the genetic code for homo sapiens sapiens.

Some dads work two maybe three jobs to make ends meet these days.  Yes, women and moms are essential too, AT home or  IN the workforce, or both,  a notable change from 50 years ago where parents share burdens and joys in miraculously good ways…some not so good.

Much like the fatherless ness that plagues inner city families, especially of the Negro persuasion.  This goes back to LBJ and creating a $$ incentive NOT to have a father in the home to fight poverty; funny, his efforts directly has fueled enormous pain and suffering.  700 mainly black youth killed by other black young men last year in Chicago, did NOT die because all 700 murderers had a dad in their home.  The exact opposite, IF we cared to go deep about why people kill people, is true.  Maybe one or three?

Look at the good examples: my son Matt has four kids (no, he didn’t gestate them, his lovely wife Emily did) in the Sa Diego area, raising them as a couple to be Godly good Catholic citizens in a zany world; both are professionals workwise but learning parental excellence every day.  Truth be told, this dad is definitely a life long learner, with enough stakes and mistakes to fill a Tuff Shed.

That’s why plank three in my 4 plank mantra (BKind 4Give  B4Given  Help1Some1-2day) is so important; yes we are falsely accused of burning the toast, talking too loud, committing child abuse (Dr. Tenured Professor Lizzie Lighthead of Harvard Law article “Risks of Homeschooling”) claims that because we homeschool, the oldest profession, we are serial child abusers.

All 2 million homeschoolers by choice, local learning, not forced via distance learning to do so.  What a hack and loony ivory tower academic disguised as a solid researching “author”.  Hit job.

But, we can forgive and be forgiven. Hey smug brainiac, you are human:  there is always three phalanges aimed at your face when you point the index finger at another. 

Jesus told us, after commanding us to Love God completely, you know the One who made you and this 553 sextillion mile wide playland universe: LOVE your neighbor.  Forgive her or him 490 times and then again. Why?  Because hate kills.  YOU, not the one you hate; every one has an irregular person in their lives.   Hate never solves a thing, whether for a president or a teacher, half-sibling like in Israel or even at the dinner table with broccoli.  But please do NOT hesitate to tell the truth even if the person doesn’t receive it well; when someone stifles YOUR speech it typically is because their “arguments” and “opinions” are hollow and empty words: nonsense.

 America CAN solve it’s systemic stupid problem of dehumanizing so many, one person at a time, starting with me. 

Hey, rioters and statue urinators, Lincoln topplers, arsonists blaming a 1619 NYTimes article that never happened: THERE IS ONE HUMAN RACE. ONE SET OF FIRST PARENTS, NOT A POLISH, NEANDERTHAL, BLACK, CHINESE, AMERICAN first couples yielding different chromosomal Beings.  Get real. Find a cop to help and get fat with donated cookies.

Get off this kick that hate can be contained (hate only kills the hatee, not the hated), that i am a poor helpless victim of racism or ageism (damn baby boomers on the Soc Sec millions they put in) or Lamarckism.  Everyone reading this, whether family, friends, SBLM or AntiFActsists: NO ONE OWES YOU REPARATIONS FOR YOUR GREAT GRAND….PARENTS EXISTENCE. But I will, like Jesus did on the cross, fall on this sword to help the victocrats, race pimps, grievance generals and misery merchants.

My Reparations offer, good until 2065, the 200th anniversary of Juneteenth:

$100 in $2 freedom bills to the first DAD or person who can prove they have picked cotton (or corn, tobacco, the more common plantational crops) on a Southern Democrat plantation recently with a Greek Revival Mansion.  Ok, you qualify IF you worked on the land, harvesting same and not in the Masta’s mansion.   Ready to pay.  You just need to prove it.

Examples are everywhere of successful black, green, tall, short Americans not wallowing in self-pity or infused with any color guilt; if you take off that white fragility privileged smog laced eye mask and see the truth. 

The only debt we owe is a debt of love. beckman kids 2015

Ask Tom; Mr. Sowell is one of those plentiful black leaders (just not on ABCNNBCBS & the radical American hating left) such as the MLKs, Williams, Owens, Elders etc., who know the score and stand apart from the Sharptons, JessieJacksons and other racism pimps pushing their toxic mix of divisional hatred and lies.  And more lies.  Fatherhood is NOT to be bought.  Everyone needs a Savior, and certainly, everyone is better off with both parents, ie including Mr. Cleaver or other.

The untold tragedy is the 63 million father started kids who never saw daylight but the lady who just doesn’t like people who aren;t rich nor look like here. With all the mayhem aa-margaret-sanger-and-colored-ministeraround us, one of the constants has been a dad who loves us, a mom who nurtures us, a life worth living.  We need a cure for this lady’s toxic masculinity; her company pushes vasectomies and worse short-circuiting so many lives, including the 20 million blacks children killed for parts.  True tragedy that can be repaired without reparation.  We are STRONG as a nation, we lost 600,000 to free the slaves and DON”T NEED THIS NEW NEO-PLANTATION WHERE YOUNG BLACKS & WHITES ARE HARVESTED.

Wake up, America!  we are much better than this.  What the heck do I know?  I’m the grandfather of black children and know of their struggles; too many monopolies on victimhood silliness out there, that because today you are a certain size, location or age, or color, you deserve MORE than being free to live a long life.  Opportunity, not reparations.  Love not hate.  Peace not war.  Intact statues not revising the history of the Southern Democrats KKK Krowd to continue the deception.   Fathers ARE essential.


People, keep looking for the good in others. Josh and Maryann have three amazing kids, one who proceeds them to the above (ask mom Donna how John’s doing) but is one of my grandkids nonetheless.  I am selfish this way: there is ALWAYS room for one more at the Beckman Ranch table.  Always.

There is NO -less in my grandoffspring vocabulary, even for temporarily raised precious children. 

The kid that made me a TAC parental alum, Nathan and Jen, TAC alum too, have raised five foster kids in a northeasterly state…they love each and every one and now have three fostering along.

If the stars and courts lined up, they would adopt em all, and take another 7 for jollies.  Today, father Nathan and mom Jen had a returnee, Javarre come by on his 3rd birthday because birth mom so appreciated their love for the child she bore.  Nathan and Jen are patient, ready to adopt when they are allowed to adopt.  The best kind of a woman’s right to choose….Life.

Fostering is a noble profession, critical in this fractured culture today, where divorce is more common than sand and sanity.  Every body should foster a child…or at least mentor an at-risk kid near them, in this culture which chomps, chews and spits out kids like a pitcher’s nicotine chaw mouthful.  Kids need dads and moms.  Parental units, vice versa!  God created us this way: He made trillions of insects but only one dad and one mom to populate the 3rd rock from the sun.

There are all kinds of dads, not necessarily by scientific genetics means: adoption, step parenting, coach mentoring, etc.  I was a single dad for seven years and I know it is hard but worth it; single momhood still is a tough way to raise the NextGen.  Take Societal Evolution 101, with guest lecturer Mrs Doubtfire.

Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire: [reading a letter] Dear Mrs. Doubtfire, two months ago, my mom and dad decided to separate. Now they live in different houses. My brother Andrew says that we aren’t to be a family anymore. Is this true? Did I lose my family? Is there anything I can do to get my parents back together? Sincerely, Katie McCormick.

Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire:Oh, my dear Katie. You know, some parents, when they’re angry, they get along much better when they don’t live together. They don’t fight all the time, and they can become better people, and much better mummies and daddies for you. And sometimes they get back together. And sometimes they don’t, dear. And if they don’t, don’t blame yourself.

Just because they don’t love each other anymore, doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. There are all sorts of different families, Katie. Some families have one mommy, some families have one daddy, or two families. And some children live with their uncle or aunt. Some live with their grandparents, and some children live with foster parents. And some live in separate homes, in separate neighborhoods, in different areas of the country – and they may not see each other for days, or weeks, months… even years at a time.
But if there’s love, dear… those are the ties that bind, and you’ll have a family in your heart, forever. All my love to you poppet, you’re going to be alright… bye bye.”
My oldest daughter Amanda surprised me on a July afternoon. Her man Brian and she packed the covered wagon and moved East (this real estate guy has many clients considering it) to Houston-Galveston with their (currently) four kids.  We need Spock to invent a grandparent/dad transporter to connect up the movers, better than FacialTimes or Zoom.  Not complaining, just asking.  
It’s easy for me to love Larissa, David, Rosie & Bri & Kieran & Gavin, Zach and Regina, and Faustina and the mighty Katrina Irene, named for two future hurricanes.  These are awesome or better.  But Dads…

Dads, love your wives; loving the mother of your kids is the BEST gift you can give them.  If no wife, dad, don’t hesitate a second to call your kiddoes, no matter which Mrs Doubtfire time snapshot you are in.  Reconcile if you must; at least try (Plank 2 always before plank 3 can happen).  Don’t let a nanosecond go by without that Facetime, Zoom, Go2Meeting, all the interweb tools available.

We can work on this.  Before the grets and regrets surface like a Covid virus on the counter.  IF we put on Truth lens, get over the hurt, burn the 10 pound shoulder forest and pitch the you, you ‘you are a white privileged racist’, “you, I hate you because you did xxx…”; “you are a mean daddy because you grounded me” etc.
Impediments to reconciliation.  As a family, as a city, county, state…even nation. 
America IS great because of its people, moms and dads, granddads and GrandMArys.  Do plank 4: find someone you DON’T know who is at-risk and HELP.  You’ll figure out how. Just don’t let a derailing take you off the focused goal.
But we do need, in this so blessed country,to correct the solvable problems. A big one is building up the fractured state of familyhood in the neighborhoods, which have been derailed by this godless anarchical society of the last decades.  But hope springs Eternal.  We can do this.
  Like re-valuing families, including fathers.  Rewrite the historical revisions spewed by anarchistic academia that we are a patriarchal paternalistic evil place.  We can only change that which is truly wrong, but euphemisms and emoticon laden guilt trains (ever get booked on a heavy guilt trip and you almost put your luggage through the dining club car?) will always be with us.  Prostiticians never sleep but they lie like a rug.  Schitty Adams will also always be with us, until voted out.  But look to the positives, accentuate them over falsies…
Thank you dads, and happy father’s dad’s day.  Try a windsor on that new tie.  And pray for Steve’s family who are fatherless this June 21st.  Best to you, Patrice and Atchley kiddoes.


And thank you Paul, my dad, for your love.  I became a real estate guy like you, still have your Yellow Taxi hat and love the siblings you and Irene our mom provided us to love together.

Happy Father’s Day in heaven.  I bet Jesus’ mom’s day, Mary, get more play up there.  But then, God saved the best for last: woman.

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