Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Babies & Elderly, hated & abandoned! Why?

2020 hindsight in 2020 is always much more simple than guessing the future.  Take an arson investigator; he or she digs through the rubble, looking for clues.  Sometimes it’s an accelerant in a warehouse, a flare or matchbook at a campfire in tinder rich wild fire country.  

Over the decades,  our culture has changed alongside incredible advances in technology.  Yet, one change we hopefully can re-examine is how and why we warehouse the elderly as well as monetize the young.  Our culture of death both sells black babies in parts and gets $39,000 per elder CoviDeath in nursing homes, of which Dr Cuomo has 593 in the Big Rotting Apple.  His able bodied assistant Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm of destruction is hell bent on ruining a great city, like many that are dying with one party decades long leadership..

Little was known about the behavior of the Plague of Xi since it first hit the streets in Wuhan October 2019. You might recall the epidemic became pandemic (pan means crossed borders) on the first Sino-Covid Viral Air flight out of Wuhan International to Italy, Spain, NYC, USA etc.  

Looking back for that spark that started a wildfire,

Draft underway.

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