God bless America #244 Bday. 1 Great nation amid 1 human race.

WE are in month 2929 of this covenant land.  2928 months ago, 56 Founders signed a revolutionary declaration 13 British colonies were going independent from King George III and their colonizing Englanders.  Do you love America?  They did and they ALL lost their fortunes and lives for their John Hancock’s on the bottom of the parchment.  And that YOU, yes you, have a blessed and thriving Federated Republic.  What Reagan called “shining light on a hill.”

Check 190 countries’ calendars worldwide; most EVERYONE has a July 4th.  Day 185 with 181 to go.  Just a few of us ascribe importance and celebrate this date annually.

What do you love about these United States?  What do you dislike?  Is Juneteenth or SeptemberSeventeenth more important to you?  Comment below with your wise and whys.  Last I checked, amendment 1 still protects you from government overreach and suppression, even if Google, Twitter and Apple love to shadow ban with their gameboy basement content cops.

If you’ve seen Hamilton on Disney or in the theater, King George III levied a 3d pence (not the VP) tax on the American colonies and Boston Harbor became the first tea party.  A bit salty that tea.  People ARE tired of tax without representation even then.

Our current royalty is King Newsom the Red (my affectionate name for our overreaching governor), ruler of Taxifornia, resident of Blessed Sacramento castle.

This week, he and his court jester, Xavier the Deceiver is charging a 67% gas sales tax RATE on something just as critical as tea. 

That fossil fuel gasoline & diesel which powers what’s left of the frayed $23 trillion robust economy.  Any riots at the gas pump?  Any looting of windshield squeegee paper towels? 

Haven’t seen any, though among the anarchist teams (windowbreakers, looters, rioters, arsonists) which is the progression of current destruction tolerated by feckless petty tyrant mayors and governors.  King George III would be proud.

Yes,  you can find a few free assembled protesters if you get there in the first few minutes.  But, Life, Liberty, Property & Happy Pursuits may be inalienable, but they always are vulnerable.  We STILL, to this day, have a form of slavery in e Pluribus Unum

USHistory lesson: there is no Constitutional “protesters” clause: yet amendment 1 says “…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…” is guaranteed. This RIGHT comes with a responsibility that so many young people, of all creeds, colors and ages, continue to undertake. To speak up “against other worldviews and actions” they find objectionable.

Like the 10-100 peaceful protesters at each statuary riot today.   Always remember, blessed American, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but there is ONLY one set of truths or facts. 

I have been and will be a protester for life, having dedicated myself to the plight of the woman and preborn children, but peaceably for the Truth…not a lie like the Fabricator of Burbank continues to spin. 

AS you, the reader, as your legacy unfolds, become committed to loving your neighbor as yourself.  So many have spent a lifetime to discover this simple solution.

Black lives seem to be on tongue tips this Independence Month 2020.

William Wilberforce, with Mr. Tom Clarkson and others, battled for decades to end the slave trade in England (I recommend the movie “Amazing Grace”). The diabolic slave ships did end with royal ascent for the Slave Trade Act on March 25, 1807 and in the US in 1808, but freedom for “all men and women created equal” received the blood test decades later. 600,000 bloody tests in the Civil War six feet under and we are still learning the results.

Are you racist?  Vast majority of Americans, no; I don’t think you are. In another piece, I outline the history of this mass marketed “institutional racism” theory.  WE are duped so easily BECAUSE we are decent, loving people. 99.9999 % of Americans are such. 

Answer it simply: do you believe that all humans have equal value at creation, from womb to tomb?  Then you are not racist; and please, remember, ANYONE can accuse you of whatever, ‘virtue signal’ you, make you feel guilty.  But YOU must pack your bags, buy the train ticket for the heavy guilt trip others seem so easily to book you on.

Basically, we have racists among us but not genetic racism. 

How do I know? I have 11 amazing kids, 14 grand kids (4 of which are black in complexion), numerous nieces and nephews, grappling with fragile whitity or white fragility, and other microcosms of “uncomfortableness”. 

In fact, i was asked “are you uncomfortable talking about racism?” 

No, uncomfortable is when the bed is too soft or the car too hot.  But in a blessed land where even the poorest are wealthier than any king on earth 100+ years ago, though they need help UP, I am perfectly comfortable discussing as adults, racism but i prefer as well to tout Americanism.  We have the best Republic, IF we can keep it, a prophecy going back to Ben Franklin. 

Like you, i can smell a rat and a con a NY minute mile away.  But, do we have the courage to DO something about it?

I can prove that within the last 24 hours, I have physically talked to someone who has a beautiful dark complexion, and have friends as well with similar facial characteristics; even with the Phantom masks everywhere, you can see their beauty behind the PPE of the Plague of Xi.  You see, it’s not about color.  ANYONE can treat another as less than human….you don’t need less or more melanin to do that.

  Mr. MLKing points to character not color as the test of a person of integrity.

Quick primer: ONE human race. God began with ONE huMAN and more importantly, the most complex, infinitely beautiful and last creative Creation act: woman. 

ONE race?  Len you are nuts!  Ok sanity is highly overrated at times…

Yes, although the 1854 Party of Slavery likes to divide to conquer, we have divisions, some God ordained, others by man.

  190 nations, blessed with good and not so good.   One world government, like one world village is dangerous; there is success in boundaries, just as in disciplining a spoiled child. 

If you don’t have boundaries, a border, sometimes called a wall like Pelosi, Obama and the Vatican have, you have no security.  No sovereign nation, just like Poland, Venezuela and Syria, a thread mill for despots, is universal proof power corrupts.. ABout absolute power?

But, people! Do the anthropological science:   There are NOT 12 first couples, a Chinese first couple, black, Japanese, American knees… we are genetically, DNAly one species. 

Like different foods, different cultures ARE a blessing.  One great thing about being Catholic, our faith encompasses food: Filipino, Mexican, Cajun, Polish, American, the Eucharist: ALL kinds of flavors, styles, sizes of servings… just like the human neighbors we have.

Are you a true RACIST, seeing there is only ONE race, beyond the angels?  Take the test.

Look closely to faustina elijah march4life prolifethe two fine gentlemen flanking Tina at the March for Life in San/St. Pelosiville Francis(co).

All three EACH have two arms, two legs, and the only real difference between the brothers and my Tina is obvious: 

they are MUCH taller!!

A head or so closer to heaven. Is Tina less human because she is shorter?  The guys more human because they can outrun her.

Read the shirts: Be a Voice for Life. Shout it, Gov Cuomo, as he faces manslaughter charges needs to hear it:  ALL LIVES are important, precious, valuable.  Whether kicking mom inside her womb or at 85 in a NYC nursing home.

Good maxim, racist you.  How does that feel, when YOU are called a racist? 

 It’s like breaking up first or being the first in line, you feel better if you break up first or call the other person racist before they pull out the 1854 Party Deck “racism” card.   Or do we?  

Like a radio caller said well, we are NOT hyphenated Italian-Americans,  Polish German-Americans, Green radical -Americans, black or white Americans, we ARE members and residents of the last free country on earth. 

The trip from Amerigo Vespucci to V as in Venezuela is just a socialists’ stone’s toss IF we are NOT Ben Franklin vigilant regarding keeping America American, not regressive leftist sheep divided for the shearing. 

Of course, there is room for diversity, as long as you don’t rape, loot or murder another like the stone tablets say so well.  See your neighbor as yourself: a Gift from God put here for a purpose.  Like MLK, Washington, Jefferson, Churchill and Wilberforce abroad.  Saying Black, Gay, Trans or the 160 gender ideologies (as of midnight today) MATTER indicates certain humans are most valuable and valued than others.  I know God left the best for last in making woman, but “Love your Neighbor” IS the ultimate equalizer.

Do we love America enough to fight for the Constitution & keep her as the beacon of hope she is to, soooo many around the world.  When the plague of Xi was unleashed, the world still looked to American for solutions.  Don’t be fooled by the foolish who tear down the great Emancipator because they think slavery is wrong.  Of Course it is wrong!  For millenia, heaven and earth has known this; even today ten nations still practice it and human trafficking slavery is a vein that runs through continents over the seas.

Many of you reading this are Catholic and/or Christian, or other faith.  Wilberforce said ““true Christians consider themselves not as satisfying some rigorous creditor, but as discharging a debt of gratitude”.   Let those words sink in as you tabulate your blessings balance sheet.  ALWAYS remember, no one can outGive God; but we can try by:

Help 1 Some1-2day. More if possible

Without the attitude of gratitude first, all can be lost.

These United States are fragile, not white or black immutables.  We have been battling XYZ since we first landed in 1620, the Mayflower Compact days.; there’s always a friend, as well as enemies, to work with or protect from.

No, former journalists: the NYTimes activists’ 1619 project is a vacuous fraud by misery merchants. US did NOT invent slavery!

Total revisionist history and worse: propaganda. Again, Wilberforce battled with other Abolitionists in the Atlantic, Africa and Europe. I remain an abolitionists for maiming moms, killing their kids before they have a chance to throw a handful of food at dad in the high chair.

Ever hear of Egyptians having 2 million slaves 4 millennia ago?  It didn’t take 600,000 human grey and black and blue lives to gain freedom; just 10 plagues, not so unlike the Plague of Xi the mass murdering dynastic despot. 

“Let my People Go!” finally got results after Passover’s angel of death did NOT pass over the pharoah’s first born.

It’s in the history books and called the EXODUS for a reason, with the largest, instantaneous slave migration into freedom in history…And marked by the earliest and last ancient wonder of the world: the Giza pyramid.

Asians owned Asians, Chinese were slaves (coolies) as well as slave masters.  Early July, Xi’s CCP was caught spying on the Muslims they hate, the Uigher people (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-caught-using-malware-to-spy-on-uighurs-as-a-part-of-campaign-to-curb-the-muslim-population/ar-BB16ejeT)

Black slave masters, like those West African human merchants who sported the Kente cloth that Pelosi and her Dems unwittingly kneeled with, had black AND white slaves. 

If only Pelosi’s staff had the interweb: “Kente cloth has its origin from the Akan-Ashanti kingdoms in Ghana; the Akan empire of Bonoman. Most Akans migrated out of the area that was Bonoman to create various states. 

This is where the West African slave trade happened; Pelosi’s appropriate use of slave signage is ironic and telling.  Her 1854  party originated East and South America’s slave trade and practices a form of slavery even today.  Freedom is NOT free and must be defended.  By YOU.  By me.

July 4th’s Declaration of Colonial Independence was NOT the first.

In case you missed civics or AmHistory, there’s the Declaration of Rights (King George not Newsom the Red) Oct 19, 1765 in the very sad Big Rotting Apple, NYCity.  Quoting the 2nd paragraph: “That His Majesty’s liege subjects in these colonies are entitled to all the inherent rights and privileges of his natural born subjects within the kingdom of Great Britain”

The Congress was declaring “rights and grievances” to their governing King George III across the pond; just like today, with fires burning, statues being destroyed trying to change history, grievances of all kinds are being televised to the world:
‘Cops are evil,’ certain lives matter more than others; “we founded slavery” (VP Tim Kaines); America is systemically racist since 1619 and the Mayflower compact. 

The Compact or Agreement was to undertake a “Voyage to plant the first Colony in the Northern Parts of Virginia.”  They landed further north, survived the socialism experiment in year one, morphed to free enterprise capitalism year 2 and are still historically significant BECAUSE of these lessons of life.  Planted they did.

One of our early founding documents, the Mayflower Compact was signed on  Nov 11, 1620, long before the allies signed an end to the bloodiest World War on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.  Armistice day, 11/11/1918.  Le Francport France.

IF ONLY WE COULD LEARN THAT ALL LIVES MATTER.  THE INNOCENT PREBORN slavery man and brother medallionTHRU THE ELDERLY.  MAYBE SOON…while we have a country.

What hypocrisy, fellow Americans.   One of our greatest international cities, NYCity, is a big rotting apple, dying because King George III is replaced with Mayor Wilhelm and Gov Cuomo’s systemic incompetence and elder racist systemic kill off. 

The date that England declared slave trade over in 1807, 213 years later in 2020 became the ElderSlave kill off.  Unprecedented! what with 7 governors following suit.  Salvation History, Jesus was born and died on this date, as well.  Auspicious.  But, ALL LIFE and lives are precious, not just the anointed or most powerful.

Just this month no more hypocritical words can be found:

“We’re devastated, grieving, and outraged by violence against Black lives,” it said. “We must continue to demand accountability, justice, and an end to the inequity that continues to define every moment of life for Black America from the racist institutions that uphold white supremacy.”

Planned Parenthood IS the ultimate evil empire, master racist that makes Hitler look like a misguided boy scout.  White supremacy? 20 million DEAD black kids; note that they kill nine times as many blacks as non-blacks and they used to be 12% of the population.  No more.  Sanger IS getting her blackenasian wish: eliminating the “Negro population”.

They perform 1000 acts of VIOLENCE against innocent Black lives and like good emissaries of hell, they lie and deceive about it.

Freedom has its responsibilities, tho NOT enumerated in founding docs.

In month 2929 of America as a nation, I AM a modern abolitionist, trying to get doctors to learn science, and mothers to see there is a better route for their womb-chained girl or boy. 

Wombs do open, chains can fall.  Answer the slave’s hopeful scientific truth: “Am i not a man and a brother?”
Says the 6 pound child to her mother “Am I not a girl and your daughter?”

The answer may surprise you.  YES!

Prostiticians just don’t get it:  How else do you explain putting Plague of Xi infected agents of death INTO 593 nursing homes PURPOSEFULLY on March 25?  Where were the voices for life when this man and womanslaughter royal Cuomo decree printed above, was issued (not rescinded until May 10 after 4500 infectors unleashed)?

99.999% of American families are law abiding, decent multinational melting pots. 

My kids have English, Scottish, Cherokee, Polish, German etc blood. They have married into Sri Lankan, English and more. WE are blessed with beauty, brilliance, innovation, initiative, entrepreneurial prowess, love, did I say love, disagreements, some diseases NOT covid19, hope and the willingness to forgive and ask for forgiveness.  

Things ALL families possess if they turn off the burning statues for a moment and look, really look at their fellow American offspring! 

Music and cooking, baking, bee keeping, real estate, computer science, sculpturing, living.  Crosby said it “Count your blessings instead of sheep…”   

In fact, when Bri married Gavin in the Covidiminished 100 max wedding at St Norberts, we upped the siblings count 15 more!  We live on a street that is a cross-section of American life, with Protestant, CAtholic, Hindu, Muslim, fire chiefs, engineers and more.  The BEST street in America.  Something YOU should say or work toward it being true.

Sadly, the impatient gratified, those who won’t work smart and hard want it ALL now, instantaneous gratification and will break glass, loot, burn even kill, must be dealt with by ADULTS, recallers of the rights of ALL Americans.  Not just the anarchists.

Catholics never know when NOT to procreate: My 10 sibs married into Taiwanese, Asian, Indian, etc (my sibs and kids will correct me and i will edit this mini geneology).

We ARE the world but we are Americans who believe we are NOT of this world once we die.  Look at your own lifeblood history. Americans are from xxx but ARE brothers and sisters of the parchment. Founding documents all too many haven’t read.

ANOTHER DECLARATION OF RIGHTS 1774:  In the “City of Bro Love” Philadelphia (my beloved grandGodchild is Phia Del Phia) on Oct 14, 1774 (Continental Congress) these words should be particularly poignant and relevant: 

 “And, whereas, assemblies have been frequently dissolved (by the Crown), when they attempted to deliberate on grievances”…  Today, many grievances are tossed but solutions will come.  Further, “Resolved, NCD1.  That they are entitled to life, liberty, and property, and they have never ceded to any sovereign power whatever, a right to dispose of either without their consent.”

People love to own other people…and other people’s time, wealth, mind and hopes. 

But, God puts in His Story special people. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. looked forward to a time when his four kids saw people judged for the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

600,000 died in early 1860s to free slaves yet the Southern Democrats battle on!  Even today blacks (and non blacks) are slaves today; or do you not see the racism in slicing up kids for parts at the Newsom state church of satan, planned parenthood.  I know, I saw all of you just now, go, “come on Len; give it a rest.  Abortion is as American as apple pie!   


Looking for a MASTER racist? Look no farther

What, like the Big Rotting Apple, with 41 abortion mills, and 593 nursing homes, which today take out the very young with knives and the very old with Covid implants by royal decree.

We all must detest owning others like property, which was a roadblock to the Declaration of Independence we celebrate today.  The Southern slave states would NOT budge until “property” was struck and replaced with “pursuit of happiness”, a noble goal.

Yes, we have other celebrations of key milestones which is great, like Juneteenth, when word finally got to Texas that Lincoln’s emancipation happened 18 months before.  OR…

Christmas, Easter, Eid a Fitr, Passover, Ramadan from the various cultures that make up the melting pot and salad bowl (dependent on your view) of these United States!  But, even with Covid, burning toppled statues, riots and more, people are battling to get INTO these United States.  We are sooo blessed if only we opened our eyes and did the simple, as Christ requires and America is good at:  Help 1 Some1-2 day

Can it be that simple, helping a neighbor?  Of course, diversity and variety not only are the spice of life, but the badge of courage of a free, the last free, nation on earth. 

Outside of Israel, where thousands more French Jews just emigrated because of Semitic “racism” re-emerging.  Hitler not only wanted to own all things Jewish via the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935, he like the modern master racist, Margaret Sanger, wanted Jews dead. 

Sanger’s blood lust is more directed at “useless eaters”, Puerto Ricans, blacks and anyone she DIDN’T like much.  Her soldiers of medical fortune carry on her work, having killed off 63 million Americans in 47 years.  Why do we look for the sawdust of racism in decent people’s eyes while ignoring the forest of abortion, true ultimate racism in the eyes of Pelosi, Dementia riddled Bunker Biden, Jon Dunn, King Newsom, AGXavier, kid haters, kid killers everywhere.  I know Trump sinned.  So have i.  But he IS the most prolific pro life president since Washington, who had slaves.

Did you know, the 1774 wording “life, liberty and PROPERTY” was objected to by the Southern Democrat slave states and the plantation masters? Now you do. 

We had free blacks in the North, and enslaved blacks in the South AND North.  Transitions are rarely easy.  And BLM opportunists ignore the 700 young blacks killed by other young blacks in Chicagoland in 2019.  WE NEED each other.  WE are IN this together.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

We are a covenant land, based on the rule of law and order.  The lawless and disorderly, the anarchists, the racism pimps and victocrats, the misery merchants all agree: they hate America and want to strip mine it completely, like the Billy Jack song “One tin soldier” themes out, of its good and decent people., their hard won freedoms and hard earned cash and property.

BKind  4Give  B4Given  Find 1 Some1-2Help2day  Words to live by:  AND wake up to “It’s a GREAT day to be alive!”

Yes, we are in the Dark Ages, but the light of Christ AND of truth is being shown like a laser on so much.  I honestly believe an American Renaissance will continue IF we see the next neighbor in our masked path as family.  

I can’t force you to look past the misery merchants, the Regressive Leftists who like BLM Inc., Antifastan, coach Bill Ayers, etc. and see the truth:

a GIFT we may not deserve but it has been granted us:

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, THIS LAND IS MY LAND.  willing to fight for it or buckle to the culture of death?

Listen to Greewood’s, God Bless America.  It’s not a sin to love your homeland; it IS a sin to lie about its good qualities and results while finding its pimples supreme.

Venezuela is one of those destinations open to the Hollywood liars who keep promising they would leave our country based on an election they disagreed with.  Still here, for some reason; maybe they like to talk before walking the blood route.  Or are as two dimensional as the movies they repeat lines in.

Adam “Schitty” Sciffty is the best example of such misery merchants: he lies deeper than a green shag carpet drenched in blood soaked patriot’s shed blood preserving freedom.

Whether you love the devoted Catholic Melania’s husband or hate his guts, his words rang true on Independence Day 2020:

“On this day in 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the United States Declaration of Independence in what is now known as Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  In taking this historic step, the Congress proclaimed “these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.”  Today, we celebrate our Nation’s independence and the vision of our Founding Fathers revealed to the world on that fateful day, as well as the countless patriots who continue to ensure that the flames of freedom are never extinguished.

The enduring commitment to the ideals of liberty and justice that have come to define our American spirit stem from our Nation’s founding.  In declaring that our rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” should be safeguarded for posterity and that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” our Founding Fathers launched the American experiment that espoused freedom and democracy over tyranny and monarchy.  Two hundred and forty-four years later, the principles grounded in the Declaration of Independence continue to guide our Nation forward and maintain its standing as a beacon of liberty, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Over the past months, the American spirit has undoubtedly been tested by many challenges.  Yet, it is in the face of adversity that our country has had some of our proudest moments of triumph.  Today, especially, we are reminded of the extraordinary feats that our Nation has accomplished since its founding nearly 250 years ago.  Together, we must ensure that we live up to the ideals of our Declaration of Independence and do all that we can to protect and preserve the freedoms that make our country the greatest in the world.

The First Lady and I wish each and every American a happy and blessed Fourth of July and proudly join you in celebrating our great Nation.  May God bless the United States of America.”

Donald J. Trump at Mt Rushmore, South Dakota.  Guest of a real governor Kristi Noem.   

As I do, your Virus Hunter, Real estate guy, Homeschooling Grandpa Len and Mary the Maskmakeer’s husband.   Len





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