Homeschooling Grandpa Len: updated “Covid19 safety guidelines” for Plague of Xi

Updated (July 31 2020)safety hygiene ideas for the Plague of Xi  

Everyone, Millennial, snowflake and parent, old and young, are trying to stay sane during this zany time of scientists, prostiticians, evil despots, anarchists, viruses and protect our kids.

And of course, deal with the Plague of Xi, the well designed SARS-Cov-2 virus / Covid19 disease. 

And no, Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and Azithromycin, with doctor oversight is NOT evil: it IS cheap and successful (HCQ covered in another blog).  Problem is it only costs less than $30 for a full regimen vs Remde$ivir which costs 100 times as much.  Follow the science?  We’d love to if so many scientists weren’t so complicit…  Even Facebook, as Matt Franklin found out, suppresses dialogue and the free exchange of ideas.  Too much shadow banners shadow boxing.  Hang in there Matt (my son) and Matt the dad of 3 girls, married to an amazing Golden athlete.

This blog site is updated as guidelines change.  Corrections or additions are welcome

We ARE in this together, some more than others.  Yes, in the same ocean of uncertainty but in different boats.  As a dad of 11, 30 years homeschooling, real estate professional and the overt Virus Hunter, I must update the Safety Guidelines from the various “experts” out there.  As a scientist who practices the scientific method at numerous science fairs over the decades, it is as much an art in many areas.  All of us are scientists by omission or commission.

Vesting means to: “to put (something or someone) into the possession or safekeeping of another“.  It also means “to give official or legal power to”.   God has entrusted each of your children and your spouses to you for a time.  We do not “Own” each other though slavery has existed from the dawn of time, as well as at the dawn of this great country (1776 NOT 1619 NYTimes!) we are blessed to live in..

Question the experts; science is not perfect nor even epidemiologists: the only all knowing is your omniscient God Who created you. Question authority goes back to the sixties, not this Ozian poppy field of conform to every whim or doctrine to get along.

bike death

Life is full of risks. IF you want zero risk, dig a big hole and crawl in. Life IS an adventure

I am responsible for the safekeeping, nurturing and future growth of 11 kids, their stepmom, 14 and growing grand kids, and nieces & nephews too numerous to tabulate.

And all these are “Homeschooling Grandpa Len”.  Of course, they keep me in line with their suggestions and requests.  Such is life!

The definition of Responsibility is built into the word: “Ability to RESPOND!” 

But each of us have different ideas, goals, levels of standard of care and viewpoints.  My standard of care as a real estate broker is different than someone who never Think about it: A single college safe zoned 19 yr old has a different vesting: him or herself.  Most reading this, have 1,2 or 13 kids.   As multi-kid (in)vestors, we must take ownership and do due diligence.  Parents are the primary educators of their children, in what we call the “Domestic Churches”.  Each family has this privilege and blessing.  Don’t give it up too easily.

Some things are missing in the CDC and public protocols; though NOT mentioned, I am including them here and you can adopt them in your family safety protocols. 

This I recommend: draw up a family emergency plan, including virus/Covid safety guidelines.  Bacteriological.  Home invasion. How to handle strangers at the door.  Those of you longtime or new homeschoolers who have hired the Home School Legal Defense Association, HSLDA, know what to do if someone comes to your door claiming to be “authority” this or that.  Keep the HSLDA number handy.  The rest of you; be prepared for any and all situations.  Don’t be paranoid, but there are things much more dangerous out there than a contagious virus.

As you know, there is a lot of data to digest on how to protect ourselves and others from the Plague of Xi. Many of you reading this have large or emerging families.  We are blessed as a nation, but  It’s all about reducing risks. Life IS filled with them; the only way to prevent getting hit by a car is never drive or go outside your home. Like the ghost bike pictured above that signifies an encounter between bike rider and vehicle, we must be vigilant.  But it’s the same with drowning; drain your pool, ocean, lake or bath tubs?   So risk reductions to zero may be impossible. 

But, preparation and execution works wonders if EVERYONE in the family understands the plans, their role and what to do.  Write, update, rehearse and do dry runs.

Here’s my humble list to combat the Plague of Xi:

Wash your hands with soap...often.  Grandma was right.

Do it often. 20 seconds at least, in and out of your fingers; it’s only two Hail Marys’ time or equal time for atheists, repeat “Zero, zero…. for 20 seconds”. 

Then wash again.  Time is all we have and these 20 seconds could be the most important.  Be thorough.  I have included a hand washing poster but there are many.  Just be frequent and consider any surface, door knob, etc as a source of viruses.  Germs as Grandma used to call them.  Frequent soap washing is the secret.  Liquid or bar, just do it!

Mask protocol:

Of all the precautions, I believe masking is the most controversial, yet it has both physical and psychological benefits.  And guess what!  It doesn’t hurt IF you do it right.  Just DON’T start believing your ears were designed for the mask: don’t eat with it, sleep with it.  You ARE a critically thinking, smart person as it is!

Maskquerades and masks have been around for centuries; the Iron Mask, the Phantom, bank robbers on Knott’s Berry Farm trains, etc.   

Jennifer Horn, the caped Conservative Crusader on AM870, points out that women do not like their face covered.  No one really does.  But, do not fear them; recognize though that you aren’t brain surgeons or nurses: you don’t need them on 24/7.  Take them off when not in proximity of humans;  if you wash your hands, less chance to infect yourself via the mask.  Wash the cloth ones frequently.  And always be careful not to touch your face unnecessarily when adjusting or removing. 

There are five types in typical public use: cone style (looks like a chicken beak.

Wrap around Bandana.

N95 filtration.   And a Face Shield

Fabric pleated double sided mask. The cloth mask has been shown the most effective in general use, according to a recent study.

The virus hunter Masked man

The Virus Hunter seeks the truth. With the Sword of Truth at his side, and a quiver of arrows of hope in his stride, he looks for the truth in the insanity of a virus fearing world

Mary the Maskmakeer has made 300 of these for the needy including Little Sisters of the Poor, Norbertines, Vin Skully, our bishops and more.  We know of one team of maskmakeers who have made over 53,000 for Indian reservations and the homeless.   The purpose is to stop droplets laden with virus.  Not necessarily to be fashionistas but looking ok IS ok!

Big recommend: Wear a mask when you are within 25 feet of another human to maximize safety for both of you.  If THEY are wearing masks, you lower the physical separation measuring distance to 6 feet (scientists: that’s one 165 Hertz wavelength). 

Three points:

1) studies recently published believe the cloth double fold double sided generally are the most effective.

2)If both are wearing when proximity close, better the odds.  It is ALL about the risks and the odds: and reducing them.

3)  Do it for the psychological health of your neighbors: mental health IS a component of this pandemic.  But, unless you believe it is a fashion statement, you don’t need to wear one if the closest homo sapiens is a mile away.  And maskophiliacs, DON’T pepper spray someone not wearing one.  

Wear a face shield for maximum and extra protection from viral droplets entering your four facial entry points: eye ducts, nose and mouth.  These are connected to your respiratory system.   These are used in hospitals, restaurants etc a portable version of the lexar plastic panels to cut down aerosolized transfer.  But look at the tradeoffs: are you going to live life shrinked wrapped from head to toe?

Covid is a lower respiratory disease that replicates quickly WHEN the host, you or family, has immune system challenges (underlying medical conditions) and gets sufficient droplets loaded with the virus.  Point is, extra protection can only help.   

Life IS a risk: you want to lower it like all maladies. Be careful of the Covid bias syndrome (CBS) danger.  See more at the end of the blog

Wear eye protection.  This is rarely mentioned but you should know viruses are very small.  AND much smaller than the ducts.  Eyes are both the “window to your soul” and part of the sinus/respiratory system.  I wear glasses because my eyesight sucks, but wearing sunglasses helps to reduce the risk.  No, Dr Fauci, we won’t be wearing bug eye goggles like on the Star Wars outer rim lady.

Use hand sanitizers (CDC recommends 60% minimum alcohol content.)  ALSO there are nine NOT recommended with glycol, poisonous alcohol derivatives & other additives.  Only when no soap & water is available.

Remember, water is the universal solvent and disinfectant when used in a conscientiously applied system of facial hygiene amid regular medical care. (Sound like a toothpaste panel?).  I use a belt loop hand sanitizer as well as table top since as a real estate guy I am out and about a lot.

Wash off hand sanitizer residue as quickly as possible.  Reduce the risk; note that Covid is lower respiratory and the aim is to keep the viral load minimized to prevent infection.

Surface disinfecting.  It’s still a good idea for both bacteriological agents and viruses.  Believe it or not, SARS-CoV-2 virus does not have an exclusive contract to scare and infect humans.  If you have small kids in shopping carts, some have gotten chemical burns from the cart handle with their little hands touching what the well meaning basket clerk just used chemicals on.  I’d carry a small spray bottle with soapy water and paper towels for outings outside of the home.  

GLOVES.  I keep a box of 200  disposal gloves and single use surgical masks in my car kit.  Along with an ice chest with chilled bottled water to be a good neighbor.

Viral HOTSPOTS.  Gas pump handles, for one.  Common public sinks not cleaned.  Point is any place can contain viruses and bacterium, so following the protocols above can only help, do what?  Reduce the risk.  You will be doing you and your kids a favor NOT getting the more dangerous flu as well (166 kids died from the most severe flu late 2019 vs 30 for Covid19)

Therapeutics.   So far, the CDC does not recommend any therapies.  But we CAN discuss them; including one that is getting a wierd full court press by “doctors” even though it has been highly successful and safe for immunological diseases, malaria etc: HCQ

Hydroxychloroquine w/ Zinc and Zpak under doctor’s care is about $30-50 for a regimen; it has been shown to be highly successful for reasons worth reviewing. 

Remdesivir is under development but at 60 cents a dose for HCQ vs $3100 for Remdesivir for a full treatment??  Acetaminophen even gets “prescribed”.  Among others. Yet, ask them: Doctors and others are using HCQ as a prophylactic (preventative treatments) since it is proven safe over 5 decades of use by doctors likeCedar-Sinai’s Dr Daniel Wallace (he has 2000 Lupus patients, who use HCQ and no one caught Covid!  And most are elderly.) and the newly released  Henry Ford study.  More on this later. (under construction)

Data is not perfect  There has been considerable corruption of the data set; don’t assume anything.  CASES are Covid positives NOT people taking their last breaths on a ventilator at Covid Hospital Central.  Tho the death rate is plummeting (kid rate is .0000088% for example) but stay vigilant.  Too much $$ and camera lust is going on.


MOUSTACHIOS and Beards.  Dads: keep them trimmed to minimize the retention of aerosolized or virus laden droplets.  You will look better, too!

Below, for completeness are other information sources

CDC guidelines:

Stay home except to get medical care
  • Stay home. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care. Do not leave your home, except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas.
  • Take care of yourself. Get rest and stay hydrated. Take over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen, to help you feel better.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor. Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, or have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency.
  • Avoid public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis.
Separate yourself from other people

As much as possible, stay in a specific room and away from other people and pets in your home. If possible, you should use a separate bathroom. If you need to be around other people or animals in or outside of the home, wear a cloth face covering.

Monitor your symptoms
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, or other symptoms.
  • Follow care instructions from your healthcare provider and local health department. Your local health authorities may give instructions on checking your symptoms and reporting information.

What to look for and seek medical attention:

Look for emergency warning signs* for COVID-19. If someone is showing any of these signs, seek emergency medical care immediately:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion
  • Inability to wake or stay awake
  • Bluish lips or face

*This list is not all possible symptoms. Please call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you.

Call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility: Notify the operator that you are seeking care for someone who has or may have COVID-19.

DO NOT LICK DOORKNOBS.  Grandma knew best on this. 

Remember: you are NOT alive if your risk level is zeroThe only one who can’t get sick or catch a cold or worse is already dead.

Did you know this year was a particularly severe flu season.  166 children perished from the flu before Jan 7th, 2020 because it was a serious flu this year.  Covid takes the oxygen out of the air. Sadly, the unintended consequences of this laser focus are numerous.

Meanwhile 30 total kids have passed away from Covid.  Also, CAUTION:  the data set for this Covid scenario has been corrupted, and irretrievable in many ways.  Too much $$ to get a Covid bonus: $39,000 per death cert has tainted the process of data collection, even today.  I believe this Fed cash cow poisoned governor Cuomo to issue his death sentence for the 593 nursing homes on March 25th, since he could have used 5 free built and staffed hospitals instead of forcing infected into the elderly rooms. 4500 insanely were dumped into the eldercare facilities in NYC.  I have written on these and other subjects at lifeoutloudest.

Good luck.  We need your thoughts, comments and additions. 

Helping our neighbor stay safe and secure, is our mission.  The government is responsible for maintaining law, order and safety, but we are responsible to hold THEM accountable and take the initiative.  Remember, we discussed vesting above.

But, stay focused.  Don’t trust all the information on the internet without verifying it; if I missed something, last i checked my birth certificate, I am human.

  You owe it to your family.  Just as I do.  And I KNOW you are capable.  God gave you your kids for a time; make the most of it.  And don’t get so paranoid about Covid over other risks.  Let it sink in enough to keep you prepared and doing what you believe is right for your family. 

EVERY life is precious and yes, 30 kids died from Covid or .000088%.  166 from the severe flu no one discusses. 800 H2O accidents in 2019.  To reduce that risk to zero, as we said above, you’d need to drain all pools, ponds, lakes, oceans and oh yeah, baths.  Drowning killed 30 times as many as covid has.  Both are controllable and preventable with diligence, observation and action.

We must be vigilant in ALL areas but don’t let it turn you into a fearful zombie.  You have family and friends who can help you devise an emergency plan and its various protocols.  More on this later.  But by all means, do NOT treat your family and friends like lepers if they have been exposed or test Covid+.  You CAN’T get it over the phone, Zoom, Facetime or even the internet.   Even if the CDC or some epidemiologist says so.

Covid Bias Syndrome

Most of Len’s postings have a hidden quiz or object for the $2 prize: first to comment what does the bike have to do with this, including what it is called.   Answer: it is a ghost bike honoring cyclists who died doing what they love, hit by a vehicle.  Stay safe  Congrats Matt!  Sharp eye.

CBS~Covid Bias Syndrome

Rush shared the story about a woman diagnosed with Covid and kept getting worse and worse; the doctors said there was nothing they could do and she had days to live.  The doctor who told the story requested they do a battery of tests.  It turned out it was Legionnaire’s disease.  She was treated and out in 2.  They traced it to the mask. 

If you reuse, wash them in the machine and dry as frequently as possible.  You only have one life to live and give.  The Covid Bias Syndrome, with profit incentives on covid19 results, creates a human bias to Covid.  The woman almost died.   Some other unintended consequences include isolation related suicides, including much younger (more teens have died from Covid induced suicide than the Plague of Xi itself), increased alcoholism, depression etc.

Two studies (the New England Journal of Medicine Lancet just PULLED them quietly) that linked HCQ plus Z plus Azithromycin to hear disease was BS and the prestigious journals just pulled them due to their scientific fraudulence. No one knows how many lives have been lost due to shadow banning this toddler silliness of a successful, safe and successful anti Covid regimen that costs less than $30 vs Rem$$ which costs $3100 and is yet unproven.   I will add citations for the successful and the bogus anti HCQ loonies later



Thank you all for reading and comments to make it better.  After all, you’ve been Homeschooling Grandpa Len.  For a long, long time.  Feedback please. This is YOUR site.



3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Grandpa Len: updated “Covid19 safety guidelines” for Plague of Xi

  1. Before Covid was known, this Jan 7th article:
    “This year’s flu season is shaping up to be a severe one, particularly for children.
    So far this season, 27 U.S. children have died from the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s the highest number of pediatric flu deaths reported at this point in the flu season since 2003, when the CDC started tracking child flu deaths, according to CNN. ”
    So, the 166 Flu deaths is unprecedented for children. Covid is less virulent. Both are respiratory in nature. Point is, the safety guidelines help in BOTH.

  2. Jim Beckman: “Nearly 145 Florida labs were caught cooking the books for covid19 cases.
    Many bumped their positives by an order of magnitude (that’s 10x). Average is 85% positives.
    I will now start wearing 2 masks at the same time to continue to do my civic duty.”

  3. Matt won the $2. These white bikes are called “ghost bikes”. When a bicycle rider dies by vehicle on the road or bike trail, they honor the deceased with one of these. Life is full of risks; some are worth taking. All risks need to be mitigated and evaluated to minimize them. There is no such thing as zero risk

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