9-11 Never Again & Let’s Roll Citizen Heroes

The World cannot afford to lose what America represents and is.  Never Again are words we must embed in our hearts if we are to thrive.

40 passengers of a downed airliner embody the spirit of America. When Todd Beamer, after consulting with an unknown number of fellow passengers on Flight 93, mouthed the determined words, “Let’s Roll!”, these selfless citizen heroes saved possibly hundreds of lives, whether up to 535 in the Capitol or a large sum in the White House.  The beneficiary number isn’t as important as the cause Beamer’s Brigade fought for: doing the right thing.

They had discovered two tall towers had been hit, and the Pentagon as well; Todd and the men and women figured it out, their jetliner was no longer a passenger plane but a cruising missile looking for a pre-determined target on a flight plan that died with the pilot terrorist.

56 new Americans did the same 235 years prior, in affixing their John Hancocks to a piece of parchment we call the Declaration of Independence.  What is rarely mentioned, all the signers lost their lives, fortunes and some families for a noble cause that we have inherited today.

Do we see the blessings we have?  Are we too self-absorbed to realize the whole world does not revolve around the guy or lass in the mirror?  We too must become citizen heroes IF we believe America is worth saving, both from enemies abroad and from within.  I firmly believe there are Todd Beamers in all of us; that with patience we can see that anarchy and Marxism, divide and conquer using color or religion or XXX NEVER works.

AOC said “Some people did something” as 18 Saudi flight students killed 3000 and practiced Kamikaze on capitalism, military strength and legislative bodies.  Or maybe Beamer’s Brigade interrupted the flight into 1600 Penn Ave in DC and not the houses of Congress.   Whatever the real target, they ended up in a hallowed field in Pennsylvania, forever adorned with a statue and a monument.  Well, until the college educated anarchists get wind of their latest childish idiocies.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, like her BFF Ilhan Omar, sadly, does not see the blessings in the land she has benefited from; the indoctrination fluid levels in their systems prevents them from smelling the beautiful roses of a great land. I just can’t give this ignorant leftist too much rope, despite she was 11 or 12 when the Towers came down.  

It’s perfectly ok to disagree with each other, to dialogue with varied opinions, but no one has a right to change the truth and actual facts; IF you are a mature adult.  Truth IS!  We constantly hear, “Follow the Science!” but WHOSE science?  We all have only one life to live and give;  and written into that founding document are the important words “Life, Liberty & Property”.  Actually, “property” became “pursuit of happiness”, which too is a noble goal.  Reason was simple: the Southern Democrat slave owners did not want their human cargo, the slaves, to go free. So, they demanded the word “Property” be stricken from the last draft: thus, ‘pursuit of happiness’ became an unalienable right.

The Betsy Ross flag

We were sooo united in purpose 19 years ago after this trillion $ tragedy that killed over 300 Firefighters and 30 cops, 3000 human beings who just were in the wrong place on terrorist time.

Look around America at many of the big cities under leftist control.  How did we get to this point where “Hate America” adorns T-Shirts and the misery merchants are given ‘above the fold’ treatment on ABCNNBCBS, the big four of electronic media, NYTimes and WashPost?

The Declaration of Independence is considered America’s “birth certificate.” It is the first attempt in history for a group of common, ordinary people to design and implement a new nation based on self-government and the natural, unalienable rights of its citizens. (hat tip Amer Heritage)  The natural unalienable rights were listed serially in importance.

The Right to Life. 

There is only one race within the human race.  God bestowed us with His privilege and love; there is NO black race, Chinese race, Polish race, the Jewish “Never Again” race etc.

When God designed His world after the angels were in place, God created billions of stars, planets, plants and animals.  Trillions of insects some of whom we probably can do without like ants and roaches. But God in his omniscience and omnipotence, created just one human, the male.  His last act of general creation was the most beautiful, more complex and most capable physiologically: woman.

Only woman can take a created single cell and nurture it into a 35 trillion celled fellow human girl or boy. My sons Josh, Matt, Brian, Nathan and Kieran did something that has occurred, thankfully, for aeons: they joined together in marriage to a woman; Maryann, Emily, Amanda, Jen and Rosie are all precious beautiful human females who grew to womanhood. 

Debate all you want, but Adam married Eve and we today have 9 billion humans on the planet ship Earth.  God put the responsibility to continue His plans for happy humans IN the hands of His created ones who dwell 93 million miles from His created star.

Think about that next time you vote for an abortion lover like Kamala; the right to life is critical BEFORE any other right can even be discussed.  63 million American voters died before birth and were disenfranchised from LIFE, not to mention bringing their birth cert, driver’s license and electric bill to a future polling place.

The Right to Liberty: 

Without Life (being ALIVE!), you can’t be free.  Buried six feet down makes it difficult to be free to transact some of the billions of voluntary interactions we Americans enjoy. And, remember I said serially, without Life and Liberty BOTH guaranteed, you can’t own property and pursue happiness.

Todd et al, at 27,000 feet sacrificed like Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and so many other predecessors between the Pacific and the Atlantic, for others.  God instilled in His ONE HUMAN RACE the spiritual desire to return to heaven, and a penchant for selflessness IF it is nurtured and taught.

Just as there are “NO atheists in foxholes”, FDNY and NYC police gave their all running INTO the NYC buildings as the terrorized occupants streamed out.  Some jumped from upper floor windows, fearing the fires would consume them; their eternal fate is between them and God.  But, in this time of heightened racial focus, there were NO SIGNS at the bottom of towers one or two that said”:

If you are a NYC black cop or fireperson, do not enter this building because it is 51% white.  Or 13% black.  25% Muslim. or 47% Irish and Catholic.  The FIRST responders did not check genetics or the amount of melanin: they just selflessly streamed in to save anyone and everyone they can.  They died honoring Jesus’ call to “lay down one’s life for another”.

Nor where there signs that IF you are a certain culture, you are not welcome to help the screamers and bleeders in this building.

  No Jim Crow laws for emergency aid appeared; same at Sandy Hook, in the wake of Nik Cruz’s Valentine’s Day massacre; any place where good rescuers meet hell’s best terrorists.

If we really followed the science, we would realize God designed a trace gas that numbers 1 molecule per 2500 air molecules (CO2) that mixes with water and sunlight and HE not me or thee FEED the WORLD. 

And God is also a big fan of NOT killing babies as they enter the atmosphere:  political candidates NOT slicing up His children lent to us for a time so planned parenthood can sell them in parts to med labs for campaign dollars. We are stewards of an incredible world and life IF ONLY we looked beyond the race pimps, misery merchants, loony indoctrinators and saw the forest for the trees. Smelled the roses.  Served each other by, such as, BKind 4Give B4Given  HELP1Some1~2day (or more).

 But IF you don’t believe that ALL lives matter, you will get conned into believing only certain BLACK lives matter more that others.  Did you know PParenthood founder  and master racist Margaret Sanger exported her human hate for certain minorities, “useless eaters” she called them, to Germany?  The Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 and Kristallnacht were the results, in part, of her influence of renowned Jew hater and exterminator Adolf Hitler.

  In her own words, abortionist Dr Nucotela discussed baby part prices over salad and wine.  Mirroring, in her own words, Sanger discussed how to exterminate the Negro population using feckless compliant ‘black ministers’ (like Jessie jackson, Al Sharpton etc) to help herd them up.  But our right to own property and pursue happiness does not include babies and black slaves; or hijacking the dialogue a free people can engage in.  Certainly NOT preach lies as truth.

Maybe this could be looked at the next time we meet for the Racism Book Club: there is NO systemic racism in America in institutions (tho we have some racists) EXCEPT in the Democrat party leadership planks where black baby killing is a plus. 

You think Len is bizarre is your right as a citizen; but I have proof people have pricetags when sold in parts. These purchase orders and invoices prove that SOME black lives are worth more to slave masters disguised as choice lovers.  Note that Dr Theiler is both an abortionist and a medical director of University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

It may sound sick, but she buys the black and white baby parts she kills in the morning at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and has them shipped for free to herself in the afternoon, so to speak.  READ THE DOCUMENTS.  Wise up people!  This misdirection to believe the whole country is racist since 1619 is BS.  Of course, the 1854 party of slavery leadership still is.  Genocidal Marxist BLM Inc. is supported by too many for God knows what reason: they what YOUR land destroyed, pure and simple.  Ever read the BLM manifesto? or the Alinsky Rules of Radicals?  Marxist manifesto?  If not, it past time IF you don’t like living in a blessed country.

These three pictures are a rare peek into modern slavery operations.  As in most RICO operations, you try and disguise the paper trail to hide the corruption.  In general, UTMBG (University of Texas) is buying select human parts/organs from planned parenthood. The 3rd photo is a close up showing payment terms of “Net 30” from the college to supposed non profit PP. Please look close at the “Freight Terms”. FOB Dest. Frt Prepaid translates that the “destination’, ie UTMed, pays nothing for shipping and handling; PP does.  This is glaring proof that PP lies like a bloody rug: they continously claim they “donate” the parts to labs and charge for shipping.  If this was true, the terms would read “FOB Shipping point”:  planned parenthood’s gulf coast offices.

This is something i pointed out to Briscoe Cain, David Daleiden’s lawyer, after the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) yielded a small treasure trove of proof evil exists.  I believe it was included in Marsha Blackburn’s “Infant Lives” subcommittee hearings on just that: Infant lives.

Similar to laundered money and other criminal operations, they disguise the hearts and/or livers as “consents” or use other code words.  Since there are numbers like 12, ie quantities, “procured” to be delivered over time, it makes this a pick list for certain organs.  Like your everyday human organs trafficking org.  What has this to do with Todd or the founders?

It is an insult to a good and blessed America that we still accept and allow moms to incubate babies for parts departments at med labs around the world.  Yale paid $715 for a complete calvarium on one invoice/PO.  A calvarium is a baby’s head.

Apparently, black lives matter more harvested at 7 pounds 7 ounces just before birth, sliced into parts like hearts and baby livers.  600,000 died to free Negro slaves from southern plantations; too bad, new plantations were created over time to further enslave them.  Blacks are sliced up NINE times as often as whites at the kill mill parts shipping ops of PP Int’l.

Think about these things for a second when you read that we just hit day 100 of the anarchist anti life liberty and property riots happening in Portland.  Thanks to an incompetent governor and mayor NOT shutting down the toddlers disguised as BLM, Inc. and Antifa throwing tantrums, breaking windows, burning other people’s homes and property, killing cops and innocents. 

In the same country that was blessed with the likes of Todd Beamer and his plane mates, the 18th century founders and Peter Claver.  Claver?  The slave to the slaves who helped rescue dying black slaves on the misery merchant slave ships in the 17th century.  A service project for the RBClub maybe?

Hitler’s occultism led to 6 million Jews, Poles, Hungarians, the handicapped etc. dying in 10 countries over 12 years for the enduring lie:  there is a master race and all other “races” are inferior.

In 2000, i stood in Poland outside St Max Kolbe’s 100 sf cell which 90 people occupied before the Auschwitz cyanide showers were administered.  Then incinerated after harvesting hair and gold teeth. The harvested hair went to the tailors for vests and the gold to fuel the Nazi war machine.  But…

You don’t need to be an abortionist to harvest body parts and property; you can be a petty tyrant racist like the Nazi leaders any time you want to. 

BTW, the words “Never Again” are emblazoned on Auschwitz posters: never again should genocide occur.  But, unfortunately, until we believe a simple principal, they will.  Human inhumanity to fellow humans is evil.  Thank you Margaret Sanger for your guidance!  

Plantations of so many different names. We are created equal and have equal opportunity to pursue happiness, acquire property, increase personal wealth so we can help others.  Bezo’s billions are HIS problem, not mine.

WE ARE CREATED EQUAL, from conception to natural death.  Law and order trumps lawless behavior and disorderly conduct to destroy America every time, like statue pull downs, bricks to the head, frozen water bottle missiles, Molotov cocktails and other stupidities.  Peaceful protest (a la peaceful free to ‘assemble’) ends with the first frozen bottle or brick thrown.  The very first.

America is larger than ourselves; we want to matter and do great things.  The anarchist God hating left is NOT about good and Godly virtues: all about reckless power and hate.

America is a place but more important an idea: That ALL men and women are created equal. WE the citizens ARE the government and we self govern hiring via the election process the three aspects of God every two years: God as lawgiver (legislators), as life implementer (executive/priest) and of course judge (judiciary). Never heard this before?  Sad.

None of the 9-11 (and any true rescuers) heroes worried about white fragility. Certain privilege.  How rich or poor you were. Whether you had black skin or good character.  The fact you were a human being was all that mattered as they raced into harm’s way to save whomever they can.  Most dads and moms would do the same for their beloved bundles of joy.

Let’s Roll, future Citizen Heroes.  It’s not hard to understand so much of the perceived misery today is self inflicted and manufactured.  If you fear you are a racist, find a human to help today. EZ antidote to navel gazing.

It IS a great day to be alive and to serve another.  Whether they deserve it or not.  Thank you First Responders including Mr “Let’s Roll”.  You are loved.

And as you read this no matter how tall, how white, how black, how smart, how happy you are, realize you ARE precious and a fully enfranchised member of the ONE HUMAN race.  Don’t let the misery merchants divide up your mind into thinking otherwise.  NOR steal your life, the life of your preborn child, nor your elderly mother in a nursing home that a Gov Cuomo purposefully sends Covid19 infused patients to shorten your blessed life.

Find someone to help today, to honor the first responders and the victims of ultimate racism: killing other innocent humans for WHATEVER cause is intrinsic evil.  Thinking a human child or seasoned elderly grandparent are expendable, and better off dead is the mantra, not of heaven, but of hell’s worst demoniacs.

“America is freedom’s home and its defender…” GHWB

What happened while Donna was raising 11 kids until she headed to heaven 9 years ago.  Today, an amazing Mary is a great stepmom who loves the kids as if they are her own: because they are.  This version of “Heather has two mommies” has zero to do with gender proliferation.  Katy to the top have a mom and a stepmom.  And this nutty dad, sometimes considered the oldest of the kids as he practices real estate to feed the ranch dwelling kids.

In 2001, we valued our police and firemen. 

In 2020, fueled by Pelosi’s party of slavery, destruction, death and mayhem, that unity of purpose is not embraced by everyone.  Bricks and frozen bottles, fire and more, are the tools of the sick anarchists who are lawless and disorderly, and coddled by the Demonrats.  err Democrats.  List off the cities that have not gotten the memo that their citizens deserve safety and protect; put in policies of financial frugality and common sense: Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, LA and others. The hit and run Kenoshas, where Soros’ soldiers of mayhem do their worst, then stay in four star hotels or bus/van to the next targets. What do they have in common: decades of Democrat rule.

This isn’t supposed to be a political piece, but WE are the government.  WE EMPLOY humans to work in governance, in the administration of the government.  But, we the people ARE where the buck stops.  And where the peaceful revolution, the reforming of good governance long overdue.

Step up, citizen heroes.  Step up. While you can.







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