Climate Change and Fires Gone Wild!

Pat, we ALL are interested in clean energy.  But, Mr. Madrid, you pegged it: the climate change in California isn’t all lightning: It includes graduates from the Soros Anarchist Arsonist School of Destruction.  Such as Oregon’s Bakula  and whether it’s a “boy or girl” gender reveal.  Thank God there weren’t 158 gender non-reveals via pyrotechnics, too.  JP Sears was a good listen.

But just when you think loony leftists can’t dig a deeper hole:  stay tuned: Governor Newsom again demonstrates incredible ignorance.  As our 47th presidential candidate, Kamala, whose mottos include “From the Brown bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years” does as well!  But, this is to be expected from good prostiticians.  Don’t miss Kamala the Pirates campaign slogan at the bottom.  Anyways: isn’t it…

 Fascinating how everyone is an expert on everything. “Follow the science!” shout the prostiticians,  as if most people have a clue what is fact or fiction…especially college kids who were indoctrinated in the fake left gospel.  Most of us refuse to jump off the top story of a building because we respect the law of gravity, but too many of us are sheep “following” the experts about so much that intuitively makes no sense.

What is a wildfire?

 Seems obvious, but there are many definitions, but it simply means a fire that has gone wild, beyond its manageable and controllable confines. Fires will always happen, but it is up to smart people to minimize their damage. 

Over 2 million acres needlessly lost in Gov ‘Recall’ Newsom’s “Green means BURN!” forest management policies are this season’s wild fire results.  You can demonstrate the principle of “the environmental case of ignoring fire’s ability” for a dubious cause: take a bag of crumpled paper, dry Christmas tree pine needles and wood chips and dump it on your 5 burner gas stove top.

Turn on the gas, listen to the self igniters kick in and run.  Or get the fire extinquisher.   But the mental cases of the environment have waaay too much power, make too much money and don’t follow true science.

Best choice: REMOVE the detritus, dead wood from the stove top before your morning oatmeal.  Do the same with our forest floors and dead tall matchsticks.  We CAN! with the proper leadership.

We are blessed with millions of beautiful forested acres but each year we listen to the Sierra Clubber anarchists, the less acreage of trees we will have and arable available for farming.  More dead residents and firefighters, like the just announced ElDorado fire victim.  IT IS AAALLLLLL PREVENTABLE.

As a conservationist conservative scientist, i am all about protecting our “environment”.  Our family recycles, we use grey and reverse osmosis runoff water to water plants, grow our own vegetables, minimal waste into the city sewer, no garbage disposal for foodstuffs, the list goes on.

  But, we need the truth not propaganda.  You JUST can’t trust prostiticians whose priorities are their campaign donors not the citizenry.

What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

Carbon dioxide is a small, trace atmospheric gas that does incredible things.  Combined with water and sunlight (not heat), it FEEDS the WORLD!!  Remember 4th grade science? Look at the graphic: we were taught “photosynthesis”, explaining how on one side of the equation are the three common items, H2O, sun and CO2.  On the right side is yielded C6H1206 (sugars, ie “food”) and oxygen.  it CREATES oxygen and food from CO2.  Yet, people demonize and hate carbon dioxide as if it is strychnine or CO (carbon monoxide). Why? Because they can control the debate about production, economic success and more since CO2 is at the heart of progress?  Why would they do that?  Ask the leftist “professor” tenured indoctrinators at Harvard, Yale etc.

Proof? In nature, when I take a random sample of your home’s air (actually anywhere on earth), you only get ONE yes one CO2 molecule out of 2500 molecules of the major gases, nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  Look at the air composition chart again.  Like any music composition, you have different notes in different quantities.  In the atmosphere, science helps us “quantify” too.

1:2500.  One CO2 to every 2499 other air molecules.  So, why do Algoreans say CO2 kills?

The concentration is critical to analyze to establish the validity of their claim God’s excellent food processor, photosynthesis; especially when you take Al Gore and the Paris Accordians player’s statement that the 3% of CO2 is destroying the planet.  The misery merchants just can’t be helped.

Ok, amateur scientists: do the calculations.  The trace atmospheric gas CO2 is 400 parts per million.  3% manmade (androgenic) means ONLY 12 man made CO2 molecules for every ONE MILLION!  12:1,000,000.  You STILL believe that our making cars or growing corn is melting the earth, killing the polar bears (there are five times as many furry whites in last 4 decades, NOT the left’s and Algorean propaganda line)??

Climate has always “evolved”, changed.  Jet streams move, hurricanes land in different places and even though less intense and in number, the Irenes, KaTrinas etc get the headlines.  “If it bleeds it leads” the maxim.  But, leveler heads must look at the truth, not narratives to push one’s biases and agendas.

Newsom even admitted the truth when 45 arrived in California to survey the hell on earth: “The president, meanwhile, has repeatedly blamed the state for poor forest management. He’s called on Newsom to “clean” or rake the forest floors of debris while suggesting the state implement controlled burns.

The president reiterated on Monday that California needs to do better forest management – a remark that Newsom acknowledged.

“We have not done justice to our forest management,” Newsom said. 

So, what’s slowing you up, Mr Governor?   Signing a get out of jail free sodomy bill?  Watching your aunt pelosi shout “Do as i say, NOT as i HAIRDO!”


What is climate change?  is Global warming related?

 Also, many definitions.  Weather, often interchanged with “climate”, changes all the time.  When the global warmologists, Algorean heretics and those that want mankind to go back to the cave era, use it they mean: man can change the weather, the climate and must stop making things that release CO2.  Simple way to put it.  As Lomborg lays it out:

“Climate change is real, but it’s not an apocalyptic threat, as we’ve been told.  The science shows that, for instance, landfalling hurricanes in the US are not more frequent than in the past.  Droughts here have become shorter, less frequent and cover a smaller area.

Seventeen times more people currently die from cold than heat~~and these people will (would have) benefit(ed) from moderate warming.  In fact, global climate telated deaths are at an all-time low.” 

 Think about that; kids are taught, from kinder to college, that the earth is melting; even though there is no glass ceiling, ie greenhouse over the atmosphere. God designed our atmosphere to be radiative, with natural vents NOT glass panels like Christ Cathedral: based on complex processes He set into motion, able to allow heat into space when we hit variant temps.  We have an open system: IF we were a closed system, the earth WOULD burn up in minutes.

  Yet, a global ice age would be much more dangerous than a global warming era.  Reasons are explainable: warmer means more arable, ie workable, crop lands.  Longer growing seasons.  More food in 3rd world countries, especially with America and the 1st world sharing good agrarian technologies and techniques.  You won’t hear this at Harvard.

But these prostiticians are acting as ignorant scientists, not looking at the assumptions that undergird blind belief man has the power to change the weather via CO2.  But, as it is, CO2 emissions have DECREASED over time with more reliance on no polluting natural gas used to generate electricity.

CO2? Per the Kielly Curve, CO2 goes down every summer in the northern hemisphere.   Jane Fonda and the China Syndrome scared us out of nuclear generation; meanwhile the anarchist ecoterrorists want to take $10 trillion out of the economy by ending fossil fuels, all of them.  So, if we can’t use oil, gas, natural gas, coal and nuclear, that leaves three ways:  hydroelectric, solar and wind.  These three will not replace the 4 gigawatt deficit in Calfornia resulting from Gov Recall Newsom’s 8 gigawatt no pollution natural gas generation kill.  He pleased the Sierra Clubbers and screwed us taxpayers and families.  I wonder if petty tyrant pretty boy Newsom thinks.  period.

Our single party legislature ignoring chief exec has no clue.  He’s already killing us with less electricity by banning super low emissions (natural gas) sources; also, end fossil fuels and that immediately takes 6000 petro-related (many many essential) products. 6000 products!   

We are letting the toddlers throw their tenured leftist professor fueled tantrums and it is killing America.


NOAA does great work; but in the private sector you get fired if you are wrong.  You can’t know the future but you can know the “before”. Joe Bestardi is a seasoned climatologist. Hurricane  Flora in 1962 put 100 inches of rain on Cuba, with Castro blaming JFkennedy for stalling the hurricane!  Harvey in Houston, Katrina and Irene etc.  Climate changes hurricanes happen.  Always have.

How are they related?  Androgenic Climate change and Wild CaliFires?

They aren’t.  Manmade climate change on the scale of major worldwide disruptions is total fantasy (androgenic means caused by man).  Wild CaliFires are caused by bureaucratic ignorance, malfeasance and loony leftists who prefer ancient oaks destroyed instead of thinned or “disturbed”:   Kind of like disturbing the the super fast burning forest floor material.  I will be making a few movie shorts to demonstrate this.


Truth: global cooling is on the way and the beginnings are UNDERway.  A Grand Solar Minimum


New Conjecture is metastasizing:  The Maunder Minimum, now known as the Dalton Minimum, is already here!  Unfortunately, the “climate deniers are primitive nuts” is repeated often enough

Global cooling in Time

and it drowns out sensible scientific inquiry.

Solar Minimums involve the three primary solar cycles converging in this decade with the sunspot numbers dwindling and thus actual solar heat (not light) sent 93 million miles to earth declining severely.  Sunspots indicate how much heat is coming our way: lots of sunspots, more solar heat.  Less or MINIMUM, ie none, means solar energy is dwindling.

I believe this centurian cyclical solar shutdown is possibly partly responsible for the variance in weather patterns we are seeing.  Instead of listening to the tired Algorean heresy that man is destroying the planet by making CO2, it’s time to wake up, people, and consider these four decades of global warming BS is NOT Biologic Science.  It is time to prepare for mitigation for LESS heat, less food production, shorter agrarian seasons and less arable land.  For further detail, look up Dr Valentina Zharkova, an excellent solar physicist who works in this area.  It is an uphill battle, since most scientists are NOT physicists, let alone solar physicists. But it is worth the push

Google “solar physicist dr valentina Zharkova” for more information.  I harvested 300 pounds of tomatoes three years ago; the last two, not so much.  This is anecdotal but informative: food is a gift from our Creator.  We take so much for granted.  should this grand solar minimum go global more than it already is showing signs of, we will need to help 3rd worlders more and more.  Let alone in our world.  I have been prepping my family and indirectly other homeschooling families about basic gardening techniques for this very purpose.  Some day I will tell them, looking back to this blog.


WE are missing the warnings and will pay the price if we don’t adjust our irrational fears with the truth..>>>>>

We can’t rely on these misery merchants who don’t give a darn about us families: just power and absolute corrupted power absolutely.

What is a ‘climate change denier?’

Someone falsely accused by the bullies in the money grubbing man is evil and killing the planet crowd.  No one denies climate changes.  But, too many academicians and scientists get paid, or get grants, by toeing the party letist line.

What is Algorean heresy?   the idea that man can change the climate significantly and is by using the gifts called “fossil fuel”.  Solar and Wind are intermittent and lack the high energy coefficients for their respective usages like natural gas and gasoline.  Add in 6000 products suddenly killed off and we come to realize we have two year old toddlers driving the cars and economy.


Kamala has an uncanny resemblance to the babies she has killed for parts for campaign dollars

Who is Chief Calif scientist Gov Recall Newsom and his beliefs. What is Kamala?

Kamala, who at age 29 made the Brown Bedroom her home when Brown’s wife Blanche wasn’t in the room; 27 years later, she is chasing the Lincoln Bedroom on the East Coast.  Both she and Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsom blame man’s making of carbon dioxide NOT the bureaucracy melded with radical environmental cases for lousy management of tinder box forests.  And changing climate which has always happened.

Newsom praised Harris’ remarks on climate change. “Climate change is real. If you don’t believe in science, come to California and observe it with your own eyes. You cannot be in denial about this reality.

Parse carefully what the governor just said and did: Climate change is real.  We all agree, one day it is hot, next day it is cool. Monsoons to light drizzle. In fact, global warming sets in locally every dawn and gets warmer; global cooling sets in locally every night.  But then Newsom “links” climate change to “science”:  “If you don’t believe in science, come to California and observe“. Nice try Pretty Boy!

This is how the left demonizes actual scientists who want the facts and NOT rely on baseless or dubious assumptions.  Like a toddler, Newsom plays “nah nah nah” with you and saying if you question a scientific assumption, you are stupid and worst ignorant of “settled climate science”.  No more bizarre or false words can come: science is never settled.

Gov Recall Newsom bans gas powered vehicles by 2035.  I hope he has a really large assortment of extension cords. Wind & solar are unreliable.

Our toddler tyrant governor shows his scientific ignorance yet again.  Einstein said you can’t create energy; and there are no commercially available zero emission vehicles, including the Tezzzlas. 

Electricity for Elon’s batteries has gotta be generated somewhere. 

Here’s the quote: “California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that the state will ban sales of gas-powered vehicles, effective in 2035. Newsom said that the “audacious” goal was necessary to achieve the state’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045. Newsom said that his new executive order would “eliminate” the sales of “internal combustion engines” and move to electric vehicles — a move that he said would create jobs and allow California to “dominate” the market, and address climate change. Those who currently own gas-powered vehicles would still be allowed to operate them and to sell them on the used market.”

Oh, thank you oh gracious Emperor Petty Tyrant Gavin.  You couldn’t spell “science” if it was on your fetology textbook explaining humans come in small packages,  in front of your arrogant, indulgent face.  Stick to your crayons, Gavin: refined oil, gasoline still has the highest energy coefficient and dependability for mass moved over distances on 4-18 wheels.  Better still, if that ignorant fool would learn a bit, natural gas generated electricity is the most economical and DEPENDABLE sources of residential power.  Yet, green in the gills Sierra Club prostitician cut out 8 gigawatts of methane created electricity forcing black and brown outs when and as the wildfires raged.

The 4 gigawatt deficit will not be made up by windmills and Mojave Desert magnifying glass sun powered boilers.  Meanwhile, Xavier the Little Cow Becerra keeps heaping more charges on David Daleiden for his investigative journalist exposure of the baby killers Dr Nucotela, Gatters and Jon Dunn.   Xavier is auditioning for his stay in hell.  Like the Hotel California, he can check out but never leave.

On top of this misery, rarely shown is the total rape of the California family consumer.  Our gas sales tax RATE hovers ove 65%, yes 65%.  The paper we use to wipe our behinds is about a 9% sales tax.  The essential energy, is seven times as much.  Fire all the bastards and start over.

The scientific method involves assumptions, hypotheses, theories and testing to draw conclusions. 

“Observations” is part of the process but not the decider.  We “observe” orange skies and Newsom and Harris blame man made CO2, morphed to androgenic climate change, to go Marxist and stop making stuff that makes for a healthy interactive free market economy.  Creating wealth provides the funds for private sector families to help OTHER PEOPLE and not force them, when the chips are down, to depend on government.

See how dangerous false assumptions and biased conclusions are?  Newsom says: “You cannot be in denial about this reality”  What reality? The Democrat AOC New Green Deal propaganda?

  The skies are orange? That California’s policies are destroying the state via terrible preventable wildfires; remove the dead weeds and twigs, branches and trees, you mitigate the destruction of Smokey the Bear’s wilderness~~AND our cities caught in the way.  Banning creating firebreaks and controlled burns to LIMIT fires has led to this insanity.  Meanwhile pretty boy blames climate change and carbon dioxide generation.  Total bull shit.

As all good prostiticians who would sell their bodies for $167,000 in gov job payola or their grandmothers for a vote, Harris and Newsom blame the innocent and ignore their complicity. 

Harris gets money from baby killers and Newsom from the rad enviro lobby like Sierra Club…this taints their prostitician mindset to ignore the hard truth: stoves covered with paper, tinder, wood and kindling will go wild once the first gas igniter kicks in.  Blame the gender reveal or the arsonist, but neither could cause 11 square miles of barren desert once forested that easily if our incompetent public sector (some not all) who don’t do their jobs.

With all the petty tyrannical ignoramuses running states and cities in Dem controlled Left America, it might take a Federal executive order to end this insanity.  Enrads who worship Al Gore want ZERO fuel clearance, even if millions of acres and people burn.  This is sick.


Sadly, true statesmen and women don’t wet their middle fingers and hold it to the wind; prostiticians like Brown’s babe, Biden and Newsom, who’d sell their Aunt Nancys for a vote, cannot be trusted to be scientists.  Their “experts, are typically “yesmen/women” since they choose those that meet their biased presuppositions.


Of the 2500 marbles in this vase, only ONE would be carbon dioxide. So who’s the fool about CO2? The fool or the ones who follow the fools

California is dying.  It’s bloated debt dwarfs what the private sector can create; the criminally large and generous public pensions are killing the most resource rich state in the union.  Criminals are the coddled citizens, no bail quick release the law: not the law and order abiding innocent families.  We need a peaceful revolution not more “peaceful protests” with bombers, looters and rioters.

Truth is out there.  And things are correctable IF we wake up and smell the brisk pine needles in a forest not succumbing to CaliFires’ best friend: Recall Newsom.  NEVER trust a prostitician; it’s tough enough trusting the veracity of our scientists.

Next time someone asks you “Got CO2?”, tell them one out of 2500 molecules.  Truth is the best liberator.

Seek the Truth in all things.  Question authority.  Don’t lust for power but use wisdom.

Always remember, knowledge is NOT power.  Knowledge married to wisdom is.

Would someone just take that petty toddler Newsom’s crayon box away.  We adults know how to wash our hands, not lick doorknobs, stay away a reasonable distance, wear a mask when close to another human and other common sense sanitary protocols

We don’t need a nanny ninny nor his hypocritical “Do as I say, NOT as I HAIRDO” Gavel Granny and our petty tyrant governor’s aunt Pelosi.  After all, as the fires are gone wild, and the Sierra Clubbers beat their drum incessantly, the 47th prez who will dump #46 using the 25th amendment to replace Impeach45 by July 4th, 2021.

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs much more than fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth.  After all, kids sliced into baby hearts and parts can be sold separately and do not pollute like fracked natural gas.  I am Kamala Harris and I approve this demonic message.”    Kamala, natural gas is the lowest polluting energy alternative to move America.


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