The “Mazing Mayhem of the Misery Merchants

Live on the joy-filled opportunity laden blessed plains of America, not the chameleon plantations of the misery merchants always ready to ruin your world.

The Southern Democrats still haven’t forgiven the Northern Republicans for freeing their slaves..  In a way, you really can’t blame them.  Free labor is free labor.

  Blacks were a perfectly rich source of this cheap labor, actually other than room, board and meals (oh and getting raped and used like a slab of meat): basically NO labor costs, ie FREE. 

The Greek Revival mansions housed southern slave masters’ corporate balance sheet was strong certainly due to the minimal labor costs contributing to Democrats’ profitability.  The labor of the mainly Democrat southern economy had cheaper labor than the Middle Kingdom where the Plague of Xi originated.  Talk about FREE enterprise!

  Ever heard it put this way?  Probably not.

The Democrats current operational platform remains the same: the plantation.  The slave party of 1854 is just never happy; they’ve remained the carrion call, the misery merchants of a nation so blessed people are STILL trying to break into.  Well, other than NYC, where people are escaping in droves.

It took 600,000 dead young mainly men to create universal HR, human resources, for those black Americans. But, note, their former employers still were nor are, happy.  Jim Crow laws, carpetbaggers, secession gave way to segregation and continued belief that blacks and whites are from DIFFERENT races.  What a foolish notion: more than the ONE great race?

Yet, Juneteeth celebrates this freedom to be free, belatedly, but so did July 4th, 1776 and Sept 17th, Constitution day.  Inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and Property.  Err, I mean, you know, it woulda been “property” secured by the freedoms to live free…except for the southern Dems of repute.  Pursuit of happiness was a weak but nonetheless, a useful and important right.  But, the blacks would not remain property forever, though those dastarly Dem leaders will never give up.

Did you realize you do NOT have to accept the misery merchants’ product? 

Yes, the mainly FLR Dem led peaceful riots in Covid19 spring and summer: like all good Atilla’s when they don’t get their way, they burn it down.   Law and order, security and safety, the responsibility of mayors and governors, fell by the wayside as we battled the world’s greatest mass murdering Xi JP of CCP Red China.  We all know this, just too many refuse to see the truth.

A statue not to their liking? Ask any Far Left tenured leftist Harvard prof: lie about  history and try and tear history down.  Or at least revise it THEIR way. Your great great great …great grandmother was a house slave or GGGGP harvesting in the fields, you owe me beaucoup bucks.  RePAYrations is an interesting concept.  Should LA Jews demand billions from Pharaohs’ descendants for their 400 years of slavery?

Blacks, after all, had come over from another continent (altho white, brown etc slavery happened as well going back to the Israelites under the Middle Eastern state of Egypt) on terrible slave ships.  Ask William Wilberforce about the lower cabins’ condition on these African cruises.  Today, that well known Marxist, anti-family (oops BLM Inc. is quietly changing that mantra) BLM Inc., with their useful idiot AntiFa mainly white boys and girls and other brainwashed by $200,000/yr leftist tenured professors indoctrination techniques.  Oppression and humanity’s inhumanity to humans just change time zones and colors, sadly, it seems.

Dead Floyd, black peace officer David Dorn and Loot Macy’s were turning point pinnacles of the anarchist misery merchants march to hell: like Nero and Hannibal, we have the BLM~AntiFa.  And why in heaven’s name did Portland’s Dem leadership go 100+ days and counting allowing is people to be bullied, oppressed

Oh, and the 15 dead cops the down payment on the Warren Wilhelm Diblasio destruction of the Rotting Apple.  Defund the police? Insanity. Tell free hospitalier Franklin Graham’s Covid relief field hospital to get outta GCentral Park while manslaughter is reeked by Cuomo the Conqueror, killing 6500 elderly with 4500 Covid infected germ transports, instead of the gifted virus safe zones.  Equipped with docs and nurses.

The agrarian plantation of the 18th & 19th century becomes the plantation of anarchy, misery merchants selling their lawless, disorderly batch of death cookies. 

Don’t buy what they are selling, free born American citizens!  You don’t need to ride the Misery Merchant Express, people.  Get above the wildfire haze, outside the Dem controlled and destroyed metros, you can see blue skies,opportunity and joy is out there. WE need the officers alive and on the job.  We DON’T need the petty tyrants like Crayon pretty boy Newsom, first name Recall, Wilmers, Cuomo etc.   People of God, people of America: we LIVE in a great land.  It is OK to be happy, working hard and smart, in or out of the current “house arrest” fear of a virus,

BKind  4Give  B4Given   Help1Some1~2day.  Or more if you can.

Look at the Democrats current plantation, sometimes called platform, on  page 42: 

“Like the majority of Americans, Democrats believe every woman should be able to access
high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion. We oppose and
will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to women’s reproductive health
and rights, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment and protecting and codifying the right to
reproductive freedom. “

“The plantation of dead babies cut up for profit”   We SEE inside the womb clearly.  Too bad they ignore medical science.

With most things attributed to the FLARs (far left anarchist radicals) you need to parse their code words.  they don’t really care about the $8 a month WalMart birth control pills. It’s the choice for moms to walk into a planned parenthood carrying a 7 pound girl and having the selective surgeons hack and extract her out, slice up for parts (hearts and parts sold separately of course).

Talk about a plantation and the new form of slavery: ‘reproductive health care’ is ’empty the womb’, sometimes maim or kill the mom, like Tia, or Holly or…the untold list is long.  Tia is the poster girl for hell’s hospital on earth planned parenthood and affiliates.

Her tragic story is one of abject universal health scare failure.   Tia’s known baby was aborted; but Abort Inc.’s substandard medical professionals did not do their due diligence and didn’t see Tia’s OTHER pregnancy in her fallopian tubes.  When the Ectopic child caused the rupture, the third dead girl for one $300 abortion invoice died.  Where was Hillary, or Kamala, holding her hand as their fave satanists abandoned her?

Tia’s great…grandmother escaped the slave plantation only to see from heaven her GGGGGDaughter die on the Sanger plantation of ritual human sacrifice. 

Three girls died that day on ONE abortion invoice

Ladies, don’t be snookered, conned.  Why are you dying to lose it all by substandard misery merchant owned satanic surgeons of hell?

In California, Crayon Boy Newsom plays with his wax Crayolas playing doctor, keeping all churches closed EXCEPT one: his and his aunt (Do as I say not as I hairdo)’s favorite state religion, planned parenthood’s satan temple of doom.  They continued open through the Covid Chronicles seasons doing “essential elective surgeries” while hospitals and churches were locked down.

Today, women are house slaves to the Democrat favorite campaign donors, Abortion Inc.  Ask the lady who’s motto is “From the Brown Bedroom at 29 to the Lincoln Bedroom 27 years later”.  Kamala got $82,000 from NorCal’s abortion establishment; this year, God only knows how much satan’s sellers gave the Senator.  

Ruth, ie RBG has already met her Judge; we pray it went well.  But, the 4-4 tie needs a tie breaker.  NOW.  We elected Trump to be president for 4 years, NOT just until the Schumer Schitty Show says “wait for the next president”.  Sure.

How about a mother of 7 who is the oldest of 7?  It’s time to confirm judge Amy Coney Barrett.   Passed over for the epic Brett battles, yes, there are other possibles, but the misery merchants need help.  Some are totally evil, but most are influenced by evil and can be redeemed from dispensing misery wholesale.  Do you know a misery merchant in your blessed life?  Yes, we all have obstacles and stumbling blocks, but with Jesus’ help we CAN overcome.

Amy Coney Barrett

Jen is right: What matters most is what unites us. We need to follow the science that babies are better alive, then divided and sold to med labs

BunkerBiden, the master of misery, needs assisted nursing not more exposure; his family, enriched by Joe’s real estate and Chinese conquests, should be ashamed to parade him out there as president Kamala’s slave on her quest to be #47 taking out #45 using a soon to be dumped #46. Via the 25th amendment.

Don Lemon says to “blow up the entire system”.  “Kill the electoral college”.  “Pack the courts”.  What a classy millionaire talking head of the ABCNNBCBS Dem owned disinformation crowd.

We say the best antidote to the disease of misery merchants is nominate Amy, confirm Amy and have a 5-4 court for the coming anarchist election.  The slave party of 1854 is just, as usual, morphing the plantation to lawless disorder and mayhem.  We need to level that plantation of anarchy.

Misery merchants freely steal your soul.  Don’t let them.  See the real America: we are thriving, despite the petty tyrants.  We are recovering, despite 64 million, yes million dead kids over 47 years from the RoeWade, or RoWad73, the world’s most deadly virus.  Mr Biden spent the same years, the 47, enriching his family and accomplishing less than nothing.  But, as Kamala puts it in her campaign theme: 

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from oppressed mother wombs, instead of fracked up black gold extracted from benevolent mother earth.  I am Kamala Harris, your 47th president”.

She hates energy out of the ground.  Loves black baby girls harvested and sold. 

A kamala administration. What a nightmare THAT would be.  Vote. Pray. Do.  They say the “devil is always in the details”.  Why not ask the lady herself.

YOU have the freedom to choose: LIVE on the joy-filled opportunity laden blessed plains of America, not the chameleon plantations of the misery merchants always ready to ruin your world.  Choose wisely


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