Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed 10/30/2020 to SCOTUS!

Writing this BEFORE her nomination is a risky business. 

ACB after RBG is an important transition for the real America, which believes in the Constitution and those old fashioned ideals of law&order, honesty, integrity, thriftiness and self-reliance.  After all, like many of us that don’t walk the latest 1854 Democrat slave party planks, she is guilty of believing in God, following Christ, being oldest of 7, having 7 kids including two Haitian orphans, achieving much, settling for nothing but the best and loving America.

Not to mention, teaching her munchkins you don’t riot, steal, loot, burn or murder like the AntiFastan BLM Inc RePayRations/steal/burn/kill crowd beholden to Soros & Gates, living life to the fullest, Amy is her guy as a girl, a true lady of repute.  Yes she suffers as one of the binary genderSexes, femaleness, not the 158 self describes recreated notions of gender ideology.

As the oldest of 11 and having 11 kids who my beloved sister Cath says is white privileged and lucky my NY German dad snagged a Polish Chicago Cath mom, I feel Amy’s pain and gain.

Well, truthfully, I could banter with the OBDelivery doc and nurses while another mother Donna, like Amy, did the heavy lifting. 

But, never mentioned by the destroy AmeriKa hate all faiths and God coalition, is self-less actual charitable Christian service, like my Muslim, Jewish Protestant friends embrace, is a CAtholic good for the USA.  More hospitals, more relief, more help has emanated from Catholics and other people of faith, as part of the America that continues to be first at most worldwide cataclysms, Amy Coney Barrett, is the embodiment of what C people do and believe.  C as in Catholic.  Yes, we have our failings and faults, and Catholic criminals, but I don’t blame Hunter Biden nor Nantoinette “Do as I say not as I HAIRDO” for all their demonic utterances and actions.  satan the father of lies gets a little credit for the CINO sect.

Dogma Dianne Feinstein, who was chauffeured for 20 years with a Xi Spy from the Red mainland, worries Amy might follow God’s rules, not the Dem rules of anarchy, rioting, looting and other tenets of the misery merchants.  Oh my, one less Macy’s robbed in twilight.  One less of the currently 15 dead cops since triFenatyl high Floyd became the flashpoint for Soros sponsored anarchist deaths and $2 billion in people’s life savings and business the last two seasons.

For these “sins”, Feinstein will insult her faith (Catholicism), Harris Administration’s 47th prez candidate Kamala will chide her for achieving the boring way: hard word.
Of course, violating the sanctity of the marriage bed, Kamala, who’s slogan is the “Brown Bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years”, as a candidate is proud for choosing to use her body and the world’s oldest profession to get her first $167,000 in payola government jobs.  That’s a woman’s choice as it is a man’s.  But, Kamala suffers the disease of reedism, drifting and grifting in the wind with the latest power acquisition strategy.  No matter how many more of the 20 million dead black kids among 63 million dead American kids must die for this new plantation.


Yes, the Dems still haven’t forgiven Lincoln for freeing the blacks in the 1860s.  Meanwhile, instead of harvesting crops for NO pay, tiny black kids are HARVESTED at Petty Tyrant

These 1860s blacks harvested artichoke hearts & lettuce heads. Today’s blacks one third of the time ARE the harvested heads and hearts on Dem PP plantation

Newsom’s only open churches in California: the planned parenthood sect of satan’s temples of dooms, where instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth, satan’s surgeons hack up black girls extracted from mother wombs.  Baby hearts, like batteries for toys, and parts sold separately of course.  You don’t get $715 for a Yale med black head or $125 for a baby heart at Amy’s Catholic parish nor WalMart.  At least at WalMart you can buy those essential sex drugs known as steroidal pills for $8 a month.   Page 42 of the Democrat platform outlines the Plantation of Death and Harvested Blacks.  
God bless America. Pray that Nantoinette Pelosi will comply with Psalms 109:8 before Allergan runs out of botulismic juice. 
But our Dem leader friends should add one more plank in their evil platform titled:

“Arrogance: Do as I say, NOT as I HairDO!”   Keeping so many under house arrest for so long.

Funny thing.  Despite government institutionalized public schools led by leftist Hippie Throwback Thursday tenured Harvard professors who hate homeschooling, and the other misery merchants of “meriKa”, we have a joy filled thriving country.  STILL the place people climb walls to get into.  Millions of families, even with petty tyrants destroying more private sector businesses than mass murderer Xi could ever have envisioned unleashing his Plague of Xi, love our free land and just want our elected employees to stick to safe, law&order security roles.  NOT play Stalin or Marx sonatas to their father of lies, the devil.
Amy will be a fine justice, irrespective of whether Norma McCorvey’s landmark RoeVWade ruling is overturned.  Someday, just maybe, the Hillary Hunter Biden crowd, who never met a human they couldn’t con (but conservative critical thinkers?) nor kill, will actually FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

Simple proof that God feeds us well and CO2 is NOT evil like the misery merchants and Algorean Heretics continue to spew from Tennessee, Paris and elsewhere

Think beyond the indoctrination maze for a moment.
Fascinating is how easily the Godless anarchist misery merchants are misled about the science.  God feeds the world with photosynthesized food from water, sun and yes CARBON DIOXIDE.  Yet it is only ONE molecule in 2500, a trace gas barely coming in as #4 behind Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon. As I mentioned to Pat Madrid on his national radio show on Relevant Radio, CO2 like so called fossil fuels, is a gift from the Creative God.  Amy is a fine example of this True Science.
After He made billions of stars, planets, plants and animals, thousands of biochemical processes, the Creator moved to trillions of insects (yes cockroaches and ants too), and then tapped the brakes. 
God left His next acts, promised to the Angels, of only ONE man. No billions of humans on the earth at the same time.
As any good scientist will tell you, God went from the simple to the most complex in his Creation engineering plans.  After that mere man Adam, God put His all into making the most amazing, intricate and infinitely complex, last act of general creation, woman.  Who else can nurture a single cell into a thinking, squirming, thumbsucking 50 trillion celled human but an Eve?   The same fully human beings sold as chattel in parts to med labs around the world.  But that’s not Eve’s fault what we do today to other humans, preborn or post.  It’s a correctable sickness, this RoWad73 virus.

Another Eve who honors the Second Eve, Mary of Nazareth, Amy, will soon to be the #9 spot, filling the seat Ruth Bader Ginsburg freed up as she met her Judge.  Hopefully, it was a good meeting, but only she and God know the truth.  Maybe her longtime friend, Justice Scalia, yes one of those C word faithers, had an influence on who God is.  
But, as of 9/26/2020, Clarence Thomas is the longest serving Judge on SCOTUS at 10,556 days (28 years plus); maybe RGB’s replacement, ACB will live long and prosper even longer.  Time will tell. But, fellow Americans, it is up to US, the true government of, by and for the people, it is up to us to do our part.  Not just vote, but BKind   4Give  B4Given and most importantly, like the faith Kamalala and Biden and Dianne seem to despise:
Help1Some1~2day.  And many more if you are able. 
God bless the Barrett family.  God bless Amy AND America.  Pray for her, the amazing Child of God that Amy is, and the covenant land of liberty, that she will renew her goodness and stand much longer that twin towers gone one score minus one years ago this month.  “It’s a REpublic, IF we can keep it” said the Key man, Ben Franklin.  Let’s mutually promise to work for her betterment. Amy will be a part of this renewal
Len is a real estate practitioner, dad of 11, GP to 14,  homeschooler in year 31, spent 30 years as youth minister/DRE/FF at three parishes in Newsom’s orange colored Orange County diocese, scientist and Mark Twain type satirist.  Blessed beyond measure


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