Vox Veritas Gazette reports: The NEW infrared racist detector is out!

Vox Veritas Gazette Reports: The NEW Infrared Racist Detector, the 1619 Equalizer, is almost here!

Early Edition Volume 21 Issue number 7-5   Investigative reporters and contributing include Jessie Smollett, Candace Owens and Lawrence Jones. The ObamaNation’s premiere racism detector Michelle was at her East Coast mansion, unavailable for comment.  Her white house digger was busy in the garden planting rainbows.

The recent two straight years of national peaceful protests have raised the need for a device that makes it easier for humans to better understand white fragility, why black lives matter but not white or brown lives.  Areas of deep concern for poor single mothers whose Negro hubbies were banned by LBJ, areas like white and black supremacy, and other levels of human differentiation.  the latest BLM/AntiFa poll points to “racism” the runaway top of the list of citizen concerns that include the destroyed Biden economy, hooded looters in the 200 largest US cities and other minor items.

In a nutshell, a product with a point and shoot capability to measure levels of racism.  It is critical to radical critical race theory, Kenti’s $20,000/hour Zoom chat with 11 year olds, and other difficulties with the obvious:

“How can we read each others minds to detect latent racism?” Biden, AntiFa, BLM’s racism cops and the ever present Michelle of the ObamaNation can’t be everywhere pointing fingers with their impressive racist psychic powers

Funded by the EEOC and a consortium of public/private companies, the 1619 Equalizer is ready for widespread distribution leading up to the midterm 2022 elections.

The randomized, controlled testing protocols have yielded promising results.   Every time the propotypes were tested, the targeted person was obviously racist.  With a 99.9999999% effectivity result, only one condemned racist out of 10 million will go undetected.  That’s 35 racists in America who obviously studied for the test, like polygraph beaters. 

Like Covid19, racism is highly contagious even prebirth.  All Americans have raceoclorians in their cells no matter which side of the Force you follow.  A raceoclorian vaccine is being developed to rid the world of everything racist.  After all, the only way to verify racism levels is thought devices not on the horizon.  Early scientist statements about the race vaccine believe it will be less lethal than the 50% result of the 1619 Race Exterminator; Dr Fauci believes, though no vaccine has ever worked in most areas of human health, the deadly side effect will only be 10%.  HCQ could have been helpful but it is too cheap for Big Race Pharma’s liking.

Main mentor to Nantoinette “Do as I say NOT as I hairDO!” Pelosi

Thanks to the Harris-Biden Administration’s anti-racism project, spawned by a previously unknown anti-racist book club centered in horse country, Norco Calif, a trillion dollar$ were immediately authorized (President Kamala issued her first executivette order on July 4, 2021, soon after swearing on Pelosi’s Nantoinette LeVay satanic bible on the same day Bunker Biden returned to his basement via the 25th amendment.)

President Harris negotiated hard to get the cost of prescription anti-racism devices down as low as possible.  The ex-Brown mistress, who successfully pulled off what the patriarchal male miscreants have done since the cave man era,  has authorized 100 million 1619 Equalizer (higher mortality 1619 Race Exterminator version) to be deployed for use in summer 2021.  Forever, the Harris Administration will be known as the woman who won the War on Race moments into her rule as #47.   Her mantra is emblazoned behind the Resolute Desk:  “From the Brown Bedroom at 29 to the Lincoln Bedroom 27 years later”; meanwhile, Joe remains in his basement bunker, oblivious to the fact he no longer is president.


Good news, thanks to President Kamala: the though disease systemic obviously White Racism will be exterminated by Labor Day 2021.  As to the Plague of Xi the Merciless… the CCP’s mass murderer is working on Covid20.  Stay tuned.




One thought on “Vox Veritas Gazette reports: The NEW infrared racist detector is out!

  1. A comment on the absurdity of systemic race in America

    Why would one celebration NEED to be the enemy of the other?
    I keep thinking of my brilliant little grandson, Peter. He’s part English, Irish, Mexican, Greek, Scandinavian, and Italian. He’s going to hear the stories of his grand papou in Greece, and his great great grandfather Lu Winsor, riding into Las Vegas as a cowboy in 1905. He’s going to be well fed — beef stew to tamales to spanakopita. He has first cousins and little friends of every ethnicity you can imagine. Maybe it works because all of those traditions were Christian of the sort who really believed “there is no Greek, nor Jew in Christ.”
    America, for all of her many faults, LIVED that idea. We’re stronger for it. The people who are making one tribe the enemy of the other want to keep you angry, divided, and dependent on them. They don’t want you to learn from history. They want you angered by it.
    Celebrate your indigenous and your European identity. Odds are, you’re a healthy mix of both. ~Jim Riley from Riley’s Farm

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