Pat, what say you about the Algorean Heresy?

Mr. Madrid, my favorite dad of 12 kids, thank you for taking four minutes back in September to discuss two commonly joined words these days: climate change. 

I was listening to your Our Lady of the Rosary feast day pod cast, and you prompted memories back to reversing my belt driven turntable belt to listen to backward masking on Beatles White and a Led Zep song.  My first guitar contemporary mass I joined in was in Anaheim 1968 when a priest walked off refusing to do the mass because those “kids” were doing the music; thank God Fr Oubre, a Divine Word missionary priest, was in the rectory.  I must make a belated  confession: when i led the group in the 70s, i was so full of myself, and not a good liturgist, we practiced and played “My Sweet Lord” in the choir loft.  Without the Hare Krishnas but still….

Yes, though God did not strike us with lightning.

Its 1am and i couldn’t sleep so this is my take on where we are with God’s gifts of climate, weather and feeding us.

You mentioned climate does change; no truer statement could be made, since climate has always changed.  Unchanging climate we call the doldrums, which is terrible if your catamaran is only equipped with a sail.  The difficulty is too many people pretend to “Follow the Science”.  But, as Dennis Prager said it, they follow THEIR scientists, who are coincident with their worldview. Some true, way too many totally false.

Take abortion and that excellent homilist priest on the same show: any decent fetologist or OBGYN knows that thing squirming, thumbsucking on the ultrasound is not an UNdead junior, auditioning for the next horror flick but a preborn human being.  Fully functioning and the only difference, as Mark Harrington puts it, is age, location and size. 

This is why, in my prolific prolife work, i never us “unborn” anymore but preborn.  It was a child long before, but like your caller who brought up babies at 21 weeks can live or die, with the different labels like “foetus” or ‘living being’ does not change the essence of the little human. 

It already is alive; there is no magic dust sprinkled by the delivery doc in the mom’s birth canal giving it life. You and Nancy imitated Isaac and Ishmael: you had 12 kids just the last, very much alive, was taken home before daylight.

We multikid dads tend to have different jobs to feed them; after my MBA, i sold computer power supplies into Silicon Valley.  One company, Acuson, early 80s,had one of the first computed ultrasound devices, a game changer from the cloudy, murky analog pictures of kids looking like blobs of cells.  The window was much more clear: it IS a living moving human.  No longer did the ‘excuse’ blob of tissue remain useful for honest people.

This is the difficulty with the left and their overwhelming control of the English language: a woman’s right to choose…ends before the ellipse.  After the … is “right to choose to kill her kid”.

Humans who either are ignorant or lack integrity, try and force “science” into their worldview and force conformance with their pet theories. It is the same with the climate change realm.

In the course of time, after Al Gore’s southern charm and snake oil ways turned a new worldwide theory into his bread and butter, the need to change the terminology followed as each level of “weather patterns” or “climate” were debunked.  Over the 31 years of homeschooling, we did many science fairs in cooperation with other domicilic pedagogues; teaching the scientific method is paramount to teaching kids and adults to think critically, and reason righteously.  But, even when his professor disbanded his theory, Algore marched on to the gravy train.

Paul Ehrlich in the 70s cried “wolf” about global COOLING.  We survived.  As to global warming, the center piece of the Algorean Heresy, that went away.  The East Anglia Email frauds didn’t help the left’s push much.  So, time to change the left’s version of the truth again.

When the “climate” hit the doldrums with no temperature increase over two decades, global warming morphed to climate change by way of androgenic CO2.  Why? To cover the lies.

The supposed “inconvenient fact”, that man was causing the poles to melt, the glaciers to recede and the seas to rise didn’t hold water.   Your discussion on air on the Obamas and the rich and famous building their compounds on the seas’ edges on both coasts comes to mind: they don’t believe their snake oil sales pitch, otherwise they would live in Nevada.  They realize the lies they have been retelling.  But, the Alinsky in them causes them to lie on.  Look at Adam Schiffty, who still cries “Russia Trump”; yet, Adam lies deeper than a green shag rug drenched in patriots’ red blood continuously.  Integrity in politics, like integrity in popular science, is shot full of leftist holes today.

I have followed this fraudery for four decades; you may not remember but Obama stood on the Exit ice field (huge glacier) in Alaska and Dr O’Bama pronounced the seas would soon cover Denali. 

For the record, the last time the waters destroyed that much was in Noah’s 600th year.  The rainbow reminds us it won’t happen again; in fact, Denali is Mt McKinley at 23,000 foot level and the ark is purported to have landed on Mt Ararat in Turkey at the 14K foot level.  Ignorantly or not, Obama worried about a tsunami flooding his $10 million estate, he lied.

Being a scientist isn’t much protection either; my Phded atheist little sister scientist of molecular biology fame, for example, blindly believes man is destroying the earth via CO2.

Want truth?   Debater VP Pence just explained to Brown’s former mistress Kamala that our CO2 “pollution” levels are lowest in decades but the left hates the reason:  fracked up natural gas is now the majority and best electrical generation fuel.  No polluting issues and plenty of it discovered in the ground  Yet, the left, like Gov Newsom, hates diabolically God’s gift of “fossil fuels”, traced back to Noah’s time…and before.

We discussed this in our telecom last month.  Natural gas is God’s gift for so many reasons, just as the 6000 plastics and other products that come from oil disappear if AOC & Co. get their green OLD way.  These people, from Algore to today, are the misery merchants: refusing to see the blessings in the world God has created for mankind (He designed the universe FOR man, enabling him to live happily forever; not the vice versa.  Man is PUNY but loved.)

Fraud godless theories, have real consequences.  Why did brownouts happen in Taxifornia?  Executive order: Newsom took 8 gigawatts of methane generation out of commission; we have a net 4 gigawatts deficit, leading to rolling brown and blackouts.  Solar and wind did NOT make up the difference especially with nuclear San Onofre mothballed for no good reason.  We found that out the hard way.  115 degrees and no A/C for the elderly.

Same incredible BS with wildfires.  ALL fires, from a birthday candle to an arsonist’s molotov cocktail, are capable of going wild. CO2 does not fuel fires, oxygen and tinder dry wood and brush do.

Pat, decades of Sierra Clubbers’ blind suppression of forest floor cleanups, including detritus, dead matchstick called trees, no clear cutting, or grid based fire breaks has led to the record 4 million acres burned.   But DON’T clear the renewable ‘fuel’ from the forested floors of CA.

The purist ecoRAdical tree huggers are clueless because their “religion” is don’t touch the forest, don’t disturb the “primitive” nature of nature. 

This irrationality, not ‘climate change’ or CO2, is what is causing CaliFires gone wild, not carbon dioxide. 

CO2, recall our conversation, mixed as a trinity of water and sunlight FEEDS the WORLD! 

Another gift from God that yields oxygen when photosynthesized.  No one complains we have too much nitrogen, oxygen or argon, the three largest gases in the atmosphere.  Look at the convenient meme I made on this: nitrogen is 78%, oxygen 21%, ie the 99percenters%.  CO2 once, in ages past, was 4000 ppm.  Today it is only 400ppm, which is ONE yes ONE molecule of CO2 in every2500 of the other air gases.  1:2500

CO2 is no magic “heat sink” holding the heat for the rest of the atmosphere magically.  It is BS.  Pat, do you believe God can’t maintain the radiative nature of earth (no greenhouse glass ever shattered by SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket.   Also, recall God had 70,000 witnesses watch Him move the sun around on Oct 13, 1917; I wrote a piece on the 100th anniversary about this “phenomena”. 

God’s not capable of radiating heat into space through the NON existing greenhouse glass in the troposphere?  Algore heretics have duped us; worse part, our bishops even our pope buy into this drivel.  The Paris Accords are just a money grab using the worldwide carbon tax…we already met the CO2 target, as the Christian VP said it, via increased use of natural gas.

  Pat, do you realize, TODAY, I paid a 67% gas sales tax rate in Taxifornia for the twin frauds of carbon emissions and fossil fuel being the devil’s delight? 67%. A mile separates the last California gas station and Arizona’s first; $1.25+ difference in price which makes nooooo sense.

Why?  Same atmosphere, separated by an imaginary border line between states?  Pat, it’s because the Church no longer is strong in scientific inquiry and debate: we are the Church of These churchmen-scientists include Nicolaus CopernicusGregor MendelGeorges LemaîtreAlbertus MagnusRoger BaconPierre GassendiRoger Joseph BoscovichMarin MersenneBernard BolzanoFrancesco Maria GrimaldiNicole OresmeJean BuridanRobert GrossetesteChristopher ClaviusNicolas StenoAthanasius KircherGiovanni Battista RiccioliWilliam of Ockham, to name a few.  Bishop Barron’s take on science and Catholic priest-scientists comes to mind.  We have abrogated science to the godless fools; shame on us.

CO2 is a political hostage of the left’s hate for America and God’s beneficient creation.  It was even the SCOTUS target (Supremes claim CO2 is “pollution”; fancy that, God’s gift is pollution?) when the Marxists in our midst discovered CO2 happens when you manufacture things.  Karl said “control the means of production and you control the nation” paraphrased. We pay dearly in your former state due to the petty tyrant toddler King Newsom’s continuous royal decreeds.

For the record, the 93 trillion dollar green OLD deal of the brainless AOC is the next morph from androgenic (man made) CO2, to global warming to climate change. 

Who would claim the climate doesn’t change”?  no one.  That is the genius of the Left’s use of the term.  Sun today, rain tomorrow, that’s climate change.  So anyone who disputes man’s ability to melt glaciers and kill off polar bears (Algore’s first photo op lie) is called a fool, a “climate” denier. 

This isn’t how ‘Follow the Science’; but it is how Follow MY Leftist conflicted scienTIST works.  Money even buys scientists; try getting a grant if you are a denier.  Too bad when we went from “glob of tissue” to “clump of cells” to obvious baby via Acuson computed ultrasonography, the satanist surgeons at planned parenthoodlums didn’t own up.  AFTER 20 million dead black kids sliced up into parts and shipped to med labs worldwide for kamala campaign dollar$$, is the result of the many Follow the Science pseudoscientific frauds.

Pat, you may know this: there has been NO sea levels change; the one example tossed around was proved a fable.  Polar bears?  FIVE TIMES as many as Algore’s photo op mom and cub on an ice floe decades ago. The zany thing is polar mama and her cub simply jumped into the water to get food.  The claim the receding glacier was killing off the bears is such an easy low hanging fruit to dispute.  But the ABCNNBCBS, the big four media as an acronym, are wholly owned by the Democrat Left who, like Kamala, prefer black girls sold like slaves cut into salable parts.

The Antarctic is NOT losing ice year to year; just winter to summer EACH year. What an easily debunked shell game.  Notice how much snow you have at Relevant Radio HQ in the summer.  Is the snow “receding” in the Colorado mountains or North Dakota or just seasonally melted like a grilled cheese sandwich?

Honest scientists follow the method: observe assume test assumptions hypothesize  theorize before declaring a scientific law.

IF our Church really cared about the poor, we wouldn’t buy in to this dismal hoax.  Including our Jesuit pontiff.   Energy is the lifeblood of emerging economies…not Marxist fake socialist principles.

Cheap low polluting natural gas is available but the godless abortion loving Sierra Bully Clubbers hate it.  “There are 6,923 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven gas reserves in the world as of 2017. The world has proven reserves equivalent to 52.3 times its annual consumption. This means it has about 52 years of gas left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves).” Compressed natural gas and better gas is still the highest energy coefficient at the point of use (vehicles) and until hydrogen cells come along, it is a better bet.  Teslas still need electric generation to feed their monster batteries.  Actually, tell that petty tyrant Crayon Boy governor, so do we families.

Every year they discover more, especially with fracking.  Have you heard my take on Kamala Harris’ 47th presidency mantra: “I prefer hacked up black girls from mother wombs instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth.”

Main complaint about fracking is it produces MORE fossil fuels which the leftists hate with a passion.  Pat, think about that: the Kamalas and AOC despise God’s focused energy gifts because they hate America.  Cheap energy is what 3rd world economies NEED to thrive; not USAID condoms shipped with Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” for reading materials. 

Where the heaven is the Church?  The best way to help the poor is NOT a Catholic Charities hand out.  But a hand up. Why do we have climate change ambassadors running around or these interfaith social environmental justice groups who spew lies and Algorean Heresies non stop.  The world is NOT heating up, because of God’s infinitely sound design.  Excess heat radiates OUT into space.  But we have a bigger problem few are discussing today: the sun is putting out less heat and a real cooling trend is upon us.  This is suicide if we don’t prepare.  Instead, we are battling with the godless bankrupt ideologies that are designed by misery merchants to rob us blind.  Like in Paris or at the UN.

Fact is, our bishops should be preparing for the 2020s coming Dalton minimum, real global cooling like the Maunder Minimum in the 17th century.  The overlapping solar cycles is moving us this decade to super minimum sunspots and solar energy, read “heat”, sent out into space.  Cold is worse than hot; less arable land as you move away from the Equator, less crops etc.  We should be helping peoples around the world as a Church and nation, teaching them agriculture techniques, more improved technologies to help with this coming disaster that will make Covid look like the common cold.

Here is one of many articles on the Maunder/Dalton solar minimum heat energy coming our way.

There is STILL time.  The Church could take the lead..I know my favorite physicist blind Jesuit, Fr Spitzer is on it if nudged.  After all, Jesuits were the majority order in scientific advances in the past.

TV Weather girls are not the scientists we need; the leading solar physicist is a woman,  Dr Valentina could help.

I hate playing prophet but there is still time.

Meanwhile I go (before the age of the Plague of Xi the Merciless, Covid) to a climate change conference at Christ Cathedral and listen to a space cadet neo climate change ambassador sanctioned by the bishop a couple years ago.  The first exercise was an imaginary spiral; i drew ‘photosynthesis’ ironically.  I came in at 350 million years ago, just after human sexuality 10 millions years before.  I don’t care whether the universe is 6000 or 6000 million years old: God made it. It didn’t just happen.  As it is, our atheistic evolutionists know the lack of interspecies fossil caused them, like the man kills the earth with CO2 crowd, to postulate billions of years.  Of course, the fact that hyperevolution happened 12 times for you Pat, with Nancy nurturing a single cell into a fullydifferentiated, living 10 system, multi organ, 50-75 TRILLION celled baby is ignored.  PhotoBioelectric eyes, and optic nerves to the brain.  Functionally efficient four fingers and a posable thumb the perfect design we match in robotics.  217 bones in the skeleton.  Pat, this doesn’t happen when primordial biomass cells bang against each other for billions of years.  We’ve bought the lie that evolution happens between species, although genetic differentiation does occur within our genome called human being.

St Francis d Asis was passed over last Sunday, but he loved nature and all that he could survey of God’s great creation.  Too bad we limply give in to the intelligencia, like Dr Lizzie the Lightheaded Harvard prof who claims all homeschoolers are predatory child abusers.  IF WE DON’T CONFRONT THE LIES the lies become societal truth.  Didn’t we hear “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”?

Yes, this was our warm up exercise. After four decades of raising 11, being a DRE, DFaith Formation, youth minister, real estate broker and all around jack of many trades master of none, we have become so impotent in the sciences.  The left comes up with critical race theory, 160 new gender ideologies straight from hell, and we go along to get along.  God is NOT pleased with our false modesty and impotent compliance with satan’s scientists.  Need i repeat the only church open in California the last six months was satan’s temples of doom, the planned parenthood essential operations slicing up girls as ritual sacrifice to Moloch?  No, redundant.

Thank you Pat for being Pat.  But, you need to stop saying you aren’t a scientist and don’t understand this climate change thing.  God is in control; and it is sinful to ascribe that much importance to puny man’s ability to disrupt the atmospheric biochemical processes in this 553,000,000,000,000,000,000 (sextillion) mile wide major gift: the universe

God bless your ministry; i have to go to sleep.  It’s 2:20am.  Give Nancy a kiss, not for me, but because you married up.  Just as I did.  And my Donna went to heaven 9/9/11 49 days before she turned 49 years.  But God was not done with me quite yet: I was blessed with another wife, Mary, who became the stepmom the kids love on June 8th (8 isn’t only Jesus’ number but its the date of the Virgin Mary’s conception and birth dates) at Torrance’s Nativity church.







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