Queen Mother Mary IS present in our lives with her Son the King

Christ the King and Mary the Queen Mother Weekend; we are in pivotal times.  Read on.

Saturday is the Presentation of Mary as a newborn child; it is also the feast of one of her alternative identities. NOT stolen just different.

Ecuador’s Oyacachi Indians and the universal church celebrates Our Lady of Quinche, Ecuador.  It involves a cedar statue, a horse, an artist and many miracles.  In fact two images of Mary on cedar.

55 years after Juan Diego had a meeting with Our Lady called Guadalupe Dec 12, 1531, another Diego, Don Diego de Robles was in His Story News. From Laudate app: “Legend says that the vision of Our Lady appeared in a cave to some of the Oyacachi, promising to protect their children.”  

The image Don D carved looked just like the vision the Indians had in the cave.  So, the Oyacachi asked him to stay and help them build a shrine for his beautiful image.  (Sorry iconoclasts, images are aok as long as they aren’t golden calves and worshiped).  Sacramentals like “breadcrumb rosaries” have merit and history.

He said “NO” but with his shipment in payment of Home Depot cedar,  he crossed a bridge, and his horse threw him inexplicably; Don D had prayed for Mary’s help and he was miraculously saved from injury.

He obviously wised up and took this as a sign he should return: he did and helped build an altar for the statue.  In 1604, the statue was moved to a newly built chapel in Quinche, Ecuador, then a sanctuary in 1630, 1869 and finally last move in 1928.  Mary gets frequent flier miles for her many visits like Fatima, Tenochtitlan, Quito etc; this statue of her gets a prize for frequent relos.

It’s storied history includes songs in multiple languages, and many miracles, especially healings associated with it.

The carved and beautiful statue of Our Lady of Quinche, originally destined for the Lumbici Indians who had commissioned it, was proclaimed in 1985 by the Vatican to be a national sanctuary of Ecuador.

Animals were given to us by God, for humanity to hold “dominion” over them, respectfully and for our use and sustenance. Sometimes we learn heavenly truths from them.

The speaking jackass in the OT for example; no, he wasn’t a prostitician.  In Poland, horses also listened to the Above, and refused to move, traced in the history of the Black Madonna, another famous image of Mary (this time with Christ the King her Son).

The painting of the Madonna has a long history. Legend has it that it was painted by Saint Luke on a piece of a cedar tabletop built by Saint Joseph. More Cedar not of Lebanon!

Some even say it is part of the table used at the Last Supper. Saint Helen found this painting when she went to Jerusalem in search of the true cross. She gave the painting to her son, Constantine. When the city of Constantinople was invaded by the Saracens, the people prayed to Mary and the city was saved. This began the great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary attached to this painting.

You think the Shroud of Turin moved a lot?  The history of the painting is more accurately documented in 1382, when Prince Ladislaus was owner of the painting. In that year, when the Tartars were invading the Prince’s palace, an arrow hit the painting, lodging in the throat of Mary. Prince Ladislaus decided to take the icon to Opala, the town where he was born, in order to keep the picture safe. On the journey there, he stopped and spent the night at Czestochowa. The next day, as they began to continue the journey, the horses pulling the wagon with the painting of Our Lady refused to move.

Peeps!  Why did the horses go on strike and refuse to move?  Like the Quinche Lady, another horse got the rider’s attention, Don Diego de Robles

Prince Ladislaus took this as a sign that the Black Madonna painting was to remain in Czestochowa. (author’s note: I was there in 2005 with Bishop Soto, Tony Melendez and Steve Angrisano for a World Youth Day ) The icon was placed in the care of the Order of the Hermits of Saint Paul at their monastery called the Mount of Light, or in Polish, Jasna Gora. The icon of the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Czestochowa, is there to this day.  the Mount of Light has other interesting Catholic lore, including a famous museum’s Bread Crumb rosaries (any idea what those are?) and Bone church nearby.

The icon was again in danger and damaged in 1430 when the Hussites invaded the monastery. Twice the painting was struck with a sword, and before it could be hit the third time, the looter fell to the ground and died. Despite trying to repair the painting, the sword cuts and the arrow wound are still visible in the painting today.   OK, Len always sees other things in these events: suppose this miraculous resistance to repair is similar to her Son’s? 

Recall, in the Transfiguration that the last three humans to see Jesus flanked by the Law (Moses) & the Prophets (Elijah) unblemished and in His Eternal Glory, were Peter, James & John.  Jesus would never be seen this way again: after the Resurrection, his wounds, scourgings and blemishes remain forever on His Person.  Evidence of ?  Of his Divine Mercy and Eternal Love for humanity.  The angels had already chosen their eternal paths, good and bad.  We MUST choose ours

In 1655 the Swedes invaded Poland. The people prayed to Mary, and Poland was again saved from the invaders through the intercession of Mary. Our Lady of Czestochowa was thus crowned as the Queen of Poland, and this icon became the symbol of national unity.   Zounds of the Battle of Lepanto!

There is even a modern legend from the time Russia invaded Poland in 1920. The Russian army was ready to attack when an image of Mary was seen in the clouds. At this vision, the troops withdrew and Poland was again saved. The Church honors Mary, the Mother of God, in various ways.

Mary can intercede for us, as is evidenced by the many healings and miracles that have been attributed to prayers to Our Lady of Czestochowa over the years. At Lourdes with the waters, at Fatima, at  Since this author’s heritage is Polish and German, this painting and icon is special to me and the Beckman Ranch with extensions to Dayton and Houston.

So, on Christ the King this weekend, note that Jesus was presented and found in the temple (Joyful Mysteries #4 and 5).  Likewise we celebrate Mary’s Presentation in the temple.  According to tradition Mary was educated in the temple.  To prepare her for saying “Yes!” to God about becoming His Son’s mom?  You tell me   

Always be observant; what seems may not always be what is real.  Live in “Realsville”, learn from the past and let it shape your future.  Pray for our Protestant brothers and sisters, who don’t share the same beliefs about Mary.  This is why I think where HELL is most present on earth, Christians come together, both Protestant and Catholic, to pray the rosary: outside satan’s temples of doom, owned by planned parenthood.  In 40 years of battling pro life prolifically, whether in Alburquerque, San Francisco, Washington, Sacramento or in front of the evil empire’s satanist hellhole HQ in Orange County: 700 tustin at the 22 freeway.  Kamala can mock God, Biden can lie about his rabid proAbort Catholicism, but God is NOT ignorant. 

PP may try and get $15 million from one of the Church’s incredible white martyrs, David Daleiden but see how God intercedes for His people. We are living in incredible times; don’t just see the misery merchants: see and be the Sunshine!  No charge to stand and pray and intercede outside your neighborhood human sacrificing satanists’ temples named PParenthood!  Grab a dozen ROSES and watch them save lives one mom at a time.  18 for 8 bucks at Trader Joes, for instance (No, not Traitor Joe’s the President-sElect).  If you can nationalize the stealing of an election, you can nationalize the sin of abortion.

Like Mary did in Jasna Gora, Quinche, Mexico and so many other places. Like as Our Lady of the Good Event/Good Success (the English translation of the Spanish-language Catholic Marian title Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso, often as Our Lady of Good Success due to the similarity between the Spanish word “suceso” and the English “success”  …The Arnolds, Matt & Betty, of ProMultis Media can set you straight on this remarkable work in Quito, Ecuador.

Abbreviated: In the years between 1594 and 1634, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a cloistered Conceptionist sister in Quito, Ecuador named Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres.

During these forty years, Our Lady appeared to her asking that she wished to be known under the title of Nuestra Senora del Buen Suceso which in English translates to Our Lady of Good Success. She spoke to Mother Mariana about the future times that were to come for the Catholic Church particularly during the 20th Century. Our Blessed Mother described for her the grave crisis that would take place then in the Church and also society in general. In fact, the gravity of this crisis was conveyed so distinctly that it caused this poor sister to die from the effects of watching what was to happen to the Church in the future.

We were warned two centuries ago in Quito.  Same 100 years ago in Fatima, Portugal. So many other places; her heavenly passport has so many stamps.

Will we take note as we battle good vs evil.  Justice vs injustice in the battle for an election, pitting truth seekers against regressive miscreants who hate God & America?  Time will tell in this as well, who truly has Dominion over the country…and our souls. Will we take heed and do God’s will ??  Discern righteously, fellow Christian.

But  Mary wants ALL of us to come to know her….

Did I forget Christ the King?  Hardly.  He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Savior of Presidents and Paupers alike.  And He truly is the true Martyr for the Eternity of All.  Worship Him as He is.   Here’s the final prayer of the Christ the King novena (hat tip to PrayMoreNovenas)

Dear Lord Jesus, I have specific requests that may only partially fill the infinite needs and desires that are in my heart. I ask that You answer me not only for those requests but also for a greater reliance on You to satisfy the needs and desires that You have given me.

Please grant the prayers of all those who prayed this novena with me. Bless them with Your love and make them holy!

May I seek You with a sincere heart knowing that it will profit me nothing if I gain the whole world yet lose my soul.

So, help me to see Your good and gracious purpose in all my trials. Help me to see Your blessings in every day and help me to love You more.

Thank You for everything, Lord Jesus!



You are loved.  Comments and corrections always welcome.  After all, my kids AND you are…

~Homeschooling Grandpa Len

I have a lot to learn and confess my imperfections.  I really do






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