Thanksgiving 2020 in the Year of the Plague: Be the Sunshine

To my beloved family, friends, inland & general  homeschooling co-opers, real estate clients & other blessed humans!  I thank GOD for you. 

Be blessed; as a famous philosopher who was named for a saint, St Faustina Kowalska,  who wrote the Diary of Divine Mercy: Be the Sunshine.

In these three simple words, you can find the secret of the universe.  Be not Afraid: Be the Sunshine.  Anyone and everyone has this talent, this genetic ability to help others, overcome criticism, love others before you are loved…to be Christlike.  Physiologically, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown, so take the easier route and be an aroma, NOT an odor to others.  Be NOT Afraid~Be the Sunshine!

Did Jesus quit?  “Father, I can’t do this.  No matter how many of these Whom We created in Our Image that I cure or raise from the dead, these people just keep on hating Me, trying to kill me.” History, His Story says ‘NO!’   If you put your hands a foot apart from the right and the left, and ask “How much must I love others?”, Jesus gave us His answer and example; in EVERY crucifix you can see, “I love you THIS MUCH…as He stretched out His arms, and died that we might live, not just a day, but FOREVER

Do you REALLY know what you, and we, have?

Count your people! SEE EACH of their priceless value.  Even the ones who drive you crazy…

Many of you know of the Federalist papers; if you don’t,  The Federalist Papers is a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander HamiltonJames Madison, and John Jay under the collective pseudonym “Publius” to promote the ratification of the United States Constitution. The collection was commonly known as The Federalist until the name The Federalist Papers emerged in the 20th century. 

Never forget that image on the back of the $2 bill, the Declaration of Independence involved 56 signers who gave up their wealth, their families and very lives for you 254 years later this Thanksgiving 2020.  Sometimes over the decades I have given these as a reminder to kids and adults: the challenge is to do something special, like  Surprise & Celebrate someone who isn’t having a sunny day: Be Christlike. 

Keep the bill, post it reverse up as a reminder our ancestors have given their all, like the five military services have given their patriot’s blood that we might remain free.

In Federalist #49, it is written: “As the people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several branches of government hold their power, is derived…”   

Do we truly believe this?  The most blessed land on earth is comprised of we humans who fail, AND succeed at different times; not all of us are angels, but we CAN emulate and seek to be angelic in reaching out to those in need.  We the People are the fountain’s water, not government employees we employ to carry out certain roles, jobs and other things. 

The Source is God of course, who supplies the life giving water that flows in these organic fountains we call our neighbors, fellow citizens and residents of the most BLESSED land on earth.  ALL organics, including snakes, cockroaches, puppies and people, as well as inorganics like rocks & stars, begin with Him.  He alone is the Source of life, noting that Jesus’ Thanksgiving IS the Source & Summit of our Faith.  ‘eucharistein’, from the Greek, means just that: “Giving Thanks!”  An Beautitude Attitude of Gratitude goes a long way!

What did Marvel’s Spidey say? “With much power comes much responsibility!”  This dates back to at least 1793, the French Revolution and understanding it this Thanksgiving Day is a good thing.  It is so much easier to complain, to criticize, to bear false witness.  Of course, we need to speak the truth in love when evil mounts its ghoulish horse, but take the narrow road: find the GOOD in others, reprove the EVIL and be the Matthew 18:15 person our country needs.

“Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good His Love is Everlasting”

 “Thank God for the blessing of your country and your countrymen and women”

Be the Sunshine in a struggling world.  Jesus warns us in parables to take the forest out of our own eyes before we get tweezers to take the splinter out of another’s optical orbs, their eyes.

The year began with a novel Covid19 virus; I call it the ‘Plague of Xi the Merciless.’  The world has been turned upside down due to this evil perpetrated not only on the USA, but worldwide; but please, separate the evil one and its agent, Xi Jingping, from the good they CANNOT destroy. The innocents.  The unsuspecting Chinese pawns.  YOU and your family.  The undeniable goodness and decent nature of the forgotten men & women.  We pledge allegiance to our Eternal Creator, our God; our country and to the Church He set up to carry out His “GREAT News”.  That by following Jesus we will live FOREVER.  Every wonder how long that is?  Draw a big 6 foot (not for Covid) diameter circle, start walking anywhere on it and stop when you get to the end.   Uhh, problem is THERE is NO beginning nor end to Eternity OR a circle.

There are no Do overs once we leave this world; give Thanks for the gift of forever and beyond joy.  But don’t miss out.

Be NOT Afraid. Be the Sunshine.

The Garcia family

God remains in control. Pray for others as you discern the Covid20-21 truths:  I know, as many of you do, a great family who suffered through this Plague this year.  You know someone as well close to you.  I lost an acquaintance who died presumably misdiagnosed as flu, on Feb 16th. 

 Whether you are blessed with 13 kids, like the Gargantuan Garcia (Loralee & Gus) gang or the national US family average 1.3 kids, Be the Sunshine, Help1some1~2day.  YOU WILL make a difference.  Show God you are Thankful by following command#2: “Love your Neighbor as Yourself”.  Of course, #1 remains to Love God with everything as if your eternal life depends on it.  Because it does.

A covid survivor just celebrated her 106th birthday.  Hmm.  But a 90 year old distraught woman killed herself due to yet another announced LOCKDOWN.  Inhuman actions by despots.  Their reward is at hand.

Buried in the founding documents is this:  “Virtue is married to happiness”.  A virtuous people and only virtuous people can keep this covenant land, this Federated Republic Franklin mentioned, made up of 50 distinct states, 350 million individual state residents, and so much opportunity to be entrepreneurs of enterprise & wealth-sharing (called “charity”). 

As you read this, the Anarchists, the Socialists, Anti-Federalists and Federalists, the Covid Opportunists and more are settling the Election’s impact. 

Only God knows what our Nation will look like come Jan 20th, but know that Our Lady remains our, the Protectress of the Americas and Jesus our Savior.  Our Churches may be closed but they can’t lock the Spirit out of our hearts and God out of our lives.  Our bishops, fearing like the 1st Pentecoastals LOCKED IN the Upper Room, have locked us OUT and we MUST make the best of the situation.  Ironically, the Apostles in AD33 did NOT have ‘live streaming’ or ZooMeets.  Like them, we HAVE EACH OTHER. 

Surprise an elderly alone neighbor (safely) by doing a well-check and celebrate them.  Hypocrisy is best served cold like Nancy “DO as I say NOT as I HAIRdo! Pelosi or 22 Gavin & doctor guests at the unmasked French Laundry party; but you are MUCH better than this.  Follow God not the fake Scientists; Follow the True Science and do great things.  No better Thanksgiving words comes from forgiving and being forgiven (Matt 18:15 USCCB)

“If your brother* sins [against you], go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have won over your brother.
16* i If he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, so that ‘every fact may be established on the testimony of two or three witnesses.’
17j If he refuses to listen to them, tell the church.* If he refuses to listen even to the church, then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector.

Learn to think wisely and critically.  Do you hate corporations? (a corporation is a body of humans joined in an effort). Why?

Did you know 40 million of the 100 million masks the automaker Ford manufactured this year were donated out AND they re-invested the profits in helping more?   Pray for the 32,000 Disney employees who will be laid off in the first quarter of 2021, due largely in part to Democrat (and some Republican)  governors & mayors, the Covid Opportunists, to continue to be the fascists and socialists ingrained in their small minds.  PRAY hard for them.  Are you listening to the misery merchants and think America is evil?  then explain to us why people are climbing walls to get IN, to access what you and I have, just like we are knocking on our Church doors to get back in as well.  The future can be better but my crystal ball like yours is murky.  The Dark Ages will pass, this peaceful Revolution of Love will become the Renaissance yet again.

The FIRST Thanksgivings of the 1620s

Learn the lesson my high school entrepreneurs are learning at coop; fascistic socialism, that of Bernie and AOC, Kamala and others, fails for the masses; it never works except for the top few.  Repeat: Socialism never works, as tried in 1620;  William Bradford told us:  “To rectify this (failure of collectivism) situation, in 1623 Bradford abolished socialism (in the Plymouth colony.)

He gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced, or trade it away as they saw fit. In other words, he replaced socialism with a free market, and that was the end of the famines…” they experienced.

From AEI: “In the diary of the colony’s first governor, William Bradford, we can read about the settlers’ initial arrangement: Land was held in common. Crops were brought to a common storehouse and distributed equally. For two years, every person had to work for everybody else (the community), not for themselves as individuals or families. Did they live happily ever after in this socialist utopia?

Hardly. The “common property” approach KILLED off about half the settlers. Governor Bradford recorded in his diary that everybody was happy to claim their equal share of production, but production (translation hard and smart work) only shrank. Slackers showed up late for work in the fields, and the hard workers resented it. It’s called “human nature.”

The disincentives of the socialist scheme bred impoverishment and conflict until, facing starvation and extinction, Bradford altered the system. He divided common property into private plots, and the new owners could produce what they wanted and then keep or trade it freely.

Communal socialist failure (take heed AOC, Biden, Corrupt, Desolators etc )was transformed into private property/free market capitalist success, something that’s happened so often historically it’s almost monotonous.

Here is John Stossel short essay on the proof that Capitalism works and socialism kills.

“The Pilgrims had clashing ideas about how to organize their settlement in the New World. The resolution of that debate made the first Thanksgiving possible.

The Pilgrims were religious, united by faith and a powerful desire to start anew, away from religious persecution in the Old World. Each member of the community professed a desire to labor together, on behalf of the whole settlement. In other words: socialism. But when they tried that, the Pilgrims almost starved.

Their collective farming — the whole community deciding when and how much to plant, when to harvest, who would do the work — was an inefficient disaster. “By the spring,” Pilgrim leader William Bradford wrote in his diary, “our food stores were used up and people grew weak and thin. Some swelled with hunger… So they began to think how … they might not still thus languish in misery.”

His answer: divide the commune into parcels and assign each Pilgrim family its own property. As Bradford put it, they “set corn every man for his own particular. … Assigned every family a parcel of land.”

The Pilgrims’ simple change to private ownership, wrote Bradford, “made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been.”

‘Soon they had so much plenty that they could share food with the natives.’  This last is the American way; initiative, individual responsibility, yielding more than susistence levels and creating wealth to help others and trade with.  AOC’s way is death and bankrupt; proven every time.

The “people over profits” mentality produced fewer people until profit or “wealth”—earned as a result of one’s care for his own property and his desire for improvement—saved the people.  You and I don’t OWE each other our income, our wealth…we only owe each other the debt of love. 

Not mentioned often on our leftist Harvardesque campuses, is the Gift of Work.  Like the gifts of life and liberty, if embraced and will prosper us, make us successful. Never give up, never give in.

Under Trump, something the DeMedia (ABCNNBCBS wPOST-nyTIMES) refuses to report, our nation has experience four years of prosperity leading up to the criminal ViroWeapon distribution of the Plague of Xi the Merciless.  This Thanksgiving and following months and years, we MUST reflect on these blessings we have and PLAN for the future should this evil, along with the Covid Opportunists, persist to destroy our private businesses, family wealth and life as we know it. 

We can beat the misery merchants who want to rob us and our families of our futures, but we must be engaged and get active to do so.  And the vast majority of this country, outside of the snowflakes indoctrinated by tenured wacky professors and others lured by systemic government welfare, want to:

JUST BE LEFT ALONE.  We DON’T want more welfare, we want to work, build our family businesses, serve up our products or services and THRIVE!  Newsom can be a happy hypocrite, Nancy P get her hair done at the “Do as I say, not as I HAIRdo! salon.  We DON’T care, leftist mainly Dem governors: Stop killing the elderly with infected patients. Get out of the way.  You are NOT God.

LA’s Living Gift to Pope St John Paul the Great

In this season of Thanksgiving, allow me to leave you with this story of hope in trying times.

Suppose you broke your wrist, or burned your hand helping mom and dad cook the turkey; are you still blessed?  I think so!  Every time we whine “Woe is me…THEY have more than I do” think about this: there is ALWAYS someone worse off then us.  ALWAYS.  Hurt hand?  Nick Vujicic has no hands, arms OR legs and has spoken to 900 million people.  So, you don’t know you are disabled, you are poor or rich, unless someone TELLS you.  No shame in being armless, or poor.

200 years to the day minus 2, following the Constitutional convention, a 25 year old guitarist rose from below the Universal Amp theater floor singing “Never Be the Same” on Sept 15, 1987. 

BTW, José Antonio Meléndez Rodríguez has no arms or hands, a Thalidomide victim, and he was “gifted” to the great Pope of the people when John Paul II visited the US. 

The pope spoke these timeless words to Tony Melendez that we too can draw from: 

“My wish to you, is to continue of giving [sic] this hope to all, all the people,” which inspired him”   PopeJPII, the pope who survived Hitler, hate, pivotal in ending communist control of the Soviet Union…who told us often “Be NOT Afraid” as he reflected St Padre Pio.

I confess I was there that day Tony rose from the subfloor, privileged to bring 25 youth from St Callistus (now Christ Cathedral) and be joyful with all at Tony’s elevator rise surprise.

15 years later, I was blessed to tour with Tony and Josh, Matt & Amanda at World Youth Day 2000 in Rome (and two more times with Amanda, Larissa & David in 2002CanadaWYD then Amanda, Larissa and Nathan in 2005Colon)

I played Tony’s hands jokingly on the buses in Europe and on stage at Youth Day at the annual Ana Convention Center; when Tony and Steve Angrisano were committed elsewhere, it was a privilege to assist Bishop Soto providing guitar music for two private liturgies at side altars in both St Peters and St Francis d’ Asis basilica.

But this is the Tony you need to know.  He didn’t let a minor thing like no arms stop him.  Be Thankful for your parents, parents for your kids, for the blessings of this covenant land people are STILL trying to break into.

Don’t be like the misery merchants, be the US generation, not the “I” -phone, I don’t like my parents, I am the center of the universe, I-Gen.  Every morn shout “It’s a GREAT day to be alive” and never give up, never give in to laziness, to hate, to accepting the killing of little girls and boys.  Tony NEVER does; with his wife Lynn and grown kids (Yes an armless man can find love), they live in Branson Missouri; live where you live and make a difference.  

A small intimate gathering of the Beckmans and Basile families

Do NOT follow false prophets.  Recently sung “We are standing for our future, we are hearing what is wrong…we are standing for our future and together we are strong”…  AOC and friends.   My beloved, toss out the venom of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, BLM Inc., AntiFA, the AmericaHaters, evil…  If we are “strong” in destroying the prospering America, then we will be weak in desolation.  I discuss the ObamaNation of Desolators freely and plead that you do NOT join this Borg of evil.  See the good, follow your parents lead, and WORK hard for the Renaissance around the corner.  Pray for the Trump family, and the Biden family… as the Beckman family prays for you.


A simple anagram of success:

LuvGod BKind 4Give B4Given Help1Some1-2day & more if possible.

And DO…not just Say, DO your best and settle for nothing less from others. B-oPen2theMiracles

The 56 signers, the Hamiltons, Madisons, Jeffersons, Washingtons, gave their all.  So must we as if we all are family and ONE human race.

Pray that God’s will triumphs as the election lawsuits and verifications unfold and new leaders sworn in.   AND please realize God has not abandoned us; He sent His son, something we re-celebrate in a month to the House of Bread, aka Bethlehem.  Wise men (and ladies) STILL seek Him.  In fact, visible through Christmas for the first time in 800 years, Saturn and Jupiter will closely align.  800 years.  Godincidence at a time of trial?  You tell me.


But please Remember:

Be NOT Afraid~~~Be the Sunshine! 

Happy thanksgiving, thanking God for His blessings.  Pledge your love for your family and your aid to others, much like the first 56 did in 1776.  The Right to Life, Liberty & Property/Pursuit of Happiness

and thank you, for soooo many of you know I am, just like you, an imperfect lifelong learner.  And that you are…

Homeschooling Grandpa Len

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