St. Nicholas of Myra, Turkey You can call him “Santa Claus”

One amazing man hails from the 4th century in Myra. Lycia, which is in modern Turkey.  We know him as Saint Nicholas or other names.  St Nicholas wasn’t always Santa Claus; his good heart and his love for the needy preceded his current fame around the world.

He was generous to the poor and special protector of the innocent and unfairly wronged.

He hear a local man had fallen on hard times; it was so bad for this dad, he was considering to sell his three beautiful daughters into prostitution.  Nicholas decided to go by night, toss three bags of gold into the family’s home through a window. This saved the girls from an evil life, something that is all too common today with human trafficking of young women for sex slavery.

As mentioned in the Laudate app, “These three bags, gold generously given in times of trouble, became the three golden balls that indicate a pawn broker’s shop.

Another story, three young boys had been murdered and pickled in a brine barrel, with the murderers intending to hide the crime.  Nicholas raised them back to life.  Stories like these led to his being seen as the patron of little children, and of barrelmakers as well!  Not to mention the unmarried especially young ladies in waiting.

One time, Nicholas induced some thieves to return their spoils, the stuff they stole.  He is a patron of thieves, not to BE robbers, but to repent and change their lives for good.  There was a time, when thieves had been known as  St Nicholas’ clerks or the Knights of Saint Nicholas

One more story, during a voyage to the Holy Lands, Nicholas was aboard a ship when a fierce storm blew up and threatened the ship.  Like Jesus on the Galilee, Nicholas prayed and the ocean calmed.  He became the patron of sailors and dockworkers, people who work on the seas.

His Patronage list is huge; but after his time as the Bishop of Myra, Nicholas died around 346 and his relics are believed to be at Bari, Italy.  Speaking of Italy, many of you have heard of yet another


White House occupant who feeds thousands of children a pasta meal daily in Anaheim.  Bruno the Magnificent!

Chef Bruno Serato, owner of the Anaheim White House, gives Evelyn Gastelum, 9, and Matthew Garcia, 9, at the Thanksgiving Winter Wonderland event a few years ago.  The owner of Anaheim White House hosted over100 underprivileged children from the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim to a Thanksgiving feast and snow day at the restaurant. Santa Claus along with members of the Anaheim Fire Department greeted children as they arrived at the Anaheim White House and then lead them through a Winter Wonderland blanketed in 10 tons of real snow and a Thanksgiving meal

I declare this December the ‘anti-Covid Xi the merciless pound sand Newssolini Gavin pick up the spirits of as many as you can’ month.   Whew!

Don’t wait on others; if you must wait, Advent, wait for the King and the Savior. But BE the Sunshine today.


  BKind 4Give B4Given LuvGod LuvNeighbor Help1Some1~2day.  AND more if you are able.  EVERYONE can help another, from the poorest of the poor to the nuttiest billionaire.


Watch for Santa Claus, carrying on the tradition of the three bags of gold.  He WILL be around.  Take photos and email them to the dad of 11 at his real estate site or email below, tell a story of mercy you have seen or shown, the guy who wrote this piece

We live in the most blessed land on earth, even with the ObamaNation trying to sabotage your goodness as families.

Thank you Jesus for the example you are; and Mary, the 2nd Eve who did NOT have the sinful nature the first Eve with her man Adam sent our way. 

Happy Feasts of St Nicholas, Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Happy birthday, Mary Beckman, born on the feast of Mary’s appearance in Mexico City Dec 12, 1531 and Irene (mom Beckman) and her son Paul







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