The $2,000,000,000,000 (trillion dollar) Question

Do you really trust JayfingKerry’s claim that we must spend $2 trillion to “change the climate” back?
Do you have any idea how much CO2 is actually in the atmosphere?  We need to know this to assess if man is impacting the weather via CO2

THAT is the $2 trillion question.

Over the years, i have been amazed as to how much fake science has crept into academia, and filtered down to the elementary and secondary education world.  Most colleges are long past irredeemable regarding putrid green education policies.  Why do I say this?

Because over the years since the dawn of the Algorean heresies, I have done a simple experiment with small and large gatherings of people:

Smile and tell the truth. We are NOT an evil country but a land of blessed Americans. We stand apart from the miscreants in the invading ObamaNation

I hold up a $2 bill (the ‘freedom bill’) in front of 1, 2 or more people.  It’s a contest with only one winner: the truth.  “I’ve just taken an air sample with this cup/jar/glass and we count out how many air molecules are in the vessel.  We find out there are 2500 separate air molecules in the sample.  My question for the $2 is:  “how many are carbon dioxide?”   The person(s) who guess the closest over or under wins the bill.  Write down your guess on this card.

The participants, eager to win the $2, make their guesses.  Of course, I remind them that the whole climate change issue is based on man made CO2; 7 year old kids are told we have 12 more years before the earth burns up because of too much CO2, on animal planet and by their elementary teachers posing as scientists.  College and high school, the same.

Recall, we are told the seas are rushing over land masses.  President Obama, standing on Alaska’s Exit Glacier, claimed with a straight face that the waters would soon cover Denali, ie Mt McKinley.  It’s the tallest and highest point in the 50 United States.  That’s 20,308 feet high; Mt Whitney in California is closer to the height of Mt Ararat, where at the 14,000 foot level evidence of wormwood and a former floating zoo called the Arc of Noah rested.  It seems you don’t need the truth if you are the chief scientist of the ObamaNation.

Round it up: our young skulls full of mush are being taught the waters will soon be at 20,310 feet, drowning pretty much every one on the earth not on the way to Mars via SpaceX

Answering the Regressives preaching, I get all kinds of guesses.  20% of the 2500, 75 molecules, 1000, 737…as varied as the science fiction passing as truth in our culture today.  Disinformation and misdirection go hand in hand.

Even the smartest among us rarely get the answer any observant 4th grader can tell us.  Well, 4th graders maybe before Leonard Di Algorean took the stage and senate.

The answer is…..     It might surprise you.

Carbon dioxide is the third chemical of the blessed trinity of sustaining life on the planet.  Mixed with H2O and sun energy, you get “photosynthesis” and it’s counterpart “aerobic respiration.”

Sadly, our days of the Catholic Church providing the world’s best scientists and mathematicians may be long gone; well, we still have PB&J.  Not the concoction, peanut butter and jelly, we large families grew up on before lattes and lunchables.  No, PB&J as in Priest, Blind and Jesuit Fr Spitzer.  A true physicist among many.

Truth be told, God so loved the world that He sent His only Son that whosoever believes in Him might not perish but have eternal life.  Before that primary symptom of the plague of XiMao, FEAR, hit the earth, wise men and women understood God so loved the world that He blessed us with CO2, not as POLLUTION, but as the critical life sustaining food source.  And how do we repay Him? We claim man makes too much carbon dioxide; in fact, we don’t and the Marxists, without CO2, have NO climate change to blame on humanity.  

We INSULT the Trinity by not seeing the truth: CO2 is NOT pollution, nor should it be the weapon of the godless and anarchists to stop 1st worlders from making good products to help the 3rd world thrive.

Friends, lend me your ear: the answer is ONE.  Uno. A measly single CO2 molecule.

1:2500 or Google it and realize carbon, the seventh highest quantity element in the known universe, attached to two oxygen atoms is only one molecule among the massive number of nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  Using Algorean heretics, 3% of the 400PPM means androgenic CO2 is 12:1,000,000 or 12 CO2 to a million non manmade carbon dioxide.  Preposterous bullpuckey

Why does this matter?  If you Follow the Science, instead of the Fraudulent Science Fiction shovel wielders, you realize CO2 is our FRIEND and God’s gift freely offered.  We don’t need no family destroying, American tax private money sucking $2 trillion man, the JayFingKerry ambassador of climactic doom.  He needs to get back on his private jet and get out of the way.

Fracked natural gas has reduced our levels of CO2 dramatically, so the Paris Accords are immaterial and bankrupt.  We, with our energy independence, have won. 

Notice how gas prices this February just days after the Captain JoEO penmanship of state began sinking, are rising dramatically.  You can’t kill babies of course with the EO paid for by planned parenthood.  You certainly can’t kill the Keystone (section 6 of EO 13880xxx) and 11,000 high paying jobs without consequence.

Only brainless children don’t see the connections.  Buffet the Billionaire owns rail lines and trucks.  The Keystone Pipeline was set to carry 33.6 million gallons of fossil fuels per DAY, safely underground.  Instead of 6100 tanker trucks or 1100 rail tanker cars PER DAY.  Ever see a 18 wheeler gas truck accident or a derailed line of Buffet tankers leaking crude by the ton near a Scranton or Los Angeles pop center? 

You see, the putrid green new dealers are like the old carpetbaggers post Civil War; they lie to us repeatedly with their blind scientific ignorance and we answer them with our social justice warriors stacked in environmental interfaith groups demonizing low pollution fracked natural gas. Don’t encourage the CO2 haters.  Kill off crude and where do we get the 6000 products made for 40% of the 55 gallon barrels of black gold?  Buy windmills and solar panels?  You can’t make ringer solution and syringes, feed lines for IVs from wind turbine blades.

Polar bears?  We have FIVE times as many over the same number of decades; they are in plentiful supply.  The seas are not rising and Obama is either a fraud, fool or just his typical arrogant community agitator. 20,000 feet of worldwide water?  Great pull quote: total BS.  Then, there’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is the modern Jonahette claiming the world dies in 12 years unless we get rid of CO2.  But you rid the planet of CO2, it’s more than no more fizzing Dr. Pepper: we DIE BECAUSE we have no food to survive on.  NO carbon dioxide, no nutrition worldwide.

The answer is, more than the scientific ‘ONE molecule’: it’s simply, we’ve been had, scammed and conned in soooo many ways. 

Thanks to the Putrid Green class of anarchists, California pays $1.50 higher for gasoline than two miles into Arizona; same atmosphere….incredibly different energy costs.  Does NewsoMeanie   In fact, our gas sales tax rate hovers around 67%, incredibly abusive for poor and lower middle class financial survival.  Yes, NewsoMeanie can buy his $15,000 wines but some of us have 11 kids and want to enjoy life.

The $2 trillion question has an answer: it is ONE!   It is the foundation stone of the climate change fraud, now that the Democrats have, as usual, hijacked the language, and morphed from man made CO2 to androgenic global warming and now the unassailable “climate change”.  It always HAS changed but man is toooo puny to cause it.

CO2 concentration has zero to do with this massive fraud; but you question or suggest other data, like all good scientists practicing the scientific method, and you are labeled an idiot.  Worse, a “climate denier” which is gobbledygook nonsense.  NO ONE denies we are surrounded by weather, climate, ATMOSPHERE.

When in fact, you ARE the one pointing out that that Captain JoEO’s  Emperor’s sheer new outfit is non-existent.  YOU are the true scientist willing to take the $2 challenge and realize we are being fleeced big time.  It takes courage in Ludditeland; telling the truth is way out of fashion.  But practice this as sheer aid to a dying world.

Step one: get a few $2 bills.  Ones will do if you are on a true science budget.

Have a cup or glass as your prop then ask your “audience”: “I just captured a glass full of air; when I count them out, we get 2500 total air molecules.  How many, great people, are just carbon dioxide?  Write your guess on this card.”

While they think and write, remind them AOC says we have 12 years left.  Polar bears are dying out; current Prez puppetmaster ObamaNation’s Barack says we will soon be covered by 20,000 feet of water.  That the world is burning up due to climate changing wildfires and hurricanes.  Then tell them the answer.

I had one “contestant” go to the web at this point and told me the concentration was .0033%; it’s currently 400 per million.   Point is, the WHOLE climate change scenario is a giant FRAUD

Proof?  Without carbon dioxide as the demon, the putrid green (as opposed to honorable environmental conservationists) dealers are left destitute with weather that changes, not because of man, but because God created the heavens and the earth, the oceans and yes the atmosphere for rain and shine, and CO2 for food production combined with H20 (70% of the earths surface), sun energy (93 million miles away and getting cooler) and 1 per 2500 CO2 miracle gas.

So, next time you hear JayFingKerry, Captain JoEO, Kamala the BB BB or AOC pretend to be God: 

Polar bears are five times as many over 5 decades during the same time 63 million American children have been killed prematurely for organs and parts.  Blame abortion on CO2, too?

Wildfires come from horrible forest management practices; not CO2

Hurricanes come from variable storm patterns and changing temperatures; not CO2

ObamaNation’s Obama believes 20,000 feet of water is coming; you don’t need CO2 to be an idiot pseudoScientist like Barry soetoro the agitator.

Dr Pepper fizzes, like coke and Sierra Mist, BECAUSE of the same carbon dioxide the supremes in Mass vs EPA called “Pollution”.  Recap as you do the $2 contest with the populace.  God created CO2 to FEED His WORLD not as an excuse for the godless to demonize it for their evil marxist fauschist purposes.  Photosynthesis and aerobic respiration are not owned by the ObamaNation of Desolators; they are scientific laws and principles that govern our survival.  

Please be a part of the solution: the Putrid Green Dealers are frauds.  AOC believes 12 years to go while the Maunder Minimum continues to cool the sun this decade.  Don’t perpetuate the fraud.  And JAYFingKerry, we don’t have the money for you to jet around the world and to iceland or Davos.  Families are dying NOT because of CO2 but because of the ObamaNation of Desolators usurping the real governance of a great land.


Len Beckman  Dad of 11 real estate broker and 35th year homeschooling great kids.

Also, the Research Director of the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research Lab








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