Slave to the Lawless or Free Adopted Child of Mary’s Child

Update Jan 2: YOU are AWESOME!


“It’s a woman’s choice” is a common phrase we will hear in 2021, as we have for 4 decades.

Catholics the world over, some recovering from a bit too much of CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH, begin each New Year celebrating the greatest Eve in history, Mary. The Regina Coeli, Mother of God, Quiet Light and Queen of His Heaven.

365 days to go in 2021, on the 8th or octave of the Saturn-Jupiter convergence or Magi following miraculous star over the House of Bread, we begin anew.  The real question is:

Are we slaves of the godless or free people of God?

It’s a woman’s choice that got us here, when the greatest announcement in History occurred to a not so typical Jewish teen: an angel, Gabriel, annunciated she would be with Child Who will Save the World.  Not just any world: planet earth, third rock from the sun.  She did say YES! in an unusual way: “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.

In the liturgy honoring Jesus’ mom, we hear from the 14th apostle in a text message to the Galatians: “Brothers and sisters: When the fullness of time had come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law…”  The Son is eternal, Jesus; the woman is one born immaculate, in her own words, Mary.  The law was gifted to the Jews and the world, us Gentiles, to help us live good lives: do not steal, do not bear false witness, ie do not lie like the father of lies, the devil; do not kill/murder, do not loot or pillage.  Things like that.   The things we shouldn’t do; they are commandments NOT suggestions.

Saul now Paul continues: “…to ransom those under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons (and daughters).  As proof…God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!”

Wow.  We live in amazing times, but timeless they are in many ways.  Jesus was conceived and born to die (Catholic tradition recognizes this as the same day, March 25 (Gregorian) and the chabad way, Friday the 13th day of Nissan (Hebrew)); from all eternity, before an angel or a human Gabrielson was formed, He knew.  Jesus knew, as the eternal Son, He would be born to die, that WE might live.

A woman’s choice.  In our heart of hearts, we reflect the True Bar Abba, the Father’s Son, and not the Barabbas (the murderous son of the fathers released instead of Jesus)  We cry out “Abba, Father”.  My protestant and Catholic friends, know this: you ARE free, man and woman’s right to choose your own path.  Some after birth, others as converts, “receive” the adoption of their own free will.  Like the millions of angels, we choose LIFE forever or ignominious death.

Paul concludes with a joyful word: “So you are no longer a slave but a son (or daughter) and IF a son or daughter, then also an heir, through God”.

As a real estate professional, I deal with “heirs”, people whose dad just passed away; they were adopted by birth to their mother or formal court proceeding and now are receiving the gift bequeathed them as sons and daughters.  In the family trust, their father decided what that gift would be and the conditions it would be received.

And adopted child, like Ohio’s Jason who will soon be adopted by my TAC grad son Nathan and Jen his beautiful wife, is no less a son than one conceived and born.  Do we grasp this? From adoption to full heir in what God has prepared for those who follow His Son:  “eye has not seen, ear has not heard” even on social media, what is in store for those who Believe in the Christ.

Well, those adopted and heirs have been gifted in our ‘family trust’ eternal life; it’s called the New Covenant or Testament.  History is His Story. 

A Covenant IS a trust, a performance contract God has with those who Follow His Son.  We love Him, He provides the means for us to be happy forever. On earth, the closest to this eternal contract is marriage: where it takes three to “make love, for lover and beloved are bound together on earth by an ideal outside both”  These words come from the wisdom of Bishop Fulton Sheen; I wrote a song once regarding this actual polyamorous way of God; man’s view is quite different with ‘three brides in England” and other morphs.

Do you want to be truly free?  Only YOU can answer that!  Do you choose to be re-enslaved by the misery merchants? or remain free to practice C#1 and C#2, the two greatest commandments

Every Jan 1st, we hear in the gospel that Jesus was circumcised on the medically safest (vitamin K peaks) 8th day.  The shepherds’ Good News is recounted, when they glorified God for “…Jesus, the name given Him by the angel BEFORE He was conceived in the womb.”  The same womb many women are forced to empty by ignorance, evil, misery merchants, the godless.  IF only there was a window into the womb so that a mother could see the child she is sacrificing to her regret.  The godless are doubling down, actually tripling, even 666ing down on human sacrifice to please their father of lies, lucifer now satan when virtue became its eternal vice.  Killing little girls inside older girls.  Something a particular US party, with KamalaJoe leading, celebrates as Gospel.

Look at the real world this January: on the 1st, we celebrate motherhood.  Jan 3rd, the 116th ends and the 117th Congress is seated as of mid day even on a Sunday, which many the world over celebrate as Epiphany.  However, the 12th day is the traditional date for Epiphany, as the Wise Magi arrive to see the Child.  Jan 6.

“So how did Christians begin celebrating Christmas for 12 days in the first place? … Christians believe that the 12 days of Christmas mark the amount of time it took after the birth of Jesus for the Magi, or wise men, to travel to Bethlehem for the Epiphany when they recognized Him as the Son of God.

I prefer the 12th day of Christmas, Epiphany on Jan 6th, the day the most blessed land in the world has its representatives, the House and Senate, jointly determining who the next president shall be.  Heaven is a benevolent monarchy; we are a federated republic.

This year it is/was one of the most interesting and historic; contested election, means contested electors yielding the 535 elected DC occupants on Capitol Hill will decide.  Will Beijing Biden (KamalaJoe) take the oath or will the current president maintain and re-oath Jan 20th?

1865, the slaves were freed by proclamation, but slave owners, like all good bullies, don’t give back that easily.  Slaves down through time, the ancients like the greatest empire, the Babylonian or Jews in Egypt, the Medo-Iranian empire, the Greeks, the Romans, all had slaves.  Just as the English in the time of William Wilberforce (and John the slaveowner’s “amazing grace”) and the Americans in the time of Lincoln, man’s inhumanity to man, and refusal to let free men be free is consistent. 

In many ways, the Democrat leaders have not forgiven Lincoln and the Republicans for stealing their maximum minimum waged, black slaves.  Free men and women need NOT be enslaved to the misery merchants, who sell death and destruction for their elusive power hungry souls.

Power can corrupt and no i do not worship Trump.  Like he, i detest squishy doubled minded Republicans. Yes, I believe he has been an excellent prolife and prolific president and should not have done the locker room talk with Bill Bush, but then any one of you reading this EVER Commit Sin? 

After you’ve sinned, you’ve confessed or regretted AND repented by words and actions?  If Jesus asked more than just the Mary Magdalene accusers this question, after writing their sins in the dust, but the universe, recall His words to the gathered powerful hypocrites:

“He who is without sin cast the first stone!”,

How would Jesus respond to a giant boulder flying through the air?  Probably, knowing that someone He loves was listening in: 

“Mother Mary, I wasn’t talking to you!” 

Are we a Christian nation, bent on protecting all people by law and faiths by amendments and decisions? Sin is the universal condition, salvation and hunger for the Eternal God the solution.

Power is elusive and dangerous in the wrong hands.  But the mother of the Son we celebrate had the POWER to say “NO!”.  Her Son, has the ultimate of ULTIMATE Power to say “There is no way I will die for those I create later in eternity, mankind”  But He followed the Father’s call.

Anytime in his 33 years, from His meeting with the devil to His Way of the Cross, He could have annihilated any and all He wanted to.  But He did not.

Make your resolves, list them well in indelible not disappearing ink this January.  Make your goal to help others as you love them, neighbor, family, strangers and friend.

But, realize, we can’t surrender the language. It’s the Plague of the godless ChiCom Xi the merciless.  NOT Covid.   Adam and Eve, our first parents failed us.  Power hungry Adam( and Eve) Schiff lies like a rug drenched in the blood of dying patriots; he failed us.

However, the GREAT news is GOOD and EVIL are acutely visible at this time in US history more than probably any other.  It’s like the clarity of the LA basin after a winter storm.

Abbas the Palestinian hates the Jews.  Kerry and Biden love the Persians and want them to continue their nuclear ambitions.  Killing of little children for their organs is center stage, supported by the radicals in a formerly neo-Aztec enslaving and child sacrificing practiced party of 1854, the Dems.

Black and white elderly were assaulted, their homes and businesses burned and looted, last spring and summer as the Blue anarchist governors watched from the French Laundromat or Hair salon; their mayors allowed lawless disorder and arson reign.  A new paramilitary was empowered, the AntiFaBLM armada of the ObamaNation.

Too many Republicans have acted like Peter who denied their professed values, responsibility and their Christ’s teachings, going wimp and squishy instead of rising to the Constitutional high bar. 

While the godless shake their fist at the Creator God with 158 new genders to dilute the original designs of male and female.  They reward the godless dynastic ChiCom Xi’s Plague’s proliferator by buying his story and procured PPE sold back at double the price.  

74 million claim the election was stolen.  That fraud and lying took place.  Major cities’ experiencing murder (700 in Chicago, Detroit, LA, WaDC, Kenosha etc) from the anarchist lawless with Christopher Columbus district mayors celebrating violence using yellow painted avenues; Eve’s Adam bearing false witness after falsehood over impeachment and Ukraine phone calls without being disciplined.  

Notice all the violated “Thou shalt nots…” in the last paragraph.  This year, it’s time for the Dark Ages to pass and the rise of the peaceful Revolution of Truth, Justice and Charity.  We CAN do it.  Will the peace successes in Jerusalem, Israel; Manama, Bahrain; Riyahd, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Sudan be retrenched by the globalist (whatever that means) JFKerry appeasement crowd who just love to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.  Soon, much will be revealed so pop the popcorn and make the choice of salt and butter or both.

Most importantly PRAY for your country! This will be an unprecedented month. And excellent year.  Freedom does come with a price and it is NOT free.  But free people can do both.

We ARE blessed, despite the plague pitfalls and Newsommeanie roadblocks, with hope and solutions.  Good or evil, the misery merchants or the real America, is both a man’s AND a woman’s choice.  A choice, just like Mary, the 2nd Eve, had to make: giving life over convenience, so that all of us have eternal life over a mere century of earthly existence

Happy New 2021 to you and yours. It IS a great day to be alive.









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