Secret Christmas Eve Eve shopping at the LAX Inn and Out!

A Covid Christmas Carole

This Covid Christmas Chronicle recounts really happened 9 months into the Plague of Xi’s gift to the world and our toddler Newsom inspired lockdown.

Ordering a Double Double is not the easiest thing these days, it seems.  I love a #3, my youngest son the 4×4 as my 11 kids have different tastes.  We were a little early for our #11’s successful return flight from Taxifornia’s satellite state, Texas. But the rest of the story:


…had just done some au pair duty in Texas as grandchild #15 arrived two days earlier; step mom Mary and I knew Katy would welcome one of owner Lynsi Snyder’s answer to the hen preferred cow ad crowd. 

Don’t get me wrong, Chick Fil A is another loved brother of a different food mother. But, eye wesh theyd teech dem Jerseymades two spel onn thos bilboards?!

Heading north up Sepulveda past the airport, the LAX In n Out auto-line was long and meandering, so Mary and I passed IN&Out #117 looking elsewhere for an open restaurant…we figured something had to be open for our Texas returnee! 

But, a bit guilty, we returned to our beloved burger joint, and did what many in this tyrannical age of Newsommeanie toddlers avoid: we parked outside and meek dad of 11 real estate broker Len walked in. Imagine that, an open restaurant in the day of the Despot Dictator French Laudromat man that the judge told NO MORE!  IN LA at the LAX!

Wow!  Only two people in line inside was a better option than the 35 cars burning nightlite and carbon outside.  Armed with my well worn mask and some cash, while keeping six feet between my body and the other 20 people waiting inside, the time had come.   Noticed 20 empty tables, of course.  After all, you can stand with 30 people at the CostCo checkouts or go into a planned parenthood temple, but NOT sit down at a well managed, Covid safe restaurant.

I try to be a prophylactically (nothing to do with conception, newbies) energized Covid20 adult citizen type.

You know the (updated) obvious, 1) Gargle to keep viral load down 2) WasHands often  3) Sanitize 4) Air purify insides 5) Mask up within 10 feet of others 6) Hydroxychloroquine regimen 7)fruits & veggies  8) Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, NAC

And if you are truly scientific in the age of Big Pharma suppression, take Hydroxychloroquine as I do with your grilled onions animal way In-n-Out.

  Daily, Vitamins C & D3, NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) and Zinc for the light metal music crowd.  This stuff works as it has for 65 years, helping over a BILLION people worldwide; derived from the quinine yielding tree bark, Dr Wallace has 2000 patients Covid free under daily HCQ intake.  Back to the melodrama unfolding.  

I said ‘Merry Christmas’ to many, including one of owner Lynsi’s excellent window order takers at I&O #117.  Lynsi, she needs a raise; maybe your manager Elvis will put her in for one.

Jan 6 Epiphany 2021 will be most interesting this year

Ariana Si did a wonderful job in most adverse conditions. First priority of fast food establishments in LA County (LAX airport is in the Mayor Garchitty regional lair) required by its pubic health folks is the mask positioning system (MPS).  Some of their arbitrary, often changing demands are a bit extreme and good private enterprise entrepreneurs like the Cinco de Mayo born Ms. Snyder, are jumping through moving hoops to comply and stay open…  but detailed instructions for the MPS?

…Lynsi would tell you, staying alive to do what too many public service unions like UTLA and UGHU don’t need to do: work, keep people in jobs and provide a desirable product or service. The things a free and prosperous America promises to all legal comers…IF they are willing to work smart and hard.

NOT UTLA, the second largest public teachers union in America, with its new BLM staffer president comes to mind, fearful those dangerous thirty (30) 8 year olds will give the dues paying teachers the Plague of Xi’s novel Covid19 (Covid21 not here yet, but the UK Covid20 strain is)!!

Thus, ZooTeach is the only acceptable method to indoctrinate young skulls? Well, not according to the real experts, like Dr Gold who say the schools should NEVER have closed up.  But when you have Prime Minister of Health Newsommeanie as your pimp, you can prioritize the children exactly where you want them: #2, well behind the bosses and administrators who grow like weeds on the $80 billion no oversight annual budget gouged from CaliFamilies each year.

Plus, demand NO PARENTS ALLOWED to listen in the private sessions of teacher to kinderpatients. It’s not easy to indoctrinate from afar, with nosy unmasked parents in their homes.  You know, parents just don’t understand modern, PornSeXXX health classes.  Or as Dr Drew calls it: Pandemic porn.

Distanced teachers, local educational loss.  Perfect storm that keeps CCP Xi chuckling with just how successful his incubated viroWeapon worked.  He had no idea infecting 11 million Wuhanians before unleashing them to terra firma global would cause so much unintended consequences.  Like noses over masks grounds for concern with three layers of protection.  Of course, the CDC doesn’t mention this, I breath in through the nose and exhale via the mouth into the mask.  This protects both proximate neighbors and the mask wearer.  But, then hysteria is much more interesting…as well as hypocrisy while business owners do the Newsommeanie dance.

As I approached the three aircraft windshield thick plexiglass barriers hanging,  with the enthusiastic and beautiful masked front counter line worker at the ready, Ariana asked me to move my mask above my nose.  Of course, I complied and began to order transaction #3174 but the mask’s earlobe load bearing elastic didn’t keep it quite up to nonMD Dr Barbara’s LA County pubic health scientific standards.  If the tip of the nose can be seen, a giant no no.

The priority was NOT the grilled onions option; but the exposed nose.

Ariana patiently asked me to move it again; hard to hear with the noisy store’s bustling kitchen workers’ sounds bouncing back off the arrayed array of sound echoing wind (and Covid laden droplet) shields across the front counter.  I appreciated her fashion taste but i wanted to satisfy the tastes of three people too!

Like so many I witnessed at In-n-Out and other establishments equipped with sound proof panels, I moved left to the 6 inch opening (6 IS the number of distancing, recall), the separation of the hanging cockpit glass sheets, to listen.  I can’t read lips with a mask.  Can you?  Maybe Superman has the vision …and the hearing.

I finally got my mask to CDC and St Anthony Fauci standards, who you all recall, pooh poohed the idea of masks then jumped on board when the political winds changed.  I again pushed said critical mask above the non compliant proboscis region. 

Drooped again, so this time, still hungry and unordered, I removed and tied one end in a knot, hoping to toe the line of OShA, Hippa, St Anthony Fauci, Newsommeanie and other administrative and political standards.  While re-fixing it on the face…

Oddly, Ariana left and retrieved one of Lynsi’s excellent store managers, Elvis to flank her and I tried again to order.  Honestly, not trying to be a Newsince, my instincts were, maybe she needed him for moral support since she was the only window operator inside. What I don’t understand is why the latest Covid Chronicles don’t recommend my method:  you breathe in fresh air through the nose and out your mouth, with the cloth mask trapping droplets to reduce Covid exposure.  Although like the rest of the American sheepfold, i work hard to keep it over the extended triangle useful for breathing.

Being hungry and Houston Hobby to LA flight landing soon, I welcomed manager Elvis and tried again; finally got the order in, at approximately 5:44:26pm on Christmas Eve eve.  Since Ariana was the only one taking orders at the three station front counter, Elvis asked if he could take another order.  I, a bit quizzically, said of course.  After all, it’s his store.  I’m just the annoyance, a customer.

I turned Aussie left and stepped aside as another masked previously ordered customer said to “please keep six feet” away; he DID have an Australian accent.  This close to LA int’l makes this amazing burger joint international more than most.  What the world’s press must be saying except in places like Africa where the death rate is 1% of America’s, since they use the 65 year FDA approved HCQ.  A billion people have.  But truth and facts are not so common in this panicdemic.

Here it gets interesting:  Meanwhile  I was approached by a potential customer near by, a cross between a maskTapo and Karen lady who demanded me to answer her: “Did you know you got her to cry?” 

 I respectfully answered as ironically, you can’t make this stuff up,  her disposal surgical model mask drooped below her nose:

“M’am, I did not realize that….” before she cut me off.   All the while from his Chicom castle half a world away, the infamous CCP Xi the Merciless, the godless incubator of his well designed virus, smiles at his success in destroying America. 

Frankly, the only way America, after 4 years of thriving improvements, will be destroyed is IF we give up on each other.  Remember the bank run scene in “It’s a wonderful life?” Great reflection about the evil bitter old man who “stole” money later on that Uncle Billy misplaced.

Potter wasn’t selling, he was buying.  Buying up on panic. 

We have 3 vaccines, 10 therapies, including the preventative Hydroxychloroquine that NEVER should have been shut down by Big Pharma’s soldiers of misfortune.  Their reasoning?  Too effective?  Save a lot of lives?  God only knows why.

Remdesivir is only $3000 a dose; HCQ less.  I just bought 6 months worth of prophylactic HCQ doses for $50.  Meds and supps work, IF you don’t worship at the swamp altar ritualized by the high priest St Anthony Fauci. 

He’s like a medical chameleon: Mask not needed, Mask on, Mask off, changes with the political winds. Schools never should have closed, now for idiotic lockdowns again with the totalitarian toddler Gov Newsom.  When you give the administrative state an inch of power, they take the whole generation station.

Back in the In-n-Out customer area, tables locked down, I could see stern eyes above the mask line from a few others who overheard her loud rebuke volume well above the din of the store.   Of course they did not know the details; nor did she.

It became obvious she did not want to dialogue, but make everyone around us know she is in charge, a virtue signaling masked woman but still with same symptoms of her nose exposed, she huffed and chastised this joyful dad of 11.   Being the gentleman, I let her monologue along, helping lead her volunteer virtuous mask shaming quality control team to consternation.  I gladly wore the mask but not up to her standards.  Nor theirs apparently.  Even diligent real estate guys like me, who preach safety with PEAB forms and portable hand sanitizer/glove/mask kits…

Sometimes it’s just not easy ordering a #2, #3 and a single burger with grilled onions.  I patiently waited to the left of the counter for ticket #51 to be announced.  

I felt like Monk in season 6 (episode 10) titled: “Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus“.  For most of the episode, Tony Shalhoub, who plays the OCD genius detective, was derided by the San Francisco masses for shooting St Nick, but it happened in self defense out of sight from the city dwellers.   But, these times they are a’changing. The radical left is on the ascendancy in some circles, where truth no longer reigns.

Rush to judgement is the #1 front counter order of the day; sound science and good hygiene practices be darned.  The FACTS, scientific law and generally accepted clinical standards, are NOT as important as one’s opinion. 

It seems, the virtue masked lady was gaining Covid credits, like the carbon credits bureauRats love in the man made CO2 fraud, pushed as human induced climate change.  The louder she got, the more offsets she was banking for when her, excellent and well pronounced pointy nasal cover escaped over the pleated blue.

Bringing a counter person to tears? Certainly not my, nor Lynsi nor Elvis’ purpose.  Nor the kind Monique who appeared to be 2nd in command.  All I wanted was the usual quality food product that my #1 daughter in Houston stood in line to secure in the past when In ‘n’ Out moved East.  Like sooooo many from Taxifornia, 635,000 over the last decade.  This three decade MBA real estate broker/realtor is determined to stay in California, tattered state flag just waiting for a recalled castle dweller named Gavin to leave or be booted, before replaced with a new bear bearing 3x5foot banner slightly below the Stars and Stripes.

When I worked the famous McDonalds, i made $1.45 an hour plus a retention bonus for lasting to year end.  How much? 7 cents per hour worked. We had to add and subtotal, then multiply tax the 25 cent burgers, 35 cent cheese and fries by hand, pencil and brain.   Things have changed on earth and in America; technology has screamed swiftly forward, but human interaction is having difficulty keeping up, let alone separating right from wrong, male and female from 158 self-engineered versions of genderology.  You know, the $12 million going to Pakistan for gender studies to protect us from Covid21

What has NOT changed is the progressively regressive misery merchants have tasted power.  They keep their dirty hands clean by forcing the Arianas, Elvi, Moniques and Lynsis of the world to put up with their idiotic burger statist (BS) pubic service bureauRat methods.  Don’t let science get in the way.

Private business, entrepreneurs, the formerly 50% small businesses of this covenant (NOT Covid) land power the success and the engine of a great country.

Merry Christmas to all!  BKind 4Give  B4Given  and Help1Some1~2day.

I did so try to Help1, maybe 2 someones (Ariana, Elvis and you) before i took well prepared food out the door as the security guard kindly held it open.  I smiled as well as one can with a diaper across one’s face,  But before leaving, as a major fan of a great company, service and product stymied by the asses who hassle us vassals in SacraDEMento castles, I had motioned to manager Elvis when he had a moment while i was waiting for perfection. Grilled.

I said “Elvis, you have a fine store!  Great employees and an excellent product.  Might i give you some free market research/advice.  I will happily send a report to Lynsi as in the past.  I have done a few 30 second video clips exhorting (look it up, it means encouraging words) their great efforts.  At store #Simi Valley, we sang happy birthday for an employee and other joy-filled compliments.   I stopped doing them, though I had passed them on to Lynsi’s Mkting people, because a store manager said it was not appropriate.  My marketing MBA works better for real estate than the real lives of hard working private sector businesses.

Back to store #117 with suggestions.  Paraphrased a bit, I told Elvis there is no sound barrier or sound diverter between the counter and the kitchen (pretty much the rest of the work area). This would channel the kitchen noise away from Ariana’s side of the plexiglass, which act as a sound intensifier for her.   In simple terms, customer and employee could communicate, actually hear each other.  The Drive-Thruers don’t have this issue other than waiting for about 30 minutes for the car date with the order taker.

For you sound engineers, it increases the noise behind the plexi shields though probably not above 100dB like the jets flying half a mile away outside.

Maybe more like 80dB like a death metal concert or crew of virtue shaming revealed ‘nosy nosed in your face’ customers chiding an older person with eyes and words.  The left controls the lexicon, the etymology of the day, and loves powering nonsense over us plebes who just want companies to stay alive, families to be fed and to buy a double-double without facial interference.

So, Elvis 1) you have a customer with a mask (sometimes droopy ones that the In and Out ‘Mask fashion experts must correct to slow the spread promised to last only 15 days a mere 180 days ago.)

2) Between the masked order taker and the masked order giver, the greenhouse gas shield solid plastic stops the order givers orders from being heard. 

And 3) the order giver from hearing what the order taker is repeating back.  Keystone Kop style.    What i heard was “sdkf  fja;ai   fkadadf” .  What the excellent Ariana heard back, even when i moved to the small opening between the droplet shields was probably ” a dfad  aavi  and  vaosdv  vad” or something close to this.

OFFICE USE ONLY.  Lynsi, great people at store#117.  This is customer volunteer/transaction #3174’s report:

Your people did excellent under the most asinine OSHA/LACpubic safety guidelines. My recommends include sound dampening better between kitchen and counter; remove the ridiculous aircraft wind/sound repellent panels, outfit your order takers with a megaphone or individual reusable facial shields instead so lips can be seen, a smile delivered and an accurate order taken quickly.  I tipped Ariana $5 as i left; she deserves combat pay or a raise.  Elvis was excellent, protecting his employee because the customer could not communicate as well as customers must.  After all, customers no longer are king except in my real estate business, where the interest of the client supersedes my own.  I congratulated you at store#300 in my hometown and county and wish you the best for the future.  Enjoy your $3 billion and keep expanding; I will continue to be a fan and next time at #117 I will bring in my order on a white board in 80 point type black on white.  No words necessary.  If you don’t like the position of the fashionable mask on your customer’s face, offer them one with tighter elastic.  It won’t hurt your bottom line that much and the local pubic health spies will be impressed with problem solving and diligence.  No charge Lynsi.  As usual.


Customers should still wear masks so LA County humorless disease drones don’t shut down more barely surviving private sector businesses, while the mayors and governors practice hypocrisy served warm. Where?  Of course, at the Gov Gavin “intimate 22 best friends and Cal medical lobby folks” French Laundrymat $15k wine tasting; or on the Mexican Riviera, San Fran hair salons etc.  Wherever the elite flee to meet.

  The “Do as I say NOT as I HAIRDO!” Pelosi peter principle is at play. But families, businesses and life savings are dying.  One family, one day at a time.  Another restaurant gone, never to open again.

  Power is essential to run your lights, registers and sound system; but in the hands and heads of prostiticians, it is intoxicatingly destructive. They think they are MORE relevant than you!  Acton’s Absolutely!  Too many are clueless; most don’t give a damn.

My heartfelt apologies to Ariana for misunderstanding her so completely; i have six daughters and hate it when they tear up unless it is when they say goodbye at the altar as three have already (no hurry girls, I love you as you are!) 

I will be sending a gift along soon, since IN&Out’s tip policy probably was to confiscate the 5 spot. The manager said nothing but please reward your local managers, like Elvis, who did well too. 

Remember this next time Lynsi and America: we need to be kind and forebearing to each other.

America is NOT owned by the self-anointed despotic “know it all” misery merchants, at least not yet; 99.99% of the country is NOT DC swamp creatures who care little for middle class American success but revel in their government welfare jobs, prostiticians, lobbyists and other less necessary roles today.  And due to technological acceleration, becoming less relevant with the hour.  Imagine how much less than $80 billion is needed to teach the teachable in California.  For every CaliFamily tax dollar confiscated, at least 50 cents is eaten up in inefficiency and bloat.  Newsommeanie is STILL stonewalling behind his petty hypocritic oath of “Do ALL harm while you can” adding the color GREEN crayola to his 4 colored obstruction shoved up America’s anal orifices.

People, families you ARE FREE!  You have brains!!  Take off the shackles, move about the cabin of life as if you are at 30,000 feet on Southwest!

Don’t obey as if you are uninformed sheep living in one of MaoXi’ss fave Ugher Extermination camps or Hitler’s Auschwitz waiting in line for the cyanide shower prior to your gold teeth and hair removal, like the 6 million chosen Jews were subjected to.  The left is persistent in destroying our Constitutional republic, one IN and OUT and family at a time.  Wake up!

A thank you to the prominent nosed mask shamer, In-n-OUt transaction #3175 Karen for her true-to-nature, speak first and never let the other get a word in edgewise.

And Lynsi, to your great company like the millions of companies suffering the gulag experience today 

But to all reading this: a Merry Christmas to ALL! as 2021 unfolds soon.  Don’t assume the experts know what they are doing.  To show I’m no crack pot, this dad of 11 real estate guy does take Covid, the ViroWeapon of the moment, very seriously.  I had an acquaintance who died Feb 16, 2020 plagued with being one of the very first deaths, long before our totalitarian tyrant toddler Gavin seized more power than he deserved.  I do take preventative prophylactic serious steps to keep disease free and others safe. 

YOU not the experts, especially you younger folks, need to use that three pound of dendrite riddled brain of yours to critically think and form your own plans and procedures.  Covid IS the Plague of Xi, well designed to destroy America.  Just don’t give the MaoXi any more chuckles for falling into his traps.   I love America as you must; if you hate it, God bless you on your flight to Venezuela or Cuba, or any other place where Hugo Chavez style Dominion despot vote guarantee machines are as plentiful as dry ATMS.

Tom Farm Pizza clerk requests the mask up to the eyes. He is secure behind CoviDeath bullet proof glass

Yes, wear your masks.  Mary had made me a beautiful Santa in Hawaii shirt with matching mask; but unfortunately, day after Christmas, the mask drooped again as we ordered pizza at Tom’s Farm.  The pizza boy, also behind plexiglass, with surgical blue mask, asked to push my custom shirt matching facial virus killer over the nose yet again.  Which, the dutiful customer I am, I complied.  Also, apologies to the ICU nurse, self-identified, that asked me to move at Tom’s candy confectionary so I’d be over six feet away as they left the counter. 

I’m all for safety and sanity, but we’ve become a nation of fear mongers, unscientific Luddites. 

Proof? my list of anti-plague of Xi safeguards is probably longer than yours, including many not even anointed by the national intelligencia: WasHands often.  Gargle twice daily or more to reduce the viral load. If sanitizing, wasHands as soon as possible.  I take Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative with the supps (supplementals) Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, NAC (L-cysteine immuno), Zinc with fruits and veggie caps.  HCQ, is FDA approved and in use for 65 years, cured billions worldwide of related maladies.  IF the intelligencia had not borne false witness against HCQ (a suit in Netherlands claims suppressing HCQ is a CRIME against HUMANITY; it’s use worldwide and as a prophylactic that many clinician MDs self-medicate shows the evil of Big Pharma and prostituted medical types who know better.  In the Jimmy Stewart Donna Reed Christmas movie many of you just watched yet again, suicide is called unlawful as George Bailey contemplated everyone else would be better off if he was never born.  EVERYONE has value.

Suicide, following depression, after 9 months of inhumane lockdowns is the #2 co-morbidity, behind CoviDeaths of elderly with health challenges AND those under 40 who are NOT at risk.  Even the experimental vaccine does not stop transmission.  Read “experimental”.  And read the Frontline Doctors position paper on the vaccineNow THAT’s insane!  WE can’t live like this, people.  Don’t let the misery merchants sell their fraud anymore.   Yes, it’s a severe flu-like disease season, but IF we want to still have a blessed country…

REOPEN the Restaurants. AS we REOPEN the CHURCHES. Bishops, this is your cue to be…shepherds NOT sheep

Please patronize the restaurants, including the IN&OUTs, Chick Fil A, etc. as much as you can.  The job you save might just be your friends.  And the country you save might just be your own.  Merry Christmas to all.  And a joyful and promising 2021 as well.

Again, my apologies to all the Mask shamers, physical distance measurers out there.  I like so many ARE trying to comply with the constantly changing dictates of the radical left dark Dem despots (and squishy Republicans) who lack common sense.  We are CITIZENS of the greatest country on earth, blessed in so many ways you might need a wingless Clarence to show you a world missing the good you have done to prove it.  Yes, we all make mistakes, but the good far outweighs the other.

Monk discovered a murderous Santa.  George Bailey discovered what is really important about life, something the ObamaNationals like Hillary, Barack and so many sad people who don’t understand will NEVER know.  Misery merchants are all “legends in their own minds”.  They might believe they are all powerful, when in fact their god, the devil, has no wings for them after their deaths.  Recall, the copy of Tom Sawyer signed by Clarence when he got his angel wings.  He left it on the pile of money people rich and small made after the demonic Potter had stolen the Building & Loan’s $8000 deposit on Christmas eve:

“NO man is a failure who has friends”  ~George Bailey.  The richest person in Bedford Falls.

Reader, client, family and friend: you are ALL family.  So, be the one, during these zany covid times, who believes in Godly virtues, Christian charity: 

Help1Some1~2 day.  Government welfare charity is a noose not a help.  REAL charity is one on one….and effective when mentoring and accountability is involved.

Tomorrow is never realized, today is your only present.  Gift it to someone, surprise and celebrate!  We ARE all in this together, with masks over our noses and love in our hearts

To a joyous 2021.  But first count the blessings of 2020.  There have been many and you don’t need a flightless angel named Clarence to prove it.



Len is a real estate practitioner since 1988, dad of 11 who have been homeschooled for 35 years.  As a societal satirist, he believes it IS a great day to be alive!  Practice kindness, forgiveness and do NOT lick doorknobs while the plague of Xi is upon us. 


(update Dec 30th.   Covid Clipboard.  Just reported CoviDeaths may be overstated by 40%.  AND asymptomatic transmission 17% of the time instead of 80%…makes sense since “symptoms” include coughing, sneezing: no cough no droplet launches even with mask.  I tweeted out, when Don Dix and Larry Morino mention nose the new nakedness, that I had been nose shamed by a Masktapo naked nosey lady)












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