Mary’s Star above the House of Bread

Kiara is getting ready for her arrival Dec 20th

December 13

December is an amazing month for the Holy Family. A family called the Moyneurs.  The world famous one from Bethlehem, which translates to the “House of Bread” and also, this Houston new life silhouetted inside Amanda, a mom pictured here waiting on number four’s arrival this Dec 20th.  Prenamed, like John the Baptist was preNamed John, Kiara. 

After all, we ARE alive from conception not just when we are done squirming, breathing, swimming, thumbsucking and kicking mom INSIDE of mom as we escaped into daylight.

Please do NOT let the misery merchants drain you of the joy on this ReJoice Sunday.  These anarchists, lawless they are a sad lot, not able to realize even in this zany 2020, we are still blessed in ways previous generations couldn’t even dream about. Even with the Plague of Xi the Merciless.

They so want to control everyone and every thing, yet they miss the obvious: God REMAINS in control. There is room for ALL to prosper and thrive.

Early on December 8th this 2020, the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, I received a call from a fine woman who speaks Aussie without an accent. She said her dad, a man named Leo whom I respected and loved for the man’s man he was, had just hours to go on this earth. 

Hours among 80 something years of 525,600 minutes each.  Later that day, the date of Mary’s beginnings’ sinless, the 2nd Eve, Jacque called back to tell me dad had passed peacefully with a great mom and the magnificent family at his side. 

Did Leo the Lion of of the tribe of Moyneurville live 700-900 years like the Ancients before Noah? Or the 300-400 years after the super-cataclysm of Pangean climactic change called the flood? Your water heater bursts: that’s a flood; Noah spent 120 years building his floating zoo for a total worldwide change up that literally covered the planet, moved the continents and changed history

  No, Leo’s  80 plus years, the best years a man could ask for. And a grateful wife, family and friends. Well lived years.  After all, it is NOT the QUANTITY of one’s life but the quality of how it is lived.

I first met Jacque in Youth Ministry when she was 16, about the same age Mary the future mom of Jesus said “Yes!” to becoming a mother of the most important Being on earth.

To what?  To one of the oddest announcements, via the Angel Gabriel, of all time: “Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you!”  The date we recognize for this amazing event in the Gregorian Calendar is March 25th. “…And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus!”   Not only Jacque, but Pat her mom, Leo, no longer bound to earth, Vince, David and others those years at St Callistus, a great pope saint but no longer a church in the OC. Now, 54 homes…  they too are a holy family living life, seeing death, experiencing hope and love, fearing ??

Making a long story short, God is keen on us all living forever. ETERNALLY.   As it is, we WILL live as long as God forward, but where is OUR choice.  Heaven or hell; bigger choice than what beer or bread, toothpaste or color we make. But one we make on purpose or by default.  A great mom named Pat raised seven, who are raising another generation… human children, the purpose for God’s Creative work in the middle of Eternity.

That’s why, after making His massive 553 sextillion mile wide universe, after billions of stars, planets, plants, insects & animals, He made man.  An Adam.  But, God saved His absolute best design work for last: woman.  A precious being who can take a single cell and nurture it into a living human 280 days later.  (Of course, Creator God took the next day off after making the lady Eve.  Tiring!)

And God spared NO expense in sending His most Precious Son our way. The Son who knew for all eternity He would suffer and die for His creations.  Did Co-creator Jesus, God’s Son come by royal chariot? 

No, to the second Eve who was untouched by the sin of her ancestral namesake, the first Eve and Adam.  This is the December 8th eVite: Mary, conceived and born IMMACULATE in her teens got the call: “You will have a Son and name Him Jesus”  Forever, Mary, you WILL be called blessed (O how HAPPY!).

Believe CO2 is evil, if you must but let me let you in on a little secret: God does NOT create evil.   God created this teeny gas, combines it with sun and water, and FEEDS the 9 billion on His planet.  Believe millions of gods or no god, this IS your choice like Mary’s on March 25th, responding “FIAT!”   “Be it done unto me…” 

Choice IS Life!

Sometime in Eternity Past, God chose to create US to live forever, happily or well, hotly if we prefer the fallen angels new digs.  God designed numbers, times, dates, biochemical & human processes to point to OUR birthright, a REjoicing forever; it’s our responsibility to see these and live accordingly.   God didn’t need the universe: it was created FOR mankind and womankind, to lead us home.  We were NOT created FOR the universe.

Don’t blame Him when you go face2face, just like Leo did this week Dec 8th

Like my Donna did on Mary’s birthdate plus one, Sept 9 nine years ago.  Wait, 9 months after Dec 8th, Mary was born?  Yeah, elephants go 640-660 days, 95 weeks, but human moms NOT!

Mary’s mom, St Anne, went 280 days or roughly 40 weeks before delivering Virgin Mary with St Joachim at her side. We celebrate this blessed event on Sept 8th, just as we celebrate Jesus’ first coming Dec 25th each year.  We count off the days from the Annunciation March 25, and it is marked on every calendar, December 25th.  Ours might be on social media, mailed card or call; Mary and her Son’s recorded in the Bible: 

Luke 1: And coming to her, he (archangel Gabriel) said, “Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you.”   It’s not everyday a Gabriel archangel shows up in your life!

29But Mary was greatly troubled at what was said and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. (V30)Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus….”

What was Mary’s response?   Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.

No tale of a handmaid, just the truth: God, you CHOSE me, let life take its course.  He, too has a plan and best path for all of us.

Catholic Tradition tells us Jesus was the One “born to die”.  Conceived on March 25th, probably fitting he would die on the same date 33 or so years later. 

Though on the Jewish calendar, Jesus died on Friday the 13th month of Nisan.  Our calendars move to 2021 this Jan 1st; the Jewish new year was Sept 19-20 or Tishrei, 5781.  Yes, 5781 years so far in Hebrew History.  The Jews have been tracking their history for six millenia, not like our 3 American centuries. 

But, think about this: the 13th IS our best luck day; without His death, no Resurrection, no PROOF He is GOD.  Yet the misery merchants from hell preach Friday the 13th as evil; as usual coopting what belongs to God: His Son’s sacrificial death.

When God considers something verrrry important, He points it out in different ways:

The Trinity 3 is not mentioned in the Bible but at Jesus’ baptism: Jesus gets soaked in the Jordan; meanwhile, the Spirit appears and God the Father booms forth: “And a voice came from the heavens, saying, “This is my beloved Son,* with whom I am well pleased!”  Coincidence?  There are THREE prime colors as there are three eternal First Persons; blue, red and yellow.  Together, they make the Light from Light we hear each Mass.  God the Father, His Son, the Holy Spirit. 

Let me explain how God has existed for all eternity:   uh, nope, no way.  UNFATHOMABLE.  I haven’t a clue.

Leo’s passing day, was first Mary’s Conception DATE and throughout time we are told this is important.  Think Len is nuts? 

Mary has unlimited frequent flyer miles already:  Mary travels to earth over the millennia from time to time. 

To emphasize HER blessing as Assumption (ed) on August 15th, and the Queen of Heaven and Mother of all, on March 25th (heard that date before?), Mary traveled to Lourdes France, 25th March (no accidental date) in the year 1858 and told the peasant Bernadette Soubirous: “je suis la conception immaculée” in her native tongue.

So, on the DATE of the 16th apparition, the Lady says her name to Bernadette Soubirous: “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

162 years ago, and now, Leo the Lion of the Tribe of Moyneur, honors Mary’s special gift as well, chosen by God, not us, to bring this husband of a great woman, Pat and father to a rewarding eternity.  His message to his wife and kids is no different than Donna Beckman’s: Join me above when your time is up.  Repent of your useless sins, live for your eternity, not just tomorrow’s bread. Make EVERY moment count as if it is your last, first and most important.

Mary visited Bernadette 337 years after she had visited St Juan Diego (James John in English) in Mexico City: Dec 12, 1531.   Lots of miracles around this flight path to Mexico City.

She became known as Our Lady of Guadalupe and a few years ago, with satellites and super computers, we discovered her star studded mantle matched perfectly the sky star chart over Mexico on: yup, Dec 12, 1531.  Mary REMAINS the beloved mom, stars above.  She is known by a million names; in fact, that Guadalupe visit showed the world, and many Aztecs converted from paganism, that human sacrifice, whether in Hitler’s incinerators, planned parenthoodlum kill mills or other means, is nauseating and hated by God.  Only God can CREATE and FINISH life.

Nothing happens with God accidentally.  Nothing. 

This year, as Brian and Amanda’s Kiara is born,  Saturn and Jupiter will be visible, for the first time in 800 years, so close on earth that it will appear maybe like the Star of Bethlehem, the House of the Bread of Life.

Probably a 100 million miles will separate our solar system’s largest objects, but by God, the Chief Scientist, Mathematician and Creator’s skill, the two gas giant planets will appear as the largest celestial object after the Sun and Moon conjoined at the equators.

Another celestial event, six times, reflecting Jesus’ conception and death date of Nisan Friday the 13th, Mary appears on May 13th through Oct 13th, 1917 in Portugal to 3 kids. Mary was honoring the death date of her Son; in fact, when governmental Portuguese authorities stopped the August 13th visit, Mary came back two days later on August 15.  Know that date? The feast day of her Assumption into heaven, body and soul, for a royal welcome and crowning as Regina Coeli, the Queen of Mary.  Folks, don’t fall asleep: this is realsville not just legend.

Few recall that in 1916, September, 1916, the Angel of Peace appeared to them three times as well, preparing for Mary’s arrival:

He looked about 15, white as snow and taught them the first of two prayers:  “My God, I believe in Thee, I adore Thee, I hope in Thee and I love Thee. I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in Thee, do not adore Thee, do not hope in Thee and do not love Thee.”

In his final visit, the Angel of Peace taught them a second prayer ( Lucia said that he brought with him the Blessed Sacrament in the form of a host and chalice.)

As the sacrament hung suspended in the air above them, the angel bowed down before it.  Yes, people, angels both good and bad DO exist…another story another day.

Then he taught the children the second prayer by repeating it three times. This prayer is now called the Fatima Angel’s Prayer:

Most Holy Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifferences whereby He is offended. And through the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners.”

Afterwards, the angel gave the Blessed Sacrament to the children, telling them to receive it in reparation for the sins of others and to “console your God.” To Lucia, he gave the host and to Jacinta and Francisco, he gave the wine. He had them again repeat the new prayer three times.  The bloodless sacrifice, the new passover of Nisan 12 in which the Lamb of God, the focus of 600 prophecies, completes His work at the Last Supper.  The first passover the Angel of Death ‘passed over” the first born Jews in Egypt with innocent Lamb blood on their door tops.  Not the Pharaoah’s, sadly; our Jewish friends STILL, in their year 5781, will have a passover Seder meal on Nisan 15 (March 28th thru April 3rd 2021)

What say you all?  Reread the prayer:  Another reference to the 3 person Trinity in the Peace Angel’s prayer.  The IMPORTANCE of the Mass and Sacrament of the Eucharist (what Catholics call the “Source and Summit of our faith”) and that the day Leo Moyneur died, Mary’s Immaculate BEGINNING led to her having an Immaculate HEART.  A pure soul of love, focusing us all on her Son, our Savior. Leo IS a star, in fact, a constellation!!

From the Divine Birth Announcement (March 25 or Nisan Fri 13) after the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8) and throughout visits like Our Lady of…Guadalupe, Good Success, Fatima, so many more, Mary is the good Jewish mother pointing US to her Son.  And warning us of soo much, like the world wars in 1917, the resurgence of Russia and her conversion, etc.  As it is, Fatima Portugal is named for the Muslim woman a Catholic prince married!  So much interconnectedness.  So much opportunity to know how to live today   And forever.

Leo knows this.  Do you? See how God weaves an infinitely complex but readily discernible fabric?  Ignore the signs of the times at YOUR own peril. 

We get We Three Kings cards this time a year.  Back then, by day, the 1000+ people traveling with the Three astronomer/astrologer Magi ( Melchior hailed from PersiaGaspar (also called “Caspar” or “Jaspar”) from India, and Balthazar from Arabia) to find the New King in Israel.

They must have seen the 144,000 bright mirrors covering the massive Giza Pyramid heralding them to travel West from their native countries.

On or about March 25th, during the day seeing the largest pillar, ‘pyra midos’ on earth at its brightest point at high noon at the spring equinox, March 20 -25? 

This vaca took a lot more than a week to pull off.  Up, down, moving tents and camels and 1000 people with 3 kings takes a while. 

This piece is too long already but almost done:  The Giza pyramid, the last world wonder still standing, IS a compass, a beacon, a pillar and God inspired; time will reveal even more of its purpose. 

Sometime look up the science and the Christ Angle: if you Google Giza it lines up perfectly with your monitor, computer screen or phone: after all, it is the most accurate and largest compass on earth, with the four pyramid sides aligned perfectly with north, east, south, west.

Len you ARE weird!?  Skeptics:   An angle built into the Giza P, the angle of the Ascending passage above the horizontal measures 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds.  Who cares?

This line can be applied to a map of the area so that when drawn 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds above the horizontal (east-west) line that bisects the Pyramid, it depicts the beginning and the end of the exodus of the Jews from where they were delivered from the Egyptians at the Red Sea to the crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

This line also passes directly through the town of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ. As incredibly precise as this may seem, the Pyramid actually pinpoints Christ’s birthplace along this line, which could pass through many different villages. 

How about this: if you stand on the pyramid the first day of spring, you can watch the sun rise directly over Bethlehem.   God leaves NOTHING to chance.  Nada. And before the 144,000 mirror stones were stolen, it could be seen from the moon especially at its most brightest: at the spring equinox.  God designed science, math and the cosmos to show US the way.  Not because He was bored.

Was the star of the House of Bread at the juncture of History, His Story, the first Christmas a super phenom like the miracle dancing of the sun witnessed by 70,000 Oct 13, 1917?  A separate super nova (nova means new) or special star designed for the 3 Magi wise men to follow?  Or the joining together of the two largest planets reflecting the sun as they traveled over 6-12 months in the year of the Lord from BC to AD?  Ask God some time.  After all, He buries the treasure of clues, WE must find them like the Children of God we are.

But people of God, do NOT fail Him nor yourselves.  Eternity NEVER ends.  Wise men and women STILL seek Him.  Study well, dwell and reflect just how blessed, despite our misery merchants deflecting us from our blessed covenant land’s purpose, we truly are.

Come, Kiara, daughter of Brian and Amanda, first born daughter of Donna, join your loving family this December 20th, your Aunt Emily’s day of arrival years before. 

And to the Moyneur family, your mom Pat echoes what your dad Leo is saying: BE ready, prepared and get right with the Lord: He continues to leave “Bread crumbs” for you to follow.  The Scripture says it is the Good News open to all.  And Leo did carry many if not all of you on his broad shoulders: the world is yours.  Numbers have purpose: ten is “completeness”, 3 the Trinity, 17, the day of your dad’s internment, signifies “victory” often in history. Godincidence: there were 17 steps to the opening in the giza into the passageways.  Oh, and Jesus is called the “cornerstone the builders rejected”: of note, Giza pyramid is eight sided and is missing it’s top “cornerstone”, leaving about a 30 sq ft plateau.

Many biblical astronomers know that Jesus’ salvation HiStory is written in the stars and the constellations.

In fact, we are living at the best time ever to see this.  Moyneurs, if you look closely at the star chart extrapolated from Mary’s cloak, you can see that your dad’s named constellation Leo rests over Mary’s womb; Leo the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is another name for Jesus.  AND Virgo the Virgin constellation rests over Mary’s heart, her Immaculate Heart.   Chief scientists have the advantage: He lined it all up throughout TIME and ETERNITY to focus us on what matters.  The royal crown (corona borealis) is on Mary’s head; makes sense, she IS the Queen Mother.

The Guadalupe “visit” is the only image of Mary being pregnant, with a maternity belt around her waist.  Her Son supersedes the gods of the Aztecs just as at Fatima, Jesus supersedes Fatima, of the prophet Muhammad, his beloved daughter.

Everyone’s life has a purpose.  KamalaJoe might believe little black girls can be harvested for parts for campaign dollars, but God will NOT be mocked. Your life has a plan and purpose; don’t waste it.   This is just a piece to get you interested in YOURSELF! And your future on earth and above.

BKind  4Give  B4Given  and most importantly: Help1Some1~2day. 

  Moyneurs, never forget: You ARE loved.










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