I survived HCQ and the WuHan Plague of XiMao the Merciless

The Covid Chronicles Epilogue.  Dr Cuomo Kervorkian was wrong; practical solutions surround us.

Gratefully, I know 1  2   3 so far who have been saved from death by timely use of a HCQ regimen.

The time has come to attack the problem; not just let people die.  HCQ1955 NOT CoVax21 as the primary therapy

I survived HCQ and the WuHan Plague of XiMao the Merciless.  How about you?   Are you satisfid and content that true, medical wisdom is at play or are we being tooled?

I am a volunteer human guinea pig…glad to do my part.  YOU are an adult: make your own decisions.

After so much misinformation and misdirection, I decided it was time to help set the truth straight about the Plague of XiMao, Covid19, CoVax21, CoVax22 & existent therapeutics and remedies. We DIDN’T need to spend trillions and destroy thousands of businesses, jobs and lives (not even including the Summer of Terror euphemistically called the 2020 Spring-Summer of Love)

We now realize so many could and can still be saved from early death IF we ignore the conflicted oppressed doctors and compromised epidemiologists at the CDC, Big Pharma and hospital systems. 

We need our medical professionals but sadly too many are being stifled NOT to be the individual practitioners for their individual patients, old and young.  We are seeing a kind of “corporate” diagnoses, with St. Anthony Fauci a frequent ever changing mouthpiece.   And honest and solid doctors diagnose their patients INDIVIDUALLY.  Until now it seems.  Local governance, like local Hippocratic Oath takers, is the best policy: one size does NOT fit all.

Look to epicenter #2  Dr Cuomo, who’s arrogant pseudo-intellectualism caused the deaths of 13,000 elderly…Gov DeSantis, with many more elderly, attacked the disease NOT the patients, focusing on the most vulnerable.

  More on this later, but so much data is now coming out just how bad we bungled this manufactured and well designed plague.  Beijing Biden must be proud!  His handlers and family got what they wanted (Hunter’s $billion deal for example); we get the shaft.

“There is always hope IF we open our eyes and hearts to the truth”

Thank you for reading.  As far as I know, so far I i have not had the Plague of XiMao but I HAVE been on a hydroxychloroquine regimen since Dec 2020. 

And have NOT taken CoVax21, the experimental memory ribonucleic acid (mRNA) “vaccine” as of this reading. 

Currently, as you read this, I feel fine; Mary and I supplement with Balance of Nature fruit/veggies capsules but there is NO substitute for good hygiene and strong immuno-developed bodies to battling this latest Hong Kong/Rocky Mountain/Spanish-Kansas, or in this case, the Wuhan originated disease.  Mark these words:  THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL VACCINE FOR RESPIRATORY DISEASES/VIRUSES.  Small pox and polio, yes, but no Corona viruses, including the Plague of XiMao, Corona#7.

For the record (we need each others’ records since we’ve all discovered Big Disease does not always tell the truth), this dad of 11 is now in month 3 of his Hydroxychloroquine regimen that includes ZD3Cnac all days but Tuesday; on Tuesday, I take 200 mg of prescribed Hydroxychloroquine.  HCQZD3Cnac spelled out is Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc plus Vitamins C&D3 and NAC.   I didn’t want to bother my KP doctor so I went to http://www.FrontlineDoctors.com for a little telemed and a big surprise: a six month supply of HCQ was less than 2 Starbucks house roast coffees a month.

Never heard of NAC? It is the brand name for N-Acetylcysteine which can prevent asthma attacks when inhaled. Its topical form can treat rash and other skin problems. Its oral form can prevent liver damage caused by an overdose of acetaminophen.

I have been keeping a log including symptoms, temperature and other information.  Compared to the Pfizer experimental vaccine, in which 6 people died but only 9 had Covid of the 44,000 in the trials.  Others, like Maderna and Johnson&Johnson are coming along but this is an experimental vaccine (CoVax21-P) which unproven side effects.

On a recent broadcast Dennis Prager put it well that we aren’t hurt taking HCQ with the risk near zero and death is pretty much final when you die from Covid; in fact Norway has a crimes against humanity case at the Hague regarding those who have suppressed the use of HCQ.   Even the Saint of DC, Anthony Fauci, recommends this regimen to cure and prevent/prophylactic the Plague.

The “Smoking Gun” for Dr Gov Cuomo’s elder abuse and manslaughter charges

But like Jessie Jackson, who said “abortion is black genocide” in 1977, he and Fauci developed an irresistible love for fame and fortune and the truth became irrelevant.  Strong words?  Yeah, research them and see.  Today, Jessie is fine with blacks chopped up like liver for their livers; same with Fauci, he pooh poohs HCQ much like Dr Cuomo is guilty of 13,000 deaths starting March 25

What happened?  Trump was hot on it as a preventative/prophylactic?  The Lancet happened.

The Lancet, normally one of the most prestigious medical journals, published a completely fraudulent anti-Hydroxychloroquine study that had to be quickly retracted.  Like typical ABCNNBCBS PosTimes, the “retraction” ie the TRUTH of the journalistic fraud never made it lower than B27 in the papers.  The damage had been done and possibly hundreds of thousands of people have now died from its lack of availability  Who commissioned the fake study?

“Why” is sad: as usual, ‘follow the money’: Big Pharma doesn’t make coin on a well established FDA approved drug that is 65 years old and still performing.  But at $3000 a dose, the NEW Remdesivir is great for profit margins.  HCQ less than $1 per 200mg tablet.  If you value money over lives, as many in the medical establishment do, it’s an easy choice.

Speaking of choice, Dr. A Cuomo, governor of NY, directly caused the deaths of 13,000 elderly; when questioned, he cavalierly stated everyone dies someday; whether it’s this way or that.  Ever heard about “Follow the Science?”  We knew early in the pandemic that the elderly were super vulnerable.

The first epicenter was LifeCare Center in Washington; 40% of its elderly died in early 2020.  Next, due to sardine can subways and shared ventilation systems in elder apartments, NYC spiraled geometrically while Chairman ChiComXi laughed to the bank selling us back our PPE!  We KNEW this stuff and yet.  Why did we stumble so?  We knew it was contagious and the old and compromised immune systems were its main targets.

But, mix in, false agendas and fraud “studies”:

From WebMD:

June 4, 2020 – The online medical journal The Lancet has apologized to readers after retracting a study that said the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine did not help to curb COVID-19 and might cause death in patients.

The study was withdrawn because the company that provided data would not provide full access to the information for a third-party peer review, saying to do so would violate client agreements and confidentiality requirements, The Lancet said in a statement.   Meanwhile, thousands have died since June due to this naked power trip by the “intelligensia of stupid” 

“Based on this development, we can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources. Due to this unfortunate development, the authors request that the paper be retracted,” The Lancet said in a statement.”

They apologized; fat chance that will help the hundreds of thousands who would be alive if this precursor early stage therapy was used in the First World as widely as in India etc.

Fauci and his wholly owned medical soldiers don’t care, it seems.  Or they are incompetent; both of which are terrible developments.  This full court press against a documented early treatment ie an early solution for Covid19 in its early stages OR as a prophylactic (‘preventative’) continues today.

It’s time for American families to speak out; we are being screwed, especially with so many doctors being intimidated against prescribing HCQ by ‘corporate Big Med governance’. 

Dr. Simone Gold, an ER doctor who successfully saved lives with HCQ, was fired by her boss because of his fears, probably “peer pressured” from his HMO managers.  She joined frontline doctors, a voluntary collection of doctors joined in getting the truth out and saving lives.  This org, NOT the Faucians, has become the Hippocrates of the HCQ and other remedies.  The Saint of Serums of DC, is the hypocrite of health

A credentialed emergency doctor fired for saving lives; wow!   I didn’t think XiMao, the merciless, hegemonic dictator of Communist china needed any more success nor that his godless reach was this far.

A lot of questions remain about the innovative vaccines; this 2…………………2 page data bank on the “experimental vaccine” by those not surgically attached to puppet strings may answer some of your questions:   (You can skip past this embed but it is fascinating)


Click to access JSP_PP.pdf

To show facts matter, I started an interactive log once I decided it was time to take action; fear is the tool of the ObamaNation Armada and their friends in this global takedown.  Here is my first two months log:

Len’s HCQ Log

Testimonies  Dec 15, 2020 8:10am Dr Drew   HCQ prescribed hundreds of times and they turned out well.  used HCQ thousands of times   Rheumatoid section:   Lupus patients that get pregnant stayed on HCQ with no adverse results
Log Key: ZVcD3NAC ==  1000 vitamin C  4000 iu D3  50mg Zinc 600mg NAC   BofN  three caps of fruit and three caps of veggies   BofN  fiber and spice daily twice
12/7  Ordered and received all the supplements but the HCQ.  Consulted with Kaiser but it seemed there was a bias against HCQ.  Contacted Frontline Doctors and it was prescribed
12/10  Began adding to my nutrition intake. Took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects  Full disclosure: also take and have taken zinc and balance of nature for 6 months previously. 
         Impersonated Santa with 35 kids in outdoor park setting for homeschool coop class
12/11  Took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects
12/12   Took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects
12/14  Ordered  HCQ.   Took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects; expect receipt of HCQ by 12/18
12/15  Took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects at 7:30am  no elevated temp
12/16  I took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects at 8:15am  98.0 degree resting temp
12/17 Resting temp 97.5 degrees at 8am   I took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects at 8:15am  temp 97.3 at 5:58pm  Still no adverse effects
12/18    Took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects
12/19  I took ZVcD3NAC  early morning  temp was 97.3
12/20 temp at noon  98.0    I took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects at 11:59am 
12/21  temp at 6:35am 97.1      I took ZVcD3NAC with no adverse effects at 6:39am
12/22  temp at 5am 97.3   I took 400mg of HCQ  at 6am   ZVcD3NAC with no apparent adverse effects at 8am  97.3 at 10:09am
12/23 temp at 7:10 at 97.3   I took  ZVcD3NAC.  No adverse effects during the day.  At 3:31pm, forehead temp was 97.8 and 98.0
12/24 temp at 6:32an 97.6 and ZVcD3NAC.  No adverse effects during the day.  At 4:40pm, forehead temp was 97.6
12/25 temp at 1:53pm was 98.2,  /took  ZVcD3NAC.at 2pm.  feeling excellent. 21 people at the Beckman Ranch
12/26  temp at 7:30am 97.5  21 people (under the recommended NewsomMeanie French Laundromat max in a room) all family on Christmas  ZVcD3NAC taken at 9am
12/27 temp early am 97.4    ZVcD3NAC.at 2pm 98.0 temp at 4:40pm   slight congestion but no adverse Covid symptoms
12/28 temp 96.8 at 7:30   took   ZVcD3NAC.at 9:30am with food  
12/29  temp at    97.5          ZVcD3NAC.at    8am         Hydroxychloroquine 2nd dose 200 mg
12/30 temp 96.9 at  6:59am      ZVcD3NAC at 7:15 am
  12/31 temp 97.5 at 7:20am         ZVcD3NAC at  7:55am
Dec 2020 summary    No evidence of Covid acquisition   One rapid test in the family was negative
January 2021
1/1/21 temp 97.5 at 8:10am         ZVcD3NAC at  8:30am
1/2 temp 97.2 at 9am       ZVcD3NAC taken at 9:20am    
1/3  temp 97.7 at 8:41am       ZVcD3NAC at 8:35am Relief factor 9:30am   temp at 9:31 was 97.7
1/4  temp 96.6   at  630am       ZVcD3NAC at7:30am
1/5 first temp reading 96.8 at 7:18am   HCQ and ZVcD3NAC at  9.56 am   2nd temp 97.5
1/6 Epiphany  1st temp: 98.2  after activity              ZVcD3NAC at8:55a
1/21 Thru 2/2   Protocol the same; temp always below 97.9 degrees
Feb 2021
2/3  HCQZD3Cnac with Bal of Nature (fruit & veggies) 7:35am   no observable symptoms
2/4-2/11    Same routine, no temp fluctuation above 98.0

(continues on separate platform; updated in the next Covid Chronicle)


Freedom of Information emanates from first amendment:  Americans know freedom is NOT free, it must be battled for in every generation:

There are many Frontline Doctor heroes, willing to risk careers to share the truth that the Deep Big Pharma Staters are suppressing.  Dr Simone Gold, for one.  Now another.

Dr. Lee Merritt, an orthopaedic surgeon in the military, is blunt and informative.  Unfortunately, the kings of suppression at Facebook and YouTube Tyranny inc. took down her video.

While the Faucians have been busy:   Even in an atmosphere of voices that won’t tolerate dissent, public health NEEDS all potential diagnoses to arrive at the best course of treatment.  In fact, dissent IS the scientific method pushed aside by the ignorant.  My research leads me to two conclusions: we knew early on, last March, that nursing homes would be the major battleground (LifeCare Center, Washington lost 40% of its elderly) and the actual practitioners are being bullied by Big Pharma thugs NOT to use HCQ.  Yes, you should consult a doctor first but if HCQ is an effective treatment, DC Swamp creatures, get out of the way.  People are dying by the thousands because of greed, ignorance and greed.  Did i mention the love of money and power?

Here is a synopsis


Updated Safety Guidelines for the Plague of XiMao/Covid19 & Covid21 variants. 

Permission to reproduce and post is granted.

  1. Air purifier in the home; whole house attached to your central heatt/air system or a portable

  2. Research and Discuss what each component of the guidelines mean: they keep changing with the wind.

  3. Get on HydroxyChloroquine regimen. Millions protected worldwide.  Contact FrontlineDoctors.com for a consult. It could save your life

  4. WasHands often for 21 seconds with soap; soap and water is the best and safest disinfection

  5. Use hand sanitizer when mobile but wash off residue as quickly as you can via guideline #3

  6. Do NOT suck on doorknobs as grandma recommends but clean all surfaces with sterilizing fluids or wipes

  7. Use a mask for prophylactic and droplet prevention purposes.  The prophylactic is so some nosy ninny mask shamer doesn’t single you out in line at In N Out. 

  8. Mask should NOT be on your face in the car when alone.  Numerous facial and bacterial issues are occurring from excessive masking

  9. Suicide avoidance involves understanding the truth: FEAR is the #1 Plague of XiMao.  You are TOO precious NOT to see the Plague can be beaten. ChiCom Xi is the enemy

  10. Other contagious diseases like the flu are DOWN because we are using common sense in sanitizing, not coughing in other people’s faces, etc.

  11. Get out and smell the roses: you need some vitamin D from the sun and life IS beautiful.

  12. Hang around positive life-filled, life loving people.  Don’t let the misery merchants rent space in your brain for free.  We ARE blessed.

  13. Continue to observe the CoVax21, CoVax22 experimental vaccines: think seriously before taking this mRNA dose.  NO universal respiratory (polio, smallpox did work) vaccines EVER. Already there is a CoVax22 tweak for the UK strains.  All 180 of them.

  14. Facial lesions are another symptom of the Plague.  OR is it excessive overuse of masks?  


Dr. Lee Merritt, an accomplished military orthopedic surgeon, discusses the experimental mRNA vaccines as possibly Trojan Horse, weaponizing the spike protein “warhead” to do more damage downstream.  The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons recommends get kids back to school and re open society. The totalitarian tyrants like Wilmer, Cuomo and Newsom have worn out their welcome a long time ago.  See you in part II







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