The New Unabridged Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary of the ObamaNation of Desolators

The New Unabridged Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary of the ObamaNation of Desolators

21st Edition


We are in the process of assembling a comprehensive dictionary for the ObamaNation division of the DNC and Democrat party…its early release offers us a glimpse at the party that controls the language that control the nation.


Commonly known as The ObamaNation.

Alinsky, Sal. The bible of the ObamaNation’s author.  Hillary Clinton’s Chicago thesis was on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. SEE Rules for Radicals

Abortion.  The xxxth sacrament of the ObamaNation’s state religion. The ObamaNation was founded in 1854 as the Democrat Party, primarily to defend its leadership’s position that the black race were only suitable for being owned; they were utilized as “slaves”, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, nurturing the growth and harvesting crops like tobacco, corn and cotton.  Codified 119 years later by the ObamaNation’s slave revisionist declaration, RoeVWade, it permanently secured the transmutation of blacks harvesting in the Southern Democrat plantations to BEING harvested, as technological advancement ensured, in the late 20th century.  Younger blacks and other class labeled minorities like Mexicans, were taken to the ObamaNation’s temples of satan, disguised as Planned Parenthood relocation centers, and harvested. FOIA releases show baby hearts and livers were sold for $25-$175 by PP Gulf Coast to University of Texas Med Branch; YaleMed is documented to have paid $715 for a calvarium in good condition.


Black Ops House.  The headquarters since 2014 of the ObamaNation located in the exclusive Kalorama section of DC, 2 miles to the people’s house ie White House.  Operations were transferred to this 8500 sq ft home after occupancy to run parallel opertations of the Obamanation’s 2nd term.  Currently in term#4.

Blob of Tissue.  From 1973 to present, the dehumanization continuum of the human species has gone through a transmorgue-ification to justify the needless killing of smaller humans.  Before Acuson and other computed ultrasonography companies perfect clear digital imagery inside mothers of what their child’s development looked like, “blob of tissue” was used to mollify moms in crisis to think their fully human and alive child was just…a “blob of tissue”.  It worked well once “clump of cells” fell out of fashion, the earliest manifestation of dehumanizing little kids into salable parts commonly called organs. In the latter 20th century, selling organs was declared illegal EXCEPT those coming out of satan temples of mini-human sacrifice in most street corners of America.


Calvarium.  Latin for “head”, often severed and sold as parts as part of an abortion. Priced according to condition, YaleMed’s $715 is currently the highest price paid for a child’s skull and brain.  It was in MS-666 condition which means that Satan, proud adviser to the Obamanation Armada and their Desolators, is happy with it severed and sold for 30 pieces of silver

Clump of cells. phrase.

Coup. n. The ObamaNation Armada’s continued effort to delegitimize Trump45 and create a wholly owned separate governance system for the Constitutional federated republic known as the United States of America.  Formerly known as the silent coup, it has become obvious to everyone NOT assuming room temps this is underway. 


DC  The seat of two countries: the Constitutional nation called the United States and the ObamaNation.  Governed currently by Mayor Bowser, it is NOT a state nor can become one.

DC Black Ops House.  All ex presidents, including #45, have left the Swamp known as the District of Columbia. Except one: Mr and Mrs. Obama rented their new 8500 square foot Kalorama district mansion in 20xxx to house the transitional government of the newest nation on earth, the ObamaNation.  Valerie Jarrett (the Persian Princess) and many other apparatchiks of the clandestine government sometimes called the Deep State, deeper and broader than at first envisioned

Deep State.  The massive entrenched leaches, the administrative unelected and elected bureauRats who seem immovable and immutable.  Massive government waste.

Dominion Voting Machines.  The ONLY approved voter cheater devices of the Despots inner circle at the ObamaNation HQ on Belmont in DC.  Guaranteed, from Chavez to Madera to Hillary (unsuccessfully) to Biden (most successful stolen election in world history)

Don Dix.  An incredible mouthpiece for meritorious actions on the Salem Broadcast network.  Sidekick of the national talk radio host Jennifer Horn.


ELECTION STRATEGIES.  The “Keep my 2012 campaign free of doubt Ben Ghazi video Sunday shows strategy” 9-11-2012  4 dead.   The Syrian Libyan Iranian “Fast N Furious” weapons grift exchange protection plan ” August 6, 2012  15 SEALS dead, 23 civilians.   The  Crossfire Hurricane “Trump suppression spygate planning party”  Jan 5, 2017   ObamaNation’S codenamed Capitol Tornado  Jan 6, 2021 Epiphany planned and organized to disrupt the Joint Election investigation PRE-planned anarchist party”  One dead shot by cop but highly successful.  Election remained stolen

EPIPHANY INCURSION of 2021.   January 6, 2021.  The well planned Capitol Tornado that resulted in the Insta-Impeach(ment) of the most successful Americans friendly president in two centuries. Deep state operatives combined with the Soros Institute of Indoctrination funds transferors and the Ayers wing of the ObamaNation to try and end the presidency with only ONE shot heard round the world. 4 dead Trump voters.  No guns found by the WTFbiWray keystone koppers but using the new spyware and Bank of America, located ANY red colored human on the Mall for persecution and the usual (Roger) STONE treatment: 20 cops (amphibious if near a body of water) breaking down your front door while drinking coffee in the kitchen. 

Other examples: David Daleiden’s raid by BBBBKamala and her 11 AGoons when she was Ocasio Attorney General of Taxifornia.   Trump advisors.   Notorious HCQ practitioner and whistleblower Dr Simone Gold who played tourist on Epiphany 2021 and got caught by the Capitol Tornado chasers in her SoCal home unawares.



FEAR.   The ObamaNation’s most effective tool.  False Expectations Appearing Real.  One of our beloved 4fathers, Franklin Delano Roosevelt coined the phrase “The only fear we must fear is FEAR itself.” But our King and Emperor, also a three name president, Barack Hussein Obama, knew how to use FEAR effectively in his third term (2016-2020) by creating the Democrat 17 spy agency spying opson the reprobate Insurrectionist Donald Trump. Crossfire Hurricane.   It culminated with the well planned false flag op nicknamed the ‘Capitol Tornado’; unlike the Spring into Summer of Love (March 2020-September2020), where 50 Americans died, billion$ in prop damage, 1000 injured cops, destroyed dreams, livelihoods and jobs in Dem controlled cities and syncophant Dem governors & mayors; Capitol Tornado was genius: 4 dead Trump voters, NO guns, our Capitol cop symphathizers opening the flimsy barricades with the intended result:  blame Trump for an INSURRECTION (thank you OEDipussy ObamaNation Etymology Dept) over 180 minutes, stop the evidentiary hearing exposing the fraud election, turn 535 Sens & Reps into squirming fear plagued wimps and create the revolutionary Insta-Impeach process   (see Insta-Impeach)


Gender ideologies.  Currently there are 160 different self-appointed genders beyond what is called “binary”.  Binary, in the computer world, is 1s and 0s.  Apparently, the federal gender ideology department uses binary to mean male and female.  Historically, God created them “male and female” and they continue to this day to propulate the world.  But in addition, there are 158 other definitions of genders.  At this writing, still looking for the gender ideology clearinghouse, so as to catalogue and control which GIs are acceptable to the Directorate of planetary gender ideological nomenclature.  A gender is a terrible thing to lose.   The MAYOnnaise Clinic of Gender Bender Dis4eA is our national headquarters for this growing business of dissGod’s creation of a measly two genders

GOLD, DR. SIMONE.   A hardworking ER doctor who successfully used Hydroxychloroquine to save people from the Plague of XiMao the Merciless, was fired, joined Frontline Doctors (see Frontline Doctors) to spread the truth.  The infamous Capitol steps tourist who experienced WTFbiWray’s Wrath singled out in California for being in what belongs to all American Citizens: the Capitol.   


Hillary (Sir) Rodham Clinton. nothing to report.

Hillary’s Lockbox  An ingenius DC device that STILL has too many Repubican balls like Davy Jones’ heart under lock and key



INCURSION  What the Jan 6, 2021 Capitol steps affair should be called.  At worst.  See “Insurrection” and “Epiphany Incursion of 2021”

INSTA-IMPEACH    combined the Capitol Tornado agitprop ops with MaxH2O’s Incessant Impeach 45 phase II for the unprecedented one day impeachment with NO witnesses or testimony except for the spoiled 535 elected wimps who turned a blind eye to 180 days of hell rained on Americans but cowered when the ObamaNation unleased the NO GUN supposed Insurrection, killing 4 Trump Voters and blaming Trump WITHOUT due process.  Hillary’s Lockbox STILL has too many Repubican balls like Davy Jones’ heart under lock and key.  See “Revolution of 2022”


INSURRECTION.  Word coined by the ObamaNation’s etymology department for Epiphany 2021, when 4 of 5 Troop voters are killed by anarchists at the Capitol steps for 180 minutes.  The Capitol docents looked like cops as they let a throng in to visit the offices of our taxpayer paid Representatives and Senators.   The misdirection worked perfectly, using OEDipussy’s coined accusation “Insurrection” applied on Jan 7th for the first Insta-Impeach of an outsider who just didn’t belong, what with his 325 successes over 4 years.   It stopped the elected representatives of the land of 1619 from growing (gender bendered testicles) a couple and really digging deep into WHO planned the Capitol Tornado con so successfully.


Jennifer Horn.  The caped conservative crusader who in the 21st century has proven to be a formidable foe of the ObamaNation

JoBama.  Don Dix’s favorite nickname for the most invisible presidential candidate in human history.   It inferred what historians now teach: Bunker Beijing Biden is really the organics and plastic puppet of the Supreme Leader O, installed with Cliburn’s help, when the Bern was destined to be the 3rd or 4th Socialist presidential candidate.  When BBBBKamala fell flat on her totalitarian face in the primaries, SLObama installed her as Presidential Candidate 47 to replace the hapless and lobotomized Joe on or about July 4, 2022.



Kalorama Black (Ops) House.  Located 3 miles north of the White House at 2466 Belmont Wash DC.  This is the new ObamaNation operations headquarters from Jan 20, 2017 to present.  “CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s moving day for President Barack Obama and the First Family, let’s hope their change of address cards have already been filled out. The outgoing Commander in Chief, Michelle, Malia and Sasha are relocating three miles north of their current address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to 2446 Belmont Road in the prestigious neighborhood of Kalorama.  Their new home, a rental, has 9 bedrooms, 8 1/2 bathrooms in 8,200 square feet. Built in 1928, it last sold in 2014 for $5.295 million.  It became operational HQ for valerie jarrett and the rest of the ObamaNation of Desolators team; transferring the Jan 5, 2017 sedition plan formulated to keep Obama in power as the puppeteer of the radical left elements of the Democrat Party of Slavery.



Looney Left.   Followers of Saul Alinsky, Josef Stalin, Karl Marx and other misery merchants who hate good things and love desolation.  Their image of America is sad; they believe it is evil and needs to be “reset”.  They despise happy songs, joy and optimism.  Closely related to pessimistic pricks, another double 1st letter synonym.


Misery Merchants.  People that live vicariously in other people’s lives, pronouncing the best way to be and who love to spread misery and sell us on pessimism and America is long past its prime.   Part of the Looney Left, specializing in dissing everything good about this blessed land. Their cancel culture department banned Annie’s “The Sun will come out tomorrow” song in the lower 48. See Looney Left and Pessimistic Pricks for synonyns with double first letters.



Obama, Barack Hussein.  Formerly known as Barry Soetoro.  Currently founder and master puppeteer of the ObamaNation which affectionately bears his name.  Perfected the “community agitator” role and is in his 4th administration as shadow president of the United States of America (former sovereign nation often abbreviated “America”).  One of his singular achievements, Obama hand chose Kamala Harris as the president to succeed someone unacceptable to the ObamaNation, Donald J Trump; unfortunately, Harris fell flat to the electorate due to her coarse and flippant nature in the primaries. Helped by the miracle rise of Joe (see Captain JoEO) Biden guided by his anointment by Clyburn of xxx, Bernie Sanders was again suppressed for a price to step aside for the newest puppet, Beijing Biden aka Captain JoEO.  44th president over 8 years and continued through as a shadow government using strings firmly attached to the venerable Joseph Rosinette Biden and the JRB pen.  Secret life as Captain JoEO’s puppeteer, Joe was hidden in his basement bunker to prevent him speaking to voters and killing the continued well financed and multi agency oiled spy ops of the ObamaNation.


OEDipussy.  The ObamaNation’s Etymology Department.   The Democrats were skilled in the 20th century for creating misdirection and faux narratives to con the American public.



Pen. Device wielded by Captain JoEO beginning January 20,2021 2pm to sign documents (45 by Feb 3rd) created by the ObamaNation’s shadow lawmakers; most were blank letterheaders. Outlined in the 1787 founding documents, the feckless House and useless Senate used to have that legislating role as the “legislative” 2nd branch of the American/US Government.  Replaced by the ObamaNation machine HQed at the Kalorama Barry& Muchella mansion. 2446 Belmont  Wash DC NW {see Alternate DC Black Ops House)


Phrase of the Day.  Combination of words that the closet OEDipussy etymologists at the ABCNNBCBS PosTimes sends out via intranet to the communications arms and heads of the Democrat propaganda ministry. Best example was the phrase “fight like hell” shown at the Trump trial #2 in a 10 minute play by play.  Those who used the phrase included Beijing Biden (JoeBama and Captain JoEO), Kamala Harris, Maximum H2Os, Chuck Schumer and most of the Dem owned “press”.

ProFix PreFixes   Agency of the OEDipussy, which now creates Prefixes on top of the endless mindless ProNoun proliferation

ProNoun.    a part of speech co-opted by the OEDipussies which makes up new odd ways to refer to any of the 160 (the statutory limit on manufactured gender ideologies by the MAYOnnaise Clinic) different and real genders bendered across the globe.  


Qanon.  Who the heck knows who the heck this is. Or what.


Rules for Radicals.  The ObamaNation’s bible for anarchy, disruption and deception.  Written by Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton’s college thesis in her Chicago days.  Worth a read if you are wondering why 6 months, 50 deaths, 1000 cop injuries, 15 cop deaths, $2 billion in property damage and thousands of dreams, jobs and businesses destroy by ObamaNation’s Armada..


Seb Gorka.  The Gladiator, a suitable foe for fraud and treason evidenced by the ObamaNation Armada.  He is relentless and will continue to battle these miscreants of mischief

Swamp.  Suitable allegory for the alternate American governance.  Located in and around the District of (Christopher) Columbia or DC.



Trump, Donald J.  45th and 48th president of these United States within 47 months.  Another unprecedented fact

$Twenty six thousand story




Voter ID.   A racist homophobic negrophobic xenophobic means of getting back to one citizen voter one ballot honest elections.


White House report on the successes of the 45th president





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