The New Unabridged Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary of the ObamaNation of Desolators

22nd Edition  Rev 7.1.22    Rev 11.25

The Democrat Encyclopedic Dictionary for your pleasure & edification

Democrat Party Dictionary (for short)…continuously updated since the Dems NEVER quit making stuff up, lying like their hero, Adam “Schitty” Schiffty, former member of the House Intelligence Committee and the Dem J6 Persecution team.


We have assembled an open source comprehensive dictionary for the ObamaNation shadow HQs, located at:


The Godfather puppetmaster living at the Kalorama set of the Obamanation of Desolators

2446 Belmont DC 90005(located 15,000 linear feet northwest of the Oval Office), a main division of the DNC and Democrat party…its early release offers us a glimpse at the party that controls the language that controls the nation. 

Your suggested items and clarifications are welcome and will be considered for the next edition

Commonly known as The ObamaNation. AKA Democrat Party of 1854  1824

Today’s Dem ABCNNBCBS APost-NYTimes Word or Phrase

8/4/22  Democrat Inflation Reduction Act  Spend trillion$$ more dollars we DON’T have on top of $5 trillion infusion of crony spending to fan hyperinflation and destroy America low energy economy further


ABCNNBCBS APosTimes. formerly the ‘main street media’.   The ObamaNation news department.  The anagram fleshed out is ABC CNN NBC CBS AP WaPost NYTimes… including electronic million$talking heads who get the “phrase of the day” from OEDipussy daily.  Emanates currently from the extensive cell towers atop the Black Ops House at 2446 Belmont WaDC 90005

Agitprop Obama style. noun    1. political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature.  Still communist and effectively used by the Obamanation Agitation Team Supreme (OATS for short).  Agitation (the hallmark of community organizing agitators) Propaganda.  In case Adam Schitty missed it, in Russian it is spelled:  агитпроп,           2.  was/is communist propaganda used in Soviet Russia, that is spread to the general public through popular (see ABCNNBCBS APosTimes) media such as literature, plays, pamphlets, films, and other art forms with an explicitly political message.  ditto for ObamaNation’s tactics to steel up a Chris Steel dozy of a “dossier”; steal an election full court press style; using plays, pamphlets, films and the wholly owned “free press” known as ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, who get the phrase and/or cause d’ jour on millionaire talking heads and mindlessly repeat it until midnight.

Sometimes longer if Kimmel runs late.

Abortion.  The 1st & pre-eminent sacrament of the ObamaNation’s state religion; like its god, it disses God by emulating the components of the Catholic Church’s sacraments and sacramentals, specific counterpart being the Holy Eucharist, Evolution of this sacrament: The ObamaNation was founded in 1854 as the Democrat Party, primarily to defend its leadership’s position that the black race were only suitable for being owned; they were utilized as “slaves”, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, nurturing the growth and harvesting crops like tobacco, corn and cotton.  Codified 119 years later by the ObamaNation’s slave revisionist declaration, RoeVWade, it permanently secured the transmutation of blacks harvesting in the Southern Democrat plantations to BEING harvested, as technological advancement ensured, in the late 20th century.  Younger blacks and other class labeled minorities like Mexicans, were taken to the ObamaNation’s temples of satan, disguised as Planned Parenthood relocation centers, and harvested. FOIA releases show baby hearts and livers were sold for $25-$175 by PP Gulf Coast to University of Texas Med Branch; YaleMed is documented to have paid $715 for a calvarium in good condition.

AborTours Inc.. A five star business incorporated by GreaseHead Gov Newsom, with his best friend’s wife he sleeps with, Jen, to IMPORT and ABORT human trafficking style, conflicted and desperate pregnant teens and older from 49 states.  When the MexiCartels do it, it is considered illegal to traffic in little girls.  When Greasehead and BFWife do it, it is considered helpful to girls who are with child; they have suckered California taxpayer$ for $200 million to fly the victims in, usually to a planned parenthoodlum kill mill like Dr Jon Dunn’s Dungeons at 700 N Tustin at the Garden Grove Fwy in Orange.  The collective advertises in 7 (so far) of the 49 states, violating various laws like interstate trafficking of minors (no parent is involved in the procuring and transporting of teens with a prebirth child inside of them.  They get imported, aborted and deported back to the state they come from, and hopefully IF they ARE ALIVE and didn’t die (like Holly Patterson, Lawanda etc, young women who died with their dead prebirth babies),they are reunited by true women’s help groups like Covenant House.  There is a bonus, should the mothers desire to be impotent fathers: GreaseHead Gov Newsom has his affiliate business, Chainsaw Massacred Supple Breasts, Inc.   The Gruesome Newsoms’ mutilation partners include Transgenderhealth, inc., Harvard, Boston Children’s, Vanderbuilt and many more profit by the thousands.  (See “Chainsaw Massacred Supple Teen Breasts, Inc.)

Academish.  (synonym Academe)  The new language speak practiced by Gender ideology professors and other tenured leftist hippie retreads protected in Ivory Towers.  Coined by the amazing Dennis Prager, who speaks many of the world’s languages and can wade through the septic pool of Academic gibberish.  If it sounds incredibly nutty, there IS a syndrome, therapy or language for it.

Activated Propagandists.  Members of the ObamaNation’s personal media, the ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, who practice Mao TT style, planted lies (a la Pravda = Truth).  No journalists need apply, and easily outed by clicking on the news site or turning on the tube.  (See ABCNNBCBS APosTimes)

Alinsky, Sal. The bible of the ObamaNation’s author.  Hillary Clinton’s Chicago thesis was on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. SEE Rules for Radicals

Armada.  Formidable forces that include (Not So)Black Lives Matter, snowflake AntiFAcists; the Lady Knights of the Pentagram Table with the Green Knight who served in Swift Boat Navy Vietnam as he reminds us often.    It’s propaganda core is Dem owned ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, who learned from Master Mao the art of the Land of Lie.


Axis.  ObamaNation has formed an Axis: the DNC platform that includes killing kids and enslaving the masses; the military forces of BLM, AntiFA and other insurrectionists; and the Democrat self-enslaved former free press summed as ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, who receives the phrase of the day for the mob millionaire talking heads to repeat ad nauseam throughout the day.



BBBBKamala.  An historical nickname for the failed primary candidate resurrected by the ObamaNation’s chief puppeteer to be able to control Captain JoEO and replace when timely.  BIlly Brown Bed Babe, who got a rise out of the Slick San Fran Mayor Willie while his wife Blanche was hidden in the closet (pre Me Too!).  This resulted in dual govmint panel jobs netting $166,000 per year to an activist hack.  Not bad pay for a 29 year old having to work hard to rise to the occasion.   No comment from the Viagra Commission on Prostitician practices.

(The) Black Ops House.  The headquarters since noon Jan 20, 2017 of the ObamaNation located in the exclusive Kalorama section of DC, 3 miles northwest of the people’s house ie White House.  Operations were transferred to this 8500 sq ft home after occupancy to run parallel operations of the Obamanation’s 2nd term.  Currently in term#4, the Obama leadership cabal includes the usual suspects as pictured and a shadow administrative state numbering hundreds more.  For inquiries, mail them to ObamaNation 2446 Belmont Ave  Wash DC 90005.  Attn: Helter Skelter Dept.

Blacks.  Members of the human race that the ObamaNation’s Regressive Radicals STILL believe they own, whether on the 19th century plantations or 21st century black reclamation centers (PP); where little black girls are knifed out of their black moms for Kamala’s next $86,000 presidential re-election campaign $$.   Top campaign paraphrenalia are the little black girls baby hearts that fetch $175, not at the slave auction post but at most medical schools like Yale or TexasMed, and companies like DaVinci BioMed. 

Some uppity blacks like Larry Elder and  Dr Ben Carson get the honorary “Uncle Tom” even though Tom and Benjamin and Larry don’t really sound that much alike.  Our NUIDOD investigative reporters are attempting to get a response from the OEDipussies at Black Ops House.   Their in-house etymologists are backlogged creating new issues to scam real America over so no explanation was available at press time.

Blob of Tissue.  From 1973 to present, the dehumanization continuum of the human species has gone through a transmorgue-ification to justify the needless killing of smaller humans.  Before Acuson and other computed ultrasonography companies perfect clear digital imagery inside mothers of what their child’s development looked like, “blob of tissue” was used to mollify moms in crisis to think their fully human and alive child was just…a “blob of tissue”.  It worked well once “clump of cells” fell out of fashion, the earliest manifestation of dehumanizing little kids into salable parts commonly called organs. In the latter 20th century, selling organs was declared illegal EXCEPT those coming out of satan temples of mini-human sacrifice in most street corners of America.

Border Situation. n. Disaster.  Direct from the ObamaNation etymology department, “situation” is really translated “disaster’ by real people.  It emanated from the JoBama T-Shirt Revolution pictured here…  JoBama’s presidential days were long, maybe an hour at worst but the stuff he came up with were impressive  doozies.  Problem is his pen signed blank sheets with a straight line to help the seriously demented CIC signature be somewhat legible.  

Boorla.  New owner of deflated NYC real estate: penthouses built by oppressed American taxpayer$$.  CEO of Pfauci’s Pfizer Pfixation.


Branched Covidian Cultists.  Those with a god complex, believing they and they alone know how to deal with the Mao Tse Xi’s Plague from Hell.  

Bureaucrats.  People who exist to stay in the same unelected role in the administrative state for life.  Or longer, hoping  to keep getting a government paid welfare check after death

BureauRats.  People who deceive, lie, steal at will and keep their jobs by morphing or redesigning what they are “needed” for without legislative approval.  They scurry about doing their worst to the American scene and profiting from it.  “No Guvmint job or program EVER ends”.  Look to the Rural Electrification department.  Or Joe Biden


CALIforeignia.   Formerly, the independent west coast state of the United States, Alta California.  Under the able guidance of the Emperor GChristopher Newsom (reign 2020-present), it became the premiere magnet state for free health care for illegal immigrants, free little girl womb kills via Abortion Tourism, sanctuary state for all forms of criminality, with its continued War on Energy, Life and Economy.  


Calvarium.  Latin for “head”, often severed and sold as parts as part of an abortion. Priced according to condition, YaleMed’s $715 is currently the highest price paid for a child’s skull and brain.  It was in MS-666 condition which means that Satan, proud adviser to the Obamanation Armada and their Desolators, is happy with it severed and sold for 30 pieces of silver

CAPITOL TORNADO. The ObamaNation’s planning code name for their 3 hours of wet work on Jan 6th Epiphany 2021.  Like Crossfire Hurricane, Capitol Tornado was well-planned and remarkably well executed effort by members of the ObamaNation to thwart President Trump’s exposing of the Steal of the American Centuries, the presidential election spanning three months surrounding Nov 3, 2020.  Subsequent review (NOT by the conflicted FBI under WTFbiWray’s partisan leadership) produced the following facts:  FBI has dirty hands using their informants as plants to stir up Proud Boys, Sad Girls, Oathtakers so hundreds would die.  ONLY ONE GUN was a BLMilitant CapCop David Bailey.  Also, Antifa member paid $70,000 for his Capitol Tourist riot video; he dressed up and played a Trump supporter, as John Krasinsky points out in the photo.  see Impeachment II   xxxx

CCP. China Communist Party.  Hegemon II, the Dynastic follow-on.  Xi JinglePingle’s dad was Mao’s propaganda minister.  Like dad, like son, Xi launched a fortuitous ViroWeapon this O Dictionary calls a Plague.

Chainsaw Massacred Supple Teen Breasts, Inc.   A Gruesome Newsom family business.  Sometimes teen mom girls take advantage of the AborTours, Inc. tourism package for the import~Abort~Deport process, killing off the nuisance prebirth little girl which for some reason, though the left Loon Democrats consider it dead in the water bag, keeps growing through nine months or so.

Circle Back.  Phrase frequently used by JPsucki of MSDNC, when on temporary leave to the white house press room.  Currently embarrassing herself at one of the Dem owned Legacy Media, abbreviated ABCNNBCBS APost~Times

CircumSeized Castration, Inc.  Yet another from the affiliates of the Gruesome Newsom family of companies.  This one involves, normally with no parental ok except by those terrorized by Big Med Labs into thinking their 15 year old son will commit suicide should he not have his dick removed.   Odd thing is when God instituted Circumcision in His Chosen People, He instructed Abraham and others to cut the foreskin off of males (no transgendered existed in the beginning), NOT cut the whole thing off at the bone.  Rational people wonder if maybe Harvard or Yale Mutilation Med save the breasts and penises on some bizarre trophy shelf.  The largest specimens and speciwomen might be auction off at the Chainsaw Mutilation Awards show annually celebrated on April 20th, the anniversary of their mentor, Dr Mengele,  whose mentor died that day after shooting Eva Braun and killing their dog.  

Clump of cells. phrase used by the health care department of the ObamaNation, to legitimize the killing of smaller human beings inside moms before Wordsmithing became the Radical Democrat artform it is today.  Early stage of etymological brillance before computed ultrasonography was ushed in by Acuson, Inc. and others in the 80s.  Eventually replaced with “Product of Conception”, once 3 Dimensional images in the 4th dimension proved that squirming, thumbsucking, mom kicking baby was more than a clump

Corporatocracy.  the merger of unelected administrative national government and private sector monopolies, to advance the power of both; purpose is voter nullity or making a free republic’s election progress a non-entity.  Synonym: Corruptocracy.    Perfected by the ObamaNation of Desolators.

Coup. n. The ObamaNation Armada’s continued effort to delegitimize Trump45 and create a wholly owned separate governance system for the Constitutional federated republic known as the United States of America.  Formerly known as the silent coup, it has become obvious to everyone NOT assuming room temps this is underway. 

Courage.  Courage is not the absence of fear: it’s acting bravely in spite of it.   This is something the ObamaNation will never understand.  Fear is their sacrament.

Covid. The fake excuse used by the ObamaNation to steal trillions more from our bankrupt Treasury and overload the Currency LaserJet  (see Infrastructure)

Covid22.  Latest version of Covid19.  Like the common cold, Covid is not a perennial disease in the world, and perennial Democrat money maker for Pfauci’s Pfave Pfarma company, Pfizer.  Vet(erinarian) Boorla, CEO


Covidstan.  The perennial destruction of the world under the kind leadership of XiMao, whose dad was MSTongue’s propaganda minister.  Hat tip to frequent and excellent fill in for Rush, Mark Steyn.   The Plague of XiMao, designed in the Wuhan lab and incubated in human hosts in the city of 11 million people, we still don’t know how many innocent Chinese people died to make this Plague more recreative than the flood (almost).  Move over Hitler and JoBama, the greatest mass murderer in history is now the son of Xi Zhongxun, Xi JingPing, affectionately called Jingle Pingle by his close buddies.

Crisis.  What ObamaNation founding member, Chicago’s Rahm “god (Barry Soetoro) with us” Emanuel, calls something you NEVER want to waste.  What JoBama’s administration is perpetually in.    Synonym include Hyper Disaster when teen girls cross the border, and scream while gang raped in Fed facilities as Ms PisSaki said it is something they will look into when the ‘Woke Me Too’ movement wakes up post JoBama’s reign.


DC  The seat of two countries: the Constitutional nation called the United States of America and the ObamaNation, whose headquarters has the ONLY ex-President inside it’s 68.34 square miles, who continues to country agitate and hate the real America.  Governed currently by Mayor Bowser, who loves Black lives in Yellow on her streets. it is NOT a state nor can become one.

DC Black Ops House.  All ex presidents, including #45, have left the Swamp known as the District of Columbia. Except one: Mr and Mrs. Obama rented their new 8500 square foot Kalorama district mansion in 2017 to house the transitional government of the newest nation on earth, the ObamaNation.  Valerie Jarrett (the Persian Princess) and many other apparatchiks of the clandestine government sometimes called the Deep State, deeper and broader than at first envisioned

Deep State.  The massive entrenched leaches, the administrative unelected and elected bureauRats who seem immovable and immutable.  Massive government waste.  

Dem Dept of Gender Ideologies.  A division of the senior leadership of the ObamaNation.  Useful to divide and conquer Americans, especially those citizens that don’t care what other people do with their private parts and playing dress up, as long as you are not injuring physically another member of the one human race. Without their reasonable consent. See RACE, 

Democrat Inflation Reduction Act  Spend trillion$$ more dollars we DON’T have on top of $5 trillion infusion of crony spending to fan hyperinflation and destroy America low energy economy further

DemZi Party.  Shortened and more affectionate version of the Democrat Socialist party.  Patterned after the chancellor’s German iteration, the National Socialists, the DemZis have successfully killed 63 million kids a la Dr Mengele’s progressive experimentation.  The DemZis have found when you slice up a kid inside a mom for organ sales, the kid is dead.  Really dead.

Diversity. What regressive Democrats preach about as long as you agree with them.  synonym.  Monoversity which is also a state of too many colleges today  (see Monoversity)

Dominion Voting Machines.  The ONLY approved voter cheater devices of the Despots inner circle at the ObamaNation HQ on Belmont in DC.  Guaranteed, from Chavez to Madera to Hillary (unsuccessfully) to Biden (most successful stolen election in world history)

Don Dix.  An incredible mouthpiece for meritorious actions on the Salem Broadcast network.  Sidekick of the national talk radio host Jennifer Horn.  Known for his gas recall Prop 6 efforts as well as confirming JoBama as one of Beijing Biden’s best and truest monikers.  After all, Captain JoEO is a lifeless puppet with seven strings, two used to manipulate the mighty leaky pen by Obama, in his 4th administration.  First person to respond to the moniker “JoBama”  (see JoBama)


ELECTION STRATEGIES.  Methods to win elections.  Examples: The “Keep my 2012 campaign free of doubt Ben Ghazi video Sunday shows strategy” 9-11-2012  4 dead.   The Syrian Libyan Iranian “Fast N Furious” weapons grift exchange protection plan ” August 6, 2012  15 SEALS dead, 23 civilians.   The  Crossfire Hurricane “Trump suppression spygate planning party”  Jan 5, 2017   ObamaNation’S codenamed Capitol Tornado  Jan 6, 2021 Epiphany planned and organized to disrupt the Joint Election investigation PRE-planned anarchist party”  One dead shot by cop but highly successful.  Election remained stolen

EPIPHANY INCURSION of 2021.   January 6, 2021.  The well planned Capitol Tornado that resulted in the Insta-Impeach(ment) of the most successful Americans friendly president in two centuries. Deep state operatives combined with the Soros Institute of Indoctrination funds transferors and the Ayers wing of the ObamaNation to try and end the presidency with only ONE shot heard round the world. 4 dead Trump voters.  No guns found by the WTFbiWray keystone koppers but using the new spyware and Bank of America, located ANY red colored human on the Mall for persecution and the usual (Roger) STONE treatment: 20 cops (amphibious if near a body of water) breaking down your front door while drinking coffee in the kitchen. 

Other examples of alinsky anarchy bullying: David Daleiden’s raid by BBBBKamala and her 11 AGoons when she was Ocasio Attorney General of Taxifornia.   Trump advisors.   Notorious HCQ practitioner and whistleblower Dr Simone Gold who played tourist on Epiphany 2021 and got caught by the Capitol Tornado chasers in her SoCal home unawares.


Face Diapers  Scientific name for scientific ignorant mainly Democrat demands to put Huggies or Pampers over one’s face to stop Covid22, the latest version of the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague.  Queen of diapers is Barbara Ferrer, bureauRat for LA pubic health.

Democrat Platform in pictures

Family.  Any thing the Dem owned ABCNNBCBS APost~Times defines it as today.  But NOT what God created, a husband and wife, a man and woman, a mom and dad, born and adopted respectful children taught right from wrong

Fatal Election Strategies    See “Election Strategies”

Faucisms.  Arbitrary beliefs that suppress the best medical advice for the most profitable; to maintain control of the most naive members of America

FEAR.   The ObamaNation’s most effective tool.  False Expectations Appearing Real.  One of our beloved 4fathers, Franklin Delano Roosevelt coined the phrase “The only fear we must fear is FEAR itself.” But our King and Emperor, also a three name president, Barack Hussein Obama, knew how to use FEAR effectively in his third term (2016-2020) by creating the Democrat 17 spy agency spying on the reprobate Insurrectionist Donald Trump. Crossfire Hurricane.   It culminated with the well planned false flag op nicknamed the ‘Capitol Tornado’; unlike the Spring into Summer of Love (March 2020-September2020), where 50 Americans died, billion$ in prop damage, 1000 injured cops, destroyed dreams, livelihoods and jobs in Dem controlled cities and syncophant Dem governors & mayors; Capitol Tornado was genius: 4 dead Trump voters, NO guns, our Capitol cop symphathizers opening the flimsy barricades with the intended result:  blame Trump for an INSURRECTION (thank you OEDipussy ObamaNation Etymology Dept) over 180 minutes, stop the evidentiary hearing exposing the fraud election, turn 535 Sens & Reps into squirming fear plagued wimps and create the revolutionary Insta-Impeach process   (see Insta-Impeach)

Follow the Science.   The idea that no matter how much fraud is involved, the populace will listen to the ObamaNation’s clarion call to “Follow the Science”.  Although the chief scientist, the Omiscient God, does not qualify.  Examples abound like the 12 molecules of manmade CO2 per million as man’s ability to change the weather at will.  


Genders.  Kamala Harris, known as Anarchist Kamala the 47th president (AK7), claims we have 60 genders.  God claims He only made 2.  Male and female.  His MOST intricate and awesome design is the second, FEMALE, evidenced by abilities built into this sex  (see “Sex”)

Gender ideologies.  Currently there are 160 different self-appointed genders beyond what is called “binary”.  Binary, in the computer world, is 1s and 0s.  Apparently, the federal gender ideology department uses binary to mean male and female.  Historically, God created them “male and female” and they continue to this day to populate the world.  But in addition, there are 158 other definitions of genders.  At this writing, still looking for the gender ideology clearinghouse, so as to catalogue and control which GIs are acceptable to the Directorate of planetary gender ideological nomenclature.  A gender is a terrible thing to lose.   The MAYOnnaise Clinic of Gender Bender Dis4eA is our national headquarters for this growing business of dissGod’s creation of a measly two genders.  A separate dictionary of all 160 GIs underway but no credible single source can be found.

GOLD, DR. SIMONE.   A hardworking ER doctor who successfully used Hydroxychloroquine to save people from the Plague of XiMao the Merciless, was fired, joined Frontline Doctors (see Frontline Doctors) to spread the truth.  The infamous Capitol steps tourist who experienced WTFbiWray’s Wrath singled out in California for being in what belongs to all American Citizens: the Capitol.   

Grant Stinchfield.  Media star on NewsMax, co-hosting (now permanent replacement for the left voice impersonator Brian) often opposite the Caped Conservative Crusader, Jennifer Horn, who first postulated that JoBama is NOT really in power.  (see ObamaNation of Desolators).  He called out the constant castle battles between Val the Jarrett (the Persian Princess), Sally the Yates, Susie the Rice and other lady knights of the pentegramic table.  Sir Barry of Soetoro the master puppeteer.  Well, he would have if he thought it up first.  His Twitter handle @stinchfield1776.   Question is why does the PhD Education mama wifey Jill allows JoBama to be embarrassing to the family, when conscious for all of ten minutes per day.


Hillary (Sir) Rodham Clinton. nothing to report.  Too much column-inches and pixels have been wasted on Alinsky’s soul mate.  Reprobate does come to mind, encouraging a valedictorian lass pulling a banned speech from her bra promoting the killing of little innocent girls by satanist surgeons

Hillary’s Lockbox  An ingenius DC device that STILL has too many Repubican balls like Davy Jones’ heart under lock and key

Hundred Eighty Days.   1) the amount of time the ObamaNation’s paramilitary (including Marx’BLM, AntiFA, Soros Soldiers and other Dem military units) rioted, pillaged, killed (50), abused cops (17 dead, hundreds injured); destroyed thousands of inner city and marginal jobs and family livelihoods with NO pushback or arrests.   2) amount of time the 36 member Supreme Court study group does its UnConstitutional best to look the tool, violate separation of powers and destroy America further under the JoBama’s Year of Tears.


Hundred Years War on America.   Imported from Marxist Germany and Britain in the early 20th century, embodied by Dems like TRoosevelt, Woodrow “Racist” Wilson and F Pack the Court DR, the Regressive movement (sometimes using the Soup company moniker “Progressive”) has been the effort to destroy the safeguards of separated powers and the principles pictured on the $2 bill’s signatory document.  Techniques include “Flooding the Supreme Court”, “Legislation without Legislators” with the shadow all powerful DC administrative state, killing babies for campaign$$ (how Kamala got her rise in politics after getting a rise out of her adultery partner, Slick Willie).   (see Supreme Court 180 day study)


IMPEACHMENT II  The Democrat wet works operation one DAY after their debatable successful Capitol Tornado execution.  No deliberation, just an “incremental deception” vote to oust a president already having his re election stolen from him.

INCURSION  What the Jan 6, 2021 Capitol steps affair should be called.  At worst, since it was the playout of the Capitol Tornado psyops of the ObamaNation’s propaganda divisions.  See “Insurrection” and “Epiphany Incursion of 2021”

INFLUENCE PEDDLING.   Hunter and the Biden family’s main grifter description.  From estimated 35,000- 93,000 emails on the Hunter Laptop shows he never missed a chance to cash in, like his aunt and uncles.  Joe is well, Joe.  His family is glad his dementia didn’t set in previously or their millions may never have materialized.

INSTA-IMPEACH   n. …combined the Capitol Tornado agitprop ops with MaxH2O’s Incessant Impeach 45 phase II for the unprecedented one day impeachment with NO witnesses or testimony except for the spoiled 535 elected wimps who turned a blind eye to 180 days of hell rained on Americans but cowered when the ObamaNation unleased the NO GUN supposed Insurrection, killing 4 Trump Voters and blaming Trump WITHOUT due process.  Hillary’s Lockbox STILL has too many Repubican balls like Davy Jones’ heart under lock and key.  See “Revolution of 2022”   UPDATE: only death was an ordered hit by a Capitol Cop of an unarmed air force veteran Ashli Babbett, with no warning sniper style.

Infrastructure.   Anything the Dems want to rip off the US taxpayer taxe$$ for their personal benefit (eg public teachers’ unions etc).  2. The fake excuse used by the ObamaNation to steal trillions more from our bankrupt Treasury and overload the Currency LaserJet  (see Covid).  3. Infrastructure. n. $2 trillion+Democrat ripoff excuse for Dem payola for Dem loyalists at ObamaNation from USTreasury & tax dollars. PinocchioJoBama presiding The King of Graft

INSURRECTION.  Word coined by the ObamaNation’s etymology department for Epiphany 2021, when 4 of 5 Troop voters are killed by anarchists at the Capitol steps for 180 minutes.  The Capitol docents looked like cops as they let a throng in to visit the offices of our taxpayer paid Representatives and Senators.   The misdirection worked perfectly, using OEDipussy’s coined accusation “Insurrection” applied on Jan 7th for the first Insta-Impeach of an outsider who just didn’t belong, what with his 325 successes over 4 years.   It stopped the elected representatives of the land of 1619 from growing (gender bendered testicles) a couple and really digging deep into WHO planned the Capitol Tornado con so successfully.

INSURRECTION TRUMP PLAN. 14th Amendment section 3  Donald J Trump is the most feared true American, with billion$ still being spent by belligerent billionaires and the Dem universe, to defeat the president NOT in DC.  President Obama still lives 2 miles from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The Jan 6 Epiphany Erection committee, comprised of nine Democrat handpicked liars who gives Hitler and Stalin smiles in the hellish abode, wants to guarantee by criminalizing political processes and lock out the Trump.  Section 3 Disqualification from Holding Office:

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”


InsurErection.   Short form of the Capitol Epiphany Insurrection.  It is the annual checkup for ‘proof of life’ of JoBama’s erectile functionality by Dr Jill to INSUR(e) he is still alive in the basement.  Epiphany is Jan 6th; it coincided with an Incursion by tourists on the Capitol steps.  Dr Jill wanted to make sure her husband, no pun intended, was UP for the inauguration occasion.  

InsurErection commission.  Headed by the chief liar, cheater and thief of the Dem party of deceit.  Featuring two unmentionable RINOs and THaters, it is now in its 2nd decade (or will be soon) checking under grandma’s skirt to make sure her Depends are not moist.  

Ivermectin.  Developed by Merck from the excellent work of a Nobel prize winning Japanese genius; 1980, as a HUMAN miracle drug (not as the Hershey Rochelle CDC dir labeled Horse People!) that saved millions from river blindness in South and Central America and Africa.  Discovered to be a miracle drug for stopping (acting as a zinc ionophore) the Mao Tse Xi’s Plague in Chiapas, India and so many places.  IF Dr Faucinstein ever is removed from his despotic spot at NIH, possibly Ivermectin will meet what the UN calls one of the “Most necessary drugs in the world”.  Fat chance with the NAACCCP and the Branched Covidian cult.


Jennifer Horn.  The caped conservative crusader who in the 21st century has proven to be a formidable foe of the ObamaNation and its agents of destruction

Jim Crow laws.  What JoBama calls the Georgia voter law repair bills.  Oops, JoBama are a cloned Democrat and they should know better.  Southern Democrats were NOT happy black humans were freed making more work for Biden’s fave Sen Byrd’s KKK insurrectionists.  Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States. These laws were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern Democrat-dominated state legislatures to disenfranchise and remove political and economic gains made by black people during the Reconstruction period.[2]. Jim Crow laws were enforced until 1965.  In practice, Jim Crow laws mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in the states of the former Confederate States of America and in some others, beginning in the 1870s. Jim Crow laws were upheld in 1896 in the case of Plessy vs. Ferguson, in which the U.S. Supreme Court laid out its “separate but equal” legal doctrine for facilities for African Americans. Moreover, public education had essentially been segregated since its establishment in most of the South after the Civil War in 1861–65.


JoBama.  ObamaNation’s Obama 2.0.   Don Dix’s favorite nickname for the most invisible presidential candidate in human history.   It inferred what historians now teach: Bunker Beijing Biden is really the organics and plastic puppet of the Supreme Leader O, installed with Clyburn’s help, when the Bern was destined to be the 3rd or 4th Socialist presidential candidate.  When BBBBKamala fell flat on her totalitarian face in the primaries, SLObama installed her as Presidential Candidate 47 to replace the hapless and lobotomized Joe on or about July 4, 2022.

…Alternate JoBama.    Joe Biden was engineered into the American white house by the Black Ops House of the ObamaNation. 2446 Belmont WA DC 90005; where the ONLY ex president resides who still lives in DC.  Beijing Biden is like the Bork, fully integrated into Barry Soetoro’s control, the chief puppeteer who organized Kamala as 47President, starting with Clyburn’s ousting of Bernie for Captain JoEO.  under revision)

Johnny Kerry Green.  Served in Vietnam.  xxx

Jumanji Jackson Brown (JJB).   First Supreme Court Justice elect who cannot define what a woman is.  Technically, JJB meets the criteria of the Creator God as to what He meant when He created woman; as the 10th Justice in mid 2022, her stay in Jumanji hopefully ends as she is sworn in for the SCOTUS 2022-2023 session. JJB was sworn in on June 30, 2022


Kalorama Black (Ops) House.  Located 3 miles north of the White House at 2466 Belmont Wash DC.  This is the new ObamaNation operations headquarters from Jan 20, 2017 to present.  “CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s moving day for President Barack Obama and the First Family, let’s hope their change of address cards have already been filled out. The outgoing Commander in Chief, Michelle, Malia and Sasha are relocating three miles north of their current address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to 2446 Belmont Road in the prestigious neighborhood of Kalorama.  Their new home, a rental, has 9 bedrooms, 8 1/2 bathrooms in 8,200 square feet. Built in 1928, it last sold in 2014 for $5.295 million.  It became operational HQ for valerie jarrett and the rest of the ObamaNation of Desolators team; transferring the Jan 5, 2017 sedition plan formulated to keep Obama in power as the puppeteer of the radical left elements of the Democrat Party of Slavery.

Kerry, J Fing.  He served in Vietnam, makes sure today we know it, was ‘swift boated’ by his mates, got rich, continues to try and screw us over God’s miracle gas & molecule, carbon dioxide.  In the 2021 days, he was known as the $2 trillion con man, jetting around the world using the carbon con we call “global warming>climate change”.  Total waste as a human prostitician
Kerry Green.  A putrid shade of the chlorophyll imbued nature, a blend of fake facts, screw the American family, and fraudulent science pushed by misery merchants who believe they know better than God and act worse than the devil.  Basically, the banner color of the radical regressive environMental case movement.  Best known as a rich empty suit radical hates America leftist’s color of choice


Larry Elder.  Candidate for the governorship of Taxifornia in 2021.  The Sage of South Central, a solid replacement for the French Laundered toddler, Gavin Christopher Newsom.   This contributor believes it is time for the governor to replace his middle name with the one he serves: Lucipher.  Less letters, tell the story.  Ask any prebirth little girl carried into your local covered California planned Parenthood “out the patient” and Covid shot center who never leaves on the way out.

LGBFJB Community.  The followers of the Let’s Go Brandon F Joe Biden club.  The novel T-Shirt was popularized by Kurt Russel.  After all, elections, free and/or stolen, have consequences.

LGBTqXYZ     The generally accepted flexible abbreviation for the 158 manufactured by man (or womanufactured by woman) gender ideologies.   (See the Dem Dept of Scammable Gender Ideologies) 

Looney Left.   Followers of Saul Alinsky, Josef Stalin, Karl Marx and other misery merchants who hate good things and love desolation.  Their image of America is sad; they believe it is evil and needs to be “reset”.  They despise happy songs, joy and optimism.  Closely related to pessimistic pricks, another double 1st letter synonyms.


Xi’s dad Xi Z

Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague. (pronounced Mao Say cheese plague) Most appropriate name of the bioweapon released by the CCP in Oct 2019 to decimate the western world.  Xi Jing Ping is the current secretary for life of the CCP; his dad, Xi Zhongxun, who served Mao Tse-tung (Zedong) in various posts, most notably as propaganda minister.  His son, Xi Jing Ping, continues the propagandist role as an adherent to Mao.  Elections, free or stolen, have consequences.  There are NO elections for general secretary in communist China or any other role in this totalitarian state. Mao Tse-Xi’s interest is to bring back China as ruler of the free and enslaved world. Definitely a hegemon, looking to the new dynasty of the middle kingdom, he resents the western world. His plague, once released by accident or purposefully, was incubated in the 11 million soul city of Wuhan before being exported to the world.  As we know today, Wuhan flights inside China were restricted; not flights to the world.  Italy and Spain, where thousands of Chinese workers work in china owned companies, were the first to see massive sickness; in America, the first hotspots were the Life Care Center elder center and NYC.  The elderly were mowed down like it was the Code Blue Democrat’s answer to shoring up the Social Security and Medicare programs.

Trump, who owns a corner of every Dem leaders’ mind, historically, restricted flights into China Jan 31, 2020 which ended up saving thousands of lives; unfortunately, political corruption and medical tyranny led to accidentally or purposefully missing the elderly and immune compromised/co sicknesses people were the most vulnerable.  Put succinctly, Dr Faucinstein and Dr Rochelle Hershey (CDC) suppressed actual treatments so as to fast track their Pfizer Pfix.  This gene therapeutic is NOT a universal vaccine but a Boorla get rich quicker program involving annual shots from 2 years to 100 years.  See other sections…

Marxine Waters.  25th district house of representatives’ member who lives in LA area; best known for the phrase “Redeem ma time” spouted often and repeatedly.  Lives in a $14 million Max mansion.  Adept at the use of the RACE card and Critical Race Chicanery.  Socialism Communism Totalitarianism a part of her sphere of indoctrination

Misdirectionals.  Tactic of the left and misery merchants to pull “nothing here to see” or “look it this over there” fakery.  Similar to the word/phrase of the day, manufactured to take the honest Americans’ eye off the ball.


Misery Merchants.  (synonyms: “Hell Sellers”, Arrogant Anarchists ) Pretend rullers or People that live vicariously in other people’s lives, pronouncing the best way to be; and who love to spread misery and sell us on pessimism and America is long past its prime.   Part of the Looney Left, specializing in dissing everything good about this blessed land. Their cancel culture department banned Annie’s “The Sun will come out tomorrow” song in the lower 48.  As well as racistly, banned Green Eggs Y Ham.   See Looney Left and Pessimistic Pricks for synonymous with double first letters.

Monoversity.  The nickname of any college owned by the ObamaNation; only ONE truth exists on campus, that which the god of Barry Soetoro, formerly a president and now a shadow emperor, of the destruction of America.  n. A place where 60s Haight Asbury bell bottomed radicals gathered when they needed a shower, their VDub Vans had crapped out and needed a job; gained tenure, locked out the non Looney tuners professorial applicants and now rule the Monoversity rules and admittance. Best way to identify is one or more of these:  ivy hanging off their towers, multiBillion$ non taxed money not touched while Prof salaries go thru the roof.

Montage. A collection of different millionaire voices on the different platforms of the ABCNNBCBS APosTimes ALL saying the exact same thing.  Usually lined up like an echo chamber by American hosts (not ObamaNationals) for replay incessantly.  Often reflecting the word or phrase of the day, such as “Russian influenced the 2016 election” or the best single word that was a total big lie among many:  INSURRECTION.  Epiphany Jan 6th event was planned by the ObamaNation’s psyops corp code named “Capitol Tornado”.



NAACCCP  A new organization, it is the National Association for the Advancement of the Covidian Cult Crazy People.   A noted division is the Branched Covidian Cultists.


Naive.   The reverse spelling of Evian, the most profitable distribution of the most plentiful substance on earth to gullible Americans.  No, it’s not credited to Barry Soetoro; he wasn’t even a twinkle in the black and white joining of regressive principled sperm and agressively anarchist egg in mom’s flipopen your tubes.

New Normal.  This phrase was created in the ObamaNaton Etymology Labs as a way of mind control, convincing the sheeple the looney left (see “Looney Left”) had their thumbs on we would NEVER return to normalcy.  The Plague of XiMao would just keep mutating year to year, like clockwork, CoVid21 etc., since the original well-designed and planned ViroWeapon of Oct 2019 came off the development floor.  Using it’s best symptom, fear, honest Americans would cower at returning to total freedom, maskless and vibrant times.  The idea you could sit within 6 feet of other Catholics at Mass or in the stands at a College Football game was convincingly terrifying.  Instead, live under the Dominion (not the vote cheat machine) of the intelligencia monitored since Jan 20 2017 at the Black Ops House.

Normal.  Life after Damnocrat totalitarian tyrants.  Texas and Florida did not participate, unlike Chiller Cuomo’s NY and NewsoMeanie’s Taxifornia.


Obama, Barack Hussein.  Formerly known as Barry Soetoro. Like most ObamaNation hacks, sports three names, feigning importance and relevance. Currently, best known as founder and master puppeteer of the ObamaNation which affectionately bears his name.  Perfected the “community agitator” role and is in his 4th administration as shadow president of the United States of America (former sovereign nation often abbreviated “America”).  One of his singular achievements, Obama hand chose Kamala Harris as the president to succeed someone unacceptable to the ObamaNation, Donald J Trump; unfortunately, Harris fell flat to the electorate due to her coarse and flippant nature in the primaries. Helped by the miracle rise of Joe (see Captain JoEO) Biden guided by his anointment by Clyburn of Capitol Hill, Bernie Sanders was again suppressed for a price to step aside for the newest puppet.  Nominally referred to as Beijing Biden aka Captain JoEO.  44th president over 8 years and continued through as the shadow government agitator using strings firmly attached to the venerable Joseph Rosinette Biden and the JRB pen. And other extremities.  Secret life as Captain JoEO’s puppeteer, Joe was hidden in his basement bunker to prevent him speaking to voters and killing the continued well financed and multi agency oiled spy ops of the ObamaNation.  

ObamaNation is a confederation of mainly Democrat leaders from the Clinton-Obama and Obama II, the Biden Harris era.  It has developed over time, currently headquartered northwest of the Oval Office in a 9 bedroom building/mansion with operations centers.  The 44th president has never left DC, the only Ex American president to do so.  It is the true executive branch of the US government, voted in Nov 3, 2020; no one doubts shoeless clueless Joe has cognitive, dementia related abilities.  Like a weekend at Bernie’s, he appears to take prompts from his elusive benefactor Barack Hussein; the “big guy” evidently is a puppet; only thing missing are the strings or hand up his…

Names include Sally Yates, Susan Rice, the interesting Persian princess Valerie Jarrett, Fusion GPS Simpson, Hillary’s Christopher Dossier Steel, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa “misstressed” Page, the list is long.  One look at JoBama 46’s administration is an Obama rehash with a dose of the Clintons.

ObamaNation. (photo)

The ObamaNation of Desolators is headquartered at 2446 Belmont DC in an 8400 sf super mansion office complex.  The usual suspects, like shadow chief of staff Susan Rice, keep changing but the ONLY ex president in DC IS Obama in his 3rd unobstructed term.  Soon, when Biden is 25th amended or resigns, there may be two ex presidents.  Trump does NOT return until 2025.  However, he remains a rent free resident of every Democrat operative in the DCesspool.

OEDipussy.  The ObamaNation’s Etymology Department.   The Democrats were skilled in the 20th century for creating misdirection and faux narratives to con the American public. Examples include “woman’s choice”, “clump of cells”, “piece of tissue”, “product of conception” and other dehumanizing words and phrases used to monetize baby parts for shipment.  Other examples include “fight like hell”, “deplorables”, “Steel dossier”, “Capitol insurrection” xxx   Similarity to the movie “Octopussy” is unintentional.  The official ObamaNation of words and phrases of the day, as well as the engineered control of the English language can be found on Love Island in the Carribean.  This dictionary attempts to categorize and define the most common.  Of course, dependent on what the definition of the word “is” is.

Oval Office set.  The television setup for former president Joe Biden, in which an identical movie set of the famous Oval Office is equipped with teleprompter, ice cream freezer, desk and of course Susan Rice’s notes on which way to turn, what to read and even what he is to think.  The kill button is not fatal, but used like a mental ward lobotomy shock when Joe drifts off course.  In other words, thinks out loud.



Paxlovid  (alternate Bidenesque: Paxlowvoid)  Last Pfizer Pfix Pfraud by Pfauci’s that after 3 failed vax jabs, 3 boosters getting Covid22 “breakthrough” then Paxlovoid makes Covid22 side effects (symptoms) WORSE called “rebound”.  Amazing how the Dems etymologists bastardize the English.   Alterate pill version of Pfivermectin (stealing another drug company’s product and private labelling)

Pen. Device wielded by Captain JoEO beginning January 20,2021 2pm to sign documents (45 by Feb 3rd) created by the ObamaNation’s shadow lawmakers; most were blank letterheaders. Outlined in the 1787 founding documents, the feckless House and useless Senate used to have that legislating role as the “legislative” 2nd branch of the American/US Government.  Replaced by the ObamaNation machine HQed at the Kalorama Barry& Muchella mansion. 2446 Belmont  Wash DC NW {see Alternate DC Black Ops House)

Pessimistic Pricks.  People who moan the “sky is falling” UNLESS you elect, hire, allow us to lobby etc.  Pricks because, well, they are.  Haughty, know it alls who Lord their absolute power absolutely over the defenseless, vulnerable, poor and even rich.  Like tyrannical toddlers, throw tantrums incessantly until like the exasperated, busy parent often does, gets its way.

Pfizer Pfixation. (PfPf)  Propagandized by disgraced Dr Pfaucinstein, lord emperor of diseases who never treated a patient.  PfPf is evidenced by massive medical tyrants multi-year suppressing successful treatments for a cold like disease to enrich the elite.  When the 3 jabs plus 7 boosters proved a failure as a “one shot and done” vaccination, introduced pill Paxlovid.  Clueless Joe calls it Paxlowvoid.    {estimated cost department: trillion$$ in tax dollars, continued war on basic medicine killing off doctor/patient privacy at the local level, ancillary rise in other diseases due to monopoly on health universe for easily treated common respiratory ailment with HCQ, Ivermectin etc)

Phrase of the Day.  Combination of words that the closet OEDipussy etymologists at the ABCNNBCBS APosTimes and Democrat National Committee sends out via intranet to the communications arms and heads of the Democrat propaganda ministry. Best example of many was the phrase “fight like hell” shown at the Trump trial #2 in a 10 minute play by play.  Those who used the phrase included Beijing Biden (JoeBama and Captain JoEO), Kamala Harris, Maximum H2Os, Chuck Schumer and most of the Dem owned “press”.  “breakthrough”, “rebound”, 

PinnochioJoBama.  An amalgam of who the 46th president, many consider illegitimate, truly is: he lies so much (a la the king of the left lie Adam “Schitty” Schiffty) there isn’t enough renewal cellulose resource in the nation’s forest to fill his wooden nose; the Jobama portion is obvious: his master puppeteer is the 44th president and her husband, Obama who installed AK47 when she failed miserably in the primaries and using his spy network formed 2008 and energized Jan 5, 2017 to kill off Trump.  He of course continues in the 18 room Black House Ops Center at 2446 Belmont DC 90005

Plague of XiMao.  aka Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague An amazing viroWeapon, thanks to Dr Pfaucinstein’s enhanced functionality,  unleashed on the world that has made Mao’s descendant Xi JinglePingle smile.  Designed and implemented on the Wuhan people, used to kill at will (like an abortionist run wild).  Unintended consequences is masking the world, increasing the Communist China GDP with billions from purloined PPEquipment. Made the Fauch famous and rich.

Planned Parenthood.  ObamaNation’s favorite campaign dollars source; AK47 (see Anarchist Kamala 47th prez) got $83,000 from PP Silicon Valley, for example, when she ran for Senator in Taxifornia.  The name was coined by a hussy named Margaret Sanger who prefers Black Lives that Matter be killed off with the help of black ministers like Jessie “Abortion is black genocide” Jackson, Al SharpTongue and other’s who betray people that match them in the shades department.   Sanger’s effort got a huge penum Bra boost in 1973 with Mr Blackmum’s help via RoeVWade.

ProFix PreFixes   Agency of the OEDipussy, which now creates Prefixes on top of the endless mindless ProNoun proliferation

ProNoun.    a part of speech co-opted by the OEDipussies which makes up new odd ways to refer to any of the 160 (the statutory limit on manufactured gender ideologies by the MAYOnnaise Clinic) different and real genders bendered across the globe.  

Prostiticians.  A type of elected leader not just relegated to the ObamaNation that proves the saying: “a politician who would sell his grandmother for a vote or his/her granddaughter for to planned parenthood “organ donor baby parts division” for campaign $$$


Qanon.  Who the heck knows who the heck this is. Or what.

Quetzalcoatl. The feathered serpent god of Aztec lore

Quetzalcoatl.  The birdy snake god defeated in 1521 and Montezuma’s blood palace temple cleared out for consecration to Christ.  10 years later, Our Lady of Guadalupe used her frequent flyer miles to appear on Tepeyac and show the Aztec locals (in Nahuatl mythology) the truth.  Now UTLA & BLMunited LAUSD have brought back school prayer with Aztec chants.  Some call it devil worship, but everyone knows a snake can’t fly, feathers or not.  Will Covid shut it down since chanting is similar to humming and singing in Catholic Masses. Birdie snaky Quetzy got a pass from Dr Faucian’s religious exemption crew.  Translation for the Democrat leaders: homeschooling renaissance.


RACE.   NASCAR or Indy tracks where speedy cars go round and round.   Also, the idea there is ONLY ONE human race, all are members of the same race no matter how tall or short, fat or skinny, stupid or smart, black, white, orange, green (ask JayFingKerry);  descended from the same set of parents with names like Adam and Eve.  NOT acceptable to the racecrats, race baiters, race card dealers in the Democrat party of demolition.

RACIAL EQUITY.   Age not racism was the ultimate discriminator of the Plague of XiMao.  xxxx

RACISM.  n.  

What the CDC calls a five alarm status disease in 2021.  Dr Rachel called a serious health issue (website: Racism and Health), structural barriers that impacts where a person works and lives.  Contrary to the obvious: there is one human race, 50 trillion celled beings with deoxynucleic blueprints have so much more that shows they are family from Adam and Eve than separates. We have different countries, countries of origin, recessive traits, skin tones and cultures.  But NOT 12 first couples of blacks, whites, yellows, green, tall, short etc.  The Founding Democrat Racism deck is treasured at the ObamaNation HQ on Belmont DC

Rainbow. A signal in the skies that God will never destroy the earth again using water.  Has all the colors within its bands.  Oh, and appropriated by the Obama Dept of Gender IDs, all 158 made up ones.  The 2 original Genders don’t need a sign in the heavens; they see them in their nurseries.

REGRESSIVES.  The synonym of Progressive rarely used but more etymologically correct assessment of the ObamaNation.  Examples include:

Reproductive Care. phrase  Translated: Abortion.   Latest is there are too many Catholic hospitals so limiting Reproductive Care throughout USA.  Actual definition is conceiving and having babies to CONTINUE the human race.

Reproductive Choice. Abortion

Republican – noun – One who wants schools to fully open and stay that way. (Susan Shelley contribution).  Whose party was formed to champion freeing the slaves in the 19th century.  Some members still have APBs out on their testicles, many of which were found in Hilary Clinton’s famous Lockbox.  Much more is expected of this party come Nov 8, 2022 and Nov 5, 2024.  Like rescuing a dying land.

Rights.  Unalienable and legal.  A right is something, you NEVER give up.  If you lose a right, the Left will NEVER let you get it back.

ROE V Wade  Dead and buried June 24, 2022.  Now the real work begins.  Women have been freed (as blacks in 1865) to be adults and make wise decisions on this day.  It coincided with the birth of Houston’s #5 child, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and (first time since 1960) the birthdate of John the Baptizer, forerunner of the Jordan baptism of the Christ.

Row V Wade. Alexandria Ocasio~Cortes’s legal understanding of the most important SCOTUS decision.  Since America is blessed with an open southern border, the illegal entrants must decide whether it is more appropriate to row across the Rio Grande in a boat or wade across on foot.  An illegal woman’s choice is dependent on where their next enslaver, the Drug Cartel who chose them for sex trafficking, will pick them up

Rules for Radicals.  The ObamaNation’s bible for anarchy, disruption and deception.  Written by Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton’s college thesis in her Chicago days.  Worth a read if you are wondering why 6 months, 50 deaths, 1000 cop injuries, 15 cop deaths, $2 billion in property damage and thousands of dreams, jobs and businesses destroy by ObamaNation’s 574 riots in the Summer of Beloved Terrorism went unanswered.  No arrests, just Democrat glee.


Safe Injection Sites  Places where the addicted can inject in public without getting help.   Similar to blindfolding teen drivers so they can have an accident since they will obviously have one because they can’t control themselves.    #2: NOT any where in the world for the Pfizer Pfraud Pfixes

Shamalot.  The Regressive Dream world of the Regressives.  Home is 3 miles north of the People’s House, at the Community Castle of Agitators.  Alternate nym of the ObamaNation Black Ops House in DC.  In the Grand Room of Deceit is featured the Lady Knights of the Pentagram Table that include Sally the Yates, Susan the Rice, Val the Jarrett (Persian Princess who was defrocked by John the Brennan and Richard the Muckraker).  King Barry O’Soetoro, with Lady Muchella of Muck at his two faced side; Lisa the Page and Lady Kamala of Brownbed, plus the Green Knight, Kerry Green of Carbonic Fraud.

Seb Gorka.  (Doctor)  The Gladiator, a suitable foe for fraud and treason evidenced by the ObamaNation Armada.  He is relentless and will continue to battle these miscreants of mischief

Sex.  Former term for husband and wife interaction leading to preserving the Species of Mankind.  In animals, it occurs when the female is “in heat”.  In humanity, pretty much any time two post pubescent humans, male or female such as male-female, male-male, female-female and male/female~animals, among other recombinations of the 160 manufactured gender ideologies.  Consent is recommended, morality be damned; if male~cow, the JerseyMaid must tap twice with her front two hoofs before climax.

#2: What Kamala had with Slick Willie Brown at age 29 in an adulterous prostitician-enabling affair that was NOT real popular with Blanch.  Blanch? The lady Slick wouldn’t divorce because she knew she had him.  Paid off his hussy with $166,000 in useless make-work committees.

Supreme Court.  One of the separate powers of the ingenious American system of governance, comprised of currently 9 judgy ‘justices’; some of the notable failures include calling Carbon Dioxide a “pollution” not a lifEssential gas for photosynthesis; death sentence for 63 million little girls and boys via 1973 RoeVWade decision. Dipped to 8 on June 30th 2022, as Breyer retired and Jumanji Jackson Brown (see Jumanji Jackson Brown), reportedly a woman, was sworn in.

  JoBama’s 180 dayxxx

Swamp.  Suitable allegory for the alternate American governance.  Located in and around the District of (Christopher) Columbia or DC.


Talibanistan.   The country created by the ObamaNation’s puppet, JoBama in one speech about a date certain for pull out. Obama’s behind strategy worked well: pull out the troops then negotiate for the thousands of American citizens and Afghani loyalists left behind.  Supplies the ObamaNation’s new allies, the Taliban & ISISK, with $50-85 billion in strategic military gear.  Within days, with Americans still held hostage, and killings rampant, the Talibanistan leaders had already begun the 3 million purge.  Apparently, the Islamists’ Allah is pleased with JoBama’s work.

Tehran John. aka and see ‘John Kerry Green.”  ObamaNation’s Tehran tarmac cash accountant and fake climate disruptor. Served with swift boats in Vietnam before he dissed America with Jane Fondof Tanks.  During the Trump disrupted years, John Kerry Green also aided the enemy, outed the Jews defensive work in Syria to the Iranium Iranians.  Future resigner of the ObamaNation’s wall of shame

Testicles.  Parts of the male anatomy locked in Hillary’s box that male Reps and Senators, in the main, need to retrieve or regrow for the sake of the American experiment.

Trump, Donald J.  45th and 48th president of these United States within 47 months.  Another unprecedented fact

$26,000 campaign story.  When Daniel Boone  xxx




Voter ID.   A racist homophobic negrophobic xenophobic means of getting back to one citizen one voter one ballot honest elections.  Blacks, per the ObamaNation, are too stupid to get a photo ID and need 100 mailed ballots per registered voter in case they get one wet while picking cotton in their backyard.  (see blacks)


War. Prefix to all Dem actions  The Democrat answer to law and order.  War on Poverty is ancient, but War on Republicans, War on families by destroying energy and jobs, War on Parents (a la Major A General Merrittless Garland calling them “domestic terrorists”), War on xxxx

White House. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  The People’s House where the president and the executive staff reside while in office; IF you are an ex-president or dark seditionist pretend president like Obama, you reside 3 miles north in the Kalorama districe of DC.

White House report on the successes of the 45th president

Woke.  NOT asleep. What leftist toddlers do when they finally realize they don’t want to be a 3 year old their whole lives. Right and wrong are real. Cops save lives.  Granny with a gun saves her.  When a snowflake tells her crazy lefty hippie retread professors they are wrong and full of BS


XX.  Formerly the only one of two genders, it combines with XY to get either one or more XX or XY offspring  (See XY)

XY.  Formerly the only one of two genders, it combines with XX to get either one or more XX or XY offspring  (See XX)




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