Bishops! PRAYER’s back in LA schools: Quetzalcoatl and Huitetc, NOT Jesus!

Catholics & Christians everywhere.  Oh, and the godless devil worshipers at United Teachers LA and LAUSD.  Prayer is back via ethnic studies snakery

This has got to come from the ‘Truth is more amazing that a Lie’ Dept!  AND HiStory DOES repeat itself.  500 years ago this year, super bloody human sacrifice based Aztec religion was supplanted with Christianity in Mexico City.  In Alta California, Prayer was bumped out in the 60s; now it’s making a comeback in the roaring 2020s.   Timing is fascinating: the twin towered pyramid of the Aztec gods has been silent, yet just last March 20th, the Giza Pyramid, an amazing Catholic relic still present, screams “Look to the House of Bread”, look to Christ and His mother, Mary.  So, the tale of two pyramids comes full circle: one to the devil gods and evil ends; the other to the Son of the most mighty Being in the known and unknown universe: God the Father.

How can Giza still be important? Before the 144,000 mirror capstones were stolen post earthquake, EVERY Vernal Equinox at high noon, we get a beacon, a compass centerpoint pillar, an altar of maximum light seeable from the moon, positioned at the EXACT CENTER of the WORLD. 

For on earth, this Egyptian 8 sided (nominally 4 sides to the naked eye) monolith noon March 20, there was ZERO SHADOW FROM THE LARGEST BUILDING ON EARTH! Definitely a God-incidence.  It is an altar since it was designed WITHOUT its capstone (cornerstone on top). A compass centerpoint, since it is true to the cardinal directions, North-East-South-West with less than 3 minutes of arc declination sitting at the exact center of the world.  And a beacon so brilliant you couldn’t miss it hundreds of miles across the Sahara.

Back to this at the end.

1521 is the 500th year anniversary of Cortes’ re-arrival in Mexico City (Tenochtitlan), the conquistador who ended human sacrifice & brought Christ to the Americas.  Now, for this 500th anniversary, the Calif. public ed industry is bringing Huitzilopochtli back so little school kids can chant to the most powerful devil god. Prayer WILL be back in school.

Flashback to Hernando Cortes first arrival on Mexico’s east coast in 1519.  Details: 

“On good friday, April 22, 1519,the explorer  Hernando Cortés and his company of supporters landed on a East coast/Gulf of Mexico beach in what is now Mexico. On that beach, he and his companions resolved to founding a town, named La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz (the rich town of the True Cross), in commemoration of their landing on that holy day.”

Scholars do disagree at times.  But April 22, 1519 had import in Aztec tradition as well as Catholic, on their respective calendars.  On the Aztecs’ calendar, that Friday was year 1 (reed) day 9 (wind); Quetzalcoatl was expected back that very day. Cortes wore the traditional black for Good Friday; Q had worn black and Montezuma II thought Cortes WAS Quetzalcoatl. He tried gifts and witch doctor witchery to keep Cortes out of Tenoctitlan; it didn’t work.  The explorer and his men arrived in Tenoctitlan on Tuesday, Nov 8, 1519.  Next, on Nov 13th Cortez entered the twin towered Huitzilopochtli (Whitchywolves) and Tezcatlipoca (god of hell, in charge of Mexican souls) sacrificial pyramid temple.  The walls and floor were soaked/seeping in blood, encrusted from the daily human killings.

From On the altar were three bleeding hearts torn from the victims of that day’s sacrifice ; the walls and floor were dark with human blood. In the other tower was the image of Tezcat, the ” Soul of the World.” This was an idol of polished black marble covered with golden ornaments, with mirrors for eyes, and a shield of burnished gold in which he saw reflected all the doings of the world.

Here too lay offerings of human hearts, and “the stench was more intolerable,” says the old chronicler, ” than that of all the slaughter-houses of Castile ! ” Even to the god of the harvest, a figure half- alligator, half-man, said to contain the germ and origin of all created things, the Aztecs had made bloody sacrifice. ” We thought,” says Bernal Diaz, “we never could get out soon enough, and I devoted them and all their wickedness to God’s vengeance.” “

I do not know, my Lord Montezuma,” exclaimed Cortes, ” how so great a king and so learned a man as you are should not have collected in his thoughts that these idols are not gods, but devils ? If you will but permit us to erect here the true cross, and place the images of the blessed Virgin and her Son in your sanctuaries, you will soon see how your false gods will shrink before them ! “

But at the words Montezuma’s face grew dark, and the priests scowled blackly at the impious stranger. With much dignity the emperor replied, “My Lord Malinche, these are the gods who have led the Aztecs on to victory since they were a nation, and who send the seed-time and the harvest in their seasons. Had I thought you would have offered them this outrage I would not have admitted you into their presence.” Gladly the Christians turned to descend, but Montezuma remained behind to expiate by sacrifice his sin in permitting the strangers to enter the shrines.

Ethnic studies, huh?  sounds more like Aztland or AztecLand replacing Alta California, Arizona & more…

Now Ethnics Class, let’s get educated on what’s coming back in the curricula; the California Dept of Education is seeking comment on a new ethnic studies framework. 

In it, chants to the gods like Quetzalcoatl, Xipe Totec and others. Of course, chants like “Our Father, Who art in heaven” and “Jesus is LORD!” remain a huge no-no in our $80 Billion Calif. Public ZooMeet Ed institutions. Of course, the unions are STILL battling to stay in Cancun to do Mexican history lessons from the sand with enough battery life on their laptops. If only, they would teach the essence and the truth. Can’t blame em, can we parents??!

Take that apocryphal Aztec god the mighty Huitzilopochtli: 

“California children will also be taught to chant to Huitzilopochtli, the most fearsome & powerful Aztec god” :

When the Aztecs sacrificed people to Huitzilopochtli (the god of war) the victim would be placed on a sacrificial stone.  The priest would then cut through the abdomen with an obsidian or flint blade. The heart would be torn out still beating and held towards the sky in honor to the Sun-God. The body would then be pushed down the pyramid where the Coyolxauhqui stone could be found. The Coyolxauhqui Stone recreates the story of Coyolxauhqui, Huitzilopochtli’s sister who was dismembered at the base of a mountain, just as the sacrificial victims were. The body would be carried away and either cremated or given to the warrior responsible for the capture of the victim. He would either cut the body in pieces and send them to important people as an offering, or use the pieces for ritual cannibalism. The warrior would thus ascend one step in the hierarchy of the Aztec social classes, a system that rewarded successful warriors.

During the festival of Panquetzaliztli, of which Huitzilopochtli was the patron, sacrificial victims were adorned in the manner of Huitzilopochtli’s costume and blue body paint, before their hearts would be sacrificially removed. Representations of Huitzilopochtli called teixiptla were also worshipped, the most significant being the one at the Templo Mayor which was made of dough mixed with sacrificial blood. (hat tip Rod Dreher).  The Great (pyramid) Temple were built to appease the rain and war gods, Tlaloc (Ed. note: or Tezcat, god of hell?)  and Huitzilopochtli, with continuous human sacrifices.”

Sounds a bit gruesome, a sanitized version of a Planned Parenthood Dr. Death in-service training session!  Abortion with a little mesoamerican flair.  Note that Montezuma was concerned about Cortes~Quetzalcoatl, because this Aztec god abhored human sacrifice.  Didn’t see this in the proposed curriculum.  Now, planned parenthood bloody sacrifice centers didn’t arrive until the 20th century post 1973.  However, the Great Temple of H & T was built five years before Columbus discovered America, in 1487.  And, class, it had one hell of a bloody grand opening.

And the curriculum meisters aren’t concerned millions of Alta California students will be chanting to this following description of god H?

“Montezuma at once led his guests (Cortes and consort) to the shrine of Huitzilopotchli, a huge idol with a great face and terrible eyes. He was bedecked with jewels ; round his body coiled golden serpents, and on his neck was a chain strung alternately with golden hearts and silver heads. In his right hand he held a bow, in his left a sheaf of golden arrows. Beside him stood his page, a little idol bearing his lance and shield.

Relevant we discuss this? You tell me: who owns the kids?

Here’s the public schools (Calif Dept of Education) information website you might find interesting, parents:   Check appendix B  

Demonstrating the clarion call to diss Christianity and bring in “unity”, the public school kids of the 2nd largest USA school district will chant to Aztec gods.  Hmm

BISHOPS, Help!! Bishop Barron, please phone home! Parents, wake up while you can!  Which pyramidal purpose do you want your kids to adore?

  Championed by United Teachers of LA & LAUSD, the New Normal in home Zoom or in class gods~chanting is not history but is really part of the social justice warrior critical race theoretical anti-white European historical revisionism.  A mouthful but true (see it explained later) by a curriculum colleague of this pap.

Parents, these are YOUR KIDS you are tossing to the wolves!  Ok, by the way Huitzy is known as the wolf god.  In fact, wolves were sacrificed as well as humans.  “According to Reuters, the remains of a young wolf sacrificed some 500 years ago have been found in a stone box near the Zócalo, Mexico City’s main square and the site of the Templo Mayor, Tenochtitlan’s main ceremonial center before the arrival of the Spanish”  what timing, 2017, just before LA reintroduces pagan worship to the innocent minds abandoned by parents.

What IS important about that Cortes’ Good Friday landing is multi-layered; yet, Montezuma II, according to their “myths”,  believed it was the exact day that feathered snake god Quezalcoatl was due to return to Aztec lands. Exact day: COincidence or the realGod~incidence.   Quetzalcoatl, it is written, abhorred killing humans, big and small; it was another god, the all powerful god (satan, moloch, god H, you choose) that thirsted for all that  blood and guts in the Tenochtitlan pyramid temple in Mexico City, because it was honoring the most powerful god…on earth: him/it, the father of lies, once called lucifer.

Huitzilopochtli – “The most fearsome and powerful of the Aztec gods, Huitzilopochtli was the god of war, the sun, and sacrifice. He was also the patron god of the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan. The Great Temple in the center of the city was built in honor of Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc.

Somewhat incredulously in 1519, Montezuma II welcomed Cortes~Quetzalcoatl; his name translates “serpent of precious feathers” but allegorically it is rendered ‘wisest of men’.

In the Nahuatl language and lore, Q was the “…the wind, the guide and road sweeper of the rain gods, of the masters of the water, of those who brought rain.”  Repeat: and he abhorred ritual human sacrifice. That keeps coming up except in the new ethnic studies curriculum.  Maybe it doesn’t need to be in the curriculum, since it is already taught in sex ed and health, with PParenthood’s admittance line on speed dial in the nurse’s office next to the lunch room on most California brick&mortar schools.

As some of your UTLA teachers and most Catholic parishioners know, snakes go back to Adam and Eve representing the original devil, satan.   At the dawn of deceit.  But what of Aztec human sacrifice to their gods?

Funny how history repeats itself: this personification of the devil in Aztec lore was honored by relentless human sacrifice, including slicing hearts out of the victim, still beating and repeated by the thousands in the twin towered Huitzilopochtli temple charted above.

We already have satan worship getting billions from Congress, blessed by Huitzy’s witchy woman Kamala47!  How different is this current irony: our current devil worshiping planned parenthood ‘priests’ carve out hearts and other organs while the child is still alive! Although most, after they died 3 seconds before, but it isn’t advertised, yet demon doctors, whether Yale Med or Aztec, love the freshest meat possible for the sacrifice: some for Hiutzy the all powerful top god; others for campaign $$ for President Kamala47 back while going for the Senate. 

Hyperbole? Some of you might know the tribulations that investigative reporter David Daleiden is going through, having outed the high priestesses of neo natal destruction over salad and wine. Kamala, from Brown Bed Babe to JoBama replacement, president 47, is no friend of the innocents OR of God.

Now that school prayers are coming back in vogue in LA; where are the parents? Schools only serve “in loco parentis”; they don’t OWN the kids.

 Mexican culture, all over town is not Aztec, but the miraculous Guadalupe image that still is fresh in Mexico City, is seen: Our Lady of Guadalupe images on car windows, T-shirts, Catholic churches, even the main temple/cathedral of LA, Our Lady Queen of Angels;  so one assumes many remain Catholic Christian in the city, officially named  El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula.   Translated from Spain’s lingua, it is “The town/settlement of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula River.”  LA is a quicker abbreviation,  but misses the historical irony.   You JUST can’t make this stuff up!  When the ObamaNation’s lockbox queen, Hillary stood 20 feet in front of the Catholic miracle cloth, she asked the Mexican priest “Who painted this?”.  The priest’s instant response was “God!”

Why the votive candles featuring Mary, Jesus’ mom, especially in December? Because the ever Virgin Mary used her frequent flyer status to arrive in Tepeyac, Mexico and visited Juan Diego a few days around Dec 12, 1531.  Mary is an integral part of Mexico’s history, transformative and no mention in the ethnic studies proposal.  None.
But on another special Marian day back from the future (Mary first appeared in Fatima, Portugal on May 13, 1917), May 13,1521, Cortes and his men began 93 days trek to return to the capital; they arrived on August 13, 1521, captured the new emperor Cuauhtemocafter and retook Tenochtitlan.
Recall, on Nov 13, 1519, when he saw the blood inches thick in the Aztec god’s temple of death, Cortes went to work.  It was cleaned and then sanctified to the real God, and His son.  The first Mass in Mexico took place soon after this cleansing of hell’s remains; but no Aztec devil chants that LAUSD is bringing back on Zoom and maybe classrooms IF they ever open.
But, His Story, history continued 10 years later: We celebrate Our Lady’s arrival, today known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, on Dec 12,1531.
It was her cloak’s image more than her words, that showed the Nahuatl Aztecs the real true God is not a birdy snake god named Quetzy. Or the war god Huit~etc. 
Precedent had been set 100 years earlier regarding pest control, with snakes eradicated across the Atlantic: St Patrick battled the Druids and was known as the English snake herder who drove out Ireland’s snake population.  Was that a dry run for Mexico City and Hernando and Mary’s arrival in 1521 and 1531 respectively?  The True God only knows!!

Ahh, Chapter II. Prayer IS BACK in LAschools!!

Problem, the neo scholastic praying is (teacher union’s) UTLA’s feathered snake Quetzalcoatl devil Aztec chant worship. The new indoctriNation of the ObamaNation sports chants to the devil serpent god.  Jesus?  No where to be found except maybe some of the lucky students sport that name above all names as their first name.  For our Savior and the Creator of these 553 sextillion mile wide universe, it’s “separation of church & state.”  But not revised ethnic students’ indoctrinators.
Although, truth be told, as our bishops note when pinned down: Gov Newsom kept only ONE church/temple open, during Covid19-Covid21, as “essential ‘religious’ service”:

…Planned Parenthoodlums’ Temples throughout California, the only religion considered essential by Gov Newsom during the ChiCom XiMao Plague. The rituals of PP many of us are familiar with, where…

…EVERY baby sacrificed was sacrificed NOT to the Eternal God, the Trinity or Jesus the Christ: it was sacrificed to Moloch or Choice or whatever it’s name is at the moment.  Formerly, lucifer, now satan or Quetzy or hell only knows what. And now, with little protest, the City of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels (L.A.) schools plan to chant to the devil.  Feathery, yes but still the devil.
Believe it or not, when you compare the rituals, they are pretty similar.
The enslaved forced victim has his or her heart cut out.  500 years ago, it was eaten; today, the baby’s just removed heart is sold for campaign dollars for president Kamala47.  Recall, Pres Harrass harassed David Daleiden in his apartment, on a pirate raid using her 11 goons (as AG Kamala) a couple years ago.  She was just protecting her $$ source.
A bit of parallels of the stories of Jesus and Quetzalcoatl. 
In Aztec mythology: “There are several stories about the birth of Quetzalcoatl. In a version of the myth, Quetzalcoatl was born by a virgin named Chimalman, to whom the god Onteol appeared in a dream…:    Fascinating, the story of the Vera Cruz, the True Cross Christ’s birth to a Virgin named Mary is also similar, replacing the Spirit and the Father with Onteol and Mary’s name becomes Chimalman.  But, note as Jesus is the result of 600+ prophecies, the Aztec myths preceded the Bethlehem story, almost as if something or one who hates the Trinity concocted a different narrative to get revenge.  hell’s ruler.
Interesting, the 12 Franciscans that first set out from Vera Cruz barefoot on May 13, 1524 walking to Mexico City, hopeful, only accounted for about 175,000 converts from Aztec paganism to Christ’s Church. 
Yet, after Mary’s miraculous appearance to Juan Diego in 1531, 10 years later, Mary’s iconographic pictograph on Juan Diego’s tunic had led to 9 MILLION converts to Catholicism from the indigenous (this means the locals) people of Mexico.   I know, I know, I can hear it: those Eurocentric, white supremacist, (hetero)patriarchal theicide naval Spaniards killed the gods of the Aztecs. 
The same Aztecs that had conquered 49 other indigenous peoples in the mesoAmerican empire.  I repeat, no one alive was a black slave or a indigenous Aztec warrior, just like no slave masters still have slaves on NorteAmericano plantations.  Back to the Future was a 3 film series but makes a poor excuse to hate america and the one supreme and true human race: the ONE human race.
Every good scientist asks why…What did Mary do that led to this explosion of faith that you can’t escape today, whether in Mexico or the New Mexico of Alta California: it’s her famous Guadalupe image?  I have 90 slides to show the parallels and truths contained on that miraculous 500 year old cactus fiber “photograph”, but just a couple. 
 Principally, the imagery on the image speaks directly to the hearts of the Nahautl peoples of the Aztec nationalities.  Their deities, the narratives.  Mary’s wearing a maternity belt, the only apparition where she is “with child”
In the off chance you are looking for the truth for ethnic studies, there are excellent cultural things we can share regarding indigenous peoples both north and south of the border that will teach truths, not encourage devil worship.  For example, there is the “Three Sisters” symbiotic planting of corn, beans and squash that NorteAmericano indians used to feed themselves.  I have a farmer’s almanac explanation if you are interested. Plenty more relevant ways to celebrate another culture.
But look at the slant toward demonizing people based on color and age: no one reading this was on the Mayflower in 1620; nor watched in person as 56 men signed their lives, families and fortunes away on July 4, 1776; that scene is pictured on the back of the $2 bill but soon may be remembered by a token few. 
In fact, I still offer a $1619 reparation to any ex-slave who walks up to me who lived on a Southern plantation, got paid -0- minimum wage per hour, and I am NOT even a slave master from that era.  Point is, rewriting history by the ObamaNation’s etymology department has gone ballistic. 
In fact, Hillsdale College had to put the 1776 project in place since the fraudulent 1619 revision (supposedly just a NYTimes opinion piece) got traction as “truth”.   Sadly, the propaganda press, ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, couldn’t see truth, even if it was spelled out for them.
Now you see the reason I have sacrificed to be a Catholic homeschooling dad for 35 years?  I want your kids and my kids to know the Truth.  The Truth sets us free; yes there are great teachers in the public and private education worlds, but unfortunately, too many are NOT always dedicated to the truth and education: they are owned by teachers’ union bosses and the miscreant left. The misery merchants prefer fraud, false narratives and indoctrination.  I prefer the truth.
  False prophets and historical revisionists are among us a-plenty. Here is pudding’s proof:  Read the Cal Dept of Education’s new offerings for our little innocent Kovid kids (hat tip Dreher):

“R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, the original co-chair of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, developed much of the material regarding early American history. In his book Rethinking Ethnic Studies, which is cited throughout the curriculum,

Cuauhtin argues that the United States was founded on “Eurocentric, white supremacist (racist, anti-Black, anti-Indigenous), capitalist (classist), patriarchal (sexist and misogynistic), heteropatriarchal (homophobic), and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.” The document claims that whites began “grabbing the land,” “hatching hierarchies,” and “developing for Europe/whiteness,” which created “excess wealth” that “became the basis for the capitalist economy.” Whites established a “hegemony” that continues to the present day, in which minorities are subjected to “socialization, domestication, and ‘zombification.’”

The religious narrative is even more disturbing. Cuauhtin developed a related “mandala” claiming that white Christians committed “theocide” against indigenous tribes, killing their gods and replacing them with Christianity. White settlers thus established a regime of “coloniality, dehumanization, and genocide,” characterized by the “explicit erasure and replacement of holistic Indigeneity and humanity.” The solution, according to Cuauhtin and the ethnic studies curriculum, is to “name, speak to, resist, and transform the hegemonic Eurocentric neocolonial condition” in a posture of “transformational resistance.” The ultimate goal is to “decolonize” American society and establish a new regime of “countergenocide” and “counterhegemony,” which will displace white Christian culture and lead to the “regeneration of indigenous epistemic and cultural futurity.”

This religious concept is fleshed out in the model curriculum’s official “ethnic studies community chant.” The curriculum recommends that teachers lead their students in a series of indigenous songs, chants, and affirmations, including the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which appeals directly to the Aztec gods.

Students first clap and chant to the god Tezkatlipoka—whom the Aztecs traditionally worshipped with human sacrifice and cannibalism—asking him for the power to be “warriors” for “social justice.” Next, the students chant to the gods Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totek, seeking “healing epistemologies” and “a revolutionary spirit.” Huitzilopochtli, in particular, is the Aztec deity of war and inspired hundreds of thousands of human sacrifices during Aztec rule. Finally, the chant comes to a climax with a request for liberation, transformation, [and] decolonization,” after which students shout “Panche beh! Panche beh!” in pursuit of ultimate “critical consciousness.”

The chants have a clear implication: the displacement of the Christian god, which is said to be an extension of white supremacist oppression, and the restoration of the indigenous gods to their rightful place in the social justice cosmology. It is, in a philosophical sense, a revenge of the gods.”

 Bishops, parents and rational common sense humans:  You need to understand what it being proposed here for the millions of public school students in California: not only will they be taught to hate whites, but they will also be led in chants to Aztec gods to whom human beings were once sacrificed.  And adding in the satanism makes it about typical of the regressive left’s mantra.

The children will also chant to Xipe Totec (Xipe Totek), who, according to Wiki:

Xipe Totec, known as “Our Lord the Flayed One”, is the god of rebirth, agriculture, the seasons, and craftsmen. This god was worshipped extensively during the festival of Tlacaxipehualiztli, in which captured warriors and slaves were sacrificed in the ceremonial center of the city of Tenochtitlan. For forty days (Ed. note: 40 days like God used & the devil purloined?) prior to their sacrifice one victim would be chosen from each ward of the city to act as ixiptla, dress and live as Xipe Totec. The victims were then taken to the Xipe Totec’s temple where their hearts would be removed, their bodies dismembered, and their body parts divided up to be later eaten. Prior to death and dismemberment the victim’s skin would be removed and worn by individuals who traveled throughout the city fighting battles and collecting gifts from the citizens. (Editor’s note: you’d think Totec and Huit-etc’s temples were in Orange at Tustin Ave & the 22 freeway)

A bit of truth: the devil loves to hate God; it continues to fabricate, counterfeit, rob the truth, distort and present lies.  But, Mary’s image tells the truth; does the CalDeptEd realize just how much insult they are flailing, like a Xipe totec ritual, at Mexican families in California?  Catholic families who believe in Jesus as their Savior and honor Mary as HIS mother…and their spiritual mother? 
Mr. Cuauhtin probably doesn’t give a beaver’s dam what you or I think, OR the students get infused with.  Parents are the primary educators of their children EXCEPT when the left drivelists are involved.  They believe god is dead and the state is supreme.  No matter what state the state of confusion you think is supreme.

Our Lady’s miraculous tilma is a story worth teaching. A great dose of the truth, not mere mythology.

Too long already, but this should show you how God still is involved in our lives, directing us away from the hellish demonography of the current age.

The familiar image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is often read as a coded message to the Nahautl/Aztec people.  Miguel Sanchez’ 1648 tract Imagen de La Virgen Maria, describes her image as the Woman of the Apocalypse from Revelations12:1: ‘arrayed with the sun and moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars”  By the way, those stars are not placed accidentally; in recent years, we have discovered they match the night sky over Mexico City on Dec 12, 1531.  These stars then key us to the amazing discovery that the constellation Virgo (the Virgin) rests over her heart in the image and the constellation Leo (Jesus of the tribe of Judah) over Mary’s womb.  More constellations well placed as if God designed His 553 sextillion wide universe to focus on eternal matters, not just for night lights.  Of course, most realize salvation history IS readable in the constellations and their subs.

In 1660, Mateo de la Cruz argued what makes sense to get 9 million Aztec and other indigenous people to follow Christ and honor his mother is how the image has all the iconography of the Immaculate Conception, words she would repeat to St Bernadette in French in 1858, that her image shouted volumes!

Look from the ethnics studied Aztec eyes of the time… not the modern cancel America cultural appropriation in Academe Ivorian centers.  

Here’s some of what the Nahuatl people saw:

Her blue-green mantle is said to be the color of the Aztec divine couple Ometecuhtli and Onecihuatl. They are the divine couple considered the creators and unifying force of all creation.

The mantle is covered with stars, reflecting the eras of this civilization and the relationship to Ometeotl, the god of dality.

The dress/robe is red with symbolic ‘writings’ that tell a story to the indigenous peoples.

Her maternity belt, the only apparition of the frequent flying Mary symbolizing her momness, signals pregnant with Jesus AND great expectations

The virgin Mary steps on the moon (sister of the sun> Coyolxauhqui), indicating her greater importance

The golden rays of the sun point to the ‘sun’ god’s presence (Quetzalcoatl)

A cross-shaped image symbolizing the cosmos (nahui-ollin) is inscribed beneath her sash

The angel who ‘carries’ Mary is perceived as the symbol for a new beginning and also denotes Nahuatl nobility because royalty were always respectfully carried.

There is more but you get the picture.  Sorry, Mr. Cuauhtin, your ethnic biases are missing the whole picture. 

There is ONE human race, not 12 first couples.  We can celebrate all the different cultures that have contributed to this miracle land we call FREEDOM and a covenant nation.  Including the fine nation to the south.  

Look at what you missed, the collision of heaven and hell, the conversion from the pagan and barbaric to the idea that God LOVES us and wants us all to live happily forever by following His Son God, Jesus the Christ.  Cortes, like you and I, was a sinner but his faithful attempts to bring Montezuma around are chronicled.  Just not in Ethnic Studies MessupAmerican style

“I do not know, my Lord Montezuma,” exclaimed Cortes, ” how so great a king and so learned a man as you are should not have collected in his thoughts that these idols are not gods, but devils ? If you will but permit us to erect here the true cross, and place the images of the blessed Virgin and her Son in your sanctuaries, you will soon see how your false gods will shrink before them ! “

But at these words Montezuma’s face grew dark, and the priests scowled blackly at the impious stranger.

With much dignity the emperor replied, “My Lord Malinche, these are the gods who have led the Aztecs on to victory since they were a nation, and who send the seed-time and the harvest in their seasons. Had I thought you would have offered them this outrage I would not have admitted you into their presence.” Gladly the Christians turned to descend, but Montezuma remained behind to expiate by sacrifice his sin in permitting the strangers to enter the shrines.”

  Once an aborter, always an aborter until they see the horror of their ways and their hearts turn to the living God.  Dr Nathanson did it after 60,000 kills.  So can demon docs today. Montezuma II did not.

Think about it, parents: for our 4th graders and high schoolers alike, Cuauhtin argues that the United States was founded on “Eurocentric, white supremacist (racist, anti-Black, anti-Indigenous), capitalist (classist), patriarchal (sexist and misogynistic), heteropatriarchal (homophobic), and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.”

These are words I have heard from my beloved sister Catherine (patriarchal because I have 11 kids?) and so many others.  But no one alive today committed these supposed “sins” of our foremothers and fathers.  Only ONE first couple, depicted not as gods but men: Adam and Eve.  slaves have been black, white and so many other cultures.

Quote: “Nowhere else in human history had satan so formalized his worship with so many of his own actual symbols” as in Aztec mythology. We already have institutional satanism in the rituals of planned parenthood (who partner with CalDepEd, CTA and the Demonrat party of slavery) where ritual knifing is done, not with an Aztec knife but ‘surgical’ currettes.  The child is sacrifice at its prime, fully alive and dismembered after the beating, bleeding heart is packaged and sold, shipped and gone.  Liver and other marketable organs and parts disseminated worldwide. As testified by Josh King, a former satanist coven master, satanist ceremonies coupled with abortion sessions are NOT uncommon, just not publicized.

When the bodies tumbled down the stairs adorning this 1487 build double towered new temple, the priests removed the limbs, cooked and ate them.  Is this NOT unlike some chinese find the dead fetuses are delicacies enriched with humanity that they cook and eat as well?

Hands and thighs were considered the best choice parts; and the heads were lined up in skull racks for public viewing.  Cortes contemporary Bernard Diaz said he saw hundreds of thousands of these skulls lined up.  At the 1487 inauguration of Huitziloochtli’s new temple, snake skinned drums beat constantly as 80,000 men were ritually killed over 4 days and nights, under the guise of the Aztec ruler and devil worshiper Tlacaellel.  Sadly, 80,000 kills is a bucket droplet, compared to the 363,000 planned parenthood kills last year, the 63 million humans sacrificed over 47 years in the US and 2.2 billion worldwide.   The source is obvious:

As these invoices and purchase orders show, human flesh has a price though God considers us priceless. 

Only satan can delight in the death of the living: as Scripture tells us “death came into the world as a result of the devil’s envy (Wisdom 2:24)

He who is a “murderer from the beginning” is also a “liar and the father of lies” per John 8:44. By deceiving man, the devil leads him to projects of sin and death, evein in many occasions making them goals and fruits of life


And before you bag on your fellow neighbor, eg some fine Aztecs dancers, while you criticize others in your pampered American life, realize this truth before calling them barbarians…

The Mexican historian Ixtlilxochitl points out that only 1 out of 5 Mexican children were sacrificed ie aborted. 

Today, in modern progressively advanced civilized green America, we kill 1 out of 3 children, sacrificed before birth in scientific America. 

How can you follow the science when your chief scientist you emulate is satan and its minions?:   to rip out hearts and sell for PP’s profit line and Kamala 47’s campaign coffins is NOT OF GOD the Trinity. but the god of hell name per diem doesn’t matter.

Ask the barbarian beijing biden how he can received the Eucharist daily and oversees the death of the world’s children by the thousands before lunch, authorized by his leaky pen. 

 So, exactly, WHO are the barbarians?   Who will speak up for the little ones, the Aztec gods of old like Quetzalcoatl who abhorred abortion… or?

I plead with parents, teachers, bishops and even the MesoAmerican revisionists and 1619 philiacs, learn the truth.  Don’t telescope the lie of human and angelic history.

It’s not this half baked Eurocentric hate toro caca spewed by the idiot-centric pseudointellectual myth writers.  Since the beginning of time and history, one of the devil’s many deceptions has been the instigation of ritual killings of men, women and children via human sacrifice offered to different pagan ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’, ie devils.

Yet, being the ones of innocent helpless children the most deplorable of all.  How can you condition 80,000 men to die wilfully over four days to open up a temple?

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Coatlaxopeuh, crushed this serpent god and Aztec (like the Greek and Roman gods) forever.

  Why bring demon worship, evil chants to a conquered god, back, forcing those California children who survived the ritual killing at their local planned parenthood only to be forced to chant to Huitzy, the powerful demon god from hell?  As it is, check out the Catholic/Christian object at the center of the world that points to the heavens.  This pyramid on the Giza plain is silent no more.


Wonder why we’ve gone 35 years HOMESCHOOLING our brood of 11? We prefer truth to Druids, pagan worship of bird brained snake creatures of hell. But, hey, it’s the parents who need to wake up. No tyrannical totalitarian tyrant like Crayon Pretty Boy NewsoMeanie survives in a state where the PEEPS are informed and engaged.
“Len is the father of 11, real estate practitioner for 33 years, homeschooling for 35 years.  As a self-taught scientist with only 17 years of formal schooling, he spent three decades in parish ministry. He loves life, his 15 grandkids and the chance to convince EVERYONE “it IS a great day to be ALIVE!”   You DON’T have to follow the misery merchants into the septic pit.  Parents and adults CAN think for themselves and take a better and brighter path: look into BEING the PARENTS who are the PRIMARY EDUcAToRS2!   Not the godless, antiquated distanced learning plane of disaster.
He admits to being on therapeutic Hydroxychloroquine regimen for months and knowing 3 people currently alive because they took his advice to get a second, rational opinion while dying from the Plague of XiMao.  Cough syrup or TheraFlu won’t cut it, when an inexpensive 50 year substance used a billion times a year saves lives.

Choose your pyramids wisely.  One leads to heaven; the other, no even close!


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