Buy a house, keep your house, save your money, give it to your kids is dead

Thank you Georgia for giving us satan Schumer, Bernie Sanderovski and the rest of the Damnocrats the checkbook.

Now they want Grandma’s house and to further destroy America; and I don’t mean that miscreant evil Queen “Do as I say, not as I hairdo” Pelosi

OK Boomer Death Tax per Byron York & Hugh Hewitt.

We just passed the supposed “covid relief bill” but only 7% went to Americans for Covid relief; the rest went to FODs or the friends of Democrats. 93% or $1 trillion, 209 million and this is NOT chump change: we ARE the chumps.

Not content with Captain JoEO’s pen diarrhea, the 50/50 Senate and 5 Dem majority house is spending like Democrats trying to outspend a whole battleship of inebriated sailors.

Democrat leaders don’t care as their new tax schemes prove; I don’t know about the middle class Dems i know but their leaders are simply evil. Unadulterated evil.

Grandma Mary bought her home for $15,000 and it sells for $630,000 or 42 times as much as Mary paid originally, an example of a generation that saved and saved. Take mom Sally, who paid $150,000 and today it’s worth $1.5 million, she’s older Grandma Sally. Normally if her total middle class wealth is under $13 million, the kids will receive it at $1.5 million. NO longer if the Dem misery merchant prostiticians get their way.

Who cares, its free money, you might say! Actually, grandma cares because she wants her kids and grandkids to benefit from her saving, frugal ways. NOT most of it go to the Democrat National Socialist government, abbreviated Dem Nazis when translated into the German language.

The Dems want the “stepped up tax basis” to go away. In other words, Grandma’s house transfers not at what it is worth today but what she paid for it. this is demonic at best and satanic at worst, since the Dems do not work and only, like the Borg of Star Trek, suck the life out of, well…everything.

Back to mom now grandma Sally. Say she has 10 kids; before the Dems stole the election and kicked out the best economy in 50 years for a diarrhea leaky pen senile Biden and an evil teeny legislative majority, her house would go to the ten valued at 1.5 million dollars, what it would sell today.

Under the Damnocrats Screw America’s middle plan, instead of $150,000 going to each ungrateful offspring, the ‘basis’ for taxes would be the original price tag. Meaning since 10 won’t want to live together again, it will be sold. The $1.5 million is taxed at 40% meaning the first $600,000 goes to Uncle Nancy and Aunt UpChuck’s treason err treasure box.

So the kids share the rest: instead of $150,000 each, they get $90,000. what a total ripoff. Friends, always remember:

Stolen free elections have consequences. Here’s one: farms and homes, car washes and family businesses will have to be sold in earnest to pay the death tax extraordinaire. They kill 1/3 of our kids via abortion and now want the rest of us dead. They really are hell on earth.

Not satisfied with destroying babies for Kamala’s campaign coffins, the stolen elected killed off jobs (Keystone) and international children (MexCity policy override), among so many other bad decisions. Don’t give that godless Plague of XiMao for this: we all know he is evil, but it was OUR people who rolled over a whole generation of students and adults. Xi didn’t force Dr Death himself Cuomo sign the death warrants of 15,000+ NYCity elderly on March 25th 2020.

Next could be the 1031 and other refuges from Taxaholic prostiticians who live in the swamp. Now we know WHY the tourist trap Capitol incursion on Jan 6, morphed to the lie it was an INSURRECTION. It really was razor wire and 26,000 National Guard troops for REAL Americans to be kept out of the corrupt castle of our lords and rulers.

Buy a house, keep a house, save your money and give it to your kids is dead. Hugh is right. UNLESS we rebel peacefully of course (words added for the aluminium headers at NSA) and throw the bums out. Soon.

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