Follow the Silly Billy Sun Dimmers Science

Ever hear of the Dalton or Maunder Minimum?  Probably not!  Neither apparently has that Woody Allen lookalike, Bill Gates, who wields much power.

Ask Toby and Spiderman: “with much power comes much responsibility!”

If only the “Follow the Science” fans would learn the science first before they play God and deploy jets spewing calcium carbonate crystals in the upper atmosphere to play human volcano.

When London’s river Thames froze in the 1600s, it was because sunspot activity had reached its maximum “minimum”; less solar heat thrown into space means less heat on earth.  We are in the beginnings of the replay of another Minimum, in which sun’s heat is approaching its relative minimum this decade.  Which means…

all this global warming hijacking of struggling American family wealth is wrong, even evil.

Kerry Green, the new putrid spew of the radical regressives, is a ugly shade of environmental cases, a madness encapsulated in robbing the Treasury and my, our grandkids of opportunity 40 years, maybe 20 years into the future.

$2 trillion for the Plague, means $100 billion for CoviDeaths, and 1.9 billion for Democrat divas and ObamaNation cronies payoffs.  Where’s Daniel Boone’s constituent and the $26,000 burnout Peter Paul robbery?

Gates has too much time and money and he wants to screw the world; he may mean well, but he wants our lives and futures robbed for his pet nutty theories: Dim the Sun!?

Solar geoengineers blocking the sun light like volcanoes do naturally will cause more than reflected out heat: it will kill crops and cause serious disruptions.  Especially with the loss of solar heat already underway.  Unfortunately the environmental cases are truly mental: lack focus to learn the science of solar physics and hell bent on a double wave of hurting the earth AND the only race on it: human race.  You and me.

Check out Tucker and Bill show:

The maunder and Dalton maximum minimums: 

From Wiki:  “The Dalton Minimum was a period of low sunspot count, representing low solar activity, named after the English meteorologist John Dalton, lasting from about 1790 to 1830[1] or 1796 to 1820,[2] corresponding to the period solar cycle 4 to solar cycle 7. While the Dalton Minimum is often compared with the Maunder Minimum, its sunspot number was slightly higher and reported sunspots distributed in both solar hemispheres unlike the Maunder Minimum

Dr Valentina Zharkova, an excellent solar physicist (not your ordinary weather girl on TV):

In this editorial I will demonstrate with newly discovered solar activity proxy-magnetic field that the Sun has entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) that will lead to a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.

What’s the Maunder (Grand solar minimum)?

From 1645 to 1710, the temperatures across much of the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth plunged when the Sun entered a quiet phase now called the Maunder Minimum. This likely occurred because the total solar irradiance was reduced by 0.22%,  that led to a decrease of the average terrestrial temperature measured mainly in the Northern hemisphere in Europe by 1.0–1.5°C. This seemingly small decrease of the average temperature in the Northern hemisphere led to frozen rivers, cold long winters, and cold summers.

The surface temperature of the Earth was reduced all over the Globe, especially, in the countries of Northern hemisphere. Europe and North America went into a deep freeze: alpine glaciers extended over valley farmland; sea ice crept south from the Arctic; Dunab and Thames rivers froze regularly during these years as well as the famous canals in the Netherlands. ~Dr Valentina

Dr V continues:  “Sun is the main source of energy for all planets of the solar system. This energy is delivered to Earth in a form of solar radiation in different wavelengths, called total solar irradiance. Variations of solar irradiance lead to heating of upper planetary atmosphere and complex processes of solar energy transport toward a planetary surface.

The signs of solar activity are seen in cyclic 11-year variations of a number of sunspots on the solar surface using averaged monthly sunspot numbers as a proxy of solar activity for the past 150 years. Solar cycles were described by the action of solar dynamo mechanism in the solar interior generating magnetic ropes at the bottom of solar convective zone.

These magnetic ropes travel through the solar interior appearing on the solar surface, or photosphere, as sunspots indicating the footprints where these magnetic ropes are embedded into the photosphere.

Magnetic field of sunspots forms toroidal field while solar background magnetic field forms poloidal field. Solar dynamo cyclically converts poloidal field into toroidal one reaching its maximum at a solar cycle maximum and then the toroidal field back to the poloidal one toward a solar minimum. It is evident that for the same leading polarity of the magnetic field in sunspots in the same hemisphere the solar cycle length should be extended to 22 years.

Despite understanding the general picture of a solar cycle, it was rather difficult to match the observed sunspot numbers with the modeled ones unless the cycle is well progressed. This difficulty is a clear indication of some missing points in the definition of solar activity by sunspot numbers that turned our attention to the research of solar (poloidal) background magnetic field (SBMF).

Here’s where it gets really nerdy but necessary: ‘By applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to the low-resolution full disk magnetograms captured in cycles 21–23 by the Wilcox Solar Observatory, we discovered not one but two principal components of this solar background magnetic field (see Figure 1, top plot) associated with two magnetic waves marked by red and blue lines. The authors derived mathematical formulae for these two waves fitting principal components from the data of cycles 21–23 with the series of periodic functions and used these formulae to predict these waves for cycles 24–26. These two waves are found generated in different layers of the solar interior gaining close but not equal frequencies []. The summary curve of these two magnetic waves (Figure 1, bottom plot) reveals the interference of these waves forming maxima and minima of solar cycles. 

Point is, Kerry Green and Dimwit Silly Bill & his Dim the Sun project: 

Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling

It already is.  We DON’T need more manufactured volcano heat reflectors killing crops: cooling, cold NOT heat is the greater culprit to life on the third rock from the sun. 

 Harvard, which still allows Lizzie Lighthead, the homeschool demonizer to stay on staff, is credited:  Jan 11, 2021 · The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), launched by Harvard University scientists, aims to examine this solution by spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO 3) dust into…”   OUR atmosphere!

Silly Bill, stick to killing kids and depopulating the traditional ways.  There is no global warming: cooling is the criminal, causing crop loss and receding arable lands the farther away from the equator one gets.  The Algoreans called it a PAUSE for the last 3 decades; its more than a PAUSE, it’s a trend that should end the trillions wasted on JFingKerry’s putrid Green ripoffs.


Look at the Truth in Numbers

As there is NO human derived carbon dioxide (man made climate change) except that of the continued robbery of America’s lifeblood (1 in 3 minimized by abortion) and wealth (Trillions conned from the Treasury, printed and given to prostiticians and grifters like the Biden family and ObamaNation cronies.)  Now the agressive radical regressives are in cycle 10 of using FEAR as Project Veritas outed CNN admits: climate change replacing Covid and the Plague for the latest scare America into submission.

Never forget JFingKerry and Silly Billy Gates: there is only ONE uno 1 CO2 molecule for every 2500 air molecules in that air sample we took from your respective offices.  Your 3% manmade CO2, that critical life affirming molecule the Algorean Heretics love to demonize, number means this is what you are destroying Taxifornia and the USA over

12 (manmade) CO2 molecules out of every one million:  LOOK AT IT!   12/1,000,000.  Only an idiot would continue to preach man controls the climate and that 1:2500 or 12:1,000,000 warms the planet, kills off polar bears, drowns the islands and burns up the earth.  And of course, you Marxists loons, use CO2 fear as the means to destroying our thriving economies as you Reset your brains to stupid.

Silly Billy: stay out of our lives.  Please

Check out Tucker and Bill show:




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