The five Rs of JoBama’s Public Ed: Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic, Racism and Raisism

JoBama, 46th president of the most blessed nation on earth, plays Captain JoEO, over 52 Executive Orders the first 3 months in office.  We call him JoBama, because the 44th president never left DC, living and working with his ObamaNation’s top leadership at 2446 Belmont DC 90005.  It’s 15,000 feet northwest of the Oval Office, known as the Black House Ops Center.  Home to Barack “Gepetto” Obama and a long list of regressives pretending to be interested in progress.  Their faces you might not recognize but impact they do.

Beijing Biden’s latest involves the 5th “R” card of the Regressive model of educating public kids, Raisism, a word NOT created by the ObamaNation Etymology Department.  I did, to summarize the left’s indoctriNational goal

JoBama, to please his Union thugs at the AFT, DOE and NEA, wants to expand “education” by 4 more years:  universal pre-school for two and at the other end: 2 years of FREEEEEE community college.

So, then, mom and dad aren’t needed anymore or at least once the kid is toilet trained, then turn them over to the state run guv schools of higher indoctrination. None dare call it education with a straight face.

Think about it: our highly efficient federal and state governments want to raise (Raisism) our kids even more than they indoctrinate today.  The lame street media and former journalists, ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, the anagram that keeps on giving, is bonkers over this.

Cecily of BLM & UTLA

Of course, the teech union thugs like Cecily Myart-Cruz (Chair of the CTA Civil Rights Committee, Chair of the NEA Black Caucus and member of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles) who runs LA Unified by running its controlling org, United Teachers LA, are ecstatic over this.  Parents, be damned.  Before it was taken down, one of the BLM Manifestos included destroying the nuclear family, because it gave structure to children and interfered with the misery merchants game play.

You did your best, mom and dad: you had sex, struggled through 9 months, popped the kid at 7 pounds (avoiding the Planned Parenthood grim reaper) raising your 4 or 5 kids; now that your little pumpkin is 2, it’s time to get her ready for PSPre-K 86, your local public institution that just 86ed your need as God designed you: her parents.

Now here comes the cancel crowd, graduates of Monoversities everywhere, who just can’t tolerate other viewpoints like “parents are the primary educators of THEIR (not the state’s) children”.  Groups like Informed Parents of California (and other states&locales) and others who haven’t ceded their deed to their kids to kamala, pelosi, newsom and co., or ObamaNation quite yet, believe this.

They also believe education involves educare, to “draw forth” from within, not Indoctrination, close sounding to inoculation, force feeding impressionable zombie brains with all kinds of drivel like Critical Race Theory, Aztec devil god chants worship (latest LAUSD & CalEd prayer in schools under “ethnic studies” Trojan horse) and other typical stuff our 10 year olds need to know. 3 R’s ?

The Hypersexualizers, Planned Parenthood, don’t take over until 3rd grade the health and wealth (health in name only and wealth when PP slices out your little pumpkin’s prematurely pregnant 7 pounder just before crown presentation.  Baby hearts and livers (and souls) sold separately.)

“Say it ain’t so” Mindless Joe with Basement Slippers not Diamond Shoes: that you let Gepetto Hussein O’Bama, puppet you into blindly signing 52 EOs and now the further Leninization of our culture.   Lenin?  Yup.

For the Disney fans, Gepetto, also known as Mister Geppetto, is a fictional character in the 1883 novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ by Carlo Collodi. Geppetto is an elderly, impoverished woodcarver and the creator (and thus ‘father’) of Pinocchio.   Only Obama (and a nod to Clyburn who helped engineer the steal’s hapless candidate) and his Nation of Regressives, could pull this off, inserting Brown’s Babe at 29 into the on deck circle of the Lincoln Bedroom 27 years later.

Anarchist Kamala 47th president very soon, or just AK47 for short.  Of course, you know she was foetal fueled by little girl parts, sold separately, from a cut out living doll inside our children, ie $86,000 in campaign $$ from PP Silicon Valley, payola for dissing David Daleiden for outing the truth.

Call him what you want, Mr President, Beijing Biden or just PinnochioJo, this is serious stuff.

Further erosion of the family, another attempted power grab and emasculating (and eWomansculating) parents and creating an army of mind numbed robots (hat tip Rush).  UTLA prez Cecily can stand proudly and point out her successes:   17 point Plague manifesto.  78% graduation at an incredible 35% math and English proficiency level (preCovid21) and she wants more money on top of the $750,000 allocated per 40 kid classroom per year.

IF they were even in classrooms, not remote teaching from Cancun in a bikini.  So, this union thug leader knows where her bread is buttered: certainly NOT the students.  Her predecessor Al Shanker, prez of CTA,  “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”  Cecily isn’t interested in the children, just the power.  Like with the teacher’s unions negotiating parental rights over masks with another bombastic governmental agency, the Center for Disease Control.

Another famous Regressive said it best; Vladimir put it simply:  “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  But, as much as the ObamaNation tries to usurp the sleeping giant parents’ rights and responsibilities, push back is underway.  Look no further than Vail, Arizona, where the school board was, disbanded and remanded in the same evening.  As well as dictating we need $6 billion more for encapsulating our teachers’ desks as CleanRoom 1000 safe zones so no air can go unfiltered from the grubby offspring 40 strong we haven’t seen in a year in person.  Of course, states like South Dakota and Florida and France never shut down the schools.

Lenin was born 151 years ago last April 22nd; like his godless buddies Stalin, Marx and too many misery merchants today, they loved “owning” the minds.  PinnochioJo doesn’t want just 4 years: he and his able minded allies want 19 of the first 21 years of human life; they want parents rendered irrelevant.  This is NOT what our Constitutional republic, and the declared inalienable rights is all about.

The 4th R, Racism, is just another word of the day that the ObamaNation’s Etymology Dept throws out there to misdirect us into submission.  From 1854, slaves to Jim Crow to Sanger, Democrats keep changing who and how they control other humans.

<<The ultimate racist? remains the1920s darling, Margaret Sanger who asked for “woke” black ministers (like our Jesse “Abortion is black genocide” Jackson) to help exterminate their color buddies.  She just hated Jews and “useless eater” blacks, general all around elitist like the Billionaire Boys club which loves eugenics to “perfect” the race.  But, folks, just because the miserable preach pain and evil, we do not have to cower in their idiocies.  We are NOT…

We are NOT a systemic racist nation; we elected a black man for two terms who remains in power in his fourth 3 miles north of the Oval Office with his cronies in a 9 bedroom mansion.  There is only ONE HUMAN RACE but lots of creeds and colors, nations and cultures which is a blessing.  And we have people who look stupid dissing someone because they are another unique human

We parents are NOT racists just as looking at critical race theory critically (look to Chris Rufo’s treatise on CRT in Imprimis March 2021), we know it is a pile of pap and NOT about truth but silly constructs.  Did you see that viral teacher who happens to be black calling a police officer a murderer and “You will never be white”.  The officer happened to be a calm, reasonable Hispanic or Latino or Mexican, depending on which critical racing form you have in front of you.  And she’s allowed to teach our kids? She was caught using her cell phone while driving, and if the cop didn’t have his own personal body cam, we’d be looking at the next serial cop vs victim scenario.

Don’t let the BLM union thugs, like Cicely, get away with murder; they don’t own America, we do.  The Demonrat bureauRats no longer can control the dictionary if we are wise.  After all, education like knowledge is power IF mentored with wisdom.  And tempered with courage.

He knew what the regressives and misery merchants know today (hat tip BrainyQuotes

If we let the Damnocrats, the Marxist Educrats, how ever you label them keep indoctrinating our young, God help us.  Cecily believes the 5 “R”s in order of importance goes this way:

Raisism    Racism    Reading  ‘Riting   ‘Rithmetic

The real educational 3 Rs are as far away from the top as possible; if $750,000 per class per YEAR isn’t enough, $900,000 won’t either.  My 11 kids have 13 college degrees in diverse areas like computer science, sculpture, communications, English, math and math squared, veterinary science and more.  But NO THANKS to Cecily and her thugs.   Meanwhile the AFT was trading now leaked emails with the Centers for Disease Control, centered on keeping teachers IN Cancun and out of the classroom. Look at Randi and the AFT’s site:

RANDI WEINGARTEN is president of the 1.7 million-member American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, which represents teachers; paraprofessionals and school-related personnel; higher education faculty and staff; nurses and other healthcare professionals; local, state and federal government employees; and early childhood educators.”

 Notice NO students OR parents mentioned. The only union I had to belong to during 35 years of homeschooling was HSLDA, the Home School Legal Defense Association.  Why?  Union thugs at AFT hate competition and can’t stand charter schools, domicilic pedagogy even tutors.

Why again? Because they have poor results and can’t trumpet them as reasons to be institutionalized publicly.

Where does it say Randi ranks as the premiere disease specialists over parents, many of whom are doctors and nurses?  Further proof Al Shanker was right.  Parents, families and students are mere afterthoughts of Big Ed, Dr. Jill Biden’s pet FLOTUS modus.

To borrow one of those really “woke” up groups, it’s not racist to tell the regressives to pound sand.  Look at the Informed Parents moniker “we will stop at nothing to protect our children”.  One look at their ace animal, the mama bear, tells it all.   Russia may have been known as the bear, but NEVER get in between a mama bear and her cubs.

Translation: we will do EVERYTHING to stop these miserable misery merchants from further ruining a great land filled with awesome families. It won’t be easy but it is critical.

Full disclosure, this dad of 11 is finishing 35 years of home based pedagogy ( ok, REAL homeschooling) with the matriculation of our youngest from high school.  Homeschooling is a CHOICE not a crime; it is a real lifestyle worth considering.  Especially today.

The sad, frail, stand up PinnochioJoBama has no clue what he is doing but he is unleashing a whirlwind of backlash.

An excellent group that believes God loaned our kids to us parents. Not the state of disarray and chaos

It’s time.  Parents, start your engines…unless you are in first gear already.  Hat double tip to groups like Informed Parents of XX, and others who know our most important and precious national natural resource are the children.  Including the 1/3 of America, the 63 million dead children, beheaded before and at birth for parts to fuel the satan temples in most American cities, founded by Margaret Sanger, the ultimate racist: Planned Parenthood of Hell.  By the way, the ONLY church Newsom allowed to stay open since March 2020. Satan’s temple of death ready to out your baby any day of the week that ends in -y.

And the teacher’s unions?  They prefer power to the bankrupting of the Dewey model, currently underway and exposed; thugs are bullies all too often unwilling to reform as the world has changed.

You just can’t mask their contempt for parents or kids.  One view of the many parents watching their kids’ ZoomRemoteTeacher class from Cancun or California getting chastised by tanned or bizarre sounding public tax $$ paid teachers tells it all.

Education is not institutionalization; that’s reserved for criminals (well used to be before no bail no jail laws) and seriously mentally ill.  Our kids deserve better; so do you parents.  Be the parents God designed you to be.  And help us all stomp out the root of Lenin from the bad seed of American Marxism that Mark Levin just published.  In fact, the young black teacher who just called a man of the same race, different color and culture (Mexican/Hispanic/Latino) a murderer for ticketing her “cell phone while driving” in a calm and patient voice.  These are not “teachers”, but “indoctrinators”.  Even homeschooling as long as we have is NO insulation from this: first semester in college can change a lifetime of solid learning.  Choose HOW, WHO and WHERE your kids are educated; there is NO sundown on your responsibility (better rendered “ability to respond”) as the parent.  Not in the Constitution, not in Scripture, certainly NOT in life.

Len Beckman

“Len is the father of 11, whose wife Donna bore the children and made an early exit (49 days short of 49 years) as a saint.  He is an active California real estate broker, author, self-learned scientist (including horticulture, atmospheric physics and debunking fake scientists posing as honest) and served for three decades as youth minister, DRE, FFDir and other youth oriented teaching roles.  He certainly is NOT perfect, sometimes forgiven and happy to say he does make mistakes.  Except writing this is NOT one of them”

“It IS a great day to be alive” is his time honored maxim. And his current plea: BE the Adult.  DON’T blindly believe the misery merchants’ tall bill of goods and crap d’ jour

3am on “May the Fourth be with you.”  Additional edits.  What say you?

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