Now Math! Masking TeechUnion Systemic Failure stomping on kids’ futures

It’s time for a revolution; peaceful of course.  The violent kind we already have: that’s what the radical Democrat left is so good at, took center stage (and ongoing) for 180 days in 2020 using BLMilitary and AntifActs media “nuttin’ to see here”.

But, Math, of all things, is being bastardized and harrassed to cover the sins of systemic education hijacking of excellence.  The teachers’ unions’ are, yes, behind this as well, in cahoots with top Edukrauts of our great land.

Right and wrong, truth and lies, faith and reason, used to be black and white in America. Except in Boolean Algebra, where 2+2=3 associatively, 3+3 would always equal 6.

Not if you look to the anti-Math movements across America. Tucked into PinnochioJoBama’s 50 plus executive orders (signed so fast Fed Register can’t keep up), is

Racial Equity vs Racial Equality:  sounds fair, doesn’t it! Joe just called for this teeny little change from racial equality, character over color…but it’s NOT!

But, the first hour as purported president, Biden signed this one:

In section 2, this statement is critical to the naked bias against success, hard work and different results with the same opportunities:

Sec. 2Definitions. For purposes of this order: (a) The term “equity” means the consistent and systematic fair, just, and impartial treatment of all individuals, including individuals who belong to underserved communities that have been denied such treatment, such as Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other persons of color; members of religious minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) persons; persons with disabilities; persons who live in rural areas; and persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality…”

Step back and reason this:  AAPI (which stands for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) are supposedly underserved yet the Boston intelligentia and Federal eduKrauts want to underserve them even more:  shut them out from higher math because they do well, as a group, in math.

Riddle me this: because many Asian families take education seriously, they must be affixed with a restraining bolt like R2D2 in episode 4 of Star Wars??  Ben Carson isn’t Asian, he’s black and his mom made him NOT watch TV and study hard. Result:  Dr Carson became the pre-eminent pediatric neurosurgeon separating twins.  Meanwhile a very white Dr “WrecKid” Ralph Northam, similarly a pediatric neurologist (not surgeon), thinks its ok to abandon a kid on his delivery table so mom and he can decide if it is human enough to be alive.  So, color and culture have ZERO to do with equity racially; it’s just a false flag to misdirect as usual.  Damnocrats just never give up the big lie and focused effort to increase their vote count, no matter how they get there.  This is why I call them prostiticians: they’d sell their grandmother for a vote and DO sell teen girls for sex slavery by helping drug cartels and sex merchant goons coyote ABANDONED (unaccompanied is a solo pianist ) kids from south of the TexMex border.

Now, think about this next statement, with LMU and UC “educators” in their working group:

“Math is racist and suffers from white supremacy, according to Bill Gates-funded course”   Idiota.

A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction consists of a five-stage lesson plan. It focuses on Black, Latinx, and Multilingual middle school students. Also, the hurdles in education they might experience. By that, the group calls it “white supremacy culture.”

West coast academics from Loyola Marymount University and the University of California including others are a part of this group.

The Bill Gates Foundation confirmed the donation to the group via their senior communications officer Josie Duckett McSpadden, according to Campus Reform.

Another paragraph from the website says: “The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so. Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuates objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.”  (hat tip to Brendan Byrnes of Insider Paper)

But, the educational progress doesn’t end here: Boston area schools are ending Asian monopolized higher math for a year because it is racist.  Now, mom and dad, think about this:

We parents want the best for our kids but not at the expense of other kids.  If our kids can’t be motivated enough or disciplined enough by us, to study, then it is terribly unfair to off load this (ie excuses) on students and/or their parents who WANT them to know the material and succeed.

Basic science teaches us (though there’s no first amendment guarantee we learn it) that there is ONE human race.  Unless you are SpaceX approaching Mars and discover a bunch of green beings roaming the planet, there are no second or third sentient humanesque humanoid carbon based beings on earth.  The aggressive radical Democrat party has focused on race since its inception in 1854.  They’ve been mad at Lincoln ever since, because 11 years later, he took their slaves away.  Then, John Wilkes Booth ceremoniously killed him. 

RACE is the most misused word, other than “free government benefits”; culture, color, nationalities, shapes and sizes are the real differences.  But there is a richness in differences that is so ignored today.

Let me be totally TRANSparent.  Not Brucette Jenner kind of trans, but just honest viewpoint of a dad of 11 kids…

We used to value competition and excellence, hard work and fair treatment of each other.  Not after Trump’s 300+ successes leading to the best economy in a century, with all classes and nationalities, colors and sizes of Americans seeing increased wages and a novel concept for the Regressives: a NON governmental job.

It truly is time to start all over; the current education system is bankrupt, the dollars follow the union thugs, NOT the teachers, certainly NOT the students here in California.  Your state may be similar.  Of course, we have BLMilitary leadership permeating the UTLA top floors. Cecily MC, a staunch BLM member, is the president, over seeing 78% graduation rate and a MATH proficiency around 35%.


No wonder that Democrat anarchists call math racist.  With such abysmal results BEFORE the Plague of XiMao set in, God only knows how far back we have set our public kids.  But, the teacher union controlled dollar trough is overflowing, even if that nubile teacher is sunning herself on Cancun’s bright sands with her Zoom room back in Chicago.  No wonder the top union thugs warned their minions NOT to post “vacation” pictures.  And NO WONDER parents are revolting.  Teachers complaining that parents are listening in as they indoctrinate our kids with every form of drivel that spews forth these days.

EVERY teacher and union thug (ok not all of them are thugs) needs to watch Hidden Figures, the best movie to show blacks, yes blacks are not stupid idiots who can’t read their Voter ID card (driver’s license) or compute numbers.  Every human has different talents and abilities (well those not sliced up by Planned Parenthoodlum demon doctors performing satanic rituals on mom’s baby for Kamala’s campaign dollars); my son Nate got his Masters in Math and teaches in both high school and college in Ohio.  He is one of 11 homeschooled for 35 years, coming to an end this June.  13 college degrees, and more to come.

Actual home based education works, mom and dad.  Don’t let the educational looney tuners kidnap your kids; PinocchioJoBama now wants you to pop your baby into institutionalized public school at 3 (after toilet trained one guesses) and leave her there until 3rd year of college, all for free.  18 of first 21 years.

The more incompetent they show themselves, the more they want.  It’s like going to a high priced restaurant, where the service is terrible but at least the food tastes like dog doo doo.  The only redeeming thing for the former Dewey public ed is to let parents take their kids out of its bankrupt reorganization, have school choice and the billions follow the students.  Not the thugs.  Maybe Asian families do better at math; maybe they don’t.  But misery merchants, please get the hell out of the way and stop destroying our great land and our children.

Except for us homeschoolers and some schools that stayed open through XiPlague I and II, we lost a full year and a half for our most precious resource: our kids.

No more.  Parents, stand up and take charge; YOU are the primary educators of your children, not Harvard’s idiotic Lizzie Lightheaded anti homeschooler.  Or our very own totalitarian tyrant toddler, nancy’s nephew, Gavin F Newsom.  F for Failed.  I wouldn’t trust my oldest child any where near these total loons.  And believe it or not, the same science that proves babies ARE human (sorry Sanger and PP), that carbon dioxide is a massive gift that FEEDS the WORLD and that JoBama, the Presidential Pinocchio, did not win but was the limp demented lackey by his puppet masters who stole the election.   Insurrection?  Pile of doo doo.  Want an insurrection: watch the scarce tapes of the BLMarxist’s BLMilitary maneuvers throughout the nation’s bluest cities.


“Len is the father of 11, whose wife Donna bore the children and made an early exit (49 days short of 49 years) as a saint.  He is an active California real estate broker, author, self-learned scientist (including horticulture, atmospheric physics and debunking fake scientists posing as honest) and served for three decades as youth minister, DRE, FFDir and other youth oriented teaching roles.  He certainly is NOT perfect, sometimes forgiven and happy to say he does make mistakes.  Except writing this is NOT one of them”

“IT IS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE” IS HIS TIME HONORED MAXIM. AND HIS CURRENT PLEA: BE THE ADULT.  DON’T BLINDLY BELIEVE THE MISERY MERCHANTS’ TALL BILL OF GOODS AND CRAP D’ JOUR.  and you might discover what so many know: we really have a great country.  It’s the ObamaNation 15,000 ft northwest of the Oval Office where the community agitators continue in Obama’s fourth term.  So much pap, so little time.




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