This privileged white American loves America, Flag and Truth

Why is it, of the four common Math operations, add and multiply, subtract & divide, the last two permeate society so?  CRT used to mean cathode ray tube or a huge separate monitor/terminal on a behemoth YKW/HAL computer system in “Hidden Figures” before the PC & IPads came into play.  Not anymore; now a bizarre misguided viewpoint on humanity.

I don’t know everything about you or nothing, but this dad of 11 is NOT perfect: ask my wife and/or kids.  But, my great….grand parents are yours, and mine, alike: Adam & Eve.  I happen to be a shade of white in complexion, but totally grateful to a loving Savior for the privilege of seeking the eternity He offers those that follow Him.

Neither is the nation of my birth 100% perfect but it is blessed and strives to treat all peoples equally and to help those in other lands when the needs arise.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The law of a great land…YOUR land.

Today, it seems to stand for Critical Race Theory penned by an excellent race hustler and team of race-ologists, deftly defined as the ‘intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of colour.’ 

Oh really? What about white enslavement: “Over the course of four centuries, the Atlantic slave trade was much larger – about 10 to 12 million black Africans were brought to the Americas. But from 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas, according to Davis.”   Figuring out stealing tax $$ for reparations will be terribly complex.  I still think every human is part of the race, and the race is ALL humans, but you can’t make money illicitly if you take away the crisis…

So, CRTheorists, do you just ignore the facts?  This pictures a black Meccan (Muslim) master and his white complexioned slave… minor examples of black owned whites include Slavic, Crimean, Barbary, Muslim Iberia (Spain),Roman, Chilean, Spain, to name a few.  Boko Haram has raped thousands of girls, including a Christian white enslaved girl on her second pregnancy.  Woman’s choice doesn’t extend to the slave traders?

DuckDuckGo (or giggle it) lays out a smattering of definitions, but misses the most important: aberrant time utilization.  Tempus fugit, or wasting precious time.  Oppressed or oppressors the two sides of the aisle, simply put.  Saved you thousands, school districts and companies: CRT means you oppress people… or are oppressed.  No exceptions.

But America is NOT a racist country, though we do have some critical racists theorizing and race pimps in our midst. Treating another like dog doo because of color, age or location, size is well, just dumb. Disrespectful.  Making you a thug or boorish lug.

Full disclosure, I am a Polish-German American, whose initial abbrev (PGA) has been culturally appropriated by the Nicklaus-Palmer golf crowd. On the race colorometer, yes I am a certain shade of white, though I don’t have a racist bone in my aging body; of course, hehehe, the CRTers vehemently disagree: if you are human you ARE racist.  Sad mirror they must look into daily. Wonder what their mentally challenged minds see in the looking glass.

Privileged, yes, this 2021, to be the father of 11, in year 35 of home-based education (home study, homeschooling) the best eleven kids on the planet.  Now, all a sudden, 17 18 grandkids have occurred over time: all colors, cultural types & theories.  In the Beckman “Ranch” fam, we have white, black, descendants of, let’s see, 8 countries and five continents in our blood… the blood of martyrs and celebrators alike.

Privilege has its benefits: like working one’s assets off because kids tend to want/need food most days; shelter and love.  In the early 80s, working two jobs after Donna and I married August 15, 1981, we went from one kid to closing out the decade with Nathan as #5.  More and more privilege it seems with each child in a population challenged world.

Yes, I know I know, don’t you know we have a population problem in America?  We heard this false flag theme in the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s & this decade.  NO TV?  Answer at the end.

Our Thomas Aquinas College grad, Nathan with fellow TAC Jen, have fostered five children of different colors and cultures, IF you believe there is more than one race of humans….can’t help you.

Which I emphatically disagree with, and the radical leftist~persuaded violently oppose this notion: God musta created more than one human race using a special thin skin color dye in His plans.

Big Black lives matter. 

But, so do little black lives still inside their mommies’ wombs.  Big brown, little white, chartreuse, green, ALL lives matter to He Whom they have come into being.  But little black lives don’t matter quite as much as their rich founder, Patrisse or her stooge UTLA~BLM prez Cecily Myart-Cruz believe: they support enslaved black, Hispanic, white, pretty much any kid, being chopped up after knifed to death, mowing down a Roe of Does, John and Jane, for resale.  Something your president of vice, AK47 paid campaign debts with: the blood of aborted Northern California children.

Pete and RePeat:  Be-ing human, the only sentient race on earth.  After all, we ALL are from one singular human race. same first parents Adam & Eve, but with different size and types of hearts.

Speaking of hearts, Jen & Nate will be adopting their first child this July, fostered from birth.  Big hearted parents would love to do the same, millions of them each year.  Truth is, there’s a remarkable math ops, the ‘=’ sign between # of aborted living children (=) number of families desperate to adopt.

As the picture shows, two simple letter changes: B in aBortion two up to D in aDoption and two down for the R to a P.  Infinitely better results that hearts sold at the slave pole auction.

In 1988, one month after 2nd daughter Larissa came to be on this planet, I got my real estate license, as had my dad 28 years previous while a Hughes Aircraft engineer and taxi driver; multi job dads for multiple kid families is a privileged sacrifice/cost.

Few years in, became a broker and later founded Millennium 3 in reaction to Y2K & the dawning of the 3rd Millennium since Christ appeared on earth.  His earth, the one we are custodians of.  No one forced me nor my dad to practice the art & science of advising and helping families fulfill their dreams. He had 11 kids as Donna and I have; anyone could get a license if they want & work to do so.  Just like Lebron James can choose to sell ChiCom Nikes for his $200 million income; ask Shaquille O’Neal his thoughts.

21 years later, still privileged (carrying my shade of white with me and some gray hair too) to serve the real estate needs of most excellent clients, family and friends.  No longer privileged to work three jobs as the 80s but the one job of satisfying homeowners, present and future.  Long commercial?  No, just proof America affords us the opportunity to choose our vocations & vacations, occupations and hobbies (sometimes the same) to live out 80-100 years in USA.

Enough about me.  Reader, this is about YOU!  You don’t really think you are a racist, like the ‘moneybaggers of race’ contend?  Today not bags of carpet but bags of gold sowing discord and lies about other humans.

‘Privilege involves sacrifice; before I am privileged to be white or black, brown or green, you are privileged to be born in or emigrate to, America.’

This amazing land, despite the revisionist nutty professor historians believing July 4th should be moved to 1619 (the 1776 Report is excellent and cheap), was founded on sacrifice signified by ONE signature, John Hancock’s one 4th of July, 1776: 56 humans eventually signed a document separating us from the oppressive English colonizers; yes blacks were slaves in both England & America, as whites were in other cultures;  but our abolitionist William Wilberforce came years later in Abe Lincoln.  William & Abe knew, and America paid the price that humans OWN things not PEOPLE.

Lincoln’s Project? No, no, NOT the 4 pervs George Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson to sucker people outta money to get Beijing JoBama elected; the real Lincoln project was freeing an oppressed people. 

Appropriate first name of the “Let my people go free!” president at a terrible cost of 600,000 lives.

Of course, smaller quantity, less than 1%,  compared to the 63 million little people we’ve mowed thanks to Roe & Doe down for organ harvesting…  But these 56 humans lost their homes, their fortunes, many their families and lives for the greater purpose of having at least one truly free, God-believing blessed covenant land on His good green earth.

And it is lush with promise, prospects and opportunity which leads to prosperity IF we open our eyes.  Let DC Mayor Bowzer waste good yellow paint edifying the Marxist militant BLMilitary on the DC streets, but free Americans in states need not apply the “you suck we are victims” invite to our lives.

Nor our decaying schools; the Loudoun school district, among many corps and other entities, pay thousand$$ for this poopy with a crappy “C” drivel. The CRT book and speaking industry.  Marxism marketed malevolently.

Central to any race game, blame or theory, is oppression.  Radacademia or leftist educators love long definitions short of reality, truth and encouragement.  See the chart.

Always the race pimps, victocrats (hat tip Larry Elder) and excuse mongers, never a source of encouragement.  Jesus, as we should, ALWAYS looked for the common denominator to start the dialogue, not criticize on sight.  ALL humans make mistakes, including this author, but love like life involves decisions regarding the next moment and steps.

The noon day Samaritan woman at the well gave Jesus the Jew cool drink and He shared about her five husbands.

Worried about why we need to build others up, even those we disagree with?  B. Sheen said it well: if a teacher wants a kid kicked out of her class for too much energy, three notables come to mind: Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were booted and became history’s great oppressors.  Of course, Mao and his devil son Xi JinglePingle just celebrated 100 years of Communist control of their people in the dynastic reincarnation of Hegemon.  Mao, recall, created the Great Leap Forward (Second Five Year Plan) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).  Estimates vary, but 45 million died because free marketing capitalism was NOT used: just “do it my way” with a capital C for atheistic capitalism.

It was an economic and social campaign led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from 1958 to 1962. Chairman Mao Zedong launched the campaign to reconstruct the country from an agrarian economy into a communist society through the formation of people’s communes.  In 1620, the Pilgrims discovered that didn’t work; 1621, each family was responsible for its own production, and land’s yield…NOT Bradford Smith or Mao, Hugo or Fidel.

JoBama’s a fool.  Within hours of his oath, the ObamaNation’s puppet (led by Barack & his team), he killed thousands of adult Key (stone) energy jobs and independence sabotaged for dictatorial reasons. Also, he killed baby free people who don’t need to be killed using our tax dollars internationally.

Both occurred within HOURS of inauguration.  Beijing Biden is a sad man hell bent on destruction.  OURS.

op•press ə-prĕs′   transitive verb:

  • To keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority. 
  • To cause to feel worried or depressed.
  • To overwhelm or crush.

EVERYONE gets oppressed at one time or another, but we can refuse to accept it.  It’s HOW you react that matters.

Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson,  Walter Williams, Candance Owens, Mother Theresa even Jessie Owens don’t let the misery race merchants sully them.

Neither should we!

As it is, we were guaranteed in the Constitution and Independence Day declaration documents, equal opportunity but opportunity does not mean, like the communists and socialists love to chirp, equal results in a command and control the outcome economy.  In America, the Pilgrim harvests of 1620 and 1621 tell the story that freedom to produce is freedom in deed, fail or prosper: today “androgenic (man blamed)climate change” is the leftist’s tool and silly notion to control WHAT and who produces what in our cultures.

Don’t believe me, then tell me how much CO2 in an air sample of 2500 other air molecules and why we pay a carbon tax for 12 molecules of man made CO2 for every million.

A free society allows different industries to co-exist; things change and we must adapt.  Suppose your life depended on your ability to sell buggy whips, covered wagons, $2241 33 mb Priam drives or non-political Lebron Chicom Nikes today, you’d starve.  All of these are obsolete.  First solution is to put family first and…

GET OVER YOURSELF.  If all you do and what you do, your ‘raison d’ etre” is just for money or power, good luck.  Princess Leia told off Han Solo in 1977 about this.  MLK refocused a country on character building, not color blinding adherence to the Party of 1854’s belief “blacks are nice, everyone should own one.”

I believe I was blessed, not oppressed, to have to work 3 jobs to raise 11 kids; imperfect dad, ye, but believed that hard and smart work is a virtue and necessity.  In 2021 under the JoBama regime, 9 million jobs go unfilled because the left led Feds in DC force people to take free money so they can gamer in grandma’s basement.  The movie “the Ultimate Gift” demo’s the ultimate value of family, freedom, work, industriousness etc.

Your first paycheck, with taxes and more taxes taken out, is smaller than the $15/hr times 40 hours multiplication, for example.  It’s all in your perspective: the 19th century  enslaved paid no income taxes, because they were paid no income…the Party of 1854 made sure to keep them on the plantation, just changing the job descriptions, even up until TODAY.

One thing the misery merchants are consistent about is they always prove scientific ignorance permeates their grey matter.  They believe a lie and magnify its destruction on us.

Their well paid oppressive baby killing doctors at Planned Parenthood simply deny they are killing human babies; in fact it is Doe NOT Roe that gives them the 007 ‘license to kill’ no matter what the mother says.  The misinformed left ignore nature’s laws: they demonize God’s incredible gift that He feeds us with, photosynthesis, by blaming CO2 for all THEIR ills.

And sadly, they divide a perfectly infinitely designed human entity, with 50 trillion cells ordered into tissues, combined into organs and set apart as systems, that work harmoniously together and can live almost 100 years, into races. Races, racism, racist.  Sad preoccupation with the past; expecting people who were never slaves to get paid by people who never owned them.

Yet there aren’t 12 first couples; aliens are still on Mars.  We are ONE race, true, but we are different cultures, countries and voluntary associations of like minded beings.  Unless the ChiCom Xi and other propagandists divide and conquer, belittle and besmirk our freedoms and blessings.  This penchant to control whole cultures and economies is anti-American: we all deserve a shot at building family wealth and helping others, the natural result of wealth building:  Help1Some1~2day or more if possible.  The American way.

The race hustling CRT (I call it crappy race theory) industry far exceeds for naked greed, the race hustling Al SharpTongue and Jessie “Abortion is black genocide” Jackson. Yes, in 1977 Jessie believed or at least said killing the now 20 million dead black children amounted to legal genocide of blacks in our communities; sadly, he is a consummate prostitician, like so many in the so called DC swamp.  Sold out little kids for 30 pieces of silver, like prostiticians sell their grandma for a vote.

Academia needs reform, too.  And we can win this with a smile!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction!”    ~Ronald Reagan

In case you missed the last 50 years, our Haight-Asbury hippies became the far left academia professors of anti-free speech and open university forums today…systematically, they raced to lock out conservatives and families, God fearing and religious people via closed professor selection committees.

Founding father James Wilson put it this way: “Law and liberty cannot rationally become the object of our love, UNLESS they first become the objects of our knowledge… (hat tip to The 1776 report). Bizarre irony: DC mayor Bowser works in the J. Wilson building in DC when not painting the streets yellow for BLMantiFA.

Nothing is hopeless: Of course, give the Socialist Anti American lefties lots of credit: they’ve cornered the market on academia, ABCNNBCBS APost~Times (the “free press” media), the language & vocabulary, the word/phrases of the day.

Honestly, I don’t care if you love or hate Trump (he’s still in the limelight because he is living rent free in Helter Skelter, Acaustic Acosta, the Dem leadership’s etc mushy minds), answer one question:


Flawed and fraud theories don’t like the light of truth, so the oppressive left (Dem leadership, etc)MUST indoctrinate to win.  They can’t allow their theories of socialism, American marxism (upcoming book), etc be discussed or dialogued about, UNLESS cheerleading not questioning is involved.

Indoctrination, except in home schooling’s 2 million and growing fast, some private and a tiny few public schools, has replaced education as the means to grow new Americans.  Educare means to “draw forth” from our children and inform; indoctrination, like Lenin explained, means to force feed drivel and junk into the minds of our future leaders.

Open your eyes, world.  People, you ARE free IF you believe it and ACT as if it is true.

Want to truly BE free?  Try this:

‘Help1Some1~2day.  More if you can.’ Simple recipe with eternal benes.

Don’t leave it to the government confiscating dollars given to anointed charities to help others.  YOU and I need to do it.  And ignore all this crappy race blame BS.  These misery merchants can’t see the beauty of our great land and the OPPORTUNITIES it still offers.  Smile more now that the mask is off.  And realize, color is also misunderstood.

No one is perfectly black nor totally white: Shades of white are colors that differ only slightly from pure white; variations of white include what are commonly termed off-white colors, which may be considered part of a neutral color scheme.  In color theory, a shade is a pure color mixed with black. So strictly speaking, a “shade of white” would be a neutral grey. 

A shade of neutral gray; take a look at my hair, and I fit the bill well.  But ALL of us do or can have friends with all the different cultural markers; we have two actual genders, male and female, but it an adult wants to practice make believe and be one of the other 158 chosen or pretend genders, go for it.  Different religions or no religion.  Different loves and wants and needs.  But only require equal opportunity; once you demand equal results, you morph into a smarmy victim, offended at everything and a dull dude to be around.

My flag flies 25 feet high, not because my land is perfect, but because I have a 25 foot tall flagpole.  As a native California, I have been helping many go EAST to find different, hopefully better, real estate pastures to set up their home.   Many, as well staying in the Golden State; two of my 11 no longer call California home.

But, the guarantee of life, liberty and the freedom to pursue private property (called happiness because the Party of 1854 objected to black slaves being guaranteed freedom) and a happy life, covers the 50 states and additional territories.  Celebrate well. Set backs and failures are NOT waste.  I lost Donna on Sept 9, 2011 at age 48; who’d a known?  God has graced my excellent 11 kids and 18 grandkids with a stepMom that I believe Donna had been praying for from the heavenlies.

Become an adult; don’t blame another’s color or quantity of wealth for your shortcomings; work hard and smart, be a lifelong learner AND teacher.  After 35 years of home based education now done (phase2 coming), I believe I still work harder for my clients because it is my sworn duty to take care of their needs before my own, in successfully selling their place or advising them not to.    The Great Emancipator, Mr Lincoln flopped as a dry goods merchant and became the worst township postmaster before an excellent president.  Eisenhower was rejected for command positions 3 times before his 1942 appointment as Supreme Allied Commander to defeat the ultimate racist, white supremacist hitler.  FDR flunked out of law school and proved politicians don’t gotta be smart, running and winning NY governor.

Your country, these United States, gives you the promise of equal opportunity; if at first you don’t succeed, you are IN GOOD company.  Only toddlers and wimps blame another brother or mother, instead of picking up the pieces.  Truman’s hat/shirt shop went bankrupt in 2 years but he worked 15 years to pay off the debt.

As the 1776 report states: “To remain a free people, we must have the knowledge, strength and virtue of a free people.” Kids MUST get a patriotic education with math and reading; otherwise we get.  Well, what we have now. There is NO white race, but there is white mixed in with the red and blue.

We MUST reclaim our universities, enforcing our rules and laws even in Democrat gulags, end this Age of Deceit and rampant corruption on the 7th floor of the FBI and the only ex-president in DC, 15,000 linear feet north of the Oval Office in the alt government of the ObamaNation.  Barack Hussein Obama in his 4th term.

Major in the majors, not time wasters and minors.   It MUST start with you and me.  Trust God and believe in the efficacy of Truth. Smile and be joyful with your neighbors as if they are in the same boat (well, same harbor) as you are, because we ARE.

Don’t believe America is lost; if you filter out the drivel the misery merchants keep trying to sell us on, you will see an America of beauty and hope, as if dawning after 40 days of steady rain.  Yes, the rainbow belongs to God not man; it is His promise NOT to purge us by water twice.  We are His people IF we choose to follow His right paths.

Major challenges like slavery, progressivism, fascism, communism, even racism and identity politics can be met and overcome. the task of national renewal falls on all of us who love our covenant land, the flag, law and order, and what’s that word:


Promised bit on real population problem: thanks to Plague of Xi, the eugenics success and satanic surgeon malpractice killing 1/3 of the next generation, we are BELOW replacement level.  If you have 5 children climbing you mom at the supermarket checkstand, smile to the nosy DINKs behind you.  ‘Dual Income No Kids’ couple loudly asks to show his/her superiority “Don’t you know there is a population problem?”  Smile at them as the grocery bill rises:

“Yes, sir we DO have one.  50 countries including our own are below replacement level and are one generation away from extinction. By the way, these aren’t ALL my kids; I have 5 more at home. Your Shitzoo on your shoulder will be long dead while my grown kids pay your Medicare and Soc Security IF it survives while you and the mrs. age with no one to look after you.  Have a nice day, sir!” 

America is more than an address: it is a state of mind.  God bless America this July 4th, 245 years later than the first one in Philadelphia.


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