Emperor Newsom converts PP kill mills to Pfizer Pfauci vaxx clinics. OOPS! Great news! ProLifers!

“Landslide” Newsom and Planned Parenthood marketing director, feeling his oats, signed SB742, purported to restrict pro-life messages, signs and truth counseling outside abortion clinics. It’s fascinating how far our beloved misery merchants will go to withhold critical medical information from a mother as she, conflicted and confused, comes into one of Gavin’s kill mills.

But did he make a strategic mistake turning his kill mills into jab joints?!  Let’s not fool ourselves; our state’s top tyrant’s goal was to protect his campaign donors at planned parenthood; but the result may be different.  I’ll leave that to the smart folks like Catherine Short, Briscoe Cain, and others.   Still as a dad of 11 with 35 years of homeschooling so far, maybe there’s some opportunity here. I believe, with this change of purpose, every pro life has a legal right to walk in and ask questions about another medical procedure, the mRNA or adenoviral inoculations, now paid for by our tax dollars inside planned parenthoods all over the state.

A most excellent attorney and Life Legal Defense Foundation Legal Dir., Catherine Short, is challenging the law seeking a prelim injunction against SB742’s enforcement, since it is blatantly unconstitutional even considering Taxifornia’s founding docs.  But, there are some opportunities too many might overlook.  Thus, this is my pro bono non-lawyer amicus brief for pro life lawyers, ministry leaders and interested citizens.

Full disclosure: I have never attacked a baby killer.  I vociferously disagree and defy the misery merchants (current elected members of the Oval Office and Sacramento etc) penchant for transferring their violent natures and actions to me and others “licensed to fill” in the blanks for mothers.

I am not licensed with the bar so this is submitted for free as a catalyst for those protecting babies and moms new opportunities to help.


Respectfully, I spent five minutes inside planned parenthood this Saturday Oct 16th morning, invited in by Mr. Security Guard. No, I didn’t barge in like the demons complain about us peace loving truth seekers AND TRUTH SHARERERS.

Before the law’s enactment on Oct 8th, this opportunity wouldn’t happen. But with the new vaxx clinic designation sanctified by Newsom, we all should be able to walk right in.  Gathering information is NOT a crime and Newsom just opened the door on Oct 8th

At first, the hard working Security Guard REFUSED me access. Here is where dialogue helps.  I pointed out to him and offered a copy of the new law that this is no longer just a kill mill; you are now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC to provide vaccination information and unspecified shots. (Thank and blame the governor for this status change at baby merchants central)

I asked him “are you discriminating against me going in and able to ask my questions about which of the five manufacturers, the differences between the mRNA and the adenoviral biologics, which ones are the most efficacious and which are you are offering.  Are you offering all different formulations? 

is it a walk in clinic for jabs or must we secure an appointment (few, if any, of the other legitimate vaxx clinics require appointments any more…millions of public service announcements round the clock is proof). IF they require an appointment, then it’s further proof this is just another Newsom ruse, not allowing free access for a supposedly critical public health (epi)pandemic that seems to never end.  

The two ladies in the front office seemed a little startled that I pleasantly asked questions, that anyone would question their policies peacefully. Pray for the conflicted kill mill workers because they too are lied to and must compartmentalize what they see and do.  And it is obvious we prolifers may have to make appointments with the inoculators (no, not for Digoxin) such as nurse or doctor.  Be peacefully persistent: you need to talk to the inoculator. IF PP is a true medical provider on this, they will have to be medically updated and knowledgeable.

But after asking my questions for a few minutes, I peacefully left with the very capable security guard.  In Ephesians: “Therefore, putting away falsehood, speak the truth, each one to his neighbor, for we are members one of another. Be angry but do not sin;u do not let the sun set on your anger, and do not leave room for the devil.  Yes, you may be standing in a hell hole’s lobby or talking to men and women who could shake your hand (outside of Covid) and then slice out a little girl with the other.  But we are ALL members of the ONE human race: treat them with sincere concern for their lives as well. 

Point is, like 742’s author and ‘medical doctor’ Democrat Dr Pan, he blames prolifers for non existent violence (Pan argued those walking into a vaxx site need 30 feet from anyone who might intimidate them, get them sick (30 feet?), or harrass them with anti-vaxx messages).  Pan thus expands, mysteriously, to this magic medically intuitive 30 feet distancing. Odd that it matches the same distance the First Amendment and patient informed consent haters demand.   Do the clinic workers use a 30 foot artificial arm to do the jabs?  Or is it typical AbortInc. propaganda. You don’t need 30 or 100 feet unless you are illicitly suppressing free speech.  As Paul continues in Ephesians:

“All bitterness, fury, anger, shouting, and reviling must be removed from you, along with all malice. [And] be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another as God has forgiven you in Christ”    Words to live by and practice your ministry to the truly needy and vulnerable moms, teens, and of course the mutilated babies IF we don’t help.
Attorneys, note that PP gets public funds (more now presumably for Covid shots) and now claims to be a free vaccination site; another profit center for Jon Dunn & Co.

Here’s my pitch:   EVERY PRO LIFE VOLUNTEER SHOULD NOW HAVE THE RIGHT TO WALK IN AND GET PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW STATUS OF PP AS a state sponsored VACCINATION SITE.  PEACEFULLY, OF COURSE, BUT WE HAVE A LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY TO WALK IN.  I would suggest, not as a herd, but in teams of two.  If they call the police, simply tell the police this is a public interest free clinic NOT just a kill mill.  As a citizen and taxpayer, you have the right, under HIPAA regulations, to seek alternative second opinions.  The governor in SB742 made it very clear he believes planned parenthood MUST be available for the jabs.

Personally, I am NOT an attorney, but just the dad of 11 who has homeschooled for 35 years.  Also, adamant about protecting women from predatory killing of their little girls safe in their wombs.  I wish no violence on Jon Dunn, though his business IS clinically and classically doing violence to pregnant moms in his various abortion mills.  However, he may not realize, he has changed his status to a public sector free vaccination clinic, similar to Kaiser Permanente and CVS with a different set of requirements.  He can’t legitimately restrict access to prolifers because they too have a right to hear and get the Pfauci Pfizer shots etc.

Here’s the play by play.  Sat, Oct 16th about 9am, I brought my usual roses for gifts to the moms seeking advice at Planned Parenthood, Tustin at 22fwy.  I also brought my freshly printed copy of SB742, both the Legislative Counsel’s Digest and the more important final draft of the new law.

I had met Mr. Security Officer the day before on Friday,  busy directing traffic at the site.  This was a first; he made it very plain he wanted no one to pray or talk to anyone coming to the clinic.   I did not have the new law with me on Friday; Saturday I did.  His method was pretending to be overly concerned about the safety of the cars.  Ironically, not the safety of the children on their electric chair/lethal injection/vacuum death sentence day.

And, since Newsom wants everyone to investigate vaccinations, as I mentioned above, I complied with the governor’s wishes.  Walked in with his ascent.  Note bene: if a clinic worker (guard etc) denies the public access for the vaccination process, this needs to be reported to the requisite public health agency and possibly Covered California

The new law has 12 paragraphs in its enactment section #1.

Section 2 adds section 594.39 to the Penal Code.

Sec 3 regarding no reimbursement and Sec 4 trying to suggest it is of utmost urgency this be enacted to “…ensure public peace and safety during the process of distributing vaccinations during Covid…”  (Funny i haven’t seen much anti-vaxx picketing outside Walgreens or at St Anthony Claret when shot givers were giving free Pfizer Pfixes.

Section 1:  paragraphs 1 indicates we are STILL under a state of emergency since March 4, 2020; these despotic governors just love power and ruling our lives. 19 months with no end in sight.  Still NO legislative oversight, laws, just Crayon Boys coloring scheme and demands we comply with his medical expertise.

Paragraph 2-7, if you read between the lines, these paragraphs discuss heavily the distance between humans, the governor concerns: “airborne transmission” for measles, future Wuhan lab developed diseases like 80% lethal NiPah, TB and chickenpox.

Pardon my straw man suspicions, but this diatribe of challenged aerosolized transfer epidemiology translates into “we need to keep those ‘domestic terrorist’ prolifers at least 30 feet away so the poor people driving in a car don’t get Covid from the unwashed violent street people;  WHICH is PATENTLY false.  From the attorney Short challenged pile of doo doo’s penal mod section, the implementation of the new law, read that:

“It is unlawful to knowingly approach within 30 feet of any person while a person is within 100 feet of the entrance or exit of a vaccination site…”  They even cite “EDUCATION!” as dangerous for those poor shot seekers in the penal code addition (594.39 c[1]).

Short editorial: it’s NOT a vaccine, since 3 shots in 6 months with 35,000 deaths and 900,000 VAERS adverse side effects is NO universal respiratory vaccine; as it is, NONE have been successful over time for respiratory viruses.

We killed the SARS Cov-1 vaxx program after 50 deaths.  In fact, with the sordid state of corrupt data gathering and research during the Federal Ops Pfauci Pfizer Pfix’s 1Size Fits All” nationalized medical diagnoses, God only knows what the reality is.  And He does know.  As it is, Newsom effectively kidnapped the SCOTUS 30 foot buffer zone and transgendered it into 30 feet of “social distancing”, 5 times the convention “mandate” distance.  As you know, legal experts, mandates are NOT legislated laws. 

So, Newsom doesn’t give a damn about protecting the general public from Mao Tse-Xi’s latest Plague variant; true to form, Newsom wants to unconstitutionally interfere in informed consent for moms seeking abortions, just as our 2 bit influence peddling grifter Oval Office Occupant expanded carte blanche abortion referrals, burying the Hyde.

Recall, in March 2020 and to this day, the satanist surgeons, nurses, etc employees of planned parenthood were labeled essential; in actuality, as he shut down the Church and our bishops complied (sadly), Pelosi’s nephew made sure his campaign $$ sources (and his aunt Nancy’s) were kept open for the “health of the people?”.  No the health of his pocketbook and French Laundered meals.

Each kill mill has different dimensions and geographics.  Let’s look at Dunn’s HQ on Tustin @ 22fwy, the same site which shipped baby parts to DaVinci Biologics before the OCDA won a $7 million judgement against the parts traffickers.  Those familiar with the other sites around the state can deal and plan with them…   The site has one driveway, entering from Tustin via a right turn.  The building is more than 30 feet away but it is not safe to block entrance.  Please don’t.  BUT AS THEY EXIT, THEY NO LONGER ARE SEEKING PP’S “EXPERTISE”.  THEY NO LONGER ARE ATTEMPTING TO GO INSIDE. So, if you can, purchase roses (Trader Joe’s is blocks away) so you are inviting them to converse.  Read the detail in the guidelines section.

In Paragraph #9,  “to stop infectious diseases…the state has a compelling interest that its residents can access and have vaccinations”.  BS (Biologic Science?)

BS. There are no long lines winding around the block, just as there is no science ranking which is the safest, medically indicated for different patients.  Problem is, Pfauci and the DC bureauRats want to term out the local patient: primary care doctor diagnostic capabilities.  Toss HIPAA to the dustbin; exert control and power ad infinitem.

Proof? One look at the horse dewormer BS that CDC Dr Rochelle HerShey chided Americans about, an obvious lie since Strombectol, the human Ivermectin, has been available for decades and found successful in saving Covid21 lives.

Speaking of pure science fiction BS, read slowly the laws Paragraph #11: (11) Given the distance across which airborne infectious diseases spread, a 30-foot buffer zone is necessary to protect the health of Californians trying to access vaccination sites.

Newsom is such a tool, a total hack prostitician beholden to his party’s continued enslavement since 1854.  Now he’s a doctor telling us safe contamination distances even with masks, face shields etc.  He thinks we are dumb sheep; if he was a statesman or even a real man, he would admit he wants as much dead little girls as possible and wants to maximize more abortions by using even the Plague to keep prolifers suppressed, unable to provide good information so the patient can see and hear the truth so SHE can make an informed decision.

Irony Section in the Penal Code changes paragraph 6d:

(d) “It is not a violation of this section to engage in lawful picketing arising out of a labor dispute, as provided in Section 527.3 of the Code of Civil Procedure.”

Well we DO have a dispute over labor, whether allowing labor to commence in its proper time and the baby delivered intact.  But it’s obvious this “exclusion” is to protect Newsom’s public sector union army’s right to do whatever they want.  Another reason this law will not pass constitutional muster?

Quick guidelines for PP HQ Tustin at 22fwy

~Do not block incoming cars because that can cause a backup on the south bound Tustin Ave entrance.  Only as they are exiting; it is much safer because you can only turn south out of the PP driveway.

~Despite GarbAGe Garland’s tyrannical attack on parents as “domestic terrorists”, you can joyfully and peacefully signal a desire to give something to the occupants that is not harassing, interfering with, intimidating, obstructing or a ‘true threat’. Would Newsom call a “rose” a threat? Or an information sheet that includes PP is a vaccine site.

Garland, like Newsom, is practicing typical Democrat Alinsky: accuse your adversaries of exactly what you are doing.  No sane human can ignore that killing little girls in barely older young moms is demonic at best and pure Alinsky; look no further than Loudoun County’s perfect loon leftist microcosmic actions.

~I use a red rose held humbly so the woman can see it through the window.  If the driver stops and there is no obstruction (long line) possibility, I use the 17 seconds to give the rose with a simple flyer. Short conversation… No attack, no “you are going to hell” etc.  Just a rose and a simple information sheet.  I am modifying my sheet to include:  “planned parenthood is now a vaccination site; if you are interested, you need discuss it with their employees” as an arrest deterrent.

Full disclosure: I have not gotten this failed vaccine (did you know Colin Powell died from Covid after full “vaxxed”), primarily for the involvement of little girls sliced up to develop and/or test the various impotent concoctions of different manufacturers and the VAERS and deaths associated with this unproven chem cocktail (i am not anti medicine, vaccine, just anti-stupid)  I have been on a prophylactic HCQ anchored protocol including vitamin C and D3, Zinc and selective use of Quercetin and Strombectol/Ivermectin.

Of course, 40 days for life are exempt from making any contact, but i stand apart from their fine workers (in order to protect their ministry), though i love their work; prayer is critically important but so is doing triage for those 17 seconds when the line for hell is crossed and the most vulnerable among us have one last chance for life.

Think about this: it’s not just killing babies anymore: By going in, we are protecting the public, especially if the workers are diagnosing by inaction or lack of questions whether a future inoculated is safe to get the shot(s).  35,000 vax deaths so far; 900,000 VAERS (serious bad side effects) plus the non reporting factor increases this by 10 to 100 times.  InoClinics aren’t staffed with rocket scientists or neurosurgeons, so the data is terribly corrupted.

Here’s hoping Catherine Short, one of my favorite prolife attorneys that include Briscoe Cain, Thomas More folks, ADF and others, can get this pile of tyrannical poop gone.

and I hope this helps.  I am asking the attorneys for their opinion but changing the status of planned parenthood to a “free clinic” vaccination site should be a possible means to advance God’s work. EVERYONE has a right to enter, as I tested the “system” on Saturday, Oct 16.

Mrs Short, what say you?  Did Newsom’s arrogance, ie turning the kill mills into jab joints, give us an opening?

In years past, it was my privilege to discover irrefutable proof PP does NOT charge for baby parts delivery but for the organs themselves in a little purchase order section (FOB Destination); maybe here is a chance for more peaceful prolifers with courage to gain access.  Always remember, there is a long planting and harvest season in pro life.  Yes, 17 seconds before they enter the kill mill.  But, showing the mill workers there are joyful, respectful pro-lifers AND alternatives to their employment in hell’s satanic coven ovens is out there.

Let’s NOT miss this opportunity to help those Christ died for and prefers kept alive.  It’s not just the moms and babies; now the general public is at risk from medical malpractice and incompetence


Len Beckman

Dad of 11

Homeschooled for 35 years

714 267 1413










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