Joe Biden’s track record in the Oval Office

Revised Oct 30, 2021

Hey Fossil Fool!  You’re killin’ us F Joe Biden! ALWAYS ask “Qui Bono?” when a government demands you do something.

Oct 20.   JoBama, obviously widely known as the puppet of the ObamaNation, the clandestine alternative government of our blessed United States, has just passed his gestation date: 9 months in.  The baby wasn’t aborted, but actually still born like his campaign hidden in his basement, lacking basic common sense or consciousness.

We are IN the Saddest days of American history since that noon on Jan 20, 2021 oath.  First thing he did was START Bidenflation by KILLING American energy. Hate Trump, go ahead. Hate his tweets, your choice. I just prefer someone NOT owned by the DC Matrix master blue pilling everyone.  Energy is EVERYTHING, folks. Inflation as in Carter’s years is sky high; so is the misery merchants’ success in destroying USa!  Look at the truth.

Kill oil and who’s gonna create 6000 essential products from wind and sun?  Kill natural gas, the most energy efficient and lowest polluting fossil fuel, and back comes China Dirt Coal.  Folks, wake up PLEASE!!  Green is Dem ripoff BS: 12 CO2 manmade molecules out of ONE MILLION (12:1,000,000) does NOTHING to the climate; but Dems use it to steal and rob our families with every carbon fraud: did you know we pay a Calif Gas Sales Tax RATE of 67%.  TY NewsoMeanie! Our Jan 20 Fossil fool hates fossil fuels that fuel America.  Biden is not just jovial hair smelling grandpa: he’s dangerous, the puppet of Susan Rice, Obama and others in the Obamanation HQ just 2 miles north of the White House.

Thank you Joe!!

We have Trump’s 300+ successes in the public record.  In case you didn’t know, Trump loves America and was a successful businessman hated by the permanent DC kingdom

Biden, a 2 bit influence peddling grifter who enriched his family for decades and never worked a private sector job, has (not in order of importance or chronology):

~Joe the Fossil Fool on Fuels:  Killed the energy independence of the United States within one hour of his oath, and killed thousands of jobs and the Keystone Pipeline.  Meanwhile, he empowered Russia’s pipeline and released our allies’ energy needs to our enemies in Eastern Europe.  Thank you Joe!  Energy is IN everything economic;  You’re killing us Joe!

~He became the world’s greatest and most notorious arms dealer, re-energizing the terrorist hellhole and a new country, TaliBIDENstan, with $85 billion in advanced military hardware, plus wants to supply them with $10 billion more (per year?) in humanitarian ?? aid.  China, Russia, NorKor, Iran, Taliban, ISIS special K and others, say thank you.  Thanks to Joe, his new country is Iran to Afghanistan to Pakistan.  Talibidenstan’s raping barbarians say “Thank you Joe!”  You’re killing us Joe!

~Prefers killing little girls for parts for his fave campaign donors, planned parenthood.  Currently 2363 killed daily; parts are NOT FDA or CDC approved.  But, PP’s customers love those squishy fresh bloody parts for their Frankensteinian labs.

~ Medical tyranny with Wonder why I won’t take the current shots disguised as “vaccinations?”  More than the Pfizer Pfauci Pfixation…little girls gave their all for this failing inoculations disguished as universal immunity.  GOD not Fauch designed our immunity systems.  AND there are successful early therapies WORK IF they are used as early therapies.  Fauci method: stay home until you need those special DEATH MASKS during your last days in the hospital.  They love it, the hospitals, getting CoviDeath$$ dollars.   Dr Faucinstein and Joe, you’re killing us!!

~Chief human trafficker   In addition to being the most notorious (and known) arms for terrorists dealer in human history (million bullets and hundreds of aircraft qualifies Good Ole Joe for the distinction), he may be known as the finest human and children trafficker as well.  Red eye flights to NY state with “children” averaging 16 or 17 years old from the southern border of course.

~ Highest number of border crashers in history.  No covid test or clandestine ivermectin treatment.  Allowing measles, TB, chicken pox from the migratory birds of many countries

~ Joe & prison reform: OTHER COUNTRIES  Helping other countries empty out their prisons since many of the border crashers are gifts from foreign governments.  The reports are real.

~ Bidenflation is out of control.  When you surrender energy supremacy, you get screwed.  Thank you Joe  Energy is IN everything economically.  Surrendering like his puppeteer Obama our energy dominance.

~ Russia is now shipping us more oil than coming out of Alaska AS WELL as for our “allies” in Europe.  Thank you Joe.

~China loves Beijing Biden and willingly will take over Taiwan, build more military islands, undermine us in every rare earths spot, let loose a better version of Covid22

~The January 6th insurrection hoax continues:

2020: 535 riots in Democrat blue cities with $2 billion in property theft and loss, 50 dead people.  No prosecutions, no FBI actions over 6 months.

2021: Jan 6th  3 hours of exuberant crowd NOT insurrection, only death was a Trump supporting Air Force assassinated by a nervous, shaking Capitol Cop named Michael Byrd.  Ashli Babbitt got NO warning, just a bullet in the neck.  But evil Pelosi used her fabricated insurrection to impeach Trump once again and misdirect away from election scrutiny

Think about it: they are STILL chasing Trump to make sure he doesn’t come back to help America grow strong yet again.  By the way, the fixated misery merchants at it again: The Democrats have unleashed the cockroaches trying to criminalize an upstate New York gold course assessment challenge.  Now challenging a property tax assessment is CRIMINAL?

~ Meanwhile, the party of slavery, headquartered 2 miles north of the Oval Office in a mansion size 8400 sf Obamanation of Desolators, continues to kill 2363 per day.  63 million dead children since 1973 and 2.3 billion worldwide.

So, if you could find just ONE improvement over the previous Oval Office occupier, please list it below.  Just one.  I know, you don’t like his tweets.  Oh my!

JoBama the Fossil Fool Accomplishments  -_____________________________________    Too much line?

I don’t care whether you hate or love Trump, he was a successful tho persecuted chief executive.  JoBama, just a two bit hustler who is destroying America dangling from the Obamanation puppeteer wooden rack on slick strings.  Susan Rice, Valerie Flame, Schiffty Schitty Adam, the usual suspects with the chief misery merchant Obama and the Crime Families clinton, biden, obama.

No wonder they want all those undocumented Democrat voters to cross the unwalled border to replace the little girls they kill for parts.

They even will pay illegal aliens $450,000 per border crasher for psychological damage being separated from their fave rapist coyote mule hired by the drug cartels to impersonate the little ladies’ parent!

Is it just me, or does JoBama F Joe Biden appear more like lucifer than a catholic saint?  Hat tip Judie Brown and American Life League

More to come


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