Stealing other people’s money in the name of God using our priests as pawns

Revised Oct 30, 2021

Scams are like rats, cockroaches and ants; most of us have experienced them and don’t like to be taken.  Such as the Priest Pawn capers.

America is becoming the OPM (other peoples’ money) dispensary of fast money; the misery merchants shut us down and offered “FREE” money to 330 million enterprising, free, industrious US citizens for 18 months…so far.

Just how’s our Marxist experiment of locking people out of their jobs, force feeding them covid bucks doing? 11 million unfilled job openings, 4 million quits in August, supply line breakage, 8 million covid carrying border crashers… hyperinflation, gas approaching $7 per gallon, $450,000 gift to each illegal alien separated from their fake parent rapist mules?

Speaking of,  9 months ago, minutes after his oath, good old Joe signed the hyperinflation exec order to end American energy freedom. That idiot Trump had us energy independent, rising wages, super low unemployment…how dare he!!  Of course, he was a meanie with the tweets so we don’t want his 325 successes.  Or do we?  I honestly don’t care if you hate Trump with a passion, for love him, he succeeded where no other leader had gone before.

Now, we are owned by ChiCom Xi, OPEC, russian and other oil producers yet again. We were energy independent: what Joe’s leaky puppet pen did,  killed energy prices, energy jobs, pipelines, leases and more.

Econ 101 for the looney leftist environmental cases who hate natural gas or oil:  Energy is IN everything…especially the economics of families.  That was easily exposed as it continues.  Despite exposing Joe the King of Graft,  the following is becoming more prominent.  Priest pawns to get cash by grifter frauds.

That’s good old Joe. Closer to home, you’ve probably heard of the Nigerian scams that are all the rage; also the wire transfer fraud in which scammers go after hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money with an email, changing bank wire information at the tail end.  The money goes to the wrong account, and the owner ends up with nothing.

Happy to discuss any of these. I and other brokers have offered to help the OCDistrict Attorney’s office economic crimes unit; great people, these investigators.  But, riddle me this: why do we only have ONE real estate investigator as elder abuse is morphed into stealing grandma’s $$ more than nutritional neglect or physical abuse citations.

Here’s a new twist: using God as a tool to rob people who just want to help.

Someone impersonating Fr John Moneypenny has shown some promise in chasing me for $100 Apple cards, which they can convert quickly into cash.  I want YOU to be aware so you can act.  Picture #1 is step one: “contact the mark”.  The mark is me.

Since I advertise my real estate services on the bulletin of three parishes, this enterprising scammer pulled the number and began his/her/its work.  Fr John’s name was just pages away on the St Norbert bulletin on-line site.  OR in the back of church

First: he asks for a favor…he texts me but won’t call.  He identifies himself as Rev John Moneypenny, assuming I know the pastor.  How does he know Fr John?  He might be a Catholic, ex Catholic or just a smart scumbag grifter, like JoBama.

Even before Covid, our bulletins are published on line, so he could be doing this from across the country or even the world.

My response was “Fr John You said a beautiful Mass this morning for the 7am.”

This was a test for the scammer; he failed: there is no 7am Mass at St Norberts; obviously the scammer doesn’t read well but he knows I know Fr John.  “I had to leave before saying ‘high’.  Purposefully misspelled because werds thet arr not speled right indicate not well versed or like a Nigerian count with millions to offer.  Fraud.

He writes blasphemously: “May you find hope and strength in his everlasting love…” while he pockets hard earned and scarce money for his “needs”.

Read on the text thread: “…I need to get iTunes gift cards for some patients battling cancer in the hospital”  Most priests do hospital visits; this grifter(let’s call him Grifter Wormwood), to borrow a famous CS Lewis character, knows this.   How generous of Wormwood impersonating Fr John to offer other people’s money. Maybe he’s a budding politician who rips people off, known as a Prostitician.  A few in Sacramento and DC.

When i don’t respond immediately so he prompts again: “Can you get back to me so I can know what’s going on”.  I text back “Yes Father John”

Next step, Wormwood lays out how he wants to help the poor cancer patients using my and other people’s money.  He doesnt give a beaver’s dam who I must beg from or if i don’t eat, family starves.  He stays on point:  “Get 10 iTunes gift card $100 each and you scratch the back to reveal pin.  Then you take a snapshot of the cards’ So i can forward to the patients with prayers…”

What a nice guy: smart scum is still scum.  Our country’s DC cesspool is teaching our kids AND adults to get whatever you can for free.  Using the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague as cover, we’ve given billions on the way to trillions to do…nothing.  Just like the scammers.

My turn: “No Fr John: i’ve bought a couple before.  I can’t afford that much so i’m gathering money from friends to help you help the patients….”

Notice the set up? I want him to realize he’s scamming someone who can’t afford his con to see if there’s an ounce of compassion and character in his miserable body.  I close the text with “I’ll bring them to the rectory or sacristy? tomorrow”

This would be the kiss of death for the scammer’s scam.  I talk direct to Father and find out it’s all a put on.  i KNOW this but he doesn’t know yet that i know.

Wormwood: “Yes I know you have bought a couple before’ let me know what you can afford…”  shot high now saying he will settle for less.

Next Wormwood says “Len, you don’t need to bring to the rectory!!  Just take a snapshot of the cards and keep the cards…”

The last thing Wormwood wants is to be caught with the stolen merck that can be traced back to him, her or it.

Wormwood is a demon being trained by his uncle, Screwtape in hell, getting ready to go after his first human in the amazing Screwtape Letters.

In the latest picture, Wormwood the Grifter states: “I hope you can understand what i said Len”.

He is getting impatient I haven’t produced anything; he hates someone wasting his time since he has other marks to squeeze.

Currently, I have a real estate property held up for NINE MONTHS by a squatter who heard the owner died and she raced to the LA area from Chicago to “stake her claim”.  Nine months to dislodge a squatter who never signed a rent agreement or lease, just continuing her grifter ways taking advantage of a kind and generous man who died.

We’ll call her “Lulu”; Lulu has been scamming her mark for over a decade…she even collected off Paypal money AFTER he had died.  A big no-no IF you want to stay out of jail.  The summary judgement is coming soon for Lulu.  And the sheriff’s busy deputy to dislodge this evil woman from her prey.

Back to Wormwood:  He kept nudging me to give him money, without any proof he is real.  “…  In the latest give and take, notice how Wormwood is laying out the chess game even further.  After I tell Screwtape’s disciple that i can only get 3 $100 cards (Apple Cards make great drug deal and other illegitimate activity because like bearer bonds in James Bond and Die Hard movies, they are paid on demand.

Same with Apple iTunes cards.  Used the world over for drug deals and scams like this one. 

I keep pressing my desire to drop off at the rectory (this time Fr John’s fictional home on Katella) but he quickly says NO, though softly.  So, when you read the thread to the right, I have lowered his expectations from $1000 in ten cards to only three.  Watch his pawn to K5 move: ” Okay…We have 10 more patients”

I counter with “I’ll keep trying for those 10 too” so he doesn’t think i am giving up.’

He closes out today’s moves with “Okay God bless you”.   Wormwood hasn’t given up.  Neither have I!

Do you think his “God bless you” is sincere and selfless?  Well, maybe just like Emperor Newsom’s latest sacrilege: “I pray to God we don’t overturn Roe.”

Uh, TyranToddler Grifter Jr. Gavin, it’s not God you are praying to; He’s not a big fan of slicing up little girls and selling their parts for your French Laundry outings.  You kept all those essential satanist surgeon kill mills open while suppressing religion all over California.  You a friend of Screwtape?  Your aunt Nancy Peel certainly is!

My turn: I will send Wormwood photos of three Apple Cards.  Let the games commence

Ironically, another priest pawn chess playing grifter calling himself Fr Pat Moses contacted me and asked similar questions.  Read his piece from Oct 24th and tell me what you think. Comments are welcome.  This is an ACTIVE investigation at this time.

I advertise in three Diocese of Orange bulletins for my real estate business, to help in the main the parishes themselves.  So, the common thread must be Holy Family Cathedral’s bulletin as well.  Another fine pastor, Fr. Pat, is at Holy Family.   Well, looks like we will do this in parallel.

Let’s call the Fr Moses impersonator Screwtape, Wormwood’s uncle and seasoned liar, deceiver and all around demon.  Screwtape starts off with “Hello dear, how are you today?”  …the familiar “I need a favor from you”.  Unlike Wormwood, Screwtape starts small apparently asking for only one card.  Maybe to slowly get the scam going.  Currently either A: these two know each other and work a boiler room of scammers or B: they are working completely independent.  Either way, we are gathering data for Todd Spitzers Economic Crimes unit.   Question to the audience: in what way have we been successful already? or are we just wasting valuable time?  After all, i have excellent clients to help and you could be changing your oil.

Apparently, both scammers believe all pastors help cancer patients in the hospitals (Screwtape: iTunes gift crds for some patients battling cancer.”  Truth is, the Catholic Church, despite our missteps, is the MOST generous organization on earth in helping others, in a country, the US of A that is first to worldwide disasters with solid help.  Here goes nuttin!  Don’t you just love the Popeye Wimpy promise: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”   Screwtape’s “I will reimburse you back as soon.”  Hmm


The Next Chapter: we provide the fake Fr John and Fr. Pat what they ask for… stay tuned


REPRISE: still, the Ultimate Grifter award goes to JoBama.  Other people’s money (OPM) is normally the target of our #1 two bit influence peddling grifter, JoBama 45. As a Senator, Beijing Biden scammed anyone he could, peddling his plagiaristic influence for dollars.  Did he help the poor or America?  No, his family, like Valerie, James (read Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires” for the details)

His latest unprecedented game changing career best grift is the ever changing $5 trillion climate change scam, coupled with thousands of tyrannical torpedoes to America’s innocent families.

Is it a sin to invest my time to waste these scumbag thieves’ time who rob mainly the elderly, even a young guy like me.  Ready to help.  Your comments?  Every elderly saved a contact by these reprobates means one less victim.  Back to work.



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