Contrarian science on the Catholic Climate Covenant and the Algoreans

We are blessed to be part of a universe that has a diameter of about 558,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles of space. Translated, that’s 558 sextillion miles across.  Pretty big by all measures

sun with flaresOur only source of heat and light is a mere million times as large as the earth that God created for us to live out our days; all other stars are too distant to have any thermal impact on earth’s climate.

We call it the sun; in addition to keeping us above absolute zero and warm, it also is 100% responsible, through photosynthesis, for all the food on earth.  A partnership.

God FEEDS the WORLD with carbon dioxide.  We CONSUME the food our Creator creates via Aerobic Respiration, forks, knives and spoons

We revolve around this solar furnace sitting approximately 93 million miles away while the moon continues to orbit terra firma at the precise same rotational speed matching its orbiting journey,  such that we see the same moon “face” throughout time. The binary Man in the Moon. Or at least up until now.  No two face; that’s reserved for too many politicians who morph into prostiticians instead of statespersons.

This swiss clock level peculiarity that we can thank the Creator for. The moon, not the double-mindedness of some of our Sacramento and DC leaders.

A science refresher. To be precise, on our ‘solar furnace’, 700 million tons of hydrogen are converted to 695 million tons of helium each SECOND, yielding heat and light. Puny man changes this making CO2 to warm what earth? Hmm

The light of Christ the Creator hits us first: Since light travels at about 186,282 miles per second through space and time, light leaving the solar surface will reach the earth in about 499.24 seconds or 8.32 minutes.   One irony is the diameter of the known universe is 93 billion light years or 28 billion parsecs; while we are a mere 93 million miles away saving souls, working to feed our families.  Now, God designed before creating so NOTHING was left to chance…our response is simple:

Worshiping the Trinity, the Creator of all that we and St Francis d’ Assisi surveyed.

If we are going to have an honest discussion of climate change on earth, we must understand the immensity of the solar engine that yields ALL the heat on the 3rd planet from the sun.  Speaking in generalities, influenced by theo-political ruminations, is not what science is all about.  Adopting androgenic climate change as a maxim cheats the poor in many ways taking scarce family funds for outrageous claims by code blue leftist leaders.

Let me remind our bishops and readers; on June 15, 2001, a mere 20 years ago, my US Catholic bishops posited this:

‘As Catholic bishops, we make no independent judgment on the plausibility of “global warming.” Rather, we accept the consensus findings of so many scientists and the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a basis for continued research and prudent action.’

Prudent statement: They don’t consider androgenic ie man made climate change scientific law. But the IPCC is not free of bias, in the least. And the causal link between the Algorean heresy belief that only man made CO2 = global warming = climate change and stealing more of hard-pressed Catholic families’ wealth and income is evil.

As any true scientist will tell you, consensus is the enemy of discovery and ultimate truth.

For example, the fact that Pfauci’s Pfizer inoculations fail the smell and vaccine test is just proof big Pharma has found by failure these first Mao Tse-Xi Plague vaccines don’t work as advertised.  What does the medical-drug-industrial complex do?  Double down developing a gene therapy “vaccine” for 6 month old infants.

And it is NOT a precept in the scientific method even if it falls between ‘assumptions’ and ‘hypothesis’ in the dictionary.

Since this 2001 earth~space odyssey the bishops have been on, a proclamation on Global Climate Change calling for research and prudence in action, many things have occurred.

Technology has marched on, with substantial cleaning up the evil fossil fuels, internal combustion innovation, increasing technoHelp for the 3rd world and more.  Meanwhile, billion$$ are diverted from direct, effective help for the needy.

But, sadly, the Algorean heresy has gained much traction, the pulpit of bullies, despite its inability to pass scientific muster; it is the foundational stone, the biased presupposition for the viewpoint the earth is melting, the seas are rising, polar bears are disappearing and the greenhouse is destroying life as we know it.  Even though a Greenhouse encourages Carbon Dioxide for plant growth and keeps in heat with transparent, opaque, solid glass, not ‘molecular’ windows.  THERE IS NO SPHERICAL ‘AQUARIUM’ AROUND THE EARTH, PRELATES and PEOPLE!

I believe we are in a rush to judgement, after spending hundreds of billions on this idea that ‘consensus’ while correlation and causation are fudged, is scientific and that man has the capacity to warm OR cool the earth.  God is either disappointed OR laughing at weather arrogance; so either we are insulting the Trinity or the laughingstock of the heavenly creatures egged on by hell’s worst.

Let me explain the Algorean heresy, in case you missed it.  A modern heretic, reproved and disproved by his professorial mentor, is trumpeting the idea that God is incapable of managing His creative work; in the main, earth and its environs.  Specifically on this six sextillion ton ball of joy known as earth.

THE Scientific maxims: For carbon dioxide: the ACTUAL concentration of two oxygen and one carbon atom in nature is 400PPM or ONE (1) CO2 molecule in every 2500 NON CO2 molecule: 1/2500.  When you get the scientific “out of thin air” that 3% IS made by women and men, this translates into 12 androgenic CO2 molecules in every MILLION of not made by mankind.

Hardly greenhouse glass; more leaks than in the DCesspool.  It is not like chlorophyll or yeast, but inert in its heat sinking capacity.  Do my beloved bishops and other readers, even understand what “heat” is?  Oxygen and nitrogen can easily increase molecular velocity (heat) just as CO2.  Something the Algoreans fail to mention: no money in blaming oxy or nitro, because they make up a measly 99.997% of the atmospheric gases OTHER than the under counted #1 heat interdictor: water vapor.  I’ve never heard code blue greenie AOC throw a tantrum about stopping water vapor…no political equity or money in it.

According to the most influential heretic of the tail end of the last and this century, Al Gore or algore believes man is producing too much CO2 which either does or does not correlate, causes or does not cause atmospheric physics to alter such that heat remains on earth.  Without CO2, all this climate melting earth ‘theory’ is balderdash to them: Marxism does not thrive on oxygen; it’s life sustainer is CO2 in the hands of prostiticians.

Algoreans contends it is we humans overheating the earth. NOT the sun.  What foolish nonsense.

In fact, SCOTUS (the same government agency that stipulated babies are not human, recall) has legally ruled that CO2 is POLLUTION though God wasn’t on the jury that day), even though the amount we produce as a byproduct of a thriving world is still trace, compared to oxygen and nitrogen, which combined is 99.9% of the atmosphere.

CO2 is NOT anaerobic yeast or a catalytic converter able to heat sink and transmit 2500 degrees of thermal activity to raise the global average 1 degree F or C.  Ironically, if it IS the heat transmitter, that would be 83,333 degrees F per androgenic CO2 molecule for that to occur or 2500F for all CO2.

But so-called ‘man made’ CO2 is chemically identical to God made; notice, the silliness of this notion?  Instead of 400 CO2 molecules in every million, bump it by the so-named manmade portion, you still only have 412/1,000,000 CO2/non-CO2 molecules.

photosynthesis and aerobic respirationIf we put God on the stand, He would tell us He mixes CO2 with water and sunlight and He FEEDS the WORLD…the way He designed it, not Algore the Heretic’s ignorant insult of the Almighty Designer.

This much ignored but supremely relevant process/name is photosynthesis, since basic elemental critical food is “synthesized” with light via chlorophyll.

Without the sun OR CO2, there is NO food and the world dies. Cause=effect.  We can live at most 13 days without water, if supported by the Eucharist as the Eucharistic Miracle Terri Schiavo Schindler proved, maybe a few weeks without food.  If God suspends photosynthesis due to a lack of CO2, we have just weeks to live.  This is the causative nature of this climate change debate: heat is essential to life, and heat is easier to deal with than cold, when it comes to food production.  Excessive CO2 promotes plant growth, not the opposite.

Oddly, what is never mentioned in this rush to a melting world, is the continual companion process to photosynthesis known scientifically as aerobic respiration, as well, which reconverts sugars and oxygen back into H20 and carbon dioxide for reuse, a better “Circle of Life” than Mufasa doing lion cub exercises.  It must be one of those inconvenient truths that ‘attack’ one’s biased presuppositions, even if it is half the correlative ‘equation’.

This boils down to preposterous: the Algorean camp complains that man makes 3% of the ambient CO2 “particles” in the air.  Since the other is naturally occurring, though chemically identical no matter Who or who makes it, the Algorean heretics demand we believe that 12 androgenic (ie man made) CO2 molecules OUT of one million (12/1,000,000) is responsible for thousands of people fighting over grant dollars and curtailing the betterment of 3rd world countries.

Chew on that, please.  12 man made CO2 molecules per every MILLION non man made is 2500 marbles pic on shed deskoverpowering 999,988 other atmospheric molecules and destroying the earth.

It defies common and scientific sense, yet the heresy marches on.  Seven years ago, when I started an as yet unpublished book, I bought this tall vase and filled it with marbles to represent molecules.  But corrupt code blue leftists (mainly Democrat Socialists) obsess when ANYONE questions their science fiction.

OK: the vase contains 2500 marbles.  I have demonstrated with it at Homeschooling science fairs we’ve conducted at our home; also, at Christ Cathedral for a word picture video and whenever someone needs help visualizing.

It is available to any bishop, Fr Joseph Horn, Fr Spitzer and congregant who wants to see the ACTUAL facts; a novel way to decide if man really has as much power to change the weather as the leftist ideologues believe and preach.

When I have asked people a simple question: “in this vase has an air sample i just took and counted out the ‘molecules’.  There’s 2500.  How many would be CO2?

The answers I continue to get usually range from 300,500, 1000.  When I remind them you’ve been taught that the world is melting due to too much CO2, they ratchet up their guesses to half, 1500 etc.

I challenge the bishops and readers to guess before they continue….


When I tell the guesser it is just ONE, they look shocked.  How can this be?  Algore and his faithful lapdogs like Leonardo DeCrapio have been spewing his poison all these years, without challenge.  My Church is being victimized, the students indoctrinated, the world lied to.

Yes, the answer is one. 1.

The molecular composition of air disassociates continuously, so one CO2 every 2500 would have to hold hands with the other CO2 molecules while the 2499 other do nothing.  It is more than preposterous, it suspends belief.  This is why ‘consensus’ never trumps scientific analysis and truth.


Remove one and that is the concentration of carbon dioxide in nature. 1/2500.  Only 1 INCLUDING man’s contribution.

It gets more preposterous:  to better visualize the scientific realities that the Algorean heretics are proposing, you would need 400 of these vases, stacked like high rise molecule condos in a square 20 x 20; to demonstrate the correlation of molecules, you could remove only twelve (12), call them ‘apostle’ molecules to engineer the rapid glasshouse retention of heat for the other 999,988 molecules; even though there is NO greenhouse around the earth, just a heat transfer system that radiates heat into space.

These 12 innocent molecules represent the demon CO2 pollutants that Catholic/Christian/interfaith environmental justices are so energized about.

It defies common sense and I believe is an insult to God’s ability to maintain what He creates, and fulfill the promises He made in the beginning and in the time of Noah.

Believe it or not, scientifically, the time of Noah is critical to this debate: it was one of a few times we know God interceded in climate in a major way: the 2nd example was He moved that 865 million mile in diameter fire ball into a SunDance (Oct 13, 1917) to fulfill a promise Mary made to the three Fatima kids.

And #1?  God’s massive recreation of the world after a 480 year old patriarch named Noah finished building the floating zoo after 120 years of work; the number was no allegory but a simple statement of job duration: God proved He’s the true Ultimate Climate Changer by quadrillions of gallons of water from below and above the earth, moving land masses and reforming the whole geography of the earth. Calling it a “flood” is like calling a thermonuclear blast a dust devil.

The Coming Dalton Minimum is here.

The man made climate change flywheel is running at top speed, impeding the scientific method and the evaluative process.   Many of my favorite bishops sit on this Catholic Climate Consortium and I believe it my Catholic duty to help them see a contrarian understanding before it is too late.  No, unless God decides time is up, the planet is NOT melting nor will explode into irrelevance before He decides midnight is here and commences eternity sans the 3rd rock from the sun.

But, in our “The Sky is Falling” prostitician culture, we miss the GOOD NEWS.  In fact, it distracts us from concentrating on the real Good News extent in salvation history since the time of Herod.

Trust me, I have plenty to keep me busy practicing real estate & raising 11 kids; and I lack any animosity, just wonder, why I was indiscriminately retired due to the purchase of a prime 31 acres after 30 years of practicing parish level religious ed and youth ministry following the death of my wife and my 60th birthday two weeks before.

But, that is the Church, hiring at will and firing the same way: I respect this right of the hierarchy but as a life long promoter and encourager of the NexGen, I occasionally challenge youth with the question: “What’s today, children of God?”

Their retort: “It’s a great day to be ALIVE!” needs to be on our lips; stop worrying about ‘man made fraudulent claims’ and focus on the things that really need our attention: the 4th day of most retreats and neocanonical weekends like Search and Cursillo: ie, evangelizing the world.  To paraphrase the wisest man to walk the earth: “Leave to humans the things we CAN change to help other humans; leave to God the things, like climate, that belong to God.”

Don’t buy what the misery merchants are selling, whether Covid or climate change or even killing little girls just before birth.

But it is incumbent on my devotion to the truth, to point out all is not rosy in Catholic science labs worldwide.  Just when we could be doing even more great things, defeat is being snatched out of the jaws of scientific victory.

Sadly, since the cacaphony of man’s destruction of the known world is so loud, the peaceful contrarian voices of atmospheric and solar physicists are being drowned out.

Including the appropriate expression of San Franciscan respect for and love of the true nature of the environment, animals and plants,  it’s stewardship needs and man’s opportunity to help their fellow personkind.

In honor of my saintly wife, Donna, I founded the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research University to examine important aspects of life, science, faith, religion and more: specifically, having been a scoutmaster for two decades, the respect and stewardship of the earth.  To cut through high sounding words and phrases like “sustainability”, “habitat”, planetary environmental justice” and more, and get back to the basics of life.

Global cooling in Time

You can’t trust the fickle secularist view of the universe:

Recall if you were alive five decades ago, the 1970’s Ehlich call out that global cooling was supposedly imminent and looming.  Where were the climate change committees then?  Did we need an algore algorean allegorist to make it happen?

Science hasn’t changed, just the money temptation.  It turned out Ehrlich was totally wrong, not because planetary cooling doesn’t happen, but because he was premature by five decades.

Dr. Valentina Sharkova, a noted solar physicist, has been doing research with other scientists regarding the imminent decrease of solar activity coming in the 2020-2050 timeframe; when solar spots diminish and the 11 year solar activity cycle overlap, the amount of heat will diminish considerably.  We are seeing the signs of this cooling trend already, but we are overwhelmed by the petty Dr Faucinstein’s medical tyranny and its focus on making billion$$ from a treatable respiratory disease designed and released in China’s urban petri dish.

As every scientific climate change ambassador should know, the sun works on an approximate 11 year cycle of maximum to minimum “activity”, evidenced by sun spots on the surface.

We have instrumentation and solar probes doing excellent work in space, but the best indicators of this variability in heat and radiation launched into space are called these islands or “sun spots”.  In fact, solar scientists every day measure the size and concentration of sunspots to determine the heat transference and radiative nature of the sun; they appear and disappear as if they have a mind of their own.

Important for our discussion, hat tip ‘cool cosmos’:

The average sunspot is about the size of the entire planet Earth! However, sunspots come in a variety of sizes ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of miles across (many times larger that Earth). Scientists measure the total size (area) of all of the sunspots seen on the sun every day to get a measure of how active the sun is. Sunspots are not permanent. They appear and disappear on the surface of the Sun.
  • Sun has an 11-year cycle where it experiences minimum and maximum activity 
  • Scientists say the sun may soon experience its ‘grand minimum’ phase
  • In this time, UV radiation diminishes  7% beyond the lowest point of its cycle
  • Researchers have now developed way to predict just how much the sun will dim 
  • The scientists say the sun could become ‘unusually cool’ as soon as 2050

Another source:

The Maunder/Dalton Minimum is back and we have time to prepare.  No, I am not Paul Ehrlich nor St Paul the Apostle.  But, i, like you, can do research.  Responsibility of EVERY parent to be the ‘primary educators of their children’; this 35 year homeschooling dad of 11 takes this ‘ability to respond’ seriously

Solar minimums are a time of low sun spot, decreasing heat and solar activity; from approximately 1645-1715, the earth became a refrigerator/freezer. The last one, called the Maunder Minimum, was a time when the Thames froze, North America and the world experienced a mini ice age.  Dr. Valentina Zharkova and others predict this could happen for three solar cycles (about 30 years), starting very soon as we move to the next 11 year cycle overlayed with this “grand minimum” again.

Sadly, my bishops are sitting on the opportunity to claim victory (we have defeated non-existent global warming) and to concentrate on the next asteroid/comet peril heading our way: less heat and light for crops; including in the traditional bread baskets of the world.  It is incumbent on us finding ways to mitigate decreasing arable land and shortening crop ‘seasons’.  Now, before it is too late.  Global warming didn’t happen and cooling is on the way.  Don’t trust this dad of 11 who might have dementia:  Google it yourself.

Fascinating is: grant guzzling scientists are quick to pooh pooh any impact or minimal impact on global warming (always getting hotter) because frankly their bread is buttered from an overheating world, not a cooling one.  A big PLUS: they free associate EVERY climactic event, like hurricanes, desertification, drought, tornadoes even earthquakes and too MUCH snow with global warming morphed to climate change.

Notice the genius: when they morphed from manmade CO2 to global warming and couldn’t prove it observationally or via satellites, they morphed to the unassailable “climate change”.  Of course climate changes: it ALWAYS has, since Creation.

The smart among us will note, this is identical to the ever changing redefinition of abortion by the Regressive Left: before computed ultrasonography, planned barrenhoodlums got away with “clump of cells”, “blob of tissue” and other ageism claims.  Once Acuson in the 80s had developed the nexGen ultrasound, a focused look into the womb, it morphed to “woman’s right to choose” with a big period.  Never the extension “…choose to kill her kid”.   Today, aborters without borders cross the border uterine wall with inpunity, like Dr Boyd in Albuquerque or Kamala Harri$ or Catholic in name only Xavier Becerra, to using ultrasound to line up kids for the hack up and organ transplants OUT of the womb: parts sold separately, of course.  The Regressive Left just commands and controls the wording, the dialogue becomes monologue with a complicit media and the Truth is trampled.  Same with climate change.

This climactic ‘circled wagon conspiracy’ is sad, noting the technological advancement we have experience.  But, typical when group think infects like a virus the scientific community and the world.

How about a cogent example: when I bought 33 megabyte disc drives in 1981 for min-computers, I paid $78 per megabyte for memory ( a bargain at the time) as we enjoyed a quantum leap pre-Personal Computer.  Today, if zero innovation occurred in efficiency, the same drive would cost $37 TRILLION noting terabyte drives are available well below $100 everywhere this week.

We need the same attention to innovation in the Catholic Christian environmental committees and not be caught up in the “indoctrinational” peer pressured push over the cliff of ignorance.

This is why scientific indoctrination, in which the scientific method is suspended, is having a dramatic impact on the Catholic Climate Covenant’s byline: care for Creation and care for the poor.  As a research director, I need to point out this reality:

We need to prepare, not for a melting terra firma crust, but a retreat of the harvest line, ie arable land line back toward the Equator from the north and the south.   Never mentioned, sadly, is that heat is more beneficial to the poor and 3rd world countries than excessive cooling or the “ice age” return. 

More and longer average temps, shortening winter for example, mean more land can be farmed; some regions have two, even three crops per year and with agricultural advancements, yields are up and more people can be fed.  Even when we stupidly convert corn to ethanol to enrich the Buffetts, to salve the hysterics of Guv Brownian motion and climate change ignorance, longer crop seasons help ALL of mankind, especially in parts of the world barely subsisting.

In simple terms, the truly poor and most of the 3rd world, a la sub-Sahara Africa and other less developed places, suffer from three things: too many despots and dictators who out of ignorance or lack conscience raid their people; lack of adequate agri-technological advancement and  potable water. NOT warm CO2 molecules.  Climate change is the excuse to steal more and more from hard working families

All but #1, can be purposefully remedied and in fact, many 1st worlder Catholic and other orgs ARE working on this around the world.  But billions upon billions of dollars of pseudo-scientific paper pushing by overpaid grant guzzlers is an enormous waste which can be repurposed to help the truly needy with high AND low tech solutions ONLY should critically thinking God fearing Catholic Bishops and their sheep.  Too much shiny object distractions.

A New Understanding.  As demonstrated recently two miles away from Christ Cathedral, in the ObamaVille in the Outfield social experiment, 404 tons of trash, 15,000 previously owned needles and 2.5 tons of feces and other types of human waste were removed by Orange County sanitation.

Humans need adults to mentor, help, teach and correct, in light of both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, not an antiquated list of Christian service directives.  A sad irony, just two miles from the beautiful 31 acre “campus”, a family of four succumbed in their van from carbon monoxide, homeless and fearful of asking for help.

We worry about a minor sun in a 553 sextillion mile expanse while missing the truly needy just two miles from our 10,660 window paned cathedral that looks to the universe for other forms of life.

Those 400 ‘homeless”  and the others who drifted through over the last 3 years need one on one discipline and mentoring to survive.  Throwing money at the problem, as usual, may make us feel good like sugar to the palate, but unless someone has a fundamental understanding of human nature, the problem will persist and get worse.  This i will say: our Church tries hard to help those homeless by choice or need, and others; but the hundreds of billion$ wasted by the culture of death secular world is sad indeed.

This sanitization of the sanctuary ObamaVille  followed the retaking of the flood control channel named for Saint Anne when the 400 semi-sheltered people were moved into temporary motel shelters.

In a companion piece (xxx), I suggested a Good News climate changing solution using only 3% of Christ Cathedral’s environmental arable land, falling under the auspices of the Catholic Climate Covenant’s requirement to DO direct help for the poor, mentally ill, temp out of work, the lazy and those who choose NOT to join “normies”.   Point is, NOT looking past superficial compassion to truly solving the problems leaves one with an emptiness of mind, spirit and soul.  And the truly needy and ‘wanty’ without a clear vision out of their predicaments.

Calling for the Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth. I continue to do so.

There are way too many manufactured crises, a la Emanuel (the former Chicago mayor not the Savior), who states ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.   But prelate peer pressure, to conform to a form of group think and super pseudo scientific sophistication is KILLING the poor.  Not helping them.

Big Question is: can God protect His earth?   The ReCreation in the Noah Re-engineering Evolutionary Period should be proof.

I contend, as do some bishops reading this, that CO2, the left’s main target under their Marxian planetary beliefs that improved standards of living and families thriving is evil, is not the CAUSE nor CORRELATES with the hysteria of the Algoreans.  Yet it is a prevailing world view

Think critically and act courageously.  This 5.53 x 10 to the 23rd miles of universe did NOT happen by accident.  In case one never heard the realities, God started with nothing, has existed for all eternity and does not need us but desires our happiness forever.  Babble on about the Big Bang, theorized by a fellow Catholic, in which infinite mass is contained in zero volume, and you have a secularized, sanitized description of an Eternal God without the word “God”. God went BIG and SMALL; every one reading this has 30 trillion plus cells in their bodies.

Atheistic evolution, similarly, is like Mr Hoyle’s description of a tornado through a junk yard yielding a 747 without Boeing engineers: given enough time, like say Billions of years, and anything can be made with 3 monkeys and a typewriter.

Problem is, without supernatural intelligence, wisdom, power and abilities far beyond normal man (hat tip Superman TV), it’s useless banter.  God designed, built and SUSTAINS the universe and little old us on the 3rd planet from the much ignored climate and life sustaining sun.

In the middle of eternity, God created billions of stars, at least one carbon life form supporting planet,  trillions of insects, animals and plants, millions upon millions of biochemical, photovoltaic and other processes.

Whether you believe anthropologist Dr Leakey or the Bible, God only created one man, the second to the last act of general Creation. And crappy race theorists, there is only ONE HUMAN RACE.

Per Wiki, “the average 150 lb adult human body contains approximately 7×10 27th atoms and contains at least detectable traces of 60 chemical elements. About 29 of these elements are thought to play an active positive role in life and health in humans. 

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All 11 are necessary for life. The remaining elements are trace elements, of which more than a dozen are thought on the basis of good evidence to be necessary for life. All of the mass of the trace elements put together (less than 10 grams for a human body) do not add up to the body mass of magnesium, the least common of the 11 non-trace elements.”

This tells me God created the elements AND the earth for man; in fact, for the sustainability of man’s habitat. He anchored His world with the world’s largest object which I contend is a Catholic/Christian icon ‘gift’ (another blogpost but discussed below in brief) I call:

“God’s Compass at the center of His world”

Or in less clouded, less technical and conversational tones, so man could live long and healthy. And carry out the Great Commission.

A couple links: 


Beyond the subatomic level, man has 30-37 trillion (some estimate 75-100 trillion) individual cells, ordered in groupings know as tissues (histology: specialized cells working together); organs and operational as part of ten or 11 systems.  For example, the human brain has an average 86 billion neurons.  Each organ, different types of cells, tissues and other complexities.

But, it is critical to note, that God saved His best for last: He created His most complex entity in the known universe: woman.  THEN He took the day off.

The women I know are not scriptural allegories but real women.

Woman, unlike any other entity, angelic, earthly or ?, can take a single cell and over 280 days produce another 30+ trillion celled, intelligent being capable of 80+ years of life and genius too.  Can the God who makes this happen control the weather?  Is He the ultimate climate changer and climate change ambassador?  Or is He too stupid to radiate out into space excessive heat as He has since before and after the 120 year ship building project?

From the simpler to the most complex, God proved His ability to design, manufacture, engineer and reproduce.  But with ONLY ONE first couple.  There is no dozen first couples in Leakey’s Mesopotamian medium or the Garden of Eden.  One man and one woman.

ANY woman is, by design and nature, more complex than the whole universe sans woman;  as any Bishop would agree, God entrusted His math demands (Go forth and multiply) to two people we know as Adam and Eve.  Not Adam & Steve (quick commercial for our preoccupation with LBGTqwerty and not using wisdom in helping people who never understood 4th grade biology, anatomy or physiology)

9 billion people have resulted, post Noah’s eight boat magnates, less the 2 billion radical planned parenthoodlum extremists have killed since 1973 via assault knives up women’s birth canals.    And people expect to believe man could alter the planetary weather by helping the poor up their standards of living with advancing productivity? They can’t even keep their species alive, free of devolutional mass killers like the Oscars’ Cecile Richards, Kamala Harris and Margaret Sanger.  The irony of being at planned barrenhoodlum central (PP HQ Tustin@22fwy), with its security guard scowling at prayerful 40 days for lifers while PP sponsored the Gun Free Zone rallies around the country.  You can’t blame planned barrenhoodlums for putting our tax $$ where their mouth is: they just hate any competition to their serial killing with assault knives, even if guns save lives every day by stopping criminals in their tracks.

My point is simple: instead of wasting so much Catholic energy on the climate distraction, all our efforts should be focused on stopping the religion of satanism in their kill mill ritual sacrifice temples.  Wouldn’t my bishops and the Church in general agree 60 million American kids, 1/3 of the future NexGen, killed AND 2 billion worldwide as well, enough?  Instead of letting Hollywood and the leftists steal the narrative, indoctrinating kids that it’s not school safety but the NRA is the problem.  Our true #1 climate issue needing changing is the NAA: the National Abortion Association in all its demonic personifications.  The evil one is winning because we are distracted from basic scientific knowledge and faith-filled evangelization with the Gospel of MMLJohn instead of being animated with the bankrupt Algorean Heresies.

This is folly of the first order: leftist ideologues despise God, His involvement in salvation, let alone human, history and any acknowledgement of His ability to keep order in the universe.

What never gets mentioned at these faith filled climate change confabs is the direct insult: God doesn’t make pollution, especially the most critical trace molecule necessary for life, carbon dioxide and believing it must be eliminated from the earth for our survival.  Didn’t God tear down one Tower of Babel to disperse the original useless committee of men baying at the moon? 

Is this the 2nd tower of androgenic arrogance? Where we spend precious resources for a non-starter.

Especially if in the next two decades, the average global temp is driven down by, from .3 degrees Celsius and as much as 1-2 degrees;  of course the Algoreans either will get smart and claim victory and still take billions or drag back the Time Magazine cover of Ehrlich featured above.

Truth is, God has maintained control; other than mutually assured nuclear destruction, man lacks the ability to alter God’s universe on earth: the atmosphere.

Look at the 120 years it took Noah to build his cruising zoo ship.

I can hear the Job’s counselor choir:  “Beckman, it was just an allegory to count how many angels fit on a pin…”  No, awesome readers, Noah did what he did, not so Steve Carrel could listen to Morgan Freeman playing God, but because he was being obedient to the Chief Climate Changer in human history…and the history of eternity.  Building a ship that massive (full size replica in Tennessee) took 120 years per the historical documents.  “Beckman, no man could live that long”

Really?  Today, you are right, since aging is tied to exposure to cellular decay and we lack the atmosphere of Noah’s, and previous, days.  In fact, we are living longer but no where near where pre-Diluvian birthdays charted. Read on.

God, who answers to no one, decided He would cleanse the world with H20.  No interfaith climate committee consulted, just I AM.

For the record, it did not just rain for 40 days; the continents were massively reformed with gigamega gallons of subsurface waters brought to the surface, moving land masses and quick freezing whole fields of ‘fossils’ (everyone has heard of Whooly Mammoths discovered with undigested temperate zone ferns in Siberia),  upsetting a worldwide temperate climate and yielding so much “flood” that the ark came to rest above the 14,000 foot mark in Turkey.  Same country a 4th century bishop of Myra became famous in doing good Catholic service for the needy.  “Beckman, you’re an idiot.  Everyone knows people who believe Noah existed are idiots.”   Hmm, is Jesus an idiot?

Every culture has a flood story, but we have eye witness testimony it occurred with a vengeance.  In Matthew 24:36+, no textual critic, allegory hound or Genesis is fable “expert” can deny that Jesus confirms Noah’s existence. The real witness to megaclimate change.

Verse 37: …As were the days of Noah…” and “…when Noah entered the ark and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away”.  So, Jesus was making an allegory about an allegory?  Come on, experts, let’s get real.  Not only do we have a star chart of Mary stemming from 1531ad frequent flyer miles Queen Mary, we have a lifespans chart, a la early, stemming from man’s ever changing time on earth.

God reshaped and recreated the world, without creating a new First Couple; He kept eight humans alive in four secondary couples to repopulate the newly cleansed earth.  No discussion of climate change or global warming, just survival and gratitude to a living God.

They lived through climate change; man caused it by his sinfulness but God worked it to His ultimate purposes.  Then He left a scientific prismatic photo proof He wouldn’t use climate to destroy man yet again: the much co-opted rainbow.

Why the rainbow should be held sacred and not used for man’s recreation of God’s plan, now co-opted as the homosexual ‘sex’ banner, is this:  it FIRST appeared AFTER the flood.

This is why it was new to mankind; God had not rained and the sun, with its gamma et al radiation, was filtered out, including the aging factors we spend billions on today with cosmetics and sun screen SPF xx.

Jarnov woolly mammoth cut out in block of permafrost airlifted out

The book “The Waters Above” gives a scientific theory that the first rains occurred after the ark was closed up and full of man and animals.  Basically, borne out by scientific methodology, the earth was covered by a vapor canopy (a small sample of which may occur with the new grand minimum with extra cooling cloud retention); areas farthest from the Equator could be farmed and support human life and humans could live much longer lives protected by God’s version of SPF1000 sunscreen.  With a worldwide average temperate zone, Woolly Mammoths could venture as far north as Siberia, where intact specimens are cut out of the permafrost like the Jarnov mammoth for labs and museums.  Both intact (quick freeze theory) with ferns in their tummies and smooshed versions are available today.

In fact, protected from cellular degenerating cosmic waves, human anatomy could sustain (love that word) life well into the hundreds of years; at least that is what God told us in His family book.

“Beckman, now we know you are an idiot, those ages in Genesis are just approximations…People were primitive; they couldn’t count past 20, their ten fingers & toes.”

Really, suppose I can prove they weren’t that stupid and could record birthdays and lifespans before baby hater Zuckerberg and Facebook came along and donated $966 million to planned parenthoodlums to kill off 1/3 of humanity?

 The Genesis Geneologies are important to the climate change debate because they contain scientific input.

Since I love math, years ago I did a basic math profile of the listed geneologies in Genesis.  It is attached.

Beloved bishops and readers: you probably do, but in case you don’t, did you know that Methuselah was 369 years old when his grandson, Noah was born but not around for the Great Flood.  As it turns out, Methuselah, the person with the longest life span in history (other than Elijah and Enoch who never died)  at 969 years, left earth just five years prior to the Great Re-Engineering/Deluge.

So, like his son Lamech, Noah’s dad, Methuselah saw the shipbuilding project along with quite a few of the direct ancestors of Adam.  Did they scoff like so many unbelievers?  Who knows: maybe they helped their odd minded offspring build the boat to humor him or in obedience to God’s call on Noah’s heart.

Why God took Methuselah home just before closing up the Ark might be Methuselah was an honorable God fearing man and served out his time well.  We won’t know until we ask the question in heaven.

But, hidden in plain sight for us to discover, is scientific evidence of the most famous Climate Change in recorded history: blandly called the flood.

I have attached the math analysis of these scientific facts, but here is the gist, the quick version.

All the lifespans recorded BEFORE the flood, including Noah’s, ranged from 777 to 969 years.  By today’s standards and atmospheric composition, this sounds impossible, but my conjecture among many other scholars, is the cellular degeneration we experience on the beach without sun block did not occur before the flood.  SPF 1,000,000 so to speak.

Noah is the bridge: he began building the boat at 480 years old, and at 600 yrs old, God launched the boat without champagne but lots of H20, that miracle chemical we survive and thrive on.  Remember, the shipyard was in the middle of a land mass not on the Mediterranean Sea.  Who knows, the Sea may not even have existed yet.

AFTER the flood, Noah only lived 350 more but all the other cited forefathers exhibited dramatically dwindling life spans over time.  Shem (438), Arpachshad (433), Peleg (239), Nahor (148) among others.  Using the scientific method, the hypothesis is nature and nature’s God protected His human beings from the source of heat, light and cosmic radiation, the Sun in outer space, with a worldwide fog cloud or better put, ‘water vapor canopy’ that covered the entire earth.  In case you don’t know it, water vapor still makes up 4%! of the atmosphere today.

After the flood, and testing the hypothesis, there was no rain because God ushered in the first rainbow after the rains subsided and the continents had been reformed.  And we know aging is accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun.  Look at preflood ages: Seth (912), Adam (930), Enosh (905), Mahalalel (895 yrs).

“Beckman, these are approximations…”  Sorry bishops and readers: you don’t see written Approx Adam, lived 900 years, Seth 950, Lamech (777actual), 800.

They are SPECIFIC lifespans, not approximations; these were wise people who could count 2400 seasons and divide by 4, giving us Noah’s age before his famous cruise on the open waters.

This helps us understand the great climactic change in all of time and space: waters above (the first rains) and below reshaped continents, moved land masses, created fossil graveyards for Shell and Arco later in history.

God RENEWED the earth as He cleansed it of sinful humanity; I wasn’t there (sorry #11 Katie, I did not park dinosaurs); could it have been adultery, homosexuality, depravity that led to this cataclysm?

If you don’t believe me, you probably have a bible nearby.  Or check out the Genesis geneology chart I created for your enjoyment.  Attached as an Excel file for your continued research:

xxx  ‘genesis geneologies

What the Algoreans and those that follow their pied piper leaders, miss, God leaves nothing to chance.  He even charted His early family history His sole purpose is to save souls, bring them to a happy eternity DESPITE our human failings.  ALL of creation was purpose-filled, interlaced and overlayed, to maximize man discovering God and His Son.  As it continues to this day: and today, we have better diagnostic tools and instrumentation to see just how infinitesimally intricate His work, like a clockmaker, is.

Contrarian view and correlation to His Story or history.  Suppose, God created the Universe FOR man, not man for the universe.  Let’s say He packed it with living symbols, irrefutable proofs no only that He exists but that man is loved by Him.  Forever.

For the Catholic, we have the miracles that defy scientific understanding that surround the Eucharist, such as the amazing Lanciano miracle that is 12 centuries old and still relevant. Type AB blood still fresh, still separates into five globules, the tested cardiac heart tissue still real.  And it occurred to a priest who had doubts about the legitimacy of the Eucharist.  So, God, as with Mary’s frequent flyer miles piling up, does intercede in mankind’s world and human history. Including at times, the climate.

If we are going to shake our fist at God, they at least we need to know the contrarian alternatives before jumping the cliff to the next crisis.  I wish my bishops perceived the obvious: With the Algoreans and the rad left, there is ALWAYS a new crisis.

Recall the Juan Diego cloak.  God left us physical proof that His stars are more than pinpricks, lining Mary’s tilma with the actual star chart of Dec 12, 1531.  Though not discovered until recent times with advanced telescopes and computers, God told us the signs of the zodiac, though co-opted by jeane dixon and tin hat wearing deceivers, are relevant to His story: Virgo the virgin rested over her heart on the Guadalupe image; Leo the Lion of the tribe of Judah rested IN the maternity belt covered womb, the only apparition suggesting Mary was pregnant. Just coincidence?  No Godincidence!

From the verdant scientific Aztec theories at the time, came a cactus cloth refuting its fundamentals: 9 million followers of Christ Catholic resulted over 10 years, after a fine start of 175,000 by the barefoot Franciscan foot soldiers from Vera Cruz.

While today we import the very masculine lifeblood (dads and older sons) of a great Catholic country for our selfish American desires and wants.  Some call it immigration; i call it a sad desertification of Mexico and its strong Catholic familial roots, so Hollywood gets the best heroin and carwashers, servants and landscape engineers; with the added bonus of 642,000 emigre crimes (like murder and robbery) in 7 years in the Lone Star state.   Sadly, left over for the drug cartel and gang recruiters are the moms and younger children left behind.

I love the Mexican people; I wish more saw the reality of importing and protecting the alien criminals en masse; we have enough domestic criminals of our own.   Off soapbox.  But back to the Trinity.

Suppose, God interlaced scientific realities as existent symbols of His composition:  there are unlimited numbers of prime numbers but only THREE prime colors: blue, red and (yellow) yellow.

When the 3 Primary Colors are combined, we get pure white light.   Even though there are an indeterminate number of prime numbers, God created only 3 primary colors.  Did He do this to outshamrock that Scottish born boy named Patrick who converted Ireland’s best?  You tell me.

Ever hear, “Light from Light, True God from True God”?  Just maybe, He gave us something BEFORE the shamrock to try and grasp the Trinity as Who God truly IS!?   Save Augustine from himself on the seashore with the boy and his pail.  We barely understand the composition of light streaming here from 93 million miles away; meanwhile, God uses it to show He is real: made of both matter (Jesus), Father and Spirit, and the Three are indistinguishable as the Godhead, just as yellow, blue and red are indistinguishable combined as the One True White Light.

xxx  picture of spectrum add) Do we understand “color”?.  What we call colors are actually a section of the electromagnetic spectrum (a grouping of charged particles (energy) that move through space at a particular wavelength and frequency) referred to as visible light. The average human eye can perceive wavelengths that are from about 390 nanometers long (violet) to about 700 nanometers (red). A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.  And it is the first thing God mentioned He made in His autobiography.

After the infinitesimally massive light and creative energy at Creation, the next time of note about this incredible light show was at the Transfiguration, where the Law and the Prophets, repped by Moses and Elijah, flanked Our Lord.  And this next one is most critical to note:

Recorded on the linen cloth of the Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa and today Turin, is the best example of 100% pure light.

Scientists in 2010, using high powered eximer lasers, tried to replicate this reality: every cell in Jesus’ dead body burst forth with hyper laser light (without heat) that had a three-dimensionality to it; it was like He turned on the largest light switch in history, blew through the cloth imprinting the top 50 millions of a inch of the fibrils with an estimated 800 billion watts over 1/40 billionth of a second.  ALL PURE LIGHT and NO heat.

I was reminded of this reality listening to Father Spitzer recently at a conference; his love for physics, the Church, the incredible Shroud we continue to discover more about and the Centerpiece of our faith, Jesus, came through blindingly.

Look at God’s ordained seven days in the week; there are seven, not six not 15), whole notes in the musical scale. (as is audio science ).  Each 8th note is up an octave (obviously) but the ear hears a reflection or harmonic of that same note as you go up or down the scales.  Like the week, the 7 whole note musical scale repeats until we can’t hear it.

Do-RE-Mi is not just a Sound of Music piece, but shows that there are scientific aspects to light, sight, music and sound.  My fave Bishop Kevin knows music; when he hits the ivories, the 8th note is the regeneration or repeat of the 1st, with harmonic components.

God is the Chief Mathematician.  It seems He interlaced numerical values tied to supernatural truths continue unabated, throughout Creation and Scriptures.  Ever hear this, Jesus’ name in the Greek is 888?  Both Greek and Hebrew have assigned numbers to letters and vice versa, kind of an alphanumeric property to their letters; each letter has a corresponding number.  Accident, coincidence or Godincidence?  Always remember, God designed everything, including the sciences and created a universe commensurate with His plans.  NOT ours.  Need proof?

The Antarctic ice mass, contrary to fake news, has grown larger not smaller

For example, early in every year, we hear God demonstrate his Chief Astronomer credentials in the Old Testament reading.  We puny humans believe we know climate better than God, yet He is the true Scientist.

Look how it took at least 3000 years, all the way to the 1600s, after He stated it simply in the BC era, to realize God had created billions, not 1043 (Denmark’s Tyco Brahe’s estimate who was a contemporary of Galileo) stars in the 5.53 sextillion mile universe.

Meanwhile, we are trying to embarrass the Church, the Gospel, entrusted with the fullness of faith, yet again with a Galileo-an size mistake with this preposterous belief in androgenic climate change.

In Genesis again, God matter of factly told Abraham, for his contribution to Son sacrifice for the good of all, that his obedience meant he would have descendants as “numerous as the stars of the sky and sands of the sea”.

Now Abraham, bishops and readers, had no Apollo or Falcon heavy spaceship but he could scoop up millions of sand kernels with one hand while looking up into the night sky. How many stars did Abram see?  Maybe 1000; but since Galileo, scientists believe there are between 10 sextillion and 1 septillion stars in 100 billion ~1 trillion galaxies.  “Only God knows” is the common phrase; He does!!

Sub in the scientific equation symbol, the equal sign for “and” in God’s promise to Abraham, and God told us before Christ that there were both billions of stars AND sand kernels in the same universe.  It wasn’t until the Danish Tycho Brahe’s contemporary, the much maligned Galileo, perfected the telescope, that the scientific veracity of God’s prophecy was proven for the blind human race. Tycho, the last Catholic (as Bishop Barron’s article on Catholic involved scientific discoveries and priest-scholars, pointed out) astronomer pre-telescope, believe less than 1050 stars in the known universe.

Today, no one any longer estimates between 1000 and 2000 stars.

But, think critically about this.  God wasn’t playing games: i repeat, He knew there were much more than a couple thousand suns, yet UP UNTIL 4 CENTURIES AGO, humanity had no idea the expanse.   Of course, the Algoreans chime in you must separate science and religion, faith and the universe, just like church and state.  All illogical fallacies.

Algoreans are classic bullies. But, we can still be holy, separate from their fiction and provide the truth.  IF we research and stay courageous.

Suppose, also, God created the largest man made object on earth as a beacon of time, space and salvation history that any bishop or reader could pull up on their tablet today in real time.

Suppose, He covered or had this object covered, with 144,000 multi-ton mirror stones to coincide with astronomical events, like the first day of spring.  That He built or had it built on the exact center of the world (not earth) that was it’s brightest on the actual day of rebirth, renaissance, resurrection, renewal at 12 noon.  344 acres and NO shadow.  Built true to the cardinal compass points.  As if a beacon of hope to the world.

Then, just for kicks, He used it to honor His Son’s coming, in addition to the 600 verbal prophecies, with something physical: the Christ Angle, built into an eight sided (formerly thought of as four) object known as the great pyramid of Giza.  I know, here I will lose you, but I am just tossing out facts for the reader to research.  I promise I am Catholic, not an Enochian or shudder Algorean.

The Architect laid out this angle, 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.7 seconds, coincident with the passageways built in and across the base toward the east, of the Great Pyramid.

I challenge my bishops and readers to Google Earth the pyramid of Giza and to no one’s surprise, it will be true to your tablet or computer screen’s borders, something no early Apostle could do.  Humor me and try it.

great pyramid of giza (GPG) as it appears today

The line from the GPG, based on this Christ Angle, believe it or not, beloved bishops and readers crosses over the two pillars of Solomon marking the Exodus entry/exit points AND the house of Bread, Bethlehem. Godincidence, as usual.

Astronomically, on the day of rebirth, the first day of Spring, if you stand on the GPG, the sun rises over Bethlehem as well!

Suppose, in salvation history, it was one of those astronomical signs that led the Magi via the Star of David to find Jesus, before their remains were taken to Kolon Cathedral as relics to those who still follow the Star of the star.  At that time, the 144,000 mirror stones would have still been in place before they became the masonry department for a middle east Home Depot following a 6th century earthquake in Egypt.  All, but a few of these 144,000 stones were stolen.  Those below the sands were extrapolated by computer to assess how many were in place up until 600ad.

There is a boatload of focus points on the Savior: it is an 8 sided pyramid (discovered recently); no cornerstone on top.  It’s concavity matches the earth’s surface; sits on the exact CENTER of the WORLD, not just Egypt but the entire world.  And it was placed there long before satellites and computers could ascertain which longitudinals and latitudes indicated such.  So much more available to show these realities.

In fact, recall,  God SPOKE on climate theory long before today.  I know math can be boring but decades ago, i noticed the mathematical properties of the early people’s lifespans, how they changed AS THE CLIMATE CHANGED and basic truths, taken from the recorded lifespans.

Please, bishops, lets recoup our losses and get out of the crises game; it is unbecoming of people of faith, especially based on a lie.  And there is the distinct probability, with the resurgent Maunder Minimum that global warming, non existent for two+ decades, will continue to be NON existent and actually show a preceptible decrease; of course, except in government climate change grant acquisition training classes.  And drift downward, requiring actual change in scientific response.   Follow the money, it tells all.

PREPARE YE the way of the cold.  It’s time to be real and not follow every wind of climate doctrine.

If you still think God can’t control the climate, at least look at some of the relevant scientific facts the Algoreans and interfaith environmental committees are ignoring.

The polar bear, symbol of a dying world, actual population is FIVE TIMES as large over the last four decades…that photo op Coke commercial polar mom and son bear were on an ice floe…uh, polar bears jump into cold waters to get fish.

The seas are NOT rising, just the hysteria about islands that are misstatements of scientific fact. Notice, even with East Anglia admissions of cooked books and fake numbers, everything is slated to happen 100 years out and the world will end.  We are lemmings to give the leftist ideologues any more rope to hang themselves as they bankrupt an excellent world.  Yes we have problems; but problems are solvable if we get off the hysterics hayride.

There have been two decades of ZERO global average temperature increase though we have had things unheard of in human history: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought.  Oh wait, those have happened before, always have always will.

Consensus IS the cancer of an advanced world; true in education, in life, in scientific methodology. Truth is the cure.

One last: recall, we just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the largest climate change event in the last 100 years: the sun dancing, drying up the earth quickly at the Cova in Fatima, without burning the humans nearby; the solar rotation interrupted and descent to the earth.  70,000 saw this occurrence, on the last day of Mary’s frequent flying adventure to Fatima:

If God can move the sun off its rotation, move it to the earth, quick dry out a miserable rainy day without melting the humans, for a critical apparition on an October Saturday in 1917, just maybe He can control the weather.

A Saturday for this last apparition in 1917, the 7th day of the week, guaranteed more people could be there for the spectacle and 70,000 complied.

The climate that we must change, bishops and readers, is this propensity to be bamboozled, be conned into the latest wind of doctrine. Even because of peer pressure, indoctrinated into conformity with a lie.

The Algorean heresy is destructive and just another lie from the king of lies, satan.  Yes, this Catholic, o bishops and readers, knows that evil and the original evil one still exists to disrupt, distract and accuse, distort all things Created and the Creator.

Evil has always been the distorter and deceiver, not just with Jesus in the desert.

Create a new life?  Abort it.  Institute marriage?  destroy it with divorce, same sex ‘marriage’, demonic gender ideologies like LGBTqwerty ad infinitem.  Create an infinitesimally intricate universe, claim man can change it.

If this isn’t true, why do the Algoreans, especially the Democrat leaders like Kamala Harris, adulterate, lie and cheat and steal, even as a junior sitting California Senator, God’s best work.  Harris prefers dead girls to live productive oil used in cars and industry.  So did Marx: control the means of production AND education, and you control the world.

One more truth: God turned the evil of the generations into a natural resource that powers our cars and industry DESPITE the thuggery of inefficient “renewable” energy sources. As a research director, I look at the cost benefits of all forms of energy use: there is room for all to compete; let them compete.  Just don’t slant and lie about the costs nor the benefits.

God took the dead organics of the flood and pressed out oil, coal and natural gas.  Fossil fuels are NOT evil; they can save and feed the 3rd world as we help them mitigate smog and other real ‘pollutants’.  Don’t insult God and call that lifegiving gas, CO2 as evil.

Demonizing fossil fuel is not in salvation history nor the Scriptures, certainly not older Catholic tradition.  To quote the mind of the pirate Harri$$, who stole irrefutable evidence Aborters without Borders are satanic demon doctors at work:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from Mother Wombs instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth”.  Therein lies the lie, the center of Algorean heresies: 

“Man is king and the center of the universe.  We are capable of becoming gods, despite being turned back at Babel and on earth today.  We have the right to kill kids, for women to choose death for the next generation and for the industrious among us to sell the baby organs.  Yes, parts sold separately.  God is irrelevant if He exists at all.”

Bishops and readers:  Man is NOT the center of the universe, God is.  Galileo and Copernicus showed the heliocentric not mancentric solar system model to be true.


The First Law of Climate Change:  it does, always has, always will

Corollary to 1stCCLaw: man has zero to do with it.

Algorean Heresy: get as much taxpayer money as you can for a fake industry feeding on family fortunes.

California Climate Change Ambassador Brown:   Charge a 35% gas sales tax rate because we can.  We can get the bishops, like margaret sanger got the black ministers, to buy in to the fact the state needs to tax air.  and the bishops and their people will form committees and waste valuable time on the gospel of Algore to the detriment of the eternal Good News of Love.

Quick recap:

Climate Controller.  God remain active in the universe, and with the climate.

Astronomical Accountant. He told us there were billions not just a thousand, stars in the sky, 3000 years BEFORE we could verify the truth in 1630s xxx

Lifespans loomed large.  In the beginning of recorded history, we have evidence humans lived much longer, max at 969 years; and lifespans were much longer BEFORE the flood.  Noah, after 120 years as a shipbuilder was 600 years old as he entered the ark.

His three sons, no longer protected after the flood by the vapor canopy, and their descendants’ lifespans decreased precipitously through today.

This would make a good seminarian exercise; simple to do:  chart the actual life spans of the early Fathers of Salvation History.   Oops.  Already done.  See the chart

“Beckman, they are just approximations…”   Really, why are ALL the lifespans odd numbers?  The four seasons may be a modern music group or hotel, but they have existed from the beginning.  Even Israelites could count birthdays and record same.  Summer to summer, first cut log for the Ark to the last, etc.

My fave bishops and friends, thank you for reading. Let’s not pull another Galileo, please.

Isn’t it time to end this nonsense, put consensus back on the shelf, and look for the Truth.  After all, the Truth will set you free.  Free from the incessant crises du jour that the Algoreans and other pot stirring ideologues continue to foist on a great and beautiful world.  Yes, we get EQs, drought, hurricanes and tornadoes, but friends, this is called CLIMATE and weather.  The Chief Climate Change Controller proved, in Noah’s time, He controls climate.  He did the same on October 13, 1917 in Portugal on a rainy Saturday.

Not TV meteorologists nor man.

As He does today.






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