TY Grant for taking back the Dem corrupted language. It IS a great day to be ALIVE!

Grant, while I waited on hold for the Jen&Grant morning talk show, you mentioned ANTI LIFE and language.

TY sir for doing what all non-lefties, those not profiting as misery merchants need to do:  Rescue the language currently held hostage by the ObamaNation of Desolators and their cronies in the District of Corruption.

It IS Anti LIFE to choose to kill your kids, anytime between conception and natural birth.  After birth, LIFE is PRECIOUS through natural death not just when someone with other interests decide it’s time to end your life.

My call in was about VIability.  Parse the word; it is the ability to be viable: to remain alive.  And one’s ability IS the real choice involved, both mother and daughter or son.

Truth be told:

Viability BEGINS at conception, and unless a zygote/embryo/foetus/ waters bag swimmer/thumbsucking baby is killed in utero or dies from NATURAL miscarriage, it WILL live to be born.

Grant, I really enjoy your work on Newsmax and AM870 with the Conservative Crusader Alemany grad Jennifer.

My Jennifer is married to my son Nathan; they just adopted a 2 year old Opioid victim Jason in Ohio last month, and he is an absolute bundle of joy.  Someday Nate & Jen may have a natural birthed child, but by then they will adopt the other three fosters in their care.  All under two. currently.  Imagine that: a young couple, a homeschooled dad who teaches college and high school, with his gorgeous Jen raising four former foster, soon to be adopted, two and under, full of life kids.

The Opioid child had birth parents who gave him life, but the addiction to Purdue Pharma Pudding, oxycontin et al, forced them to surrender their parental rights.  It’s not just fentanyl or Pfizer Pfauci Pfixes that can maim or kill, prescription opiates have devastated parts of Ohio and the rest of America.

Speaking of Devastators, the Damnocrats, misery merchants, mad rad left or whatever you call them, have OWNED the narrative, the language, the discourse for decades.  You and Jen know this.  But, my marketing MBA helps me do real estate AND smell the usual con jobs from the left.  As in this massively mishandled public health bureauRat pandemonia.

Misused words?  Take Breakthrough, one of the latest?

A breakthrough is NOT someone getting jabbed by a Pfauci Pfizer Pfix then GETTING Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague (pronounced Mao ‘Say Cheese’ plague).  Ok, getting Covid21 or 22.  A breakthrough, before the Pfauci Pfraud Corp. got involved, was a positive, good innovation or discovery.  It HELPED humanity, not disabled it.

Grant, this is the same in the 50 year etymology word game of the day misdirection the left has played.  You know of what I speak.

In the 70s, it was blob of cells.  Then “it’s just tissue”.

Problem for the death culture’s prostiticians like Kamala, JoBama Biden, Pelosi and other usual suspect Catholics in name only, like Roberts, is something called computed ultrasonography came along.

All of a sudden, the blob of cells and tissue seemed to show physical movement, and much better resolution than analog ultrasound.  You could SEE the kid and NOT deny the nose, toes and other appendages of homo sapiens sapiens.  Grant, my friend, and Jen too, we are NOT members of the animal kingdom: another misery merchant ploy.  We are all members of the ONE singular HUMAN kingdom, the human race, of which, redundantly said, there are ONE, uno, un.  NOT a black race or Chinese race or NASCAR race: we ALL come from the same first parents.  No exception except well Jesus.

Dems make great, though illicit wordsmiths: Like manmade global warming to CO2 to climate change, the left’s etymology (word science) labs work 24/7 to fleece, screw and pull the wool over the sheep’s critical thinking.  IF they can think at all.  Grant, Jen, you may be right: the low information voter has an IQ equal to the freezing point of water.  Maybe lower.

That’s why the left gets away with it, with their surgically attached propaganda lap dogs.  In the 80s and 90s, the human child went from a “product of conception” with the science of embryology through birth taken out COMPLETELY: Swimming Jill and Jack became 5 pounds of squirming “woman’s right to choose…”

But, to choose what?

A woman’s right to choose to have her VIABLE child killed by the companion ruling to RoeWade, the DoeVBolton protected doctors.  Doctors of death at best, satanic surgeons at the worst.

Grant & Jen, California’s laws are much more stringent protecting demon doctors and abortion than the other 56 states.

But, the sleeper abortion law out of Georgia, DOEv Bolton, was adjudicated the same Jan 22, 1973. It isn’t even mentioned.

If Roe goes and Doe is untouched?  Here are the first words from that law argued 50 years ago on Dec 13, 1971:

“Georgia law proscribes an abortion except as performed by a duly licensed Georgia physician
when necessary in “his best clinical judgment” because continued pregnancy would endanger a
pregnant woman’s life or injure her health; the fetus would likely be born with a serious defect;
or the pregnancy resulted from rape…”

DOE v. BOLTON, 410 U.S. 179 (1973) 410 U.S. 179
DISTRICT OF GEORGIA No. 70-40. Argued December 13, 1971 Reargued October 11, 1972 Decided January 22, 1973

Any doctor can say it is “unhealthy” for a woman to carry her munchkin to term.  Any doctor, even Fauci.

G&J: Did you know that planned parenthood kill mills NOW are vaxx sites?

My confession: Planned Parenthood at Tustin/22fwy in Orange IS now a vaccine center.  I’ve been inside the Tustin //22fwy PP in Orange run by Jon Dunn, both as Santa years ago and as an inquiring Pfizer jab recipient recently. 

Looks like a typical “medical clinic” but kill mills are deceiving in their inner sanctums.

The operative words are: doctor decides if it is injurious to her “health”.  This include mental not just moral illness/health, people.  NEVER trust the left, the misery merchants who hate America and allowing little Americans kept alive to go to kindergarten.  After all, as Dr Regan Theiler proved, little girls make great parts sales, sliced up and sold, heart here, a liver there.  At least the slaves were more valuable in one piece on the 1854 Southern Democrat plantations.

The Language as Hostage:

G&J, you aren’t as old as I am.  Just as my generation, the Haight Asbury VW van folks became tenured leftist professors, the Democrats and RINOs have lurched left much farther than Pisa’s Tower.

And they effectively bastardize words; the Dem Propagandists (the left media) which I abbreviate as the ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, get the faxed/texted/email verbum pro diem, the “word for the day” and then act like Lemmings until the next misdirection is put in play.

Proof?  The talking heads repeat and repeat the same sad dumb fraud, like Schitty’s Russian collusion, or climate change caused wildfires, you know the drill.

Take the Epiphany (Jan 6) INSURRECTION, another example.  All 2020, we had 534 riots, billion$ burned, 50 deaths, hundreds of cops injured, viable livelihoods destroyed. Amazing, as the picture shows, there’s nothing here here… this looney leftist CNN reporter talks in front of a green screen and the imagery piped in?  NOT!  A career level liar becomes anti-life and sociopathic.  Making $950 your crime minimum or $1000 bail for a black supremacist 5% Islamist wife beater and SUV jihadist IS insane.

All in the left’s name of “peaceful protest”.

Fast forward to the Stop the Steal peaceful rally on Epiphany 2020, January 6th; the left’s INSURRECTION had a bit less than the $85 billion in sophisticated military hardware JoBama Biden gave international terrorists: what did Pelosi’s crack star chambermaids find?

ONE gun and one dead Trump supporting Air Force vet Ashli Babbett, murdered in cold blood by you know who: a BLM CapCop who’s life was NOT in danger…nor anyone else.

ONE dead and we get a star chamber headed by that Schitty Schiffty representative from Jen’s district, Adam the Liar.

If you can’t tell which one is the bigger liar, one of them is on trial and the other tries our patience from the House of DC Miscreants.

Jen’s representative knows the truth: Schiffty lies deeper than a green shag rug soaked in blood red patriots’ blood;  this Pelosi flunky, who lives in Maryland and owns a 600sf condo on First Street in Burbank as his flop house couldn’t tell the truth if America’s life depended on it.  Not much room for his family of six; they must be like the Willy Wonka family bed in the living room.  Not to mention, his lyin’ bro Mr Smallett.

Jen, Grant: keep up the good work. Abortion, Mr. Stinchfield is NOT an issue.  It is LIFE AND DEATH to both the mom and her child.  Calling it an issue, again, is us good people being tooled by the Demonrats, Damnocrats or ? lefty leaders.

The real Democrat party goers no longer have a voice it seems.  It’s just the AOC, Tlaib, Inman Omar & the other usual suspects bought and paid for by Soros and his DA criminal lovers factory.

Why ISN’T it an issue?  Here’s why:

Newly adopted Jason baptized the night after his probate court appearance that morning

“According to many pro-choice advocates, preborn babies should not be considered people. In light of this, it may surprise you to learn that babies’ hearts actually start to beat as early as 18-24 days after conception

By as early as the fifth week after conception, development of the heart and circulatory system has already begun [2]. Around week six, the neural tube along the baby’s back closes and the baby’s heart begins pumping on its own [3].

As the different tubes of the heart fuse, the heart begins to contract and early brain chambers form.

During this time, the heartbeat begins and can be seen via ultrasound. The heartbeat is a reassurance of the health of the baby during the early stages of pregnancy. This is significant in that it shows that the baby is its own entity, in possession of one of the most basic characteristics of life—a heartbeat.

Two of the most basic, essential functions that distinguish human life are breathing and possessing a heartbeat. When someone has been involved in an accident, one of the first signs of life to check for is the pulse and breathing.

By this time, the circulatory system has also achieved a significant level of development. This allows the baby’s unique organs to function, and for blood and oxygen to flow to the brain chambers, which formed in week six.

The main point being made here is that these developments are but a few of the many signs that the fetus is a person. The heartbeat shows the baby’s independence from its mother and allows the baby to continue growing and developing as its own person. The viewing of ultrasounds aids the bonding experience between the mother and child. It helps those who see the imagery to realize the preborn’s humanity.”   As Justice Gorsuch put it, there are TWO interests. That of the mom and that of her child.

Len is a real estate broker for 33 years, dad to 11 kids who were homeschooled over 35 blessed years (with a tiny roadbump during Mao Tse-Xi’s plague years weaponized by ChiComXi and the Democrat useful idiots, including Pfizer Pfauci, our Dr. Faucinstein).  He screams “It IS a great day to be alive” each day. 

Comments, anyone?                                                      Revised Dec 2, 2021

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