Nick Sandmann & Kyle Rittenhouse: good men who battled the Evil Empire and Moral Illness

The push for equal justice is an adventure: Alinsky followers like to do corrupt things and blame you for what they are doing corruptly…such as the push for equity, not just equality of opportunity.  They prefer equal misery to successful Americans!

As it is, we have a bunch of silly nuts in the Misery Merchants marines (MMm’s), apologies to our great service people who never give up defending our land.  Problem with silly, is it quickly degrades to dangerous, even death.  Climate change, CO2, non-living but moving thumb suckers set up for the PP kill, the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague & Jab Profiteers, Prostiticians not statespersons, Demonrat propagandists posing as “journalists and press people”, among others.

They claim man can change the weather, something I’m sure God chuckles at, by NOT using His gift and tool of life, carbon dioxide.

Now we must have equal arbor (tree equity?) in the new ‘Screw the Taxpayer Family’ T-bill (trillion$$legislation)  our two bit grifter JoBama Beijing Biden and friends concocted.  The miserable left controls academia, the media (renamed the Democrat Propaganda Corp) even the language.

This last has gone on for a century, back to 1854 but much more aggressively these last decades.

The talking heads and lapdog Democrat sheep get the verbum pro diem, the word for the day, from the DEMetymology Dept of Weird Words. By text, email, bankrupt NYTimesWashCompost newsies, fax even smoke signals. Sometimes whispered on the Biden line Amtrak ride that lunchbox Joe has traveled at least once though claiming thousands of times.  Hard to keep the lies straight and the angles clear with JoBama.

Take this DDWW example:  “vaccine”; it used to mean a drug that is taken once and then you are protected from viruses in that viral class; ok sometimes a booster every ten years for tetanus. But not every month beginning with a consonant.

Today it’s a Pfizer Pfauci Pfix, 3 shots in 7 months, a booster every six months after that, now a decoy Pfizer Pfauci Pill somewhat suspiciously similar to that very successful alternate therapy Ivermectin that has been successful since discovered for river blindness and proven in Uttar Predash, India on 240 million or so Indians.  Not the Thanksgiving Norteamericano natives, but the Asian subcontinent types Biden said work our 7-11s with an accent.  What an insult!  Some of the smartest people on earth come from India.

But, no one will ask St Andrew, Dr Faucinstein, the top question:   Why do they try and call it a universal vaccine when it’s just a series of shots with 30,000+ deaths and 900,000 bad side effects…

So far…

At least the horses get apple flavoring when they take Zimecterin.  Yet, duplicitous CDC (Corrupted Data Central) say Americans aren’t allow to save themselves with early aggressive therapies like the zinc ionophoric regimens anchored by Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Quercetin.

Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, NAC get results, instead of waiting to die with your last mask, a ventilator, in the overpaid coviDeathitals, ie hospitals on the take averaging up to $100,000 per covid case.  Confession: this author has been on a doctor designed hydroxychloroquine regimen for a year, supplemented with Quercetin the aforementioned Zinc, N-Acetyl Cysteine, certainly Zinc the Virus Killer, C and Balance of Nature.  Ivermectin safely on deck should symptoms occur.  A year come Dec 1.  Why?  I hate pharmacological malpractice, medical tyranny and deceiving 3 card monte medical history/research.

People have caught on to the smurf, St Anthony Fauci;  it’s as usual, like so much death & destruction, follow the LOVE OF money: boosters cheer for college football teams. Not shots considered vaccines.

Next is the new Webster Merrimac definition of “breakthrough.”  It used to mean a major good, positive discovery, like a quantum leap in science or a new drug developed to cure cancer.

Under Dr Pfaucinstein’s reign, it’s definition is “a Pfizer inoculated girl who gets covid anyways”.

Inoculated boys, too!  To add insult to idiocy, a “vaccinated” person dies UNvaccinated if they perish with covid the first 14 days.  Don’t wanna have bad news or cook the data?  They apparently don’t teach math in med school.  Similar to Singer’s assessment a kid isn’t alive for 25 days post birth, Pfauci’s Army hates medical truth defying his Nobel Prize in Medicine campaign.  Very sad state; the more shrill he gets, the more the scientifically acceptable failure of Pfauci jabs prove to be, the less people will accept his and the “public health” talking heads pronouncements.  NIH used to stand for National Institute of Health, like in 2005 when Fauci praised the success in writing of “chloroquine” stopping Corona viruses.  But medical tyranny despite incredibly advanced technology, as the Amish taught us by their success during Covid, is man’s natural immunity from dishonesty and doing wrong, is easily overcome by the herd instinct to chase the LOVE of money, and not heal the nation and the world.

What’s this got to do with two teens, one 17, the other 16 year old?

They have taught us, in different ways, that the culture of death CAN be overcome.

A calm Catholic student named Nick Sandmann was at the Capitol on the Lincoln memorial steps for the annual “stand up for NOT killing kids” called the March for Life.

“On January 18, 2019, a perfect storm involving a group of mostly white high school boys from the South, a Native American elder and some of his followers as well as members of an activist organization called the Black Hebrew Israelites converged on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., following a March for Life rally.”

Personally, I’ve been at many “March for Life” and pro life adventures with teens in tow; not mentioned is preCovid, the DC March typically has 500,000 attendees, peacefully standing up and marching forward for innocent living girls about to be sliced up for parts.  That Jan 18, following the March, a number of groups were enjoying the after experience, peacefully, did I say, peacefully with each other.

Up walks Nathan.  Nick, with poise, endured relentless Pow wow percussion wowing from a charter member of the Misery Merchants: Nathan Phillips.  Thank you Mr. Phillips for your service in Vietnam but not your childish goading of a good 16 year old just enjoying our nation’s capital, the place now severely tarnished as the District of Corruption by you and your fellow misery merchants.

Look at and listen to the Kyle Rittenhouse story…as if it hasn’t permeated the propaganda mills for a couple years.  If only adults could show the wisdom of this young man.

The miserable talking heads, even after the verdict of not guilty, continue to call him an aggressive domestic terrorist.  Of course JoBama has fueled the international Islamist jihadist cabal with abut $85 billion in top notch offensive assault weapons.  Clearly, the three criminals, including the child rapist & weaponized skateboarder, were not peacefully protesting Kyle providing first aid to the riot victims.

Take a look at the picture in case you still think The View miscreant ladies have a clue about the truth.

The toddler nitwits of the radical left Democrat party just can’t stand freedom.   Sgt. William Kelly, of Norfolk police donated to Rittenhouse’s defense campaign, but was fired when hackers published his private donation.  How dare the Po-lice help someone who our two bit grifter influence peddler extraodinaire from Delaware called a “white supremacist” while a candidate.

Not to mention every Demonrat propagandist urinalist demonized Kyle, from the moment Kyle’s situation was known.  the ‘oops’ for JoBama Beijing Biden is all three perps were white, Kyle is NOT black and he acted skillfully to help Kenosha residents and in self defense.

When your challenged elected president, both in abilities and electability, let alone alleged stolen electioneer mumbles something, it has impact.  But what of “equity?”

The most dangerous arms merchant ever, who gave $85 billion in sophisticated weaponry to the most dangerous terrorists on the planet, believe it or not is STILL president and seeking 2024.  Fat chance he or AK47 will make it through to then.

Nick taught us how to be respectful, even if the adults act like piles of doo doo, and not lashing back. Kyle taught us ‘no good deed goes unpunished,’ when he defended his family, city and a friend’s business AFTER providing medical aid to those victimized by a riot fueled by a perp’s death.

Apparently, the misery merchants, terrorist thugs and general miscreants don’t like it when a white guy defends himself and helps others.  Even worse, when a mature Nick dispenses honest advice to Kyle:

“Covington Kid” Nicholas Sandmann, joined “Hannity” for an interview, offering advice to Kyle Rittenhouse following his acquittal earlier in the day.

Recall, in 2019, Sandmann came under attack from the media after a video of him wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat went viral, showing the teenager standing in front of a Native American elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (following) the March For Life.

Fox News host Sean Hannity noted that Sandmann’s and Rittenhouse’s experiences with the media are very similar, as the Kentucky student told the host that he is still actively suing six outlets based on various defamation or libel-related allegations.

“It’s terrible, Sean … As a 17-year-old in Kyle’s case and mine 16, your mind is still developing. So to deal with an overload of stress where you have this feeling that half of the country; hundreds of millions of people; hate you for something that you are innocent of – but how you are painted can do a lot to you mentally,” he said.  (Author’s note: it is outrageous how Biden and his Propaganda Brigade act against these teens.  They feel immune, even after costing their Billionaire bosses hundreds of millions…and more to come.)

“It takes a very strong will to be able to resist that and keep a level head. I think that Kyle Rittenhouse is dealing with that right now.”

Sandmann said that Rittenhouse’s litigation decisions are ultimately up to him, but that he would sue the media outlets he believes defamed his character.

“It’s really a personal call,” he said, adding that 2022 will mark three years since his own experience with the press, and six cases remain in progress.

“I know he has a lot on his plate, on whether he wants to entrench himself in this.”

Sandmann noted he has found it difficult to return to normal life after watching CNN, MSNBC and others report irresponsibly on his encounter with Native American elder Nathan Phillips.

“It was like a car crash you can’t look away from, you are not able to look away. My eyes were glued to the TV watching my character get torn apart,” he said.

“I know Kyle will face that journey of getting back to the person that he was before. Of course, he won’t ever be the same person again. It’s a struggle.”  end quote.

America’s facing more than a liar’s and mental illness problem: they are facing an epidemic of moral illnesses in so many areas, institutions and peoples.  Moral illnesses CAN be cured but you must work hard to find the individual cures necessary for a healthy morality to return.

“Freedom is the right to do what we ought to” in different circumstances.  The right to peaceful assembly (like the 534 riots in 2020 were NOT?). Right to self defense.  Right to help others.  Right to treat others better than we treat ourselves.

Take the much dreaded AR-15. The Demonrat propagandist press kept calling it an illegal short rifle, clueless about its parts, that Kyle crossed over state lines, used to aggressively kill anything Kyle could.

Total Schitty lies upon lies…

Come on, Dems: this isn’t the planned parenthood kill mill on Tustin at the 22 fwy, where they slice up little girls and sell the parts for a profit.

The bizarre persecutor/prosecutor showed just how idiotic he was, swinging the weapon around the room, the the AR-15 WITH HIS FINGER ON the TRIGGER!  Maybe he didn’t catch the Alec Baldwin fiasco.

It’s ignorance, not only of 2nd amendment, but it’s the lies told repeatedly about “assault” weapons, short/long barrel rifles, the fact guns SAVE lives when the elderly and others brandish them, so much more.   Kyle was not on a human hunt, like the Dem’s fave charity, planned parenthood.  He went out of his way NOT to shoot his attackers, all three criminals with storied pasts.  But Rosenbaum and Huber ARE dead, six feet under… as to Gage, he provided the testimony to prove Kyle was NOT a domestic terrorist like AntiFA, BLM and the other Soros inspired criminals need compassion apparatchiks.

As it is, the Democrat owned propagandists in the “main street media”, are on a ventilator and may never recover from their descent into hell’s kitchen of deceit.

Every life lost is a tragedy, especially if they are forced to meet God after trying to kill a Kyle and raping kids.  It’s something the radical left will never admit, the value of precious innocent life; but maybe you need a little wisdom.  Defending the defenseless AND defending ourselves and family are good use of our time.  Here’s a spot on reflection.

Fr Joseph Horn, a historical chronicler of new sacred edifices in the ordinary of Orange at the new St. Michael’s Abbey,  postulated this:  “No longer is it merely self-delusion on parade; now it’s self-delusion on the attack. But self-protection is still a basic human right. If they surround your car and threaten your life, then hit the gas, to defend your life. If they threaten to destroy your home or place of business, and your show of force is insufficient to deter them, then stop their attack with whatever force is necessary. That is your right not only as an American, but as a human being. Enough is enough. This is the land of the free because it is the home of the brave. I am not advocating violence; I am advocating the STOPPING of violence, swiftly and surely.

And you can quote me on that. Amen.”

Fr. Horn, I just did.

Len Beckman

Len is a realtor/broker helping buyers, clients and investors sell properties (and buy!) for 30+ years.  He just finished 35 years home-educating, known generically as “home schooling”, including 25 years working in cooperation with other homeschoolers.  Privilege of serving on staff as youth director and related for decades at three parishes until Donna passed in 2011.

A scientist dedicated to scientific methodologies and seeking the truth; known for the phrase “It IS a great day to be alive” and battling scientific ignorance by the misery merchants and pseudoscientists among us.

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