Erin’s Letter, Bishops surrender: a sad Covid Chronicle

Revised 11 24 2021

Erin, within 24 hours of Veteran’s Day, three smart women I know shared your “vaccine mandate” and “religious exemptions’ rejection” letter with me.

Who I am doesn’t matter, but I believe I have standing to ask some questions.  I do admit I AM a sinner… it is your right as the Super of Catholic Ed in OC to say what you want, believe what you want, and straddle the fence of uncertainty. But, IF you had 11 kids & 19 grandkids as I do, would you EVEN consider injecting 30 healthy, innocent with substances thousands of good clinical physicians say are dangerous.  Asked and answered.

Erin, you serve at the pleasure of the Bishop; we have excellent bishops in Bishop Kevin, Tim and Tom.  And let me admit: I AM a sinner but working hard to do right.

Why do I mention sin?  Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, the second generation of a dangerous Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus, is borne and made in sin.

Since words have meanings, even in our etymologically challenged world, we need accuracy in our dialogue.  Some are real, others are made up like little kids do.  The word ‘bishop’ means inspector, in that an important role he has is keeping an eye on their priests, flock, even this busy old guy writing this tome.  Shepherds do this; effective shepherds do it well.

Bear with me, a fellow Catholic with grave interest (you and the bishops’ letter is in appropriate blue and divided into segments) in these matters; you state respect for the law as being of primary importance among three.

These awesome ladies are good Catholics, like I assume you are, Erin:  they are peacefully inquisitive about why the stance when it’s not necessary?

I checked the new Biden/ObamaNation’s Domestic parents terrorist list and none of the ladies  have yet been tagged by Merlin the Magician Garland. Catholic Biden’s AG.  (Obamanation of Desolators is a word/phrase, a homonym of sorts, referring to Antiochus Epiphanes in his later days compared to a failed president shadowing the Oval Office 2 miles away)

Though not one of these parents have been labeled “domestic terrorists” by Mr. Garland, our esteemed Bidenesque style AG, for questioning what the letter actually means, not holding my breath about the future.  Zero push back from our Church leadership enables and emboldens the miscreants.  Erin, this is the prime issue: NO pushback by our Church with every toddler tantrum from the Newsom who would be emperor.

For the record, the ladies are Orange Countians; none are from Loudoun County, where the Title IX sport of boys wearing skirts for facilitated access to ladies restrooms and their private parts is sanctioned.  They get a pass from the county School Board to use the girl’s restrooms for sex therapy then when the “boys as girls will be boys” boys do plug every orifice but her ears, before transfer; point is, Erin, in this death cultured (Karol Wotyla’s words) world, we NEED our Catholic schools more than ever..

They are simply involved and popular mothers and hopeful this letter was an aberration that will get a correction SOON.  Unless educational suicide is your goal.

But Erin, realize you need not snatch defeat from the drooling jaws of victory:  the truth is on OUR side because corruption has been centralized: the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons points out regarding the worst withholding of life saving care since Terri Schiavo Schindler was starved and DEhydrated to death March 31, 2005:

Quote: “Then there are deaths from restrictions on effective treatments for hospitalized patients. Renz and a team of data analysts have estimated that more than 800,000 deaths in America’s hospitals, in COVID-19 and other patients, have been caused by approaches restricting fluids, nutrition, antibiotics, effective antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and therapeutic doses of anti-coagulants.

We now see government-dictated medical care at its worst in our history since the federal government mandated these ineffective and dangerous treatments for COVID-19, and then created financial incentives for hospitals and doctors to use only those “approved” (and paid for) approaches.

Our formerly trusted medical community of hospitals and hospital-employed medical staff have effectively become “bounty hunters” for your life. Patients need to now take unprecedented steps to avoid going into the hospital for COVID-19.

Patients need to take active steps to plan before getting sick to use early home-based treatment of COVID-19 that can help you save your life.”  End of very sad this Fauci Big PharmaCDCNIHFDA assisted murder at worst, tyranny at the very best, quote.

At an average $100,000 per covid ventilated dead patient pay back, too many hospitals are NOT our friend a la Hippocratic oath “Do NO harm”.  Jews hated the free cyanide showers at Auschwitz-Berkinau (I’ve been there); people are realizing the same today.

    Erin, IF you care, there ARE protocols, very successful to cure without indoctrinated inoculations to keep our families safely OUT of the hospitals.  Ventilators have become the most purposed mask: the DEATH kind.


You began: “Over the past two months the Department of Catholic Schools and the Bishop’s Office have received numerous emails, phone calls, and school survey results regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students.”

Erin: you SHOULD receive inquiries. A vaccine mandate, interfering in the basic right and responsibility of parents for their children’s health, is intrusive if needed, but diabolic WHEN it is evil. It’s like saying everyone needs a myocarium inspection for myocardia, one of the most pernicious side effects of the Pfizer Moderna universal inoculations pogrom.

Just as good can result, evil begets evil especially in the ‘scientific methodology’ realm. And I’m NOT anti vaccination. Just pro truth and medically necessary treatments POST one on one private consult with licensed medical professionals.  NOT federalized diagnoses, but one on one doctor/patient collaboration.

If you did NOT get a reaction from hundreds of the thousands of OC parents, then you and the bishops should worry.

Coast to coast, from Loudoun County to the county of Orange, there is a renewed awakening, peaceful uprising of parents protecting their children in the public indoctrination realm.  Duck duck GOogle “loundoun county school board” and read the history.  As to the more rigorous and blessed Catholic education area:  Per the Code of Canon Law (Erin, I will get you a copy if you don’t have one):

“Can. 793 §1. Parents and those who take their place are bound by the obligation and possess the right of educating their offspring. Catholic parents also have the duty and right of choosing those means and institutions through which they can provide more suitably for the Catholic education of their children, according to local circumstances.”

Erin, out of respect for the law, note under Title III on Catholic education, that parents ARE the primary educators of their children.  Whom they hire, ie “parents have the right and duty to choose” brings us to this matter.  You letter reads like sleepy Joe, our perennial Catholic Oval Office Occupier, after his warm milk at 8pm. Confusing and showing uncertainty when uncertainty is NOT needed.

You may not realize your letter has put EVERY parish based Catholic school parent on notice, they do NOT have the backing of the diocese on religious matters should the government decide what is best for YOUR elective students and OUR children.

“Can. 797 Parents must possess a true freedom in choosing schools; therefore, the Christian faithful must be concerned that civil society recognizes this freedom for parents and even supports it with subsidies; distributive justice is to be observed.”  School choice and vouchers anyone?

Erin, you continue: “Most communications have been reflections of the love, care, and concern you have for your children and other families who share your opinions. Thank you for your respectful approach and prayerful posture as we unpack this issue. The intent of this letter is to lend clarity and transparency on the Diocese of Orange’s perspective on the COVID-19 vaccine for students.”

So, not all communications have been so, I assume.  I have no tolerance of insulting, brash innuendo laden communiques: this is a serious matter that adults need to be involved in.

Erin, you have a PhD in education. I have only a Master’s in a related field, but have 11 amazing kids raised in Catholic schools for 35 years and finished 12 years as the oldest of 11.

My prayerful posture as we unpack this issue (your words) is our hierarchy, the diocesan leadership, will both honor the ordinary’s (bishop’s) responsibility to catechize his faithful and the role of dedicated Catholic parents and families.  But clarity and transparency, noble goals, have not hit the mark quite yet.

Erin, you summarized:  “As a diocese, our policies on COVID-19 safety remain governed by three basic principles:
• Adherence to Catholic moral teaching
• Protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff; and
• Respect for the law”

Catholic moral teaching is critical: and talk is cheap, so my citations need to be clear.   In the Church’s founding document written by the beloved apostle John, chapter 8:  “Jesus then said to those Jews who believed in him, “If you remain in My word, you will truly be My disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Erin, you know this: we live in a world of truth and error, facts and fraud.  Words have meaning, and the Word, our Savior, is our ultimate CEO: Chief Education Officer.  But, we the God fearing do NOT control the language, the verbum diem so to speak, issued almost daily by the corporate owned media and the radical left allies of idiocy.  The continuing evolution of pronouns and new gender IDs should suffice as an example.  But, note Erin, as the adult in the room, you and the Church need not subscribe to this silliness.  This isn’t a popularity contest; but it is one of obedience to the Lord, the Magisterium, basic common sense and medical science.  REAL not political medical science.

Confession: my first experience with SARS Covid19 ie Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, was the death of a fellow Thomas Aquinas College parent on 16 February 2020.  He may have been the second or third known death in California.

Just 17 days after President Trump shut down flights to the country of origin for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome/Corona Virus, version II.  Steve was a professor who taught Chinese students and had been to Wuhan.

The city is in the Hubei province, almost equidistant between Beijing and the newly “unified” Chicom city of Hong Kong; I have family who speak fluent Mandarin with interests in Taiwan who could update on the specifics.

It is the home of the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the weaponized functionally enhanced virus was first leaked or launched.  How the engineered second generation of SARS Covid I got out, really doesn’t matter: it’s what the future Maoist General Secretary Mao Tse-Xi’s did with the leak: he incubated in 11 million working class residents before they were sent to Italy and Spain as the day laborers to Chinese owned companies in these European countries.

Oddly,  Intra China cities flights, we now know, were blocked but flights OUT of Wuhan to the Western world continued.  EXCEPT to the US, where the first pocket of disease was the Life Care Center in Washington.  IF we had an efficient, fully functioning, non political public health system, we would have known quickly how contagious it was and seek to mitigate its lethality.  By the way, 40% of the residents died.  What has this to do with our Diocese?  Read on.

Erin, I don’t know how much research you have done or where you get your news, but the ultimate Catholic maxim of morality is NOT obeying blindly the rules of the Godless miscreants who lust for power; it is protecting our young.

This is the moral imperative, from conception to natural death, to protect innocent life while observing natural law and avoiding disorder. From a 5 pound soon to be born prebirth child, to at risk youth, our Catholic school kids,  self defensed Kyle Rittenhouse who defended his family and tried to help when a governor, the National Guard, Kenosha police stood down,  to the very vulnerable elderly, it is incumbent we seek justice and serve.  Catholic Andrew Cuomo is proof not all Catholic leaders are statesmen, what with 35,000 killed off by government edict March 25, 2020 through the purposeful chasing of Covid bonus $$ by reinfecting recovering seniors.  But Catholic superintendents HAVE the capacity to cut through the BS (biologic science) to put the students first on the priority list.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but only one set of truth/facts can remain.  In this blessed land where freedoms to practice religion, speech, to assemble and more, we need to agree WHAT freedom means:

 “Freedom is the right to do what we ought”  ~Jim Caviezel.  Not the politically expedient.

Jim echoed the reverse picture of the $2 bill with these words, something we MUST do to as a Church and nation.  You weren’t born yet, though my kids think I roamed with the Flinstones: 1776, the only major event any US Fed Reserve note reflects: the sacrifice of life, wealth and family in front of them, a founding of a new nation was signed as a blood oath by 56 original Declarers.  Look it up, Erin.  We are getting to this point and this writer is NOT anti-vax but pro life and truth.

Erin: “…regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students. 

As a scientist, sadly I believe as a Church we fail in science way too often. Bishop Barron chronicled the march of smart Catholic priests and laity over the centuries who made significant breakthroughs in bettering our lives; medical, astronomical, physical, bio sciences.  And what is the ‘breakthrough’ your letter is involved in?

Breakthrough, as a positive term has been bastardized.  We surrender the etymology department to the Godless who serve a different master then we do.  Parse the latest verbum per diem, word of the day: BREAKTHROUGH:

“Breakthroughs” today don’t mean positive and good advancements for mankind’s betterment like in Bishop Barron’s film and article.

In today’s Cosmic Covidology, a breakthrough is someone getting Covid19-21, ie the MTX plague, AFTER “vaccination.

You get the Pfauci Pfizer shots and get the disease; Erin, so your much used word, vaccines, they don’t vaxx…  Call them shots, an alternative attempt, alternative ‘treatment’ protocol, I don’t care.  But NOT vaccine.

What scientifically does this magical misdirection for marketing more shots (ignoring successful curatives, prophylactically and therapeutic wise) prove?  There is no successful vaccine.  We aren’t talking a vax mandate for measles or polio: but for a well designed respiratory virus unleashed on the world.  You can’t mandate a vaccine that doesn’t exist.

A mandate is not law, as your letter points out indirectly, but let me speak to the perception (almost as important as reality),  what your Catholic school parents think they are being told:

“Parents, you WILL have to get the juvenile inoculations by any of 7 different manufacturers WHEN the Calif. legislature rules so.  They, and Emperor Newsom, are the primary parents and medical officials overseeing your medical decisions. Standing in your kitchen telling you indolent sperm providers and womb developers are stupid. Otherwise, comply or get the heaven out of our brick and mortar school. Dump them into pubic schools, or worse, HOMESCHOOL your rug rats, curtain climbers, teens for all we care. We ‘respect the law” at Catholic Ed central. Even if our governor is at best an arrogant toddler and at worst a demonic oppressed or possessed apparatchik” 

Tell me Erin you are half aware this is EXACTLY how hundreds maybe thousands of Orange Dio parents took this note. 

After 22 months of hell, balancing jobs to earn enough to pay tuition and luxuries like food, you put them in the purgatory of uncertainty. The killer word to doctors, lawyers, engineers, parents… Frankly, I can give you concrete examples if the groundswell of mystified parents hasn’t touched you.

Following the Science, not the frauds, does make sense.

Follow the science not fake scientists: do you know the Pfizer boss?

Greek veterinarian Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά, or Albert Bourla was born October 21, 1961 in Thessaloniki, Greece. By the way, Thessalonica made a great town for the Apostle Paul to write a letter or two about.

I’m ok with free market capitalism; however, note that Bourla is making a killing as the CEO of Pfizer, $45 billion so far, which is now using kids to market your vaccine mandate to other kids like it’s a Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s.

Yes, a genius marketing move, just like the constant Ronald McD ads grooming kids to get their moms and dads to the Golden Arches.  It is working for the Greek vet’s Pfizer Pfauci “inocs for kids” campaign.

Great if you like psychological operations (psyOps) used on your Catholic families!  Not so great if you don’t want your kids developing blood clots, mayocarditis, etc and the occasional death for a terribly low risk factor who science now shows do NOT transmit the virus.

Erin, within 48 hours, ONE MILLION kids had gotten the Pfizer Pfix! We won’t know for years what we’ve done to them. Myocarditis is rising, so much else, while the data has NOT been vetted.  Just CDC FDA mumbo jumbo.  The public sector union thugs demand the CDC maintain mask mandates or ZoomLive kitchens invaded by teachers; CDC complies.
The brown shirted souls in 1930s German did what they were told ‘for the greater good’.  Why do normally sensible superintendents and bishops want kids to risk their future lives to please adults without backbone or will to do the right thing?

If the chemicals are elixirs of life, great!  But if it’s poison, 1/3 dose poison is still poison.  Erin, no matter how much Fauci double talk happens, kids, yes even Catholic parish schooled kids, are NOT at risk from dying from Covid.  Especially with the hygienic practices we’ve rediscovered.  Like “don’t lick doorknobs”.  I have lots of reasons, 11+19, to have put together a hygiene regimen and prophylactic protocol from information readily available to those who can read and research.

On Nov 20th, the CDC covered its bets: it said 126.6 million Americans have “natural” antibodies, ie immunity from having had Covid.  NIH’s Chief Marketing Officer, Pfauci the Pfizer Pfixer, said the effectiveness of the shots therapy is “waning”.

Erin: think about this:  In scientific, non BS terms, we now know the multi billion gene therapy inoculations are not only NOT vaccine level status, you will need booster after booster as their efficacy wanes precipitously.

Like the annual Flu shot, the experts claim, the successful curing therapeutics and prophylactics don’t work even though they do, currently being used by hundreds maybe thousands of practicing doctors. And worldwide NON FDA/CDC suppression.

But, because Big Pharma and Pfizer’s Albert the Great say so, as they are profiting from the trillion$ “save the world from Covid” protocol, we act like sheep to be shorn and inoculated “for the greater good”.  Uh huh.  Even you Erin are doubting the safety.  Anyone at the HQ realize the liability taken on by the diocese forcing parents to make this choice? We are still paying off Christ Cathedral and don’t need a new liability nexus.  Erin: simply put, the only permanent immunity with these inoculations have famous names like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer etc.

And, being a part of the diocesan leadership, you and the bishops may not have heard about the curatives, actual successful alternative therapies out there.  If you haven’t, you are doing educational malpractice. Good news, they don’t need to use fetal cells to work either.   The combination of various chemicals are inexpensive and effective.

Erin & Bishops, priests, and laity, you know theology and education; I know a marketing con job when I see one.

Have you heard of the UN’s teen Greta Thumbelina, the UN mouthpiece of androgenic CO2/climate change, who is signaling 10 years until planet earth’s implosion and death? Like St Alexandria the Cortez, who says we have 10.5 years, and Catholic Johnny Kerry says we have 9 years left, misery merchants are using FEAR and emotional arguments to keep their frauds alive.  Just as Pfizer Pfauci with the multi shot Pfixes.  Notice CO2 and Covid are depressing the heck out of our kids of all ages.

Our bipolar science is more than geography; no one flinched when Professor Obama proclaimed from the Exit glacier field soon the earth would be covered by 20,000 feet of water.  Even our all powerful God in Noah’s time, when God depopulated the earth down to eight people, the zoological Ark got to 14,000 feet at Mt Ararat in Turkey.  But that was a major recreation.  Today, we are just being fleeced by Johnny Kerry, the climate change fraud ambassador.

I know, I know, some of your teachers claim the bible is just a story book of fables; au contraire, Super Erin, this rejection is indoctrination not Catholic based on our Founder’s words.

From USCCB St. Luke 17: “”Jesus said to his disciples: “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man; they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage up to the day that Noah entered the Ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.”  All but the Noah eight.

Another massive Church failure by omission is our ignorance of basic science.  As to Covid, Albert or Big Bird aside, in the slick ads, kids tell kids they are SUPERHEROES if they take the experimental unvetted inoculations (not vax!).  This is child abuse on a massive scale; don’t fall into the trap!

Science time:

In case Erin and the Diocese, acting by default as medical professionals by requiring medication without a license, research or clinical, don’t know:

There have been between 16,000 and 30,000 deaths and maybe more, linked to the world’s various Covid related inoculations called ‘vaccinations’, that include Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Oxford, Johnson & Johnson.  Also, the off label “vaccines” created, used and marketed from Russia and our ChiCom handlers, China (China cornered the PPE market and is making a killing too!).  We have no idea how many deaths in country of our sworn enemy, the Chinese Communist party by the wuhan lab that is owned by the People’s Liberation Army.  Major General Chen Wei (Chinese: 陈薇; born 1966) is a Chinese epidemiologist and virologist specializing in biodefense, currently researcher and doctoral adviser at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). In September 2021, The Globe and Mail reported that Chen is also a major general in China’s People’s Liberation Army.”  NOT your every day medical lab or leadership. When at first the SARS Covid doesn’t succeed, try try again.  But NOT with my grandkids or your students Erin.

Fauci knew of a cure in 2005.  The problem is citable and simple: Pfauci, who funded 60 projects at Wuhan Institute of Virology, admitted in 2005 SARS Covid was curbed and cured by a therapy using an inexpensive drug used by hundreds of millions worldwide. But the EUA (emergency use authorization) would have been shuttered if the existent successful therapies were publicized.  Enter the useful idiots in the press and media talking heads.  Instead of digging out the NIH article to the right, the corporate media propagandists lie and cheat, deceiving American citizens, parents and even smart Catholic school teachers and their super.

Erin and Bishops: shutting out parents will not end well.  You have lawyers, doctors, CEOs who school their children in parish based schools, who donate well and work hard for the Church and local parishes.

Also, in case you aren’t aware, this second SARS Covid19 (today Covid21, 22 next year) may have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology bioweapons lab ON PURPOSE per whistleblower Shi Zhengli and her counterparts; whats 60 Fauci funded projects in the Sino enemy’s hegemonic lab anyways.  We have Joe Biden, a Catholic in good standing with Pope Francis.

What has this to do with religious exemptions or personal belief waivers? ..our sins of omission can be dangerous too.

Did you know 14 kids in the Bay Area got the double dose, and had many side effects already, first weekend after that pimp Bourla the Greek (vet) got his way to inoculate kids.  Did you know the actual death rate for all is .0037 for healthy Covid contractors?  Probably not, otherwise you and the bishops would battle like good Catholics the reprobates pushing this evil.  The Fauci you honor Erin lied about masks, PPE, etc.  He even lied about the solution he posited 16 years ago.

“Alina Chan is a postdoctoral fellow at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and a genetic engineer who began doing some of the most controversial research into the coronavirus from her home. It started with the virus’s genetic blueprint: She’d studied SARS-CoV-1, which spread to humans back in 2003 and is closely related to the newer virus. What stood out to Chan was that it looked like the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, wasn’t having to adapt to spread like SARS-CoV-1 did, and she couldn’t figure out why…”   

We now know it was well designed to accomplish what it is doing.

Erin, change “vaccine mandate” to “Pfizer/Moderna etc inoculations request”. If the government required you to skip from church to classroom, but hop during recess, would you require the schools to do this?

Education is NOT indoctrination and Erin, we need YOU and the bishops to muster the courage to speak the truth.  Stop equivocating and be bold.  This is more than a scope and sequence curriculum meeting; it’s LIFE AND DEATH. KIDS WILL BE DYING NOT FROM COVID, BUT FROM THE PFAUCI PFINANCED PFIZER PFIXES. 

Your letter continued: California state law currently requires that students in public, private, and charter schools…

Just a hop and a skip away from tyranny.  I notice no mention of Catholic homeschooling, home-based pedagogy that is coupled with other cooperatives often…is this why you ignored my simple questions on where do you stand regarding Catholic homeschooling in Sept 2020?  Are you stating for the record, you don’t consider Catholic homeschoolers a part of the educational choice framework?  Anyways…

…be vaccinated for measles, mumps, polio, and seven other diseases in order to be enrolled in school. For those ten required vaccinations, only medical exemptions are allowed. There are no religious or personal belief exemptions for these ten required vaccines.

Erin, you’d make a good magician.  Misdirection is a technique of close up magic but don’t insult your families. 

A small, but growing, contingent of parents may be anti vaccine for the 10 +, but it doesn’t apply here: we are talking about the Church will not SIGN religious exemption letters for its Catholic parents over this novel virus sainted solution. By the way, NO universal vaccine for respiratory viruses exists. 

The flu solution, once called flu vaccine, is a reformulated annual shot offered to the public, based on a lottery for which strains are returning.  Like Pfizer, Pfauci’s Pfave NIH sponsorship, which is a series of 3 shots over 7 months, with promised boosters.  Variants, even of well designed viruses, happen.

But, incorporating generally accepted medical and public health protocols are killing the pandemic, maybe epidemic, now a chronic disease that prostiticians use to screw us parents and Church people.

Erin, let me help.  You must know the data collection regarding Covid is corrupt; not just the data set, but methods of collection, sorting of diagnoses and symptoms, even definitions regarding what is a CoviDeath, what is a valid ‘vaccine’ result.  Did you know:

The CDC defined it thus:  “any vaccination death that occurs within 14 days of an inoculation by Pfizer etc. is considered UNVACCINATED. WHAT???? Talk about evil corrupt, pharmacological malpractice.  You trust these people? And want to keep your parents keeping their students in your parish classrooms?

Erin, you say you respect the law.  Which one? God’s or the godless?  Let me cite the pioneer of the messenger Ribonucleic Acid therapy (mRNA), Dr Robert Malone, who said the implementation of his work was not valid:  Here is his advice to you, Bishop Kevin, Barron, Absp Gomez, Soto, priests and laity.  And oh yeah, the parents.  Posted on the well known medical video journal, YouTube,

Dr. Robert Malone: Do NOT Vaccinate your Healthy Children

Oops, sorry about that…see the problem with corporate suppression of information?  Youtube took it down because the Truth does NOT intersect necessarily with Big Tech’s control of what we see or hear in this Freedom of Speech and Religion country.  Here it is on Rumble:

Erin, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant.  Look at our recent history.

For two years, EVERY church in California was shut down by a supposed Catholic governor who married his best friend’s wife & mistress; our bishops complied willingly with “yes, master TyranToddler” instead of “who the heaven are you?”  This guy is a reprobate legend in his own mind.

Erin we need good Catholic education.  Prayer in school has returned to LAUSD, where the Aztec god chants to Huitzilopochtli, the Mesoamerican deity of war, sun, human sacrifice and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan.  I believe our Catholic parish schools STILL honor Catholic faith and pray to the Trinity.

Erin, Tenochtitlan is the Aztec name for Mexico City, where the Nahuatl clarifier, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image, is resident in her glory.  Recall, 11 million locals became Catholics over 10 years when her image appeared in 1531.

The same miraculous image (we are STILL discovering things from it) one Hillary Clinton asked “Who painted this?” standing ten feet away.  The docent priest simply said “God!”

One hopes Hillary gets that close to Mary in eternity but that’s up to her and God.  We MUST pray for our bishops and priests, as well as those we elect; their very souls are endangered as the enter the district of cesspool (DC) too often.

Erin, sadly while we were shuttered, at least Newsom kept ONE church open: the satanic temples, planned parenthood division, where young girls have knives shoved up them, slicing up their little girls then sold like slaves in parts.

Ask the Mayo Clinic’s Dr Regan Theiler who was both executioner and butcher, working at both planned parenthood gulf coast and university of Texas medical branch.

It took effort a few years ago, but our FOIA requests proved the lie; PP was charging for parts and the shipping was free.  Not as they claimed.  A lie has no legs; the last thing we need to do is help the culture of death destroy more.

Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, not medically indicated and dangerous.  It’s counter basic medicine: you don’t demand a patient get injected drugs from a lottery wheel of 7 different chemical cocktails.  First, you should see the antibodies level AFTER checking for Vitamin D concentrations in the blood.  But, the freight train is all push the drugs, inject the world.  NOT let’s research and see which of the mRNA or adenoviral, if at all, are best for respective patients.  The sickest irony:

Secular HR departments, like my wife’s, are using the bishops own words and the Vatican’s, against us.  And even sicker, though the inoculation series/shots required fetal embryonic cells for testing, all the ‘vaccines’ are failures, failing from 13%-60% and short efficacy durations.  God must NOT be mocked.  Like with His amazing creation of Carbon dioxide to feed the world, God designed our immunity/antibody response systems well.

The first time, as I tweeted our beloved bishops, we were locked down as a Church, was AD 33 on Pentecost. Actually locked upstairs in the Upper Room.

Since then, we were locked down Pentecost AD 2020 and 2021 but hey such is life.

Meanwhile, as Newsom’s satanist surgeons were cutting up living little girls, sacrificing as worship to Moloch, we were cowering in our homes hooked up to the live stream Matrix Mass.  I love technology and all, but unbridled fear is killing us softly…and soon our kids with the indoctrinated inoculations of greed. The Great Pio: Pray, hope don’t worry….

The list of required vaccinations can be expanded by the Governor and State health authorities, but if the list is expanded without legislative approval, the law requires that any mandate include a medical exemption and a personal belief exemption.

blah, blah, blah. Aren’t you tired yet about being guinea pigs and your Catholic parishioners and parents’ kids as piglets?

Are we battling in the courts or is that left to Protestants to do?

The GOVERNMENT employees (we are the government in this federated republic) have NO Right to dictate what our personal beliefs are, what motivates us to believe in Whom we want, and to do damage to our bodies to satisfy the ignorant. 

Kids’ Mao Tse~ Xi’s prompted inoculations could maim them for life.  Some die.  KIDS don’t transmit the virus.  Data proves this and so much more.

It’s all about keeping tyrannical mainly blue state power over us plebes, control the unwashed sheep and if you are a Catholic president or Calif governor, using a failed vaccine. Science is NEVER settled; we know more today than on Jan 31, 2020. But we act like Covid is the Plague of yesteryear as if we do not have cures; sad thing we DO but they’ve been skillfully suppressed for diabolic reasons.

And getting trillion$ surgically extracted from the American taxpayer is evil and unnecessary. For both Covid and CO2.

And Erin, whether you hate or love Trump or Biden, know that good Catholic Melania’s hubby had 325 successes. Catholic Biden has Afghani, military and baby blood dripping from his grifter fingers.

Recall, the baby killing machine Biden took just one hour after his oath Jan 20th to encourage our enemies foreign and domestic; he killed off domestic energy jobs as the Fossil Fool, willing expanding baby killing internationally.  ONE hour.

And you, Erin, not Biden, are sentient.  He’s got one foot out the door, leaning toward hell because NO CATHOLIC PRELATE, PRIEST OR POPE HAS CONSULTED HIM ABOUT REPENTING HIS STONE COLD INFLUENCE PEDDLING AMERICA HATING HEART

Erin, your letter continues:  (HSC section 120338) After Governor Newsom’s announcement on October 1, this is our current reality. If the governor’s plan is codified by the legislature in January 2022, the legislature may or may not include a personal belief exemption. At this point, we have no information indicating how the state legislature will proceed. Please note the following:

OFFICE: 714-282-3056 FAX: 714-282-4276 E-MAIL: EBARISANO@RCBO.ORG

 • If the legislature decides to allow for a personal belief exemption, the Diocese of Orange will accept any parent request for exemption as valid.

• If the legislature decides not to allow for a personal belief exemption, the Diocese of Orange, by law, will not be allowed to accept a parent request for exemption.

Erin, whom do you serve?  Are you trying to empty the classrooms of the 41 remaining Catholic schools in the Diocese? The school I went to has vacant classrooms on La Palma in Anaheim as do St Boniface, whose kids joined St Anthony’s ranks until it closed a couple years later.

You are saying the lawful law will preclude parents from objecting to getting the failing, juvenile untested mass marketed inoculations, no exceptions, based on their faith?  But LAUSD can worship Moloch and teach sodomy so more skirted Loudon County copycat rapist teens can prey on other sweet and innocent Miss Smiths!

And if the pubic school system, because the all powerful BLM staffer led UTLA union leans on NewsoMeanie yet again, demands all kids risk their lives and health to please Guido at CalDept of Ed, what alternative does that leave your devoted, tuition paying families?…

…you asked:  Something I just finished 35 years of being a part of, hybrid Catholic home-based scholastics.  Yes, we still get the “socialization?” question, though Cath HSers are more active and educationally versatile with the curricula and programs out there today.  We were blessed NOT shutting down because Newsom may be emperor in his mind, wearing his fine naked fashion of hypocrisy, but we still are a free people.

Additionally, many parents who have reached out have shared their understanding that the Bishop and/or superintendent has the authority to choose whether to implement the vaccine mandate. This is simply not true.

So, your “simply not true” means there is NO separation of Church and State, no battle energy left in us.

So, your hands are tied, your lips are taped shut…there are no excellent Orange County lawyers at the LLDF, Alliance Defending Freedom or Thomas More society etc to take up the Ephesians 6 battle?

Draw the comparison in Ephesians:

* Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power.
11Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.g
12For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.h
13Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground.i
14So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate,j
15and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace.k
16In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all [the] flaming arrows of the evil one.l
17And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.m

You think this isn’t the “tactics of the devil”?

Choice applies to more than a woman’s right to kill her offspring; sometimes mothers protect their young with their whole being.  Like the three mothers who prompted this tome, which you probably will never read.

We can choose, as educators, both parents and those employed to do same, to stand up for our rights; most important, stand firm against the forces of at best, the ignorant, and at worst, evil.

Freedom of religion and its expression does not include “rolling over” to evil. the Constitution does NOT dictate freedom FROM religion.

But, this line in your letter IS an excellent fence straddle; if Dr Caesar says jab the little bastards, then we will tuck tail and run to the 24 hour Marvel SuperHeroes R Kids dispensary so the little munchkins can sit in our parish classes.

Uncertainty like this forces people/parents to prepare to homeschool their children, the ONLY method left to prevent getting a failing ‘vaccine” no child needs inoculated into their bodies.  The same bodies that God has imbued with an amazing immunity/antibodies system, via a smaller dose of what adults get and help with BREAKTHROUGH cases.

Although every parent homeschools for the first years, they make a choice about the year 5 to continue at home or hire the parish teachers.  I happen to know quite a few excellent teachers and principals; but if you have 25 kids left after that DemonRat nutcase Newsom “rules”, what do you have?  Another St Anthony Claret school forced to close.

The Scientific Method, Erin, understands a failed trillion dollar vax program is SCIENTIFIC; one method found wanting so look for others: this is the problem with government employees picking winners and losers for the private sector.

Though not helpful for Big Pharma’s bottom line, Big NIH and short Pfauci, who was counting on his Nobel Prize in Medicine; he shouldn’t worry: he will get it like the ObamaNation’s leader got one, one week into his administration.

Edison found 117 ways how NOT to make a lightbulb filament.  Now we have light emitting diodes (LEDs) everywhere. We now know this inoculation regimen has failed miserably IF we had uncorrupted data gathering and research.

As previously stated, the Diocese of Orange will uphold the law and will not deviate from public health mandates.

Sad to hear this blind faith: even if public health mandates are inappropriate and unlawful.  There are other states, and other alternatives to education (canon law again) just as there are highly successful (if NOT suppressed) alternative treatment protocols for this plague.  As a real estate professional, many have opted out by heading east to Tennessee, Carolinas, Texas etc. But California is still our home and Orange the best Diocese in the land.

As the public health system currently is thoroughly corrupted with stakeholders influencing outcomes and putting millions at risk.  Blow me off, Erin if you must; I’ve only been an educator, solid Catholic one at that, for half of my 70 years.  I do plan to retire from real estate when I turn 100 but standing up for truth and choices in education, never.

Both the law and public health mandates apply to all schools: public, private, religious, and charter. Those school and system leaders who state otherwise are misinformed and misleading.

And in the wrong field.  We need fighters not arrow targets; mom fills that role as the picture shows.  Follow the mandates, even when they are dangerous and adverse to health? Not to Homeschoolers because we take charge of our kids.  This is not an arrogant message.  And  I am no elitist Erin; trust me, we have sacrificed quite a bit to take this path to raise our kids.  But not ONE second of regret.  I’m trying to help.  I GET the calls and emails too.

We need principled Catholic education leaders.

Look at Public education, already showing 78% grad rate and 35% math/english proficience in Archbishop Gomez’ LA backyard; enrollment numbers are way down. No one is publishing just how FAR DOWN.  While getting million$ per class of taxpayers hard earned income.

Yet, the 2021-22 public classrooms are still getting more moolah, $500K to a cool million$ each per classroom for 9 months work. Ed $$ portability and school choice initiatives are the by-product of this insanity; maybe someday taxpayer paid education funds will attach to the family and student, not the union thug hacks who use it to campaign for Demonrats and school board spots.  this could help Catholic parish based education, but there’s ALWAYS a pricetag extorted by the bureaRats at CDEd

Catholic parish based school enrollment is down too and rebounding (well, depends on courage, leadership expressing itself the next few months) and we don’t get anywhere near a million dollars per room; vouchers, school choice could change this, but not the BLM sympatico public sector union thugs.

It’s gotten so silly and diabolic, take the Loudoun Cnty “look the other way” school boarders who transferred the convicted 15 year skirted rapeboy who sodomized Miss Smith’s innocent body then transferred to another high school to repeat in another school’s girls bathroom.  I don’t mean to be gross, but good Catholic education IS the tonic to help a world descending into buying what the misery merchants offer.

I choose daily to shout “It IS a great day to be alive!”, to promote joy with wisdom.  Solid discipline coupled with fierce adherence to the truth IS the only solution for our dying world. No room in this note to point the details out, but the death culture is gaining with no or low birth rates (replaced in older European and our culture), with silliness symbiosis with preferred 160 genders, personal selected pronouns and primitive destruction of all things in blue cities and states.

Something not our Master but hell’s leadership loves.  I know this isn’t easy and the role of bishop and top CathEd super is a tough one. But…

Point is: Catholic education is important for the very survival of our covenant land.  Skirt boy enjoyed his great field trip lab work for the porn SIECUS planned parenthood hell teaching 11 year old boys how to insert their gendered penises into boys and girls with equal efficiency. The misery merchants have had their lies passed over, embolding them to lie more, overlooked for decades, so it will take an informed, critically thinking Church to reverse the legless lies (idea that lies and fraud are without legs provided by humans) growing in acceptance.  Like lockstep belief in vaccination mandates (Pfizer Pfix Stalin style jabs) to keep a school open.

When you lose sight of the student as priority, both their health in body and the educated mind, you get Loudoun county school boardlings. They just didn’t want to upset their innovative pronoun choice, unisex girl bathrooms and transgenderization programs, not to mention knowing every form of sexual deviancy by 8th grade is covered comprehensively, another verbum diem. Term “comprehensive” was created to introduce Santa Ana schools to the acceptance of porn training two decades; Erin, have you seen what passes for sex and health ed today?

Catholic schools are needed and better than this.  But we need Bishops who lead with integrity, backbone and truth, who give a damn about being the Thomas Mores of today.  Telling the truth in love and doing the truth even moreso, is our call.   Not this limp wristed response.

Erin. I support Catholic parish based ed; I lived it.  My 10 siblings and I did 132 years of St Anthony Claret elementary, Servite and Rosary; I advertise my real estate practice in three parishes bulletins, I provide scholarships to some of your students…for 35 years when employed as DRE, YM, Dir of YMinistry, FFDir, Donna and I involved our 11 kids in our parish public religious ed though homeschooling pioneers.  We were immersed in the parishes we served at. Donna’s in heaven and life goes on.

The question of COVID mandates divides our parent communities as it divides our societies.

No really Erin et al:

The true divide is those who choose to research and inform themselves and their family.  And those who sheeple along, accepting the dictats of tyranny.  The question isn’t whether or not our TyranToddler gov nephew of another good abortion loving Catholic, Aunt Nancy Pelosi can mandate.

It’s our obedience to truth and what OUR RESPONSE as the second largest religion in California and the nation.  What’s worst than having truth, power and justice on your side?

NOT using it for good!

The largest religion in California is runaway Catholics (or fallen away?) and we are working hard to increase their numbers, bringing them home. The NEW evangelization was about bringing Caths home, yet there is an active slicing out traditional Latin mass goers, normally somewhat devoted to the Church, by cutting off their form of worship.  I just had an odd recent week: I went to a Spanish, English, Maronite (where we spoke Jesus’ languages including Aramaic), Latin and one other.  I don’t get it: if the faithful aren’t slicing up fetuses on altars like the planned parenthood satanists (Zack King, ex satanist master) do when they can at black masses, why are we finding more ways to decrease Mass attendance?  Meanwhile you are not bold about defending your parents choices for their kids health.

The truth is out there.  I wish Erin you would seek it for your sake, the Diocese and your students.

We hope that this transparency by the diocese balances the need to protect the health of our students, teachers, and staff with the rights of parents to decide issues vital to their children.

Pick a daisy: “we homeschool, we homeschool not, we homeschool, we…”

The balance needs to be between truth and identified lies and fraud. Erin, by now, you and the bishops think I’m full of it.  But please don’t force, coerce or abandon the kids to be guinea pigs.  Let me do that for you…as I have for a year so far.

You think you’ve lost as many years of effective schooling and students already, think about the fact a mask and mass marketing campaign is underway to inject suspect solutions into our kids…ignoring results and the non-existent need.  Let ME be the guinea pig.

THOUSANDS OF ACTUAL DOCTORS WITH PATIENTS HAVE SOUNDED THE ALARM. Don’t buy the misery merchants’ merch, Erin.  Look at the deaths and bad side effects from the Pfizer et al inoculations.  While reading this list, think of those hundreds of St X parish kids you would be putting in harms way.  and the Covid vax protocol inventor even sounded the alarm: DON’T jab the kids to please the profiteers and incompetents at CDC/FDA

ERIN! Before you abandon your parents who pay the tuition look into the facts about VAERS below.

What is VAERS?  Per the CDC, ‘VAERS is an early warning system used to monitor adverse events that happen after vaccination. VAERS is the frontline system of a comprehensive vaccine safety monitoring program in the United States.’

Yet, as the table shows below, this is no minor list of what the Pfizer Pfixes err Covid19-21 inoculations, are causing. (Oct update).  You and the various bishops who don’t want to backup their faithful with religious exemptions speak volumes.

High-Level Summary COVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present) All other vaccines 1990-present US Data Only
COVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present)
US Data Only
All other vaccines 1990-present
Number of Adverse Reactions 818,044 834,529 612,125 733,219
Number of Life-Threatening Events 18,924 13,689 9,379 9,773
Number of Hospitalizations 83,412 78,854 37,015 38,393
Number of Deaths 17,128* 9,183 7,848 5,158
# of Permanent Disabilities after vaccination 26,199 19,765 9,108 12,573

That’s a bit more than the 50 deaths used to kill the first SARS Covid vaccine program 20 years ago, though gene therapy research hasn’t skipped a beat in these 20 years.

Notice Erin, I haven’t even mentioned yet that the testing and possibly inclusion of little girl’s parts sliced out of the fetal embryonic cell line long since dead.  My 40 year passion about not having Catholic teens who get pregnant having their little growing girls sliced out for parts continues.  If only you knew how many Catholic families showed up over the year trying to shield the embarrassment via surgery that kills.  

Our pope and prelates already stumbled past that one; ostensibly saying, even though the failing Pfauci Pfix Covid Vaxxes are less reliable than the very unreliable wind & solar, at least we got to use foetal embryo cell lines…you know, ‘for the children’.

But of course, we advanced Catholics can compartmentalize abortion almost as quick as the 43 days of Lent & Israelites’ Exodus, Jesus’ tempting, is now symbolized by Ascension Sunday celebrations.  WE have the richest Christian tradition in the Catholic church, we enjoy the Source and Summit of our faith, so why do we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Parents don’t really need you to aid them with religious exemption statements; there are alternatives. But you’d think you want to keep the parish based schools open; mine closed at St Anthony’s years ago.  Some are marginal, due to these insane private education and private business closures the last 20 months.  But you can’t protect the good of Catholic based schools to achieve the perfect (NO Covid on earth) in a risk group bordering on 99.997 safe.

Adding in scientific data, though serious suppression has gone on about results AND successful therapies,  exists that there are over 20 serious side effects from the ONEsizeFITSall “inoculations” mass marketing campaign.

Erin: Why don’t we have data on kids’ effected by the Pfizer Pfix, Moderna etc. FIRST?

Reason we don’t have substantive data on kids is threefold: one, they don’t need the failing inoculations for covid.  Second, UNTIL this week, when a million kids got their first inoculation, kids were protected from Big Pharma and Uncle Al the Greek Vet CEO.  Yes, we DO have anecdotals of kids’ serious injuries, but the data population is now being fast forwarded.

#3: according to Pfizer CEO Bourla, anyone questioning his product are criminals for questioning their efficacy and safety.

What an ass.  Borla doesn’t care how many die or are maimed.  After all, Pfizer is more about sickness than healing.

Here’s the partial list.  None of these side effects are good for the patient (we used to have HIPAA and private doctor/patient privileges in America; now this service, right, privilege and opportunity has been federalized) especially deaths to healthy by legal lethal injection.

Erin and Bishops:  Let’s look at jsut one that will plague our young: myocarditis….

Here’s a one minute piece on juvenile myocarditis:

And just a quick look at Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barré syndrome side effect.  GBS IS a side effect worth understanding among the 22…rumor had it Newsom got it after his last booster: we will never know:

“GBS is a (rare) neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks part of its peripheral nervous system—the network of nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord. GBS can range from a very mild case with brief weakness to nearly devastating paralysis, leaving the person unable to breathe independently. Fortunately, most people eventually recover from even the most severe cases of GBS.  After recovery, some people will continue to have some degree of weakness.”  The origins of GBS are unknown to complicate things

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS FOR COVID.  I have been a guinea pig for a year. Let’s not make our kids guinea pigs for the rest of their lives.

Erin, how about the Diocese become scientists and take on some alternatives to the mass marketed Pfizer Pfixes and push for a GENERAL Catholic Church waiver; it may be too late since secular HR departments are quoting Pope Francis, the food tasting chemist, our Bishop Vann and Archbishop Gomez saying it’s okay to get the jabs despite the aborted baby testing:

Daily, I take vitamin C.  Vitamin D3 (as we get into adulthood, our ability to absorb D diminishes; taking a vitamin D levels test is a good idea).  Zinc (zinc kills the virus in the cell).  Quercetin (Like Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin, a zinc ionophore helps push zinc into the cell to do its worst on Covid). NAC or N-acetyl cysteine 

Weekly: one 200mg dose of hydroxychloroquine.  At home in the cab in case of infectionIvermectin/Strombectol  HCQ/Hydroxychloroquine  Azrithomycin. Phone number of doctor who thinks cure and not death mask after waiting for increased viral load: ie aggressive attack the disease, similar to the Covid low 240 million in India’s Uttar Pradesh state.

Fauci discovered Chloroquine killed the SARS covid virus. 

IN 2003. But like Jesse “abortion is black genocide”, Pfauci’s mind was changed and he ignored his own research and journal article.

Read that for yourself.  We can’t know how many millions could have been saved if Dr Faucinstein had complied with Trump’s warp speed vax push WITH PARALLEL WORK ON THE ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES.  3 Pfizer shots plus continued boosters proves this “vaccine” is NOT 100% effective.  Thank God thousands of doctors don’t take the government pill of stupidity putting all hopes in the vaccine Erin is ambivalent about.

After 22 months, 10 with the five “vaccines”, we have a failing vax program and locked out hundreds of contrarian MD clinicians diagnosing and curing Covid positive patients using alternative treatment protocols that WORK!

Alternative therapies that cure are out there:

Here’s one from Dr Zelenko:

Dr McCullough’s Home Based Covid19 therapy:

Another on the various zinc ionophores:

America’s Frontline and associate Doctors’ solution:

ACTIVE & aggressive early treatment AS SOON AS symptoms show

NIAID NIH CDC FDA solution?  Stay home, take cough syrup or Theraflu, until you need the special death mask at the hospital: the Ventilator.  And/or take shot after shot, booster after annual booster of Pfauci’s Pfave Pfix and enjoy your breakthrough covid.

Erin and bishops. lay and concerned humans.

I guarantee if you are so willing to send your sheep to the slaughter, you have never looked at data and success stories about what works.

Clinicians like Dr Simone Gold, a  board certified emergency physician; Dr Harvey A Risch, a professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health; Dr Monroe, who pioneered memory RiboNucleic Acid methodologies and objects to HOW it’s being used by Pfauci Pfizer; Dr Peter McCullough…even Dr Daniel Wallace, a noted Cedars-Sinai lupus and rheumatoid doctor with 2000 Covid free (due to often and safe HCQ use) patients; our own Dr. Aaron Kheriaty. Dr Zelensky who developed an age appropriate treatment protocol.  The list of other medical voices, clinicians in the main, is deafening. But not as loud as Pfauci and Bourla.

And I know to your credit, Bishop Vann, you sold medical devices prior to the priesthood and Pope Francis was a food taste chemist before the pontificate, but put your credentials aside for a moment.  If I want to sweeten coffee better, I’ll call the Vatican but Pope Francis (whether the St Gallen Mafia got him elected or not) is not my epidemiologist, virologist or doctor.

Protecting the health…

Erin, you are NOT protecting the health using poor science fiction to direct your plans

Respect for the Law

Newsom is still NOT our emperor. Trying hard, but his transparent clothes are not ready yet.

The Church, the Diocese, in the final days here, does not need to be the arbiter of the religious exemption.  EVERY American can go to the ultimate law, the Constitution/Bill of Rights, for the right to exercise their religion, that of followers of Christ (or even Allah or Hindu thousands, Mormon’s original world god) in these 50 states.  We just thought just maybe you would back up your parishioners.

Erin: believe it or not, Ivermectin works!    So does Hydroxychloroquine and the other zinc ionophore, Quercetin.  When applied as soon as possible with doctor’s recommend.

One study of the India state of Uttar Pradesh, using Ivermectin on humans not horses, proves REAL success by alternatives to the jabs exist. 240 million almost completely Covid free after blanket use of Strombecol/human Ivermectin.  Since you are promoting inoculations by omission, did you know this?

One of the sources of your conflicted fear is CDC head Dr Rochelle Hershey.  Supposedly a medical professional, hesheheshe or whatever herhis’ current gender is, she laughed at people who use the successful anti-viral Ivermectin as “horse people”.  Outrageous horse’s asset, she’s just another political hack like the politicized 30,000 employee CDC admin has proven to be.  NONE of them will be there when a Catholic school kid dies or is maimed for life.

Pfauci’s continuous misdirection is obviously an attempt to have kept the EUA (emergency Use authorization) going and future billion$$ on track, as long as possible.  I am not anti-vax nor anti-capitalism, but I am anti-fraud and lies:

Pfauci lied, people died; successful treatments stymied and UNTRIED!

Love of green money does it again; Fauci’s main practice is medical and pharmacological MALpractice. He doesn’t give a damn about your students, my kids or his gain of function deaths. He likes playing God and that role was filled eternally long ago.

ANY successful therapeutics that killed off the virus like a zinc ionosphore does, would kill Dr Faucinstein’s $$ and push for his “all the eggs in one basket” winner take all approach.  Now we are seeing diminishing in effectiveness inoculations, suppressed lifesaving therapies and a fine OC ed superintendent facing a massive backlash from her constituents, Catholic school parents.  Come Jan 2022 or before.

Erin:  How about going back to an actual Greek physician, not the money grubbing Greek vet Pfizer CEO, Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά;

Hippocrates’ three little words: “Do NO harm”,  Something no abortionist could ever know or preach. Newsom’s church leadership. What WE must do.

“Erin, did you know: the original SARS Covid (1) “vaccine” was abandoned after 50 deaths.” 

Mysteriously, whether at first lab or “nature” introduced, SARS Covid disappeared.  In fact, the GREAT eternal Physician created our bodies’ immune systems along with billions of planets, stars, plants and animals in His 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

Erin, you weren’t there; my kids think i roamed with the dinosaurs. When God got to His human development design phase during early Creation, He went small: one man and one woman. Not like the trillions of insects. Billions of planets.  There is ONE YES ONE human RACE.  Not 12 first couples, just 12 first Apostles. Speaking of 12, there are only 12 androgenic (man made) carbon dioxide molecules for every million air molecules which the Church sends out silly interfaith climate change ambassadors to promote the easily refuted lie:  Like this:

12:1,000,000         1:2500  (manmade CO2:other air molecules) SCIENCE!

God created the highly complex but simple photosynthesis (and companion aerobic respiration) to FEED the WORLD of humans and animals He had created.

Water, CO2 molecules and sunlight.  Yet the Supreme Court calls CO2 “pollution” and the communist/Marxist/atheists blame CO2 for melting the earth (even though the Dalton Solar Minimum is underway this decade which is cooling the planet) and the depression we are oppressing into our kids.  We even teach this false prophetics in our Catholic schools.  Check my math

This trinity of created substances, becomes food for our journey.  Yet, our Church, complicit with the reprobate anti-God heretic, Al Gore, worship the Algorean Heresies.  Climate change ambassador John Kerry, asked about the slave labor of the oppressed Uighers used to build solar panels, said “that’s not in my lane.  I’m the climate guy!”  Wow!

Erin and bishops: wonder why more and more parents can’t afford tuition?  Catholic families are screwed by unnecessary hyperinflated (thanks to a fallen away Biden Catholic ) fuel costs.  Which inflates luxuries like milk, eggs, meats, veggies etc.

Add in the Carbon tax fraud, we are paying 67% gas sales tax rate in Taxifornia! Kill oil, you kill off 6000 many critical products that use oil.  What idiocy this push to “electric generated by gas elsewhere cars” when we have super efficient gas engines that use low pollution natural gas, nuclear and even cleaner coal; One size fits all rejection by the Fossil Fool Biden just as his henchmen push the failed OneSizeFitsAll covid inoculations.

So, as we pay hyperinflated prices, tax money is going to Newsom’s friends and Biden’s cronies…instead of luxuries like food, clothing and housing for 3rd graders at St Norbert’s or SJB.

 “I thought we were talking about vax mandates, Len?”   We are Erin.  The fake vaccine administrative state demands are illicit, idiotic and worst, destructive.

Tell me this: something your 4th graders know until indoctrinated differently, if CO2 numbers only 1 measly molecule per 2500 others (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon the 99.9%ers..) how can it melt the earth?

ALL energy comes from the sun; fossil fuels called oil go into 6000 petro based products, many single sourced, which will scream even higher as oil is artificially phased out by environmental cases and Sierra Clubbing pseudoscientific conservationists.  But we put up with the magical misdirection of the misery merchants instead of standing up, filing lawsuits, preaching the truth and teaching the faithful:

You and your kids are not lab rats but precious Catholic Gospel sharers. 

Catholic school students NEED to be taught honest science. I’m convinced but the bishop and pope are not.  They actually BELIEVE the climate is changing by man’s actions.  What foolishness. God’s infinitely precise created biochemical processes in the 553,000,000,000,000,000 (sextillion) mile wide universe made for mankind.  vs. man manufacturing Marxists hate making 12 androgenic CO2s per ONE million air molecules.

Instead of science fiction about climate change (which happens daily since creation), abortion/living girls inside moms sliced out like slabs of meat; for wise medical diagnoses and research to save Covid lives that were and are easily kept alive ONCE the medical/pharmacological/industrial complex is cut off from profiting from our Catholic children.

Erin, be a part of the solution.  You are immensely talented and we are blessed with priests and bishops that could do so much if their R2D2 restraining bolts were lanced off their hearts and minds.  I would send you links to the real science, not the money grabbing grubber massive marketing cheerleading going on for Pfizer’s Pfix.  IF you have the intellectual integrity to read them.

Erin and bishops, et al.  Pardon my intensity.  I’m a cradle Catholic; served many of you for almost four decades in Church staff roles.  Support Catholic education actively. Feed my 11 now empty nesting with 5 at home, practicing real estate.

My 11th child is now in college, but I continue to be available to sub in for Confirmation if needed.  Last year, i taught the high school seniors a business and theater class for our cooperative; continuing this year helping the Catholic homeschoolers as a consultant.

Erin, this isn’t a brag-a-thon.  Just showing I have “skin in the game”, maybe more than you with 19 grandkids.

I couldn’t believe the letter, straining the gnat when a simple: we won’t stand up for our parents IF the mighty godless California Demonrats and misery merchants demand we take the knee to their Moloch.

NOT our God.  A little defense of the high ground as the Israelites did.

It’s tough enough to watch 25 elementary school kids masked up at daily Mass.  But to hear that you will require our parents to subject their vulnerable young to this mass marketed drug dealing assinine Greek veterinarian morphed with the smurf iconoclastic NIAID director Pfauci who hasn’t examined a family practice patient in decades, I lost it.

I have 11 good reasons to battle for the truth, not the diabolic current national and state leadership that features way too many runaway Catholics.  Each of our 11 were born one sex, nurtured by a mother saint who art in heaven named Donna, stepmomed by Mary (who donated 1000 custom made she made herself while being laid off from her theater job in LA due to this insane drug jab) who is a devoted Catholic like so many of your blessed parents.  But there are other very successful paths to choose.  As to masks, it will be years before the psychological grooming and impact are mitigated for our young; not to mention, the 11 different pathogens found on kids’ masks in a recent Florida mask testing.

Again, here’s HOW you protect; taking the offensive route, aggressively.  Not waiting for the virus to take you down.

As to Protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff:  here’s my Guinea Pig report

Truth is, I’ve been on a Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, NAC, Quercetin daily and Hydroxychloroquine weekly protocol for a year.

Three reasons: as to Vitamin D, the older we get the less we absorb Vitamin D; D3 levels should be tested for everyone.

Number two: Zinc is the sword, the mineral that needs to be in the cells to kill the bastard ChiCom Wuhan flu virus.

#3: Zinc ionophores are the chemicals that facilitate zinc into the cells for the kill: they include HCQ, Ivermectin, Quercetin.  Also, plans of action exist by Dr Zelensky and Dr McCollough as to the other recommended drugs and supplements for different age groups and treatments.  Be prepared to attack early if you get covid symptoms.  Immediately if NOT sooner.


I started and continue prophylactically, and have Strombectol (the human Ivermectin, not Zimecterin for horse worms and bots) in the drawer should i contract Covid21 or Covid22. AS well as Azithromycin and HCQ

I take my temp daily with an infrared thermometer and don’t lick doorknobs as grandma exhorted us.  I have antibodies tests in my office, because it is medical malpractice that an immunity measurement is NOT taken before the Pfizer Pfixes pushed by Pfauci are inserted into the patient.  God’s design still works today…

Erin: your last statement:

We hope that this transparency by the diocese balances the need to protect the health of our students, teachers, and staff with the rights of parents to decide issues vital to their children.

Before you play the balancing act, you need to battle to GET the truth, learn the science from more than the bobbing heads of unelected bureauRats who scurry when confronted with the truth. Defended by the pharma propagandists whose only solution is their drugs going WITHOUT a personal doctor’s consult.

But, sadly, I believe, unless the Catholic education leadership gets active, your parents will decide those vital issues by voting with their feet.  The start-stop-start, with 50 million forced into a facsimile of homeschooling, plagued parish schools as well.

Only those who had been actively LIVING the Homeschool lifestyle (Homeschooling is a choice, NOT a crime. A lifestyle worth pursuing) were not impacted critically.

Billion$ wasted on union thugs is evil.  Yet, we in parochial education did well, the Church has done so much more with less over decades, even after paid lay teachers replaced the captive sisters in many of Orange County’s convents on parish grounds.  Let’s not lose the progress we’ve made by surrendering to the Molochians who prefer enslaving us, similar to the Southern Democrats ownership of blacks as wholly owned property on the plantations.

Last piece on this:

You cited blind adherence to law; Erin, have you kept up with California education Law beyond vax ‘n’ masks? 

In non sanctified theology parlance, sodomy refers to placing one’s wicket in a girl or boy’s anus, as taught by the Dec 2020, planned parenthood SIECUS written curriculum placed into the Healthy Youth Act.

Erin, will Catholic schools comply as the warming pot boils over and the comprehensive sex education I battled to keep out of SAUSD two decades ago, becomes a requirement like masks and the inoculation indoctrination.

Codified INTO LAW?, ie the Calif Education Code sections 51930-51939?

Sadly, some of our parish-based and upper levels of Catholic education invite this corporate division of Sanger’s hell to groom our young.  You can see why I’m a big fan of TAC (Thomas Aquinas College)

Recently, Loyola Marymount had a fundraiser scheduled for planned parenthoodlums. Apparently, Catholic education doesn’t include the scientific reality those thumb sucking squirming 5 pounders kicking mom are alive and well.  And the moms shouldn’t be steel raped with currettes to slice up little Therese or Philomena.

‘Jesuit university student group’s Planned Parenthood fundraiser draws backlash.”  Ya think?  LMU’s president did not cancel the blood money run.  I guess Dr Regan Theiler’s medical protocol of slicing up little ladies inside moms and then selling them to herself at UTexasMedical Branch is still good Catholic practice.  OUTRAGEOUS!  FOIA showed just how demonic these temples of Newsom and Pelosi, Caths in name only reprobates.

Erin: you stated “respect for the LAW”.  Selectively, it seems…are we complying with Healthy Lives porn from the CDE as well?

Anyways, if the Pope wasn’t conflicted, we’d have more leadership not blind compliance on this.  Too many involved Catholic parents feel betrayed.

And Erin, I know you are trying but Yoda said “Do, don’t just try”   Yes, if the issue was about the tastiness of food, I’d call Pope Francis.  But, there is only sour notes coming from this blind desire to please the illegitimate governmental call for obey, comply or get shut down.

Erin and Bishops: Don’t miss the opportunity to attract public school kids should the mandate kick in for public.

The last two years has proven just how poorly public education has been.  From bikinied teachers vacationing in Cancun distance teaching via Zoom their Chicago snowbound students.  Or outrageous indoctrination with silly and dangerous curricula.  To the failed governor candidate, pro abort Catholic Terry McAwful, saying “Parents have no right to question what the schools are teaching”.  Orange County Catholic school parents are at a crossroads: wondering whether their superintendent and bishops “have their back”.  A simple, small way that has NO legal back story, acknowledging religious

That went over so well Virginia has three racist Republicans.  The usual propaganda.  A white guy beat a failed lefty DNC white guy, a smart black Marine veteran lady as Lt. Gov and a Cubano attorney general.  Racist?  Decent people are sick and tired over this Alinsky stylve lies; there is ONE human race with different countries of origin.  Different cultures …ONE human race set apart from the animal kingdom.

Catholic reading, writing and arithmetic don’t need to indoctrinate…education means to ‘draw from within’ IF we don’t miss the chance to fight the wacky hired politicians and their unelected admin state.  For 10 months, we’ve seen the results of a baby death savoring, grifter reprobate Catholic prez destroying our great country one thing after another; meanwhile, the beauty of Catholic education, struggling with inanity and disease, lives on another day.

On May 1, 1994, at the Holy Family Cathedral Red Mass, Bishop McFarland’s homily centered on St Thomas More.  This magnificent saint was a Renaissance man, who was Royal counselor and Chancellor of England.  Respect for the law involves understand WHAT the law is about.  We’ve come to a time in history where our constitutional republic is facing at best, serious times of struggle for truth and overcoming deceit and anti-American and anti-God sentiments.  Adherence to the truth is NOT a given. To, at worst, diabolic even demonic influence of unprecedented levels.

We need our Erin, Bishop Vann, his associate bishops, priests and laity to adopt the ways of a Thomas More.  Bishop McFarland called him “a loving husband, doting father, the eager friend, the merry prankster.”  Unlike our smurf cheerleading medicine man Pfauci, More was a man of integrity and a good lawyer who spoke and fought for the truth.

Erin, we must do likewise. This letter is more of a crossroads then you think.  Will we honor God’s immunity design for the young for a fix that pleases adults more than the medical needs of kids?  This is NOT Jonas Salk days and polio.

Will we battle, in the courts if necessary, for the right to be Catholic Americans who choose for their children AND themselves a medical course of action as if doctor/patient consultation and prescription is protected like confession to a priest.  That it has NOT been federalized forever.  Fight for Freedom to practice OUR choice of religion and not bow to the state religion that slices out little girls, slices them up into marketable organs and sold like slaves?

Will Masks finally be seen as the placebo to please the fear mongering members of society and Church and causing harm via psyOps to our kids marching in lock step out of Mass?  Will the facial diseases and speech pathology issues subside as we adults gain wisdom, long on the wane.

Robert Wittenton gave Thomas More the moniker of “a man for all seasons”.  He stood by his conscience and his wisdom, then lost his life due in part to perjured testimony of a politician named Richard Rich, future Attorney General of Wales. Erin, we must live with the person in the mirror first and foremost. Speak truth, live life knowing we are blessed but have challenges.  That doing the right thing is the only thing.

McFarland spoke of the good combination of “reverence and humility” to give hope to those who see the place of law in a free society.  Unjust and lawless men and women are making decisions NOT based on science but on the $$, the lust for power and for unseemly agendas.  “Do the truth in love”.

Robert Rich, after he lied on the witness stand, passes More. The future martyr asked about the chain of office around his neck. Rich, proudly reported he was a Garland or Becerra, new Attorney General of Wales.  More’s response was spot on: “why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world~~but for Wales?”

Erin, we often sell our souls in pieces cheaply…standing up for the truth and your parents is a noble cause; even moreso for our bishops. But don’t settle for second best: the truth, if fought for, wins.

I texted my kids recently “please do not inoculate my grandkids with the experimental drugs based on deceit ridden protocols.”  Maybe a safe vaccine will come along someday. But for now, inoculating our young with this witch’s brew is a foolish endeavor with much downside over time.  Including premature and unnecessary death.

Final letter line:   May God continue to grant us His Grace as we continue our journey.

Erin, this last sentence we can both wholeheartedly agree. The last line in Bishop McFarland’s homily is appropriate as well:

“Through the intercession of St Thomas More, your advocate and model, may God give you the wisdom and the courage to follow His guidance”.

Trust me Erin, the devil’s advice is not good guidance, whether in a white smock or ruby red with horns. But before you respond to your letter with a qualifier to ease the worries of your parents and principals, teachers and staff…

Finally, Erin and all.  Believe me or not, with 11 kids, I take this massive corrupt data situation seriously and work hard for the truth.

And believe it or not, three people are alive today because I requested they get a 2nd opinion (outside of the cough syrup and Theraflu prescriptions from their primaries, and go home and rest) and they did. They are alive to tell their stories.

America’s Frontline Doctors grew out of the working doctors/clinical patient seeing side of medicine. Started with a woman, Dr Stella, an ER physician who followed up with her HCQ treated successes and was fired.

You must know of the deceit history by now, since you are making medical pronouncements by your letter and non-action, that the EUA (emergency Use authorization) needed a scapegoat to be issued: the successful therapies used worldwide and under development needed to be suppressed.

Recall, the sleight of hand lies and misdirections that the leftist pharma troopers propaganda pushers spewed:

  1. fish chlorine for hydroxychloroquine (Fauci’s NIH in 2005 had an article promoting the effectiveness of chloroquine to kill the virus; somehow it isn’t mentioned when $$ are involved) was propaganda.
  2. As was the generally respected Lancet med journal, the article claiming HCQ destroyed hearts was published (tell that to Dr Wallace who has used it for decades), as quickly the childish Trump discreditation mob kicked in.  HCQ works.
  3.   Monoclonal antibodies and HCQ gave a 74 year old president a reprieve, someone many in our Church hate for his mean tweets ignoring his 300 plus successes.  Adults are able to think critically, not like children who need shiny objects, just like cats, to entertain them.
  4. Not to mention, our current CDC director, a “woman trapped in a man’s body” Dr Rochelle Hershey (new last name with her personal pronouns her and she) laughing at horse people taking Zimercterin.
  5. Zimercterin is Ivermectin for horsies, the apple flavored offshoot of the Merck and Japanese Nobel scientist’s discovery miracle cure for ‘river blindness’ that mitigates an evil virus.

I will confess the truth, Erin: I was a ‘man physically trapped in a woman’s body’ in the 50s: then I was born.  Nothing to laugh at.  It’s not easy to be a mother or a Catholic parent facing the real prospects of their kids being cut out of parish based Catholic school life going into the new year. Your letter triggered a lot more than you probably expected.

Erin and all: did you know Suicide is way up because the culture of death is killing hope, fueling despondency and creating a whole generation of young who think the world will end due to the carbon molecules that feed us.  CO2 is NOT the culprit; prostiticians are.  Kids, fully masked, believe they are in imminent danger day in and day out at school from killer diseases. And some teachers spout the hate America lines better than AntiFA or BLM.

Think about it: scientific fraud NOT countered by the Church that had numerous scientific developments through the (hat tip to Bishop Barron’s film) middle ages, becomes de facto scientific law.  Another example?  climate is now the cause celebre for everything the Damnocrats do.

These repeated lies droned into our young (and old) become part of the culture of death’s fabric…  As well as control our youth and young adults’ actions as well.  Believe it or not, now the “scientific” wackjobbers are claiming the Beijing Biden Border crisis is due to climate change.

In one way he’s right: 10 months ago, the climate went from sunny and stable under a successful president; to gloomy and miserable.  Executive ordered chaos began Jan 20th, with killing kids internationally, more domestically and destruction of the fossil fuel oil leases, pipelines and committing energy suicide.

Economics Joe doesn’t know: his Bidenomics killed energy independence and ALL commodities like the 6000 petro based products scream higher in price as well; shipping costs go up and family disposable income drops significantly.  The ability to pay tuition tanks as well.  But, hey, hate Trump all day long if it moves you.  The DC District of Corruption is a different world.

Plus, Joe’s betrayal and $85 billion arms deal for terrorists made every Afghan woman a target as of August 15, and the drug cartels love their unbridled access to girls whose families pay thousands and once across the climactic Rio Grand, the girls pay with their bodies to work off thousands more.

Kamala used her body and adultery at age 29 to secure Willie Brown’s bedroom and her first two government jobs making $166,000.  Now she’s angling for the Lincoln bedroom.  But her approval ratings are less than biden’s which have tanked.

Erin, look what you signaled and look what we are doing to our young; listening to hell’s champions and ignoring research and vetted science. We CAN win this, starting with pushback. But pushback requires adults doing adult citizen things.

Newsom is a prick, a toddler, a fool and tyrant…battle him as if we have standing Erin and bishops…which WE DO!  Please respond to the parents with a second letter; i really don’t care if you get back to me.  But your parents need you, as the bishop’s representative and your time is too precious to waste it on this homeschooling dad.  After all, we aren’t in the loop in this Diocese.   Thank you for reading.  Len Beckman

Pfinally, please Pfire Pfauci.  He’s hasn’t treated a Covid positive patient ever. But loves the $$ & attention it has brought him.  Unlike Terry McAwful Mcauliff, he can be removed without voting.

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