The Annunciation Miracle of Lauren Handy and 115 little babies

The Annunciation Miracle of Lauren Handy
The Lauren I know and worked alongside at Survivors Camp at Santiago Retreat Center a few years back has matured into an amazing on fire pro-life patriot: loyal to God’s country, ie heaven and battling the worst that hell dishes out through the miscreant media and misery merchants at Planned Parenthoodlums, Inc.  
Ironically, about the same time Russia was being rededicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, someone Lauren loves and is passionate about (of course, and her Son Jesus), she was busy intercepting precious human bodies ending up in trash heaps and crematoria by biohazard waste company X or Y.
At least, Putin’s Chechen mercenaries after raping the Ukrainian mothers and hanging them, put them in shallow graves before raping others; Pelosi’s Patrons at PP prefer organic (NOT toxic) human beings flushed to the Rio Grande down the Albuquerque toilets at the pleasant Plaza Inn next door to the OuThe Patient abortionist Dr Boyd and Southwest Womens Options.
OR burned like fossil fuel Auschwitzian style until those mean “Clean Water Clean Air” EPA banned burning bodies in LA and other Democrat strongholds.
I’ll vouch for Lauren; she is a smart, common sense visionary and NOT as the dead inside psychotic media claims, a deranged woman.   Deranged?  No, she RE arranges her time to save the innocent, the vulnerable, and even the satanically desecrated lifeless bodies resulting from that often abbreviated “a woman’s right to choose…to kill her kid and sell her parts to the highest bidding med labs”.  Kamala and Jennifer N prefer the shorter, more dishonest version. 
Jennifer N? She’s Gavin’s best friend’s ex wife that graces his bed these days…like Kamala adulterated herself with the married Slick Willie Brown.
You might remember G. CHRISTopher Newsom and his latest achievement: signing SB 245, the “Whites help the Browns and the Blacks save $$ while offing their Black and Brown little offspring lives that matter”  at nine times the rate as San Francisco Newsom~Pelosi~Getty white family members do.”  OK, the Abortion Act that secures California as the sanctuary state of hell.
  Funny how abortion kill mills, the Democrat donor machines with the PP label, are located so close to brown and black inner city sanctums these days.
In the ProLife world, as in many other do-gooder situations outside of the cancel cultured left loons empire, no good deed goes unpunished.  Including Lauren
After they saved previously alive 115 dead children, boxed like dead rats but sized in jars, from the Auschwitzian crematorium that tries to hide the truth, Garland’s and hell’s left leadership arrested them for a “crime” from 18 months previous.  A crime to save lives?
Saddest thing is Lauren, after getting the 115 lifeless corpses,  had reached out to Pelosi’s DC Metro patrol and the FBI. Sounds like Project Veritas’ Okeefe giving the FBI Hunter’s laptop and rewarded with perp walks and SWAT shakedowns.
Apparently, the FBI temporarily were reassigned from indicting parents as “domestic terrorists” by Merril’s Artful DOJgers in DC but didn’t have time until the next day when their police blotters were clear.  To arrest the nine.
On March 25th, Lauren and friend saved 115 dead babies (human, not Democrat, not alien) from the trash heap or Auschwitzian crematorium. She persuaded the biohazard driver to allow her to take one of the two dead baby boxes he was delivering so they could get a proper burial.
This isn’t Democrat national headquarters or the ObamaNation HQ, Obama’s 9 bedroom mansion 2 miles from the Oval office on 2446 Belmont Kalorama district, where the Obama crime family still runs the white house (Joe “TheoDen” Biden is mentally gone and chasing his demons and not available for thinking).
It’s not even Mariupol, Ukraine, where Chechen mercenaries joined with Putin’s conscripts are demonically raping, hanging and killing off innocent mothers and children as if they were a franchise of Jon Dunn’s Planned Parenthood California, the home of Abortion America.
It is the district of corruption, or DCesspool: DC. The FBI and Pelosi Patrol didn’t miss a moment or beat. Once they realize what Lauren and her partner had done, they protected America and a woman’s right to choose death for her Debbie and:
“The next morning Handy and eight other pro-life activists were arrested by the FBI for a pro-life rescue at the Surgi-Clinic abortion facility on Oct. 22, 2020. The abortion mill is headed by Dr. Cesare Santangelo and is an institution notorious for its long history of medical malpractice…”   Caesar, Saints and Angels ALL in one demonic doctor of death’s name.
Lauren is a humble, life lover…not like the rows upon rows of empty DC sepulchers that Kamala and LGBiden and their ilk, like the ObamaNation 20 who run Joe and the country 2 miles north of the Oval Office on Belmont Ave in the Kalorama district of DC.
She is a 3D person, full of life but so passionate to save lives and save America from itself, she puts her self, body and soul on the 3rd rail of Demonrat hack politics: the sacred satanic worshiping culture of death’s money making ops: abortion.
I know I know: follow the science!  That squirming, thumbsucking, mom kicking seven pounder isn’t alive until mom or Dr. Kevorkian reincarnated, Gov Dr WrecKid Ralph Northam says so.  Just like God Who declared with His breath Adam is alive, Ralph and Gavin declare those moving organics of little Eve are dead and better red and sold as parts.
How long will God tarry?  Tarry is that Protestant word that means how long will God hold back His wrath while hell motors around His created planet for mankind causing mayhem and death?
Theologically and prophetically, I don’t know.  This I do know: we are surrounded by corruption.  And the FBI busy helping the 100% Democrat Epiphany Politburo commission known as Jan 6th, saved the nation yet again arresting those insurrectionist nine pro lifers who saved other lives just a few short 533 days ago, on Oct 22, 2022.
Only in America can you arrest people a la guilty until proven innocent and matched up with the perfect misdirected affront to the death culture of Soros, Obama and Theoden Joe, mentally lost and chasing his demons after Mass each morning.
“Who will speak up for the little ones?”  Lauren does.  TY Randall Terry for asking the question before Nov 8, 2022: isn’t it a little fishy a day after Mary’s annunciation March 25, 2022 and Lauren saving 115 baby Americans from the BBQ, that the Pelosi and NARAL and PParenthoodlums all crew badger her heroics.  If only the 7th floor of the FBI building and the Dem owned Artful DOJger Garland could do real Law & Order and justice, once again.  We can only hope.  Barack’s buddies on Belmont Ave won’t be puppeting Theoden Joe forever.  God only knows how much life there is in that puppet patsy influence peddling throwaway Manchurian prez; and the same God IS the Alpha and Omega, the author and finisher of EVERY human life on this 3rd rock from the sun.
Lauren, I hope to be there someday when God is telling you “well done good and faithful servant”.  I’ll bring the balloons and popcorn.  Meanwhile pray for the people who are REALLY dying and at eternal death’s door, those that hate America AND its children.  Like their father of lies who never did like what God created in His 553 sextillion mile wide universe.
Left loons, which include rad Demonrat hacks and clueless Repubs, hate America, truth and life so much!  We just confirmed JiMANji Brown Jackson after 115 other DC justices.  Same number, 115 lifeless dead human carcasses saved by Lauren from more humiliation and mock God actions on His mother’s important day: the Annunciation, where Gabriel told this 15 year old virgin she would become the MOTHER of God.  Thank you Lauren.  Randall.  Theresa.  You can’t force the misery merchants to learn REAL science but you CAN battle for God’s truth to reign supreme…just as He does















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