Latest Grammy winner: “When a man becomes a woman”

Revised 4 22 2021

“In every child is planted the seed of a great future.” -from “Always a Dad” calendar

None of us alive today was around when God began this great experiment called humanity; for those who read Scriptures, neither were 1/3 of the invisible spirit entities that came before us, who did not like the idea of flesh and blood humans on earth.  And His plan involved two genders, two distinct biologic sexes, that could give a fist bump, fall in love, get married, take gold three times and have kids.  Or a similar story of American opportunity.

And no one on earth can completely understand how a Supreme Being can have ALWAYS existed though each of us, when done on this mortal coil, will exist forever.  Never NOT exist no matter where we end up in a good place or a not so great hot house.

 Eternity future is difficult to comprehend, but eternity past is impossible.  But it happened.  And we are here, living in a confused maze of what being human, man and woman, really is.  If you don’t think there is some uncertainty in what SOME people believe, look no farther than the recently expanded SCOTUS.  The new #10, I affectionately call “Jumanji Jackson Brown” can’t even tell millions watching her confirmation how to define “woman”.  Yes, woman.

Full disclosure: I am not from the ABCNNBCBS Post=Times, owned by the misery merchants guild;  but, from the camp that enJOYS life as it was meant to be.   Gain AND pain.  Give it your best, don’t cheat, don’t dope, just do great things.  Cheating is for lefties like Adam Schiffty Schiff, Eve’s husband (not the Garden couple) who lies deeper than a green shag carpet drenched in the blood of patriots. And maybe Will Lia, answering the question: will Will Lia change the world of women’s sports.

Happiness is a feeling that can come and go, especially when the misery merchants play gods,  but joy is an eternal reality, a chosen way of life you CHOOSE: you need to SEE and LIVE with the road bumps but focus on the good.  The culture of life is alive and well; the culture of death is well…

But today, the simple is always “it’s complicated” by those who don’t believe that God knew what the heaven He was doing.  

This mom is protecting her son from the arrows of the death culture…

As the song goes, modernized a bit: “When a man becomes a woman…”

If you check the only production manual we have on the reality of the human race, you read this in Genesis:

Then God said: Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the tame animals, all the wild animals, and all the creatures that crawl on the earth.
27 (Without consulting the LGBTqxyz agency) God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female He created them.
28 God blessed them and God said to them: Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.* Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things that crawl on the earth.
Hey DINKS (dual income no kids), God never rescinded his request, actually a beneficial demand, to us: there is PLENTY of room to multiply, especially with the left’s incessant efforts to subtract (63 million abortions so far of ALL genders) the lifeblood of the earth and America, and divide us from each other that make no sense. 
ONE human race, with freedom the best equalizer across the planet.  It’s the small minded reprobates who are the tyrants, who want to control us, poison us with strange viral brews like Pfauci’s Pfizer Pfixes; while placing poison pills in front of the freedom train trying to get Twitter back to being open source free speech.
Yet, the US Department of Optimum Gender Identities, (the USDOGI) funded by our tax dollars, contends the eternal Designer is clueless.  IF the latest bloated government~leftist consortium can be believed, there are 60 different sexders or gensexers… or whatever the daily Democrat Socialist Gender Reveal Party announcement is codified in their dictionary of “God is dead” replacement genders.
The list like Joe’s inflation keeps increasing!  Just maybe, God gets credit for the original binaries, male and female, but not much else.
This AMAB (defined later) author,  having 11 kids, fits in somewhere but let’s get to the point.

“…and leads the CDC…”

We googled (actually Duck Duck Goosed) gender.  Trying to be fair, one next gen humanity dictionary of the 60 (hat tip to Healthline…) came up.  They define ‘gender identity’ as:
” Gender vs. sex.  Many people use the terms “gender” and “sex” interchangeably. However, gender and sex actually refer to two separate things. Gender is an identity — your personal sense of who you are. The term can also refer to socially constructed categories that relate to what it means to be a man or a woman.

Sex refers to biological and physiological characteristics. Your genitals, hormones, and chromosomes all relate to your sex. Although many are taught that there are only two sexes — male and female — that isn’t true. Some people are intersex or have a difference of sexual development (DSD).”

Hmm.  Zounds of ‘product of conception’ morphing to “woman’s right to choose… (nothing after the ellipse)  Did God mess up and not finish the job so He could rest on the 7th?
As you read through this, you will see these manufactured “laws” of leftist misery merchandize interspersed; for example

“AFAB~ Acronym meaning “assigned female at birth.”

Now, who does the assigning and who decides is not an easy task to decipher…I got no answer at the USDOGI.  The definition of sex is “…refers to biological and physiological characteristics.”   My guess, in a perfect world, is this what the Trinity, the Godhead meant when the three Persons came up with the needs list for a whole new race and world.   Frankly, a whole lot more.

Male and female characteristics, capabilities, desires etc.  But to those not satisfied and selling misery, just not enough to see the blessing in each, the female, with her proclivity to bear the burden of continuing the one human race and the male who initiates (or did before Pfauci’s Big Pharma came up with puberty blockers, in vitro ferts and more) the process.

I know my left leaners will not like this part:

Truth be told, God designed reproductive freedom for the intimacy of a married couple NOT as a plaything of the rich and famous in Hollywood or as misery merchandize to be sold at your local Planned Parenthoodlum storehouse of horror.  But, if the universe started with Adam and Steve, you wouldn’t be reading this.

For millennia, there was little distraction from the occasional eunuchs, hermaphrodites, and different organics, some handicaps, some superior. The last five decades or so, Alinsky’s radicals has  been very busy.

How do you measure a woman.  Or a man?  Do they have to be 100% anatomically perfect?  How about Tony Melendez: his mom took Thalidomide, he came out without hands. Case closed??

“…Rocky lies about Covid to you and me”  from Weird Yankovic style song rewrite

Tony’s missing arms to work the hands.

Now most in the elitist intelligentia crowd would say abort the bastard!  He’s useless and a throwback, like recycled trash.  Yet…if you death culturalists took a breath, you’d have to admit Tony’s  STILL one of the better guitarists in the world and the rare talent who uses his toes not his uppermost phalanges.  Certainly one of the most famous. There are ALWAYS unintended consequences, some good, some not so good, from a given event or action.  Tony’s missing hand strummers led to him being the gift to Pope St. John Paul the Great in 1987.  It launched an amazing career.  This happens so often when we think we can outthink God or out create Him.  Nope!

But, when a “man becomes a woman”, like the song says, what say you about Lia Thomas, or Bruce/kaitlyn Jenner or Dr Rocky Rochelle, the CDC director.  Not to mention the HHS assistant Randy Quaid lookalike from area 51 in Independence Day, Rachel Richard Levine; heshe’s a pediatrician and father of two from herhe’s wife, Martha, who (Rachel) pulled a Lia in 2011 and divorced Martha in 2013!? Thank you for your service, Admiral Rachel Richard but… I AM confused!

Play dress up, manipulate your surgeried plastiques into addadicktome or the latest fad of sculpted two dimensional breasts called TOPS surgery, where the breasts are removed for cosmetics and artistic expression…or tattoo to your heart’s delight. But pregnant man emojis? Come on.  The only real male pregnancy was in London decades ago, where an embryo was surgically implanted on the nutrient side of the stomach, only to be aborted a little later.  I’ll stick to God’s way not Fauci or Madlyn O’Hair’s view.

YOU have that privilege in America.  Just don’t force it on our 4 year olds or anyone else.  

  After all, God gave you your body and you have the free will to do what you want with it.  I will warn: He wants it back on the way to you living 4ever in heaven. What you look like in your next life is up to God, not you or I.  As is your destination.  Choice of two.

But, take WilLia, who goes by Lia, who is revolutionizing women’s sports…hard working but just couldn’t make the top tier as a male swimmer for the first couple of college years.  He was talented, making the 4th or 5th of 8 swim lanes, but athletics is a combinations of talent, dedication to training routines, sacrifice, workouts and more sacrifice. And to many, winning the top spot is the ONLY thing that matters.

And when you just can’t accept you AREN’T the best though you try to be the best, do what our death culture preaches: change or ignore the rules.  He cheated, changed the rules and shook his her whatever fist at God’s handiwork.

HeShe Hershey Will Lia really wants the Olympics, no doubt.  for the good of the sport?? or to add to his her it’s trophy wall.  One wonders if we have a sociopathic epidemic of moral relativists who couldn’t see, let alone, spell “truth, right or wrong”.  I think back to all those weepy college girls on the Hollywood 101 freeway crying because the Clinton crime family’s Hillary didn’t get awarded POTUS.  17 years of indoctrination K-16 will do that to you.

Note, the East Germans were known for their chemical makeovers, but few remember who they are today. 

Will Lia Thomas, I contend with a few others, used transgenderism to tranSuccess from his Avis #2 try harder male results.  Could it be a fluke of nature OR the keystone, like the Giza Pyramid is to salvation history, to the demise of Olympian hopes, college dreams and high school scholarships for real women! ??

He too might sing “when a man becomes a woman” in the locker room showers, but he DIDN’T shed the male physicals of strength, endurance, talent based on hermones or stamina…or his penis I understand. 

 Just doped up the new fashioned way.  And checked a different box on the swim meet applications.  Speaking of boxes: 

Will Lia, did you ever hear of Michael Phelps?  He too appeared on a Wheaties box, appearing on store shelves about the same time a fine lady super athlete named Misty did.  Incidentally, The Wheaties cereal box has been graced with American athletes since 1934, starting with the baseball great Lou Gehrig.

Over time, Michael Jordan, Chris Evert, Andre Agassi, little Mary Lou Retton made the cover.  In fact, when he was still a man after being a man trapped in a woman’s body (his mom’s), heshe Bruce Jenner’s maleness made the front of the box.

So WilLia, you aren’t the first transmorgified “athlete”, if I can call you one, to be considered for a Wheaties promo.  One guesses the Weenies will have to do until the GM of General Mills promotes your cheatingness.

Where are the long in the tooth feminists?  Sorry Gloria Steinem and/or the devil, it just ain’t fair to the millions of girls who strive to be their best as gymnasts, swimmers and volley ball athletes, on or off the billions of sand grains. 

These hard working lady athletes work most of their young lives; they had gotten the designed in (back to the Genesis of women’s athletics) talent and capabilities, but please USDOGI, they just don’t deserve this latest wackyism. 

Certainly, a lot is NOT fair about the left hijacked political realm in SacraDEMento and DC, but must we mess even with the aspiring kids? WilLia, why?

Public ed, sadly becoming a dismal failure though valiant excellent public teachers still try,  has been set back years by the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague in many ways;  and especially our med tyrants like Pfauci Pfizer the Pfixer’s Pfixes response; must we continue the destruction?  A possible headliner for a newspaper (if any are any left that truly print news like Epoch and occasionally Orange County Register):

“Will Lia changes amateur athletics forever?” 

NO grammatical error but maybe the question mark should be punctuated with an exclamation point. Go ask your English teacher when she’s not stumping at LAUSD for BLM or Aztec war god chants dragging prayer back in the public arena.

Admittance time:  Mr. Thomas  just couldn’t make the top rungs of male swim meets; 2 years of chemicals, hormones, err hermoans, pubi blockers…  Oh, and yes, many a pissed off dad and mom watching their daughters’ years of work, talent & sacrifice being scammed by a guy~girl fish, still sporting a cylindrical fin, IN the water…  In his own words: 

Will Lia: “Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding,

for his June Penn campus newspaper.  (My take: understatement of the year.)  Spare me the bull doo doo Will Lia; any one with common sense not mind numbed by the left, sees through the charade. 

Of course it’s rewarding! Just like stealing answers, not bases, on your classmates’ tests:

  You are CHEATING Will Lia!

“Based on the times Thomas has put up so far this fall, Lia’s definitely not lying.”  (Hat tip to Joe Kinsey on Outkick360)

SwimSwam tells it cleanly and clearly: Will Lia’s 200 freestyle time of 1:43:47 would have taken silver at 2021 NCAA Women’s Championship; Herhe’s 4:35:06 in the 500 freestyle would’ve been good for bronze at the 2021 Championships.  Just cause he doped and sang in the locker room showers “he’s a lady” Tom Jones style, checking F for “failed male” on his apps…

“The NCAA has said, based on its policy, that biological women just need to suck it up and deal with it.”

Speaking of sucking it up, ever hear of Riley Gaines?  Talk about stolen by a cheater and thug, Riley didn’t get it: her 5th place trophy!

She tied for 5th with, you guessed it, Will Lia.  At an NCAA meet, WilLia took the trophy and the NCAA offered the 6th place trophy on the stands standing next to Will Lia.  Glad Riley refused to take it.  Must we take up a collection so she finally gets it?  I think so!  But, Riley was a beautiful woman long before WilLia pretended to be a shapeshifting watergirl.

Sorry, Riley Gaines (top Kentucky swimmer), all is fair in love, war and NCAA sports apparently.  You proved that as a woman you did just as well as a woman trapped in a man’s body gracing the Weenies box.  We’ll get you a trophy somehow.

Interviewed by Sen Blackburn: Gaines said in March that an NCAA official offered her the chance to hold the sixth place trophy while on the podium next to Thomas. An official told Riley: “I just want you to know that we respect you and admire your swim so much, but we just want Lia to hold the fifth-place trophy.”  Huh?

“Respect” her? 

Sounds like what a pimply faced in-heat teen boy uses on an impressionable clueless girl to get her to have sex with him; like what Randy Quaid’s son on “Independence DAy” told the lass in the RV.

You know, premature practicing the art and science that God reserved for marriage a bit early.  After all, the “do say gay” crowd, with horny hypersexualized child predators don’t believe God knew how to design males and females for HIS universe anyways.

We adults need to act as “we adults”. 

 Competition, like life, used to make a lot more sense, black and white were the fairness guidelines. You instinctively knew whether you were male or female, and NOT just a mirror glance after the shower.

The NCAA has screwed this up royal.  Like the E in D.I.E (Diversity Inclusion Equity) caste Disney members now poisoning kids’ minds, being equal is like being average.  Like the National Man Boy Love Association (NMBLA not NCAA) preaches “Sex before eight or it’s too late”.  Porn, like perversion and predation have more in common than P first letters today.  Open game on kids.

For those who took American civics in 5th grade, we are guaranteed equal opportunity, not equal results by our founding documents.  But not the NSCAA: the national some collegians athletics association….

Riley continued: “The thing I’ve learned the most throughout all of this is to use your voice, Gaines told Senator Blackburn when asked what she’d tell high school athletes who could be in a similar situation in the very near future.

“Before I said anything publicly a couple weeks ago, with myself being the first or second to protest this, I have realized there are so many girls who feel the exact same way as I do but are told they can’t say anything, or they’re scared because today’s culture is ‘cancel culture’ and they don’t want to risk their future in athletics or future career. There are so many things that can be taken down with it.”

“But what I’ve realized is if we want a change, you have to use your voice. We have to let people know as a group that a majority of us female athletes — or females in general — are not okay with this. We’re not okay with the trajectory of how this is going or how it could end up in a couple years.” 

Good words, Riley, but we adults need to do our part.  Yet the cancel culture stinks, and a noisy few can make waves, but doing the right thing is it’s own, though painful reward:

Vinci Omnes Veritas:  “Truth conquers all things”. 

Takes time, sometimes a generation’s worth, but when Rileys take the first step there is HOPE.  I have confidence in our young, despite the scum baggers in the Misery Merchant fleet anchored in SacraDEMento and DCesspool.

Our young people need to have equal and fair opportunity, not forced to accept equal results…affirmative action for sports is a crock.  And cheaters like Will Lia don’t help…worse, when NCAAsses look the other way, we ALL lose.

The death culture has another trophy for their wall of shame, the killing of competition/good sportsmanship. Neutering honest challenges and striving for the best.

Young people need the chance to learn the lessons of life: you can be talented and work hard, but still take 2nd or 4th: in Riley’s case, some numbnuts NCAA official tripped over his or her or himhe or himshe’s tongue.  Making a stupid situation worse. Will Lia cheated, pure and simple.  Have I said this enough?

Frankly, maybe the hermones effected his male brain, turning his also ran college career into “me, myself and I” on steroids.

Here is something the gender ID manufacturers miss: there is more to the male and female logos.  A lot more!

IF Will Lia was a real man, heshe’d have given the true lady, Riley, out of respect, the trophy.  Well, Will Lia must not be a real man…NOR a real woman.  It’s kind of like transgendered athletes are in the Bizarro world of Superman/woman comics

More than baseball, “In the big inning”, God spoke the words and Adam and Eve came into being…

In 2020s, Will Lia, mouthed the words (with a few chemicals along the way) singing “I am woMaN, see me swim”, then checked F not M on the entrance forms and voila!  True Olympic Marcella Spitz or better, Michaela Phelps in the making?  Hmm.

  Today HesheaLia takes down of long fought for equal sports opps for ladies, Title IX and as BioMan in self-anointed women’s cred at meets; means hesheaLia wins NCAA championships on the way to Olympic gold is in the books?

Frankly it’s NOT sorted out quite yet.  Time will tell, but hell WILL break loose if saner, mature adult minds don’t work this out.

  It could be the beginning of the end of fair woman’s sports results in many fields unless we grow up as a culture and recognize what God has enjoined into separate genomes, let no 60 gendered human creation toss asunder.   Will Lia isn’t the only opportunistic cheater out there; you don’t need to be a prostitician to cheat, rob and steal other people’s dignity.

Viva le difference!  Frankly, male and female ARE different not just “binary” as if they are a base 2 numbering system…humans are not math data sets but amazing sentient beings, with hopes and dreams to be successful and do great things.  Speaking of a hyper successful totally female sports figure…

Reread the opening quote: every young person in America can have a great future.  Kids don’t think “racism” at age 3; that’s a learned liability. 

When my adopted grandson, Jason with his Irish red hair bear hugs soon to be adopted Keifer, his color doesn’t matter: he’s his brother.  All these crappy race theories like Jumanji Jackson Brown spouts, now #10 on the Supremes song board, just ruin a good thing: the human race doesn’t need to be divided: diversity IS the wealth and richness of different cultures, from different parts of the world, working together and NOT seeing a different human race.  A Pollack from chicago or warsaw are both Polish descenders.

Same with black complexioned humans like Keifer whose great…great granddaddy was a slave.  Truth be told, ALL colors and most peoples have had white, Chinese, muslim (Uighers eg.) slaves and slave masters.  Man’s inhumanity to man didn’t just start with the genocidal killing of planned parenthood; but America is the least racist country on earth.  Yes, we have people who pull the race card before they brush their teeth every morn, but that is THEIR problem…they, not others, are the stupid ones.   The Olympics, rejuvenated in 1896 in Greece, was not about different races: it was about human racers from around the world competing for the sheer joy of competition.  Being the best doesn’t mean the #2 team or lanes #2 thru #8 are losers.  It just means the race was worth it.  Will Lia changed that forever…or his selfish opportunism will.  Don’t give me that “he’s a transgendered” and needs your support since he is a victim.  Bull pucky.

Growing up was Cheerios and Wheaties in my 11 kid, 10 sibling, Anaheim family home of the 50s-80s; I really liked the “Breakfast of Champions” because that was often the fare at breakfast. But, ok, the occasional sugar, but Wheaties over Cheerios any day.

Today, I am privileged to know a real super Wheaties athlete, trained by another Olympic athlete, her talented dad, to become the best in her sport: beach volleyball. 

We’ve lost sight that the “becoming” part, is just as necessary as standing on box tops while the National Anthem is sung in some foreign land. Youth sports, like Little League or gymnastics, should be where character qualities are learned and experienced while striving to win.  Not the harbor of predator Olympics doctors or helicopter parents who lose sight of what’s important: a well formed offsprings’ consciences, as well as a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Three time Olympic gold winning athlete, today Misty is blessed with great kids and a man whose talents involved a catcher’s mitt and years in the minors before success at teams like the Florida Marlins and Dodger Blue. This I know: he loves her more than life.

Both Matt & Misty worked hard to be and do their best in their respective sports.  And Matt’s no slough; when Matt accidentally at 12 pegged a squirrel 50 feet away, it just meant he had an arm; with sacrifice and determination, he succeeded where so few have: hit a homer in the Majors. However: 

Misty is simply, amazing! Ask Matt if you must! Matt?  He’s the guy who definitely ‘married up’.

After 5th place in Sydney2000, Misty continued to work hard, listened to coach dad, had the talent to match the effort, yes sacrificed (did I mention sacrificed much?) and teamed up with her main partner Kerri Walsh Jennings.  She and Kerri took the top box spots, the box (Olympics winner stand) tops in three countries after grueling court battles in the sand: Athens2004, Beijing2008 and London2012. 

Truth be told,  Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings are considered the greatest beach volleyball team of all time after their threepeat gold.

And Will Lia, I have it on good account neither of them were once men!  Ok, here’s my conclusional leap misery merchandizers: BOTH of these excellent ladies have had children. 

NOT by adoption, which is awesome, but by the way God designed Adam & Eve a few millennia ago.  Naturally. 

They CHOSE this path among paths; it is not but for the grace of God they could have it all, star athletes and being mothers.  One BIG reason, actually the only reason reproductive sex was created not so Mickey can french kiss Goofy or Pluto.

Ok, Gender ideologists: suppose I tell you choosing to be homosexual, dress up crossly and read storytime books, is NOT sex!  It is just what it is: playing with each other no longer in the play pen.  It’s doing things different than God intended.  Whatever floats your boat.  But putting “aside childish things” is a good choice.

This I do know: Misty lives her life purposefully, loving the man she married in Dec 2008, the kids they are blessed with and a family who loves her. 

Trust me, Misty was never a Mister.   Nor was her sandcourt partner Kerri!  Today, Will Lia pretends to be a fully actualized transgendered man2woman and cheats his way to notoriety and fame, when HeShe is anything but a grifter hermoaned up.

Something the NCAA, Olympics committee and Will Lia who stars on the BabylBee style Weenies box need to really consider.

When God said, “Let us make mankind in OUR image”, there was power behind the words.  When Will Lia or NCAA claims he she is a woman who fairly can compete as a woman, they are self deceiving, liars or both.  Worse kind of cheating; especially when one transgenders into sports, sometimes you get an edge. Male bones and muscles for swimming in a BioLadies Only event, for example

Note, the gender ideologists who bully us, the USDOGI anonymous deciders, are NOT elected; they come out of some hellhole somewhere (probably the DNC basement) to redefine humanity their way.

Not the original blueprint version since creation dawned.

There is no consistency or legitimacy to accepting everything they proclaim.   Fact is, wanna know where the patent is?  This transparent author (I have 11 kids, makes me a parent and transparently candid about the truth) has a lead:

God holds the 30 trillion celled DNA card for each human binary type He not we, creates.

NOT the recreators who really are re-imagineers like the Diversal Inclusive Equity  ie D.I.E. caste members in Florida’s Walt’s world who want to queer up 5 year olds. 

Let’s be honest: they want to groom from age 2 on, not wait until adulthood: let the parental binary units pop out the rug rat, curtain climbers and purse pullers but we will take over the reigns…and reins. They truly believe parents are toooo stupid to introduce their kids to the truths about the hypersexualized, overly promiscuous, incidentally virtuous anti-God functions of modern culture.

Agender~Dfn: Someone who doesn’t identify with the idea or experience of having a gender.

 Each of us homo sapiens sapiens has talents; too often, we want it all now and are not willing to go the extra mile to do

Tony! I’m gonna tell your wifey! Oh wait, that IS Lynn

the time, no pain no gain, and effort. Tony is armless but still very much a man; although I jokingly did get to play his arms on overseas World Youth trips and at Anaheim convention center youth day. He has a beautiful wife, Lynn, two great kids and still performs for the Lord around the world with Jose & team.  Is he LESS a man because big pharma’s thalidomide cut off his arms?  I think not
Taking short cuts is often part of our nature.  Yet, part of becoming an adult, is understanding what God has created in us, and like Solomon, hoping and praying for wisdom before riches.  In my years of working with youth, I tried to get them to think critically, see beyond appearances, and themselves, and become the best one could be.
Prolific author Matthew Kelly calls it “being the best version of ourselves.”
Sadly, our culture has become asphyxiated on sex and death.  Multi-colored hair topped wiwtb (not yet on the USGI site: “Whatever I Want To Be”) ladies and gentlemen are demanding 5 year olds choose their gender and sex and parents have no right to force their male child to be male or even their female kiddo to be female.  Recall the “gender reveal party for a 6 year old boy, NOT a six month in utero prebirth kid?
Really, reimagineerers? God does the heavy lifting arranging the 30 trillion cells into tissues, organs and systems, starts the body clock and along comes Disney’s team to undo perfection.  The hyperevolution of one cell to 30 trillion happens every time a child is conceived.  No government three letter agency can do the development; only interrupt it by killing a child with a future.
Again, you wanna be one of the 58 alternative humans, knock yourself out.  Just don’t try to deceive the binaries who believe in truth, justice and God’s way…AND the American one too!  Especially heinous are the uncorrectables; young kids whose parents or the state, take it upon themselves to alter God’s work.  You can’t go back; they are maimed for life.  Reversals like TOPS surgery is a flat line event.

Growing up is something the left refuses to do; they want their playpen and tantrum time. 

Take the recent mislabeled “Don’t say gay” Florida bill.  Tricky marketing campaign by the Dem Left’s staff media at

Minnie sporting her face diaper

ABCNNBCBS Post=Times;   but even most seasoned alternative lifestylers, like homosexual and lesbian couples who really want to be left alone,  really didn’t buy into the scam of grooming and perverting kinders.
  Interestingly, it got the Disney DIE Caste members out of the closet to pollute the precious brains and hearts of America; I will never trust a Disney product ever again…and I grew up in the shadow of Anaheim’s magic kingdom since the 50s.  Now we have DismaLand in Florida queering up their offerings because they think it’s cool or cute.
Re-forming human bodies or adding things doesn’t work.  Notice how, psychologically the science of masking: it was and is ineffective, especially on kids, but it feeds right into the neuterization and cancellation of binary, male and female, so the indoctrinating re-imagineers can groom the assignees whatever deviant gender they want.  
The bill was about NO sexual indoctrination by  teachers in the pubic school arena discussing (don’t say….) heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, BEASTiality, hypersexuality, sexual perversion or any of the 58 different gender ideologies.
That, my friends, is the province of the parental units.  If Merry Garland AG wants to call parents “domestic terrorists”, worry not: Biden won’t last much longer nor will Garland…thank God he isn’t a Supreme.  And look how far we’ve come there: SCOTUS justice #10 (the recent packing of +1 to 10; ok, anyone seen the Breyer resignation letter yet?) could NOT define “woman”.
I know it was a trick question by Senator Blackburn, expecting Jumanji Jackson Brown to figure the biologics out.  And yes, she’s nice and cute, and serves the left’s destruction of Americana well.  Sorry JJB, we are on to you; unfortunately enough republican loons didn’t give a damn about the Court.  I am reminded of the Pilate~Jesus exchange on Good Friday regarding where power comes from.
God has given the parental descendants of Adam & Eve the role and responsibility of training their children, as well as feed and clothing them.  You need not be Catholic to see the truth, but paragraph #2223 in the Catholic Catechism speaks volumes:
“2223 Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility first by creating a home where tenderness, forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and disinterested service are the rule. The home is well suited for education in the virtues. This requires an apprenticeship in self-denial, sound judgment, and self-mastery – the preconditions of all true freedom. Parents should teach their children to subordinate the “material and instinctual dimensions to interior and spiritual ones.” Parents have a grave responsibility to give good example to their children. By knowing how to acknowledge their own failings to their children, parents will be better able to guide and correct them”
Of course, the teacher union thugs see families and kids as their meal ticket, school boards and ed departments as numbers to get paid for, especially in California. 
After 35 years of Catholic home based education, I see the picture of three decades of decline.  Trust me, I am NOT perfect but my kids did not need perfect: they needed involved parents which Donna and now Mary with Donna in heaven provide. 
Indoctrination is the ed system of Marx & Mao Inc.   NOT true education.
Why do we need faux and fraud subjects other than to groom kids for lies?  Kids through high school DON’T need predators, soft cutie ones or hard core porn types, indoctrinating them with the best hell has to offer. They need to learn solid curricula not this bizarre stuff disguised as open to all universitas ideas; while suppressing the sensible subjects.
Kids, like college freshmen, are impressionable, under the guidance of their parents and NOT the Garland “domestic terrorist” labeling Dept of INJustice who have zero business labeling honest questions to the scardy cat leftist school board members as terrorism. My term is “wusses” but like Obi Wan Kenobi put it: “Who is the greater fool? The fool or the fool that follows the fool?”
Want organic terrorism? 
Watch how a little 7 pounder homo sapiens offspring is pulled apart and sliced up for shipment to willing customers for human trafficked body parts.  THAT’s terrorism.  A friend of mine, Lauren Handy, on March 25th intercepted 115 little humans, dead and encased in specimen jars, large and small, as well as already born babies, destined for medical wasteland. And trust me, NOT ONE of these precious kids will ever compete in swimming, whether male OR female. They are dead.
She promised they’d be buried, which by law is what you do with human remains, unlike the lies and deceit the ObamaNation puts out there from 2 miles north of the Oval Office.  You know, the place where Charlie McCarthy Joe gets his ice cream at night, a pat on the back as he heads to his basement.
I know I know, there’s profit in parts.   G Christopher Newsom and his best friend’s former wife now Newsom bedtime story teller, Jen, prefer selling babies from planned parenthood trucks for campaign dollars.  Really cute, since crappy race theories (that there are more than just the one human race) led to this cute new California law, SB245.  Perfect for the new Jumanji Jackson Brown’s first case next term on the 10 member court.
I call em how I see em…I know Matt Treanor has seen quite a few that really made the strike zone but were called as ‘balls’. The Newsom Colorfull bill is better called out as:
the “white people helping black & brown people killing smaller black & brown people for less $$ (no co-pay) so the smaller black & brown people can be chopped up into little black and brown trafficked human organs.”  Colorful tricky law.
Wow! long name.  Hey LBGTqxyz folks, NONE of these kids will ever choose their gender or have sex!  Doesn’t this hurt your cause: every kid a wanted kid to be groomed??  or sliced up for Democrat campaign dollars?
Yale pays $715 for a calvarium; UTexas Med Branch pays $125 for each heart and liver.  Check their FOIAed purchase orders and invoices.
You don’t gotta be black and a slave to be sold at auction…ask at the government subsidized out the patient “clinics”.
A few more GIs: 

Aliagender~A nonbinary gender identity that doesn’t fit into existing gender schemas or constructs.

AMAB~Acronym meaning “assigned male at birth.”

Androgyne~Someone who has a gender presentation or identity that’s gender-neutral, androgynous, or has both masculine and feminine characteristics.

Aporagender~Both an umbrella term and nonbinary gender identity describing the experience of having a specific gender that’s different from man, woman, or any combination of the two.   More…

Since every college student learns calculus, trig, advanced physics, English, history, the Western Books of philosophy, etc. before women’s, black, gender id studies…. 


I guess they have time to take gender ideology indoctrination from a gender ideologies professor (tenured of course) at Harvard or Yale.  Although, apparently, there are no gender ideology jobs in the engineering departments of real world companies?!
Something missing from the equation of college life is specific performance, competition, working hard to learn the material not just hit the “bong and beer poker” parties every night.  I know a lot of very serious young adults who are serious about the truth, learning, getting ahead, willing to work to be successful.  As well as the other kind.
Thankfully, you need not attend those Ivy Colleges that are slowly dying on the vine; there is Hillsdale, Thomas Aquinas, Benedictine, Ave Maria, JPII, Christendom and many others that value teaching truth not bile and corrupt disinformation.
A young person’s mind is a terrible thing to waste…when parents value their kids more than everything else, we will see a revolution of the intrinsic values the Founders signed into existence.  All 56 risked it all, as you can see on the back of the $2 bill. The sleeping gianthood of parents IS breaking out all over and you don’t have to be part of the homeschooling renaissance through grade 12.  ALL parents homeschool from birth.  All.
But, we can’t let the misery merchants, the death culturalists, continue to destroy American from within every public school government run “free” classroom housed kid.
There is NOTHING wrong with success; as long as you stay balanced and battle for good. Misty’s accolades are numerous.  Just know this: over 11 years, Misty and Kerri won 21 consecutive Olympic beach V-ball matches (losing only one set throughout) and unlike Will Lia, she did not cheat by switching genders.  Bob “Butch” May, was a 1968 Volleyball (before sand was invented) Olympian himself, coached her well and is proud of his daughter.  And certainly loves his grandoffspringers!
ALL of us should be proud of our kids; they are gifts, gifts we MUST return to God at life’s end and answer, did we do well, as best we could?  I can’t answer that for you, for with my eleven I have grets and regrets too.
One of the most beautiful aspects of life, and American opportunism for good, is unintended things can happen that shape us for life; disasters, if you believe in God’s good plan for your existence, can become blessings.  When Misty did her time on “dancing with the stars”, she was injured.  I recollect that she met or got to know Matt better during rehab.  No, not for opiates but for physical injuries.  They may never have gotten married and parented such awesome kiddoes.  Think about that: if you wake up each day thinking what blessings can come my way, do it without cheating womanifestation drugs.  Work hard, but work! at being your best, developing your talents and be cognizant of the seasons of your life.  Misty and Matt aren’t the same they were in the sand or on the diamond.  But they ARE reaping the rewards of well laid plans being interrupted for much better.  God chose your gender: trust Him not the USDOGI crats.  Make the most He has in store for you.
The DIE caste members/system at Disney is a disaster in the making.  Misty’s cast, pictured here, was the beginning of a new life, one where God’s original intent to be “fruitful and multiply” came into being.  Trust in God’s Divine Mercy.  Help1Some1~2day and more if you are able.  But don’t just talk: DO!  If you want to be indoctrinated, Pfollow Pfauci’s Pfizer Pfix program: putting poison into your veins.  That 17 inch blood clot taken from a fully vaxxed cadaver was no fluke.  We’ve been had.  Time to look in the mirror and decide: “what can I do?”
God bless you all!  Out of fairness to the gender ideologists, I will publish the rest of their GIs with this blog post.  Read them if you want, weep if you must, but America and our young are capable of so much.  As we are!
OR skip to the end if you don’t need to see these reimagineerings…

Bigender  Binarism  Body dysphoria  Boi  Butch  Cisgender  Cishet  Cisnormativity

Cissexism   Demiboy  Demigender  Demigirl  Dyadic  Feminine-of-center

Feminine-presenting   Femme  Female-to-male (FTM)

Gender apathetic  Gender binary  Gender dysphoria  Gender expansive  Gender expression

Gender identity  Gender-neutral pronouns;they/them/theirs   ze/hir/hirs    ze/zir/zirs   xe/xem/xyrs

Gender nonconforming   Gender normative  Gender presentation   Gender questioning

Gender roles   Gender variant   Gender fluid  Genderfxxk   Genderqueer   Gendervoid

Graygender   Intergender   Intersex  Masculine-of-center  Masculine-presenting

Maverique  Misgender   Male-to-female (MTF)  Multi-gender  Neutrois

Nonbinary  Novigender   Omnigender  Pangender  Polygender  Sex assigned at birth

Social dysphoria   Soft butch   Stone butch   Third gender   Transfeminine

Transgender   Transmasculine   Transitioning   Transsexual  Trigender  Two-spirit

END of LIST!  thank God!!


“It’s amazing that gender — something many people thought was a simple concept — is actually so personal, nuanced, and complex. For that reason, it’s totally OK if this list is a lot to digest! Just remember: Gender is an essential part of health and well-being for everyone. Becoming familiar with language that helps you to talk about this part of identity and society is a great way to care for yourself and be an ally to others.”  (hat tip to Mere Abrams and Sian Ferguson)

Wow.  Gender IS a simple concept.  Male and female.  Man and woman.  Oops forgot: Balderdash is #61

This transparent author: Thank you for reading folks.  In the main, I will still stick with the Creator’s vision…but people have the right to choose a different path, even if it is deleterious to their earthly or forever health..  Off to take a shower.  I would love your comments, as adults not children or spoiled tyrants.  Just your wisdom please.

Len Beckman

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