The Beckman Ranch of Anaheim

Revised 7/13/22

The Beckman Ranch was founded in November of 2001; it is located on 3/4s of an acre near a local park, nestled among Ana’s Home settlers. The German name: Anaheim.

It has been the home to 11 children, 20 years of the 37 years of home based Catholic education the Cherry Tree Beckman young experienced.  We are blessed to have additions, like new spouses, kidlings, fosterlings, family and more.

There is ALWAYS room for one more at the Beckman Ranch

But, the primary goal has been to have a haven of hospitality, to welcome all that come to our doors.

We live in an eccentric society, a culture of great joy and yet an underlying penchant for death and disorder.  Pope Saint John Paul the Great called it “the culture of death”.   But remember: “where evil is, grace abounds MORE!”  We of the Beckman Ranch stock believe in the “culture of LIFE”, that Jesus IS our king, not the admin state of disarray and misery merchants, and willingness to follow God’s design not the entities that oppose Him and His plans.

Hebrews: “Do not grow weary in well doing” is our first  motto with more to come

Home to the Donna Beckman Environmental Research University, we have endeavored to practice what the climate cultists miss: understanding God’s creative work and His exceptional gifts of usable energy, such as natural gas, oil and coal; acknowledging that the much ballyhooed solar and wind energy, though intermittent and in their infancy, will not completely replace the common euphemism “fossil fuels” for decades if ever.  Sadly misery merchants go out of their way, in their arrogance, to deconstruct God’s Creation any way they can, as well as cause disconnect among humans.  Throughout this time of deceit, too many fail to realize God IS in control of all things and sends His mother Mary at various times to teach and console us, like in this picture (now stained glass) taken by a Swiss Guard on May 13, 1981 when shot by a Russian bought Bulgarian assassin).  Yes, there is an actual picture, not make believe.

God would NOT create his 553 sextillion mile wide universe for man and then leave a demonic evil gas the misery merchants call “carbon dioxide”.  Beckman Ranchers live life with a realistic sense of joy and will NOT buy into the concoction of the defeatists (be they secularists, communist symptos or just evil) but treat every other human with the respect and love they deserve.

On the good side, this includes learning to conserve precious resources, use every thing we can in the process, to avoid waste.  And help others compassionately to do the same.

Simple ideas with even simpler solutions, IF we are willing to get off the Algorean heresy band wagon, you will be surprised at what the world is REALLY about.

Elon Musk, the father of the electric car, understands this and states that plainly.  You can’t drive a Tesla unless it’s batteries have been charged adequately; there is no such thing as solar tires and you can’t pour liquid electricity into the cathode or anode of the battery.  Personally, we haven’t harnessed perpetual motion as of yet, and the ‘hated by some’ fossil fuels are essential where hydro-generated electric and nuclear powered reactors fail to tread.

As to the ranch: it is… “the work on a ranch is NEVER done” and “a ranch is in constant change and improvement”.

…Still a thriving home for our offspring and their friends, we welcome you to the occasional event, seminar or gathering.  One thing the three years of the world’s evil Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague has taught us, is we must resume interpersonal and social intercourse if we are to survive as a race on this planet.  We are blessed, despite the misery merchants running rough shod over this great land, with the best place on earth to live.  For the Catholic/Christian, we follow a Son and a God in Jesus the Christ, His gospel ie Good News; honor Mary in many ways as the most important Yes woman in history.  Actually His Story.

One on one discourse, small group interchanges are critical for our land. At the Beckman Ranch, we have seven areas for groups of 2-10 for times of reflection, growth and sharing insights.  We do NOT charge for your visits; we do accept donations, only after your time at the Ranch.  Our purpose is recovery, reconciliation, resurgence, rejuvenation and Renaissance for those who choose to follow Christ:

Since Oct, 2019, the world has experienced a takedown like no other.  I call it the Rise of the Misery Merchants, with engineered virulent viruses from a communist Chinese lab, plenty of medical tyranny by supposedly honest triple letter agencies of public health, seven floors of DC deceit and misdirection, stolen elections by power mad, diabolic entities and so much more… adventures.

But the LifeBlood of America, is those decent hardworking families, the dads and moms who do the ordinary extraordinarily well…not playing the toxic power “I am a god” thing, but changing diapers, working long hours, being real, growing the heartland of America in every heart.  When God as the Triune said “Let us make man (and woman) in our image”, He knew from all eternity what He had planned, and He carried out His plan.   But the father of lies knows its time is very short…

Our mission at the Beckman Ranch is respite care…for you; enjoy it.  As Catholics and Christians, the Gospel is more than an ancient book.  Allow us to help you keep it alive.

Donna, the mother of the 11 awesome kidlings now all adults, joined the heavens surrounded by miracles in Sept 2011; another miracle came along, Mary of the Nativity (her family church) said Yes! to 12 people, the aforementioned 11 and this dad who suffers joyously from ADAD, a form of ADHD, always too busy for his own good.


Those areas of discourse and eating delights have names:

Gazebo Gulch in the southeast corner of the ranch.  suitable for 8-12 or more

The Tiki Garden which seats 10-15

The Sacred Heart Rose Garden

Bird & Berryland

Stump Jump off seats 3-5 as the drone takes off

Poolside at OOL Lake  there is no P in Lake.  Ok, well maybe, just a ….

Mary’s Garden

Mary’s Boutique   sewing and embroidery

Poker Hall & Gaming   Yes, bingo can happen; equipped with a giant projection screen. Poker table

Santa’s Workshop     His office south of the North Pole

The Dons at the table.   (undisclosed)

coming soon:  Stations of the Cross

The Corral.  Our Playground includes two slides, swings, a clubhouse, trampoline, teeter toter and zip lines…more underway



The Beckman Ranch Itinerary

Dumb Ox Co-op Mom’s Night Out              July 17, 2022     7pm


On the ranch barndoor for June 18, 2022:

“Welcome to preFather’s day Father’s day 2022.  Arrive at 4pm, give or take an hour, and enjoy family, friends and fun, fooderies and more.  God has blessed us with a glorious day.  Do NOT buy what the misery merchandizers are selling: see the blessings, count them slowly and Help1Some1~2day and more if you are able.   See you soon…”


DRAFT   Ready for comments regarding improvements.

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