When it comes to race, NO good deed goes unpunished

It’s my main broken record:

“God created only ONE race on earth of intelligent beings: the Human Race.”

And sometimes we even act intelligent.  But too often, we are immature tykes in using race as a wedge, as a deflection or even a toy. Frankly, RACE is the reason God created His 553 sextillion mile wide universe; God didn’t need billions of stars for entertainment or to show off.

You and I weren’t there but the Trinity had been around for all eternity self sufficient and autonomous.

The Culture of Life understands this and celebrates the precious uniqueness of each human, housed in short, tall, black, white, fat, skinny bodies…some even PREborn! (Please don’t use UNborn anymore, pro lifers: it smacks of the next Zombie UNdead pic.

But the Culture of Death sadly likes to make Texas Hold ’em race card decks, divide us up and we silly folks just go along. Take UC Berkeley has “no whites allowed” housing rules off campus in August 2022.  Think about that: any other human race type allowed but cultures from Anglo Saxonville persona non grata.  Funny, the Main News Mafia would throw tantrums over a bunch of white students blocking blacks, Asians, outer Mesopotamians and other artificially constructed divisions of homo sapiens.  Yes, I know that the ABCNNBCBS APost~Times is bankrupt banal urinalists these days, but we have to deal with them pretending to be unbiased news reporting journalists.

Check the historical documents of earth (not Galaxy Quest’s) and there is zero evidence the Creative God made a dozen different “first couples”, genetically sequenced so that they can produce a series of black, yellow, orangemen, white and Polish, valley girl or 100+ geographic races to populate terra firma.  Zero.

In fact, when the Design Team of the Trinity said “Let us make man(kind) in our image”, it wasn’t just a prototype planning session.  God DID it!  Whatever “Our Image” means ultimately, we humans are preciously blessed to even exist.

He created man for woman and woman for man; NOT 60 different sexes and genders.  For that, you look to the father of lies, and its constant deconstruction of perfect Creation, as well as the Dr. Faucian decoupling disconnect of one to another with face diapers and drugs.  This insane shutdown of private life by unelected miserable administrative statists MUST end for the renaissance to commence, and the Dark Ages to subside.

God meant us to be free peoples, to honor Him and work out our salvation on earth on the way to an eternity of joy.  Friends and family: we ARE in the exact middle of eternity as you read this, just as Jesus is the exact Center of the World, of History (His Story), of Life.  AND the Truth and the Way.  Time IS short people; either we are in the beginning of the end times or in the end of end times as many Apostles believed.  God has “tarried” ie delayed for OUR benefit.  Not His!  And how blessed are we, despite 65 million preborn little girl and guy deaths, how blessed are we in this covenant country with the rights of life, liberty and property/pursuit of happiness.

Chase and Pete and Baby Yoda and Mickey and Mary

No matter how hard the miscreant misery merchants try to sell us that there is a black race, a white race and a race of Catholic bingo playing Italians, there is only one Adam and one Eve to start things off with a big bang. No, I don’t believe God set off an M200 fireworks in a nursery and voila, we had humans. Nor did twins all of a sudden appear in Pete and Chase’s hospital bed by an invisible Hand.

Notice, I didn’t say five Adams and five Eves, or one cis gendered first couple.  God’s ways are much higher than ours.

The power mad loons are never satisfied; they want to divide up the race; then further divide up specific cultures and categories of the formerly undivided humanity.  Purpose being, is to drive a wooden wedge between mankind and our God…between us social beings and each other. Look at two years of medical tyranny, which involved solitary confinements and shutting down whole private sector economies!

Why do human haters do this? Because their father is the father of lies, simply put.  Abortion is NOT contraception, because the -ception is well underway.  It is killing a living breathing preborn human.  He said to “multiply”, starting with human one and human two.  NOT divide and subtract.  A friend of mine I worked with at McDonald’s in the late 60s puts it well; she has a California surf dude lookalike married to a beautiful Louisiana Creole wife.  Hint: her complexion is dark.

Mickey:   “You and I have seen this for 50 years. Lucifer has been intent on destroying the family.  I don’t care what the family looks like anymore…destroy the group of people, the family, and society is gone.  It’s sad…so many sitting in foster care until 16, then emancipated at 18 and out on the street and don’t know what to do or go…how to live, how to support themselves.  Mickey’s great kids were adopted…

Take dissolution: Divorce never is just for irreconcilable differences; it’s ALWAYS about breaking up God’s design in marriage; yes there is annulment, but not the 98% conscious ‘I dos’ that fall apart when not protected and hedged. He trusted humanity would survive, despite corruption and depravity, to make a beautiful world.  NOT a trillion insects or millions of animals to procreate.  Even today, the beauty of new life, childbirth, joy of raising families is the target of the insane asylum’s main clients.  The Godless, America hating, destroy like locusts everything past and present for a nebulous future.

This silly compartmentalization of colors and cultures has got to stop.  Not all slaves were black; the native American slaves were emancipated after Texas Juneteenth 1865’s black release. We’ve had 2 1/2 black presidents; Jumanji Jackson Brown is the first black SCOTUS justice who is both a woman and can’t define what “woman” is.  Harvard Law and can’t see the difference between male and female!  Elon Musk is African American but white.  Then…

We have heroes like Dr. Ben Carson, yes who happens to be black, who perfected pediatric neurosurgery on conjoined twins.

The perfect antithesis of the work of Dr Mengele in the 40s, as part of the National Socialist party in Europe, who experimented on twins for fun and profit.  One of the GOATS is Clarence Thomas who has served us well for decades since he survived the Coke can hair scam of Anita Hill and the Left’s scorch earth policy regarding decent patriots. Only radical leftists are allowed get out of jail free and power cards.

GOAT, by the way, means Greatest of All Time.  Yes, we humans have made mistakes, corporately as well as individually, but we are the least racists nation on earth.  Yes, we have some who prejudge another based on immutable physical characteristics, as well as nations of origin. BAsically, silly way to distinguish humans.

But, we CAN overcome our human frailties IF we work and pray.  Pray unceasingly to treat each other with respect.

More on color: some African Americans are part white and black like Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama; some are full white like the Tesla king, Elon Musk.  Yet, understanding color in the race debates isn’t easy, since there is more than one kind of black ancestry.

Blacks kill black teens in Chicago like it’s a game; cops are killed routinely because they have a badge.  574 riots occurred in 2020 with no criminals in prison, while grandmas on the mall on J6 Epiphany 2021 are arrested for sharing recipes.

Jan 6th will turn out to be such an evil, but only time will tell.  And NOT for the reasons you might surmise.  Corruption is nation’s deep today but reconciliation, repudiation and that renaissance can occur.

Returning to law and order, learning right from wrong, and helping one another is the path of most resistance but the ONLY way for survival.  Beginning with believing MLKing at his word:  character content is much more important than melanin levels

Take fatherlessness: the key of a couple ingredients in crime proliferation, including race disharmony in the inner cities.  Fathers gone leads to overloaded moms and the drug cartels and gang leaders becoming Lost Boys opportunists.  Mainly the Marxist leadership of the Democrat party prefers this, works toward destruction and pandered criminality (Gascon, N-E-1?) and fosters it.  The left sadly loves power more than the welfare of so many; kids are better sliced up as little girls prebirth and sold like slabs of meats for med labs.  Why doesn’t the party of Martin Van Buren a la 1824 see human beings are NOT chattel, not property, but need opportunities to success as individuals. Not pulp for the left’s destruction machine.

Speaking of fostering, some parents don’t value their kids more than lifestyle.

Inevitably, some families break down (divorce, father’s gone, tragedy) and many kids can’t survive without foster parents.

Even though Roe’s demise interrupted a bit, this insanity of killing our young, we still try as a society to protect children and youth.  Thus adoption after fostering is the path of hope for the millions, yes millions caught in the cracks of a dying society.  Yes, our culture can be turned around but we have to do triage while it moves toward a Renaissance of Life & Hope..

Mark Walberg showed us this compassionate side of America re: foster and adoption, in the movie “Instant Family”. Rough language but insight in the heart tugging that goes on.  Americans as a people ARE generous, UNracist, helpful people always FIRST to a world’s tragedy.  But sometimes, as the title above states, some good deeds are punished.

Then, there’s Sandra Bullock and “Blindside”, the incredible story of the NFL’s Michael Oher.  Michael’s father was gone and eventually dies; his mom hopelessly addicted and her son fending for himself., moving from foster home to foster home gets a break.

Michael at 17 is befriended by a young Sean Jr; Sean’s family helps and takes him in.  And as the story unfolds, Mrs. Oher’s conversation with Mike’s future adoptive mother (Leigh Ann Tuohy played by Sandra Bullock) convinces Michael’s birth mom to “relinquish her parental rights” for her son’s benefit.  Sad reality but my Leigh Ann Tuohy is a beautiful generous daughter in law who lives in an Eastern State, married to one of my sons.

They have fostered seven, adopted one, currently have three fosters still, and may end up with a family of four.  Actually, they already ARE a family of four.  Sorry folks I NEVER relinquish fosters; they remain family.  Grandpop privilege.

By the way, since at least one member of the left’s news organ, ABCNNBCBS APost-Times (mainly owned by the DNC & ObamaNation) is reading this and preoccupied with racial “differences”, my daughter in law is white/caucasian (tho never been to the Caucususes) and 1 of the 4 are white as well.  The other three are human as well, but not of the Caucuses box check variety.  Why do we let the wacks and left divide us humans THEIR way instead of work towards real solutions.

Oh, forgot to mention: Michael Oher is black, and was the 2009 first round pick of the ravens, a black bird team name for the Baltimore franchise. His adoptive parents, the Tuohys are not.  To some people, this can be an issue.  Perfect example below.

But Roe’s demise proved it was a house of lies built on a foundation of more lies. The Dunn demon doctors’ currette knives at planned parenthood slice through little black girls nine times as easily through other colors and cultures…PP is totally anti-race, killing at will in the Jill&Bill kill mills EVERY defenseless, vulnerable prebirth child they can.

With Roe gone, the work is just beginning:  Now we must begin anew the work of valuing children more than anything.  REbuilding the truth and educating a dying culture in the language of love… how can a major political party have it’s main plank “killing kids” and still be considered human, let alone relevant.

This Post-Roe begins with witnessing to all, the sanctity of marriage as a life preserver for kids and our society’s future.  Teaching young ladies, they don’t need to give in to a man’s lecherous desires without the vows that insulate. OR men into the hypersexualized young ladies decide for a _____ night stand.  Pick the number; one or more God hates

Confession: I am the grandfather of five black children who live in another state. 

We had the pleasure at the Beckman Ranch of a couple weeks with four kids, 3 years old and younger, visiting from the East recently. OK, a bit zany at times.  In addition…just to show you how red neck racist we are:

Someday, I might be the father in law of a great smart young black man as well, IF the budding relationship can survive the adults in the room.  But, even though Martin Luther King equalized the science of human differences, always being ready to esteem the other greater than ourselves is well, still a work in process.  For all too many of us today.  The secret of life, actually, was his call to treating our brothers and sisters as if they ARE members of the same race.  We are working to this noble end, but sometimes we step back a bit in the real world.

The title above:  “punished good deeds.”

My unnamed son had just returned from their Golden State trip and was in the supermarket with his two oldest kids back East.

Moms, you’ve been there.  You know, the well timed TANTRUM.  You are at the store or just got a call, and your kiddo uses the opportunity to raise holy heaven at the store in aisle 13 or as you talk on the telly.  Here’s a text I received this week from my hero foster mom:

“What’s worse than your kid throwing a big tantrum at the grocery store?…”    Think about that a second. My daughter in law went on:

“…being approached in the parking lot by a large man who thinks you are kidnapping the tantruming-child, shames you for adopting a black baby, records your child tantruming, and calls the police accusing you of not taking care of your kids”…

Got the picture so far? 

By the way, the large gentleman accuser happens to have been born black; let’s call him Gentleman Tom.  The confrontation continued outside with his car mates, three black young ladies who fueled Gentleman Tom’s tantrum over a white man having a black tantrum-ing child.  Not sure if Tom knows (not that it’s relevant) but Barack Hussein Obama, formerly Barry Soetoro, has a white biologic mom and a black father.  So, it’s NOT unprecedented that humans of different backgrounds have children who don’t look like their parents.

Next in the message: “…and cops show up at our house to look around and check on the kids…”

Ahh, something too many homeschooling and Godly families experience these days, because the general populace is UNskilled in family and what makes families successful.

They love conformity to the death culture’s gods and ideologues, and don’t see the 8 million little red homeschool houses as acceptable places for education.  Choice only matters in the killing of little preborn girls.  Not for parents to exercise over the offspring God has entrusted to them.  When families break down…

Gentleman Tom, maybe he’s a parent, maybe not; he didn’t discern well the black child’s demeanor, that he already was in a family, and that family was dealing with a child who came from less than a stellar birth family situation. Maybe Shriek-child learned the louder you shriek, the better you are noticed or get your way…ever hear of this with bigger kids, even adults?

But, people, some kids throw tantrums (many adults too!) and there’s a difference between hunger, attention and pain type screams, as well as kidnapping screams.  Learn to differentiate if you are gonna be on kid patrol at check out counters across America.

So Gentleman Tom did the right thing for the first seconds of the store based tantrum and the last minutes where the officers and CPS found no cause for alarm when the family showed them das papers at their home.  In between? Major screw up.

Yes, let’s commend Gentleman Tom for looking out for my grandchild’s welfare, but no thanks for his racist, judgmental assumption, presumptive post-judgement of a kidnapping that wasn’t.  Please please understand, thinking racist doesn’t make everyone a racist.  This country spilled 600,000 lives worth of blood, elected a half black guy twice to Biden’s seat (Obama’s still running things) and despite our foibles, we are one of the least racist countries on earth.  I know, except to the Dem owned media, ABCNNBCBS APost-Times, where journalism died decades ago and urinalists roam the landscape.

One of the miracles of this encounter is my son kept his cool, and patiently tried to defuse the situation.  “Quick to listen, slow to anger” etc.

And of course, he explained to the police at his home what had happened, later when they arrived after tracing his license number provided by that noble Gentleman Tom.

Sirach chapter five:  “Be steadfast regarding your knowledge, and let your speech be consistent. Be swift to hear, but slow to answer. If you can, answer your neighbor;  if not, place your hand over your mouth!”

This last bit is Jamesian, the need to learn to bite your tongue but be ready to think things through.  Proverbs 14:  “He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is quick-tempered exalts folly.”

Gentleman Tom’s lightning quick reaction showed his folly, and my son’s response showed wisdom.

What’s going on in the East?

California is a wreck: our drug of choice is chosen, not by Dr Faucinstein and his minions, but by the Mexican drug cartels: Fentanyl.  The eastern part of the country has been dealing with an overprescribed but legal drug called “Opiates”…and its illegal bastard sibs heroin and cocaine.  Meanwhile:

Our government schools have been taken over by the pubic school teachers’ unions’; they prefer calling the biological ancestors of their students “birthing units” instead of parents, and NEVER having a parental unit in the kitchen when Fauci launches covid23 later this year and Zoom comes back.

Since recently, thanks to Covid Zoom kitchen classrooms, witnessing parents have NOT been too happy with crappy race theories, reinvented American history and endless pronouns from the US Dept of Gender Ideological Assignments.

In fact, that disgraced NON SCOTUS AG Garland engineered calling parents who question the almighty school boards as “domestic terrorists.”  Thank God (as of Independence Day) it’s only 130 days until Nov 8th and 186 days until the next Congress convenes.  Chances are the reprobates will lose power and hope is rekindled.  But we can’t wait.  We have a country to save …. now!

Yes, we have free states like Florida and Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and others, but not all.   Having 11 kids, I know the difference between a cry of pain from a child, and a tantrum induced scream.  You probably do as well.  OR should learn to distinguish.

EACH of us has a viewpoint; and our worldview is formed by various means. No longer do we have a homogenous people of those knowing right from wrong, the 10 commandments and the 2 greatest ones.  But it is us, those that follow Christ that must set the standard for our neighbors, especially our elected “representatives”.

Gentleman Tom reacted thinking first a child was being abused, then a child of a different color was being stolen, but he went insanely unreasonable in pursuing HIS prejudices.

Gentleman Tom’s reaction is not unique.  I have a mother/ friend of 13 kids who homeschools and was “turned in” by a jealous neighbor; yes, in California, the sanctuary state for killing little girls in their prebirth form, having too many children apparently IS a crime to many people.  The cops and Child Protective Services personnel arrived at her home, and left 20 minutes later. Nothing untoward was going on, no Jeffrey Dahmers replay.  Mom, dad and family of 13 continued on with interesting lives.

The police and CPS just did their job here in California, as did the officers at my son and daughter in laws’ in the East.

As to Gentleman Tom, his three partners and the jealous accuser of the mom of 13, they will roam free, maybe satisfied they did their civic duty.  Maybe free to falsely accuse another tired and hard working family trying to make good, do good of very tough circumstances.

The common denominator is we are all human; yes, we do make mistakes…but hopefully, Gentleman Tom and his three ladies learned to judge, NOT based on skin color, size of child or decibels of a supermarket scream, but using critical thinking skills. God gave us two eyes and ears and just ONE mouth: the tongue, as James tells us, can say wicked things, as well as good.

Skills like the OODA method of Observe  Orient  Decide  Act.  OODA works for every situation in life where surprising things are occurring.  Accidents on the road; kids in the street.  School shootings and bullies.  Superscreamers at Supermarkets.  To this grandfather of 21, each of our grandoffspring come in all colors and sizes, from 4 different continental lineages and ALL excellent parents.  IF God wanted us to separate on “racial” lines like the loony left pushes, He would have created different genomes for different “first couples”.  Yes, sorry USDept of GI (Gender Ideologies), you need a male and female to keep the species going, especially since we are below replacement level in so many countries. They are paying couples to reproduce in Japan.  Multiple cultural/countries are a generation away from extinction due to failing math: God said “multiply!”

Here’s the rub…As Catholics, in 1 Peter 3:

“Now who is going to harm you if you are enthusiastic for what is good?”  Ever hear of the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished!”   Read on:
But even if you should suffer because of righteousness, blessed are you. Do not be afraid or terrified with fear of them, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts.
Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope,16 but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who defame your good conduct in Christ may themselves be put to shame.
For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the will of God, than for doing evil.”

So many in the trans movement are hungry for identity, and searching in many of the wrong places.  Yet, we MUST be trans, actually transparent regarding our motives to tell and teach the truth to our kids.  Truth DOES set us apart and set us free.

Unfortunately, our culture of death is almost on life support, with glimmers of hope springing forward recently.

Would Gentleman Tom be happy to see Trans Secretary Pete Buttitch and his homosexual partner Chase holding newborn twins in the hospital bed together? Would he pull the race card there or on Obama’s mom?

Or is it just those tantruming little guys who know how to get attention.  At least Tom cared enough to react.  what say you?  comments section below is wide open

If I was able to find Gentleman Tom in the far east of America, I’d like to peacefully tell him:

“Tom, You, yes YOU, can foster and adopt a child.  OF any color and size; some newbies, others teens. There are thousands in need of either and both.  And let me help you with your prejudices as you help me with mine, Tom.

I can’t PRE judge because I never knew you, but a little POST judge might be in order. You showed concern for a black child and when informed it was a foster child, you rushed to judgement believing a black couple would be the better foster or adopted parents than my polish/german/english derivative son and Sandra Bullock do-alike wife.

My family, thankfully, is color blind to humans but not for traffic signals: Tom you might want to know, my daughter in law, yet unnamed, SAVED the life of one of the little black foster girls she was entrusted to care for, last year.  Literally saved her life.  All you saw was a frazzled dad handling a superscreamer, with his acquired habits that he will grow out of.  The little black girl (did I say black?) was six pounds at 180 days and not doing well when she joined the family.

I was there in your faraway state, sir, for the adoption of one of this generous couples’ fosters as it moved to adoption. Their quiver of arrows suddenly increased to four just before our arrival to witness probate court proceedings for the adoption.  A beautiful process in that state.

Gentleman Tom, we need every good Godly married couple to adopt, no matter their skin tone. As it turned out, the birth mother of the dying child, weighing six pounds after six months, realized she couldn’t do it and “failure to thrive” IS a condition for getting help by the system.

Both my daughter in law and the birth mother acted to help; but the sad side story, it is further proof, Big Pharma can do miracles but kill at the same time. Opiates are killing our young worst than planned parenthood’s best kill mill output days.

How do you convince the hopelessly hooked young couple there is a path out?  You do it one druggie at a time.  One addicted human, member of the one human race at a time.  But sometimes, Tom for the safety of all involved, parental rights get severed. Parenting is NOT easy, nor do social workers have omniscience.

Though the social workers work hard to keep families together, those rights sometimes end leaving a hopeful future for the child that you were so incensed about, including videoing, doxxing and summoning the police to carry out YOUR wishes.

Gentleman Tom, your black lookalikes are in danger, dying at 9 times the abortion rate as other human cultures.

Too many kids die from Downs fear induced, race and sex selection abortions; in fact, black children are aborted nine times as often as white.

IF color is your god, then note this: blacks are easy targets for the demonic doctors of death, just as the majority of black deaths in Chicago are due to other black, mainly fatherless gangbanging, youth.  Blame the projectiled lead coming out of street guns if it makes you feel better, but knives work well in gangbangers hands just as well.  Just as the currettes, the street name for the sharp curved knives, are the weapons of choice slicing out little black girls from mothers’ wombs before the organs are repackaged for FedExing worldwide.

Where are the parts “handled”?  At your neighborhood death pill and kill mills.  Spare me the political Democrap double talk. Kids ALWAYS and mothers too often die on surgical tables, under the PParenthood union label.

Did you know this?  On the Greek Revival mansioned plantations, at least the black children weren’t harvested for their little girl hearts and sold to “medical” labs worldwide.   Worried about blacks, Tom?

600,000 humans died freeing 3.5 million black slaves (38.7% of the Confederate population) in the 1860s; yet 1/3 of the 65 million humans killed since Roe rights were invented by Justice Blackmum were black. Over 20 million.  That’s 6 times the amount of the total LIVE blacks living in the Civil Wars years.

Gentleman Tom, you have much more problems to solve than a screaming young black man in the food section.  But, TY for making sure he was not being abducted.  Ever hear of Martin Luther King? He waxed whimsical that we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.  In my worldview, we have made great progress, but for you to see that you need to look for it.  Gentleman Tom, you ARE my brother.  Just as the patient young father you accused in the meat aisle.  Your three muses with you are his sister and mine.  Don’t tell this to that Rev Wright, Alinsky following president elected for his color more than his character qualities.  All of us have fallen victim to judging too much on superficials.  But start working for your fellow black man and mom, which seems to be a priority.  Start with Sanger…

Ever wonder why Planned Parenthood’s racist black hating founder Margaret Sanger located her pill and kill mills near minority populations in big cities?  Figure it out.  Easy access to Mexicans and blacks, puerto ricans and the handicapped “Useless Eaters” of America.  Sanger’s vision she exported in the 1930s, helping the Nuremberg Racial Laws in Germany.  You might know who she helped politically: Adolf H., the chancellor of a white supremacist model that has no place anywhere.

Wanna get wealthy, young people? First, don’t have sex until you are married. #2 Stay in school  #3 If you are fatherless, find a mentor male, and  #4 Stay out of gangs and off drugs.  You are too precious to risk it all for stupid.

What a sad and sick outlook on life the demon rats envision; yet, it gets worse: we have Dr WrecKid Ralph Northam who prefers to let mom and doctor decide if the kid on the table is allowed to live or be baseball batted into oblivion.  Lotta sick folks today including Mengele lookalike ex Virginia governors.

Gentleman Tom, far away from you, I feed my 11 with real estate broker work, helping people to buy and sell their real property.  But human capital, babies, little girls prebirth and ready to come out, are precious REAL property of God our Creator.  NOT ours to own; your ancestors may have been owned, I don’t know.  But slaves come in all colors; not just little preborn girls: Why are we sooo anxious to kill them off and sell their organs as parts today, especially the descendants of previously owned blacks in the South?

Favored daughter of the Martin Van Buren Democrat party. Check it’s party plank.

Worldwide, slave tallies vary:  For 2022:

  1. India – 7,989,000
  2. China – 3,864,000
  3. North Korea – 2,640,000
  4. Nigeria – 1,386,000
  5. Iran – 1,289,000
  6. Indonesia – 1,220,000
  7. Congo (Democratic Republic of) – 1,045,000
  8. Russia – 794,000
  9. Philippines – 784,000
  10. Afghanistan – 749,000

There aren’t 600,000 humans in any of these countries to pull an Abe Lincoln and stop the evil practice of sister brother ownership?  But Gentleman Tom, you can start by seeing your brothers and sisters with Christlike eyes.

Evil has seeped in in so many ways, it is hard to count.  But God trusted HIS human race to multiply and fill the earth with humans.  He made just the first two, one male and one female.  None as robots, but with free will to do great things or not so great.

You met my son, Gentleman Tom.  These two parents in that faraway state I am soooo proud of, who have a chunk of our 21 grandkids.  They were falsely accused, exonerated and will continue to help their kids prosper, NO MATTER their birth order OR color.  No matter how many Gentleman Toms are in town.

For the record, two hours after Roe’s dismissal was announced, another unnamed daughter outside of California of mine gave birth to #21, a boy named Sam who someday will be an Uncle Sam.

I have 30 years of so left on this mortal coil, but I hope Sam someday stands for truth, justice, love and peace.  And, here’s hoping Uncle Sam, like Gentleman Tom’s kids and all young people have the chance to grow up free of gangland Chicago bullets, free of overtly baseless preJudgements, and are able to pursue happiness.

After all (sorry Democrat Marxists), we are guaranteed “Life, Liberty and Property” in the founding document we celebrate every July. Before the rewrite!

But, the Southern slaveowners were NOT happy with the word “property” (owning humans like property/chattel would become a no no) having freedom because they paid their black slaves minimum (ie ZERO) wages; they settled on “pursuing happiness”. 600,000 men Civilly died for this minor clause.

But valid comparison: 65 million kids have died for the neo slavery of abortion under Roe.

The future Uncle Sams will have freedoms only if we adults fight the miserables in the DCesspool and related.  NOW is the time, and no one better to get involved but YOU!

Inalienable rights NEED protection.  For the freedom to pursue happiness or own property, real and personal, is predicated on the inalienable right of “Liberty”. And Property and Liberty are useless dictionary words, without the guarantee of being ALIVEEqual opportunity, not equal outcome. Equal justice, not this two tiered system we labor under today.  Without these, there IS no America as founded.

MOBOCRATS: We are NOT a Democracy; we are a Federated Republic, a country the world is still clamoring to get into…look at the mess at the southern border where 100 countries’ illegal aliens have been streaming north under the current ObamaNation and its puppet Joe.  Pray for Joe; my apologies he stole his way in from the basement to the Hollywood Oval Office set equipped with ice cream and teleprompters.

  I believe the time of the Godless DNC in ultimate DC power is shorter than many might think. Let’s hope the renewal involves statesmen and stateswomen not more carpet baggers.

The untold story under Biden is that evil’s arrogance is out in the open and just how ugly evil is isn’t hidden anymore.

Dividing God’s race into bite sized pieces of color or size or prebirth/post birth is the work of yes, the devil.  And done to conquer the divided with phrases like “reproductive rights”.  How is killing an already reproduced living prebirth a right or not scientifically moronic?

330 million Americans now see the results of lawless&disorder, of 574 riots due to AntiFA and some BLM terrorists; the engorged superbreast of the Leviathan admin Federal state, with its perennial lying and robbing us of our labor’s wages; encouraging criminal behavior while hating and defunding the thin blue line. At least, many are finally relearning biology and atmospheric chemistry to realize black is NOT a separate race, but a beautiful subculture of the one God

God bless America.  And God bless Gentleman Tom the accuser; the birth mom who couldn’t.  His three Muses. My Mrs Tuohey Bullock act-a-like.  My far away wise son.  Foster families everywhere.  My family and yours.

Tom and all: Count your blessings instead of sheep said Bing in White Christmas.  Make EVERY day a Christmas experience by helping one someone today.  Or more if you are able.  The face diapers no longer hide the smiles of your fellow humans. Do great while hell is at bay.  Or until Dr Faucinstein rises from his sleep yet again to terrorize the private sector.


BTW: The day my Ohio offspring and grandoffspring left the airport, I posed this before the supermarket incident days later:

“See proof below (it was a picture of the departed family) that the true human race color is spelled “family” not what the misery merchants at DNC label it.  For decades, i continue to tell the truth: there is ONE human race, stemming from ONE first couple, not different first couples from Africa, Europe, MidEast, Australia.

WE really ARE related. But God instituted the family as the primary unit to build His world of eternal human beings.
My grandkids below show that red AND black comprise the Beckman table just like a Vegas roulette board. Funny, why do the Godless misery merchants still pull out the “race” card from their sick deck of excuses for their idiocy.
They are scientific reprobates who don’t realize the 30 trillion celled children are identical in physiology and morphology NO MATTER what their outer skin or hair color is.
Roe may be gone but this wagon of precious souls shows that ADOPTION not ABORTION is the best solution to a dying world”   
Two little letters to change: the B moves two spots to become a D and the R back pedals two to P.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pro life is more than saving babies and moms~~~~

It’s not a zero sum game, people!  There is room for loving children no matter how empty the pantry and low the family budget is.  I’ve raised my kids NOT to fear, but to have faith IF they do the right thing and follow God’s call, things will work out.

Yes, we will be falsely accused, we will find our trust challenged, we will see evil in many forms.  But though evil abounds, grace abounds more.  And, “greater is He that is in YOU, then it that is in the world.”  And trust me, having and raising children has far greater rewards than our death culture will EVER understand.   Ever hear the phrase: “No one cares what you know, until they know that you care”…

But the ones that count, know.  Your God and your family…


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