An open letter to Elizabeth Warren, former Senator.

Senator Warren:

Some people call you Fauxcahontas because you lied boldly, you deceived many over having Native American blood in your ancestry, something you found useful in getting to where you are today…a bought and paid for US Senator.

Using Indian war paint and dancing and prancing for extra wampum for Harvard and other colleges amid other affirmative active ways of “getting ahead”.

Like your contemporary in the House, “Do as I say NOT as I HAIRdo” Pelosi, your hypocrisy is legion. Your fortune was created because you took serious advantage of actions that you hypocritically condemed (not hypocratically, as in real doctors’ oaths), in your hometown in Oklahoma.   The Daily Mail pointed out 10 years ago back in June 2012 that:

“Elizabeth Warren bought a foreclosed house for $61,000 in June 1993 and sold it in December 1994 for $95,000, a 56 per cent mark-up.

She paid $30,000 for a property in August 1993 and sold five months later for $145,000, a 383 per cent gain.

Warren lent her brother $25,000 for a property in 1994 that was sold at a mark-up of 68 per cent for $42,000 in 1998.

She gave her sister-in-law a mortgage for a $31,000 home in 1996 which she made 45 per cent on, selling it three years later for $45,000.

In 1997 she provided him with the funding to buy a $90,000 house which sold for $106,000 two years later and another costing $26,000 which he sold after nine years for $45,000.”

Senator Warren, there is nothing illegal, of course though immoral at various times, in buying low and selling high.  As a practicing real estate broker, many a client and prospect have acquired homes to do the same…then flipped them when interest rates, inflation and disgust for Democrat DNC leaders weren’t driven up by Obama’s EO13990 (the Destroy American Economically, Energetically, Excessively Exec Order).

But as a DEMOgogue of child and familial destruction, you had perfected the process using some of the better seven deadly sins.

Please note: Truthfully, God will NOT quiz you about repair costs, fixers and ROI when you meet face to face sometime in the future.  This I guarantee; He owns it all, from defaulting townhomes to moments before birth, prebirth kids just waiting for day light.

God will be keenly interested in why you prefer little girls, close to birth, being hacked up, their organs extracted and sold via your fave misery merchants at Sanger’s Sanitaria Emporia of Death for top dollar at medical labs around the states and worldwide.

God won’t ask you about “getting ahead” but more likely about “getting a head” for profit.

The Lab Latin being Calvarium, from a little aborted girl that Yale (your rival school to Harvard) medical labs paid $715 for (FOIA results) a few years back.

Ask your honest colleague,  Sen Blackburn if you need the FOIA results; personally, I can provide analytical evidence (as I did for an associate of David Daleiden years ago) that your favorite preborn clearing houses, planned parenthood, falsely claimed they shipped baby parts no charge, just invoicing for shipping costs.  Furthest from the truth! 

Recently, 120 minutes before my fifth Texas grandchild was born, the Roe demise decision came down, despite SCOTUS Sotomayor’s law clerk’s AlitoLeak.

You might be aware of that. Prophesized somewhat because either Sotomayor or another female SCOTUS’ law clerk leaked Alito’s majority opinion pre-gestation months ago.

Fear not, it wasn’t the new SCOTUS member, a colleague of yours from Harvard Law, who is incapable of defining to the world and her personal mirror, what a woman is.

Her name translates appropriately as Jumanji Jackson Brown; Jumanji, the surreal dimension of fantasy.

She probably, in her bubbly, restrained testifying self might check the female box for Regan, who ordered 12 “Consent Payments” for $150 a pop.  Who’d pay $150, before inflation, each for consents?

This JumanJi unidentified woman, a female abortionist named Regan Theiler, MD, worked at planned parenthood gulf coast by day, extracting living little girls from mothers.

Then later on, armed with currettes (Dem speak for a curved “reproductive right” handed knife)Regan moonlighted at the University of Texas Med Branch purchasing her day work for her university.  Former Sen Warren, look closely, Dr Theiler was “foreclosing” on baby parts about the same time you were advantaging yourself when a family couldn’t afford the mortgage.

Mortgage, incidentally, has a Latin root as well: DEATH.  But, Lady Liz of RePo and REpro rights fame, think about it.  The lady abortionist sliced out little girls in the morning, then sliced out the little hearts from the little girls at UTex.  If the Dems like Kamala weren’t bullying a real candid camera investigative reporter, robbing his private home with 11 armed AG goon squad looking for private property that she STILL to this day has, then just maybe the reality of these satanic ritual human sacrifice parts buys would be public.  NO preborn child has ever signed an ORGAN donor card; most adults who do, prefer you wait until he or she is dead before the Dr Theiler’s extract recycled livers, hearts, eyes and more.

Death merchants and lefties, especially Democrat operatives, are incredibly adept at wordsmithing.  You don’t pay for a consent at PP; but, to disguise hearts or livers sales cut out from preborns, you do hide the truth so the real Senators like Marsha Blackburn can’t figure out the facts.  She did.  There is the purchase order that goes with that elusive PPGulfCoast invoice that kills the PP lie about shipping costs.  Look it up, Senator. It calls out FOB Dest, which in procurement/buyers/purchasing lingo means Free On Board Destination.

Translated, UTexMed does NOT pay for the shipping costs, but just for the shipped parts, individually bagged and tagged.  Pow Wow Chow hound Liz, in Orange County Ca., Hillary Clinton’s affiliated DaVinci BioMed paid $7.8 million to settle their human parts trafficking case, won by Todd Spitzer’s predecessor,  Tony Rackauckas.  Funny, Senator Warren, how you demonize volunteer private sector women’s health and help centers for doing what you should be doing: TELLIng distraught mothers the truth and providing informed consent choices to them.  Unlike Sanger’s racist, human hating PP.

From LifeSite news:

“While (Kamala) Harris was busy doing Planned Parenthood’s bidding and silencing the messenger, local law enforcement at the Orange County, California, District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) was using my undercover reporting to investigate Planned Parenthood’s fetal trafficking business partners. In late 2017, in a $7.8 million settlement with the OCDA, DaVinci Biosciences admitted guilt for illegally selling body parts from abortions at Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties (PPOSBC). The company was shut down and the OCDA credited my undercover work with prompting the successful case. If Harris and Planned Parenthood had their way, the DaVinci company would still be selling baby body parts across the country to this day.

By the way, who was one of the Planned Parenthood executives in that meeting with Harris? Dr. Jennefer Russo, the VP Medical Director and top abortion doctor for PPOSBC (PP of Orange & San Bernardino County), who had supplied body parts to DaVinci. I only knew to report the DaVinci-Planned Parenthood relationship to local law enforcement because I recorded Dr. Russo’s admissions about it undercover. It’s not hard to imagine her real reasons for wanting Kamala Harris to investigate me instead.” ~~David Daleiden

Senator Warren, for the record, many people are praying your stone cold calcified heart and soul can be repaired.  You demanded, in your arrogant ignorance, that crisis pregnancy centers must be abolished.  The next day two more were vandalized by your army of pro-abort bots looking for your gaslighting signals; they have carried them out, just like the 574 peaceful protesting riots happened in 2020, like the little demonic foot soldiers you have made them into.

For the record I have 11 children, 21 grandchild (so far), five of which are dark hued members of the one human race.  No, I am not faking their heritage; they have black skins and hearts of gold, precious in so many ways.  I may be wasting precious time, but you insulted a very important part of Americana over the last 50 years since Blackmum’s black eye.

But, thank you Lizzie W for exposing the evil and mayhem caused by what your ilk call domestic terrorist-run insurrectionist compounds called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”.


We all know, unless you personally own it, you hate private enterprise and innovative private volunteerism to compete with your government sponsored “out the patient” surgery centers, which we affectionately call Jill ‘n’ Bill Kill Mills or Sanger’s Sanitaria.

In common parlance that G Lucipher Newsom and your lefty Alinskyites get your campaign $$ from, planned parenthoodlums inc. int’l.

Obama’s chosen (because she is weak and does the Obamas’ bidding) VP Kamalalala, pulled in $86,000 for her Senate run and she still brags about little girl killers being “reproductive rights” and a woman’s right to kill little ones for their parts.

GLucy Newsom went you one better, PoWow Chow Lizzie, populating his Covered California medical sham with planned parenthood volunteers, then hiring them to help with the lucrative Pfizer Pfixes (ie Pfauci jabs and face diapers) non Vax Vax dispensing at your friendly local PP at Tustin Ave and the 22.  Government owned and operated human organ trafficking centers.

I served on the board of a CPC or crisis pregnancy center for 30 years; no one was turned away because they couldn’t afford a pregnancy test or SDI testing. WE had doctors do REAL ultrasounds, in which the mothers could SEE their child.  PP never does.

Like in the CPC tour your actress double relates, diapers, formula, cribs and strollers were in the back room, dispensed when mom didn’t have Lizzie Warren’s medicine men and women tomahawking prebirth little girls.  Few aborted dead little girls needed strollers OR formula; in fact, your Native Indian relatives long since have stopped scalping moms but not planned parenthoodlums central.

Yes, we were always in need of funds, since unlike the piles of inflated cash the  million$classroom pubic ed gets or the half billion$ that PP gets, we had to raise our money from donations.  Why? To help the desperate mothers often lied to by cash and carry kill joints you love so much.  Did you know little girls are human too?

Preborn ones, like post birth kindergardners, are just days away from an average 80 year long adventure. Except for warrior princess Lizzie the Baby Slayer, who wants black and Mexican little girls dead and CPCs blown up so her buddies can keep the kill mills killing Jills and Bills at will.

You might ignore this open letter; but mark these words that should be written on many an abortuary wall: “suffer the little ones to come unto Me”

Jesus said these directly to you and your most toxic brain two millenia ago, Lizzie.  Do you know what the Chief Medicine Man prescribed for the likes of you, Kamalala, Jill and Joe Biden, the current president 2 miles north of the Oval Office, Obama etc?

A millstone roped around your neck and you are gently tossed into the sea; yes you would drown in about a minute, about the same time your death doctors, who play god with other peoples’ lives, need to kill a little girl.  It’s the carving out hearts, livers and other organs that is the painstakingly thorough process.  Probably another 5-10 minutes before packaged for overnight delivery.

Your customers hate it when a good preborn child’s heart is not usable; actually not salable.  God hates it whenever a sad woman like Elizabeth Warren, as usual like her partners in the 570 peaceful protest riots, destroys with violence and games others to follow in her demonic ways.

We are praying for you Lizzie Warren.  You are NO friend of little girls. OR big girls for that matter.  But, even you do not deserve to live and suffer forever in hell.  And this, former senator Warren, is YOUR personal woman’s right to choose: follow Christ, protect the most vulnerable, support CPCs (20 times as many as the kill mills) and become a true stateswoman.  WHILE you live.  Instead of signalling to your preabort bots more violence is needed to destroy the haven for strapped mothers looking for diapers and formula NOT laced with the Democrat evil label





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